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[ROM]LeeDrOiD SuperSensational v7.3.0 ICS | 30th April |Tweaks V3|Aroma|Beats|APM

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Presenting LeeDrOiDs SuperSensational ICS Edition

S-Off & a Custom recovery required
Huge thanks to Alpharevx+unrevoked for acheving S-Off

Android 4.0.3 - Ice Cream Sandwich & Sense 3.6... No gimmick's, no bullshit..
Just a Sensational Android experience from a very experienced developer Pun intended!

With thanks to: ChainsDD l snq- l Scar45 | Baadnwz | damo | Team RC | m-deejay | klquicksall | Alpharevx & Unrevoked | rmk40 | show-p1984 | hamdir | Breinholst | J4n87 | amarullz

Official Support Links:

Chenge Log

LeeDrOiD SuperSensational V7.3.0
  • Updated to LeeDrOiD Tweaks V4.3! Final (Huge thanks to J4n87 & Richmondo! for all they have done >> Full Thread << )
  • Updated Kernel Bricked V1.1 (Thanks to show-p1984 >> Change Log <<
  • Merged LMW & Settings.apk form the latest RUU
  • Wifi issues fixed
  • Added optional stock HTC IME option to Aroma
  • Fixed sense stripper option in Aroma
  • Nova launcher replaces sense in the above scenario
  • When sense is stripped, only Rosie & its widgets are removed
  • Added individual social networking removal options to Aroma
  • Added HQ Camera V1.5 (Thanks to NODO-GT >> Thread << )
  • Fixed Fancy keyboard animations
  • Increased boot audio volume
  • Smoother boot animation

LeeDrOiD SuperSensational V7.2.0
  • Added LeeDrOiD Tweaks V4.2 (huge thanks to m0narx! >> THREAD << )
  • Kernel Bricked V1.0 -Low OC build (Thanks to show-p1984 >> THREAD << )
  • Browser link glitch fixed
  • Added HTC Sense removal option to aroma (Uses Nova Launcher)
  • Added stock bootanimation option to Aroma
  • Added Crypted enhanced GPS fix option to Aroma
  • Added Option to remove bootsound to Aroma
  • Default XML and locale cleanups
  • System sounds & ringtones from the One X
  • Altered default GPS config for Europe
  • Cleaned up and re-wrorked init.d scripts
  • Hacked Voice Search/HTC Speak to allow direct access
  • Voice Search renamed to speak with new icon
  • Updated all pre-installed applications
  • Updated to the latest google play store
  • New LeeDrOiD SuperDroid Boot animation
  • New LeeDrOiD SuperDroid Wallpapers

LeeDrOiD SuperSensational V7.1.0 - 27th March
  • LeeDrOiD Tweaks V3.0! >> Thanks to J4n87, m0narx & richmondo >> Original thread
  • Different statusbar transparencys
  • Recent apps button with longpress action
  • Battery % text mod
  • Hide navbar lables
  • Transparency toggle for navbar
  • Different Autobrighntess levels
  • Define different volume steps
  • enabled 3d home toogle
  • Fixed battery percent bug - liamstears
  • Fixed random show of recent apps
  • disabled sign check on apks - services.jar
  • Browser.apk: added windows button in nav bar
  • new banner
  • new icon
  • Kernel - Bricked ICS V0.5 (Thanks to Show-P1984) >> Original thread
  • Fixed HTC Sense reboots
  • Added keyboard enter animation
  • Minor framework code cleanups
  • All preinstalled applications updated
  • Now using Aroma installer thanks to amarullz
  • Tmo US package included as optional
  • Tmo US GPS fix thanks to nrvnqsrxk
  • Init.d script tweaked
  • Added optional Orange UK Wifi Calling
  • Serveral app removal options
  • build.prop cleanups
  • Several configuration changes & cleanups
  • Recompressed & Zipaligned
  • And more....

LeeDrOiD SuperSensational V7.0.0 - 21st March
  • Rebased on HTC 3.32.401.5 (RUU + OTA) OFFICIAL BASE
  • Recompressed entire system
  • Zipaligned using the latest SDK
  • Added LeeDrOiD Tweaks V2, Super APM and EQ's (Huge thanks to my awsome friend j4n87)
  • Added Stock % Battery display
  • 3D Home screen toggle
  • Added the usual pre-installed applications
  • Updated to Market to Google Play
  • HTC Bloat/Junk removed
  • Included HQ Camera V1.2 (thanks to NODO-GT)
  • Added Beats Mod (thanks to mudhi) (Working over Bluetooth!)
  • Lots of default configuration changes
  • All Tweaks scripts cleaned up and updated
  • All preinstalled applications updated
  • And lots more.....
  • Kernel - LeeDrOiD-SS-ICS-V1.1.0
  • Based on Official HTC Sensation ICS CRC - 3.0.16
  • Patched to Linux upstream 3.0.25
  • Compiled using linario gcc 4.6 (Compiler fixups thanks to the awsome show-p1984)
  • Compiler fixups thanks to Show-p1984
  • 1.5Ghz Max speed using the Stock acpu table
  • WiFi=PM_FAST in standby
  • Lowered WiFi Voltages
  • Increased WiFi range
  • Increased Readahead buffer
  • Allowed flashlight to operate @ 5% power
  • Added LagFree CPU Governor
  • Adjusted VM Ratios
  • Built in CIFS & NLS_UTF8 Support

Old change-log's
LeeDrOiD SuperSensational V6.0.0 - ICS  - 25th January
  • Rebased on RUU_PYRAMID_ICS_HTC_Europe_3.24.401.1 - 4.0.3 ICS
  • Sense 3.6!
  • Stock HTC ICS Kernel 3.0.16-g9788208
  • Added nls_utf8 support (New kernel module thanks to me)
  • Added CIFS Support (New kernel module thanks to me)
  • Added CIFS Manager
  • Lots of bugfixes!
  • Several script updates
  • All previous mods included
  • All preinstalled applications updated
LeeDrOiD SuperSensational V5.0.1 ICS - 31st December
  • Fixed missing fonts
  • Removed DRM_omz & Dice
  • Reworked framework-res (Cleaner build with no errors)
  • Updated AdFree hosts
  • Updated superuser binary
  • Updated - Adobe FlashPlayer Reader, ES Explorer, FaceBook & Titanium Backup
  • Added Android Market V3.4.4
  • Updated YouTube
  • Trimmed bootanimation audio ;)
  • New High-Res LeeDrOiD Wallpaper
LeeDrOiD SuperSensational V5.0.0 ICS - 30th Dec - FULL WIPE REQUIRED
  • Based ON - RUU PYRAMID LE (XE) 3.06.401.101 (test) Thanks to RC Team!
  • Rooted with the latest Superuser & Binary
  • unsecured boot.img
  • Init.d run parts support
  • Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned
  • The ususal - sysrw/sysro, bash, busybox, nano
  • All user apps zipaligned on boot
  • Permissions fixed on boot
  • SQlite3 DB Vacum on boot
  • Caches cleaned on boot
  • Fixed Market identifacation
  • Added OpenVPN
  • EXT4 Tuneups
  • Battery calibration script (seo)
  • Huge XML Cleanups
  • NEW LeeDrOiD Custom Boot Animation & Welcome
  • Lots of default configuration cleanups
  • Allow non market apps, disable "pocket mode", "flip to speaker" & "be polite"
  • Disable "fastboot" (auto hibernate on shutdown)
  • Enabled 3D Home screen support in display settings
  • Enabled "Display processor info"
  • Removed CIQ services from framework
  • Removed HTC & Google loggers
  • Added Overscroll (Green)
  • Added Stock % Battery
  • Added Fancy keyboard Enter/Exit animation
  • Added Spare parts, The lates Market, Dice, Voice Dialer & Launcher2
  • Added RomManager, Titanium Backup, ES Explorer, AdFree
  • All pre-installed apps updated
  • Removed some Bloat

1. Boot to recovery
2. Nandroid
3. Flash the below mentioned firmware package
4. Boot back to recovery
5. Wipe data/factory reset (Optional if coming from another ICS build)
6. Flash the
7.Reboot & enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich


Now available via ROM Manager


ROM Download links


>> Please note, 1st boot may take up to 10 minutes as every application in /data will be ZipAligned, the time it takes depends on how many applications you have installed.. DO NOT PULL THE BATTERY <<

You will require the 3.32.401.5 Revolutionary patched firmware package
from this thread by Kohr-Ah

Hosting Thanks to


LeeDrOiD ICS Kernels



Now selectable in Aroma installer


SuperSensational User/Signature banners

Thanks to nrvnqsrxk

Lots more to come from me all !

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30th December 2011, 04:41 PM |#2  
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F.A.Q for Sensation ICS LeeDrOiD
F.A.Q For LeeDrOiD Sensation ICS

- When you flash the ROM, you MUST complete at least one full boot before applying any patches or themes.

- For some of the below operations, you will need a root file explorer. A good one to use is ES File Explorer , free of charge via the Android Market and included in the ROM. You will need to check root access in settings and mount system for it to work.

- The first boot after flashing any rom can take up to 10 mins (especially following a full wipe), this is because the dalvik-cache needs to be re-built.

- Do I need to wipe? It is always recommended, however you can just flash the rom over the current one without a wipe, providing you are using the ROM from the same Chef and that the base build is the same. A full wipe should be done if you face continuous troubles with the ROM or feel performance is not what it should be.

FC on Sence. Seems like ICS atm don´t like apps on the SD Card, try to move them over to the phone

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________

F.A.Q. For LeeDrOID Sensation ICS

Q 1: How do I flash this ROM?
Assuming you have S-Off, and have installed a custom recovery – Reboot the phone into recovery (switch off then back on holding volume down, at the fastboot menu select recovery). Select “Install Zip from SD Card” – Select the ROM from your SD and press power – Confirm and you are good to go.

Q 2. What is S-OFF or Recovery?
A detailed explanation on how to do is here

Q 3: Which radio should I use?
This is a trick question. According to many users over the years, they have recommended to change the radio only if you are facing troubles with the current one that you are using. Radio is a very very very location specific thing. So, what works for me, may not work for you. Here is a good thread discussing radios and their performance. Generally, Lee will put the recommended radio in the first post.

Q 4: Is the radio included in the ROM? How do I flash?
No, you will need to flash the radio separately.
Easiest steps to flash a radio is (assuming you have sdk and HTC Drivers and are S-OFF)
- Put the radio.img in the folder where fastboot is under sdk\tools
- Turn off your phone and and reboot into Bootloader and select fastboot, connect the phone to the pc - now you show see Fastboot USB on the phone.
- Goto command prompt on your pc. Goto the folder with Fastboot.
- Type*fastboot flash radio radio.img*and watch it write the new radio.

If the file is named PG58IMG.ZIP, then simply copy it to the root folder of the sd card and reboot into bootloader and follow instructions on the phone screen.
Read about radios and RILs Here, Here and Here.

Information on RIL can be found Here.

Q 5: Right or recommended order of flashing?
Wipe>ROM>Reboot> Radio.

Q 6: Should I use a task killer on the LD ROM?
Check thisand decide for yourself.. (Lee would say, NO!)

Q 7: Backup? What is that?
A good idea is to back up all your data and settings from the phone before flashing a new rom with a full wipe. Best app available is Titanium Back up(included in the ROM)
The best way to back up the contacts is to sync it via HTC Sync or via your gmail.

Q 8: Are Nandroid and Titanium backup the same thing? How do I manage backups?
No, Nandroid backs up the ROM and Titanium backs up the applications. Nandroid is what you do using the recovery and it makes the exact image of your ROM along with the data.

Q 9: On what occasion will I lose my data (apps, contacts etc)?
Only when you apply the full wipe or the super wipe (see next question, Answer 3). When you just flash a rom or a .zip from recovery, it will not wipe anything unless otherwise mentioned.

Q 10: I was on stock (or another rom from another cook) and I flashed LeeDroiD ROM, now I am having some problems.

1. Try to rebooting the Phone and see if it makes a difference.
2. Reboot into recovery and clear cache and dalvik, reboot the phone and clear data of the apps causing problem.
3. If nothing else works, “SUPERWIPE”. Beware: A superwipe/ full wipe will erase EVERYTHING on the phone. EVERYTHING! So, be sure to backup what you want

Q 11: How do I flash Full wipe or Superwipe and what does it erase?
Copy the .zipfile to the SD Card and flash it via recovery. DONOT REBOOT once it is done, flash the ROM straightafter. The full wipe will erase data, cache, system and format in EXT4 partition. Superwipe will erase data, cache, system, boot and system files on SD card (EXT4 again).

Q 12: The screen is not very responsive and is lagging.
Let the phone settle down a bit after you unlock it. It generally needs a few seconds to kick up the CPU. Some discussions on the screen responsiveness and a market app Here.

Q 13: The market is not installing anything. Gives error.
Reboot into recovery and select “clear cache partition”. And under settings - applications - Manage applications - under the Market app < Clear Data>.

Q 14: I don’t like the CRT on and off animations, what can I do to disable these?
CRT Animations are included.

Q 15: My battery is draining heavily.
When you first flash a ROM this is what happens. Give it atleast one full charge cycle and it should come back to normal. If required, reboot into recovery and clear battery stats. It is advisable to do so on 100%. Here is the battery caliberation app from the market. You can try this.
The battery calliberation script is now included in the rom and stats wiped when at 100%, automatically. This is done only once.

Q15: My battery is draining heavily .
A: When you first flash a ROM this is what happens. Give it atleast one full charge cycle and it should come back to normal. If required, reboot into recovery and clear battery stats. It is advisable to do so on 100% charge. Here is the battery calibration app from the market.
Common Opinion - Heavy battery drain is one thing that you cannot complain about on this rom, for sure. The battery life is much above average

Q16: Should I run the phone battery to zero percent, and what if it does??
A: Absolutely not! Both the current recoveries are giving problems while pulling the battery up from zero percent. If the phones dies off due to battery being zero, look here, might help. The new recovery from ROM Manager claims to have fixed the charging issue.

Q17: MMS Problem?
A: Please check your APN settings. Or try the patch from here. Also worth checking out Shroomster's post.

Q18: Some games that use the motion/G sensor are not working as they should.
A: Re-Calibrate your Gsensor –> Settings – Display – Gsensor Callibration

Q19: I dont like the animations. Dont want them.
A: Go to settings - display - animations. Or go to Spare parts and disable all animations.

Q20: How do I change the bootanimation or the downanimation?
A: System\Customize\Resource again. Replace the file with the one you want. The new file must be named

Q21: Can I modify frequencies using SetCPU?
A: Avoid set cpu at this stage. It is causing much troubles. The app needs to be updated for dual core usage.

Q22: GPS Problems?
A: Try faster fix app from the market. Has helped a few members.

Q23: I am having difficulties assigning ringtones from my SD card on the 3.6 sense.
A: Go to contact, select ringtone. Select ADD where it shows a list of system ringtone - Now it should take you to your music and tones on the SD card. Select the one that you want and click OK. Back on the system ringtones, scroll to find the newly added tone and select it.

Q24: The search capacitive button does nothing, only on press and hold I get menu to select from. I want the normal search action.
A: Download and install the Google Search from the market.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________

ICS MOD - SuperAPM by Recoqnized Developer j4n87

Leedroid Tweaks Sensation v2.0 with SuperAPM and EQS by Recoqnized Developer j4n87


Jailbreaking and rooting could soon become illegal again, unless you act now.

Back in July of 2010 the US government ruled that jailbreaking and rooting weren’t a crime as long as the intention behind them isn’t circumventing copyright.

The ruling is set to expire soon and unless renewed, jailbreaking and rooting of smartphones will become illegal once again.
An organization called the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has issued a petition that anyone can sign – the idea is to get enough objective opinions in favor of renewing the ruling. The EFF also wants to add tablets to the agreement.
You can find all the details on the source link below. Keep in mind that signing up to renew the agreement closes on February 10.
Whether jailbreaking is legal or illegal may not matter much to the end user, but not voting for legalization would surely put all the hard-working devs outside the law.
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30th December 2011, 04:41 PM |#3  
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And another one...
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30th December 2011, 04:48 PM |#4  
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it is hwa functionally
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Originally Posted by jalie85

it is hwa functionally


Edit: been running it since last night.. pretty damn stable IMO

Sent from my LeeDrOiD loaded s-off HTC EVO 3D
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30th December 2011, 04:55 PM |#6  
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Ok, first observation : English(Greece) is not included in the locals you choose upon initial setup.

Nice bootanimation and sound there Lee!!
30th December 2011, 04:58 PM |#7  
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Excellent work so far OP.

Sent from my Xoom using xda premium
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Originally Posted by broncogr

Ok, first observation : English(Greece) is not included in the locals you choose upon initial setup.

Nice bootanimation and sound there Lee!!

Will get that added mate, glad you like the new tardis boot lol, maybe needs trimming a little

Sent from my LeeDrOiD loaded s-off HTC EVO 3D
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30th December 2011, 05:02 PM |#9  
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Sorry guys, messed the new thread up a bit but I have fixed it now...


English(Greek) Locale does not exist
Market did not restore most of my apps.
I had a call that didnt display caller id on lockscreen but did so as soon as I picked up
30th December 2011, 05:06 PM |#10  
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30th December 2011, 05:06 PM |#11  
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Lee: why alway Choice the XE ICS ? with non XE we get more audio options
and you will be the first to realize it
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