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[ROM]LeeDrOiD HC V4.3.0 [KERNEL] V3.1.0|18th March | HC+Phone+HW Keys | Sense/NoSense

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Presenting LeeDrOiD HC for the HTC Flyer

Android 3.2.1 - HoneyComb & Sense... No Gimmick's, No Bullshit..

Just an EPIC Experience from the most experienced ROM/Kernel developer for the HTC Flyer

What you get -
  • The Kernel
  • LeeDrOiD Kernel V3.1.0 -
  • Based on official sources Flyer-2.6.35-HC-MR
  • Patched to linux upstream
  • CPU Governors - LagFree, Smartass, Ondemand, Performance, Conservative & Powersave
  • Custom LeeDrOiD CPU FREQ Table
  • SYSFS VDD Levels interface
  • OC up to 1.94GHz (1.54GHz Standard)
  • WiFi PM=FAST in standby
  • SLQB Memory allocator
  • Added BFQ & V(R) IO Schedulers (V(R) as default)
  • Built with XZ Compression
  • Automated per tty tasks
  • Thermal protection
  • CIFS & OpenVPN support
  • Heavily optimized code passing -03's
  • Compiled with the latest Linarion 4.6.1 toolchain
  • For teh full kernel change log >>>> Visit my GIT Repo
  • The ROM
  • Based on HTC Asia HC (WWE) 3.63.708.1 (RUU > OTA > OTA)
  • Rooted with the latest superuser & Bianry
  • Busybot 1.19 with Run parts support
  • CIQ & Logger free!
  • Huge system optimizations & Cleanups
  • Fully working Phone functionality
  • Full HW/Virtual Keys
  • Stock % Battery display
  • Transparency in app drawer & add to home
  • Lots of default configuration changes
  • Battery life enhancments
  • The usual LeeDrOiD Customizations
  • Huge Locales list (Language support)
  • Masses of system cleanups
  • Fancy animations
  • Fixed keyboard animation
  • Advanced power menu
  • 5x7 app drawer (thanks to Scabes)
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks with the ability to toggle HW Keys (Thanks to Daniel & Jan)
  • SpareParts advanced config tool
  • Additional settings and tweaks exposed throughout
  • Optional Stock Honecomb launcher
  • All applications updated with each build
  • Custom LeeDrOiD Wallpapers & Bootanimation
  • AND LOTS MORE!!.... see the change-log's below

Recent Change Log

LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V4.3.0 - 18th March
  • Fixed Missing Rosie/Home
  • Fixed app drawer transparency
  • Black Rosie backgrounds (with transparency)
  • Fixed FC's on boot
  • Moved AOSP parts to Sense Stripper patch (Launcher, Gallery etc)
  • Enabled LockScreen Rotation
  • Screen timeout issues resovled
  • Fixed MMI Code usage
  • And a few more minor system cleanups
  • Updated Google Maps
  • Updated Flash Player
  • Updated ES File explorer
  • Updated Twitter
  • For the rest... See yesterdays change log :rolloeyes:

LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V4.2.0 - 17th March
  • New Kernel - LeeDrOiD HC V3.1.0
  • Too many kernel updates to list! see >>> My GitHub
  • Rolled back to GB Bluetooth, Audio & Serial drivers (Start of the Bluetooth rollback)
  • Lots of default configuration cleanups
  • Overall Speed & Stability improved
  • Fixed "Your device is consuming more power than available" issue
  • Improved battery life!
  • Removed Thermald due to compatability issues
  • More debugging code stripped
  • Added Advanced power menu (Thanks to the awsome j4n87)
  • Added Super extended quick settings (Thanks to the awsome j4n87)
  • Modified app drawer grid sizes (Thanks to the awsome Scabes)
  • Application install location forced to internal
  • Cleaned up Tweaks script
  • Removed battery calibration scipt
  • Fixed app drawer transparency
  • Fixed Sim card pin issues
  • Fixed Random reboots when sim pin is used
  • Black Rosie backgrounds (Grey sucked)
  • Updated "Android Market" to the latest "Google Play"
  • Fixed missing HC Dialer widget
  • All preinstalled applications updated
  • Entire system recompressed & zipaligned
  • Locations should be fixed (Just downloaded 434Mb map)
  • Fixed system tuner "Init.d script settings" system was previously RO
  • And more.. (its been a long time coming)

OLD Change Log's

LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V4.1.0 - 31st January 
  • Fixed incoming call answer/decline (Lockscreen)
  • Fixed random reboots @lockscreen
  • Added Honeycomb Dialer widget thanks to ElephantStone82
  • Fixed HTC Locations "insufficient space" error
  • Increased app drawer capacity - 3x8 & 5x7
  • Added transparency to app drawer & add to home
  • Home UI speed tweaks
  • More System cleanups & Junk removal
  • Fixed Android stock keyboard
  • Removed additionalbugreport logs
  • EXT4 file system tuneups
  • Cleaned up build.prop
  • Cleaned up init.d scripts
  • Fixed thermald.conf
  • lowered boot soundvolume
LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V4.0.0 - 30th January
  • Rebased on HTC Asia HC (WWE) 3.63.708.1 (RUU > OTA > OTA)
  • All previous mods & Hacks included!
  • Rebuilt kernel with a slightly more efficient config
  • GSM Phone calls 100% working! (Show some love!) :D
  • Bluetooth needs testing (100% working with wired headset)
  • Lot of cleanups
  • HTC Plurk & Widget now included
  • Added Stock HC Gallery 3D
  • Updated Google Maps
  • Updated Titanium backup
----------------------------------------- LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V3.1.0 -
  • * = Kernel
  • MaxTemp Speeds increased to 100
  • Process stats buffer incresed to 512K
  • Bootloops resolved!
LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V3.0.0 -
  • * = Kernel
  • New Kernel - LeeDrOiD HC V2.2.0
  • Automated per tty tasks*
  • Added thermal protection*
  • Several RCU updates & Optimizations*
  • CPU code fixups & improvments*
  • Huge config cleanups*
  • Lots of debugging code stripped*
  • Implemented & Tuned "LagFree" CPU Governor*
  • Lagfree governor as default*
  • Scheduler fixups*
  • Lots of config Changes RE: HID*
  • Several speed tweaks*
  • Increased Rosie memory priority
  • Fixed "WiFi only device detection"
  • Disabled Scrolling cache (Thanks to teorouge for finding the mod by AndroidON)
  • Disabled lots of debugging routines
  • Fixed Adobe Reader pen input
  • More Script cleanups
  • Added optional HoneyComb Stock launcher
  • Added google desk clock
  • Added optional stock android HC IME
  • Default install location forced as internal
  • Added new bootanimation & Audio for 2012!
  • New transition animations!
  • Input method open/close fancy animations
  • Added LeeDrOiD Tweaks V1.1.0 Thanks to the Awsome Daniels7 & j4n87 -
  • -Toggle Hardware Keys
  • -Custom Carrier lockscreen caption
  • Added 5 column app drawer thanks to Scabes
  • Updated AdFree Hosts
  • Updated All Preinstalled Applications
Cutom Kernel - LeeDrOiD HC V2.1.0
  • Included "BootLoop Fix"
  • CPU Freq stats mBuffer increased 256 > 1024bytes
  • Increased readahead buffer
  • Reworked CPU Table 230MHz - 1.99GHz
  • More Code cleanups
  • Added safe MIN/MAX Speeds @Boot
  • Fixed Interactive Governor
  • Tuned Smartass & Smartass2 for new CPU Table
  • Several config changes & Fixups
LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V2.0.0 -
  • Intergrated V1.1.0 - Incremental *
  • Fixed init.d run-parts support *
  • Fixes Tweaks, Permissions & ZipAlign Scripts *
  • Added SQlite database Vacum (Cleaner) *
  • Additional optimizations *
  • Updated Maps *
  • Updated Facebook *
  • LeeDrOiD Kernel V2.0.0 -
  • Added virtual key code back to board-flyer
  • Increased MAX_SPEEDS mbuffer
  • Bootloops 100% fixed!
  • Battery life improved
  • Removed CPU Permissions script
  • Improved permissions script
  • Disabled package signature checking
  • Added LeeDrOiD Wallpapers
  • Removed HTC Feedback & Disabled reporting
  • Improved application loading times
  • More system & config Cleanups
  • Framework Cleanups
  • Automatic detection for WiFi only Flyers All GSM/SIM/Phone related apk's removed automatically
  • Updated custom "98Voltages" script
  • Added LeeDrOiD WiFi & Warning icons
  • Added Stock % battery display
  • Updated Bootanimation for HC
  • All pre-installed applications updated
LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V1.0.0 Kernel - 25th December
  • Updated Permissions script (Temp Bootloop fix)
LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V1.1.0 - 23rd December This is an incremantal patch to be flashed straight over V 1.0.0
  • Fixed init.d run-parts support
  • Fixes Tweaks, Permissions & ZipAlign Scripts
  • Added SQlite database Vacum (Cleaner)
  • Additional optimizations
  • Faster application loading times
  • Updated Maps
  • Updated Facebook
LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V1.0.0 - 23rd December
  • Initial Release - Base HTC WWE 3.55.405.1 (Honeycomb)
  • init.d scripting is currently not working (* = Depends on init.d)
  • Rooted with the latest SU app & Binary from ChainsDD
  • Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned for Optimal performance
  • Bash, Nano, SYSRO & SYSRW support
  • Automatic battery calibration*
  • Database vacum for faster app loading times*
  • CPU, App & Framework Permissions fixed on boot*
  • /data/app/ Zipaligned on Boot*
  • Added LeeDrOiD Custom Locales list
  • Added Advanced power menu
  • Enabled 3D Home screen toggle in settings
  • Enabled Phone functionality (WIP)
  • Lots of system cleanups
  • Heavily optimized
  • Bravia Engine support
  • Added Spare parts (Advanced config tool)
  • LeeDrOiD Bios Boot Animation (+R2D2)
  • LeeDrOiD Welcome flags
  • Disabled htc fastboot default
  • Several additional default settings tweaks
  • Added - Titanium backup, AdFree & Cifs Manager & ES File Explorer
  • All pre-installed apps updated
  • And lots more!
  • -------------------------------
  • Cutom Kernel - LeeDrOiD HC V1.0.0
  • Based on official sources Flyer-2.6.35-HC-MR
  • Patched to linux upstream
  • Compiled with the latest Linarion 4.6.1 toolchain
  • Heavily optimized code passing -03's
  • CPUFREQ Code improvments
  • OC Up to 1.8Ghz! (Default 1.5Ghz - Smartass2)
  • SYSFS VDD Levels interface
  • Smartass & Smartass2 CPU Governors added
  • Backported Interactive & Ondemand governors from 36.3
  • Built with XZ Compression
  • Added BFQ & V(R) IO Schedulers (V(R) as default)
  • SLQB Memory allocator
  • CPU Unaligned access
  • WiFi PM=FAST in standby
  • Updated to JHash 3
  • Lots of code fixups & Improvments from CAF


Prior to flashing this ROM you must ensure you are running the correct Radio & Firmware, this can be acheived by Following
I have included the required firmware files to aid the procedure >> Download Here << MD5#68db370fa36b1884db794fbc85f34688


ROM Download links

LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V4.3.0 (Torrent)

LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V4.3.0 (FTP)

MD5 Checksum file
MD5# bda51dee9a1a57d105285ca8d13c9a4a

LeeDrOiD Flyer HC Sense Stripper
Flash this over the ROM if you do not want HTC Sense - This will remove HTC Sense along with all of its widgets & Bloat replacing them with AOSP parts for a close to Stock HC look & feel

If you have acheived S-Off via HTCDev, you will need to extract the boot.img from the and flash it via fastboot
"fasboot flash boot boot.img"

Hosting Thanks to


>> Please note, 1st boot may take up to 10 minutes as every application in /data will be ZipAligned, the time it takes depends on how many applications you have installed.. DO NOT PULL THE BATTERY <<


Kernel Download links

To be flashed VIA CWM recovery

LeeDrOiD Flyer HC V3.1.0 - KERNEL (FTP)
Updated 31st December
MD5 Checksum file
MD5# c0ba25cdc75319e93a8c3aa25c1496a2

If you have acheived S-Off via HTCDev, you will need to extract the boot.img from the and flash it via fastboot
"fasboot flash boot boot.img"

Please be aware, the chosen CPU governor is designed to give the best combination of performance & power saving possible.

If you want a power hungry performance monster, switch to OnDemand using System Tuner




[CENTER]To be flashed VIA CWM recovery

Q: How do I flash this ROM?



Once you have done as above
  2. Drop on you SD card
  3. Check the MD5# matches the one in post 1#
  4. Ensure you have more than 40% Charge & Unplug your Flyer.
  5. Boot into recovery
  6. Select "backup&restore" then backup your existing ROM. (usually referred to as a "Nandroid" backup)
  7. If you want a clean install, scroll to "wipe data/factory reset" (this step is recommended but not always required)
  8. Select flash zip from SD card
  9. Select the
  10. Wait for the flashing process to complete and reboot


LeeDrOiD Flyer GB / Stock Kernel CPU Table

LeeDrOiD Freqs & Voltages -------------HTC "Stock Freqs & Voltages

{ 245000, 900, VDD_RAW(900) }, ------ | ----- { 245760, 1000, VDD_RAW(1000) },
{ 422400, 925, VDD_RAW(925) }, ------ | ----- { 368640, 1050, VDD_RAW(1050) },
{ 499200, 950, VDD_RAW(950) },
{ 576000, 975, VDD_RAW(975) },
{ 652800, 1000, VDD_RAW(1000) },
{ 729600, 1000, VDD_RAW(1050) },
{ 806400, 1025, VDD_RAW(1050) }, ---- | ----- { 806400, 1100, VDD_RAW(1100) },
{ 883200, 1050, VDD_RAW(1075) },
{ 960000, 1050, VDD_RAW(1075) },
{ 1036800, 1075, VDD_RAW(1125) }, ---- | ---- { 1024600, 1200, VDD_RAW(1200) },
{ 1113600, 1100, VDD_RAW(1125) },
{ 1190400, 1125, VDD_RAW(1150) }, <<<<<<<<<# All frequencies are using voltages within
{ 1267200, 1150, VDD_RAW(1200) }, <<<<<<<<<# Safe working limits MAX=1500mV MIN=750mV
{ 1344000, 1175, VDD_RAW(1250) },
{ 1420800, 1200, VDD_RAW(1250) },
{ 1497600, 1275, VDD_RAW(1300) },
{ 1574400, 1300, VDD_RAW(1300) },
{ 1651200, 1375, VDD_RAW(1275) },
{ 1728000, 1400, VDD_RAW(1300) },
{ 1804800, 1425, VDD_RAW(1300) },

Vdd levels sysfs interface

This mod was created by snq- for my Classic desire builds.

The vdd levels interface allows you to adjust cpu voltages on the fly, you can either do this via terminal, Gscript or by dropping a script in init.d.... The following script is an example with vdd levels increased by 25mV on all frequencies

you can adjust these values accordingly by ammending the 2nd string to any value between min 750mV max 1350mV, these values will only be persistent on reboot if you have a script in the /system/etc/init.d folder with the below syntax

query: (output: first column: frequency (kHz), second column: vdd* (mV))



echo '245000 925' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '422400 950' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '460800 975' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '499200 975' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '576000 1000' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '652800 1025' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '729600 1025' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '806400 1050' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '883200 1075' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '960000 1075' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1036800 1100' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1113600 1125' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1190400 1150' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1267200 1175' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1344000 1200' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1420800 1225' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1497600 1300' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1574400 1325' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1651200 1400' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1728000 1425' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '1804800 1450' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels

incrementing/decrementing all levels by a specified amount* (mV):

echo '-25' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels
echo '+25' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels

I have included the above scripts in /system/etc/init.d for simplicity

adjusting the supply voltage* (second value, mV) at a specific frequency (first value, kHz):

echo '998400 1250' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/vdd_levels

*: vdd values must be a multiple of 25 (enforced by the interface; the regulator doesn't accept other values - found out in the hard way)

please note that the values set through this interface will only be written to the acpu table - they will only become effective when the specific frequency is (re)set by cpufreq

i took the input parser from iscaela's code - thanks for it
do not apply this patch if you plan to use avs

to query the constraints of the regulator ("max_microvolts", "min_microvolts") or the voltage currently supplied to the cpu ("microvolts" (uV)):


grep '.' /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/0-0048/regulator/regulator.0/*

"@snq- >> -- dedicated to the cheeky buggers at #leedroid-roms"
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F.A.Q For HTC FLYER HC Version

- When you flash the ROM, you MUST complete at least one full boot before applying any patches or themes.

- For some of the below operations,you will need a root explorer. A good one is ES File Explorer, free and with root access. You will need to check root access in settings and mount system for it to work.

- The first boot after flashing any rom can take up to 10 mins (especially following a full wipe), this is because the dalvik-cache needs to be re-built.

- Do I need to wipe? It is always recommended, however you can just flash the rom over the current one without a wipe, providing you are using the ROM from the same Chef and that the base build is the same. A full wipe should be done if you face continuous troubles with the ROM or feel performance is not what it should be.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________


Q 1: How do I flash this ROM?
Assuming you have S-Off, and have installed a custom recovery – Reboot the FLYER into recovery (switch off then back on holding volume down, at the fastboot menu select recovery). Select “Install Zip from SD Card” – Select the ROM from your SD and press power – Confirm and you are good to go.

Q 2. What is S-OFF or Recovery?
A detailed explanation on how to is below:

What is S-OFF?
S-OFF means that the NAND portion of the device is unlocked and can be written to. The default setting for HTC devices is S-ON (write protected), which means that neither can you access certain areas of the system nor can you guarantee a permanent root

Do i need Rooting?
An unrooted device is like logging onto the guest account of windows, you can do many things, just not everything
Think of Acquiring root as having Administrator Access on the device, so you can install/modify/fix/break anything you want.*

What does clockwork Recovery do?
Clockwork allows you to flash Unofficial Roms and Themes via zip files on your SD card, also you can make backups of your current rom and wipe certain types of memory. (User data, system, boot, cache, dalvik cache)

What is flashing?
Flashing refers to Downloading themes or apps or Roms onto your SD Card and then installing them using clockwork or any other utility where the phones Operating System is modified

Q 3: Which radio should I use?
This is a trick question. According to many users over the years, they have recommended to change the radio only if you are facing troubles with the current one that you are using. Radio is a very very very location specific thing. So, what works for me, may not work for you.*Here Here is a good thread discussing radios and their performance. Generally, Lee will put the recommended radio in the first post.

Q 4: Is the radio included in the ROM? How do I flash?
No, you will need to flash the radio separately.
Easiest steps to flash a radio is (assuming you have sdk and HTC Drivers and are SOFF)
- Put the radio.img in the folder where fastboot is under sdk\tools
- Turn off your phone and and reboot into Bootloader and select fastboot, connect the phone to the pc - now you show see Fastboot USB on the phone.*
- Goto command prompt on your pc. Goto the folder with Fastboot.
- Typefastboot flash radio radio.imgand watch it write the new radio.

If the file is named PG58IMG.ZIP, then simply copy it to the root folder of the sd card and reboot into bootloader and follow instructions on the phone screen.

Q 5: Right or recommended order of flashing?
Wipe>ROM>Reboot> Radio.

Q 6: Should I use a task killer on the LeeDrOiD ROM?
Check this and decide for yourself... (Lee would say NO)

Q 7: Backup? What is that?
A good idea is to back up all your data and settings from the phone before flashing a new rom with a full wipe. Best app available is Titanium Back up(included in the ROM)
The best way to back up the contacts is to sync it via HTC Sync or via your gmail.

Q 8: Are Nandroid and Titanium backup the same thing? How do I manage backups?
No, Nandroid backs up the ROM and Titanium backs up the applications. Nandroid is what you do using the recovery and it makes the exact image of your ROM along with the data.

Q 9: On what occasion will I lose my data (apps, contacts etc)?
Only when you apply the full wipe or the super wipe (see next question, Answer 3). When you just flash a rom or a .zip from recovery, it will not wipe anything unless otherwise mentioned.

Q 10: I was on stock (or another rom from another cook) and I flashed LeeDroiD ROM, now I am having some problems.
1. Try to rebooting the FLYER and see if it makes a difference.
2. Reboot into recovery and clear cache and dalvik, reboot the FLYER and clear data of the apps causing problem.
3. If nothing else works, then use the Full Wipe from the first post above or “SUPERWIPE”. Beware: A superwipe/ full wipe will erase EVERYTHING on the FLYER. So be sure to backup what you want.

Q 11: How do I flash Full wipe or Superwipe and what does it erase?
Copy the .zipfile to the SD Card and flash it via recovery. DONOT REBOOT once it is done, flash the ROM straightafter. The full wipe will erase data, cache, system and format in EXT4 partition. Superwipe will erase data, cache, system, boot and system files on SD card (EXT4 again).

Q 12: The screen is not very responsive and is lagging.
Let the FLYER settle down a bit after you unlock it. It generally needs a few seconds to kick up the CPU.

Q 13: The market is not installing anything. Gives error.
Reboot into recovery and select “clear cache partition”. And under settings - applications - Manage applications - under the Market app < Clear Data>.

Q 14: I don’t like the CRT on and off animations, what can I do to disable these?
CRT Animations are NOT included.

Q 15: My battery is draining heavily.
When you first flash a ROM this is what happens. Give it atleast one full charge cycle and it should come back to normal. If required, reboot into recovery and clear battery stats. It is advisable to do so on 100%. Here is the*battery caliberation*hereapp from the market. You can try this.
The battery calliberation script is now included in the rom and stats wiped when at 100%, automatically. This is done only once.

Q 16: Should I run the FLYER battery to zero percent, and what if it does??
Absolutely not! Both the current recoveries are giving problems while pulling the battery up from zero percent.

Q 17: I am getting random lines across my screen on some widgets.
This is a fairly common problem. A Quicke remove the widget and re-apply it or to use a different skin.

Q 18 Some games that use the motion/G sensor are not working as they should.
Re-Calibrate your Gsensor – Settings – Display – Gsensor Callibration

Q 19:dont like the animations. Dont want them.
Go to spare parts, and disable all animations OR go to settings - display - animations.

Q 20: How do I disable or change the boot sound?
You will need to a root explorer to do this. On your Flyer, using the root explorer, navigate to data\local. Rename the file android_audio.mp3 and reboot.. Viola - No more boot sound. To change, rename the one you want as the boot sound to andoid_audio.mp3 and place it in data\local folder. Be sure to hit the favourite button inside explorer and then phone, data and local.

Q 21: And the bootanimation?
Data\Local again. Replace the file with the one you want. The new file must be named

Q 22: Can I modify frequencies using System tuner Pro or Set Cpu?
Yes, You can use System Tuner Pro or SetCPU. Lee Recomends SYSTEM TUNER PRO
Q 23: GPS Problems?
Try faster fix app from the market. Has helped a few members.

Q 24: SuperUser Force closes.
Goto Setting - Application - Manage Application - Super user - Clear Data. And, go to Super user application and click the right most icon on the top of the application (top right corner) and re-update the binaries. Also, go to settings and disable logging, its a bug in su3.

Feel free to PM me if something else should be added.

Pls. Look at Lee´s 1st post in this thread for further explanations.


Jailbreaking and rooting could soon become illegal again, unless you act now.

Back in July of 2010 the US government ruled that jailbreaking and rooting weren’t a crime as long as the intention behind them isn’t circumventing copyright.

The ruling is set to expire soon and unless renewed, jailbreaking and rooting of smartphones will become illegal once again.
An organization called the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has issued a petition that anyone can sign – the idea is to get enough objective opinions in favor of renewing the ruling. The EFF also wants to add tablets to the agreement.
You can find all the details on the source link below. Keep in mind that signing up to renew the agreement closes on February 10.
Whether jailbreaking is legal or illegal may not matter much to the end user, but not voting for legalization would surely put all the hard-working devs outside the law.
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Lightbulb Mods and Themes
By Senior Member Scabes24

Updated Rosie Mods:

App drawer grid 5x5 with landscape 7x3 -

App drawer grid 5x6 with landscape 7x3 -

App drawer grid 5x7 with landscape 8x3 -

Much more to come our way from Scabes24

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

LeeDrOiD Tweaks HC;

Link to the Leedroid tweaks:

HTML Code:


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23rd December 2011, 04:37 AM |#5  
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23rd December 2011, 05:41 AM |#6  
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Thanks Lee very appreciate this release!
23rd December 2011, 06:07 AM |#7  
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•Enabled Phone functionality (WIP)
I have not had a chance to try this, anyone with 3g does your phone work on this ROM? Can you text and make calls?
23rd December 2011, 07:16 AM |#8  
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Thanks Lee

Downloading ...
23rd December 2011, 08:25 AM |#9  
Junior Member
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How exciting!!
Thanks Lee!!
23rd December 2011, 10:00 AM |#10  
porcupineadvocate's Avatar
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Wait, "Enabled Phone functionality (WIP)"? Could you elaborate? This sounds exciting!
23rd December 2011, 10:17 AM |#11  
teorouge's Avatar
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I guess WIP stands for Work In Progress, therefore not functional yet. Fingers crossed, though!
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