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[ROM][4.0.4] IceColdSandwich 8.3 [Currently inactive]

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By kaijura, Senior Member on 21st February 2012, 03:37 AM
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Note: IceColdSandwich currently operates on old gingerbread kernel before HTC released vivo sources. I am examining the 3.0 kernel sources to see how compatibility is. Until things are working, ICS/JB AOSP/CM variant roms will be unofficial until we have a working kernel.

Donors: Thank you and acknowledgement to XDA community:
acme anvil, BloomTwig, Firetribe, johnblundon, Me4oKyX, Psyloid, rkucheran, t3xtid

Credits: LorD ClockaN, twistedumbrella, CAF, existz, QiSS Me Taiwan, CM9, nk111, Nexx, synergye, AOKP, rest of the team who all helped to get this working for everyone. Make sure you give them thanks too, I have linked some of their threads below in post#2 to follow on their progress.

Changelog: AOKP 8.3 - ROSSI (full release) July 12, 2012
- Revert Camcorder to 8.1.1 camera, it will still have bugs but should be better than 8.2's camera (I tested). Sometimes it may FC, sometimes it won't, a few times the screen stays still but it is actually recording, other times it works perfectly. So it's just a crapshoot but won't be giving all those weird errors like 8.2 did.
- 2G toggle added to AOKP
- Updated/fixed some default APNs (o2 prepaid and Bulgarian carriers) hope MMS/internet works for them now
- Update to Trebuchet
- Changed Battery reporting values to default stock CM9
- Messaging app updates
- Email app added option to download insecure attachment
- Settings/SystemUI/ROMControl minor fixes/updates
- Maps, Youtube updated
- Fixed freezing clock issue (hopefully)
Features working = ●●
●● GPS
●● Flashlight
●● Bluetooth
●● HW Acceleration
●● 4-way Lockscreen
●● Mobile Data & Phone & Microphone
●● Custom battery icons from ROMControl
●● Volume wake and music track skipping
●● WiFi & WiFi Tether
●● USB Tethering, SDcard mounting
●● Capacitive softkeys & rotating softkeys
●● High/Low Quality YouTube / Netflix / Hulu video
●● Camera Panorama mode
●● Video conferencing, GTalk, Skype, Yahoo! Video, etc.
●● Front Camera preview and settings control
●● Back Camera Preview & Flash control
●● Capacitive softkey rotation (Credits of St.Matt, x2)
●● Camcorder working in 480p and 720p (flash patch in Post #2 if it's not working)

Bugs, known issues, not working = xx
xx Directional compass not showing on maps
xx MMS Might not be working for some providers (try to delete and re-enter APN settings)
xx No FM radio officially supported (It will work if you use Spirit FM radio app)

xx INSTAGRAM and similar social apps: TURN OFF or use the stock camera settings because the app camera is incompatible with the existing camera code.



8.3 MD5: 3d5c6f073dfeb2360310d7dc9126aa24

for older versions: Camcorder fix is in post #2

v3, v4+ kernels below if you need it: S-OFF and S-ON (attachments)
Forced USB charging of x kernel by itandy: (same kernel, but with faster usb charging commits)
v4+ S-OFF:
v4+ S-ON:
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.98 MB, 2693 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.76 MB, 1139 views)
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21st February 2012, 03:37 AM |#2  
Prompt Extra features, addons, themes, changelog, credits

Ice Cold Sandwich Extras
Camcorder / Video camera Patch
Tested working on 8.0 and 8.1.1, may work with older editions (untested). Flash in recovery.
For 2.0-5.6.1+: X-ICS kernel - by kaijura
S-OFF users: Included in rom by default. You don't need to flash anything.
S-ON users: Instructions to flash boot.img Where to download:
For 2.0-5.6.1+: Tiamat ICS Kernel - credits to cayniarb
Tiamat kernel if you want to try a different kernel. Flash in recovery.
S-OFF Users: Download Kernel version 02-21-2012 or 03-14-2012 here:
S-ON HTCDEV unlocked users: Read and follow instructions in this post.
For 2.0-5.6.1+: Virtuous AOSP ICS V5 Kernel - credits to mdeejay
Guide for both S-ON and S-OFF people.
This kernel is incompatible with the flashlight LED's.


Version Changes & Changelog:

8.2-AOKP "SUMMER" Jul'02 2012
¤ Kernel v4.0+ - KGSL, KMEM, MSM3D optimizations (should fix 3D crashing/reboot bugs now)
¤ Qualcomm Adreno (205) proprietary binaries updated
¤ Camcorder / Video recording should be working out of the box in 720p/480p recording and playback. You might need to clear camera app data if you have problems
¤ Settings > Hardware Info information added
¤ Torch toggle FC resolved
¤ Libcore, webkit, frameworks updated
¤ LED notification issues fixed
¤ minor asthetic update for translation in weather - wind direction
8.1.1-AOKP - "WTF" Jun'26 2012
telephony: Add support for choosing a default APN - CM9 team
updated Trebuchet to latest - CM9 team
added increase ring option to Phone - CM9 team
Mms.apk updates from CM9 team:
- Invalidate the contacts cache if contacts DB is modified
- Added Greek characters to Strip Unicode
- Fix contact lookup for email addresses
- Make notifications consistent with the Gapps -
- added the option to change the soft keyboard type when composing messages -
lockscreen: Add weatherpanel to lockscreen - AOKP
IME switcher notification: remove reboot requirement - AOKP
Lockscreen clean up octo layout - AOKP
statusbar slider Brightness enabled by default - AOKP
notification bar counter (option) - AOKP
powersaver: don't switch network mode if the phone is ringing/incall - AOKP
SystemUI: fix data toggle - AOKP
compact list view mode for Contacts - AOKP
optimized weather toast notification code - AOKP
move weather images to framework-res - AOKP (makes SystemUI.apk smaller)
added setting to automatically toggle speaker in-call in landscape (Phone) - AOKP
reorganized Settings/About and added more info about device - AOKP, modified by LorD ClockaN
fixed Google search box FC on Tablet UI mod - LorD ClockaN
include AOKP theme Achromatic for theme engine
added prebuilt all-DPI ready Phone.apk - by LorDClockaN
added Linaro optimizations to whole source - existz
updates to dalvik VM - existz
added -O3 optimizations trough out the rom (speed improvements) - existz
fixed netflix - existz
updates to chromium lib - existz
fix in lib - existz
added back SoundRecorder to app list that got lost along the way - existz
fixes to external_openssl
updated Bluetooth.apk
added UI option to disable Data Statistics - CAF
tablet UI mod ready - to use it, set dpi to 120, font size to Huge and enable Dual Pane in settings/Display
updated GoogleMaps to 6.8.1
finally fixed DSPManager's loud volume in Music - also now it's actualy in use
more optimizations in frameworks for ARMv7
lockscreen: toggle music layout - AOKP
updates to Contacts.apk
updated Apex and Nova Launchers
added WebGL support
added Host name option
new proprietary libs from CAF
updates to qcom_display
updates to display libs
alarm clock semi-transparent - thanks to claude96
added missing Egyptian APN and fixed FreeMobile French
updates to A2DP playback
set to 0 as default to smooth some games in build.prop
8.0.0-AOKP - "Son of a Bitch" Jun'01 2012
updated ROMControl's Lockscreen - AOKP
updates to to eliminate errors in logcat - existz
updated ApexLauncher to 1.2.2beta1
updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.4
updated Maps to 6.8.0
VideoEditor should be fixed now
reworked Music Controls on lockscreen - AOKP
webkit: Reduce processing in WebCore thread while scrolling and zooming
HUGE source rework, almost all based now on AOSP repos, not CM
update French translation in ROMControl - pnoire
updated Music app with a lot of patches from CodeAurora and finaly merged to 4.0.4 version - aospx
updated SKIA from CAF
added "support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth" - CM
updated display and video driver - CAF
new toggle layout selection in ROMControl - AOKP
added AOKP Clock widget - AOKP
updated Email.apk
disabled kernel error checking - existz
disabled all xt_qtguid checks - existz
updated Adreno proprietary libs from CAF - thanks to existz
hopefully fixed soft button lights bug
reworked repos to try to fix Browser FC - a lot of work, thanks to existz for tips
fixed music lags with CFS kernel, now finally speed and battery friendly kernel - thanks to ___m0d_ for the tips
fixed BT mute issue for some users
added custom theme to theme chooser - by our own TUN_SD
fixed PIN unlock bootloop
added Ring Delay function to Phone.apk - AOKP
Additional fixes for button/keyboard backlight auto-brightness - CM
added Russian to the supported spellchecker languages - CM
updated translations trough out the rom - CM
updates to video and display repositories
updated GoogleStore to 3.5.19
added option to select storage location in Camera app - Twisted
updated Contacts.apk with layout option - AOKP
added option to chose from sense/stock recent app list - AOKP
added option to disable boot audio
added Low Battery level LED blinkinng option to disable it - AOKP
added t-mobile theme engine from CM - AOKP
increased Max messages in Email that can be seen to 50
added Timer Snapshot to Camera - Danesh M.
some fixes and patches regarding wifi from CM
added back Tile Rendering line in build.prop and enabled it by default
added option to Messaging to hide sender or message body in notification - AOKP
boot audio fixed - requires boot_audio.mp3 in system/media
7.2.0-AOKP - "FAREWELL" Apr'12 2012
¤ HTC One X multitasking recents window (default) or Original ICS recents (ROMControl general settings > Horizontal)
¤ johnblundon's bootanimation updated to 4.0.4
¤ Rewritten New CameraHAL code - Camcorder not working, photos from FFC don't preview right but will be ok full photo.
¤ Boot on sound option - put a mp3 in /system/media/android_audio.mp3 (about ~10 seconds of playback)
¤ MMS & APN's updated - tried to fix for these carriers: Talkmobile, Yes Optus/Virgin, globul, digi
¤ Clock Color (ROMControl > Clock)
¤ Profile - Sync Override option
¤ Bluetooth updates
¤ ApexLauncher updated to 1.0.5 (1.0.4 had some crash bugs)
¤ BackLightNotification (BLN) quiet hours toggle
¤ Custom icons for lockscreen fixed
¤ Custom lockscreen wallpaper added/fixed
¤ Small patches and app updates
¤ Disable camera sound option (Settings > Sound)
¤ Music effects (Settings > Sound)
¤ working x-ICS-v3 kernel (Mar 27 ver #19)
7.0.0-AOKP - "ERROR404 EDITION" Mar'30 2012
¤ x-ICS-v3 Kernel: SVS voltages unlocked, use app like IncrediControl to control your CPU voltages
¤ Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 official update merged - read that changelog for changes (some do not apply for our custom ICS)
¤ Slightly modified battery calculation method
¤ Apex Launcher updated to 1.0.4
¤ GooManager updated to 1.5.7
¤ There is a bug with YouTube and video playback in this kernel. Either remove youtube and download it on the market, or flash with v3 kernel #19 to fix it.
¤ There is also a bug with the front camera upsidedown. Fix: Take from 7.2 or 6.2 and replace it after flashing. You must also clear camera app data.
6.2.0-AOKP - "CBR1000 EDITION" Mar'25 2012
¤ x-ICS-v2 Kernel: support up to 2.0GHZ overclock, voltages reconfigured
¤ x-ICS-v2 Kernel: interactivex governer added, default governer reverted to ondemand
¤ x-ICS-v2 Kernel: Default I/O scheduler changed from 'bfq' to 'noop' (tip by justaway2). 3.0 BFQ may come at another date when I get SVS working.
¤ Camera and camera features: Untouched, no changes from 6.1.1
¤ Launcher: Trebuchet updated to latest changes (Included with Apex)
¤ Phone Radio: Untouched, no changes from 6.1.1
¤ Apps: MMS, Music and Stock keyboard updated (LatinIME.apk)
¤ Email: Reverted back to default email and exchange.apk's
¤ ROMControl: Wifi signal text option
¤ ROMControl: German translation force close/crash issue fixed. Other languages not tested.
¤ ROMControl: Calendar and lockscreen battery options touched up
¤ Market: Play Store patched with DPI mod from xda to allow use in lower than 240 LCD Density
¤ Profiles: Updated and some fixes from CM
¤ Wallpapers: Three new default wallpaper by johnblundon
¤ GooManager: Updated
6.1.1-AOKP - "TwistedUmbrella EDITION" Mar'18 2012
¤ New Kernel, fixes some issues like Panorama.
¤¤ Kernel also fxed Chrome & Stock browser rendering problems, still investigating future issues. Please report a logcat if you experience bugs.
¤ Updated Qualcomm Adreno 2xx binaries (released @Qcomdev 03-13-12)
¤ Pictures can now taken without corrupted glitches (combined work of twistedumbrella, QiSS ME Project, zbwu86, nk111)
¤ Back camera photos now rotating correctly (work of twistedumbrella)
¤ Video chat, front camera preview now functional
¤ Facelock layout added and working properly with lockscreen Pattern and Pin
¤ Updated GooManager to 1.5.4
¤ Updated Apex Launcher to 1.0.2
¤ Lockscreen text color can now be set (work of AOKP+LorD)
¤ Lockscreen calendars can now be set
¤ Lockscreen weather & Emergency Dial location fixed (AOKP/LorD)
¤ Fast charge option added (beware of excessive usage)
¤ Email and Exchange apps changed
¤ Dual settings pane added (work of Twistedumbrella)
5.6.1 (pilot release) → 6.1.1 changes
→ Disabled tile rendering that caused reboot bugs
→ APN editing bug fixed (CM fix, existz assist)
→ New softkey rotation script (work of St.Matt)
→ Modded Play Store app that allows you to use lower DPI, but can only buy at 240DPI (stock)
→ Statusbar brightness improved
5.5-AOKP - "OLIVE EDITION" Mar'14 2012
¤ Phone number now showing: Settings > Status
¤ Auto Brightness settings ala CM7/CM9 style: Settings > Display > Custom Backlight settings (custom button light levels are not working properly, this is a known bug)
¤ Sound / Quiet hours: Settings > Sound > Quiet Hours
¤ AOKP Profiles: Power button > Chose profile
¤ ADB over network: Settings > Developer options
¤ Startup tweaks: Settings > ROMControl > Start-up Tweaks
¤ Translations added in ROMControl
¤ Greek, Croatian dictionary added
¤ Removed extra keyboard 
¤ GooManager updated to 1.5.2
¤ AOKP "About AOKP" restored (accidently removed before)
¤ Removed Nova Launcher: less features than Apex, install on market if you like Nova better. Removed to reduce download size.
¤ Improved stock browser functionality, although might still be buggy (beware of FC's from stock browser, you are warned)
¤ Updated IncS device props to see if it fixes problems for some mobile data users
5.1-AOKP - "WOMEN'S DAY EDITION" Mar'09 2012
¤ CM9 kernel now stable with IncS (your results may vary)
¤ Translations for ROMControl and OS added (Korean=heymikachu, French=pnoire, Italian=pecora)
¤ Live wallpaper fixed
¤ Google V8 javascript engine added
¤ More battery icon options added
¤ OMX Patches
¤ Torch flashlight now in apps
¤ New weather icons
¤ Framework patches
¤ Extra statusbar transparency options
¤ Google Play added (updated Market)
¤ Music app updated
¤ GooManager updated
¤ Three launchers to choose from: Apex, Nova, Trebuchet. Choose one and find what you like for future release
4.3-AOKP - "COMMUNITY EDITION" Mar'04 2012
¤ IceColdSandwich awesome bootanimation >> credits johnblundon
¤ Panorama camera mode added and working (slight bugs on bright objects like sun, lamp, etc) >> credits twistedumbrella
¤ Video Chat (GTalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc) working
¤ Weather icons fixed for slide down menu >> credits synergye
¤ Rotating capactive arrows fixed (slightly buggy, turn off/on brightness to restore if it turns off) >> credits st.matt 
¤ Some translations added for ROMControl (Korean, French)
¤ Transparent status bar now an option by default
¤ Youtube Low Quality, Gallery Videos, Netflix, Hulu, Live Stream, etc movie players all now working
¤ Video codecs updated
¤ GooManager updated to ver 1.4
4.0-AOKP - "NUTELLA EDITION" Feb'28 2012
¤ Changed System Frameworks and RomControl to features adapted from AOKP, the rest is Ice Cold base
¤ CRT-animation off added
¤ real OMX libs and drivers, integration and patches - a step ahead to eventually get NetFlix/HD video working
¤ Google Apps updated to 02-24-2012. Goo-inside-me app (GooManager) added to allow users to download newer gapps.
¤ Keyboard/translation additions and fixes for some languages (Macedonian)
¤ MMS, Phone, Trebuchet, Contacts apps updated
3.0.0 alpha 3 rev 2omx - "BLACK PANTHER EDITION" Feb'26 2012
¤ Includes Qualcomm OMX libraries (adds route for HD video playback in future releases)
¤ Microphone bug workaround with OMX libs
¤ Small patches
3.0.0 alpha 3 rev 2 - "BLACK PANTHER EDITION" Feb'24 2012
¤ Fixed microphone for sound recording (Revert non-omx libs)
¤ Fixed bluetooth
¤ Test code for Video playback added (not fully tested)
3.0.0 alpha 3 - "BLACK PANTHER EDITION" Feb'23 2012
¤ Sync with LorD's repo on Feb'23
¤ Added LorD's Ice Cold Sandwich Bootanimation 
¤ Fixed USB mounting and tethering
¤ Fixed Rotation - to enable home screen rotation go to Launcher > General > Auto-rotate Screen
¤ Fixed wrong mobile signal icon
¤ dBm number/text signal option added
¤ dev-related: bypass compile termination issue after system.img thanks to JBirdVegas
3.0.0 alpha 2 - "ELECTRIC EDITION" Feb'22 2012
¤ Fixed red outline graphic glitch
¤ Fixed superuser permissions
¤ Fixed WiFi & WiFi tether
¤ Repo code improvements

Older downloads:

Ice Cold Sandwich ver 8.2 AOKPMediafire link || Devhost link MD5: a6c3ad2eda481c2d7a3119b3298c03e9
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 8.1.1 AOKPMediafire link || Devhost link MD5: 403a2481f9d641b98518903a4e189761
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 8.0 AOKPMediafire link || Devhost link MD5: b57c88f28a85c6936a99de122f7044ca
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 7.2 AOKPMediafire link || Devhost link MD5: 957afe9bab8d9c6f34586cb876bb06df
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 7.0 AOKPMediafire link MD5: 591d0520c80344d90be06a84f7944c30
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 6.2 AOKPMediafire link || Devhost link MD5: 511337b76808b07f1604165426cb2dbe
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 6.1.1 AOKPMediafire link || Devhost link MD5: 6d3f27e19fab5aa3682a862fdacfb6fc
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 5.5.0 AOKP
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 5.1.0 AOKP
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 4.3.0 AOKP
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 4.0.0 AOKP
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 3.0.1 alpha3r2omx
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 3.0.0 alpha3r2
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 3.0.0 alpha3r1
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 3.0.0 alpha 2
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 3.0.0 alpha 1
Ice Cold Sandwich ver 2.0.0


Credits: give them thanks in their threads too, they are part of the project that is making it work for our brotherhood of HTC devices.
HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G: LorD ClockaN - Ice Cold Sandwich
HTC Thunderbolt: twistedumbrella - Playground ICS
HTC Desire S: vampire36 - Ice Cold Sandwich Desire S port

[U]Resolution center: Automated helpdesk Open 24/7!  
First and quick tip for most issues, without losing data:
Wipe dalvik,wipe cache, wipe battery stats and see if problem persists.  (Thanks to Psyloid for mentioning)

Recommended test procedure to verify if it is a bug with your setup or the rom
1) Boot into recovery, make backup of your rom
2) Format all your phone partitions
3) Install latest IceCold Sandwich
4) Don't install any apps (unless you have 1 app that has the problem)
5) Test to see if you have the same problem
6) Check with Desire HD or this thread to see if others continue to have your problem
7) Report it if you see no one else has your problem

Common bug reports-----------------------

Flashing problems, installation issues
→ Can't flash ROM! Won't let me! Certain apps not showing after flash!
Solution: Update your recovery. Latest clockworkmod is or 4EXT Recovery Classic RC5 (2.2.7) is recommended. 4EXT Touch RC2 also works, but you have to be on the latest version.

General UI, HAL-related problems
→ Keyboard backlights don't turn on after boot
Solution: toggle brightness
→ Text becomes all garbage and can't see!!

Sound, music, and media related
→ DSPManager doesn't work right!
Solution: Wait for an official app or try something else on market, no known resolution with default DSP manager. It is brought in from CM7 and is not perfect with ICS. If you want to try another equalizer, you must uninstall all current equalizers on your phone.

Messaging, Phone, Market
→ Gmail is freezing when opening notification!
Solution: You must open gmail from the app, not from your notification bar. This is a known issue with the later releases, we are not sure what the problem is coming from other than the gmail app. Try  pushing a newer version of gmail.apk from here or johnblundon's modded gmail. It has been recommended to use February'15-2012 version of gmail.apk to avoid FC. If it worked for you, post back your results.

→ MMS not sending or receiving!
Solution: Check your APN in settings > Wireless > APN and make sure they are set correctly.

→ Can't connect to market 
Solution: Try WiFi or data mode. If  you still can't, clear your market data. If that dosen't work, try another ICS rom to find out if it's a problem with Play store or IceCold Sandwich. You can also delete your market APK and try pushing over an earlier market from another version, since sometimes we upgrade the market versions each rom release.

→ Phone unresponsive, slow, lag 
Solution: We need a logcat to know full details, we do not know what apps are interfering with the rom, you can try another kernel to see if it is resolved.

Camera, Photos, Video
→ Front camera photos upside down!!
Solution: Rotate in gallery
→ Facelock doesn't show after reboot
Solution: Open camera app, close it and try again. It is due to how it is written in the camera source, since it is reverse-GB/hacked code it will take time to 100% perfect it

→ Front Camera not showing up / setting up facelock doesn't work
Solution: Open camera app, close it and try again. Clear your camera settings data. If your front camera icon doesn't show up, you may have to reboot and wipe cache (or wipe all) and keep re-installing until it shows up. I do not know a solution or what is the cause of this right now.

→ My skype is green! 
Solution: Wait for camera source updates or use another chat app. Gchat should be fine.
→ Video camcorder won't work
Solution: Wait until twistedumbrella perfects the camera HAL code first..

PS: Titanium backup is an unfriendly thing if you are installing this ROM for this first time. Try to avoid using to restore everything at one go.

Full wiping is recommended if you are having problem with a feature in the rom. Otherwise, you may upgrade on top.
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21st February 2012, 04:05 AM |#3  
Senior Member
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Wow looking forward to getting the wifi up and running, sounds like it could def be a daily thanks for ur work!

Sent from my HTC Incredible S using XDA App
21st February 2012, 04:26 AM |#4  
johnblundon's Avatar
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Dude you are on fire! Great stuff can't wait to try it out

Thanks so much for all of the hard work!

Sent from my HTC Incredible S using XDA App
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21st February 2012, 04:48 AM |#5  
Junior Member
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another ics AOSP
nice work dude

im waiting for major release
21st February 2012, 04:58 AM |#6  
nikhil007mmus's Avatar
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Good work bro
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21st February 2012, 02:58 PM |#7  
suaji's Avatar
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thanks bro..

* noob question : if i want to try face unlock, just flash Gapps Facelock only or install Both (DesireS rom + Gapps Facelock)??..
21st February 2012, 05:16 PM |#8  
Flag Moscow
Thanks Meter: 52
My version port IceColdSandwich 3.0.0
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2012-02-21-21-02-46.jpg
Views:	12236
Size:	24.5 KB
ID:	913136 Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2012-02-21-21-03-19.jpg
Views:	11825
Size:	24.5 KB
ID:	913137 Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2012-02-21-21-03-35.jpg
Views:	11756
Size:	18.4 KB
ID:	913138 Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2012-02-21-21-04-13.jpg
Views:	11505
Size:	29.1 KB
ID:	913139
WiFi worked.
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21st February 2012, 05:43 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ruslik0579

My version port IceColdSandwich 3.0.0
WiFi worked.

Any chance of a link to try your version?

---------- Post added at 02:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:11 PM ----------

Originally Posted by suaji

thanks bro..

* noob question : if i want to try face unlock, just flash Gapps Facelock only or install Both (DesireS rom + Gapps Facelock)??..

I don't think the desireS rom will work on a Incredible S, the link is just for reference I think
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21st February 2012, 06:09 PM |#10  
Originally Posted by ruslik0579

My version port IceColdSandwich 3.0.0
Attachment 913136 Attachment 913137 Attachment 913138 Attachment 913139
WiFi worked.

Cool! Are you using Quattro kernel?
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21st February 2012, 06:12 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by kaijura

Cool! Are you using Quattro kernel?

Yes. I have a small problem - microphone not work.
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