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[05-07-2012][ROM] AOKP & AOKPA LEO BUILD 40 [HWA][4.0.4][tytung_HWA_r3]

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By Xylograph, Senior Member on 12th January 2012, 09:08 AM
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This rom is based on Android Open Kang Project by Team Kang so credits and thanks to them in the first place !

Download :
  • - mirror (Flash via recovery)
  • md5: d4c37161fde037d4123ae920ea23965e
  • Clean install is always recommended
  • Read the changelogs !
  • Check the 2nd post for additional information and fixes !

Installation Information :

Minimal partition size table :

misc ya 1M
boot yboot|ro 5M
system ya 150M
cache ya 2M
userdata ya|asize|hr allsize
If you suffer from bad blocks make sure to enlarge your system partition !


If you would like to use this rom on SD don't forget to check out the SD port of this rom (thanks to wis1152 and Robbie P)


Keep in mind that this ‘MOD’ is not supported by team PA or team Kang !
Don't bother them with bugs found in this modified ROM !

Download :
  • - mirror (Flash via recovery)
  • md5: 2368125a3cd06ed81197e5aee57ff64e
  • Clean install is always recommended
  • Read the changelog !

For other cool mods don't forget to check out gogodu5sU thread

For nice themes check out ThdDude thread

Latest Changelog :
Changelog aokp leo build 40: 
- Updated to AOKP build 40 (see changelog official AOKP)
- Rebased again (Credits : K900)
- Added latest Gapps 20120429 + latest patched market 3.7.13 (Credits : Tsjoklat)
- Apex launcher replaced by Nova launcher (it’s AOKP default and faster from my experience)
- No default music player (download of the market)
- Removed DSP manager, added back default AOKP Musicfx
- Replaced default gallery with Google gallery
- Included Voicesearch
- Removed Livewallpapers.apk and added some ‘other’ default Live Wallpapers
- Removed A2SD (flash your own favourite script or use Link2SD instead)
- Reassigned hardware keys so only the call, end-call/power button and if enabled the volume buttons will wake up the phone.
- Reverted back to tytung hwa r3 kernel.. feel free to flash a different kernel if you want, but don’t forget to include the ramdisk (initrd.gz)
- Added undervolt script (If you experience wake-up/SOD issues remove /system/etc/init.d/07cpuvoltage)
- Lots of cleaning up
- Many more changes ! Enjoy !

Changelog aokPA leo build 40: 

- Initial Release so expect some ‘todo stuff’ 
- Based on aokp leo build 40 and PARANOIDANDROID 1.5a (All Credits to : Team PA & Team Kang)
- Framework and Apps merged (Credits : DAGr8) 
- Patched services.jar to enable Tablet Mode (Credits : Xylograph)
- Patched more Framework and App stuff to make this compatible with HD2 (240 dpi device) and to avoid as much UI conflicting with AOKP (Credits : Xylograph)
- Don’t set your systemUI dpi below 160 dpi when using tablet mode as it will force close your systemUI
- Customised small  bootanimation 
- Don’t forget to manually change the dpi of your keyboard before switching to desired mode (tablet mode keyboard : 128 dpi, phone mode keyboard : 240 dpi)
*** all flashing is at your own risk ! Always make backups in recovery and/or titanium backup ! ***

please be nice and keep it friendly !

Discussions about the latest release starts here !

Thanks & Credits to : Romanbb and all of Team Kang, zyr3x, securecrt, Rick_1995, K900, tytung, Milaq, marc1706, dorimanx, gogodu5sU, arif-ali, Cotulla, xavierjohn22, dsixda, samuaz, texasice, ankuch, rapmv78, MrDSL, marco.palumbi, e344, wis1152, Robbie P, hyperdroid team.

Special thanks go to all who have donated so far !! You guys are great !! Thanks !!

Video of Unofficial AOKP M5 for HD2 in action (credits : Bullet92)

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12th January 2012, 09:08 AM |#2  
Xylograph's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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ICS Buglist / Fixes and FAQ
ICS AOKP LEO ROM Buglist & fixes :

- cLK users who experience data problems flash aokp_aokPA_leo_build-40_cLK_fix - mirror via recovery

- When you are having instability issues make sure you have enough free memory left.. use the builtin process limiter or a 3rd party memory management tool.

- Native Usb-Tethering is not working at the moment.. Please install 'wired_tether_1_4.apk' if you need this functionality.

- Kernel related stuff :
Please check the HWA Kernel for HD2 thread for the latest developments !
Other Fixes & Additional files :

- Market issues :
If you have any kind of compatibilty issues with the market : 
go to settings > ROM Control > General UI > LCD Density and Follow Instructions !!

If you are having errors (942) while trying to download check this post..

- WIFI Issues :
It seems some users have trouble with WIFI on ICS which could be SIM card related.
Please check this topic by fardjad, try the fix and report back here if it works.

Also check the 'extra download section' in the 1st post of tytung CM9 rom for a possible fix.

- Change Hardware key assignment :
If you would like to change hardware key assignment you can download and install the app 'button remapper' (credits : appelflap) on your phone.

Don't forget to check out the official q&a guide for aokp (credits : Thealshear) if you can't find your answer here.

- I can't end my call with the end call key ????

Enable this functionality in Settings >  Accessibility

- How can I enable the Navigation Bar ??

You can enable it in Rom Control > Navigation bar > Enable - check & reboot

- My screen looks weird when playing - insert name - app/game...

Disable the Navigation bar in Rom Control > Navigation bar > Enable - uncheck and reboot

- Can I play my - insert name -  game I can't use my phone without ?


- I have a 400 mb system partition why am I only seeing a boot animation ?

Read the installation instructions carefully...

- I have a really cool question !

Please read the thread before asking !
Previous Changelogs :
Changelog aokp leo build 39: 
- Rom is deodexed
- New base once again (credits : zyr3x)
- Included A2SD (credits : texasice)
- Updated to latest AOKP build 38 + 39 (credits : team kang)
- Included latest tytung kernel (credits : tytung)
- Removed tablet mod (discontinued .. use PA rom if you want tablet mode)
- Removed fancy aroma installer for now (just install and go)
- Included latest lights.lib (credits : marc1706)
- Included latest (credits : tytung)
- Included APEX Launcher as default launcher
- Gapps are included
- Optimised Ramdisk
- Cleaned up build.prop
- Included MDPI AOKP phone.apk to enable -182 dpi calling
- Optimised more things.. Startup tweaks should work and stick again..
- New feature (navigation bar widgets) is a bit buggy so be aware of that..
- So much more stuff....
- Enjoy !

Changelog IceCreamTosti v1.2 B37 beta

- Clean install recommended
- Updated to AOKP build 37 with the following changes
 •fixed navbar glow resetting on reboot
 •fixed hide navbar for tablets
 •fixed back button disappearing on tablets
 •auto-brightness fixes
 •added more SwagPapers
 •added volume adjust sound preference (Settings > Sound > Volume adjust sound)
 •fixed memory leak with lockscreen code
 •fixed auto-rotate toggle
 •systemui will now restart on changing themes to avoid any potential errors
 •navbar background is now set through XML to allow theming
 •added aokp clock widgets
 •navigation bar app icons now scale better
 •fixed bug in native Email app that would cause wakelocks
 •Support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth
 •updated nova to 1.1.4
- changed base once again..
- updated kernel to tytung_HWA_r2.4-uM (credits : tytung)
- added tytung vpn-fix (credits : tytung)
- added CM9 apollo music player to /data
- removed apex for Aroma (download of the market)
- optimised the updater script
- removed the 'Xtool' for now
- Aroma installer Upd v. 2.0 (credits Ahmad Amarullah & Bologna)
- Added Swap partition support (credits : Bologna)
- Odexed framework & most important system files
- Removed most additional installations from aroma for now
- 'ultra lite' Google apps package is included (+old hacked market) for additional install
- if you want the full Google apps and install it...
- Startup tweaks are not sticking (aokp bug) so removed them for now.. (WIP)
- Video recording fix is NOT included, because it breaks most of youtube play functionality.. flash the camera fix found in this post (@previous version) if you can't life without it... (WIP)
- Much more changes..
- Keep in mind this release is beta !!  

Changelog IceCreamTosti v1.1a B36 update

- This is not a full rom, but an update.. You will need to have IceCreamTosti v1.1 installed first !
- Included marc1706's ICS[v0.1.1] kernel (credits : marc1706)
- Fixed the battery stats in settings not showing up or not available
- Tweaked the ramdisk for hopefully better memory management and less hot reboots some are having
- Tweaked activity manager for hopefully less 'non responding' apps some are having
- Fixed 'fast torch' (don't forget to enable end-call functionality insettings >  accesibilty options)
- Fixed Sim unlock hot rebooting
- The above changes need some more system space (about 5 mb more should be safe) so 105 mb for clean install and 150 for full install.
If you have a 100 mb system partition atm make a nand backup, repartition, restore your nand backup and do your update.
- Some more small things.. Enjoy !

Changelog IceCreamTosti v1.1 B36

- Clean install recommended
- Updated to AOKP Build 36 containing the following changes :

•fixed MTP not being enabled by default (yet once more)
•added Galaxy Tab 2 7" (espressowifi)
•moved tablet clock to the far right of the statusbar
•updated tuna kernel to faux 17m
•added Transformer Prime (tf201)
•updated Nova Launcher to 1.1.2
•fixed potential weather service FC
•updated p4 devices
•added more padding to statusbar buttons
•updated Mms emoji code from CM
•added delayed ring feature to Phone
•fixed a bug when hiding sender information, photo would still show
•default ICS wallpapers have returned
•added SwagPapers (AOKP Wallpapers)
•updated theme engine from CM
•wifi icon cut off has been fixed on tablets
•fixed volume slider showing incorrect volume in a voice call (making it look like it wasn't full)
•added USB Tether toggle to devices that support it

- Fixed Pinch to Zoom and Multitouch issues (please test)
- Reverted Back to previous EGL libs
- Removed theme (except wallpaper)
- Games should work normal again
- Changed build.prop stuff back to bravo (to fix the green camera)
- Fixed Tablet mode !
- Moved back to default nova launcher because it just works better in hybrid (tablet & phone) mode
- Added Apex to replace Nova as aroma option
- Moved browser back to system and to aroma option
- More optimalisations
- Enjoy...

Changelog IceCreamTosti v1.0 PE B35

- Different AOKP base (credits : team kang)
- Back to Tosti ;)
- Theme chooser/manager fixed
- Latest tytung kernel included (credits to securecrt, Rick_1995, tytung)
- Some edits to the ramdisk (credits : milaq & Protekk)
- Changed wifi to wlan0 instead of eth0 (credits : milaq)
- Qualcomm drivers added (credits : qualcomm)
- Modified Activitymanager (credits : cyanogen)
- Added Mixed ICS theme (credits : MrDSL)
- Changed back to Apex as default and only launcher
- 'Lite' base as default fits 100mb system partition
- Changed device info + more stuff back to (htc) leo in build.prop
- Added /data & /userdata back to installation
- Lots of changes.. Enjoy !

Changelog aokp hd2 build 35:

- removed Facebook sync (this had to happen. it was a hack and breaking Picasa sync. FB needs to fix this, not ROMs)
- Added ability to hide sender and/or message body in notification'
- Added dock battery display for tablets
- Added Browser tab settings (max tab limit/whether to restore tabs on browser restart)
- Added CM9 T-Mobile theme manager
- Added Sense 4 style Task switcher (you have the option of choosing from stock/web os/sense 4 now)
- Added ability to play boot sound (disabled by default)
- Increased default nav bar glow speeds for better user experience out of the box
- Fixed camera shutter sound
- Included latest full Gapps package by default
- Added latest tytung kernel (r2.1) 
- More stuff..

Changelog aokp hd2 milestone 5 special edition:

- Added some additional binary files from tytung cm9 rom (credits : tytung)
- Added couple of additions to the ramdisk (credits : tytung)
- Odexed the whole system for hopefully less problems and better response.
- Added latest youtube and camera fix.
- Reverted back to securecrt/rick_1995 dorimanx based hwa kernel (find tytung kernel for aokp in 3rd post if you want)
- Fcharge and tether app (3rd post) should work again with the above kernel..
- Removed some apps, tosti/aokp from installation for now
- Removed toolbox (KSM is enabled by default)
- Replaced sysctl.conf tweak (if you want the previous one.. find it in changelog previous version)
- Removed stk app (is not compatible anymore.. still looking for alternative)
- Added latest hacked market + GSF patched google framework (credits : Tsjoklat) this will hopefully get rid of the compatibility/market update issues..
- Updated some apps
- Some more changes and I hope it will be more stable for everyone, because this will be the last milestone 5 update from me ;)

Changelog aokp hd2 milestone 5 v2:

- Most likely updatable from milestone 5 (if problems occur do a fresh install)
- Included youtube fix * (please flash new fix found @ 3rd post)
- Included latest tytung hwa kernel compiled by securecrt & Rick_1995 (thanks again guys) and this should fix the booting problems some people are having..
- Included latest hwa camera fix, video recording should be fine again (please flash new fix found @ 3rd post)
- Included mic_level script
- Included Sysctl.conf mod (could safe some battery.. enable it first in RC)
- Included modified Evervolv toolbox (to enable/disable KSM & to enable zRam for the ones interested <- zRam = untested & probably not stable)
- Included stock music player..
- Fixed DSP manager
- Updated Nova Launcher (choose stock launcher during install if you don't want Nova launcher as default)
- Because of tytung kernel being default as of now.. fast charge will probably not work out of the box.. flash a dorimanx based hwa kernel if you want this functionality..
- Some more small things I can't remember ;)
- Many thanks to : Rick_1995, rapmv98, tytung, securecrt, sandvold & evervolv team, PureMotive 
- Enjoy !!

Changelog aokp hd2 milestone 5:

- Please do a clean install ! really..
- Included Hardware Acceleration
- Included Tabletmod by default (just switch dpi to 120 or 128 in rom control)
- Updated to the latest aokp milestone 5 with the following changes:
•fixed long press home on navbar being on by default
•fixed volume zoom playing sounds with video camera
•made flash-off indicator visible in camera
•AVRCP: fixed soft reboots with certain players
•fixed brightness slider jumping when toggling auto-brightness
•sped up opening of init.d tweaks in RC
•added description to LED setting on RC to be clearer on what it does
 ◦it only changes the DEFAULT LED color. Apps may override it, and most do.
•attempted to fix freezing clock yet again
•fixed wifi icon being cut off
•fixed color multipliers being doubled
 ◦new gamma ranges from -100 to 100 defaulting to 0
◦your kernel (if it supports gamma tuning) might have a different default, so just keep that in mind (60 was the previous default)
•fixed small icons when airplane mode & wifi are enabled
•added shortcuts to toggle torch & toggle navbar
 ◦that means you can add these to nav bar as regular actions or long press actions, click “Custom app”, scroll down to “System UI”, toggle nav bar & torch should be there.
◦You can also add these shortcuts to your desktop. They do NOT work correctly from the lockscreen, yet.
•Fixed decrease lights in custom backlight settings
- Removed most downloadable apps from the installer to shrink the package.
- Nova launcher now default
- First AOKP release with HWA for the HD2.. Keep in mind this is the first step so expect some bugs..
- Enjoy !!!

Changelog aokp hd2 build 34.2:

- Included the bluetooth fix found here.. 

Changelog aokp hd2 build 34:

- Clean install recommended (as always)
- Updated to the latest aokp build 34 (credits: team aokp) containing :
- fixed mobile data toggle not updating for serious
- fix navigation buttons for tablets
- long press home options added to General Interface for phones that have hardware buttons
- fix icon transparency being applied to right-side buttons (BT, etc)
- updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.1
- Add BT MAP Profile
- fix font sizing in statusbar
- fixed volume sliders not updating when volumes are linked
- many fixes for ColorPicker in ROM Control
 ◦gradient showing properly
 ◦color picker should fit in all screens now
 ◦show color preview before opening dialog (in-line)
- fixed sound playing when volume zoom is enabled in camera
- AVRCP crash fixed
- contact pictures now displaying properly in notifications when receiving new sms
- included Google Car Home to installation options
- included Stock Keyboard (LatinIME) to installation options
- included Instagram camera fix
- included Google Talk to installation for real this time
- Not included dorimanx kernel, because it suffers from a GPS wake lock (60ma)
- Some small changes.. Enjoy !

Previous Versions :

aokp leo build 39 for Magldr & cLK : (Flash via recovery) [md5: 40d7a25450a43ef3f26216a7f3f0e767]

- Please flash the via recovery to prevent the green overlay with the camera when using the flash.

IceCreamTosti v1.2 B37 beta for Magldr & cLK : (Flash via recovery) [md5: 1d8356ab43c32c5e244139338c85b6a7]

IceCreamTosti v1.1 B36 for Magldr & cLK :  (Flash via recovery) [md5: f31347223308e420fd34282658edc35b]

IceCreamTosti v1.1a update for Magldr & cLK :

This is not a complete rom, but an update.. Make sure you have IceCreamTosti v1.1 installed prior to updating  (Flash via recovery) [md5: 4aed7f62c73c40e0bf2160d94e8d40a6]

IceCreamTosti v1.0 PE B35 for Magldr & cLK :  (Flash via recovery) - mirror  [md5: c32801dfcab38ca949429a82926e2194]

aokp_hd2_build_35 for Magldr & cLK :  (Flash via recovery)  [md5: 688b334b076011538785f40c449b9737]

aokp_hd2_milestone_5_se (Odexed) for Magldr & cLK :  (Flash via recovery) - mirror [md5: 6b718b4b2cbfb1ff4757eaaf337fe116]

aokp_hd2_milestone_5_v2 for Magldr & cLK :  (Flash via recovery) - mirror -  [md5: 7a69b49aa20a7169e5e4a7b9a52d2688]

Fix for v2 :

- New youtube + camera fix : please flash Youtube_camera_fix_hd2_hwa_rom_v2  -  mirror via recovery (credits : rapmv98 & tytung) 

aokp_hd2_milestone_5 for Magldr & cLK :  (Flash via recovery) - mirror - mirror [MD5-sum : 9544381b62984e3af9a88a9b98876790]

Bugs & Fixes for aokp_hd2_milestone_5 for Magldr & cLK :

- Users that just can't get this rom to boot (stalled at the gogogo or green htc logo) please try tytung hwa kernel and report back !

- cLK users either check this post or flash dorimanx hwa kernel and see if it improves performance/stability if you have any problems !

- Youtube not working well (Please flash  -  mirror via recovery)

- Color blanding issues  (Try the latest kernel compiled by Rick_1995 - don't use video recording on this kernel..)

- Camera (and other apps) show black bar/overlay at the bottomscreen (Try the latest kernel compiled by Rick_1995 - don't use video recording on this kernel..) or use lg camera or other alternative camera apps of the market!!  

- Latest Camera fix is included (credits rapmv78) video recording is still sluggish after 30 seconds though..

aokp_hd2_build_34.2 for Magldr & cLK :  (Flash via recovery) - mirror - [MD5-sum : 24c7dd044067c16e74e0cd7d764b35e4]
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12th January 2012, 09:09 AM |#3  
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- placeholder -
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12th January 2012, 09:26 AM |#4  
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Just flashed v0.3 .. It's the best one (for me) as of yet !
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12th January 2012, 09:27 AM |#5  
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Sooo cool, minimal ICS, thanks !!!

Sent from my HTC HD2 using xda premium
12th January 2012, 09:33 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Marvlesz

woow !! one more ICS !
too low density, MY TASTE !

How about a not-working list? I assume just the camcorder.

HD2 Devs, GO GO GO !

Yes I will update a buglist and changelog when I have the time (a bit busy today..)
For now it's same as tytungs buglist
Density can be changed with included propmodder app.

Originally Posted by cheezusweezel

Sooo cool, minimal ICS, thanks !!!

Sent from my HTC HD2 using xda premium

Hope you like it.
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12th January 2012, 09:45 AM |#7  
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Yes We Just love this...!! i dint try but i wanna try it nw itself.. But my bAd Luck is that i dont have high speed broadband connection or 3g to get this Rom downloaded.
but i can assure u that this is some more different Rom.. i loved its screenshot by seeing some modified status bar !
This is a best Rom... i love it. I want to stick with this as my daily Rom! When you get times pls dont forget to had the changelog and bug list. Can you get this Status Bar widget Option in the settings like this one ??
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12th January 2012, 09:47 AM |#8  
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nice! new rom based on ICS! thanks Xylograph, and thanks again for the teaching odex
12th January 2012, 09:48 AM |#9  
Senior Member
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Will flash this as soon as possible, thanks!

Any chance of a flash-able zip of the hacked android market 3.4.4?
12th January 2012, 10:21 AM |#10  
Thanks Meter: 6
...thx for you great work, but...

Is a Multilanguage Version coming up?
Sygic isn`t working, as on the other ICS versions, too! It still navigates, but there`s no picture, only the voice!
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12th January 2012, 10:29 AM |#11  
Senior Member
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Interesting indeed. What impressed was the system partition of 95mb. Way to go mate. Downloading now and will keep you posted on how is it going.
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