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[STOCK ROMS] N7000 All stock ROMs + install + Root guide All at 1place,Latest 4.1.*

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By dr.ketan, Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor on 3rd January 2012, 06:02 AM
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[18Feb13]All Stock ROM Note (N7000) + Installation + Root

This is distributed in first 4 post

1.ICS +JB ROM + Installation +Root
2.Directly Rootable GB ROM + Installation
3.Newer GB ROM(non rootable) + Installation
4.Common issue to be addressed for installation & Root.


Tools required for Installation[/U]
Odin Download
Password :
unzip tool
windows 32bit
windows 64bit
Pit file for 16GB model- Not for regular installation, use only after expert's advise to revive bricked note
Opera USB Browser (supports resume download)


Here is guide how to find stock ROM from SamMobile

** Guide showing images are for demonstration and which showing model number may be varies from yours, you have to select your device model number i.e N7000

- Open This SamMobile firmware page.

- Type device Model number in search box

- This will find all latest ROM for that device, click on Kies symbol next you your desired ROM to get download link.

- To get ROM from specific country, select Firmware option on page

- Fill up required option. This will show all available ROM from selected country.

Stock JB ROMs

May 2013
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Hungary
N7000XXLT5 N7000AUTLT2 - Switzerland
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Serbia (Telenor)
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Serbia (VIP)
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Serbia (Telekom)
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Serbia
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Croatia
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Croatia (TELE2)
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Romania (Cosmote)
N7000XXLT5 N7000OXXLT2 - Baltic

April 2013
N7000XXLSZ N7000OXXLS4 - United Kingdom (Vodafone)
N7000UBLSF N7000DORLS5 - Dominican Republic (Orange)
N7000XXLT4 N7000OXALT4 - Germany

March 2013

N7000XXLSZ N7000OXXLS4 - Poland
N7000ZSLO2 N7000OZSLO2 - Hong Kong
N7000ZSLO2 N7000OZSLO2 - Taiwan
N7000XXLSZ N7000OXELS7 - Ukraine
N7000XXLSZ N7000OXELS7 - Kazakhstan
N7000XXLSZ N7000OXELS7 - Ukraine (Kyivstar)
N7000XXLSZ N7000OJVLSB - Kenya
N7000XXLSZ N7000OJVLSB - South Africa
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Singapore (sigtel)
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Malaysia
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Thailand
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Vietnam
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Singapore (star hub)
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Singapore
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Indonesia
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Philippines (Sun)
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Philippines (Globe)
N7000DXLSE N7000OLBLSE - Philippines (Smart)
N7000JPLSB N7000OJPLSA - Algeria
N7000DDLSC N7000ODDLSC - India
N7000DDLSC N7000ODDLSC - Srilanka
N7000DDLSC N7000ODDLSC - Nepal
N7000DDLSC N7000ODDLSC - Bangladesh

Jan & Feb 2013
N7000XXLSZ N7000XENLS4 - Netherlands
N7000JPLSB N7000OJPLSA - United Arab Emirates
N7000XXLSZ N7000OXELS7 - Russia
N7000UBLSF N7000UUBLSF - Trinidad and Tobago
N7000XXLSZ N7000ITVLS4 - Italy
N7000XXLSZ N7000OXALSZ - Download - Germany - Mirror 1 - Mirror 2
N7000ZSLM5 N7000OZSLM5 - Download - Hong Kong
N7000ZSLM5 N7000OZSLM5 - Download - Taiwan


All the ROMs mentioned in this section are only stock ROMs by samsung, and you can flash it using PC Odin without exclamation mark or raising flash counter.
Installation and Rooting guide and required tools is at end of list.

Warning :
Don't wipe anything from stock ICS recovery
Don't factory reset/Hard reset on stock ICS.
Don't flash any Wipe version of ICS ROM

Read This
this can brick your device. search and read about emmc brick bug.

Here below is stock ICS ROM(Non wipe) list in this order [PDA---version/date link---Region]

N7000XXLRU N7000OXELR6 Download - Kazakhstan
N7000XXLRU N7000OXELR6 Download - Russia
N7000XXLRU N7000OXELR6 Download - Ukraine
N7000XXLRU N7000OXELR6 Download - Ukraine (Kyivstar)
N7000XXLRT N7000OJVLR5 Download - Turkey
N7000UBLR3 N7000COOLR1 Download - Colombia
N7000UBLR3 N7000COMLR4 Download - Colombia (Comcel)
N7000UBLR3 N7000ECOLR4 Download - Ecuador
N7000DDLRB N7000ODDLR4 Download - Nepal
N7000DDLRB N7000ODDLR4 Download - Sri Lanka
N7000DDLRB N7000ODDLR4 Download - Bangladesh
N7000DDLRB N7000ODDLR4 Download - India
N7000BULR1 N7000SWCLR1 Download - Switzerland (Swisscom)
N7000UBLR6 N7000MVLLR2 Download - Venezuela
N7000JHLP3 N7000PTRLP3 Download - Israel (Orange/Partner)

Older ISC ROM moved to post #9

1.a Pre installation : (For clean installation, optional)
- Make backup with Titanium Backup or other similiar app.
- First wipe cache and data if you are on GB ROM
- If you are on ICS/Custom ROM, make sure you have safe kernel, otherwise first flash it (here is philz safe kernel)and then only wipe cache and data.

1.b Final Installation
- Download ROM, and extract it to .tar file
- Download Odin, open it
- select PDA tab and point to ROM file. Leave Re-partition, pit, CSC, Phone tab unticked (see Image below)
- Switch off device, Put in download mode (Vol down + Home + Power)
- completely close kies, Anti virus if running
- Connect device to PC
- ID com port shud turn yellow (not shown in image)
Now hit Start

PS:File section name in above image is for demonstration only, you will have according downloaded ROM

After reboot, you will see screen showng android updating, then will install some application.


Rooting Guide + Safe kernel (Stock ICS kernel is unsafe)

Source :

Gingerbread ROMs - Moved to post#2 and # 4

N7000B(Thailand ROM) Here
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3rd January 2012, 06:03 AM |#2  
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Older Gingerbread ROMs (Directly Rootable)

These all are stock ROMs and this can be flashed using PC odin without exclamation mark or raising flash counter

PDA------------ Version Date--------------------- --CSC--------------Country/Carrier----------------- Download link
N7000XXKJ1 ------2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OXAKJ1-------------------- Poland (PLUS) ---------------------Download
N7000ZSKJ6 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OZSKJ6............-------------Hong Kong -----------------------Download
N7000ZSKJ6 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OZSKJ6 ---------------------Hong Kong -----------------------Download
N7000XXKJA ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OXXKJ8 -----------------Romania (Vodafone)--------------- Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000PLSKJ3 --------------------Poland (PLUS) ---------------------Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OXAKJ4 ------------------Germany (Debitel)------------------- Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OXXKJ4 ---------------------Switzerland ----------------------Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000XENKJ2 ---------------------Netherlands ----------------------Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000VD2KJ1 ------------------Germany (Vodafone) -----------------Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000XEOKJ1 -----------------------Poland -------------------------Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OXXKJ4 --------------------Romania (Cosmote) ----------------Download
N7000XXKJ4 ------ 2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000DREKJ2 ----------------------Austria (3)-----------------------Download
N7000JPKJ4 ------ -2.3.5 2011 october-------- N7000OJPKJ3 -----------------------United Arab Emirates ------------Download
N7000XXKK3 ------ 2.3.5 2011 November------ N7000ODDKK1 ------------------------India -------------------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------ N7000OXXKK5 ---------------------Switzerland ----------------------Download
N7000JPKK2 ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OJPKK2 -------------------United Arab Emirates ---------------Download
N7000XBKK4 ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OXXKK5--------------------- Nordic countries -----------------Download
N7000DXKK1 ------2.3.5 2011 November------- N7000OLBKJ6----------------------- Thailand ------------------------Download
N7000DXKK1 ------ 2.3.5 2011 November------- N7000OLBKJ6 ----------------------Vietnam ------------------------Download
N7000ZSKK1 ------ 2.3.5 2011 November------- N7000OZSKK1 ---------------------Hong Kong ----------------------Download
N7000DXKK1 ------ 2.3.5 2011 November------- N7000OLBKJ6 ---------------------Indonesia ------------------------Download
N7000DXKK1 ------ 2.3.5 2011 November------- N7000OLBKJ6 ----------------------Malaysia ------------------------Download
N7000UBKK3---------2.3.6 2011 November-------N7000ZTOKK1-----------------------Brazil---------------------------Download
N7000XXKK9 ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OXAKK9 -----------------Germany (Debitel) -------------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OXXKK5--------------------- Austria -------------------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OXXKK5------------------ Czech Republic ---------------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000XENKK1 -------------------Netherlands -----------------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OXXKK5 -----------------Romania (Vodafone) -----------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OXXKK6 --------------------Poland ---------------------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000OXXKK5 ---------------Romania (Cosmote) --------------------Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000CPWKK3 -----------United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse)----- Download
N7000XXKKA ------ 2.3.6 2011 November------- N7000PLSKK1 -----------------Poland (PLUS) ----------------------- Download
N7000DXKL3 ------ 2.3.6 2011 December-------- N7000OLBKL2 -------------------Vietnam -------------------------- Download
N7000DXKL3 ------ 2.3.6 2011 December-------- N7000OLBKL2 -------------------Thailand -------------------------- Download
N7000DXKL3 ------ 2.3.6 2011 December-------- N7000OLBKL2 ------------------Indonesia -------------------------- Download
N7000DXKL3 ------ 2.3.6 2011 December-------- N7000OLBKL2 -----------------singapore (SingTel) ----------------- -Download
N7000XXKL3 ------ 2.3.6 2011 December-------- N7000ODDKL1 --------------------India -----------------------------Download - Mirror (devhost premium)
N7000DXKL1 ------ 2.3.5 2011 December-------- N7000OLBKJ6 ----------------Singapore (SingTel) -------------------Download
N7000DXKL1 ------ 2.3.5 2011 December-------- N7000OLBKJ6 ----------------Singapore -----------------------------Download
N7000DXKL1 ------ 2.3.5 2011 December-------- N7000OLBKJ6 ----------------Singapore -----------------------------Download
N7000DXKL3 ------ -------2011 December-------- N7000OLBKL2---------------- Malaysia -----------------------------Download
N7000DXKL3 ------ -------2011 December-------- N7000OLBKL2 ----------- ----Singapore ----------------------------Download

Installation :
Install Kies on your computer, connect your phone and make sure that all the drivers installed correctly.

Extract tar file from the ROM(remember to extract it till tar, dont go deep). Put the phone into download mode (vol. down+home+power buttons),
Start odin, then only connect the phone via USB. Choose continue on the phone, Now ID:COM box shud turn yellow (see Image)

Make sure that only two boxes are checked in odin - Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time.(See Image)
- If your downloaded ROM contains single file
Choose PDA button in Odin and select tar file you extracted before. (see Image)

- If your downloaded file contains multifiles
Choose CODE in PDA, MODEM in PHONE, Multi CSC in CSC(see Image)

Choose START button.

The phone will reboot after the flash. Done.
If you have flash GB ROM over ICS/custom ROM, you mat get FC/crashing , in that case just restart in recovery and wipe cache and wipe data.

Above mentioned older GB ROMs are directly rootable and you can root it using zergrush exploit / CF's Initial root flasher from here
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Name:	multi.jpg
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ID:	867151   Click image for larger version

Name:	Everroot.jpg
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ID:	867206   Click image for larger version

Name:	file place.jpg
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Size:	15.6 KB
ID:	867207   Click image for larger version

Name:	flash stock.jpg
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ID:	867208   Click image for larger version

Name:	keep CF root.jpg
Views:	2048275
Size:	26.4 KB
ID:	867210   Click image for larger version

Name:	Open file.jpg
Views:	2070541
Size:	26.6 KB
ID:	867211  
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Newer Gingerbread ROM (non rootable directly)

These all are stock ROMs and this can be flashed using PC odin without exclamation mark or raising flash counter. Read installation note at end of list

N7000UBKK8---------2.3.6--------2011 December-------N7000TCEKK2-----Mexico (Telcel)------------------------------Download
N7000XXKL7 ------ 2.3.6-2011 December-------- N7000OXAKL7 -----------------Germany (Debitel) ------------------- -Download
N7000XXKL8 ------ 2.3.6 2011 December-------- N7000OXAKL8 ------------------Open Europe ----------------------- -Download (wipe version)
N7000XXLA6--------2.3.6 2011 December---------N7000OXXLA1------------------Open Austria------------------------ Download
N7000XXLA1 ------ -2.3.6------ 2012 January----N7000OXALA1--------------------Open Europe------------------------Download (wipe version)
N7000XXLA3 --------2.3.6------- 2012 January---N7000OXALA3--------------------Open Europe------------------------Download (wipe version)
N7000DXLA1---------- -2.3.6----2012 January----------N7000OLBKL2----------------Thailand---------------------------DOwnload
N7000UBKL2---------2.3.6-------2012 January----------N7000ZVVKL2--------------Brazil (VIVO)-------------------------Download
N7000DXLA1 ---------- 2.3.6----2012 January----------N7000OLBKL2--------------Singapore----------------------------Download
N7000DXLA1 ---------- 2.3.6----2012 January----------N7000OLBKL2---------------Indonesia---------------------------Download
N7000DXLA1 -----------2.3.6----2012 January----------N7000OLBKL2---------------Malaysia----------------------------Download
N7000DXLA1 -----------2.3.6----2012 January----------N7000OLBKL2---------------Singapore (SingTel)------------------Download (Non Wipe)
N7000DXLA1 -----------2.3.6----2012 January----------N7000OLBKL2---------------Vietnam---------------------------- Download
N7000XXLA4 --------------------2012 January-------N7000OXALA4----------------Germany-----------------------------Download (Non Wipe)
N7000XXLA4------------ 2.3.6---2012 January--------N7000DREKL1------------------Austria (3)-------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6 ------------ 2.3.6---2012 January--------N7000OXELA1------------------Russia----------------------------Download (Non wipe)
N7000XXLA6-------------2.3.6--- 2012 January--------N7000XSAKL1----------------Australia---------------------------Download
N7000UBKK8 --------------------2012 January--------N7000UVCKK1----------------Argentina (Claro)--------------------Download
N7000ZSLA2 --------------------2012 January--------N7000OZSLA2-----------------Hong Kong-------------------------Download (wipe)
N7000JPLA1------------- 2.3.6 2012 January---------N7000OJPLA1------------United Arab Emirates---------------------Download
N7000UBKK8---------------------2012 January--------N7000PSNKK1-----------Argentina (Personal)----------------------Download
N7000XXLA4--------------------2012 February--------N7000OJVKL1-----------------Turkey-----------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1-------------Romania (Cosmote)---------------------Download
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1-------------Romania (Vodafone)--------------------Download
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1---------------Serbia (Telenor)--------------------- Download
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1------------------Hungary--------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1--------------Hungary (VDH)------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1-----------------Serbia-----------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1-----------Hungary (Telenor)------------------------Download
N7000DDLA5--------------------2012 February--------N7000ODDLA1-----------------India------------------------------ Download(Non wipe)
N7000XXLA6--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1-----------Croatia (VIPNET)-------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6------- 2.3.6-------2012 February--------N7000OXXLA1-----------Greece (Vodafone)----------------------- Download
N7000XXLB1--------------------2012 February--------N7000OXALB1-----------Open Germany----------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6-------- 2.3.6-------2012 February-------N7000OXXLA1-----------Bulgaria (MTL)----------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6---------2.3.6-------2012 February-------N7000OXXLA1-------------Bulgaria--------------------------------Download
N7000XXLB1---------------------2012 February-------N7000OXXLB1--------------Poland--------------------------------Download
N7000XILB1----------------------2012 February-------N7000ITVKL1---------------Italy--------------------------------- Download
N7000DDLB2---------2.3.6-------2012 February-------N7000ODDLA1---------------India---------------------------------Download (Non wipe)
N7000XXLA6---------2.3.6-------2012 February-------N7000OXXLA1-------------Slovakia--------------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6---------2.3.6-------2012 February-------N7000OXXLA1------------Macedonia------------------------------ Download
N7000XXLA6---------2.3.6-------2012 February-------N7000XEULA1--------------Europe---------------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OXALC1-----------Open Europe----------------------------- Download (wipe)
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OXALC1----------Open Germany-----------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OXXLB3---------Nordic countries---------------------------- Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OXXLB3-----------Macedonia--------------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000CPWLB2--United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse)------------- Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OXXLB3---------Portugal (TPH)------------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000SFRLC2----------France (SFR)-------------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OXXLB3-------Slovenia (Si.mobil)-----------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OXXLB3-----------France------------------------------------Download
N7000JPLA1--------- 2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OJPLA1---------Saudi Arabia---------------------------------Download
N7000JPLA1----------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000OJPLA1------Saudi Arabia (JED)------------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1 ---------2.3.6-------2012 March----------N7000PLSLB1--------Poland (PLUS)--------------------------------Download
N7000DXLC2--------------------- 2012 March----------N7000OLBLC2---------Singapore-----------------------------------Download
N7000DXLC2---------2.3.6--------2012 March----------N7000OLBLC2---------Thailand------------------------------------Download
N7000DXLC2---------2.3.6--------2012 March----------N7000OLBLC2----------Vietnam-----------------------------------Download
N7000DXLC2---------2.3.6--------2012 March----------N7000OLBLC2---------Indonesia-----------------------------------Download
N7000DXLC2---------2.3.6--------2012 March----------N7000OLBLC2----------Malaysia-----------------------------------Download
N7000DXLC2---------2.3.6--------2012 March----------N7000OLBLC2------Singapore (SingTel)-------------------------- --Download
N7000XXLA4----------------------2012March----------N7000OJVKL1----------South Africa--------------------------------Download
N7000XXLC1---------2.3.6--------2012 March----------N7000OXXLB3---------Open Austria--------------------------------Download
N7000UBLC2---------2.3.6---------2012 April-----------N7000UVCLC1-------Argentina (Claro)------------------------------Download
N7000DDLC1---------2.3.6---------2012 March---------N7000ODDLC1-----------India--------------------------------------Download
N7000UBKK8---------2.3.6---------2012 April-----------N7000ECOKK1----------Ecuador------------------------------------Download
N7000XXLA6 --------2.3.6---------2012 February-------N7000XEULA1------United Kingdom / Ireland------------------------Download


Note : Wipe version will wipe off apps,data n settings, so make backup before flashing such wipe version

As New ROMs are not direct rootable, you cant root it direct method like Zergrush exploit or CF-Root, If you want such new ROMs Rooted, You shud have currant Older ROM installed(rooted), If you are already on newer ROM and want root, first downgrade to older ROM as above said.then you may update n Root it with one of following two methods.Who are not interested in Rooting device, they can flash this ROM using PC Odin as mention in previous post (installing directly rootable ROM)

1.Easy way is Mobie Odin Pro.
- You should be on Rooted ROM
- install mobile odin pro
- download desired ROM from above list, extract n keep files on a folder in memory card(Int/Ext)
- open Mobile odin pro - select open file - point to downloaded folder n select 'code' file (when single file downloaded then select that only)(see image)

- all field will popup autometically
- Keep everroot option enable (see image)

- Flash
If get typing error 'null null'
mobile odin - click cache - point to 'CSC' file of downloaded rom
- Done

2. CWM recovery (you need Root + CWM on existing ROM. Get )
Download the ROM. Extract it.
Create folder /sdcard/external_sd/firmware (thats folder "firmware" (lowercase) on your external SD card) (see image)

Put following 3 ("three") files (If your downloaded ROM contains single file, then single only) in it:
  1. CODE_blah.tar.md5
  2. GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC.blah.tar.md5
  3. MODEM_blah.tar.md5
Open CWM App, select "Flash stock firmware"(see image)

Click continue a couple times. Important steps:
  1. In case asked which kernel you want to take, chose CODE_blah
  2. when ask about file to use flash modem - select Modem blah
  3. .When asked what you want as CACHE select GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC-blah
  4. But If your downloaded ROM contains single file, you have to point to that single file only for all the time.
  5. When asked about rooting say Keep CF-Root Kernel see image below


If you are not rooted n dont want Root
just flash with PC odin, (same as Older ROM Installation shown in post#2)
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Common issue while flashing ROM

1.Odin fails to complete task

At the end of procedure, it shows Fail in red colour box, as well log says all threads completed (success 0/ failed 1)
Here is classical image for this.

- Commonest cause is connection issue.
Solution :
-This can be solve by installing proper driver.
If kies or any similiar PC sync SW running in background, can cause this. Complete close kies from task manage. Even you can uninstall kies from PC
Install just driver from here.
-Dont use USB extention cable, connect device directly to PC (preferable on Motherboard USB port, back side of PC), try changing USB port.
-Close any antivirus SW running on PC, disable firewall.
- Rare chances are there, this happen if you have flashed device using wrong pit file. Remember never use .pit file and 're-partition' opyion on normal flashing. this is for revival of semi bricked note. and should be used after advise from expert user only.

2. stuck at factoryfs.img / data.img

After starting flashing usually it finish within 5-10 min( varies with PC configuration), but if it stuck for more then usual time and progress bar not moving, chances are there it fails to write on device.
Below is classical image

- If this happen particularly after wiping/factory reset on ICS ROM, then highest chances of super brick device due to emmc erase cap driver brick bug.
Though rarely it is reported with connection issue, and first you should treat as mentioned above in para 1. if it happens again -
In this situation you should not to be panic, but just make some chat with expert in Q/A section. if it confirms you have bricked your device then just look your flash counter (Rt upper corner in download mode, it shud be zero).
If your counter is zero, then you should send it to service center to claim warranty. In case your flash counter is non zero, then search in development and general section how to reset it.
If you are running out of warranty, here is the way to out.

3.I can't type with samsung keyboard 'Null null typing'
This happens when your CSC can't set properly
-If you are on GB ROM, reflash CSC ( select CSC tab in odin and point to same GB ROM file, which you have flashed before this error)
Open mobile odin, select 'cache' tab and point to full ROM file you have on SD card and flash
Remember either of this method will wipe your data so before doing this make backup of imp data.
-If you are on ICS ROM, above said method is not advisabe, as wiping is dangerous on ICS. In this case, first flash some safer kernel then use mobile odin as described above.
OR safest way is
downgrade to GB ROM, wipe cache and data, then reflash ICS ROM

If you have logo_q1.jpg draw failed" error (Thnx Schaggo)
Go back to the firmware you had, root it, flash newest or in fact any CF-Root kernel. Then start over.
  1. Redownload the ROM. Extract it.
  2. Create folder /sdcard/external_sd/firmware (thats folder "firmware" (lowercase) on your external SD card)
  3. Put following 3 ("three") files in it:
    1. CODE_blah.tar.md5
    2. GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC.blah.tar.md5
    3. MODEM_blah.tar.md5
  4. Open CWM App, select "Flash stock firmware"
  5. Click continue a couple times. Important steps:
    1. In case asked which kernel you want to take, chose CODE_blah
    2. When asked what you want as CACHE select GT-N7000-MULTI-CSC-blah
    3. When asked about rooting say Keep CF-Root Kernel
  6. Done
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Name:	fail.jpg
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ID:	1224997   Click image for larger version

Name:	stuck.jpg
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Size:	150.4 KB
ID:	1224998  
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Thanks so much for your hard work!

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Good to have a thread with all the necessary info.
3rd January 2012, 11:14 AM |#7  
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What does "not directly rootable" mean?
3rd January 2012, 11:18 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by jamonda

What does "not directly rootable" mean?

i think this means it cant be rooted via zergRush Exploit
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3rd January 2012, 11:40 AM |#9  
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Older ICS ROMs

N7000XXLPY---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OXALPY---Download---Open Germany
N7000DXLP9---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OLBLP6---Download--- Indonesia
N7000DXLP9---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OLBLP6---Download--- Vietnam
N7000ZSLPF---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OZSLPF---Download---Hong Kong
N7000DXLP9---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OLBLP6---Download--- Singapore (SingTel)
N7000DXLP9---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OLBLP6---Download--- Singapore
N7000DXLP9---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OLBLP6---Download--- Philippines (Sun)
N7000XXLPY---4.0.3/12.05---N7000ATOLP2---Download---Open Austria
N7000XXLPY---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OJVLP6---Download--- Turkey
N7000XXLPY---4.0.3/12.05---N7000XENLP1--- Download -- Netherlands
N7000XXLQ2---4.0.3/12.05---N7000CPWLP4---Download /--- United Kingdom(Carphone Warehouse)
N7000XXLQ2---4.0.3/12.05---N7000XEULP4---Download--- United Kingdom / Ireland
N7000XXLPY---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OXXLP5---Download--- Poland
N7000XXLPY--4.0.3/12.05---N7000OXXLP5---Download--- Czech Republic(Vodafone)
N7000XXLPY---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OJVLP6---Download--- Morocco
N7000XXLPY---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OXXLP5---Download--- Portugal (TPH)
N7000XXLQ2--4.0.3/12.05---N7000MOTLP1---Download--- Slovenia (Mobitel)
N7000DXLP9---4.0.3/12.05---N7000OLBLP6---Download--- Philippines (Smart)
N7000XXLQ2---4.0.3/12.05---N7000VD2LP2---Download--- Germany (Vodafone)
N7000XXLQ2---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OXELP6---Download--- Russia
N7000JPLPD---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OJPLP7---Download United Arab Emirates
N7000JPLPD--- 4.0.3/12.06---N7000OJPLP7---Download---Iran
N7000JPLPD---4.0.3/12.06--N7000OJPLP7---Download---Morocco (MED)
N7000JPLPD---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OJPLP7---Download --- Morocco (MWD
N7000JPLPD---4.0.3/12.06--N7000OJPLP7---Download--- Pakistan
N7000UBLPD---4.0.3/12.06--N7000ZVVLP2---Download-- Brazil (VIVO)
N7000XXLQ3---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OXXLP7---Download--- Hungary (Telenor)
N7000XXLQ3---4.0.3/12.06---N7000NEELP4---Download--- Nordic countries
N7000DDLPA---4.0.3/12.06--N7000ODDLP5---Download-- Nepal
N7000DDLPA---4.0.3/12.06--N7000ODDLP5---Download-- Srilanka
N7000DDLPA---4.0.3/12.06---N7000ODDLP5--Download--- Bangladesh
N7000DDLPA---4.0.3/12.06---N7000ODDLP5---Download--- India---Mirror (Dev host premium)
N7000XXLQ2---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OXELP6---Download --- Kazakhstan
N7000XXLQ3---4.0.3/12.06--N7000OXXLP7---Download --- Czech Republic
N7000XXLQ3 ---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OXXLP7---Download--- Slovenia (Si.mobil)
N7000XXLQ3 ---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OXXLP7---Download-- Romania (Cosmote)
N7000XXLQ3---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OXXLP7---Download--- Romania (Vodafone)
N7000JPLPD---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OJPLP7---Download--- Egypt
N7000JPLPD---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OJPLP7---Download--- Saudi Arabia
N7000JPLPD---4.0.3/12.06---N7000OJPLP7---Download--- Saudi Arabia(JED)
N7000XXLQ3---4.0.3/12.06--N7000XEFLP1--- Download-- France
N7000XXLQ3---4.0.3/12.06---N7000ITVLP3---Download --- Italy
N7000UBLPD---4.0.3/12.06---N7000ZTOLP3---Download--- Brazil
N7000UBLPD---4.0.3/12.06--N7000ZTMLP3---Download--- Brazil (TIM)
N7000XXLRG---4.0.4/12.07.04-N7000DBTLRG---Download--- Open Germany
N7000DXLR2---4.0.4/12.07.09-N7000OLBLR1---Download--- Singapore (SingTel)
N7000DXLR2---4.0.4/12.07.09-N7000OLBLR1--- Download--- Singapore
N7000DXLR2--4.0.4/12.07.09N7000OLBLR1---Download--- Malaysia
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.13-N7000OXXLP8---Download --- Greece
N7000BULP3---4.0.3/12.07.13-N7000SWCLP3---Download-- Switzerland (Swisscom)
N7000DXLR2---4.0.4/12.07.09-N7000OLBLR1---Download--- Singapore (StarHub)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.17-N7000DTMLR5---Download--- Germany (T Mobile)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.17-N7000NEELP4---Download--- Nordic countries
N7000XXLRK---4.0.4/12.07.17-N7000DBTLRK---Download-- Germany
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.18-N7000ITVLR1---Download --- Italy
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.19-N7000OXXLP8---Download---Greece (Vodafone)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.09.19-N7000DRELP3---Download---Austria (3 Hutchison)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.20-N7000TIMLR2---Download---Italy (TIM)
N7000XXLRK---4.0.4/12.07.24-N7000XEULP5---Download--United Kingdom / Ireland
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.24-N7000OJVLR3---Download---South Africa
N7000XXLRK---4.0.4/12.07.24-N7000CPWLP5--Download---United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.27-N7000OJVLR3---Download--South Africa (Vodafone)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.27-N7000VNZLR2---Download---New Zealand (Vodafone)
N7000DXLR5---4.0.4/12.07.30-N7000OLBLR2---Download--Philippines (Sun)
N7000DXLR5---4.0.4/12.07.30-N7000OLBLR2---Download--Singapore (StarHub)
N7000DXLR5---4.0.4/12.07.30-N7000OLBLR2---Download--Singapore (SingTel)
N7000DXLR5---4.0.4/12.07.30-N7000OLBLR2---Download--Philippines (Smart)
N7000DXLR6---4.0.4/12.07.30-N7000OLBLR2---Download--Sri Lanka
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.30-N7000DTMLR6---Download---Germany (T-Mobile)
N7000DXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.31-N7000OLBLR3---Download--South Africa (XFM)
N7000DXLRI---4.0.4/12.07.31-N7000OLBLR3---Download--South Africa (XFC)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.08.07-N7000OXXLP8---Download--Portugal (TPH)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.08.07-N7000OXXLP8---Download--Czech Republic (Vodafone)
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.08.07-N7000OXXLP8---Download--Croatia (VIPNET)
N7000UBLR5---4.0.4/12.08.09-N7000TCELR3---Download--Mexico (Telcel)
N7000JPLR8---4.0.4/12.08.09-N7000OJPLR8----Download--Morocco (MAT)
N7000JPLR8---4.0.4/12.08.09-N7000OJPLR8----Download--Morocco (MED)
N7000JPLR8---4.0.4/12.08.09-N7000OJPLR8----Download--Morocco (MWD)
N7000BGLR3---4.0.4/12.08.13-N7000XECLR2---Download--Spain (Moviestar)
N7000XXLRL---4.0.4/12.08.13-N7000OXXLPA---Download---Serbia (Vip SRB)
N7000XXLRL---4.0.4/12.08.13-N7000OXXLPA---Download---Serbia (Telendor)
N7000UBLR3---4.0.4/12.08.17-N7000UVCLR2---Download---Argentina (Claro)
N7000UBLR3---4.0.4/12.08.17-N7000PSNLR1---Download---Argentina (Personal)
N7000JPLR8---4.0.4/12.08.21-N7000OJPLR8---Download--United Arab Emirates
N7000XXLRI---4.0.4/12.08.27-N7000PLSLP3---Download---Poland (PLUS)
N7000XXLRL---4.0.4/12.09.03-N7000HUILP5---Download---Italy (H3G)
N7000ZSLPN---4.0.4/12.09.15-N7000OZSLPN---Download - Hong Kong
N7000UBLR3 N7000UVOLR1 - Download - Argentina
N7000UBLR3 N7000CHELR1 - Download - Chile (Entel PCS)
N7000XXLRL N7000VD2LR1 - Download - Germany (Vodafone)
N7000JKLP8 N7000ILOLP3 - Download - Israel

This is For N7000B Thailand

GT-N7000B N7000BDCLP6------4.0.3------------2012 June------------N7000BTHLLP4--------Thailand--------------------------------------Download
GT-N7000B N7000BDCLA2------2.3.6------------201 January----------N7000BTHLKL3--------Thailand--------------------------------------Download
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3rd January 2012, 11:47 AM |#10  
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Thanks man, great work!
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3rd January 2012, 01:40 PM |#11  
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Hey Ketan,
I flashed custom kernels (Abyss 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.5) like four times. Would my binary counter be changed ? Can I know what the binary counter currently reads ?

I am planning to go back to the stock ROM but not sure if doing that would restore the Binary Counter to "Samsung Official".
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