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By existz, Inactive Recognized Developer on 23rd January 2012, 08:31 PM
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aospX is a pure AOSP build, meaning it is NOT CM or built from CM source, so please do NOT ask for CM features. However, it does use device/hardware files for ACE from CM.. so any device specific problems that is in CM will most likely be in aospX (ie. bluetooth, wifi, gps..etc). aospX includes various fixes from AOKP (TeamKang), CodeAurora, Linaro, Oxygen-Rom and CM

RULE #1: Do NOT ask for ETAs!
RULE #2: This is NOT AOKP/CM, so do NOT ask for AOKP/CM features!
RULE #3: This is a BETA, so treat it as a BETA!!
RULE #4: Always check Issue Tracker before posting!! (HERE)
RULE #5: This is NOT a support thread! Its a development thread..

- Based off AOSP master
- Busybox and Init.d support
- Updated TalonACE kernel for ICS (included)
- Compiled with Linaro Android 4.6.3 Toolchain
- Custom Quick Toggles Menu (tap Settings icon in notification pulldown)
- Patches from AOKP, CM, CodeAurora, Linaro, 0xlab..plus more
- Working Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI/Tethering

* Camera
* Sound
* Phone works 2G/3G
* Touch
* SD Card
* Wifi
* Sensors
* Headphones
* Bluetooth
* Market
* Gallery
* 3D Acceleration
* Video Playback
* Tethering
* Facebook contact sync
* more..

Install Instructions:
* Wipe data/factory reset
* Install zip from sdcard
* Inspire users flash Inspiremod
* Reboot!

AR = Alpha Release
BR = Beta Release
MR = Milestone Release
RC = Release Canidate


Please check the Issue Tracker BEFORE posting: HERE

For Chat and Support Join #aospx on IRC Freenode


To check current development visit:

rootdir: updated hosts file
dalvik: Various updates from AOSP master
Bionic/libm: Prefer branches and VFP ABI
Bionic/libm: Pow optimizations and bug fixes
Bionic/libm: Add assembly versions of sin/cos
Contacts: Fixed recent Android Dialer exploit
Contacts: Fix Phone/Dialer background gradient
Fixed Caller name not sticking for missed calls
Settings: Fix crash when setting the radio band
Settings: Fix memory leak in ApnSettings activity
qcom/mm-video: Merged latest from CodeAurora
Fix SkBitmap::fPixels not being locked correctly
libstagefright: Fix for crash in specific AVI clip
libstagefright: Avoid read in non-EXECUTING state
skia: Various updates from AOSP master and CAF
msm7k: Fix dlsym call to get OMX_Deinit reference
Fixed memory leak caused by CSSRuleList wrapper
external/bluetooth/bluez: Updates from AOSP master
libdex, libskia, libsqlite: Build using -O3 optimizations
ace: Use prebuilt gps.spade from 2.50.405.2 (Issue 70)
Revert "Avoid multiple dns lookups for the same query"
MPEG2TS: graceful exit if PID changes in b\w playback
kernel/msm7x30: Updated kgsl driver to latest from CAF
kernel: Update G-sensor drivers from vivo-ics-crc-3.0.16
kernel/msm7x30: build tun and cifs as modules (Issue 56)
kernel/msm7x30: Increased handset volume for spade/glacier
Toolchain: Updated mpfr, mpc, binutils and gdb from Linaro
Revert NEON optimized scanline_t32cb16 and t32cb16blend
Browser, chromium, Mms, Webkit: Updates from AOSP master

zlib: Merged latest from github.com/madler
vendor/google: Update Maps and StreetView
gtest: Merged latest from AOSP master (1.6)
bionic: add macro protection for MALLOC_ALIGNMENT
bionic: Enhance getcwd(3) to handle NULL like glibc
Music: Fix music crash when search song (Issue 65)
Music: Null pointer protection in AudioPreview.java
kernel: Increase PMEM_ADSP to fix 720p recording
frameworks/base: ProcessStats: Fix another crasher
frameworks/base: SystemUI: Added support for HSPA+
frameworks/base: Services: Add HSPAP info in Android
frameworks/base: Fix error trap in SurfaceTexture Client
Define TCP buffer sizes for HSPAP, HSDPA and HSUPA
DeskClock: Add permissions so it can play /sdcard/Alarms/*
jpeg: Switched back to AOSP libjpeg with VeNum optimizations
Remove Alarm_Classic.ogg to fix duplicate ringtone (Issue 103)
Performance improvements: DiskLruCache, HttpResponseCache
Settings: Updated OTA Updater icon & updated to v0.99-RC5-aospx

Browser: Updated search engines
update openssl to version 1.0.0j
Switch to NetBSD regex and strxfrm(3)
Switch to NetBSD tdelete/tfind/tsearch
bionic: fast neon pow() for small x,y
bionic: Add unshare() syscall correctly
system/core: rootdir: update hosts file
dalvik: Backported a few commits from JB
Settings: Backported a few commits from JB
Settings: Add OTA Updater to Settings menu
kernel: Updated kgsl driver from CodeAurora
kernel: Updated genlock driver from CodeAurora
frameworks/base: Backported a few commits from JB
frameworks/base: Various fixes for AVRCP1.3 support
libstagefright: Updated latest fixes from CodeAurora
libcore: HttpResponseCache should return 504, not 502
zlib: Updated to latest version from github.com/madler
Update libvpx, sonivox and webrtc to latest from AOSP
DownloadProvider: Add missing Bluetooth as network type
libyuv: Rebased off latest version from chromium upstream
vendor/google: Updated YouTube and Gmail to latest versions
build: Switched platform version to release standards (Issue 82)

bionic: Upgrade to tzdata2012d
skia: Merged latest from AOSP master
webkit: Tons of WebGL/HTML5 updates
webkit: Added support for WebAudio API
webkit: DOM core/traversal optimizations
vpx: Update libwebm to latest from AOSP
busybox: Update to latest version 1.20.2
freetype: Merged latest from AOSP (2.4.9)
dalvik: Backported a few commits from JB
Browser: Backported a few commits from JB
Settings: Added support for ADB Over Wi-Fi
Speex: Switched to Linaro/mainline version
Switched upstream branch to "ics-plus-aosp"
Launcher2: Improve app launching performance
ace: Let driver decide what composition to use
SearchWidget: passing APP_DATA to voice intent
build: Switched kernel toolchain to Google 4.6
frameworks/base: set dns correctly for p2p case
qcom: mm-core/display: Updated to latest from CAF
SystemUI: Fix visual bug in EDGE network indicator
Music: Fix for seekbar issue on interrupt by call
Music: Fix seekbar stuck after pressing suspend key
drawable: fix ugly gradient on dark holo background
Mms: Backported a couple commits from AOSP/JellyBean
Mms: Invalidate contacts cache if contacts DB is modified
qcom/display: Removed some logcat spam during vid playback
touchscreen: Updated ts driver so we can remove legacy fixes

Merged latest from AOSP
rootdir: updated hosts file
v8: Switch to AOSP/JB libv8
stlport: Merged latest AOSP/JB
audio/msm7x30: fix device count
audio: Change fallback route to speaker
Reverted ISO C++11 changes for stability
aospx/common: Add e2fsprogs to the build
aospx/common: Add 2nd ATT apn to the list
zlib: Merged latest from github.com/madler
libxml2: Updated to latest version (2.7.8)
qcom/display: Merged latest from CodeAurora
webkit: Re-added WebGL support for Android 4.0
webkit: Port bug fixes from webkit to plug leaks
Use source built Calendar and CalendarProvider apks
framework: fixed wifi sleep policy (backported from JB)
framework: fix restoring network mode preference on reboot
Fix automatic timezone failing on some GSM networks (Issue 36)
system/media: wilhelm: Fix pointer mis-assignment (Issue 81)
MMS: fix battery drain receiving Mms when data connection off

Merged latest from AOSP
FileManager: Updated to v1.2
Camera: 480p Video now working
ace: Disabled building with LPA
Launcher2: Updates from CodeAurora
Fixed issue with Netflix not loading
msm7x30: Switched to c2d composition
msm7x30: Updated CFLAGS for Cortex-A8
build: Enabled -O3 on arm_CFLAGS only
build: Enabled strict-aliasing globally
Superuser/su: Updated to latest versions
qcom: Updated Adreno libs from CodeAurora
Bluetooth: Tons of fixes and updates from CM
tcpdump and libpcap updated to latest verions
frameworks/base: Merged latest from CodeAurora
zlib: Updated to latest from github.com/madler
SettingsProvider: Disable animations by default
New 'Yuxon GCC 4.6.3' toolchain (based on Linaro)
Phone: Fix occasional completely mute incoming call
Settings: Added UI option to disable Data Statistics
Updated GooManager, Maps and YouTube to latest version
bionic: Linaro ARMv7 optimized string handling routines
bionic: Fix crash on startup when invoked with a parameter
Switched to AOSP/JellyBean chromium, webkit, skia and v8
kernel: ext4: add missing save_error_info() to ext4_error()
display, libcore, mm-video: Merged latest from CodeAurora

Merged latest from AOSP Master
ace: Fix some liblight errors
audio/msm7x30: Tons of updates
ace: Small updates from CodeAurora
kernel/msm7x30: Updated kgsl driver
vendor/qcom: Update Chromium plug-ins
libcore: Fix an ICS DatagramPacket bug
bionic: Replace strlen() implementation
Build with LPA but disable in system.prop
Contacts: Avoid unnecessary layer updates
qcom/display: Merged latest from CodeAurora
qcom: Add prebuilt libDivxDrm for mmparser
qcom/mm-core: Merged latest from CodeAurora
Browser, Mms, Phone: Use ICS alert drawable
frameworks/base: Merged latest from CodeAurora
system/core: toolbox: implement rm -f flag (force)
Settings: Revert ad-hoc network support (Issue #60)
skia: Removed optimizations to try to fix Issue #50
Updated libpcap,tcpdump,iptables to latest versions
ace: Change permissions for /dev/tun to fix openvpn
SoundRecorder: Changes to make sound recorder visible
dalvik, libcore, webkit: Merged latest from CodeAurora
Phone: Dismiss previous dialog before updating network list

Merged latest from AOSP master
google: updated Maps to v6.7.0
aospx: update BUILD_ID for IMM76I
qcom/display: updates from CodeAurora
qcom/mm-video: updates from CodeAurora
frameworks/base: Wifi/AP fixes from CM
frameworks/base: Add volume music controls
framework,libpng,libxml2 updated from CAF
Launcher2: A few updates from CodeAurora
Launcher2: Added Overflow Menu to AppDrawer
Bluetooth: Add MAP Profile features (#3857)
qcom: Add Chromium plug-ins from CodeAurora
Contacts: Merge latest from AOSP ics-mr1-release
Contacts: Add lookup in Call logs to lookupNumber
qcom: Remove the software opengl lib from egl.cfg
Telephony: Add HSPAP to getTcpBufferSizesPropName
skia: Fixed memory leak in SkDraw::drawDevMask
skia: Fix a bug in clampx_nofilter_trans_S16_D32_DX
framework: Fix a couple of nasty heap corruption bugs
DeskClock: Set volume button setting to None by default
zlib: updated to latest from github.com/madler (
Mms: Added option to show full date/time for the messages
Browser: Handling the ActivityNotFoundException in Browser
Tremolo: Add workaround for gcc-linaro bug 913528/gcc bug 51794

Merged latest from AOSP master
google: updated gapps to 20120429
aospx: updated GooManager to v2.0.5
aospx: updated apns-conf.xml from cm
Launcher2: Various speed improvements
kernel: msm_fb from primou 3.0 kernel
kernel: various updates from CodeAurora
libhardware_legacy: Fix issues with VOIP
system/core: rootdir: updated hosts file
frameworks/base: Fix aliasing violations
frameworks/base: Updates from CodeAurora
qcom/display: merge latest from CodeAurora
qcom/mm-video: merge latest from CodeAurora
qcom: Update proprietary libs from CodeAurora 
zlib: updated to latest from github.com/madler
msm7x30: init.rc: Restrict zygote to system user
Browser: Manage Slide Transitions incompatibility
Settings: Use Holo theme for ActivityPicker Dialog
Camera: Fix sound playing when Volume zoom is enabled 
Camera: Don't try to set focus/metering areas when none exist 

Merged latest from AOSP master
framework: updates from CodeAurora
updated bash (4.2) and lsof (4.86)
build: various gcc 4.6 compiler fixes
qcom/mm-video: updated latest from CodeAurora
skia: Revert "external/skia: Add QC hooks" (Issue #50)
dalvik: Revert "Debug Change to stop the process with excessive JNI"

Ace: enable mass storage
Ace: update prop for better pm
Gapps: Updated to latest 20120317
aospX/common: Add OpenVPN to build
aospX: use cleaner default wallpaper
Camera: commits from CAF and Twisted
DexOpt anything on /system in /cache
Music: Merged latest from CodeAurora
system/core: Merged 4.0.4_r1.1 history
qcom/display: disabled various debugging
qcom/display: Merged latest from CodeAurora
framework: Various commits from CodeAurora
framework: Fix contact lookup with CLIR prefix
framework: AudioManager: Handle KEYCODE_VOLUME_MUTE
Updated iptables (v1.4.13) and iproute2 (3.3.0)
kernel: kgsl,vidc,rotator,pmem updated from CAF
Mms: Fix wrong message selection in context menu
Mms: Make notifications consistent with the Gapps
Rebased webkit/skia/v8 off latest from CodeAurora
DeskClock: Fix "dismiss dialog would unlock lockscreen"
DeskClock: Added flip to dismiss/snooze functionality
libphonenumber: Avoid '0' being discarded in dial string.
Browser: swipe edge of screen to view the previous/next tab
Attempt #1 to fix homescreen stutter (reverted CAF performance class)
libI420colorconvert: Add new library for MovieStudio color conversions 

kernel: Revert back to old cpu frequency layout
framework: Bring auto-brightness inline with CM
Keyboard backlight for non-autobrightness fix (Issue #14)
google: Updated Email/Exchange apks to 4.0.4 version (Issue #43)

Ace: Update qcom prop
Ace: Support Android encryption
dalvik: Added/Enabled KSM Support
DeskClock: Add Digital Clock widget
bluetooth: AVRCP 1.3 feature changes
su: Revert back to ics release branch
Camera: Updated app to latest from CM
framework: More updates from CodeAurora
Merged latest from AOSP (Android 4.0.4)
msm7x30: Updated Camera HAL from Twisted
msm7x30: Updated kernel (kgsl/vidc drivers)
Fixed some Touchscreen issues (ie. Temple Run)
qcom/mm-core: Updated to latest from CodeAurora
qcom/mm-video: Updated to latest from CodeAurora
qcom/display: Updated to latest from CodeAurora
qcom/media: audio: Disable debug messages in log 
zlib: merged latest develop branch from madler (v1.2.7)

dalvik: Tons of fixes from CodeAurora
Launcher2: CellLayout: Better Scaling
qcom/display: Merged latest from CodeAurora
qcom/mm-video: Merged latest from CodeAurora
Settings - Fix Google typo in utility function
DeleteDropTarget: Haptic Feedback on Long-Press
DeleteDropTarget: Clear when dragging from AllApps
msm7x30-common: Updated Camera HAL from Twisted
Updated to official Adreno GPU libs from Qualcomm
Phone/Contacts: Update T9 and Dialpad translations
bionic: define malloced address to 16-byte aligned
bionic: include <machine/cpu-features.h> in byteorder.h
build: Fix for "dexopt: No such file or directory" error
libpixelflinger: Add ARM NEON optimized scanline_t32cb16
libpixelflinger: Neon*implementation*of*t32cb16blend*function
su-binary: synced with latest development branch from ChainsDD
vendor/htc: updated libbcc.so compiled with Linaro 2012.03
framework: audioflinger: Optimze ditherAndClamp with ARM NEON
framework: Remove 'Bypass Texture Creation' hack in frameworks
framework: SystemUI: Hide expanded dialog when screen is off
frameworks/base: Removed intent logging from SearchDialog.java
Phone: Prevent DTMFTwelveKeyDialer from logging all keypresses
Phone: Disable accelerometer sensor while in-call & screen UI off

Some minor fixes to MediaProvider
Music: Various fixes from CodeAurora
Monkey: request am to show the ANR dialog
Dialer: Fix initial state for t9 sort mode
msm7x30-common: Update Camera HAL from Twisted
ContactsProvider: Adjust a variable type conversion
frameworks/base: More various updates from CodeAurora
Change default mode for journal files created by sqlite
dalvik: Exclude sha1.c when building libdex for device
core: allow radio users to access all rmnet* interface 
Webkit and Skia(r3312) version updates from AOSP Master
qcom/media: Built using new qcom audio libs (mic works!)
qcom/display: Merged with latest from CodeAurora ics_chocolate
zlib: Update to version on adler32/slhash repo as of Mar 07, 2012

Merge latest from AOSP Master
mm-core: Updates from CodeAurora
mm-video: Updates from CodeAurora
Launcher2: Removed 5.2mb of unused pngs
Dialer: Add Dialpad settings and T9 dialer
frameworks/base: Tons of updates from CodeAurora
Tons of fixes from CodeAurora for video playback
qcom/display: Synced with CAFs ics_chocolate branch
mTetherInterfaceName vs mInterfaceName mismatch
msm7x30-common: Updated Camera HAL from Twisted (Panaroma)
Changes to MediaProvider fixing missing media in apps (ie. Gallery)

Merged latest from AOSP master
Ace: Updated OMX permissions in uevent
DeleteDropTarget: Long-Hold To Uninstall
msm7x30-common: updated media_profiles.xml
vendor/aospx: Set BUILD_ID to release standards
framework: Telephony: Correct the typo in RIL.java
Avoid video buffers filling and flushing in SEEK state
libstagefright: Fix to free buffers properly in ERROR state
Fixed hardware video decoding (HD video, streaming video..etc)
framework: Tons of updates from CodeAurora for video playback
framework: ShutdownThread: Set property to indicate radio shutdown
ace: shutdown: Force modem file system sync as part of shutdown

Merged latest from AOSP master
Fixed Market issues introduced in AR21
bionic: Make use of ARMv7 optimized strlen()
msm7x30-common: enabled Scorpion optimizations
msm7x30-common: updated vidc headers from CodeAurora
NotificationMgr: Force led notification even if screen off 
libpixelfliner: Use GCC visibility to reduce code size by 28%

Fixed auto rotate not working on AR20 release
DeskClock: fix alarm not setting with voice action (issue #26)

Launcher2: AppsCustomize: Fix Cling
Launcher2: A few minor speed tweaks
device/htc/msm7x30-common: sync latest Camera HAL
Mms: Display contact pictures in Mms notifications
Mms: fix Problems sending/receiving MMS, tears down MMS APN
Settings: Replace Performance category with AXControl
Settings: Add option to disable boot animation to Performance 
Settings: option for volume wake (Settings>Display>Volume Wake)
Launcher2: Preferences: Hide Market button from the app drawer
Launcher2: Move "System settings" to the bottom of the menu
framework: Add support for bmp and wav content types in MMS 
framework: NotificationManagerService: Fix notification led bug
framework: Increase PDU parts buffer size for performance reasons
Added new API for AtomicFile - NoSync to address power regression
system/extras: Store the uid and gid (when running on an Android device)
hardware/qcom/display: Add flag to avoid mapping memory in userspace
prebuilt: update Linaro Android toolchain to 4.6-12.02 pre-release
Custom libjpeg-turbo and ARM optimizations to freetype, libpixelflinger
Fixed more strict aliasing violations from Linaro + prepare for GCC 4.7

msm7x30-common: updated 7230 kernel
msm7x30-common: cleaned up init.rc
msm7x30-common: updated headers from caf
Launcher2: added scroll wallpaper option
Phone: Add end call button to notification panel
Browser: option to long press to open in incognito tab
Browser: move UserAgent and CPU Upload to advanced menu
hardware/qcom/display: tons of updates from CodeAurora
Ace: fixed overlays and set own number as default vm #
framework: telephony: Add support for Caller Name Display
framework: allow backlight to decrease for lower ambiant light
framework: Fix data activity overlay not being removed when data is disabled
framework: Remove opaque check in GLRenderer when preparing dirty region
framework: Fix 'Avoid Binding Texture' logic in SurfaceTexture & SurfaceFlinger
framework: SurfaceTexture: Avoid binding texture if format not supported in GPU HW
framework: SystemUI: Display data icon independent of voice service state

Fixed issue #12: mute not working
Ace: re-synced repo with Cyanogen
external/skia: Skia merge (r3022)
vendor/google: update gapps to 20120207
vendor/htc: updated adreno libs from Kali
Launcher: Add menu + number of homescreens
msm7x30-common: updated common 7230 kernel
msm7x30-common: updated media_profiles.xml for ICS
msm7x30-common: updated usb legacy (init.htc7x30.usb.rc)
Accept all mimetypes for inbound bluetooth file transfers
framework: AbsListView: Improve scrolling cache (re-enabled)
framework: Get SoftAP interface from wifi.ap.interface prop
framework: Set the data type icon to 0 when connected to wifi
framework: Add LegacyUsbDeviceManager::setCurrentFunction method
framework: Keep track of tetherable USB interfaces in up/down link states

Now fully merged with AOSP master
vendor/google: updated gapps and maps
vendor/aospx: updated build fingerprint
qcom/display: updates from CodeAurora
system/vold: synced vold with CyanogenMod
vendor/aospx: updated apns-conf (fix issue #13)
Settings: allow developer options as a shortcut
Settings: add Performance menu with CPU settings
external/bluetooth: fix aliasing violations from linaro
frameworks/base: AbsListView: disable scrolling cache
frameworks/base: improved media scanner on devices with emmc
frameworks/base: Hiding media from folder with .nomedia file
SurfaceFlinger: Set the buffer size in the GraphicBufferAlloc 

msm7x30-common: updated headers
qcom/display: updates from CodeAurora
Camera: prebuilt apk to fix force closing
system/core: updated hosts file for ad blocking
system/core: Safely restart services to avoid race conditions
Superuser: fixed FC when checking for su binary update
Ace: updated init.spade.rc and ueventd (possible BT fix??)
hardware/msm7k: compiled with old audio libs (fixes mic issues)
prebuilt: updated to Linaro Android 4.6.3-2012.01 toolchain

vendor/htc: updated proprietary libs
vendor/google: attempt to fix Exchange
vendor/aospX: disabled hot bluetooth switching
frameworks/base: Add percentage to stock battery
frameworks/base: option to disable bootanim via build.prop
dalvik: fix a bug in redundant branch elimination
Added larger font cache memory for large memory devices
libstagefright: Fix to free buffers properly in ERROR state

msm7x30-common: update init.rc
Ace: Switch to mdp compostion
Ace: Add camera permissions to uevent
opengl: Enable -flto and -ffast-math
system/core: Fix aliasing violations
external/icu4c: Fix aliasing violations
fix build break with prebuilt toolchain
Exclude sha1.c when building libdex for device

build/core: Enable more optimizations 
Enable use of clz instruction in ffs function
Compiled with Linaro Android 4.6.3 toolchain + graphite
libagl: Enable CLZ instruction generation for TextureObjectManager 
libpixelflinger: Build NEON optimized routine per target configuration 

vendor/htc: updated snd3254 binary
vendor/google: changed gapps to fix market issue
qcom/media: vidc/vdec updates from CodeAurora
msm7x30-common: updated vidc/vdec headers from CodeAurora
bionic: readdir: fix interface to kernel getdents64 function
bionic: sreadahead: adding readahead system call into bionic libc
bionic: Add extended attribute (xattr) system call wrappers to bionic.

ace: static default wallpaper
qcom/display: updates from CAF
Launcher: enable 7 screens
Launcher: tweak DEFAULT_TENSION value
Launcher: PagedView: tweak mSnapVelocity
dalvik: Increase HEAP_IDEAL_FREE to 7.2mb
mms: Increased max sms threshold value
mms: Return to message list if the last message on thread is being deleted
mms: Add SMS Split by encoding and counter at end of message with settings
SurfaceFlinger: Remove the old GraphicBuffer reference
frameworks/base: Initialize MAXIMUM_FLING_VELOCITY using system prop
frameworks/base: Increase Zygote preload GC threshold to half the heapgrowthlimit

ace: updated build fingerprint
qcom/camera: semi working now
framework: rebuilt on clean ics-mr1 base
msm7x30-common: fixed typo for wlan tethering
msm7x30-common: updated common 7230 kernel (updated wifi driver from 3.0)

Superuser: synced repo with ChainsDD
Settings: Enable configuration of EAP-PWD
qcom/media: audio: msm7x30: fix ifdef derp
Launcher2: PagedView: Don't Clear Dirty Pages
stagefright: Fix playback for mkv files with lacing
Phone: Add option for setting device phone number

build: Force insecure mode for userdebug builds
bionic: libm: Add a proper sincos() implementation
bionic: memcmp: prefetch optimizing for ARM Cortex-A8/A9
bionic: memmove: Fix the abuse of memcpy() for overlapping regions
bionic: revert Support GNU-style hash to speed up symbol lookup

msm7x30-common: update flags
qcom/display: synced with latest from CAF
qcom/media: synced with latest from CAF
Music: Eliminate wakeup events for screen refresh
Music: Fix blinking of disc in Music application
Vendor: LatinIME: Update all dicts for ICS
LCD: allow dimming when docked or undocked
opengl: remove unused adreno flag from the makefile
Hold a reference to the allocated buffers in GraphicBufferAlloc

System: fixed init.d support
msm7x30-common: update common 7230 kernel
DownloadProvider: download any file type
ContactProvider: add facebook contact support
Build: switched to userdebug instead of eng

sqlite3: disabled sync
msm7x30-common: updated common 7230 kernel
Launcher2: LauncherModel: Optimize loading
Music: add lockscreen/notification music controls
Framework: Long press back to kill (developer options)
Framework: Custom Toggle Menu (updated with BT, Data and GPS toggles)

AOKP (TeamKang)
beforedenied (preview image above)
..and everyone involved in porting to DHD/Inspire 4G
Attached Files
File Type: zip inspiremod-0.5.zip - [Click for QR Code] (574.5 KB, 37305 views)
File Type: apk wifixmanager.apk - [Click for QR Code] (62.7 KB, 10598 views)
File Type: apk DHD_Proximity_Recalibrator-1.8.apk - [Click for QR Code] (23.7 KB, 5959 views)
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23rd January 2012, 08:37 PM |#3  
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Will give this a try shortly. Nice to see a ICS ROM in the Inspire section.
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It's about time you started a thread. To everyone on the fence this is a great ICS build. I've been running it since the first build.

Edit: Here's the link to the InspireMod thread.
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Attatched inspiremod to OP
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Originally Posted by existz

Attatched inspiremod to OP

Hopefully people will read the OP and not ask for a link.
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23rd January 2012, 09:24 PM |#7  
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Wow, I did not think I would see another pure AOSP ROM not built from CM in this dev section!

I am still running Gingerbeast. Which was probably one of the few AOSP builds for the inspire. I will try this as soon as I get home!
23rd January 2012, 09:56 PM |#8  
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AR13 is good enough for daily driving... Pure ICS goodness!
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23rd January 2012, 10:02 PM |#9  
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Yes this rom is getting smoother by every build. Many thanks to OP since he owns an inspire
23rd January 2012, 10:06 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by passtheknowledge

Yes this rom is getting smoother by every build. Many thanks to OP since he owns an inspire

Next one should be even faster :P .. been testing a few compiler optimizations for opengl and skia. So in next build image rendering..etc should be faster/smoother ..

Also for those wondering about the live wallpaper issue, as I noted in the issue tracker, this is a bug with linaro toolchain, but the issue has already been reported to them, so hopefully it will get fixed soon. There's something I can try based on some comments in the bug report, but I don't know if it will work or not, so I don't know if this issue will be fixed in next release or not

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23rd January 2012, 10:42 PM |#11  
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been building from your source since you set it up. i've been quite impressed
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