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By jpmccarthy, Senior Member on 11th March 2012, 04:48 AM
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Hi and welcome Telus Fascinate T959D Users.

The purpose of this thread was to join a few T959D users together. When I flash a ROM I usually have at least 6 posts open on XDA - on different methods, kernels, etc. So I started collecting information and organizing it here. I have been updating based on feedback and adding more and different content especially when more users found us here.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped with this thread over the past few years - and special call outs to @Matt5606, @iwebsource, @finneginsfast, @moosehead11, @Dayfid, @karmatose, @bucknetbucky.

However, please note that we the contributors take no responsibilities for your phone or anything you do to it - this is simply a collection of helpful posts to get you started and continue having conversations - they are by no means offered as full proof guides, nor do they imply a warranty of any sort.

Now on the fun stuff, but first a simple FAQ.

Q. What is the T959D and what ROMs can I use on it?

The T959D is Telus' Galaxy S phone - known as a fascinate. What is confusing is this phone has almost nothing in common with the Verizon Fascinate - in fact flashing a fascinate ROM will brick your phone. Fortunately for us, our phone is VERY close to the International Version - the i9000 or galaxysmtd. Those are the ROMs we use on this phone.

Q. Is there a place where I can get files for my phone?

Yes - all through XDA you can use i9000 compatible ROMs, Kernels, modems. As well, we have a stock pile of files available to you - as you read the OPs you will find those and how to get them.

Q. Can I brick my phone?

Yes - but from my personal experience it is very hard to do this, and you can always get a USB jig that gets you to download mode (if you are soft bricked) - load one of the stock images and you are right as rain again.

A USB jig is a small piece of modded hardware that plugs into your USB port on your phone and forces it into download mode on start up - EVEN if it is SOFT BRICKED. A necessity for flashing. Lots of 'how tos' on how to create them out there if you have a spare cord, or just order one on EBay

For me, the place to use the most caution is using Odin - when placing files into the fields ensure they in the right place (measure twice, flash once ) as that is the biggest risk to flashing your phone. I think this is the greatest risk to hard bricking your phone which I am not sure you can recover from (I have only ever soft bricked my phone in which the USB jig saved my hide).

Q. I put on an ICS/JB ROM and now my IMEI is gone? What is that and how do I get it back?

Your IMEI is the unique identifier on your phone. The number is written down behind your battery - and that is what your phone should be displaying when you go to About Phone in Settings. Something happened with ICS/JB that it sometimes gets lost. To prevent that you need to back up your EFS folder.

1. You must be rooted.
2. You must have a file explorer that has root access (root explorer or ES File Explorer - although, if using ES ensure you have enabled root access and mounted /system in the preferences.
3. Find your /EFS/ folder at root (/).
4. Copy the EFS folder. Ensure you have ALL the files and ALL the subfolders (one will your IMEI). However, there can be hidden files in here, I would not worry so much about those, simply ensure you copy over the EFS folder itself - that should do it.
5. Move this to your removable SD card. Zip it, keep it on your PC, put in dropbox, ensure you have a copy for safe keeping.

And that is it - after flashing a new ROM, if you are missing your EFS or your IMEI number if wrong, just copy back the folder, reboot, and voila!

Q. GPS sucks.

Yes, yes it does. Do a search if you are adventurous there are hardware fixes. There's also faster fix in the play store and there are files here you can load as well - but its a known issue with the Galaxy S family of phones.

Q. What should I run on my phone?

Well, that is entirely up to you. The last official firmware you can get is 2.3.3. If you like very stable and do not need to have the latest, just a stable working phone with great battery - maybe try a good gingerbread ROM like Darky's or CM7.0 - Darky's will give you that Samsung feel (and still have the right firmware for the camera).

There are literally tons of options - go to the i9000 thread and see what the latest is. Most users here in this thread are on SlimICS, SlimBeam, CM10 or CM10.1. I have been running latest (nightlies) CM10.1 for some time combined with my favourite kernel Semaphore.

If you are going to flash a new JB ROM though, I suggest as your first flash stable CM 10.0 - this will be the base of your next ROM and many ROMs such as slim recommend you flash CM first just to set things up for yourself.

Q. So what now?

Read, read, and read. Go through this thread - go through threads of the ROMs you want to install - see what users are saying about it lately. And please - come to this thread and ask questions - we have a small but friendly and very helpful community - and remember if we help you, stay active on the thread so you can help someone else.

Cheers - and happy flashing
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11th March 2012, 04:49 AM |#2  
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ICS/JB ROMS from Scratch (updated May 31 2013)
THANKS to @karmatose and @Dayfid for creating an ODIN flashable 2.3.3 - this means no more KIES (yes!) and creating a fresh stock ROM - here's the steps for this procedure... (Updated September 26, 2012)

Please note that the links below provided by Karma will work BUT you will need a username and password to download the files. Karma or myself can make the login and password available to you.

1. Download the KG2 package from here -

2. Extract the archive to a folder on your PC using your archive app of choice. Mine is WinRAR.

3. Open Odin3 v1.7.exe (the one that is in the ZIP file)

4. Place the PDA, CSC and PHONE and PIT files in the proper boxes. Take absolute care to make sure you don't mix them up. Ensure that repartition is ticked 'on' in this case.

5. Put phone in download mode (vol down + power from off or download jig) and connect it to the PC

6. Click start and wait just under 3 minutes. The phone will restart and you should be back to stock 2.3.3

7. If your intention was to get to stock, you're done. If you want to go to ICS/JB and you *don't* have a backup of your EFS folder, go to step 8. If you do have a backup of your EFS folder, go to step 10.

8A. If you need to backup your EFS folder (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), you need to root the phone. Flash the Speedmod kernel with ODIN (in the PDA field). The phone will reboot and get stuck in a boot loop at this point. Pull and replace the battery and place the phone in Recovery Mode by holding VOL+ and VOL- and pressing the power button. When the screen lights up, release the power button and continue to hold the volume rocker until you see CWM Recovery. Using the Vol+ and Vol- to navigate the menu, go to the Speedmod Advanced Options menu and press the power button to select it. Choose to root your phone.

8B. (Optional) Now that you have custom recovery, would not be a bad idea to make a nandroid backup of your phone. So go to backups, and create backup from the CWM Menu.

8C. Once that is complete, go back to the root menu and reboot the phone. Pull the battery out and put the phone back into download mode. Flash the stock 2.3.3 kernel back (also in the PDA field) in Odin. The phone should now be rooted. Let it boot. Hopefully you're greeted with a lock screen

9. Install ES Explorer from play (or APK), enable Root Settings in the settings menu then navigate up to root and copy your EFS folder to your EXTERNAL_SD card. Power down the phone, remove the SD card and copy this to your PC, Google Drive and some other backup source. Don't lose this folder.

10. Installing ICS / JB - Depending on what OS you want to go to, you're going to need to grab an appropriate kernel to do so. The best option seems to be Semaphore's i9000 kernels. If you're going to flash an ICS rom, grab the 1.3.0s .tar file. If you're going to JB, grab the 2.1.0s .tar file.

11. Download your ROM of choice. i9000 versions of SlimICS/SlimBean/CM9/CM10 work on the T959D. You will also need grab the .zip version of the Semaphore kernel (ICS / JB) you're using and a Modem of your choosing. KG3 works best for me, your mileage may vary. Place the ROM, .zip version of the Semaphore kernel you're using and the ES File Explorer APK on your internal SD card.

12. Open Odin again. Put the .tar'd Semaphore kernel file you just downloaded in the PDA field, ensure Re-Partition is UNCHECKED. Put your phone in download mode, connect it to the PC and click start. In a bit more than 10 seconds, your phone should reboot itself. Pull the battery out and replace it.

13. Put the phone in Recovery Mode by holding VOL+ and VOL- and pressing the power button. Release the power button as soon as the screen turns on but keep holding VOL+ and VOL- until CWM appears. Use the VOL+/- keys to navigate, PWR button to select. Go to "Install zip from sdcard", then "choose zip from internal sdcard".

14. Follow the directions to install your ROM. CM9/10 comes in one flashable .zip file whereas SlimICS/SlimBean comes in multiple files. Consult the documentation for your ROM to get specifics on how to install it. Note that if you are installing CM10, CM10.1, Slim 3.x + that the partition layout has changed. This means you will need to flash the ROM at least 3 times - once you will get an error 7, then flash again, and then again - after that you will have latest.

15. Once the ROM is done flashing, flash the Kernel .zip you placed on your External SD card the same way you flashed the ROMs. Then flash your modem .zip. Note that if you are using an 's' version of semaphore, and a non-patched ROM like CM (Slim is already patched) you will want to flash the big mem library patch which is attached below after flashing the kernel.

16. Go back to the CWM main menu and reboot the phone. You should boot into ICS / JB at this point with no issue. It might take a bit so be patient.

17. Verify your IMEI number. Hit the Menu button on your phone and select System Settings > About Phone > Status. Look at your IMEI. If there's a lot of 0's in it, you need to replace your EFS folder. Use Oi Explorer to access your External SD card and install the ES File Explorer APK. Enable *all* the Root options in the application settings and return to the file browser. Locate your EFS folder backup on your external SD (emmc), longpress on the folder and select "Copy To". Hit the navigate up button in the dialog box and select /. Press OK twice then reboot your phone. Your IMEI should be back to normal now.

18. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and customize the heck out of your new ICS / JB rom.


This is an alternate method from @bucknetbucky created this quick 'how to'. This will put you on stock GB and allow you to flash ICS from there.

Why start from GB? The bootloaders. When flashing from froyo you'll see lots of tips on pulling batteries and the first flash always not working - this won't happen from Gingerbread AND you'll get to keep the logo for the kernel for some added bling.

For those looking to flash from GB here is how to do it...

Get back to 2.3.3 stock

1 flash stock froyo via ODIN (tick repartition! - See the 'Essential Files' section above).
2 install samsung kies (should have this if you have this device- AND update it!)
3 update to GB using kies

Root your phone and back up EFS

Backing up EFS is vital. Essentially do this.

4. Download Super1click to root your phone and following the instructions (
5 Install a file manager with root access and backup your efs folder by copying it to the internal sdcard then your computer (instructions in OP)

Note: this is one way to root your stock GB phone - you can also use the speedmod kernel (the version I use is older --- but works --- and is attached below) which has a root option under 'advanced' but has more steps. If you already have backed up your EFS though, you really do NOT need to do this step and skip to the steps below to flash your ICS ROM.

Finally INSTALL your ICS ROM

Now to flash the latest super duper ROMs from the super duper devs you will need to do the following...

1 copy glitch v14 kernel and the rom of your choice to your internal sdcard (The version linked below is the BEST version to accomplish this with)
2 flash via ODIN the speedmod kernel (gives you a custom recovery)
3 when it tries to boot pull the battery and then boot to recovery
4 flash the glitch kernel from recovery (again you are boot looping)
5 pull the battery and boot to glitch recovery and wipe data, clear cache and such then flash your ROM
6 copy your backed up EFS folder back to the phone to restore yout imei

Just some notes

Most ROMs will come with a compatible modem, however, if having modem issues - please see a few posts down on getting modems.

A complete list of ROMs for the I9000 by Android version can be found here (as well as kernels). Please note the update dates as that will indicate how much active support there is for the ROM.
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11th March 2012, 04:49 AM |#3  
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Gingerbread ROMs (Updated 03/11/2012)
In terms of loading GB ROMs I have had success with a few - namely Darky ROM (up to 10.4.2).

Credit to the original poster, but I always start with this how to on loading a ROM.

I do not execute every step, but essentially use it to get to stock along with the custom voodoo kernel which will give you root and custom recovery to load your custom ROM.
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11th March 2012, 04:50 AM |#4  
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ROM and Kernel TWEAKS (Updated 08/28/2012)
GPS Tweak

This how to can you help you tweak GPS

Note the multiple GPS.conf entries you can have for country (Canada) as well as region (North America).

Darky ROM tweak

When installing Darky ROM you will find the buttons for home and back no longer work. There is a simple fix for this as long as you have a root explorer (like ES File Explorer) and a text editor.

Open up /system/usr/keylayout/melfas_touchkey.kl in a text editor.
Make sure that your 'keys' look like this:
key 139 MENU
key 158 BACK
key 217 SEARCH
key 105 HOME
key 106 SEARCH

Keep VIRTUAL as part of the keys and you will still have vibration as well.

Alternatively (Thanks @finneginsfast !) you can flash '' attached below from recovery.
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11th March 2012, 04:50 AM |#5  
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Flashables (Updated June 29 2013))
This is reserved for flashables such as modems and kernels.

Ultimate Kernel Cleaner
Before flashing a kernel, you should run a kernel cleaning script. Matt (THANKS @Matt5606) gave me this one - it handles cache cleaning, etc. See the attached file for ultimate kernel cleaning script.

Lots of modems out there, and get Perka's file store for a ready list (see recommended apps). My favourite for a long while has been the i9000UGKC1 modem - it has GB versions as well as ICS - just make sure you get the right one!

You can also download modems diredctly from Perkas Site (/Samsung/ICS_CM_Modems/850_Modems_CM) or the android app (available in Play). Ensure you get the right modems for your ROM or Android version.

For Gingerbread: /Samsung/I9000/Modem_850_Enabled

For ICS and JellyBean: /Samsung/ICS_CM_Modems/850_Modems_CM
@finneginsfast provided me with this graphical link to help give you an idea of what modems work where:

Gingerbread Kernels
Semaphore. Great kernel to run with DarkyROM.

Glitch Kernel. Great kernel to run with CM7 or MIUI GB as its made for our model!!!

ICS Kernels
I run Semaphore almost exclusively - definitely a favourite.

Glitch has a specialized kernel for ICS as well, but I typically do not use it.

JellyBean Kernels

Semaphore has a JellyBean kernel for 4.1.2 as well as 4.2.2 - its my go to kernel.

Be sure to get the LMK app from XDA (search it) to ensure your launcher and keyboard do not die, and get Semaphore manager from the Play Store as well.
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11th March 2012, 04:55 AM |#6  
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Recommend APPs (Updated 09/28/2012)
Launchers - ICS/JB
- APEX Launcher (free and paid, on Google Play)
- Nova Launcher (free and paid, on Google Play)
- Holo Launcher HD (free and paid, on Google Play)

Launchers - 2.x
- Launcher Pro (free and paid - better widgets with paid - Google Play)
- GO Launcher (totally free - lots of great supporting apps - Google Play)
- ADW (free and paid, Google Play)
- Holo Launcher (free and paid, Google Play)

- Swift Key X (trial and paid, Google Play)
- Swype (trial and paid, Google Play)

File Management & Files
- ES File Explorer (Free, has root explorer - Google Play)
- Perka's File Stash Free and Donate - excellent file resource for modems - Google Play)
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11th March 2012, 04:55 AM |#7  
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Other Stuff :)
Essential Files

Before we get started wanted to make available some essential files. These are from my public dropbox folder, so I may switch it in time, but felt they should be here.

Need to get back to stock, then here is the Stock Telus Froyo 2.2.
Want stock with a CWM kernel on 2.2, then here is the VooDoo Kernel

Remember when flashing back to stock to tick the re-partition box, and place the files as follows:

- s1_odin_20100512.pit in "PIT"
- T959TLJL3-REV03-ALL-low-CL763100.tar.md5 in "PDA"
- T959TLJL3_FROYO_Phone-CL763100.tar in "PHONE"
- SGH-T959D-CSC-TLSJL3.tar.md5 in "CSC"

Additionally, Karma has some core files he is posting as well (Thanks @karmatose !!!) and you can find those files at:

To access the files, you will need a login. @karmatose or myself can make the login and password available to you.

Starting Fresh

Buck provided this a while back. This is recommended after many flashes and you want to start out fresh without lingering script files and other crap we're all guilty of installing/flashing

WARNING: This clears up EVERYTHING - even TB backuped programs - so if you want your TB backups, change your backup location to the REMOVABLE SD Card.

If you want to start fresh and i mean bare bones this is how i do it.

1. Remove the external sd card (the one you put in the phone)
2. Go into storage under settings and unmount then format the sd card (the partition the phone makes that you see if you do not have root)
3. Flash stock rom via odin and repartition ofcourse.
4. When you are done the phone will be like you just took it out of the box.
5. Backup the card you took out and format that. Leave it out.
6. Grab some beers and start flashing whatever you want (except the neighbors they dont like that)
11th March 2012, 07:33 PM |#8  
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Awesome thread, subscribed!

Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA
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11th March 2012, 10:13 PM |#9  
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Do I have to root my phone after installing GB . Or I can wait

And witch app is the better to backup the EFS folder
11th March 2012, 10:18 PM |#10  
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You need to root to back up your EFS... so for that. Then use root explorer or ES to copy that folder over to your SD and computer.

If you ES make sure turn on root explorer and mount /system.

Sent from my GT-I9000 using xda premium
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11th March 2012, 11:02 PM |#11  
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In Odin witch slot (PDA,PHONE,CSC,BOOTLOADER) that i put the file speedmod-kernel-k16-11 . and the other one
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