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By O_G, ET Admin on 12th November 2011, 02:52 PM
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15th February 2012, 03:01 PM |#21  
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Originally Posted by Flightless

I had a chance to use the device for 7 days and I would say its a great device and full of potential but it has its faults as well, Im not sure if this thread is the right outlet to post the negative side as I see this is only a positive 'review' posts and I cant post a full review nor the positive only.

If this post is in anyway offensive to this thread or its users please ask a moderator to remove it, cheers!

This thread was intended to contain both positive and negative reviews. I would like this to be a good and honest resource for prospective note owners.

If you have issues then post them, you never know a good user might be able to help you out. This is one reason XDA Developers is here, to share knowledge and resources.

So in short, Post your review, be it positive or negative, i for one want to hear from all sides.

Dont worry i will deal with any flaming

Thanks for being considerate

15th February 2012, 06:03 PM |#22  
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16th February 2012, 07:09 AM |#23  
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Another "gem" from BGR.....
16th February 2012, 10:56 AM |#24  
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The Gadget Show review, short but sweet.
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16th February 2012, 01:03 PM |#25  
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Originally Posted by original_ganjaman

This thread was intended to contain both positive and negative reviews. I would like this to be a good and honest resource for prospective note owners.

If you have issues then post them, you never know a good user might be able to help you out. This is one reason XDA Developers is here, to share knowledge and resources.

So in short, Post your review, be it positive or negative, i for one want to hear from all sides.

Dont worry i will deal with any flaming

Thanks for being considerate


Alright, I will hold you to what you've said.

I've only used the Galaxy Note for 7 days as I decided to return it to the store because it was not really all of my requirements and expectations.

Let me divide my user based feedback on the following:

-Build quality:
It feels great in the hand, does not give you that cheapish feeling the Galaxy S and S2 gives you, perfect form factor and extremely light weight

- Software:
Nothing really new, coming from a Galaxy S and S2.

- Connectivity (WIFI/BT/GPS/GSM)
Wifi is still weaker compared to other devices such as my old Nokia 5800 or my 9 year old laptop.
GPS is amazing though, the GLONASS system justs locks in less than 10 seconds
Call quality is also good but the earpiece volume is something that is to be desired at max settings its extremely weak!

- S Pen
Really didnt find any good use for it aside from doodling, honestly I dont think anyone will find a productive use for this, but its great to have one but the response if far from what a WACOM digitizer is on the PC/Mac.

- Battery Life
Just awesome, that 2500mAH can really give me a full days worth of charge and still have 25-30% left over.

- Screen
This is where my mixed feeling goes, I already know what to expect from a pentile screen since my first OLED devices both come with Pentile and both are from Samsung.

Looking past the manufacturing flaws and inconsistencies, the screen looks absolutely stunning, very vivid and really gives you that next generation feel!
Mine came with out faults, I do see several horizontal lines on the screen when greys are rendered and 1 that seems to persist even on whites regardless of the brightness, there is a noticeable unevenness of the brightness but I doubt a lot of people can notice it. Screen related issues that are discussed on these threads are very true and I have seen them first hand:

The biggest bummer for me was the video playback which is extensively covered here:

Some guy posted his video results there and I get about the same result, unacceptable on my end, since I also watch some video's or shows before I go to bed. Though I did get a chance to test 5 other Galaxy Note's from the store on the day I returned it and I saw a lot of screen inconsistencies so I decided to get my money back and still use my Galaxy S pair with a Tab 7.7

Just to let everyone know, I've never read any reviews or did any research before I tried the Galaxy Note, I was just shocked that none of these were covered by larger media sites but I guess its expected since they do get screened units and all that conspiracy theory that I have. Bottom line is that the note is a good device with lots of potential it could have replaced my need for a tablet but it also has its own faults.
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16th February 2012, 03:37 PM |#26  
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Post all Note Reviews Here!
I was reading the hard copy and thought I would share:

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17th February 2012, 04:36 AM |#27  
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Originally Posted by Croak

In case you don't want to reward BGR with page views, here's the summation:

That review is worth reading for the comments alone. Not only are they very revealing (about the Note and I daresay about the writer), they are hilarious.
17th February 2012, 04:51 PM |#28  
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I decided, for the heck of it, to kludge together a '3 month impressions' video:

It's more of a review 'complement' I guess.

I'd like some comments/criticisms of it.

Is it way too long? I don't think there's that much dead space in it though.
I know there's a lot of 'ums' and etc, but I kind of like the candidness/rawness of it. I sort of feel if i keep rerecording it to smooth it out it'll feel too rehearsed.

- Frank

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Originally Posted by Flightless

I see this is only a positive 'review' posts and I cant post a full review nor the positive only.

No piece of tech is perfect and personally I like to see a balanced review that acknowledges both positives and negatives. It gives the review credibility and tells Samsung what to improve with future notes.

- Frank
18th February 2012, 12:10 PM |#29  
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Post all Note Reviews Here!
So, a lot of people have been saying how they can't go back to using another phone after using the Note. Well, here is a professional reviewer who reviewed the note a while back, and hasn't been able to well, let go of it...

Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffao is one of my favorite reviewers on youtube & here is what he has to say about the note after using it for a month:

This is pretty much consistent with what I & many others have experienced after using the note for a while.
20th February 2012, 01:43 PM |#30  
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A review I just wrote on Google plus but I'm not allowed too give links so here is the content. NB it is not easy to publish here, I am not sure if I am allowed to edit my own post. ..


A friend of mine asked about my Galaxy Note, about it's size compared to the Kindle and if it is a nice device for reading the Web on the couch.

The size of the Galaxy Note is to be compared with the size of a small wallet containing a passport, some cards and some banknotes. I always have such a wallet in my left pocket, and care so much about smallness that I asked a street tailor to cut one for me, to the smallest practical size for a single passport. This wallet is just a bit bigger than my phone. Both fit in my pockets, why my keys, some random stuff (I currently have a small Lego toy and some firecrackers leftover). Because I don't like using a screen protector, I have a flip-cover thing on my phone, and then it looks even more like a wallet.

So it is big, and some call it a "phablet", but to me the Galaxy Note it is still a plain normal smartphone, like my previous Nexus One. The reason it is still a phone is that it lives in my pocket and follows me everywhere. It is not a tablet you would keep in a suitcase, and use to show documents to your boss during meetings. It is not a Kindle you bring during holidays or plane trips for long-form readings. It is just a big phone and once you get it at your hands, all other phone look like toys for dwarfs. Every time I have to use my wife's small screen phone (a Nexus S), I wonder why the screen is so small and what can be done with it, except for receiving calls.

So you'll forget about the size of the screen much faster than you'll forget that your keyboard has no real buttons (if you ever forget that). To be true, I am reminded of the big size of the screen on some apps whose UI is not yet adapted to these screen resolutions. Just one example: the stock browser has pages and bookmarks buttons on top bar, and they should be on bottom bar, because often used buttons should be closer to where your fingers are most of the time.

Content consumption

Apart from this little annoyance (which should be fixed with the next version of any good apps), all in all, using this device for toilet or couch Web surfing is perfectly good for me. At home, in the evenings or the week-ends, I very rarely start my computer anymore, but I still check mails, news, social networks. In fact, I do these more than ever, but on the sofa or the bed. (For a good web page viewing, remember to double tap to zoom in and out, and allow auto resize in settings, so you don't have to scroll left-right.)

Content production

The Galaxy Note also excels in content production. For instance, I did write the draft of this long piece of text on my phone. It is a device where it makes sense to edit pictures, write draft documents, take screen shots, draw diagrams, and so on. I think apps did not make the move yet, and a good mobile text editor could find it's user on this phone.

Less errors

Maybe I have fat fingers but I had an error rate approaching 30% when typing on my previous phone's keyboard. Now this rate fell below 10% (which is still too high, I am waiting for the guy who will invent a good way to input text efficiently without a full hardware keyboard).

Less misery

On smaller screens, one need to have a few homes to organize most used apps, and then you need an app to manage these homes, and you have to have transitions between the screens, which are just hiding the misery of having not enough room on your screen under some CPU-hungry useless eye-candy. On my Galaxy Note I just have one home with all apps' icons I daily use and two folders for the less used apps. I even have enough room for a picture of my kid and a News/Weather widget. I also avoid auto-rotating the display, which is more annoying than useful most of the time.

More battery

A bigger phone means a bigger battery and extended battery life. I had two batteries for my previous device, so I could switch them halfway over Siberia's oh-so strange landscapes while flying between Europe and China. I may well not have to buy another one for the Galaxy Note, but I am not sure as battery power is still a serious limitation of every big screen handheld device, except the Kindle.

A pen

I rarely use the pen but it is helpful sometime, for example when editing pictures. I recently remove a cigarette tip from Lover beach sand in Sanya and would not have been able to do that without the pen. I would appreciate a way to manually calibrate it's direction (the auto-calibrate is not good enough for me), and I think the pen's button should be used to display a crosshair on the screen before starting to draw, because the thickness of the glass means an offset between the pixel you point at and the pixel you act on.

Calls, sometimes

The question about Galaxy Note that seem to be raised by most reviewer is about phone calls. True, it can be a bit less convenient, but calls is an anecdotal use-case of my phone. Should I to give a long call I would put headphones anyway, and a long important call is one of the rare things I actually like to do in front of a desktop computer.

External storage

Having an external SD card slot is useful. I brought all my music, audio books, pictures and video from my previous phone to my new phone through the SD card. I would have missed that on a Galaxy Nexus.

And a good companion

I was considering buying both a phone and a tablet, before choosing the cheaper option of the Galaxy Note. Until now I am very happy with this choice: I won;t have synchronization headaches, I won't have the "should I bring my tablet to the swimming pool" dilemma, I will just always bring my roboty friend in my pocket and that's all.
20th February 2012, 02:20 PM |#31  
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Really shameful review of Samsung Galaxy Note (repost)
I have read countless reviews of the Galaxy Note, even though I have owned mine since November 2011 I still like to read them to give me that warm fuzzy feeling of owning the best phone ever.

So it came as a massive shock to read one of the most pathetic reviews ever posted on by Galen Gruman who is obviously an apple fanboy or demented (or both)


"Run, don't walk, as fast as possible away from this monstrosity"

"The software on the Note fits the large screen poorly"

"Samsung's customized-for-Note apps, such as its Calendar, are actually harder to use on the big screen than they are on a regular smartphone "

"You have to wonder why Samsung shipped such a pathetic failure."

"The UI and the big screen come together badly"

"very bright, almost garish Super AMOLED display, subject to flickering"

"Interesting concept, poor execution... the Galaxy Note as currently delivered isn't the right vehicle for this experiment. I hope someone else tries to do it right."

Head over to the website and kick his sorry ass:

This is a repost as orignal closed due to being in wrong section!
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