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[GUIDE] A Newbie Guide for your Galaxy R!

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Hello everyone!

I'm here to make a guide for people who are new to their Galaxy R, and also the Android world

Our phone has the following specifications:
- 1Ghz Dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor (ARMv7)
- NVIDIA Tegra 2 AP20H chipset (Delivers one of the best graphical performances)
- 1GB of RAM (even though Samsung only gives it 724MB of it for real practical use)
- 8GB of internal memory storage (2GB ROM + 2GB for applications + 4GB user available) thanks m.kochan10 !
- SDcard support up to 32GB SDHC
- 5MP Camera with 1.3MP front-facing Camera (we have a chance for face unlock ) therefore it supports video calling
- SD-LCD () capacitive touchscreen, 16,000,000 colours
- Runs on Gingerbread (2.3.3)
- Supports Quad-band GSM (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900) and Quad-band HSPA (HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100) with HSDPA+ (21Mbps) and HSUPA (5.76Mbps)
- Weighs 135g (LIGHT!)
- Has a scratch-resistant glass with multitouch
- TouchWiz UI v4.0 :eek:
- Has official ICS support

Taken from

Q&A coming soon from cooleagle

Basic noobie questions:

Q1: What is Android? I heard that my phone has this as said by the guy who sold me this phone......
A1: Hello new user, Android is an Operating System (a.k.a OS) for phones, like how Windows is for computers. It is meant to be simple, efficient and customisable.

More can be seen here:

Q2: What is root? What does it do?
A2: Rooting is the process of attaining superuser (su) access to your phone. It is similiar to the jailbreaking process on Apple phones

Q3: What are the different Android versions available for our phone?
A3: Currently only 2.3.3 to 2.3.6. Don't worry, Cyanogenmod 7 will have 2.3.7

Q4: I've heard all this commotion about "stock" firmwares. What are they?
A4: Okay, stock firmwares are update files from Samsung which are available for download. This stock firmware may also stand for factory firmware (if you didn't update)

Q5: What's build.prop? What are some of the build.prop tweaks and meanings?
A5: Build.prop is a file that defines the build properties of the build and phone. It is a necessary part of the phone and if it's missing, the phone may not be able to boot.
Here are some build.prop tweaks:
pm.sleep_mode=(0 or 1)
Enables the phone's sleep mode.
0 to disable, 1 to enable. or 1)
Disables the network power collapse, allowing the phone to sleep better.
0 to disable, 1 to enable tweak.
dalvik.vm.heapsize=(amount in mb, e.g 48m)
Defines the Dalvik Virtual Machine Heapsize for games to run better.
ro.sf.lcd_density=(0-999, Galaxy R default is 240)
Defines the LCD density (in dpi) for your device. It's recommended not to change your density for Samsung phones as they will cause problems with your phone's Dialer service.
wifi.suppliant_scan_interval=(time in seconds, e.g. 60)
Defines the time taken to scan for new WiFi networks if no open networks are found. Setting the option higher may save more battery as it scans lesser. or 1)
Turns off the camera shutter sound (Be careful with this, it may be illegal in yoir region!)
You can also try this suggestion by pudup:
Originally Posted by pudup

To disable the camera sound, there's a few things you can do.

1. This one is kinda annoying but if the sound annoys you more, you could just put your phone on silent or hold the volume down button until the volume is off. The camera shutter sound shouldn't be heard.

2. Download an alternate camera application. Eg. LGCamera.

3. Wait for the CyanogenMod 7 rom. That has the option to disable the sound in it's settings.

0 to turn sounds, 1 to turn off sounds.
video.accelerate.hw=(0 or 1)
Enables hardware decoding of videos. Only for video formats natively supported by phone.
0 to disable, 1 to enable., 1, 2 or 3, default is 1)
Determines the speed of your HSUPA.
0 = HSUPA disabled (very slow upload)
1 = Stock HSUPA enabled and capped (slow upload)
2 = HSUPA enabled but capped (good upload)
3 = HSUPA enabled and uncapped (best upload)

Q6: Does this phone support overclocking? I feel that I'm not getting the most out of this phone :/
A6: Yes this phone does support overclocking. The kernel by ardatdat should be in the Development section. It even supports undervolting to save battery!

Q7: Why is there a yellow triangle below "Samsung Galaxy R GT-i9103" on boot?
A7: That's because you probably flashed a non-stock kernel through Odin3. Try reflashing a stock ROM and use CWM to flash the phone next time.....

cooleagle and I will add more info to come

Guide 1: How to make use of ADB (Android Debug Bridge) for debugging and testing

By now, you all should've known that Android makes mistakes. Actually, not just Android. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Well, for this case it's something going wrong with a game, or just something wrong with a ROM.

The developers @ Google were smart enough to make this logging binary called
and it logs everything going on inside Android, from bootup, to dexopt, basic processes and even to shutting down!

There are 2 ways of accessing Android's logcat:

WAY #1: Using Terminal Emulator

  • A working phone that boots
  • Rooted with Superuser

  • It's harder to debug using the phone, especially if it is stuck at the bootanimation or splash screen.
  • Root is needed otherwise you will get
    logcat: permission denied
    in the terminal

  1. Download Terminal Emulator from Google Play or the link above
  2. Once you've entered it, type in
    using the virtual keyboard
  3. Allow it in the Superuser prompt
  4. Then go ahead and type
    , you will see a bunch of crazy things.
  5. If you want to save a log, do:
    logcat > /mnt/sdcard/logcat.txt

WAY #2: Using Windows/Ubuntu for logcat using the Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

  • Allows debugging using the computer for more accurate findings
  • Allows logging much better than the method in Terminal Emulator
  • Ubuntu allows live copy/paste in its Terminal so there is no need to save a log.txt file

  • It uses the Internet to download the required packages
  • You need a USB cable to connect the phone
  • If the USB cable/port is malfunctioning logcat will not work
  • This is more complex than the phone method as it requires you to set a path in Windows's environment and in Ubuntu's .bashrc if you want to be able to use it in the Terminal/Command Prompt at any time.

Steps for Windows:
  1. Launch the Android SDK Manager in
    32-bit Windows:
    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\SDK Manager.exe
    64-bit Windows:
    C:\Program Files(x86\Android\android-sdk\SDK Manager.exe
  2. Wait for it to finishing loading all the repositories
  3. Install the Android SDK platform-tools and let it finish its install
  4. You have now installed the Android SDK's Platform Tools, which is in
    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
    and it contains the Android Debug Bridge (adb.exe), which fits this description:

    The adb tool has moved to platform-tools.

    If you don't see this directory in your SDK, launch the SDK (execute the android tool) and install "Android SDK Platform-tools"

    Please also update your PATH environment variable to include the platform-tools/ directory, so you can execute adb from any location.

  5. To test whether adb will work, run Command Prompt and go to the folder described above , respective for 32 and 64-bit.
  6. Run:
    adb logcat
    and if it works, the same crazy code will be there

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1st March 2012, 06:36 PM |#2  
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Thumbs up
(More than 25 Questions are already here & more to be added with solutions if & where required. )


Q. What is the Samsung’s Model Code for our device?
Its GT- i9103.
Q. What's resolution of the screen of Galaxy R ?
It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels (Same as Galaxy S2)
Q. I want to see the internals of Galaxy R?
Head to => Thread
Q. What is a Android, ROM, Kernel, Superuser, Root, Governer ?
Check out this thread if you want to learn about basic Android terms & acronyms & also about the hardware terminologies / arcronyms: Android Definitions & Terms
Q. Does Galaxy R have a locked Boot loader?
No, it isn’t locked and you can flash custom ROMS & Kernels, but do read the terms and conditions & instructions before rooting/ flashing as it can void your warranty.
But there’s a workaround to unroot it & flash it back to the stock ROM & kernel to give it for repairs. Gather all the information required before rooting and root it only after you are confident of rooting it as its better be safe than sorry and brick your Galaxy R.

Q. WTH my Galaxy R shows only 4GB internal memory free? Samsung fooled me!
No, Samsung did not make a fool out of you.
It actually has 8GB internal storage which is divided as follows:
2GB ROM + 2GB for applications + 4GB user available.
Q. WTH my device shows only 724MB RAM available but I was promised of 1GB! I will sue Samsung!
Don’t sue Samsung you’ll surely make a fool of yourself.
Some part of the RAM is used by the OS & GPU and isn’t available to the user.

Q. Will Galaxy R get ICS 4.0 update & When?
According to an Official Announcement by Samsung, Galaxy R will be updated to ICS 4.0 but there’s no specific date announced but general opinion is around Q2 - Q3 of 2012. You can keep a track of the developments & rant on this thread: Track the Release of ICS 4.0 on Galaxy R / Z i9103
Q. Which Data protocols does Galaxy R support?
HSDPA 21.1MB/s, HSUPA 5.76 MB/s, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 EDR, Wi-Fi Direct.
Q. What audio formats does the Galaxy R support natively?
Formats Supported: FLAC, MP3, OGG, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, etc
Q. What video formats & resolution does Galaxy R support for Video Playback?
Formats Supported: MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263
Resolution Supported: 1080p low birate videos(Using free Dice Player) & 720p videos.
Q. Which Games can I play on Galaxy R ?
It has support for playing many Games as it’s a TEGRA 2 device. Specially games available on , the one’s available in Samsung’s Game Hub, the ones designed by Gameloft & Electronic Arts(EA).
Q. Does it support USB On-The-Go as I didn't get a USB OTG cable in the box?
Yes it does but you’ll have to buy the cable separately. Galaxy R supports connecting Pen Drives, Mouse, Keyboards & Card Readers.
Q. Does Galaxy R support MHL?
The TEGRA 2 chipset does support MHL natively, but Samsung has disabled it due to unknown reasons, so hang in there till our devs find a solution/mod for enabling it.
Q. Does Galaxy R support Video Calling using the front camera?
Yes it does. You can video call using a 3G network or without costing a dime by using free apps like Skype, Fring, V-Tok, etc.
Q. Does Galaxy R support multi-touch?
Yes it does & has up to 5 finger multi-touch support.
Q. Which sensors does Galaxy R have?
It has:
  • GPS
  • Magnetic Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Light Sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Battery Temperature Sensor
Q. My friend's iPhone has got ‘Siri’ Voice Command support, why doesn’t my Galaxy R support it?
Hold your horses, it does. Amazing right?
It can take Voice Commands using the inbuilt Vlingo app. (Double tap home key to launch.)

  • Sending SMS/Email by dictating the text.
  • Calling/Redialing any person.
  • Playing a specific song from your playlist.
  • Dictating & saving notes / memo.
  • Navigating/Asking for directions using Maps.
  • Search the Web, go to any website.
  • Playing Radio & Settting Alarm.
  • Update Facebook & Twitter status.
  • Open any app.
  • Record your voice.
  • Checking your schedule.
Q. I can’t get a proper figure for my 3G/2G data usage on my network using any app from the market or elsewhere!
Yes it’s a known issue for devices on stock kernel. It can be solved by using ardatdat’s kernel as it has a fix for that or wait hoping that Samsung solves it in the next update.
Q. Does Galaxy R have any freebie Apps & Games from Samsung?
Yes it does ! There are so many available just go to Samsung Apps(Application) in your Galaxy R to get the full list. Specifically Modern Combat 3(by Gameloft) & Dead Space(by EA) are available for free.
Q. Can I retrieve my Galaxy R & protect my personal data if God forbid it’s lost?
Yes, you can but it depends on many variable factors to get a lock and use all the available features. It natively supports it by using Samsung Dive to:
  • Track your mobile.
  • Ring your mobile.
  • Send an SMS if the SIM is changed to a pre-defined number.
  • Erase all your Personal Data on the mobile.
Q. My Galaxy R has freezed/hanged ( It’s mostly due your antics or some app specific bug and not due to the device’s fault as it normally does not hang even on heavy usage ) What to do?
Hold the power button for more than 7 secs and it should automatically restart.
Q. Can I flash Custom ROMs?
Yes you can use Odin or ClockWorkMod(CWM) to flash them but beware you can lose your warranty.
Q. Does flashing increment my counter?
Yes & No. Wondering how both are possible? If you flash using Odin then it increments your counter but if you flash using CWM packages it doesn’t, so it depends on the method you use. But flashing a rooted / custom kernel will increase your counter even if you flash it using CWM.
Q. My device is DEAD & shows APX mode driver required on connecting to my PC! What to do?
You are lucky! Here’s a solution to it. Head to => LINK
Q. My device is not being detected on being connected to my PC but I can charge it via the wall / normal charger ! What to do?
First of all check if you have the latest Samsung Kies software installed as it also installs the latest Samsung USB drivers along with it which are required to connect your device to the PC. If they are installed & still your PC doesn't detect the device then you probably have corrupted drivers. To resolve this follow these steps: Uninstall Samsung Kies / Samsung USB drivers currently installed => Restart your PC => Reinstall Samsung Kies / Samsung USB drivers.
Q. I can't charge my device & my device is not being detected after connecting to my PC & Odin is not detecting my device ! What to do?
(The solution is valid only if you are experiencing all of the above conditions simultaneously)

Checkout this thread which could help you: => [Partial Fix] Galaxy R not getting detected on PC nor charging via a charger.
Q. I didn't backup my /efs folder and my IMEI is messed up ! Is there any way I could recover my IMEI number ?
There is a GUIDE to recover your IMEI for Samsung Galaxy S2, as being from the same manufacturer there is a chance that it may work but there is not guarantee that it'll work, you are going to use it completely at your own risk (it may hard brick your handset). I am not aware if any member was able to recover Galaxy R's IMEI using this method.
So if you willing to take the risk then Head To => Thread & do tell us if were successful in recovering your IMEI by following a particular procedure.
Q. Which Custom ROMs are available for Galaxy R?
  1. Infected ROM v2[2.3.6][ZSLE5]
  2. TitaniumS ROM v2.1[2.3.6]
  3. TheFrankenstein MOD^1.1[2.3.6][ZCLA]
  4. NeoROM v2.1[2.3.6][ZSLE5]
  5. NeoROM v3.0[2.3.6][XWLA4][AROMA]
  6. Anatasia ROM[2.3.6]
  7. Turkbey ROM[2.3.6]
  8. MaZel ROM v 1.1 [2.3.6][XWLA4][AROMA]
Q. Which ROMs are being developed for Galaxy R?
  1. [DEV] CyanogenMod Project - Epsylon3 Nightlies
  2. AOSP Build (No new developments)
Q. Which Custom ROMs do we want?(State it and I’ll update it here )
CM9, MIUI, AOKP, AOSP, PARANOID ROM & any other ROM with better features and functionality!!
So if you are a dev then kindly help or if your friends are developers don’t forget to request them to make it available for our device !
Q. Which Custom Kernels are available for Galaxy R?
  1. ardatdat’s Kernel v1.8.3
  2. Cranium Kernel
  3. Ultimate Kernel

If any of the above helped please don't forget to appreciate by hitting 'Thanks'.


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Q. How to connect my device in mass storage mode?
Here’s what you need to do, go to Settings => Wireless & Network => USB utilities => Click on ‘Connect storage to PC’ => Connect USB cable => Done.
Q. How to use my device’s internet by Tethering on my PC?
Here’s what you need to do, go to Settings => Wireless & Network => Tethering & portable hotspot => Connect USB cable => Click on to enable ‘USB tethering’ => Done.
Q. How to disable the annoying camera sound on Galaxy R?
You have two options:
  1. Put the handset in 'Silent mode'.
  2. Install any other Camera app from Android Market/Play Shop, e.g lgCamera, Cymera, etc
Q. How to Backup my apps and data on Galaxy R?
You can use ES FileManager/ Astro File Manager(free & no need for root to backup apps), Titanium Backup Pro(needs root but has much better functionality.)
Q. How to take a screenshot in Galaxy R?
Press the HOME + POWER keys simultaneously to take a screenshot. After that check the 'Gallery' it should automatically update & show your screenshots.
Q. How to find Easter eggs in Android ?
Here’s what you need to do, Go to Settings => About Phone => Repeatedly hit on the field 'Android version' => You'll get an image which is your Easter egg.
Q. How to install CWM on Galaxy R?
Q. How to flash stock ROMs using Odin ?
Q. How to reset my counter back to zero?
Q. How to get a logcat dump & install ADB?
Q. How to configure Samsung Dive?
Go to Create a Samsung account/Login with an existing one and configure it.
Q. How to block the ADs in my Galaxy R?
You could try any of the free apps available in the Android Market/Play Shop which block ADs.(For e.g. AdFree app)
Q. How to install Indian regional fonts on other ROMs(only for XWLA4 based ROMs)?
Same method may work for other regional fonts also, so you can try it at your own risk.
Q. How to make an USB jig at home at your own risk of damaging anything or everything?
Check out this => Video(YouTube)
Q. Links to various Developer Guides if you are interested in developing for Galaxy R
Samsung I9103 Galaxy R Repair Dead By USB Cable no need JTAG NO Need Disassembly Phone <= Skip the first 7 posts for instructions.
Unbrick, Downgrage bootloader to 2.0 / Reset custom firmware counter without using an USB jig on Galaxy R i9103(But be careful).
Files that you may need to bring back your Galaxy R to life & give it to the Service Center (flashed via CWM, have been uploaded by XDA member pankaj88):

Q. MOD to change boot animation of Galaxy R?
Some custom boot animations have been uploaded in this Thread.
Q. MOD to add 14toggle, CRT Off, Battery % to Galaxy R ?(Designed for deodexed XWLA4 but works on some other ROMs too)
Q. MOD to swap internal & external SD memory for Galaxy R?
Q. MOD to activate BLN(BacklightNotification) for Galaxy R?
Currently we don't have any MOD or info(we also need a kernel with some modifications for it) for adding this MOD to Galaxy R. You can request the developers to create one/create one yourself and post it in our forum if possible.

If any of the above helped please don't forget to appreciate by hitting 'Thanks'.

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1st March 2012, 09:30 PM |#4  
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Good job guys, lots of good information. This thread is now stuck!
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Thanks cooleagle !

Herpderp Defy.
2nd March 2012, 09:21 AM |#6  
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  • 3G / 2G Mobile Data count applications don't function correctly.
    Can be solved by using a custom kernel which has this bug fixed.
  • Date & Time of the handset changes randomly even when it's set to update automatically according to the network.
    Go to Settings => Date & Time => Uncheck & then Recheck 'Automatic' to re-sync with your carrier's / service provider's time & date. No known solution which permanently resolves the issue.
  • The person at the other end can't hear you at all / Headset Jack bug
    Sometimes after unplugging your headset you experience problems while making a call, usually a reboot solves the problem but sometimes it doesn't. It can be identified by the following symptoms: When you're making a call, the person at the other end can't hear your voice but you can hear them clearly / you pick up the call then you can't hear any voice & the person can't hear you either.

    It's most probably a software bug as the handset thinks the headset is still attached to the handset & routes the call as if it were being made when a headset would have been connected. But in some cases it could also be due to a hardware problem i.e a faulty 3.5mm headset jack.

    To confirm if this is the problem you are facing:
    - Plug in Samsung's headset & make a call to check if you can communicate / talk with the person at the other end normally & without any problem.
    - If you can talk normally then it's confirmed that it's due to a software bug if not then it could be due faulty 3.5 mm jack.
    To resolve it:
    - Update your firmware to the latest version available even though it may not be for your region as it could have possible fixes. i.e (ZSLE5 / ZSLE6 / Latest firmware of any region)
    - Plug in & out the headset a couple of times while playing music till it gets resolved i.e when the firmware understands that the headset has been removed & then it'll work normally.
    - You can also take it to a service center where they could replace the headphone jack & may also reflash the stock firmware which should resolve the problem if it's due to a faulty 3.5mm headset jack.

If any of the above helped please don't forget to appreciate by hitting 'Thanks'.

Attached Files
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2nd March 2012, 09:26 AM |#7  
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If I may suggest something, I would change: 4GB of internal memory storage to
"8GB of internal memory storage (2GB ROM + 2GB for applications + 4GB user available)"
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2nd March 2012, 09:58 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by m.kochan10

If I may suggest something, I would change: 4GB of internal memory storage to
"8GB of internal memory storage (2GB ROM + 2GB for applications + 4GB user available)"

Sure I'll ask Emo to update it his post.
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Any need for modification just ask here , there's no need to PM

Herpderp Defy.
4th March 2012, 03:39 PM |#11  
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FAQ's Added . . . !

How To's Added . . . !

If you have any suggestions or if you find any inaccuracies post it here I'll update them.
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