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[ROM]White Rabbit 1.4.1 Bravo

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By skeevydude, Recognized Contributor on 17th March 2012, 05:22 AM
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:::::::::::: DESCRIPTION :::::::::::::

Hi, here is my second Rom. I was totally impressed by CM7. The speed, the battery life, everything was better as MIUI was. The only think I hated was the design. Therefore, I created a nice looking CM7 Rom with a lot of great Tweaks, Mods and extra Apps.

It is nothing special. I added some MIUI and ICS styles or Apps to get some MIUI or ICS feeling. All Apps are either available through XDA or the Android Market.

This Rom is based on Kang and Jordon and should work on most Defy and Defy+, even the new 2.3.6 Kernels. Also camera and battery should work 100%.

The new Version includes AROMA Installer by Amarullz. This is a great feature and I love it. Every of you can choose the tweaks, mods and apps during the installation with touch support. If not working properly you can use Volume Keys and Power Button, like in CWM. BIG THANK goes to Amarullz for his great tool.

Also a big THANKS to skeevy420, who changed the Rom to Support also Motorola Bravo Device. Therefore, it should now work on 3 devices, but support will be provided in the Motorola Bravo Forum.


based on CM7 Kang 22.03 / Jordan 27.02
Now also with Motorola Bravo Version
With Aroma Installer and Touch Support
Aroma Installer in 6 languages available
WIFI PowerSave / Zipalign / Juve's Ram Mod
Different Wifi + GPS Settings ( optional )
VSuite Voice Dealer ( ICS port from Maniac103 )
V6 SuperCharger Script
Beats Audio Support
Pdroid Treiber and App
Defy+ Battery Support
Bravia Engine Mod
SmoothScroll and VolumeIncrease Tweak
Media Sound Folder is created on SD Card ( thx maniac103 )
extra Soundfiles / Bootanimation
DNS set to Google Server ( SetDNS not needed )
CPU Settings a little bit untervolted
ICS Standard Font
ICS or CM7 Bootanimation
ICS Transition and Screen Rotation
Rom Toolbox ( optional )
Google Apps ( optional )
GoLauncher Ex with NewMIUI Theme
Second Boot Settings ( everything is set perfectly after the second boot )
Custom Recovery 5.0.6
Miui Explorer Port
Google Play Store and Music
Hacked Google Apps
Updated Google Apps
DSP Manager and STK ( optional ) )
APN List and Adfree Host File
Motorola Apps ( optional )
MIUI Ports and alternatives ( optional )
build.prop Tweaks and Fingerprint set to MB526
and some other stuff

::::::::::::: LANGUAGES ::::::::::::::

CM7 Kang Languages = German, English, Espanol, French, Catalia, Cestina, Dansk, Georgian, Hebrw, Hrvatski, Indonesian, Italiano, Latviesu, Lietuviu, Nederlands, Polski, Protuguese, Romana, Slovencina, Suomi, Svenska, Tagalog, Tieng Viet, Türkce, Urdu, and many more

Aroma Installer Languages = German, English, Espanol, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Serbia, French, Swedish

:::::::::::::::::::::: Installation IMPORTANT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

CM7 is not like MIUI, we need to set some stuff manually. Of course everything works out of the box and the ICS CM7 Theme is set automatically, but to get the perfect WhiteRabbit Feeling we need to set some options. Installation is really easy with Aroma Installer and you can choose every Tweak, Mod or App during the installation. I recommend the MIUI Apps and specially GoLauncher! This have to be set :

to get the perfect WhiteRabbit Feeling

choose at the first boot "GoLauncher" as your Standard Launcher and set it to forever
click on your HomeScreen on your MenuKey on your Defy and choose "Themes" and activate "NewMIUI Theme"
click again on your HomeScreen on the MenuKey and open up the "Preferences" of GoLauncher. Click on "Visual Settings" -> "Icons" -> and choose "Icon size" to "Large Size"
still in the GoLauncher Settings -> click on "App drawer settings" and choose under "App Drawer Scrolling orientation" -> "Vertical continous"
back on the HomeScreen click on the Phone App and choose "exDialer" as your favorite Dialer ( if installed )
open up "MiLocker" ( if installed ) and click on "Settings" at the bottom -> choose "Miui Default" or "ICS" Theme to get rid of chinese symbols

So now you should have a fast and nice designed system. Hopefully everything works for you and have a look at Settings, CM7 has even more options as Miui has.

:::::::::::::::::::::: DOWNLOAD ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

DOWNLOAD WhiteRabbit Bravo Edition v.1.4.1
nur für Motorola Bravo / MD5 = 8146bdce8a13e276ef083858281e9034

Have fun with it and I would be happy about some feedback

:::::::::::::::::::::: BUGS and INFOS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Bravo users may experience issues with GoLauncher on first boot. GoLauncher works fine after reboot.
Bravo users need to boot into 2nd-init. 2nd-boot will not boot the system.
Defy+ User with 2.3.6 will have mostly a Force Close at their first boot with SystemUI, which is the notification bar. Just reboot once and everything will be ok.
User with problems in installation could try to install Pikachu Edition and back WhiteRabbit Edition, some Users reported that it helped.
Call Recording could have some problems with alternative apps
The normal Dialer and Contact App can't be uninstalled if exDialer is installed. It is only a visual App. If you uninstall the Dialer and Contact App you won't get any calls, even exDialer is installed.
If Milocker is activated you won't be able to use PIN or any other SecurityLock. This is not a Bug, it is because Milocker deactivates the Lockscreen and is only an App.
Airplane Mode can lead on some phones to lose the connection to your mobile provider, specially Defy+ Users

:::::::::::::::::::::: DONATION ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hi, it takes a lot of time to create these Roms, support the Users with help and fix bugs. I am doing it for free and it makes fun, but if you want to support me your are free to donate me a beer.

:::::::::::::::::::::: CREDTIS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Thanks to Amarullaz, Sesme, maniac103, nadlabaks, skeevy420, currydude, ephumuris, Boogieman, Mark, Defy@1.1Ghz, Kang, RATTAR, Dirk 64, maniac103, cile und Wajk, M1cha, Nexx, el afortunado, annowob, Daihogo, outmixx, Ralf, hboy1337, Akki, pulleman, Vorkkernel Team, Andy, Andy Thomson, endursa, dewyeyed, majamee, chron, ladyboo, woSaa, Galnet, derbestimmer, MagicMarcus, Jackmu95, Gerrett, t1MzN, Mamboo5, Zjs, thinka, bodo-riediger and everybody from Community,, and all the people I forgot.

A big thanks goes to M1cha, and my Test Users: andk, Vetzki, Leitn, Dirk64, Squerk, Akki, Senci, AlMustanir, Kalain, Elmo1986, M1cha, powerschumi, modmatt, Codi11, wurmhoschi, schuelf.

Special Thanks goes to the Users who donated me: PassiMC, Ralph, Michael, FlO, Annette. Thomas, Death-Marco, nomeansno , Harald, Martin, Christian, Raxman, Dortking, c_nutz, Igor, horst37, Arno, Manuel, Toasti, TomShi, Husi10, Ulrich, kartargo

1.4.1 Update

***I only updated the installer to include French and Swedish, and removed the 2nd-boot warning; NO need to update if you're already running WR 1.4 since only the installer was updated. The Defy 1.4.1 removed the Volume Step Mod, I left it in ours since nobody has posted problems with it.***
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17th March 2012, 03:39 PM |#2  
mataflakitas's Avatar
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Originally Posted by skeevy420

For the past week, I've been helping TweetyPeety to add native Bravo support in White Rabbit 1.4. The first testing was released yesterday and I installed it a few hours ago, and its running nicely after a slight script edit.

To install, you HAVE to change the updater-script with the one I provided and boot in 2nd-init (ignore what the installer says). Already PM'd Tweety fix and asked about 2nd-boot.

Other than the above, it seems great. All I've seen are small, theme related issues resolved by reinstalling or installing a theme. Nothing serious. I used the underlying rom for the past week to see if there were issues with it on the Bravo, there weren't.

If you have any issues that are BRAVO related, post them here and I'll try to help as best as I can and relay the problem (and hopefully a fix) to Tweety. If its rom related, go here to White Rabbit's Thread over at the Defy forums.

Install as usual.
Detailed install instructions coming when White Rabbit installs properly on Bravo.

Remember, this is the alpha build, not everything may work correctly.

Replace /META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script
in the rom's zip with my attached updater-script (inside archive)
before installing or the rom won't boot. Then boot in 2nd-init and enjoy.

Link to White Rabbit Test1: Here ya go

Theme Chooser ICS Theme not set as Default
no exDialer ICS Theme
Parts of English installer in German
Bravo issues above (fix provided)

I've only used it for long enough to install and make some posts

Oh, and Thank You Tweety for another wonderful rom.

Work full..?
17th March 2012, 05:18 PM |#3  
skeevydude's Avatar
OP Recognized Contributor
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Everything but notification power widget and rotation sensor issues. I believe both are just incompatible libs. Have to go to work so can't do any romming until I get off.

If the problem is what I think it is, it will be fully working with correct /system/lib/hw


After accidently selecting wipe data instead of wipe cache, I performed a reinstall and EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY. I'm not sure why. Maybe I had a bad install???
I used the same zip, same changes (first post attachment) and same installer settings. Only issue is the ICS Theme Chooser theme wasn't selected by default. Other
than that I believe its fully working.
17th March 2012, 08:27 PM |#4  
skeevydude's Avatar
OP Recognized Contributor
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Found cause of rotation/noti power widget bug
Enabling 180 degree rotation causes the bugs with both rotation sensor and and the notification power widget. The fix is to not enable 180 degree rotation under Settings/CyanogenMod Settings/Display/180 Degrees.

While I don't know why bug occurs, at least I know why the reinstall fixed the problem. Also unsure if port bug or rom bug. I'll update when I know more.
18th March 2012, 05:33 AM |#5  
TweetyPeety's Avatar
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first of all,, you not bothering me, I would like to make my Rom compatible to Bravo

second,,, yeah you have been right, still some German in my English translation, saw some c and k's and some German Text for clock yeah so many strings, have to do it also in Spanish.

third,,, included some if that aks for bravo and deactivated with the Second Boot Settings Mod ( you know you have to boot one more time after coming into the system to activate it, no way to make it the first boot, because database is not created at this time ) the 180 degree rotation

fourth,,, the changes in your updater-script, that are the same as you already have send me, because couldn't find any big difference..

fifth,,, thanks for the feedback with the ICS Theme at the beginning, you see I can't really test it and normally on the Defy I saw it in the last Version and removed the 2 code lines from my default build.prop, haven't seen it in the Bravo, but its fixed also.

anything else ??
18th March 2012, 05:13 PM |#6  
skeevydude's Avatar
OP Recognized Contributor
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Some of those pm's yesterday could have waited till I had more informtion with other things, instead of a bunch of tiny pm's with scattered information. That's what I meat by bothering you.

I posted an updated english translation in the first post that I did yesterday. I think it's completely translated. The phrases aren't in proper english and missing prepositions, but everthing is clear and understandable, and I'm being a bit of a grammer nazi about it at this point. "Grammer nazi" isn't offensive to Germans is it? I'm mostly German, with a bit of Dutch and tiny, tiny bit of Native American.

I tried booting up 3 time with 2nd-boot, it never got past the red motorola dot. I'll look over the 2nd-boot and see if I can figure out why, although 2nd-init works perfectly.

Don't konw the cause of the 180 bug either. When it's buggy, logcat is clean, nor do any errors show when 180 is enabled either. I need a user with a Defy to see if it's the rom or the Bravo.

With those two lines removed, everything workes fine with the theme.

You could test the Bravo install on a Defy if you wanted to, the only thing that won't work correctly is the camera.

The only issue I see left is that the touch press color on the reboot/shutdown menu is orange instead of blue. I don't know the location of its xml to help with.

I really can't think of anything else at the moment. It worked perfectly yesterday on a range of tasks from batch TB restore, gps, compass, camera, wifi, tethering. Well, I might have had a minor wifi bug....I took my dogs for a walk, and when I got back I had to disable and then reenable wifi to get it to connect. It may have been me in a hurry and not wanting to wait for Android to do it automaticly. I've had little wifi issues like that since the new screen off wifi power policy was implemented.....I don't like it. Its a pita when you data tether with wifi. Now I HAVE to use wifi keep alive. Phone gets really hot when the screen has to stay on AND your downloading at 1.5mbps.

The undervolting may be a bit low for the Bravo, its not for me, but my phone runs stable with 1200@57, 750@45, 300@22. And yes, those are my clock speeds when I need the extea power. Some Bravo's cant even run 800@57 stable. I think the Bravo may be made with not-up-to-par Defy parts. I planned on adding that in the release info when the rom gets released.

If everything I've sent you gets added into the rom, the next release will probabaly be the Bravo stable release.

While its off topic, when undervolting your phone, you'll get more instability from the two lower values being too low than the high value being too undervolted. My phone is PERFECTLY stable with the above settings, but if I go to 750@44 and 300@22, it is EXTREMELY unstable. Also, to do a quick undervolt stress test, while listning to music, just open 6+ tabs in Dolphin HD at the same time then start pressing random links. If it doesn't crash you're usually good to go.
22nd March 2012, 05:36 AM |#7  
skeevydude's Avatar
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Test2 was released\bumping thread
23rd March 2012, 02:40 AM |#8  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by skeevy420

Test2 was released an hour and a half ago. I've been using it for the past half an hour and its working great.
Boot with 2nd-init instead of 2nd-boot.

CHANGELOG TEST 2:::::::::::::

NEW Miui V.4.0 CM7 Theme optional
NEW Vsuite Voice Dailer ( thx Maniac103 )
NEW Hacked Google Maps 6.4
NEW German Baseband ( only for Germans )
NEW Pdroid Support optional
UPDATE Basis Kang 7.2RC from 21.03
UPDATE Custom Recovery 5.0.6
UPDATE Aroma Installer 2.0 A5
UPDATE Installer now also in Italian, Spanish, and Serbia
UPDATE Miui Explorer optional ( in 8 languages )
UPDATE exDialer 67
UPDATE GoLauncher 2.8.3
UPDATE Second Boot Settings
FIX Volume Steps Mod
FIX No Bootloop at first boot
DELETE Beats Audio drivers ( the doesn't work on most of the phones )

Link to White Rabbit 1.4 Test2

Posted from my 48" 1080p WS running Debian Sid with internet Wifi Tethered from a Motorola Bravo running White Rabbit Test2.

Is there any modififcation needed to the zip file or is it already ok for the Motorola bravo?

sent from my Motorola Bravo running CM7 White Rabbit Edition 1.3 with my added Beats Audio and Bravia Engine!
23rd March 2012, 04:07 AM |#9  
skeevydude's Avatar
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Just install it. Nothing needs to be done.
23rd March 2012, 04:15 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by marquae11

Is there any modififcation needed to the zip file or is it already ok for the Motorola bravo?

sent from my Motorola Bravo running CM7 White Rabbit Edition 1.3 with my added Beats Audio and Bravia Engine!

full work..?
23rd March 2012, 04:31 AM |#11  
skeevydude's Avatar
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Yes. Fully working and great. I only had issues when restoring apps with titanium batch with app+data, but that can happen with any rom. The OC vsel settings may be low. That varies phone to phone. To be safe, move Vsel 2 and 3 up one each, and Vsel 1 can actually go to 22. I've used 22 with every rom I've ever used. Some roms can handle 21-19, but 22 I've found is stable and reliable.

I've had minor theme issues, but that's probably because I used custom install and had mixed miui and ics settings. Just play with the Rom Toolbox and you'll be themed however you like in no time.
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