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[APP][1.6+][24/01/13] Timetable 1.0-beta1

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By Ravrahn, Senior Member on 4th February 2012, 12:01 PM
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Timetable is a versatile scheduler for your Android phone. If you have a recurring schedule you have to stick to, Timetable will help you keep track of it. Its simple, elegant interface will get you to the information you need, quickly and efficiently, with intuitive navigation and a familiar timetable structure. Setting up your timetable takes mere minutes, and it is intuitive and easy - just press + to get started!

Timetable was built with the Android Design guidelines in mind, and follows them to a tee. It's optimised for Holo and optimised for tablets.

Latest - 1.0-beta1:
 - Added a landscape optimised version of About page
 - Removed 'Add Task' button
 - Refined colours of tablet mode
 - Swapped room and time around in expanded view
 - Weeks can be added indefinitely from the action bar drop-down
 - Classes can be added to any existing week
 - Empty weeks are removed on app launch
Latest Market release - 0.9.1:
 - Fixed a big bug - force close / timetable disappear on leaving for a while
 - Two new UIs - compact and expanded - no longer uses ListView, much more attractive
 - These UIs can be swapped between in the preferences, or to classic if you wish
 - Compact style can be switched between displaying the room or start time
 - Break periods are coloured grey
 - On the current day, all periods up to and including the current one are highlighted
All 1.0 changes so far:
 - Added swiping tabs
 - Removed "Classic" UI, for simplicity reasons
 - Improved UIs
     - Reduced line thickness to 1dp, looks sharper
     - Changed period name from big to bold in expanded
     - Changed period name to bold in compact
     - Refined the edit and setup UIs, now more Holo-friendly
         - Buttons have no feedback
     - Improved indent sizes to fit with Android Design guidelines
 - No more rotation lock
     - Fixed crash on rotation, may be unknown consequences
 - Removed a whole heap of old code, renamed some classes
 - Re-worked the widget, hopefully fixes some crashes + much prettier
 - Added 'Refresh' menu item - ie current period will be highlighted on refresh
 - Added themes - Light and Dark
   - Light is Theme.Holo.Light on 3.0-3.2, Theme.Holo.Light.DarkActionBar on 4.0+ and Theme.Light on legacy
   - Dark is Theme.Holo on 3.0+ and Theme on legacy (default)
   - Switch themes in preferences
 - Made the bug report feature have more information
 - Set the spinner to have default text colour, was black (may cause problems on some OEM themes, ie Touchwiz)
 - ActionBar now goes on bottom when necessary (4.0+)
 - Tablet mode! Tablets will take advantage of greater screen space
 	- Now kicks in based on screen width (7-inch tablets will definitely work)
 	- United the tablet and tabbed mode into a single activity
 	- Tablet mode can activate and deactivate on rotation if necessary (probably on One X-sized devices)
 	- All menu items work properly in both modes now
 - Made the preferences work better than before
 - Added 'up' buttons to the ActionBar in preferences and edit screen
 - Decreased text size in edit screen, looks better
 - Removed the tabwidget, replaced with swiping-tab style header
 	- Header is present in tabbed and tablet modes
 	- Current day is underlined
 - Added OnClickListener to each period, to be used for tasks + editing
 - Removed some redundant aspects of TabController (tab stuff - now plain viewpager) - may be unstable, may be faster
 - Replaced entire setup activities with new "Add Subject page"
     - Not yet tablet optimised
     - A warning - It gets buggy when you remove and add lots and lots of periods, because I got so confused...
 - Added the ViewPagerIndicator library, proper ICS-style swiping tab widget!
 - Refined the tablet title bar
 - Removed transition animation on refresh on tabbed mode
 - Updated ViewPagerIndicator library to v2.3.1, fixes jitter on swipe bug
 - Renamed "Preferences" to "Settings" in compliance with Android Design guidelines
 - Removed deprecated setup activities
 - Revamped the settings menu and added icons (4.0+ only)
 - Changed default theme to "Light"
 - Created edit dialog box
 - Created remove dialog box (confirmation)
 - Changed app name to Timetable (I like it more)
 - Settings relegated to overflow menu, as mandated by Android Design guidelines
 - Added "Today" action item - jumps to current day
 - Fixed graphical bug with clickable part of period
 - Switched to using custom Period class, will make some things easier
 - Fixed remove option bringing up edit dialog
 - Fixed crash on fresh install (sorry!)
 - Added time editor in edit dialog (not a dummy any more)
 - Added end time
	 - Added an end time editor to edit dialog
	 - Timetable displays end time on main view
 - Current period is highlighted blue, periods passed highlighted grey
 - Probably very volatile due do database changes... This is why I was reluctant
 - New logo
	 - Better execution of the visual metaphor
	 - Softer, lighter colours and no gradients
	 - Tilt consistent with Ravrahn logo (30 degrees)
 - Altered Add Subject screen
	 - Removed Details header and Room field
	 - Room is now set for each period, not for each subject
	 - Added end time setter
	 - Removed "Name:" textview, replaced with hint in edittext
	 - Two rows per period, to fit more options
 - Replaced Compact Detail setting with Compact Detail menu item
 - Today menu item only appears on weekdays
 - Changing settings no longer redirects you to the main activity
 - Fixed a bug with Today menu item always bringing you to Monday
 - Fixed and improved the widgets:
	 - 4x1 - Shows current period and next period
	 - 4x2 - Shows current, next, and after in a format similar to the app's expanded view
 - Changed target version to v16 (Jelly Bean)
 - Added a notification
	 - Ongoing, updates every minute
	 - Tells you how long until your next class, what the class is, and the room it's in
	 - Turn it on or off in Settings
 - The tabs may automatically refresh every now and then, not sure
 - Switched to NotificationCompact2.Builder by Jake Wharton
 - Implemented ActionBarSherlock by Jake Wharton
 - Added a bigContentView to the notification for Jelly Bean - needs work
 - Fixed some crashes caused by widgets on weekends
 - Fixed notification settings not switching properly
 - Notification automatically turns off on weekends
 - Added "Today" button for tablets
 - Removed "Switch Week" button, implemented Action Bar dropdown for week switching
 - Added "Toggle Expanded" Action item, removed "Change Detail Level" from Settings
 - Added "Send Feedback" Action item, removed "Report Bug" from Settings
 - Removed "View changes" from the settings page
 - Expanded and Compact periods generate with identical code
 - Compact periods are now clickable (but tiny...)
 - Changed period context menu to regular click, rather than long press
 - Removed Week table from database, all key-data store is now done through SharedPreferences - way faster and should be less buggy
 - Updated Action Bar icons to look Holo on older devices
 - Backup works for end times
 - Added "Teacher" detail to Compact Detail selector, sets it to nothing
 - Supports all versions of Android right back to 1.6 (it should, anyway - I don't have devices that old!)
 - Fixed several crashes with widgets and notifications
 - Notification does not appear if there are no classes coming up
 - bigContentView is now substantially better
 - Time now displays in the system format (24-hour or 12-hour)
 - Removed "About" section of settings, added About activity accessible from Action Overflow
 - Fixed TabController having Up button
 - Revamped backup system, now produces a .csv file (code is neater, too). Multiple, custom-named backups possible
 - Backup and Restore are now Action items in the timetable view
 - Fixed backups not recording end times
 - Fixed "Backup detected. Restore it?" not working
 - Added "Legacy backup" to restore dialog list
 - Actually added the About page, accessible from the Action overflow
 - Aesthetic changes
	 - For Android 4.1+, now uses font family sans-serif-light (Roboto Light)
		 - This does not apply to dialogs or the Action Bar
	 - Light theme now uses Theme.Sherlock.Light over Theme.Holo.Light.DarkActionBar
	 - Changed Light theme background to pure white, rather than off-white
	 - Lightened Light theme ViewPagerIndicator background
	 - Made ViewPagerIndicator footer thinner to match Play Store
 - Added a landscape optimised version of About page
 - Removed 'Add Task' button
 - Refined colours of tablet mode
 - Swapped room and time around in expanded view
 - Weeks can be added indefinitely from the action bar drop-down
 - Classes can be added to any existing week
 - Empty weeks are removed on app launch
Any good? Ideas for features? Bug reports? I'd love to see what people think of it.

Gallery of screenshots

Play Store link:
Direct download:
Latest beta: (basically untested, may be buggy)

Timetable+ ($0.99):

Timetable is open-source! Bitbucket link:
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4th February 2012, 07:20 PM |#2  
alirezaafkar's Avatar
Senior Member
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Your application has not Saturday and Sunday !!!
But i've classes this days

and i like to add end time of my classes !
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4th February 2012, 10:51 PM |#3  
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Looks good, but i'll make two suggestions:

1- A widget. It's really handy to have one on the homescreen so i can view the class room easily.

2- we can choose the intervarls of the classes. for ex: 8:00 - 8:30 8:30 - 9:00....

also if you could implement a function to import holidays from google calendar would be really good.

I'm going to download and test it. Keep up the good work
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4th February 2012, 11:06 PM |#4  
Ravrahn's Avatar
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I had an end time until I realised the end time ought to be the same as the start of the next period. I haven't met anyone who has classes on Saturday or Sunday before, I might be able to add them in though!
5th February 2012, 08:25 AM |#5  
vipaman's Avatar
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Thanks a perfectly on my G2x, Galaxy Nexus, SGS2 and HTC Sensation XE......It's a amazing!!!
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5th February 2012, 08:48 AM |#6  
blackbearblanc's Avatar
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very nice.

5th February 2012, 08:53 AM |#7  
phazax's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Ravrahn

I had an end time until I realised the end time ought to be the same as the start of the next period. I haven't met anyone who has classes on Saturday or Sunday before, I might be able to add them in though!

in my country school starts from monday to saturday ..
and, your apps doesn't support landscape mode ?
5th February 2012, 12:15 PM |#8  
scoffyburito's Avatar
Senior Member
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Thanks a lot! Maybe to include a overview home page with an option to add additional notes about the day

Sent from my GT-S5830 using xda premium
5th February 2012, 12:37 PM |#9  
vipaman's Avatar
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An quick look page would be amazing and a widget.......
5th February 2012, 12:46 PM |#10  
-Grift-'s Avatar
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Awesome app for a student like me
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5th February 2012, 02:21 PM |#11  
theonebakery's Avatar
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Very good idea, but may I suggest allowing people to add sub-items or events under each class to list homework. If this was implemented I would absolutely use this. Keep up the good work!
Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk
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