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[KERNEL][CWM][Player 5.0][USA]Entropy's Daily Driver, 3/5/2012 (1.2 GHz OC)

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By Entropy512, Senior Recognized Developer on 14th January 2012, 08:32 PM
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Well, the time has come that I think my kernel is ready for public consumption.

THIS IS ONLY FOR THE USA VERSION OF THE GALAXY PLAYER 5.0 (YP-G70). If you have a mechanical home button instead of capacitive buttons at the bottom, do not flash this (rumirand has a kernel for you)! If you have a 4.0, do not flash this (SteveS has a kernel for you)!

Read the first three posts of this thread COMPLETELY before asking questions - if you ask a question that is answered in the first three posts, you WILL be flamed.

I'm continuing my Daily Driver name, even though it isn't as good of a name as it used to be. It is my daily driver - but what kernel dev doesn't use their own kernel as a daily driver? It made more sense in the Infuse days when I was running my own unreleased kernel for months and a few people asked for it. Oh well, I'm lazy - same name for now.

This is going to be maintained in the same manner and spirit as my other Daily Driver releases for the Samsung Infuse and Samsung SGH-I777 (AT&T Galaxy S II) - and

It is built from sources at and initramfs at

Current features:
  • coolbho3k's Samsung Sleep of Death patch - allows stable use of screen-off profiles with limits below 800 MHz in SetCPU
  • netarchy's conservative governor tuning patch - Reduces the polling interval, allowing conservative to ramp up/down faster. Over in I9100 land they're calling this "lionheart" and it's all the rage. (It makes me sad when people won't accept a governor until it's renamed and hyped up way beyond what it is...) As an example, a GSII would take 0.4 seconds to ramp from 200 to 1200 MHz with the default conservative governor, it can go all the way in 0.1 second with this patch.
  • conservative set to default governor - use SetCPU or a similar app to change it
  • jhash3
  • TinyRCU
  • CIFS and Tunneling modules included
  • ext4 partition mounting support in kernel and initramfs thanks to rumirand - ghetto Lagfix baby!
  • CWM based recovery - Mostly tested, seems working, but may have a few bugs still to work out, rumirand helped a lot on this one
  • Insecure kernel - gives you automatic root in ADB shells
  • Per-file fsync() disable capability - see "dangerous features" documentation below
  • Standard bootanimation (/system/media/ support
  • Charginghacks - faster charging at low battery, slightly slower near the end, overall faster charging while trying to minimize battery stress
  • CPU core voltage control - use SetCPU or a similar app
  • CPU overclock to 1.2 GHz - use SetCPU or a similar app

Planned features, short-term:
  • Pull a few other bugfix commits from my other kernels
  • Clean up CWM implementation

Planned features, mid-term:
  • Proper Voodoo Lagfix support (Automatic partition conversion instead of manual)

Planned features, long-term:
  • Overclock beyond 1.2 if people prove they can handle 1.2 with maturity (Infuse community couldn't handle any OC in a responsible manner...)

Features not planned:
  • Anything that has a high risk of trading off stability for performance, unless it can be completely disabled by default
  • Alternative governors - They almost always cause wacky behavior in some cases, and they don't offer anything that can't be done with a combo of SetCPU profiles and tuning the conservative governor now that the minimum poll rate has been dropped.

How to flash .tar releases:
I forgot that Heimdall doesn't like this particular device - you will need to use a Windows virtual machine with USB passthrough support (like VirtualBox) and Odin, or root the device using the zergRush exploit and follow the "rooted device" instructions. (Ambrice has a fixed version of heimdall, but it must be compiled from source. If you know how to do that you don't need tips on how to use it. )

Enter download mode - Power off your device completely, hold VolDn, and insert the USB cable
Use Odin - Google it or search these forums for details - try AdamOutler's resurrector thread in this Development forum

Any rooted device:
Extract the zImage from the .tar file of the release. On Linux, it can be the following (which should work in an ADB or Terminal Emulator shell on the Player itself.)
tar xvf <releasefile>.tar
From a shell with root access (ADB or Terminal Emulator), do the following:
dd if=zImage of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p11
How to flash .zip releases:
  • Put it on your sdcard, enter CWM, flash the .zip using CWM
  • If you do not have CWM, install an older .tar release then flash, or follow the "Any rooted device" instructions above, but extract the zImage from the .zip instead of a .tar
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14th January 2012, 08:33 PM |#2  
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3/5/2012 Release:
  • Overclocking to 1.2 GHz (use SetCPU or a similar app to enable)
  • Support for running scripts in /system/etc/init.d

3/3/2012 Release:
  • Voltage control (no overclock yet, coming next)

1/29/2012 Release:
  • charginghacks from Infuse: Charging current on a wall adapter raised to 800 mA at lower battery, dropping to 700, then 600 (stock), then 550 (slightly below stock) as battery voltage reaches maximum. This gives overall lower charge times while trying to not stress the battery too much.
  • Also, final charge termination happens earlier - while this results in slightly less battery capacity per charge, it will help the battery retain capacity over time.

1/23/2012 Release:
  • Initramfs: Standard bootanimation support. Place a standard bootanimation in /system/media/ - Note: The "stock" bootup sound still plays.

1/22/2012 Release:
  • A few bugfixes and power management improvements pulled in from other kernels
  • Ability to disable per-file fsync() - good for benchmark epeen, potentially dangerous for your data

1/14/2011 Release:
  • Initial release
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14th January 2012, 08:33 PM |#3  
OP Senior Recognized Developer
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Q: Why does CWM default to my external SD card for backup/restore/flashing ZIPs?
A: This is the standard for Android devices going forward - internal on /emmc and external on /sdcard

Q: How do I enter CWM?
A: Until ROMs come out that have extended power menu mods: Power off your device, then:
  • Hold VolUp
  • Hold Power
  • Release Power when the SAMSUNG screen appears (continue holding VolUp)
  • Release VolUp when CWM appears

Q: I'm still not rooted?
As stated in the features, an insecure kernel only provides root in an ADB shell. Either use ADB to push /system/bin/su and /system/app/Superuser.apk and chmod them to the correct permissions, or take the easy way out and flash ChainsDD's Superuser package in CWM -

Q: I used ROM Manager to do something, and something weird happened/went wrong. Why?
A: ROM Manager has not worked properly on any device I have ever owned. It softbricked any Infuse that had Voodoo Lagfix enabled, and never works properly on the SGH-I777. The only thing I've ever seen it do right was install gapps on CM7 on the I777.

Q: My battery will never charge past 80%, why?
A: The way Samsung estimates state of charge on our devices is extremely primitive and, in general, poor. Instead of a dedicated fuel gauge IC, they have tried to estimate battery directly from voltage with some funky compensation offsets depending on current operating state - the offset for wall charging is so high that it is impossible for the battery to read higher than 80% when on a wall charger unless you're putting the device under heavy load to activate some of the other compensation offsets. Sometimes it seems like the compensation code doesn't "kick in" when plugging in a charger, allowing you to see a higher number, other times it'll get "stuck on" even after removing the charger. The general thing, though, is that any percentage estimates of battery state are WILDLY inaccurate.

Q: Can you implement Voodoo Sound?
A: No - We have the same audio chip as the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note (Yamaha MC1N2) - Voodoo Sound requires a Wolfson WM8994.
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14th January 2012, 08:33 PM |#4  
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Documentation on "dangerous" features:

Per-File fsync() disable:
This allows you to disable per-file write forced syncs. (e.g. if an app tries to force a write straight to disk, it'll just go to cache). This achieves the same goal as the modded sqlite hacks seen in tweaks such as USAS, however it can be disabled at runtime.


To enable, do the following in a terminal, or add it to an init.d script (look at my ondemand script as an example):
echo "1" > /sys/module/sync/parameters/fsync_disabled
And to disable (return to the default):
echo "0" > /sys/module/sync/parameters/fsync_disabled
Good for around 200 points of epeen in the database benchmarks in Antutu or 500-600 points of epeen in Quadrant. Real-world benefit: Probably not worth the data integrity risk, but you've got a choice now.
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14th January 2012, 08:34 PM |#5  
OP Senior Recognized Developer
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*reserved for whatever the heck I forgot above*
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14th January 2012, 08:43 PM |#6  
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Thanks a ton Entropy512!! Been waiting for this.

Going to have to buy you a six pack via the Donate button!
14th January 2012, 09:09 PM |#7  
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Congrats Entropy512. I'm really thankful for your cooperation.
14th January 2012, 09:49 PM |#8  
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Its finally here!! Thanks so much entropy
14th January 2012, 10:10 PM |#9  
klin1344's Avatar
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Nice job entropy! Good to see that there is at least some development going on for these devices. This makes me wish I got a 5.0 instead..but I'm stuck with a 4.0.

Sent from my YP-G1 using Tapatalk
14th January 2012, 10:17 PM |#10  
JeffR714's Avatar
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Thank You
I myself along with others appreciate you developing for the Galaxy Player 5.0 it is a great music player and it falls in the Galaxy family its a good device

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Xparent Blue Tapatalk
15th January 2012, 04:57 AM |#11  
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Says we can use see put this in a phone or pda slot
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