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[ ROM ] VeNuM ICE Rom [TW ICS 4.0.4/FF18] [TeAm VeNuM][updated 07-09-2012]

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By VECTUS, Recognized Developer / Retired Forum Moderator on 9th March 2012, 09:07 PM
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Thanks to Paiyne for this incredible logo!!

CAUTION: If you have to ask how to or what is, "rooting", "CWM", "bricking" or what is "FE14" is, you have clicked in the wrong thread...

HTML Code:
[CENTER]johncorleone for everything really, keeping in the game, moral support, and knowing more about android than me!!!![HTML]Thanz to these Suzpectz:

dazedandconfused for his great themes and help!!
rounsy222 for all his help, support, testing and for being a man you can count on!!!
Tiffany84 for making great themes and being a steady help to us all!!!
sleshepic for being a great themer and always helping!
Paiyne for his awesome help and great abnners!!
KingOfThaJungle - For helping me with EVERTHING!! And for his development, themes and mods!!!
manufan721 for his great bootanimations and testing!!
JSverbal for being a MO homeboy, great support and great testing!!
blackcanopy for awesome testing and great help in the threads and being a nice bro!!
bigpeng helping us test and giving us great feedback!!
baNks for his awesome VeNuM keyboards and ports and testing!!!
Jaybizza for keeping TeAm VeNuM pumped up great android work and testing!!!
AnAm85 the original master banner man extrodianaire!!
crazy_dragonlady for teaching ME new stuff!!
suwu10 for the great minimal theme used on this rom and his hard work!!
computerkid23 for being a great dude!!

Other important people thank yous...
Jerdog for putting up with the crap he puts up with and being a great mentor...
jayharper08 for being a great homey...
Papa Smurf151 for being such a help to the community.
maddoggin for his patience with me and being a great developer and helping so much in the community!
Crawj for all his development...
chris41g for his hard work on our phones (he has a large body of work!!)
mijjah74 for being the #1 rated developer on the ET4G!
_Burst_: Come on bro! Come over to TeAm VeNuM Please!!!!


First time flashing to ICS? see THIS post:

Installation Instructions:
You must be running a kernel with CWM.
1) Place the VeNuM ICE RC6.0zip on your SD card.
2) Power off your phone.
3) Boot into CWM.
4) Perform a wipe Cache, and Dalvik-cache. Now in Mounts and Storage perform format/system. Now wipe data (factory reset). You can also perform Calks wipe all zip (found here: if you want but not needed.
5) Select "install zip from file" and navigate to and select the zip.
6) When it finishes flashing, go back and select "reboot system now". The first boot will take a couple minutes. Subsequent boots will be much faster.
Warning: Do NOT restore system data with Titanium Backup. Do NOT restore ALL apps with data. If you absolutely must restore something with Titanium Backup, only restore MISSING apps with data.
7. If you DID NOT download the rom to your pc, and dl to your phone and there's a problem, try dl to your pc FIRST before you whine that its a bad dl.

All Ice rom discussion go here:

5.5 is johncorleone's first build... go HERE to thank him PLEASE!...

Older Downloads post 2

Ok, here is Venum Ice FF18

the thanks:

DataJosh for the base

Agat for the kernel/recovery

Rujelus for most of the goodies added in

Venum, Dazed, and all of the team that helped make this ROM as stable, fast, and battery friendly as has been reported by all of you!!

New Stuff:

some app updates, themed icons, a few more inverted apps, a bit of bloat removed but also a few more surprises!!!

Known issues:

In Contacts if you use search there is black on black in text box only. If you want to change from the keyboard I made default, just go into settings/language and input and the black Android keyboard is in there as well. All of the battery mod zips from last version still work as do the other mods. I will post those again tomorrow. All of the precautionary ICS flashing rules are in place until possible bricks are 100% gone. Let me know what you think....

FF18 Ice

Well I rushed and forgot the great inverted Google+. Here it is. I put it in system/app, fix permissions and reboot. Should work just fine on a straighr install as well. Sorry bout that...

Same ICS flashing rules apply. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE. How you choose to flash is up to you BUT avoid wiping data partition individually in ICS recovery

Please post feedback and suggestions for future updates. Also, if you have any interesting app ideas, PM me (johncorleone) about them. Enjoy!!


"You know the deal, if you are illiterate and can't read, therefore you brick the $500 dollar phone you have... well, that's YOUR fault"
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9th March 2012, 09:08 PM |#2  
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HTML Code:
Updated to FF11
Scrolling toggles
Hotspot hack
extended power menu
a few extra battery icon mods
battery charging animation and a few apps.and two versions
05-26-2012 RL 6.0
Updated to FE22
FE22 kernel with ACS recovery
Super Video
Hulu Plus
Updated Netflix
Screen Dim - app for extra low screen brightness
Ad Free app
Updated Battery Snake
Inverted Twitter
Black and white icons on many apps.
Custom battery charging sound (can be deleted from system/media/audio/UI)
** What really makes this update is all of the work to the theme and icons that Dazedandconfused did!!! He really tried to get your requests for changes in here. Hit the thanks button for Dazed!! This is shaping up as an inverted multimedia ROM. This phone shines when it comes to that!-per JohnCorleone!
05-20-2012 (rom RL5.5 built by johncorleone!!)
more inverted apps (Dropbox, File Manager, CNN, DeskClock, inverted HD YouTube, new calculator, Play Store, and a few others)
new boot animation (second version coming soon)
build.prop slightly tweaked (wifi scan interval at 180)
Venum's init.d scripts from earlier Ice builds (kobridge's build.prop and tweaks can be added easily and maybe a version with his tweaks coming soon)
RL 5.0
FD02 SteadyHawkins rogue kernel (excepts init.d, and flashing of themes:D)
VeNuMs Super Tweaks (For network and data speeds, speed and screen responsiveness, plus more)
Aswesome new bootanimation w/sound from the great manufan721!
Theme slightly tweaked from johncorleone
Proper xml edits from Master Themer dazednconfused
SwipePad added
Flipboard from the SGS3 (thanks JC!)
Many updated apps...
FD19 System
FD02 rogue kernel (excepts init.d, and flashing of themes:D)
Many new apps
Good Battery
Team Viper Trinity Sounds
Dark Passion Icons
Circle Batt Mod
Lower size to 250mb
Inverted Apps
Battery Snake
HD YouTube
Odex Me for if you want to odex system apps
Many more (tired I'll update this when I can think straight lol)
Update 3.1.1 (3.0 was a test)
FC15 (kernel is still FC07 so you can add stuff via cwm etc)
Kept 3g Tweak
Kept SD read ahead tweak
init.d support
Added Nova Launcher
Added VeNuM Weather (by banksmi09)
Added Banks Minimal Livewallpaper
Added Flashplayer
Added Black ICS Keyboard (thanks anthony92170!!)
Added Black Gmail
Added Quickpic
Added Dolphin HD Black Browser (thanks John Corleone!)
Added Black Gtalk (thanks John Corleone!)
Added Network Booster
Added APW Widgets
Deleted TW Keyboard
Deleted TW Calender Widget
Deleted TW Launcher
Deleted TW Wallapapers Picker
Deleted TW Livewallpapaers
Deleted TW Stocks Widget
Deleted TW Analog Clock
Deleted Google Books
Deleted Maps
Deleted Buddies now
Deleted ChocoEUKor
Deleted TW Digital clock
Deleted Weather widget
Deleted all Kies
Deleted Gallery 3D
Deleted Launcher2
Deleted Mediahub
Deleted TW News
Deleted Secret Wallpapers
Deleted all SNS junk
Deleted Social Hub
Deleted Sprint Zone junk
Deleted Swype
Deleted Sony Bravia and Beats Junk
Probably more...
Update 2.1 03-12-2012
Fixed some Icons
Switched framework back to original RC1 (its all dark again)
Took out TW wallpapers
Still working lockscreen issues
Working on wifi tether
Updated to fc07 (no modem)
Uses Rogue FC07 Kernel
Got rid of some inverted stuff (needs more work)
Kept Bravia etc (this is LOUD, watch your speakers)
no speed battery or speed tweeks (thats what ICS is for)
got rid of some bloat 
kept Sprint tw sounds etc
A few more icons tweaks
Kept 3g tweak (seems to work)
forgot to make accuweather transparent 
Based on FC06 4.0.3
uses suwu10 theme (its dark)
Uses Rogue FC06 Kernel
288.23Mb rom
All Share
MMS VeNuM Themed
Digital Clock Widget VeNuM Themed
Accuweather Digital VeNuM Themed
Sony Bravia Engine (thanks to GadgetCheck)
Chrome Beta
Download All
Beats Audio&Xloud (thanks RockoDev)
DSP manager
NOVA Launcher (all others removed)
Inverted Gmail
Aosp Gallery and TW 3d Gallery
Home Switcher
Media Hub
Google Music
Polaris Office
Quick BootSuperuser
Spare Parts+
Titanium Backup
Wifi Tether
Sprint Voicemail
Sdcard tweak
And Much More
Older downloads:

Ok, I guess its time to do this (what johncorleone "the Don" says), Venum ICE FF11...

The thanks:

Venum: for letting me take this over and teaching me what to do

Rujelus: For basically all of the new goodies and sharing the knowledge and always being available to answer questions

Dazed: For theme elements including systemui and icons etc. Also for always helping out

Strongsteve: For making an odexed version and sharing knowledge

Sleshepic: He and Rujelus made scrolling toggles happen

Bigpeng: Foe the FF11 deodexed base

Rounsy: Getting things uploaded, hosting several ROMs, and helping everyone

ALL OF THE TESTERS!!!!! If i list you all i will forget someone qnd they will feel slighted. The list has grown to include many. You guys are vital to the process!! Thank you

All of Team Venum and my friends all across XDA. You guys are great!


Scrolling toggles, Hotspot hack, extended power menu, a few extra battery icon mods, battery charging animation and a few apps.and two versions!!! All of the ICS flashing rules stay in play just to be on the safe side. Battery bar mod and other icon zips work on odexed version as well! I will post the battery mod zip again in a few minutes. Any problems...blame bigpeng! So, everyone enjoy!!!

Deodexed ICE FF11:

Odexed ICE FF11: format=raw

Download RL6.0 (build by johncorleone!) :

md5 checksum - 1dc0525088310500afe479a9625bb66d

RL6.0 FE22 Ice-

Odexed by Strongsteve:

Download RL5.5 (build by johncorleone!):

md5 checksum - 2DF0B0DFB68E95F8C6A4A3373EEAB6DD


RL 5.0 Mirror:

Stock FE14 Kernel (flashable zip):


Download RC4 -



SUPER FAST Download -

Download md5 (5f4e0856d122da0b0be02da7a6dda15b):


Update to 2.1 (see changelog)md5, 65c0f732fb3b7e4e73d949eac2d0e5f4:

Download RC2 (fc07)md5, 173192941696e2a3642828a7dc9f50c5:

Thanks to alchemist316!

Slower download:

Thanks to alchemist316!!

Slow Download:

Slower Downoad:

Even Slower Download:
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9th March 2012, 09:08 PM |#3  
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S Voice


Wifi Tether..

Original Snake Wallpaper (thanks Dazed!!):

FC15 NON-FLASHABLE APPS (Add them into the rom BEFORE you flash OR push them after the flash):

Please check out dazednconfused's Twisted Transfusion Theme for VeNuM Ice ICS here:

Please check out suwu10's original MINIMAL ICS v1.1 here:

Thanks to hrffd for this awesome Minimal Swype! Here:

Thanks to johncorleone for some awesome wallpapers!! Here: and here:

Thanks to banksmi09 for this Statusbar and icons Mod!!! Updated 03-27-2012


Attached Thumbnails
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9th March 2012, 09:09 PM |#4  
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And I may need this
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9th March 2012, 09:10 PM |#5  
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Can't wait....just wanted to share my anticipation.
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9th March 2012, 09:10 PM |#6  
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Awesome, figured one would pop up sooner or later.
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9th March 2012, 09:13 PM |#7  
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Looking forward to seeing this once you deem it ready. I think you have to have something posted pretty quickly though.
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9th March 2012, 09:13 PM |#8  
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Looking forward to your rom!

Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk
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9th March 2012, 09:28 PM |#9  
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9th March 2012, 09:43 PM |#10  
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any screenies anywhere?
I went to the theme link, and his screenies are down..

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9th March 2012, 09:51 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by wase4711

any screenies anywhere?
I went to the theme link, and his screenies are down..


Yeah I'm going to try and get screenies up tonight...
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