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[UPDATED]Recover your dead X8/W8.

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Hello there fellow X8/W8 users!

This post is intended to point your attention to the simple fact that there's a hardware imposed danger to hard brick your Xperia X8 and W8, applies to E15i/a and E16i/a, at the attempt to unlock the boot loader!

The phones affected by the problem are units being manufactured at, and after, 11W29!

To check if your device is affected by the problem follow this simple steps:
  1. Turn off the phone and open it up
  2. Take out the battery
  3. Look at the sticker below

If the date code on the sticker reads 11W29, or any later date (11W30, 11W31, 11W32, 11W33, ...), DO NOT attempt to unlock the boot loader.

These phones ship with a revamped chipset configuration having the security hole the boot loader unlock uses effectively closed. This means that upon unlocking the boot loader your phone will end up as a hard brick - and you will have NO means to revive the phone yourselves. You either have to send it off to Sony for repair (recommended solution) or find a phone repair shop being able to resurrect shot devices!

The symptom you will experience when unlocking the boot loader on an affected device is like this:
  • The boot loader unlock will most likely go through fine
  • At restart the phone will show NO signs of life anymore.
    NO LED, NO LCD output, NO vibration.

This is the point where you can not do anything anymore yourself to resurrect the device.

You have been warned, DO NOT TRY to unlock the boot loader on phones manufactured PAST 11W29!

But it has been seen that there are few devices with manufacturing code above 11W29 have also successfully unlocked their bootloader.
For example me,i have 11W34 and unlocked the bootloader just fine..
But let me remind you again that this was just a matter of luck.
You might not be so lucky...

Also if you have manufacturing code above 11W29 and are desperate to unlock your bootloader then there are paid methods for it as reported by few users who had successfully unlocked their bootloader with manufacturing date above 11W29.

Update (2012/02/23):

To clear up the "no means to resurrect the phone yourself": This is true unless you are a experienced electronics technician. If you own a JTAG box (RIFF Box, Medusa Box) you may attempt to resurrect the device through JTAG. It may also be possible to resurrect the device through UART flash by using a test pin connection. Google is your friend here to dig up the required informations.

As posted by baiclark: There's an option to unlock the boot loader on 11W29+ devices, though this involves some Software (setool2) where you need to buy credits to perform the unlock. This is an untested procedure. If you decide to jump the gun please report your experience.

Update: Home-Brew unbricking with Omnius
Forum member aze2learn posted a guide about how to unbrick your hard bricked W8/X8 by using a modified Nokia CA-42 cable and Omnius. Find his valuable contribution at this post.

/!\ Be warned that this requires basic electronics skills to make it happen. /!\
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3rd February 2012, 06:09 PM |#2  
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Unbrick your briked X8/W8 via flashtools
Hi all
I made this thread since some guys were having trouble unbricking their X8/W8 via FLASHTOOLS...

And let me make it clear that the following post wont help you if your phone has bricked in attempt to unlock your bootloader when your phones manufacturing code was above 11W29.
In such a case the only (period) solution is to send it off to SONY to have it repaired.

How to unbrick your Soft Bricked phone..

What do you need?


Flashtools.(thanks to androxyde and bin4ry)
X8 stock firmware.
Or from here.
Or here.

X8 drivers installed.
Your X8/W8 phone
A USB cable
Relaxed mind..

Now lets begin.

1.First of all download and install Flashtools from the link provided above.

2.Download SE firmware in *.ftf file format and put it in Flashtool/firmwares folder.

3. Now, run the FlashTool and click the Lighting bolt button to start flash.

4.Now click flashmode and choose Xperia X8 (E15i).

4.Now wait for a while till it says you to "remove your phone,press the back button and hold it and install the USB".

Do it and wait for the flashing proceedure to finish...

If everything works fine then CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! you have successfully unbricked your phone and installed the 2.1.1.A.0.6 version with 015 baseband, fresh and stock!

If your phone doesnt boots up still, then you might have gone wrong somewhere in the flashing process..
So read the steps carefully and do it again..


Guide for installing the required drivers for flashing, skip this if you have PC Companion installed and connected your phone in flash mode at least once!

If your phone is not recognized by Flashtool that means you don’t have the required drivers installed.
Open folder /Flashtool/drivers and install ggsetup-

If after the above Flashtool still doesn’t recognize your phone, do the following:
From Flashtool/drivers folder extract the zip file XXX_ADB_driver which corresponds to your phone model
Open “Device manager” on the computer and find the device which is with an exclamation mark on it (do this with connected to the computer phone)
Right click on the device and choose Uptade driver
Choose to find the driver manually and browse to the folder where you’ve extracted the zip file.
That should install the required drivers on your computer.

Now as you have successfully unbricked your phone, the first thing you would possibly do is rooting your phone...

So here i show you how to Root your phone with flashtools..

1.Start Flashtool

2.Connect the device to the computer and wait until it's recognized

3.Click the icon with the "Padlock [the second in a row]

4.FT will start pushing files, wait till it finishes. Meanwhile the phone will reboot once.

5.When it's over Flashtool will notify "Root Access Allowed"

6.Open the application list on the phone and look for the app "Superuser".

7.If "Superuser" is there you have Rooted your device successfully.

That's it...........

If you found this thread useful don't forget to click the THANKS button for me...

Thanks to
Bin4ry and androxyde..(for flashtools)
crowds for the original guide..
Leajian for allowing me to use content from his guide.
BlackRabbit1703 for the mirror of firmware.
And all the people who liked my work...

See ya..
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5th February 2012, 11:08 AM |#3  
Realtbhuion's Avatar
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um, mine's an 11W29 and it unlocked just fine. it's only the one's AFTER it that have issues.
5th February 2012, 11:16 AM |#4  
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I have 11W33 and unlocked 2 times now without a problem ! and works fine
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5th February 2012, 11:29 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by Realtbhuion

um, mine's an 11W29 and it unlocked just fine. it's only the one's AFTER it that have issues.

We also had a few phones in the 11W3x region that unlocked perfectly, but the hard bricks we observed so far all start at 11W29 - and newer.

The source from where we got the information about the hard brick danger is a post of the_laser on ...


seems most of lately produced msm7227-based phones have chipset with FIXED security hole, which used to altbypass unlock.
(that is not 100% confirmed, we only have few reports, however better be warned)
such phones will DIE after successful unlock procedure.
such dead phones CAN NOT be recovered. ( perhaps, jtag can fix that, perhaps, qualcomm fixed jtag security hole too )

there is NO WAY to determine if phone has fixed chipset or chipset with security hole.

the ONLY safe way is to use unlock by resurrection cables.
if phone can be connected and booted by resurrection cables, phone is safe to unlock.
if phone can not be booted by resurrection cables, phone has fixed chipset and could not be unlocked.

you have been warned.
get and use resurrection cables.

e16 phone with manufacture date 11w38 affected, i think we should care about phones which produced after 11w26

As you can see the_laser referenced 11W26 as the "threshold" where our observation is that 11W29 is where the trouble really starts.

EDIT: See this thread for reference - post #62 and #63 where we summed up a few hard bricks. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, there have been way more.

You're of course free to dismiss the warning and do as you please, just don't come ranting about your hard brick - you've been warned.
5th February 2012, 11:57 AM |#6  
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My phone is 11W30 (I forgot to check this before unlock bootloader) but all works fine for me.
6th February 2012, 06:04 PM |#7  
El Brillantinas's Avatar
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Mine was 11W37, and I said "was" 'cause I just bricked it.

So Im reading this thread too late lol

However, this situation only hurries things because I'm getting Xperia Ray soon. Now I have to get it sooner.

For now, I have a fa(i)lPhone, wich was a present from my dad. So no worries at all. But having my X8 completely bricked will be a good challenge, as I'll try to bring it back to life no matter if you say there is nothing I can do.

Of course, in case I achieve it, I'll share it! If not, then I'll have a nice modern piece of decoration for my living room: a smartphone XD
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6th February 2012, 10:41 PM |#8  
Johnny_CRO's Avatar
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x8-11w37 new phone HARD BRICK!
I was lucky ennough they replaced my bricked x8. . No unlocked bootloader for me.
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6th February 2012, 10:42 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by El Brillantinas

Mine was 11W37, and I said "was" 'cause I just bricked it.

But having my X8 completely bricked will be a good challenge, as I'll try to bring it back to life no matter if you say there is nothing I can do.

Of course, in case I achieve it, I'll share it!

To be precise - there is something that can be done, it's just not very easy.

On the one hand you can try to read up over at The latest versions of SETool are able to resurrect shot W/X8's. However, you either need to know to which test-pins to you need to connect the cable from your computer or simply try to get one of the Qualcomm resurrection cables fitting the W/X8. Apart from that you need "credits" for SETool to actually perform the operation. This means you have to pry your W/X8 apart to gain access to the PCB - that's not exactly something everyone around here is able to do - and connect to the right pins to flash in UART mode.

On the other hand you can always try to find someone (private person / repair shop) having a RIFF Box to see if the phone can be resurrected by JTAG, though the way it sounds (the post I read on about UART resurrection) a JTAG restore seems to be impossible - but feel free to try.

If you can work out a working, and relatively simple to follow, solution to restore shot W/X8's be our guest to write up a post.
7th February 2012, 01:03 AM |#10  
Junior Member
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thks, for the info, My x8 manuf.code is 11W28, is it safe for unlock BL?
7th February 2012, 09:12 AM |#11  
Senior Member
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Question Can i unlock my bootloader?
My W8 code is 11W25 can i unlock my bootloader??
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