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By SpaceCaker, Senior Member on 15th January 2012, 03:18 PM
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*This rom has ended due to no device and no more time.
thanks for using it and i loved the way you all reacted
greetings. SpaceCaker.

Hey guys here I present to you,


This Rom is based on stock DDKQ8 2.3.6

You can call this a port of SGS III/IV JellyBean Rom.

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Changelog,,ScreenShoots and Video Previews

Key Features:-
1) Samsung Galaxy S III/IV JB look
2) Based on android 2.3.6
3) SpaceWiz5.0
4) Overall Best S III/IV for SGA
5) ICS Transistions
6) SGSII wallpapers {All 25}
7) SGSIII/IV Icons
9) SGSII startup & shutdown animations
10) SGSII Sounds
11) SGSII Ported Apps
12) SGSII/SGS3 JB Themed Apps
13) Amazing Speed and Stability
14) JellyBean UI Statusbar
15) EDT battery Tweak
16) Smooth Scroll Mod
17) Long Press Volume Hack
18) CRT
19) SGSII widgets
20) Smoothest Stock Rom Gaming Xperience
21) ICS/JB Layouts
22) Renabled buttonlights
23) CallScreen ICS Modded
24) 4.2.2 JB Statusbar Ported
26) 31 toggles from wich 15 are changeable )
26) ICS Pattern Lockstyle *Smooth*
27) Brightness Bars
28) Fluid Nice
29) Real SGS III Launcher
30) SGSIII Music Player
*Have a look at Changelog for latest features*

All the Devs who have helped me or their work is in this
CoolcatGethome for Calculator , Camera , Much more .... and lots of help
Raiderx77 for SGSII Video App
Libsc for Battery Extender Kernel
Vishal24387 for keyboard
RomanBB for EDT Tweaks
sam-ron for some help on launcher
MatZ69 for great help on statusbar and some other stuff
Imbawind for adrenaline engine
Paravoz! for big call screen guide
Amrish1984 for ICS layouted call screen
Ahmed hamouda for arabic Patch
Coccolino_dbro for some resources
PulseDroid for Thread Banner Title
Vishnu_pv for SGS IV wifi + signal pngs


V12 Beta S III/IV JB UI :- here for SGS III Nature UX UI 4.2.2

How To Install:-

Copy Zip to SD Card
Reboot into recovery
Wipe Data/Factory Reset * You don't need to do this step if you previously had a DDKQ8 or an older version of the SGS rom. But i recommend wipe data still *
Wipe Cache Partition
Install Zip From SD Card
Flash ROM

Download Patches:-

V12 Beta S III/IV JB UI Patch1 :- here for Patch

How To Install Patches:-

Copy Zip to SD Card
Reboot into recovery
Mount system
Mount data
Install Zip From SD Card
Flash The update zip

*Note this rom might contain small bugs and will be fixed later i released it currently because i dont have the Galaxy Ace Anymore*

Dont forget to hit THANKS if U Like my work
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15th January 2012, 03:18 PM |#2  
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V12 RC :-
fix all popups
fix all bugs
fix all missing stuff
include proper themechooser
Statusbar DateView hide fixed *done
Statusbar header rework
Statusbar 5 row view < not sure if i can succeed this one though not much time ?
preincluded proper SIV icons

V12 Patch :-
Fixed statusbar

V12 Beta :-
Note:I Release this rom now even though it has some bugs wich i do know about and am planning to fix
i currently dont have the galaxy ace anymore fully sold it on marktplaats
but here is the changelogg

Fix most of the popups *MMS has some left*
Fix UI faults
New Design of statbar * when pulled down dateview hides this is for further implementation of full expanded not fixed yet*
Flare S4 lockscreen
option to enable real S3 lockscreen with working settings
fixed launcher * not yet totaly full need to remove some anims and fix widgets further but it looks better *
left side pulldown statusbar notifications *4.2*
right side pull down statusbar toggles *4.2*
Lockscreen Weather
Lockscreen Weather Settings
Show/Hide Lockscreen CLock
Add Missing Drawables of Samsung
Fix codes
Lockscreen Layouts reverted to almost stock to have better useage of the clock options in settings
SIV Lockscreen Drawables
Remove Touchwiz stock launcher
Updated with SIV Icons * script not yet fixed so some icons might not change *
*HOT* ThemeChooser * not included due to not possible of trying themes and making them now but can be downloaded in themes and apps section

V11.2 :-
Fix some popup text colors ( not much )
Fix Notification text ( thanks alex for tip )
Fix Dropdown text
Fix Smileys
Fix Music Player
Lockscreen Layout renewed * you can rearrange it inside system/display/lockscreen and fonts/ clock position now you can fully control clock
Added Refreshed EPM thanks to _FROX_
Added SGSIII Modded/Themed Music player * Thanks Matz69 *
Added Real SGSIII Launcher with some options inside
Added ICS Pattern Lockscreen UI * thanks Matz68 *
New 4.2 Android Deskclock / Alarm
New Calculator
New memo

V11.1 :-
Fixed Reboot isseu
Fixed some popups
Fixed Pin Screen
Fixed Pin Code
Systemui Modded it much simpler ( only for people who want to mod my systemui ;O ive changed some stuff so it looks much clearer instead of 300 lines in 1 xml ive made it seperate )
Modded Music Player further
added SGS3 Wallpapers into wallpaper chooser

Full Galaxy SII 4.1.2 UI ported
Galaxy SIII stuff tweaked
4.2.2 Statbar Ported
31 toggles :
  1. Wi-FI
  2. Bleutooth
  3. GPS
  4. Sound
  5. Rotation
  6. Data
  7. Brightness
  8. Flashlight
  9. Airplane Mode
  10. Screen Brightness
  11. Sync
  12. Screen Timeout
  13. Lockscreen
  14. Restart
  15. Power Of
  16. Contacts
  17. Brightness
  18. Music
  19. Applications
  20. Recent apps
  21. Settings
  22. Taskmanager
  23. Running apps
  24. Battery Stats
  25. Network Stats
  26. Wi-FI
  27. Bleutooth
  28. GPS
  29. Sound
  30. Rotation
  31. Data
Brightness Bars
Ability to control Lockscreen Clock
Settings/Display/Lockscreen and fonts / Clock Position
Battery Percentage * EDT Tweaks *
Moddified Recovery * changed size to smaller and customized it a bit *
* Note this is changelog for now but there is wayyyy more :Prom isnt done yet *

Quick Fix UI * thanks to Wonokairoen*

-redesigned whole Ui
-Jellybean Statusbar layout
-ICS/JB callscreen Ui
-New TW4 launcher
-Tw launcher settings
-share app option
-SGII widgets updated
-Smooth Scroll Mod
-Long press to skip song
-Music player modified
-Lockscreen clock remade
-Smooth windowmanager hacks
-build.prop tweaks
-EDT tweaks * Battery Percentage ON/OFF option
-Smooth Swipe to remove
-Working Settings Button in statusbar
-and many many more hidden features

-Added updated Adreno libs for Better performance
-Added Extended Power Menu
-Added Touchwiz 4 by Robin but removed list mode and added new amazing animations
-Modded hosts for completely ad-free Ui
-Low sounds for Notifications fixed
-New framework Mods[Many]
-IC menu popups for all apps fixed
-Cropping reduced
-Changed kernel from Cf root b84 to Battery Extender
-Lots of new staus bar icons
-Sound Quality Improved
-Boot.img tweaks
-Overall Performance boost by 2X
-Transistions much more smoother
-Battery performance increased 2X
-Removed Battery %
-Removed Email & GMaps

-Added CRT Animation
-Removed "Swipe Screen to Unlock"
-Changed IC Menu for different System Apk like Dialer,Contacts,Clock,MMS,Internet,Memo,My files,etc...
-Can install other keyboards

-Started from beginning to make look like SII ICS
-New SII Start and Shutdown Animation
-New Icons and widgets
-Boots much faster
-Battery %
-SII ICS Media
-Heavily Modded TW3 to look like TW4
-SGSII Camera
-No scripts
-Latest Modded Gapps
-Modded ICS Settings with quickpanel settings
-14 toggles mod
-Swipe to Clear notifications
-Fully reworked framework
-ICS 4.0 Animations
-Roboto Font
-And a lot i have seem to forgotten
-For better view have a look at screenshots in 2nd post

-New Ported SGSII Calculator
-New Ported SGSII Keyboard
-New SystemUi With bigger icons
-Latest Gmail.apk
-Latest Google Maps_v6.50.apk with World Navigation activated
-Replaced Beats Music Player with normal Music Player
-New SGSII 25 HD Wallpapers
-Latest Google Play with Restrictions Removed
-Changed Settings.apk Icon

-Edited SystemUI.apk

-Bugs of v6 solved
-New Dialer
-Added engenesis
-Added Supercharger
-New Modified Lockscreen
-Added Extended Power Menu
-Added SGSII boot animation v2
-Added SII black keyboard
-Added Polaris Office
-Removed Beats Audio and Xloud
-DTa2sd works perfectly
-New MMS.apk without any restrictions
-Build.prop Tweaks
-Google Maps 6.40 with world wide navigation activated
-Market replaced by play store
-Adrenaline boost v2
-And much more that i might have forgotten

-Based on DDKQ8 Stock Rom
-Most Stable DDKQ8 Rom
-Galaxy Note/ SII(ICS) Ui
-New lockscreen
-A whole new Ui
-Ported real SGSII bootanimtion[1st time on XDA]
-New Call Screen
-CRT animation off animation
-Smooth Scroll
-Hacked Hosts
-Adrenalline Boost Installed
-Overall faster than v5
-May be forgotten some features
-Much More

-Disabled battery %

-Ported SII core boot.rle file to SGA
-New boot Animation(1st time in a rom)
-New Scripts and Tweaks
-Adrenaline boost pre installed
-modded hosts file to block adds
-New widget
-Back to default SGA keyboard
-Slaid HW acceleration mod
-xbin,libs,etcs provided by SuperUser10
-Polaris Office from SII ported to SGA
-Beats Audio
-Modded Music Player for a Beats feel
-Battery % indicators
-Speed Increased 2X
-Smooth Scroll Aplies most prboably:P
-And many more that I am forgetting right now.


-Now based on BlackHawk DXKT7
-Added Slaidfast Mod v2.5
-Fixed bugs which Samsung forgot to fix B)
-Removed Some Apps
-Changed Icons to match the latest SGSII Stock Rom
-Added SGSII keyboard by ketut.kumajaya
-Added backlight off script by Pyronia to save battery
-Added new SGSII weatherwidget working on ACE TW 3
-Added new touchwiz 3 by wonokairoen
-Added SGSII Video App
-Added a new status bar
-Added SGSII & ICS Wallpapers in stock wallpaper chooser
-Added modified Youtube App that Supports Dowloading and is also less in space
-Modifies Stock Apps also a lit
-Changed framework too
-Added SGSII deskclock widget
-Download Size also reduced
-Battery Performance also increased!!
-Performance And Speed /has Increased Tremendously!Cant Find No Words to describe the speed!
-And many more changes cant remember :P

-Major Update
-Crt animation enabled
-Added Lagfree v3
-Added turboboost (Removed a part to enable CRT)
-50 mb free in System Apps
-Removed Some Widgets
-Removed Some Apps
-Modded Touch Wiz A Little for More Optimization
-Changed a little in Contacts.apk,Messages.apk,DialerTabActivity.apk & Phone.apk for better performance

CWM Flashable
Transparent SII Status bar
Changed Ace framework to SII framework
More free Space
Added Tweaks Manager and ext4 Manager
Motorazr Bootanimation
And many other bug fixes

Initial Release

Note: Please Dont use Any part of this rom as it contains stufd wich u dont easily can make or create
If u do use please ask for permissions first!

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15th January 2012, 03:18 PM |#3  
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[ROM]SGSII JB ROM v10[16/10/2012]*EPIC NEW UPDATE !*
ScreenShots V12 BETA JB 4.2.2:-

These screenshots are thanks to Jumper92 -
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19th January 2012, 06:04 AM |#4  
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New Maintainer is CCGH
Attached Files
File Type: zip DDKQ8 RTL - [Click for QR Code] (6.68 MB, 9867 views)
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19th January 2012, 04:13 PM |#5  
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Awesome ROM
thanks a lot
btw did u remove swype ??
n anyway for Indian lang support ??
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19th January 2012, 04:18 PM |#6  
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is there any way to add european lang support?
Rom looks great. thanks
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19th January 2012, 04:28 PM |#7  
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What's the system partition type?

Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda premium
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19th January 2012, 04:36 PM |#8  
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awesome work matey
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19th January 2012, 05:00 PM |#9  
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does it support RTL languages?
19th January 2012, 07:14 PM |#10  
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Tried it!!works awesomme!!plz give a proper thread descreption so ppl understand it better..

No bugs and works fast and smooth
This rom gives a feel of SII and Stock comfort!!
Better than other SII based roms! !!

Plz update as cwm flashable and add a power menu

W8in for an update!
Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda premium
19th January 2012, 09:02 PM |#11  
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did you used the sgs II theme? from themes and apps section?

just a q

Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda premium
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