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Nagging doubts about ROMing

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By Dannar, Senior Member on 28th February 2012, 04:55 PM
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I have a rooted thunderbolt -- thank you revolutionary -- but I have not taken the next step yet, because there's a few things I want to clarify. I'm plan to do a clean wipe, so filter my questions through that lens, if you will.

I'm on stock froyo build 1.70.605. See, I rooted before gingerbread, and now I'm stuck here in the past. The OTA got me a few times, so I've become a lot better with clockwork recovery and nandroid backups. Oddly enough, the OTA is no longer being pushed on me.

1) Preserve contacts

You can do this through google, evidently. But is this something you have to do proactively? Or does it happen automatically behind the scenes? What do I do to get 'em back after the new rom is in place?

2) Preserve SMS messages

Now, I've downloaded handcent because of the froyo error where SMS messages go to unintended targets. Accidentally told my boss I was going to get raped in a van...was a joke for another buddy of mine.

I wanna keep my text messages. What do I do for that?

3) Apps and Data

I know this is what TiBu's for. My questions here are where does TiBu back up my data to? Does TiBu magically reappear after I install the ROM and then merrily offer to restore everything I had backed up?

Oh, and I've read conflicting things about using TiBu on system apps. I'm inclinded to take the side of "no, not ever."

4) Getting the right Radio

Ok, I know there is no clear answer to this. I'd just assume the latest gingerbread radio, unless the ROM specifies something different (most dont). My question here is that in some places people talk about CDMA and LTE radios differently, and other times they make it sound like theres just one comprehensive radio for both.

5) Flash!

Here's what I've gathered...use the clockwork recovery mod. Wipe the dalvik (davlik?) cache until it starts to chafe because you dont want to be flashin' dirty. This is where you'll do the ROM, radio, and if I'm going for bonus points, a kernel.

What's the order for this? ROM -> Radio -> Kernel? People also mention yanking the battery as a hard restart between these steps. Advisable?

6) Clocks - Over and Under and Through the Woods

Do you use the android market app set cpu for this? Or does it depend on what ROM and Kernel you're using?

I have heard that overclocking will help add to the wear and tear of your phone. I dont mind the temporary instability and figuring out what's the highest you can go. Just don't want to damage this thing. Oh, and what the duce is a governer? I get that it's supposed to be some kinda speed cap, but what imposes it? The ROM? The Kernel? Jesus?

More realistically, I want to underclock it when it's idle in order to conserve juice. I figure it's more useful than overclocking.

7) Battery Calibration

I read from what seemed like a well informed how-to guide that battery calibration is bunk. I could see that. Everybody has their own pseudo scientific way to repetitiously plug and unplug the battery until it achieves charge-nirvana. Is it more than superstition?

8) Launchers and Randomness

What's a launcher? Is it worth using? Why?

If I plug my SD card into another android device, will the data be recognized? Can I backup my SD card's contents to a windows PC?

Duely blundered from my thunderdolt
28th February 2012, 05:37 PM |#2  
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Great questions, i can answer a few. Governer- i believe regulates the frequencies or cpu runs. Certain govs give better batt life, i use smartassv2 with screen off profile set thru setcpu, another of your questions, which i use to overclock. Launcher- the thingy with the functions at the bottom of the screen. Sense launcher is "rosie", aosp or "stock" launcher is more along the lines of golauncher, launcher pro, adw launcher. Those give you the stock look and are cystomizable. I prefer sense based roms, thats why i bought htc phones for my last 5. Currently running the latest "eternity #238 build". Very nice, great battery for sense 3.5 with beats audio. Ill let others take over now, hope this helps some.

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28th February 2012, 08:14 PM |#3  
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1) Preserve contacts
Are your contacts saved to phone, or as Google contacts? If to phone, you must save them to Google. Once saved to the cloud, they return after each/every ROM Flash after Google sign-in.

2) Preserve SMS messages
SMS Backup+ backs them up and saves them to your Gmail account - free in the market. There are other means to accomplish this - I find this one to my liking. I do not restore them to the device.

3) Apps and Data
These are saved to a Titanium folder on your SD card.
Restored individually or in batch mode, by the user.
Some ROMs inclue the app, some don't.
Do not restore system apps or data between different ROMs.

4) Getting the right Radio
This is 100% ymmv, for either kind - MR2 LTE may be the best for you combined with the the MR4 version of the other one.

Why? They largely depend on geography - a radio combo that may work for me in the South may not work at all or nearly as well for Donny in KS, or you, wherever you are - these are trial-and-error.

5) Flash!
Yes, Clockwork. Wipe data/factory reset - this wipes the cache partition, simultaneous with the dalvik. Then go to advanced, and format system. Device is thoroughly wiped. (opinions vary on this)
Wipe batt stats as needed. ROMs and kernels are flashed in Clockwork - aka CWM. Radios are flashed in HBOOT.

DO NOT pull the battery when flashing a radio. (opinions vary on this)

When flashing a ROM, and/or making a backup, make sure you have say 40% battery life left before you flash.
If a new ROM flash bootloops, battery pull is ok.

6) Clocks - Over and Under and Through the Woods
SetCPU is available as a free d/l for XDA users - buy it in the market to support the dev.
The ROM may have a performance tweak area - in that case, I don't use SetCPU, but the one built in.

7) Battery Calibration
Ymmv - user experience - based on what/how you use your phone, what/how many apps you sync and the frequency.

If I plug my SD card into another android device, will the data be recognized?
Certain of the data will be recognized. Depends on device inserted into, and the ROM. Example - if I take my Thunderbolt's SD card & put it in my buddy's Moto DroidX, it will depend what it sees.

Can I backup my SD card's contents to a windows PC?

Sure can. Plug in, mount as usb, drag & drop.
29th February 2012, 02:28 AM |#4  
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1) Preserve contacts

Google should do this by itself, but if you are in a sense rom you can hit menu and import/export and back up and restore contacts. There are also apps for this

2) Preserve SMS messages

I know sense has a backup function(find it in the menus), but if you are going to a nonsense rom then use one of the 1000 apps in the market for this

3) Apps and Data

tibu backs up data, and some roms include it, and on the rest you can dl it from the market, the data will still be there

4) Getting the right Radio

If i remember right older radios were seperate and now they are combined, but I have never personally messed with mine, the stock one works perfectly for me.

5) Flash!

backup, wipe dalvik, wipe cache, wipe data, flash **** in any order, but just flash the rom first because they usually come with a good kernel, you can flash radio and kernel later if needed

6) Clocks - Over and Under and Through the Woods

I use setcpu from the market, but there are other free alternatives, adn some roms have built in functions for it

a governer is what controls how the clock speed changes, for example performance keeps it at the max 24/7 and smartass has it at the min when the screen it off

7) Battery Calibration

only wipe it if you batterylife is really ****ed up, but it is just a psudo effect

8) Launchers and Randomness

it replaces your, well, the whole visual part of android, it is pointless on a sense rom, and most aosp roms have one of the most popular ones pre installed

9)If I plug my SD card into another android device, will the data be recognized?
it should be

10)Can I backup my SD card's contents to a windows PC?
ofcourse, but I have never heard of anyone doing it

Duely blundered from my thunderdolt
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