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S.onyTablet.S v6.5 [ALLinONE] - new: Update OEM Apps! automatic ICS ROOT!, JB ROOT!

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By condi, Senior Member on 25th February 2012, 12:31 AM
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So here it is. All in one tool to modify Sony Tablet S (/P/Xperia) in most important ways.
From now on I will directly update 'S.onyTablet.S' tool with new features.
If you think about some new functions, which could be useful to add - feel free to propose.

If you want to keep this project alive - don't forget to donate,
its not mandatory, but greatly appreciated.

HUGE THANKS to those that have already donated!

Condi presents... S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] tool

[S.onyTablet.S features]:

  1. [ICS-OK] Root device - doesn't need description. Added compatiblity for CHINA devices and new root method for ICS!
  2. [ICS-OK] Unroot device - this will delete su, busybox, superuser - all root things. Useful regarding warranty.
  3. [ICS-OK] Region changer - !! yes! one-click region changer, also changes additional build.prop
    values, in order to get correct ota-update on current old-region firmware. Available 29 regions. For S&P tabs only.
    Big THANK YOU to all the people, who helped, collection of regions is based on users values, in large part.
  4. [ICS-OK] Run ADB Shell - runs adb shell - terminal from pc. Just handy.
  5. [ICS-OK] Reboot device - just reboot.

  6. [ICS-OK] Create decrypted - boom1 decrypt official OTA updates, and can make custom rom from it.
  7. [ICS-OK] Add root, "rescue-backdoor", init.d to decrypted zip - boom2
    (in previous step it can be also made) - make custom rom with root and build.prop mod built-in.
    Now init.d also included! in v2.3 I've moved script into separate files\_custom_update_maker.bat - to be userfriendly,
    now you can make your own modifications, own custom rom based on AiO
  8. [ICS-OK] Sign decrypted - boom3 signs modified update.
  9. [ICS-OK] Flash signed zip [auto/manual] - boom4
    (before using sign your update) - WELCOME CUSTOM ROMS FLASHING!
  10. [ICS-OK] Flash signed zip [straight from recovery] - will work only on devices
    already-working with! and with recovery up to R1A. Handy in some situations.

  11. [ICS-OK] Install "rescue-backdoor" - anti-bootloop protection, gives opportunity to reflash current firmware
    if something goes wrong with modifying system things.
  12. [ICS-OK] Run OTA ZIP autodownloader - you've got to have "System Update" notification to use it.
    Make it if new OTA comes in, or after "rescue-backdoor".
  13. [ICS-OK] Toggle OTA system updates and notifications - you can disable annoying update notifications
    (after "rescue-backoor"). Also enable back.
  14. [ICS-OK] Install init.d support - just push your bash scripts to '/system/etc/init.d/' to get them autostart
    on device booting. Useful to get some modifications (for example other sdcard mounting).
  15. [ICS-OK] Install gps-fix mod - changes gps.conf with modded version to get better and faster signal.
  16. [ICS-OK] Fake as other device - fake your tab as one of four available (Acer A500, Motorola XOOM,
    Galaxy SII, Galaxy TAB) - to get more games/apps available in market To bring back original - run again.
  17. [ICS-OK] [init.d] script] Increase SD/extSD read speeds. - adds init.d script which automatically on boot changes cache value,
    to get better read speeds (idea by obicom, solution by brainmaster - read more here, thx guys!
  18. Add WiFi AD-HOC Support - As suggested - fully automatic adhoc enabler. HC only.
    Big thanks to zerod78 for the solution! To get back to original state - run again.
  19. [ICS-OK] Install latest [modded] Google Play Store - changes Google Store App to one,
    which is modded to unlimited access to apps and with removed countries restriction etc.
    Big thanks to Deeco7 and Team ICEmods for the modded apks! To get back to stock app - run again.
  20. [ICS-OK] Install latest PlayStation Mobile app. - Downloads latest PSM app from Sony, and installs it.
    Users who got problem with installing 'Account Manager' update from inside PSM can use modded Google Play Store,
    from above, to install it without problems
  21. [ICS-OK] Install "USB Mass Storage" support. - yes! for external sd, and also internal one!
    Can be easly turned on with two shortcuts on home screen
  22. [ICS-OK] Enable write permissions to SD. - reenable SD write permissions for all applications! No more FileTransfer-monopoly!
  23. [ICS-OK] Update OEM Apps. - some oem apps from latest JB release2 fw for Sony Tablet S owners!

    UPDATE CHECKER - new function, which checks on start (~2s) if there is a new version of ALLinONE!
    If there is new version - it opens official S.onyTablet.S webpage! Always stay up to date
    This option can be turned off - if you want to disable it just make empty file called "_offupdates" in "files" directory

Its good to use S.onyTablet.S tool not too deep in directory structure,
unpack it in root of C:\S.onyTablet.S v6.0 for example


  1. Download ICS FIRMWARE,
  2. Copy it to external SD,
  3. Run v5.3 AiO - goto 'Custom Rom' submenu, choose 'Decrypt Update' function,
    (after it will copy decrypted update, device will reboot and again it will be copied to PC - be patient!)
  4. Follow AiO tool instructions,
  5. Choose YES for add root etc.,
  6. If its R5+ firmware then choose yes for hidden.img replace,
  7. Choose YES for sign new custom update,
    (JAVA required - if you dont have, then install it, and manually run 'Sign' function),
  8. Choose YES for flashing new custom update
  9. Wait for finish

If you are not familiar with all custom flashing stuff - then first just check
below for videos demonstrating how it goes from A to Z.

BluechipJ made a great tutorial video, just check it out HERE!


  1. Root device using option no.1,
  2. Run tweaks&mods - and apply Rescue-Backdoor function,
  3. Run region changer and choose US region,
  4. Download US ICS R1A FIRMWARE,
  5. Copy it to external SD,
  6. Run v5.3 AiO - goto 'Custom Rom' submenu, choose 'Decrypt Update' function,
    (after it will copy decrypted update, device will reboot and again it will be copied to PC - be patient!)
  7. Follow AiO tool instructions,
  8. Choose YES for add root etc.,
  9. Choose YES for sign new custom update
    (JAVA required - if you dont have, then install it, and manually run 'Sign' function),
  10. Choose YES for flashing new custom update
  11. Wait for finish

[FAQ - frequently asked questions v1.0]:

If you have some questions, just ask, most common, usefull will be added here.

1. I don't know this, I don't know that! Grrrrr! That doesn't work!
Throw everything and help me NOW!

- Remember that all the project is free, everybody who works here, spends his own
free time. Its our hobby. We all have jobs, families, everyday duties. Nobody force
you to do anything. Appreciate all the work, read all you can before proceeding,
do not blame if something goes wrong. Of course feel free to post, but its good
to search for the solution, before doing that Most of the questions has already
been answered.

2. How can I know if my tablet is rootable?
- Just run AiO tool, and choose 'Root' function, it will gonna check in the beginning
if your device is rootable, if not - you will gonna see the statement.

3. When root for not-rootable (fw R6A+) devices will gonna be available?
- There is no ETA. When new exploit is going to be found, then of course
I will inform you about it, and it should included in future version of AiO tool.

4. I've successfully flashed 'custom prerooted ICS', there is SuperUser in apps,
but I don't have working root, why?

- If you have SuperUser, and /system/bin/tempsu binary, then most probably you used
SuperSU in 3.2.1. In AiO v2.7 there was no path check for SU binary.
Just use this small fix (path check included in AiO v2.8+).

5. I've flashed 'custom prerooted ICS', but I can't access Google Play Store (Market),
how to fix this?

- Just use modded Google Play Store, from AiO 'Tweaks and Mods' submenu,
choose standard one.

6. I've flashed 'custom prerooted ICS'. I want Honeycomb 3.2.1r2 back!
Can I downgrade my device from prerooted 4.03 to 3.2.1r2

- YES! In few simple steps:
1. Boot into RECOVERY;
2. Flash 3.2.1r2 update zip (removed from s.ony server - added mirror );
3. During flash tablet will reboot 3 or 4 times, with 'green dots' screen.
Just before last 3rd dot reboot you've got to hold VOL+ button,
to get to RECOVERY just after flashing complete! IMPORTANT!;
4. Wipe device;
5. DONE.

Wipe just after flash is very important, because if you will not gonna do this,
then it will be bootlooped in start animation, after wipe will boot correctly,
but after another reboot it will gonna boot again into ICS!
So if you will not gonna wipe just after flash, then just start all over again.

7. I've bricked my device! What can I do?
- As long as your '' file is not damaged, then for 99% your tab can be fixed.
Firstable try to flash this: 3.2.1r2 firmware
if not works, then try this:,
in fot works, then try this:

In most cases it works. If it will fail then:
1. Boot into RECOVERY;
2. Try to flash the update again - it will fail - thats ok;
3. Wait for 2-3min to get adb available;
4. Use 'adb pull /tmp';
5. Post your recovery.log and region.prop files.

8. I've flashed 'custom prerooted ICS'. Now I get OTA update notifications,
is this normal?

- YES, its normal. In order to 'be safe' we need to have lower incremental value,
and thats why your device 'thinks' that there is a new firmware on the air.
DO NOT UPDATE. It will flash stock fw, no root, no way back.
You can disable ota notifications via AiO - tweaks&mods section.

9. I've flashed R5+ ICS firmware. I can't decrypt and flash custom updates!?
- From R5+ firmwares adb shell in recovery has been disabled.
It means that you can't use preroot/decrypt/flash AiO functions
in future fw releases.

10. Is there a way to update to R5+ and still be able to hack recovery?
- YES, in AiO v5.3 make custom prerooted firmware,
and choose to replace hidden.img in custom update.
It will prevent from recovery update = will remain hackable one.

11. I'm trying to root (new method). I still get ERROR INTENT 3?
- The script checks after getting all the permissions,
after every step the check is being made.
Most of the devices will be rooted after 2-3 try,
but some of them... not. What to do?
Just be patient. Some users got root on 1st run,
some reported that got root after ~30 tries


[27.08.13] v6.5:
* one of last surprises for 1st gen Tablet S owners,
  made because of no official updates from Sony,
  updates oem vendor apps to newest versions,
  apps source - latest Xperia Tab S 4.1.1 JB release2 FW:
  - Sony Remote Control from v2.2.0 to v3.0.0,
  - Sony Small Apps (new ones and upd.),
  - Sony Videos App (upd.),
  - Sony DLNA App (upd.),
  - Sony Photo Editor (upd.),
  - add Sony Scrapbook (new),
  - add Sony Digital Clock Widget (new).
* updated modded Google Play Store to 4.3.11,
* confirmed - Xperia Tab latest JB 4.1.1 release2 fw root works ok :) ,
* hmm... probably last version of AiO?
  everything what could be done has been done already?

[12.06.13] v6.4:
* at last... R5A root :) :)
  thx to: smokey_joe for compiling binary!
            cream5296 for finding new solution on www!
            exploit dev - fi01 I think?

[24.05.13] v6.3:
* added [RE]Root option for unrooted users,
  !! works only for user who rooted with AiO,
  and then accidentally unrooted. 
  AiO will detect that devices automatically
  - just run root option.

[16.05.13] v6.2:
* now perfect jb root, no more problems,
  and will work with AiO other functions :)
  fixed and tested thx to TorAll! thx man!
  jb switched back to SuperSU instead of Superuser,
  last one got some bugs with jb.

[16.05.13] v6.1:
* made JB root compatible with AiO,
  now all root data should be in correct places.

[15.05.13] v6.0:
* added root for 4.1.1 JB!
* newest modded Google Play Store 4.1.6
* updated adb binary - no more "waiting for device" problems.

[15.12.12] v5.3:
* yes! i've spent 8hrs to get rid of no-exploited terminal problems!
  now every run of new root should finish successfull !!!
  no more intent 3 error, no more vpnfaker disappearing,
  no more patience, no more multiple times failed,
  now fully automatic root successfull after 1st try! :)
* added flashing straight from recovery function
  (only for devices which were already working with _hack_rec.),
* updated Superuser.apk,
* in flashing i've added timeout with information for users,
  who are stuck with status 7 error, and got no recovery shell,
* fixed modded google play store function - small bug fixed,
* and some other things i dont remember :)...

[01.12.12] v5.2:
* modified custom update maker script (for making preroot)
  to be ready for upcoming fw's (R5 for all regions),
  now it can replace hidden.img (recovery update) 
  to R1's to prevent recovery shell lock :)
* found some small bugs in decrypt function - would not 
  run correctly in some cases,
* updated terminal.apk to newest (root func.), 
  probably will make no difference,
* something i dont remember ;)..

[27.11.12] v5.1:
* automatic root now enabled for Xperia Tab :)
* 'rescue-backdoor' now compatible with Xperia Tab! 
  (report results would be appreciated!),
* added check if fw is release6a - it will not proceed
   - hole closed - root not possible.

[26.11.12] v5.0:
* root v2.0 - fully automatic root for ICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
* updated modded Google Play store to newest version + clear data,
* changed PS Store function to new PlayStation Mobile,
* fixed oooold bug from v4.1 on decrypt/flash function,
* added donation link ;)
Older changelogs:
[03.07.12] v4.1:
* made AUTO-FLASHING working with honeycomb devices,
   its now hm.. semi-automatic ;) you need to choose only once.
* added recovery wallpaper - now you see that "good things are done
   on your device" :)
* added CANADA region.
* big thx to xyancompgeek, sebarkh and mikajo :) 

[07.06.12] v4.0:
* added AUTO-FLASHING feature! (old 'disable-signature' function gone),
   - no more _hack_recovery step - everything is automatic now :)
     ... easy as hell :D Now you can decrypt, make custom, sign,
   and flash - all one by one, practically automatic :)
* fixed custom update maker - there were issues for some users,
* fixed Australian region - missing .sh file,
* special thanks for Sebarkh and Matteo
   for help, providing remotely device for tests,
   thanks very much for all guys :)

[02.06.12] v3.4:
* added next two regions for P - FR & INDIA - thx Ktalog :)
* added Australia region for S,
* added region details of Netherlands,
* added busybox checks/autoinstall-fixes
  - no more custom-zip-make problems?
* made (at last?) compatible with P - decrypt, custom etc.
  - please test and report!
* and other things I dont remember..

[31.05.12] v3.3:
* added two regions for tab P - US & JAPAN,
* added additional checks for S/P.

[27.05.12] v3.2:
* added 'enable SD write permissions' function,
   thx to Cat McGowan for the idea :)
* built-in enabled SD permissions for custom prerooted roms,
   yes - its already on :) 
* made custom-prerooted-rom maker compatible with P tablets!
   yes! ICS prerooted on Sony Tab P!
   thx to tiltyu for testing and idea :)
* new region - Colombia,
* and all that I dont remember!..

[19.05.12] v3.1:
* added root for china/chineese firmware/devices!
   and maybe other regions, which had problems!
   just run no.1 option. - CHINA ICS TUTORIAL added.

   thank you very much to shoneb for being the first 
   one with converted tab :)

[18.05.12] v3.0:
* added new Google Play Store 'unlocked' version
* added New Zealand, India regions,
* moved _hack_recovery and Google Play apk files
   to outside server, now AiO size is less than 3mb :)
   - no more problems with disappearing files from s.ony server ;)
* added 3 additional checks for making custom zip,
   now it checks if its on sd, and in pc's directory,
   if not - makes copy automatically - no more incomplete zips,
   it also checks finished custom zip size - if not greater than
   stock - gives info - no more 'not-rooted' custom ICSes.
* and many small things I dont remember!

[06.05.12] v2.9:
* added "USB Mass Storage" mode function,
* fixed 'decrypt' function for ICS devices 
  (aio was closing on the beginning because of 
   no incremental value in build.prop),
* added check to adhoc for ics (no adhoc for ICS), 
* fixed copying of decrypted update from device to pc,
* changed update checker - now it opens official webpage,
* other comsetic changes and small bugfixes..

[01.05.12] v2.8:
* 'rescue-backdoor' ICS ready - modifies also vendor.prop,
* 'Region Changer' ICS ready, remaked, modifies vendor.prop,
   corresponding to - in ICS you will get ota notifications,
* added check for su binary path in custom update maker
   (especially for SuperSU users who got problems),
* added many checks about existence, size etc.,
* and many things I don't remember right now!

[27.04.12] v2.7:
* ICS prerooting/flashing compatible,
* few bugfixes,
* changed 'rescue-backdoor' incremental value
  to highest capable to use with (no more '1' value),
* updated custom maker for ICS 'rescue-backdoor'
  (now its checked from /datapp/vendor/vendor.prop file)
* and all the things I dont remember.

[19.04.12] v2.6:
* new 'install latest [modded] google play store' function,
* new 'install latest PS Store app' function,
* few bugfixes,
* added detection of /system partition when remounting
  (for example some italian users got mmcblk0p3 instead of mmcblk0p2),
  now AiO know which one needs to be remounted etc :)
* update checker had bug in v2.5 - parsed wrong attachement id, fixed it,
* and some things I dont remember ;)...

[07.04.12] v2.5:
* new update checker function,
* new ADHOC enable function,
* added China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia regions, 
   and values for Switzerland (thx guys!),
* small fix-typo in 'create decrypted..' function,
* added set default work directory in script - no need 
   'run as admin' any more (thx quiqsilver!),
* small fix in gps-fix function - now it will revert without problems.
* ...just married :D

[29.03.12] v2.4:
* splitted tools to 3 separate (sub)menus - made some space 
   for new future functions :)
* added new function - increase internal/external sd read speeds 
   (more info, source here)
* implemented some checks which prevent from errors 
   (errors appeared only for some single devices), thx Mahaco!
* changed root check to be compatible with SuperSU,
* ...and other things I dont remember now :)

[20.03.12] v2.3:
* added region changer fully automatic.
* added fake function.
* fixed bug with tempsu and system ro,
* fixed bug in custom-maker which made build.incremental
   value to become empty.
* moved custom-maker to seperate _custom_update_maker.bat
   (in 'files' directory) - its now easy to make own custom roms!
* added check if external sd is available - where is needed.
* ...and other things I dont remember now :)

[14.03.12] v2.2:
* add appending of region value dynamicaly to 
   in custom update zip, just another check of device region...
* built-in autofix for region issues (caused by v2.0 bug)
   - just rerun 8/11 function,
* few bugfixes,
* made working new functions with all regions (temp-region-change).
* custom-make zip function needs a lot of freespace on sdcard (~600mb),
   Ive moved all temporary data operations to internal /sdcard/tmp_aio/
* added init.d to automatically be added in custom zip. 
   Also included small init.d script which will autoinstall busybox 
   in custom rom after first boot, it will also self-delete after finish :)

[13.03.12] v2.1:
* few bugfixes...

[12.03.12] v2.0: (removed because of new v2.1)
* new functions 7,8,9,10,11.
* many improvements in code.

[26.02.12] v1.1:
* added check if device is rooted for 2-6 functions,
* added check if device is rootable to 1 function,
* added condition in 'rescue-backdoor' function - when ota was disabled, 
   and you wanted to download ota zip.

[25.02.12] v1.0 - initial release.

* !! full Xperia Tab support !!

* automatic kernel modules?
* any suggestions, ideas?



1. AiO v5.0 new automatic ICS root from A to Z :

2. Create decrypted + make custom update with root

3. Flash custom rom

4. Installing (the pre-rooted) Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) firmware on a Rooted Sony Tablet S
Thanks for the great video to BluechipJ!


Attached to this thread.


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File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v5.0.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.05 MB, 2006 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v5.1.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.02 MB, 2805 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v5.2.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.00 MB, 2685 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v5.3.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.14 MB, 9297 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v6.0.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.40 MB, 883 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v6.2.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.78 MB, 2661 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v6.3.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.78 MB, 2039 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v6.4.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.79 MB, 11873 views)
File Type: 7z S.onyTablet.S [ALLinONE] v6.5.7z - [Click for QR Code] (4.79 MB, 58447 views)
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25th February 2012, 01:07 AM |#2  
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Originally Posted by condi


Gonna add description later, need sleeep now (when I'm posting it)
You should guess what it is from topic name

One screen before I will fall asleep:


Fantastic work!!
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25th February 2012, 01:47 AM |#3  
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Amazing, thanks for your work and for making this tablet better

Please keep the good work, congratulations!!! Thank you
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25th February 2012, 05:52 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by condi


Gonna add description later, need sleeep now (when I'm posting it)
You should guess what it is from topic name

One screen before I will fall asleep:


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superhero like, even

Great work Condi. Again you have made our lifes easier
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Thumbs up
Condi my friend,

awesome work ...

10 points from Germany !!!

Thank you so much from our German Sony Tablet S community
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25th February 2012, 01:02 PM |#7  
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thanks man gonna try it right away

edit : it works great just rooted the tablet thanks

edit2 : created and disabeld update notification

this is one hell of a good tool
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Lightbulb Request of new feature
Obsolete .... Problem solved
25th February 2012, 05:39 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by obicom


I would like to ask for a new feature. Is it possible to disable the "Transfer" message when a sdcard is in the device and I reboot it?

With my "mount ext. sdcard into int. sdcard" trick, this message makes no sense and I guess I am not alone with this which.

Do you know what kind of service and app is responsible for?

-- Edit --

I guess it is the service ->

and the application -> /system/app/FileTransferApp.apk

man you disable that request on Transfer app go to setting of that app and disable
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25th February 2012, 10:51 PM |#11  
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Thank you for your hint, you are right.
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