[ROM][09.09.13][★★ SMS ★★ ]★ RSK TEAM ★ SATTELITE-3.5.Sense★

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★ ★ First Sense 3.5 Rom Bravo with Amaze Cam ★★


Team members:

  • Mr. Mefisto
  • Tigrutza
  • Halaros 2

License Agreement

1. Suggestions are always welcomed but I hate requests - you want something so bad do it your self or ask HTC. you paid them not me.

2. Don't ask for ETA is rude and offensive. When is done is done.

3. Custom Rom`s come without warranty. They are tested before release but something always can go bad. 
   So if you broke your phone - IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM! If you do not accept this, then please don't try any of RSK TEAM Rom`s. 

4. Support is limited. Sometimes i can answer your questions sometimes i don't have the time, sometimes i don't have an answer so please do no repeat your question or get offended because I haven't answered you - i work full time and have family. 

5. Don't compare roms. Is rude and offensive for chefs. If other rom has what you need, use that rom. Don`t make mirrors on RSK Team work!

6. RSK Team will not give permission to anybody to use any of the files inside of his custom rom`s!
By using the rom you agree with the above terms!




RSK Sattelite Rosie 8.0 current version DOWNLOAD CENTER

Stock theme for v.8.0 here

Sense 5 theme for v.8.0 here

RSK Special Edition Deodexed previous version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSK Special Edition Odexed previoust version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSK_bravo_ 7.4.3 previous version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSK_bravo_ 7.4.2 previous version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSK Springtime v 7.4.1 test version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSK Springtime v 7.4 previous version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSKrux_v.7.2 previous version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSKrux_v.7.1 test version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSKrux_v.7.0 test version DOWNLOAD HERE

RSKrux_v.6.0 stable version DOWNLOAD HERE

For all rsk users we have made an avatar. If you want it click here.
Credits go to Halaros2!!!

Hints and tips for better user experience!!!

1) Always full wipe and format your sd card twice just to be sure that everything has been wiped.
2) Always check your personal choices at aroma installer twice so that everything you need is installed.
3) If you are using IC_backup and IC_restore and you have FC at first boot try to boot rom first let it settle down and then restart to recovery and flash (IC_restore). This is only for those having problems!!!
4) At first boot always let rom to settle down for about 5 minutes or more (especially users with ad2sdx script it might be better to make a restart after settle down and then start customizing)
5) At RCTeam Tweaks you can change rosie options to enable quick scroll to Semi 2d/3d (faster scrolling) All 2D (fastest scrolling).
6) At RCTeam tweaks you can go to Miscellaneous optios and enable beats (audio) boost.
7) At RCTeam tweaks you can go to Phone information-Phone information and change network type to GSM auto (PRL) to save some battery. (If any network error occurs after this change back to WCDMA).
8) At sound settings uncheck the option pocket mode to save some more battery.
9) At Accounts and sync you can uncheck live feeds if you dont need it to save some battery.
10) At power settings uncheck fast boot option if you dont need it because some apps from market doesn't work properly and you will not be able to boot to recovery by pressing power and volume button.
11) Daemon controller personal values
Wake min: 384000 Wake max: 1075200 Wake Gov: smartass V2
Sleep Min 245000 sleep max: 998400 Sleep Gov: conservative
12) Daemon controller personal UV ( checked with all RSK team roms with my phone with no problems BUT because i say every desire is the same but so different also if you see any instability return back to default
values which you must write down to remember before changing them) P.S. Some values that you see may not exist at your phone it depents at the kernel you use no need to worry
128: 925
245: 950
384: 975
422: 1000
460: 1000
499: 1025
537: 1025
576: 1050
614: 1050
652: 1075
691: 1100
729: 1125
768: 1150
806: 1175
844: 1200
883: 1200
921: 1200
960: 1200
998: 1225
1036: 1225
1075: 1225

13) For facebook app to sync ok with all contacts and have the photos at the right resolution (you don't have to do this if it is working correctly for you) i don't setup my facebook account at first boot then i restore all my contacts from sd card
then i download latest facebook app from market if there is any then i setup my facebook account and let it sync for all finally i go in the facebook app at all my friends and i let it load all pics and then set my contacts widget.

14) Also if you want to change minfree values of rom and some other options (power users) you can use v6 supercharger found here
15) For changing fonts you can use rom toolbox which can be found in market
16) When using titanium backup do not restore apps AND data because it can cause slow downs!!! only apps restore.
17) After fresh install when you choose your type of internet connection (in the beginning) at title "Internet connection"-->"Connection type" leave it to "Mobile network or Wi-Fi" don`t change it.
18) If you are having troubles booting rom please when aroma setup finish uncheck reboot now option return to recovery and restart from there normally

ScreenShots :



CHANGELOG RSK_v.8.3.1_Test3_SatteliteRosie_CM7R2.Ed.
  • Reverted back system ui and framework
  • ONLY for cm7/r2
  • Changed ad2sdx script
  • Little things.... i forget
CHANGELOG RSK_v.8.3.1_Test2_SatteliteRosie_Stock.Hboot.Ed.
  • Changed a2sd script with ad2sdx
  • Removed sense 5 theme (it can be flashed from themes thread and thank those guys)
  • Two kind of softkeys to choose pie+button savior(The other one can be removed)
  • ODEXED ( better for low memory phones)
  • Removed some init.d tweaks (Maybe caused some reboots)
  • Changed kernel (Maybe faster and more stable)
  • Added entropy tweak
  • Faster boot time
  • Removed swipe to clear notification
  • Changed bootanimation (Tigrutza robots)
  • Changes in system.ui
  • Changes in framework
  • Changed governor
  • Some tweaks here and there to make rom faster and more responsive
  • Little things.... i forget
CHANGELOG RSK_v.8.3.0_Test_SatteliteRosie_Stock.Hboot.Ed.
  • Added pie control
  • Sense 5 theme almost perfect
  • Some new init.d mem tweaks
  • Little things.... i forget
CHANGELOG RSK Sattelite Edition v.8.0 CHANGELOG RSK Special Edition Deodexed and Odexed
  • Changed Sense4 IME
  • Sense 4 Dialer
  • Sense4 clock thanks krzycho26
  • Added some init-d tweaks thanks [email protected]
  • Updated market jelly-bean
  • Signal frequency improvements
  • Removed a lot of stuff for better performance and more stock look
  • Apps updated!
  • Heavily optimized
  • Revert back to old aroma to resolve issues
  • Little things.... i forget
  • Fixed HtcFmRadio
  • Fixed Sound steps problem
  • Added RSK ROMS link and Desire Index in Bookmarks Widget
  • MD5 for V.7.4.3: 61264bd2235f15ff9a61dac39bd15fd1
  • Solved the problem with two UIDs
  • Changed services.jar and wpa_supplicant for 802.1x, PEAP and MSCHAP connection
  • Some changes to avoid freezes and hot reboots
  • Added RTL Patch in installer
  • changed
  • Changes in services.jar
  • Fixed wifi to connect with 802.1x, PEAP and MSCHAP (Hope)
  • Changed haptic feedback
  • Changed Calculator.apk
  • Pocket mode is off by default
  • Added Sense 4 skin by Gabbana-music
  • Added Clock widget sense4 style by Gabbana-music
  • Updated Google Play
  • Updated Facebook
  • Added Hacked Quick Google search
  • General battery improvements
  • Tigrutza Springtime bootanimation
  • Tigrutza Robots bootanimation
  • Added DxDrm Server Ipc
  • Added Droidzone Kernel kbase_fastcharge_240412_071311
  • Removed Battery calibration and Swype
  • Aroma installer 2.0A5
  • Removed Teeter and Vibration med.
  • Removed Htc quick launch blue and red
  • Removed Titanium backup and Led me know
  • Removed Bootscreen infinity and Fix wallpaper view
  • Changes in Build.prop
  • Added Adhoc
  • Added Set Install Location
  • Added Memory booster lite
  • Added Bliss rosie
  • Added Game Cih and Battery booster
  • Added the 6th Kernel by Droidzone-#18
  • RCMix3D Tweaks in Installer
  • Hack volume step increase media and bluetooth, now volume have 30 steps not only 15 like in all the other roms made for desire, you can test it with "audio manager"
  • RSK fusion takes a lot of ram so it will have a little lag if you choose
  • More smooth scrolling
  • Added audio manager
  • Removed Bliss fusion
  • Removed Bliss rosie
  • Removed Dsp manager
  • Removed some modules
  • Changes in Build.prop
  • Added System UI Halaros2
  • Added Framework-res Halaros2
  • Rsk custom Fusion
  • 5 kernels to choose in aroma installer
  • 5 System UI with different features
  • 3 new fonts:criticized, myst, orbitron
  • 3 Bliss Quick launch widget in different colours
  • 3 sd-ext Mods
  • Added Dalvik cache to nand in installer
  • Blue Setup Wizard
  • Custom Blue Framework
  • Blue Htc Settings
  • Custom Bliss Fusion
  • Some changes in Buid.prop
  • Changes in many xml to see who use this rom like base
  • Custom Bliss Rosie
  • Olivine and Turqoise skins
  • Swype touch input method
  • RSK fusion for custom lockring and navbar
  • Disable trackpad unlock in installer
  • New splash screen in aroma installer
  • Angel camera
  • Google Plus One
  • Google Play shop updated to v.3.4.7
  • Facebook updated to v.1.8.3
  • Custom RSK Wallpaper by default
  • Htc widgets fixed
  • Black Notification by default
  • You can choose White System UI notification in installer
  • Fusion apk stock
  • Blue sky and Burgundy skins revert to original
  • Added custom fonts in installer: stonsans, sonysketch, argos,droidlogo,museosans500, corsiva, comfortaa, ubunutu.It will be a lot more in future if users request
  • Added Infinity bootanimation
  • Added Sd speed increase by 1024, 2048, 3072, 4096.
  • Adeed "Led me know"
  • “Calibrating Tools” use it by pressing "Menu" button even when you see this changelog or before proceed to instalation of rom.
Rom requirements:

  • Stock or cm7/r2 Hboot
  • 1 to 1.5GB ext partition (ext4 recommended)
  • Recovery with touch drivers installed (latest 4ext touch recommended) S-off required


Hall of fame:
MIKE CHANNON, Mmathiou, Marius.a, mrkite38 Snq, Baadnewz, Robocik, Coolexe, Capychimp, Michaelm_007, Coutts, Leedroid, Dsixda, Black-snowflake, Sigurd_LU, Amarullz , Droidzone, Ckpv5, Napster113, Towboat man, Fisha21, Krzycho26 Seby_guritza, Bone069, Mihai959, Ciprigeorgiu, Marriusf81, Swemoza, Cmajetic, Tsiftsism, Latawa, Mohsinraza, Duvl, Sroy001, Coempi, Croaks, Abc001, Justanothercide, Beanbean50, Bone069, Ahac85, Soleil10, Thebozzer, Cookymonster, Sumpf2, 777ace, Jozef710i, Hellkiller, Watsondue, Hopie, Alex6600, Invisible_ba, Ronok, Super34, Trsolebum, Mav76, Naman44, Ironjon, Cronus101, Coempi, Mrkikas, Zulusik, Akhillad, Alekos100, Amin.rapture, Andi3434, Augustopacchec, Daniels39, Crescal, huzz107, Cfwan, C90, Drergun, Drzamp, Emf12, Fossean, Frosty68, Gregbrooker, Gramzz, Gogi90, SeriouslyCrazy, Glai3, Hopie, Hurin8, John-au, Manne48, M.tarek.s, Vincent981, Ted77usa, Koff043, Karukera, Marviv69, Mav76, Mdionutz, Parva4, Nimamrsdy, Miroone, Ravens97, Restralla, Rkuijpers, Serverless, Scorpion1970, Scherfa, Saad1, Shidi, Sjs3059, Sthbr82, Strapy, Syrakus, Suwei, Supersanj, Stylishpirat, Tehterminator, Themoviesss, Zaphodbeeb, Woh, Vashishtuday, Zenbloke, Jory9, Animehq, Exocetdj, Wildcardspv, Mikbe, Fightspit, Chihliouma, Babyboidevil, Do3in, Desiremofo, Tarmacsurfer, Drbobb, Ccf1018, Femmyade2001, Shuriak, Dunstan92, Zaphodbeeb, Crendot, Sjknight413, Karukera, Vercetti, Shaked1, Cgjones, Trucker11, P0is0n, Mertins, Sthbr82, Pito_urla, Twitty1437, Costena, Freshkid87, Pinttas, Nightang3l, Fops, Diwizard, Miroone, Amuzz, Dr.div11, Spitjo, Sikz, Ijohnny, James26, Mpokwsths, Scollie, Koff043, Glai3, Eccage, Ironjon, Ukharty, Gramzz, Mpokwsths, Audioboxer, Vyrrus, Mitas35, 00mpollard, Live_0978, Tance1709, Frosty68, Ryanraven, Pinoy85, Sharkman3d, Adkov70, Hopie, Droixda, Nino2603, Cncole, Yeahman45, Satamateur, Papadcha, Tadas_max, Notor1ous, Dreameruk, Munibgunner, Itti, Hansip87, Dunc001, Teefuu, Dreameruk, Jeobeth.alipio, Nlooooo, Funkymagicuk, Naman44, Zara999, Pinttas, Rajverman3135, Rophaq, M33-snk, John-au, Jamb0_1874, Rotten ross, Twics, Sumpf2, Dasco68, Stuartthefish, Kfasheldon, Ahac85, Ashar, k3lcior psykodali Mrkikas

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RSK Sattelite SuperSense Sense 4.1 !!!!

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6th January 2012, 10:59 PM |#3  
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6th January 2012, 11:02 PM |#4  
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Sooo... What rom is it basically ?? Sense? No sense? ....

Sent from my HTC Desire using xda premium
6th January 2012, 11:07 PM |#5  
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About ROM...

Not needed now (1 thread edited by the creator of the rom).
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Rsk bitias 4.2.2 xperience
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Do you have a working kernel patched for 2 way call recorder for this Rom?
6th January 2012, 11:49 PM |#8  
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Do NOT flash that camera zip on AD2SDX Runny AIO. I'm stuck in splash. This is why you take those nandroid backups people!

E: That did some weird **** to my sdcard. Can't find it anymore.

E2: That was an usb brick.
7th January 2012, 12:33 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by mikbe

Do NOT flash that camera zip on AD2SDX Runny AIO. I'm stuck in splash. This is why you take those nandroid backups people!

E: That did some weird **** to my sdcard. Can't find it anymore.

E2: That was an usb brick.

I am sorry that u have problems, but i don`t respond for flashing "flashable zip of amaze cam" with others rom`s. It is made to work on this rom with the proper kernell, i don`t test it with other rom`s. Things are changed in the rom, things like number and data to make amaze cam work!
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Download links dont work,can only download about 80mb then it stops, are there any other links?
7th January 2012, 01:41 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by exocetdj

Download links dont work,can only download about 80mb then it stops, are there any other links?


The download links to a site that says the account has exceeded its bandwidth limit, so I guess we'll be needing alternative sources....
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