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[MOD][RECOVERY]- ReRecovery for a safer Bootstrap- DX2, MX2, CM7 and Ace's Miui

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By skwoodwiva, Senior Member on 3rd January 2012, 09:11 PM
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Working ReRecovery. Thanks to Tenfar BTW. This is technical and some say maybe hard to read eh....
JUST SKIP TO POST 2 for a good outline of how our bootstrap functionality has changed w/ RR.
Downloads and Updates are in post 3.
Noob Q&A is in middle of 3.

PURPOSE: Use to flash duplicates of all files needed to renew Tenfars cwr (our standby) during a cwr "run" where the current installation could be made inoperable by a rom flash and/or data wipe.
Just be sure to flash it BEFORE YOU REBOOT SYSTEM NOW.
Once you flash this you do not have to reinstall tenfars again. That is because you always be overwriting one instance for a new one.
Charge mode is not available. However I do believe charging does occur normally in cwr.

If you do a Privacy>Data reset you will need to run the apk again. OR
Run the apk for any reason.
It will take over again.

Think of this as a "save your a$$ button". You will have a working cwr if your phone can boot- be sure to try a battery pull if it won't boot on first try. If needed the pull will make BUs, made on this "emergency boot", have a very old date.

Remember to flash at the last to save your a$$.
Remember too when the ROM BOMBS you must P P P .
PULL the battery, PUSH the battery back in and PLUG in the charger.
I wish I could make a rhyme like : “If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.”
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3rd January 2012, 09:12 PM |#2  
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I must digress here for Noobs: (BTW CWR = BSR)
Did you Know:
You do not have run "MOTODX2_Bootstrap_signed.apk" aka "System Recovery" in your app drawer to get to BootStrapRecovery! Once you choose recovery mode and the phone goes to CWR thereafter the phone will always go to BSR when you plug-in and power off. If this is news to you try it right now. More news: while you are in BSR unplug the charger & pull the battery, put the battery back and plug-in. CWR (BSR) will boot. ReRecovery sets up the same conditions (files and stuff) that you just tested out to take your phone into BSR. With ReRecovery you have no choice power off OR battery pull along with plugging-in = BSR. BUT ReRecovery is flashed from BSR so you can refresh BSR anytime! Like after a Data wipe which kills BSR OR after a ROM flash which kills BSR OR after restoring a wiped Nandroid which also kills BSR. Sorry for the long rant but that is life with a locked bootloader.

From DaveRichardson (Thanks Dave)

Why use this instead of our " MOTODX2_Bootstrap_signed.apk" isn't it the same? It is the same. But a feature of cwr w/ an unlocked BL is you flash a rom and wipe data the bootstrap does not rely on anything in data or system. Not so with a locked BL. It can be a headache when the rom crashes yet you can sill boot but YOU JUST WIPED AWAY YOUR BOOTSTRAP!

THIS allows you to refresh bootstrap as the final step in any cwr session.


All benefit of this hack occurs because YOU remember to flash it to save yourself .
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3rd January 2012, 09:17 PM |#3  
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Attached Zips to flash from cwr.
Flash from cwr - Tenfar's.

Older updates are 1st. GoTo Attached files for latest updates.

Maybe not so minor if you don't understand what it's doing.
On screen notifications/help now may help you understand better how to use it.

1st DL looks/is the same as the installed apk and now gives on screen notices/help:

2nd DL ( also gives notices/help ) has Atrix at the top of the homescreen so YOU know you are on the flashed version when you shutdown.
This is just a reassurance that it works:
I have used this as an alternate for ours and it is ,as far as I know, fine.

Either one you choose, it needs to be flashed ( from cwr ) as the last cwr step to save you

All action happens while YOU are in CWR AND BEFORE YOU REBOOT SYSTEM NOW.
When should RR be flashed? Ans: after a data wipe, a rom flash or restore. Just as the last step if any or all are done in one session.

I nandroided back to 234 stock, flashed cm7 and gapps, wiped all and flashed RRcm7, pulled battery and it booted to cwr.
3rd DL :

For those of us that have trouble rooting 235 with Zurg Rush and it's variants. Root 234 w/ Pete's and use Root Keeper before upgrading to 235. One of the rare non-market links. Put it on your SD. RK has an option to delete OR re-enable SU backup. It is there for good reason. The latest Eclipse bombs when being flashed w/ the BU present. Just REMEMBER to delete it b4 you flash OR use RR and it will catch you so you can just nand back to delete it.

*** update ***
I have found RRcm7 to work for Ace's Miui. Just be aware that if flashing a non 2nd init rom, flash RRdx2 first to be safe. BUT if the dx2 bsr has already been put in effect the RRcm7 does work as a "do it all" Until a need becomes apparent just use each on their respective roms.

Q and A

How to boot to cwr without using the apk? (This only works if charge mode is never put back to normal)
Just power off while the charger is plugged in. Or if stuck at the big M pull the battery put back and plugin.

What is "Safe Boot"? It is booting w/o loading anything in /data.
Power on and at the big M hold the menu key till you get to the vibration and you will see "safe mode". Miui will just loop here BTW.

What is Android recovery good for? Stock is good for
1> flashing an OTA update, rather/better than the system auto update, (no need to rename it just make it start w/ a number so it will be first in a mess of zips at the root of your removable sd)
2> wiping data. When your ROM hangs at the M OR you never feel the "I am done booting" vibration and it keeps looping.

How to choose DIY update rather than Auto? When the update notice appears choose download only. When the DL finishes choose install later. Goto /cache to find the and the md5. Use Root Explorer>properties to check that the md5s match. Rename the and paste it at the root of your SD removable card. Power off>Power on>as you see the Big M push the rocker down>keep pushing down 8 times>push up>you will see the green creature AND OF COURSE HE IS TELLING YOU TO PUSH THE ROCKER AGAIN but IN THE MIDDLE like BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! (rant off)>choose "apply update from sdcard" and it will let you pick.

Put the empty FILE : ".hidenandroidprogress" in your cwm folder and cut 1/3 off your bu / restore times.

I add descriptors to replace the seconds: "2011-08-21.09.13.CheeseC".
Never use spaces in a nandroid bu name. It will cause md5 mismatch .

Terminology rant: (work in progress)
For this page.
BootStrapRecovery BSR is the same as CWR or CWMR.
Yet there is a need to distinguish the methods used to install the
recoveries from the recoveries.
The (CWR or BSR) "recovery" is a zip in our locked boot loader phone. In contrast to a (.img) image for an open boot loader.
These zips are in each apk (links @ end of post) and have a common name: The is the "kernel" of the recovery. is similar to the apk in that it installs the "kernel" but from cwmr and giving you no options.
Once booted and @ the green cwmr home screen you may flash any of the "UpDate-Recovery.zips that are in the apks below. A apk is just a zip. Root Explorer>extract all. Its in the assets folder and flashable from cwr. And jump from one cwr to can even jump to one of the latest touch recoveries (w/ the fstab taken out of and put in the former) that can BU to tarballs and mount usb ext sd but won't restore....
Sub rant re: RM (very restrained)
Example : Rom Manager (the famous apk) lists a recovery for our phone the Daytona which leads many to install the apk and the recovery which does nothing but frustrate noobs. Not only does RM install a that bombs it puts it in folders where our phone could never utilize it.
Our bsr.apk puts the in the folders that the same apk sets up for charge mode hijacking. RM fails and our BSR.apk succeeds in setting up the phone to run the (the "kernel") which runs in place of the stock recovery.
Rants off

Milestone X2 users Try to use this Dx2 apk first: OR
Copy and paste your own bootstrap:
You need Root Explorer , ES file explorer Or any root file explorer that sets permissions.
Extract all and paste 8 files (not the folders) to the same folders in your root dir (not the dir: root that is always empty) that you found them in the zip.
1)paste to /preinstall: the 5 files and set perms to all-rwxrwxrwx but adbd: rw-rw-rw-.
2)Change charge_only_mode (not the .bin file-leave that alone) ( your original in system/bin) to .bak. Then paste the 2 /system/bin files. Set perms to all- rwxrwxrwx
3)Then .recovery_mode goes in /data. Set perms to rw-rw-rw-. Power off and Plug in. CWR
Ignore the meta-inf file.
End roll your own BSR.


Note after each you will still be able to boot to system and reinstall the "bsr.apk" if there is a problem.

1st >
test the RR version you choose by flashing it w/o flashing anything else THEN pull the battery and see if cwr boots.

A good test is to: make a BU, I have learned that the easiest test, while you are still in cwr after a BU, is to Advanced Restore the cache of the BU just made. now if there is a problem It will say md5 miss-match. If it does choose backup & Restore> external> restore and note the BU you just made. Reboot sys and view your clockworkmod/backup folder and look for the one you just made- If it disappeared - post here. If the cache restore completed then you should be ok.
THEN: wipe data from cwr, flash RR, pull battery and see if cwr boots and then of course restore the BU you just made.

Would some Milestone X2 user on 2.3.5 please upload their wiped nandroid BU? Here's more
A Mx2 236 SBF is needed also
Dx2 Mx2 and other SBFs

Various DL links for "BSR".apk's:
The Photon locked bootloader (= "Dx2.apk" )
Our "Dx2.apk" (discovered on some Chinese website )
And the Original (Atrix/Olympus locked BL) and predating the the one discovered (above) by several months. Yet it works on our phone.

Hey Dude want 2.3.6 on your Dx2 Yea Where Man
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5th January 2012, 09:18 PM |#4  
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I'll comment first

If this works as u say it should then this is almost what everybody was wanting months ago when we figured out flashing a ROM or wiping data takes away ability to boot to BSR by power off and plug in until it gets reinstalled...

I will test once I have a computer for that "oh **** I really DO Need to sbf now" moment lol...just in case ,
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5th January 2012, 09:25 PM |#5  
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I know it works Ash. Do you? Just examine the dates of .recovery_mode in /data and hijack in /system/bin and see that /preinstall is vacant b4 and populated after. Then ininstall sr while recovery mode is still active. Reboot and?????????????
5th January 2012, 09:43 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by skwoodwiva

I know it works Ash. Do you?

I haven't tried yet.
I'm not trying to Queston whether it works or not .

I just don't test anything anymore until I have a computer available for me to use JUST IN CASE.
Last time I tested or tried something and I didn't readily available I was stuck for 36hrs with a brick
Don't want that to happen again lol

Not sayin that WILL happen due to this... But I MYSELF might do something to screw it

And it looks like I WON'T be buying a computer with my tax return this year as I was planning . Since my hr rep put my w4 in wrong and now I OWE the pissed...
5th January 2012, 09:53 PM |#7  
OP Senior Member
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Someone wanna show Ash how cwr boots while cwr is uninstalled? Just do not set charge mode.
Edit cadenH you are nominated step up and show Ash...
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5th January 2012, 10:56 PM |#8  
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Just downloaded. Got to check this out. And going to keep a copy on the Sd card just in case. Thanks!

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6th January 2012, 12:02 AM |#9  
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I feel honored lol. Just downloaded. I will post in a bit

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6th January 2012, 01:38 AM |#10  
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Works perfect. No apk installed and the recovery booted as it should. Nice job! Sorry it took so long, eclipse had the recovery built in so I had to sbf after calming a screaming baby

Sent from my DROID X2 using xda premium
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6th January 2012, 02:14 AM |#11  
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Speak up I can't hear you.
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