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[ROM][ICS] WeUI v2.0 (Updated: 8/2/2012) (MIUI4)

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By nightshack0, Senior Member on 13th March 2012, 03:26 AM
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WeUI (MIUI4) Android ICS 4.0.4

Join the WeUI IRC Channel!
Channel (English): #weui
Channel (Spanish): #weuiesp


 * MANY changes

 * Customize Previous Installation feature redone
 * Fixed kernel installation issues
 * Fixed Wi-fi tethering
 * Fixed many installer issues and improved some other stuff
 * Updated to MIUI 2.4.13
 * Fixes on Device Detection
 * Fixed Semaphore app not installing on Galaxy S (i9000)
 * Updated Apex Launcher 
 * Many other changes/fixes

v0.9.8 (Data wipe needed for this release) 
 * Installer now remembers your last installation settings if using "Customize Previous Installation" feature
 * Fixed incoming calls and RIL problems
 * Signed missing apks which resulted in missing apps like Gallery, Car Home, etc
 * Installer script changes and fixes
 * Updated Semaphore to 1.0.0 (Captivate)
 * Updated NStools
 * SuperSU icon changed to Permission Manager
 * Some other changes

v0.9.5 (Data wipe needed for this release) 
 * Updated to MIUI 2.4.6
 * Device detection in the installer
 * Many installer fixes/changes
 * Installing from Gingerbread now works (if you get a kernel bootloop, reboot to recovery and open again, it will continue where it left off)
 * Updated completely to Android 4.0.4
 * Changed some code in installer to remove old apps and avoid problems
 * Font changed in Installer
 * Binaries and other files updated to CM9 Nightly
 * Fix many problems from last version
 * Gmail, Exchange, and other FCs fixed
 * Updated Semaphore to latest 0.9.8s version (Captivate) with the 720p recording patch
 * Updated Semaphore to latest 1.0.0s version (Galaxy S) with the 720p recording patch
 * Updated Apex Launcher
 * Car Home installation (even if not selected) fixed
 * Updated MI File Manager (fixes FTP FC and adds/fixes features)
 * Removed init.d script for low storage which caused slow launching of apps and other problems
 * Replaced keyboard with stock CM9 keyboard and removed unneeded Dictionary Pack
 * Vibrant kernel fix again
 * Fixed Vibrant GPS
 * Misc fixes/changes

v0.9b (Patch) 
 * Includes Low storage /data script
 * Fix a lot of FC problems

 * UPDATED to MIUI 2.3.30
 * New kernel for Captivate (Semaphore)
 * Semaphore for Captivate and Galaxy S are bigmem versions (with 720p patch)
 * Semi-updated to Android ICS 4.0.4
 * Remove face unlock stuff for Captivate (no FFC)
 * Fix many installer problems
 * Optional apps now install in data (To free up some MB in /system partition)
 * More changes

 * Updated ApexLauncher
 * Updated su binary and SuperSU app
 * Fixed WeUI bootanimation
 * Original Mms app from MIUI (has the new message button)
 * Fixed installer issues
 * Miui Compass as an option in the installer
 * Misc installer changes
 * "Customize Previous installation" in the installer should work now
 * WeUI Feedback app icon re-added
 * Monitor app added again as a default app instead of optional

 * Fixed some FC problems (Network Type, MMS style, etc)

 * Updated to 2.3.23
 * Updated to Glitch Kernel Beta 6 (Released on March 24th) for all devices
 * New Alarm, Clock, and Settings from MIUI
 * Fixed Updater FC
 * Added Updating support in the ROM from the updater app
 * Better installer compatibility if coming from Gingerbread
 * Reboot check in the installer
 * More app options in the installer
 * Another lib from MIUI
 * New WeUI logo (thanks to fatjoez/publo)
 * New bootanimation from new logo
 * Possible performance improvement
 * Old gallery as an option on installer
 * Misc changes (ROM and installer)

 * Fixed Video Camera FC
 * Fixed "New Contact" FC
 * Fixed External SD connection

 * Fixed Galaxy S and Vibrant issues

 * Updated to 2.3.16
 * Updated Glitch Kernel for Galaxy S and Captivate
 * Device-specific fixes
 * Added CM9 kernel for all devices
 * Ad-blocking added (optional)
 * Fixed possible acore or other force close issues
 * NStools now for all kernels
 * Fixed online themes force close
 * Monitor app is now optional in installer
 * Added new MIUI Gallery
 * New wallpapers added
 * Added old lockscreen (if you experience issues with the new one, change it to this one on Themes - > Lockscreen)
 * Misc changes or fixes

v0.7.8 (Flash after v0.7.5)
 * Fixed Signal Strength, Airplane mode and RIL issues
 * Added 3-way reboot (Thanks to AndyThomson)
 * New updater app (, and themed (working on it, it's themed really badly right now)
 * Themed NSTools
 * Fixed Tethering Force Close
 * Fixed Front-Facing Camera
 * Fixed Home Button issues
 * Updated lockscreen

v0.7.5 (or preview of v0.8)
 * Updated to MIUI 2.3.9
 * Removed Permission Manager which was causing problems
 * Added SuperSU as a root manager instead
 * Added missing libs from MIUI
 * Added and themed Package Installer from CM9
 * Themed AriesParts and renamed to "Device Settings"
 * Multi-device support (Captivate, Galaxy S, Vibrant)
 * Multi-kernel support (Glitch and Semaphore)
 * Integrated "Data wiping" and "Cache wiping" in installer (Thanks to DemonWav/ICSSGS for wipe data script)
 * New Bootanimation
 * New lockscreen
 * External SD mounting in computer (USB Storage option)
 * Edited framework to change default wallpaper (and remove the live wallpaper as default)
 * Added back the MIUI sounds
 * Added new CM9 ringtones and notification sounds
 * Removed double Calendar and double keyboard
 * Removed Google Feedback
 * Updated AROMA Installer to 1.63
 * Roboto font in Installer
 * TouchWiz4 Launcher, Apex Launcher as launcher options in installer
 * MI File Explorer added as an option in installer

 * Updated to MIUI 2.3.2
 * Fixed Permission Manager
 * Replaced Superuser with MIUI's now fixed permission manager
 * Enable non-market installation as default
 * Added latest Gapps package
 * Browser now has Google as default search engine (Second attempt = Success)
 * Changed AriesParts icon
 * Added WeUI Feedback app
 * Changed Notes "Pressed new note" image
 * Added default note in Notes app (Welcome to WeUI)
 * Added Monitor again
 * New WeUI logo in settings
 * Setting shows "WeUI" and the version instead of a "MIUI" prefix
 * Ported again from scratch with a different method
 * MIUI Package Installer fixed
 * Removed temporary CM9 Package Installer
 * Updated to Icy Glitch Beta 5
 * A lot of stuff more

v0.6.6 (Flash over v0.6) (Read: THIS)
 * Fixed Hot Reboot after USB Mount
 * External SD support (appears on Music, etc)
 * Browser now has Google as default instead of chinese Baidu

 * Market lag fixed
 * UPDATED TO MIUI 2.2.3 (Changelog HERE)
 * Misc random changes
 * Package Installer force close fixed (again)

 * Added Glitch Kernel
 * Fixed Themes
 * Fixed Data Usage Error
 * Included AriesParts from CM9 (Thanks to MIUIPT)
 * Changed name to WeUI to avoid any confusion 
 * Reverted some themed stuff which conflicted with Themes now that they're working
 * Added back Live Wallpapers which I forgot last update
 * Added MIUI Music
 * Removed Voodoo Control
 * Added Terminal Emulator as a user app (can be uninstalled if you don't need it)

v0.5 and v0.5.1
 * Fixed Sound settings Force Close
 * Fixed incoming calls not having sound
 * Added v0.4.5 update fixes
 * Added DeskClock from CM9
 * Google Search orange icon

v0.4.5 (Flash over v0.4)
 * Fixed Package Installer force close error
 * Changed to Glitch Kernel pre-5
 * Added NSTools to change Glitch Kernel features
 * Fixed Root (again)
 * Themed Google Search textfield to MIUI-orange color

 * Added CM9 Music beta app
 * Completely themed the Music app to fit MIUI color ( even the Easter egg, try to find it :P )
 * Removed MusicFX
 * Added DSPManager from Teamhacksung's ICS
 * Fixed SuperUser.apk missing
 * Partially Themed Google Search
 * DATA FIXED :eek:
 * Added Voodoo Control
 * Changed Superuser icon to MIUI's security app
 * Partially themed Superuser

 * Updated base to latest MIUI Nexus S release (with working File manager, and other stuff)
 * Updated kernel to Teamhacksung's build 13
 * Updated libs to Teamhacksung's build 13
 * Fixed translation on Notes app
 * Updated to Google Apps v7.1
 * Returned to MIUI File Manager
 * Returned to original Music
 * Changed default lockscreen since themes don't work
 * Themed the Calculator to fit MIUI orange color
 * Fixed updater_script (older one was extracting system multiple times)
 * Removed Telocation files
 * Removed more NFC libraries and Tag.apk
 * Removed MIUI Feedback app (I don't think MIUI needs feedback from an unofficial port)

 * Fixed ROOT
 * Added latest superuser binaries and superuser app
 * Removed MIUI Permission Manager
 * Fixed Camera
 * Replaced File Manager with OI File Manager
 * Removed NFC libraries
 * Added all Live Wallpapers that were missing
 * Fixed keyboard suggestions

 * Initial Release (with all the changes to make it work and some extras)


v2.0 (Full ROM)

(Please donate as a thanks for the ROM and what I have done)



To install properly and avoid any problem follow these steps:

Coming from Gingerbread
1. Reboot to recovery
2. Open/flash the WeUI zip file you downloaded on recovery
3. On the installer choose your device, and select "Data Wipe"
4. Select "Install Now"
5. Your device will reboot to recovery at the start of the installation (if you get a recovery bootloop or it doesn't reboot to recovery, do it manually)
6. Open the WeUI zip file again from recovery
7. The installation will continue where it left off and finish by itself
8. Reboot

Coming from another ICS ROM
1. Reboot to recovery
2. Open/flash the WeUI zip file you downloaded on recovery
3. On the installer choose your device, and select "Data Wipe"
4. Select "Install Now"
5. Reboot

Updating from older WeUI
1. Reboot to recovery
2. Open/flash the WeUI zip file you downloaded on recovery
3. On the installer choose your device, and select "Cache Wipe" (if coming from certain old WeUI versions you will need Data Wipe)
4. Install it
5. Reboot




720p recording isnt working for me! Why?!
It should be working without any changes, but if you see this happen, flash and report that it didn't work at first.

I found a bug or problem in your ROM, what should I do?
Try to read the thread for possible solutions, and if you can't find anything, then post the problem without complaining and try to describe as much as you can the problem and when it happened, etc. Please use the "Report MIUI" option if you experience a force close which will open the "WeUI Feedback app" and it will automatically add the logcat information of that force close, but please describe your problem and don't just send the log. (Most logs will be ignored if you don't describe your problem)

Some theme elements are not getting changed!!
Right now only certain things work on themes like lockscreen, icons, etc. But other stuff doesn't get themed or doesn't look right, this is a thing that MIUI will fix in an upcoming release

Why is there a Torch app? Galaxy S devices don't have a LED flash!
I know there's no LED flash, but the Torch is not an app and can't be deleted that easily, it's on the System UI and can't figure out how to do it correctly

- NightShack0 ( ME !)


Thanks to

- MIUI, Teamhacksung, Glitch, MIUIAndroid for translation, DemonWav for wipe script and some help, amarullz for AROMA Installer and some help, AndyThomson for code in 3-way-reboot and some help
- grondinm and for hosting
- fatjoez for logo, testing, helping and misc stuff
- everyone else who has helped testing.
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13th March 2012, 03:30 AM |#2  
NickDunn's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag canton
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wow. another miui v4 here, thank you so much.

love to use miui these days.
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13th March 2012, 04:24 AM |#4  
alkomy's Avatar
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Thanks, I will download it today and give you a report.

Sent from my GT-I9000 using xda premium
13th March 2012, 06:10 AM |#5  
Senior Member
Flag Dubai
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downloaded and installed...and whooaa! what an installation screen!!! I'd keep flashing this rom over and again to see the installation screen...

First report...good rom..stable..1 minor bug - home button doesn't wake the phone...(this was the issue with the 1st MIUI4 release by Galnet team)

Hope to see a fix soon...and a feature request for 4 way reboot!

Otherwise, great job!
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13th March 2012, 06:49 AM |#6  
spacerule's Avatar
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Originally Posted by amirage

downloaded and installed...and whooaa! what an installation screen!!! I'd keep flashing this rom over and again to see the installation screen...

First report...good rom..stable..1 minor bug - home button doesn't wake the phone...(this was the issue with the 1st MIUI4 release by Galnet team)

Hope to see a fix soon...and a feature request for 4 way reboot!

Otherwise, great job!

Agree with Amirage, very nice installation screen and menu. Something new like MIUI Kitchen but on mobile....
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13th March 2012, 07:18 AM |#7  
ruk_design's Avatar
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great job man.. and specially great installation screen, this is the first graphical installation i am using.. so keep the good work up. and hope to see next builds.. i will test the rom and report bugs.. Thanks a lot for your great hard work.
13th March 2012, 08:30 AM |#8  
Senior Member
Flag Brooklyn
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Flashed it few hours ago. Nice installation screen! The first graphical installation screen for SGS, i guess! The ROM runs pretty well! I restored all my apps and not a single FC! Nice work!

The only problem I have is the Music player displays multiple entries for all the songs. I only have 400 songs but it displays over 1200!!

Edit: The front facing camera is not working.
13th March 2012, 09:53 AM |#9  
Junior Member
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Great work!

Installer is really great. For me this is also the first ICS MIUI which feels fast. Only issue i have is the one already posted. The home buttons does not wake the phone.

Please continue this one
13th March 2012, 11:03 AM |#10  
Senior Member
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I'll try it. Hope I'll work for me
13th March 2012, 01:38 PM |#11  
albertobom's Avatar
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Subscribed looks interesting.
Testing it in a few minutes.
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