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[ROM][ICS][06/26] ICS StuNNeR - 1.6.26

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Click Here for More Screenshots



  • Latest PLAY apps. Working without any issues.
  • AOKP Features. Look below for the Euphoria Control in screenshots.
  • Device Settings. Tweaking data connection, screen color tuning, touch keys, and more.
  • Supernote for Tablet Mode & FreeNote for PhoneUI mode. Best S-Note replacements!
  • TabletUI and PhoneUI can be switched with one reboot.
  • MultiTasking Mode and Gaming Mode available for RAM Tweaking
  • Increased HEAP Size. Enjoy your large apps.
  • Ad-free browsing and applications you install.


Known Minor Issues:

  • None as for yet.
  • Visual changes like wallpaper, pre-set homescreen not done.

For other minor bugs, please read forum posts. I bet you won't find many.

Please DO NOT report bug if...
  • You haven't performed CLEAN INSTALL steps below atleast once before coming to any ICS ROM.
  • You haven't wipe data before flashing this ROM.
  • You are using MOD/Theme other than specified in the OP.
  • You aren't using latest version.
  • You haven't cleared market data after and before switching DPIs.


Install Instructions:


It is highly recommended to back up your EFS Partition. You can use this backup in case you lose baseband or get corrupt IMEI.
Click HERE to proceed to EFS Backup.

  • If you are on version below 1.6.26, flash GB ROM.
  • Format DATA / Factory reset if you are on GB ROM or any other ICS ROM.
  • Flash latest Stunner

Check this video if you unsure about installation. This video starts with rooted GB ROM.




#include <std/disclaimer.h>
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear
 * war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following these directions.
 * YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if you point your finger at 
 * me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
This is an AOSP ROM and not based on Samsung Touchwiz. So you won't find S-Pen apps like S-Memo and features like S-Pen screenshot. No Kies as well.
However, we have provided replacement apps to make use of S-Pen. This app is in no-way similar to S-Memo and all rights reserved with third-party apps author.
AOSP refers to Android Open Source Project and we build from the code what's available as open source.
This ROM is only for AOSP lovers. Read FAQ before asking anything. Keep discussions healthy.


Download Link:



If you are posting this ROM any where else please maintain credits, and donate links.



Rebooting first time if boot animation stops, long press power key and reboot again.
This is to be done until successfully reboots without freezing at boot screen.
This won't happen on rebooting device later.

The internal SD is mounted @ /mnt/sdcardand the external SD is mounted @ /mnt/emmc


Donate Links:

Donations are always cherished for time we spent to develop/build (not just a port) and bring you best.



  • Imilka for first AOSP and inspiration.
  • Team Passion
  • Team Kang and Romanbb
  • Cyanogenmod9
  • All involved in fixing issues for NOTE.
  • R3b0rn for ICS True Root Method.

You are always welcome to post fixes, review ROM.

Last but not least, you are responsible for flashing this ROM and if anything happens to your device.

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18th March 2012, 09:14 AM |#2  
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_CyanogenMod Kernel
_CyanogenMod Device Tree for N7000
_AOKP Merges upto Build 40
_Nelson's Chimera Build (Please donate him -  Team Passion Member) 
_Theme Support!! Use CM9 Themes now!
_added hardware info in Settings > About
_fixed DRM issues (including Hulu)
_made lockscreen weather much prettier
_fixed tablets
_added Achromatic theme
_fixed added custom WiFi SSID FC
_added ability to change host name (settings > dev > device hostname)
_added ad-hoc network support
_added adb over network
_added bluewall firewall - RC > General UI > Less Notification Sounds
_limits the number of notification sounds an app can play per X seconds
_so like 1 GTalk ping/30s, but notifications will still be coming in
_added "Device options" link in Settings for devices that have an app to tweak device-specific settings
_improved weather code, shouldn't bother you everytime it updates weather now
_added "copy to clipboard" option in "Share" dialogs throughout ANdroid
_added ability to toggle to "new" and "original" music controls on the lockscreen
_reverted tablet nav bar button padding change (back to stock ics padding now)
_fix SMS/BT crash bug when no msgs exist
_reworked lockscreen music layout to be cleaner
_fix ugly gradient on dark holo background
_added statusbar autohide for tablets (for apps that need full screen)
_added support for more lockscreen targets (2-8 options, your choice)
_cleaned up octo lockscreen layout
_fixed certain FCs with RC related to weather
_Mms: fixed stripping certain Polish characters
_decreased size of custom lockscreen apps to match other icons
_statusbar brightness enabled by default after you wipe (sliding thumb across statusbar to change brightness)
_added statusbar notification counter (RC > Statusbar General > Notification Counter)
_Out of range Bluetooth devices won't show up anymore in Settings
_Browser: added option to close all other tabs (besides current)
_Fixed data toggle
_Removed requirement to reboot when toggling keyboard switcher (IME switcher) in statusbar
_added nav bar widgets (to enable, go to nav bar settings > add toggle widgets as one of your nav bar actions/ long press actions, then _add widgets -- be sure to add at least 2 for best experience)
_as always, tons of fixes for devices and other backend fixes!
_fixed navbar glow resetting on reboot
_fixed hide navbar for tablets
_fixed back button disappearing on tablets
_auto-brightness fixes
_added volume adjust sound preference (Settings > Sound > Volume adjust sound)
_fixed memory leak with lockscreen code
_fixed auto-rotate toggle
_systemui will now restart on changing themes to avoid any potential errors
_navbar background is now set through XML to allow theming
_added aokp clock widgets
_reverted sd/emmc switch for Galaxy S devices
_fixed otter build
_navigation bar app icons now scale better
_fixed bug in native Email app that would cause wakelocks
_Support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth
_added more padding to statusbar buttons
_updated Mms emoji code from CM
_wifi icon cut off has been fixed on tablets
_fixed volume slider showing incorrect volume in a voice call (making it look like it wasn't full)

_Corrected mount points in kernel: Camera pics saved on internal
_Minor fixes in kernel
_NTFS module for testing (may not work)


_Fixed Bootloop issue (Removed EXT4 Tweaks for now)
_Fixed ICS Long Press Home Key in Phone Mode
_Mount Points reverted back to original
_Updated Google Maps


_Fixed root issues. Everyone should get proper root coming from any ROM.
_LP6 Rooted & Modded Kernel (on test; soon to be replaced with open source kernel)
_EXT4 Tweaks applied on second boot (long press power key if you get stuck)
_External SD card mount point is now /mnt/sdcard (following CM9 standards)
_Internal SD card mount point is now /mnt/emmc (following CM9 standards) Your titanium Backup location may need to be changed.
_Superuser app is back with Root Browser.
_X-plore removed. Can be installed from market though.
_GPS should be better. Don't expect to be perfect yet.
_Recording format set to "MP4".
_Updated Google apps and other apps.
_Fixed mobile data toggle not updating for serious
_Fixed navigation buttons for tablets
_Long press home options added to General Interface for phones that have hardware buttons
_Fixed icon transparency being applied to right-side buttons (BT, etc)
_Add BT MAP Profile
_Fixed font sizing in statusbar
_Fixed volume sliders not updating when volumes are linked
_Many fixes for ColorPicker in ROM Control
__gradient showing properly
__color picker should fit in all screens now
__show color preview before opening dialog (in-line)
_Fixed sound playing when volume zoom is enabled in camera AVRCP crash fixed
_Contact pictures now displaying properly in notifications when receiving new sms
_Bluetooth: Fixed memory leak and file handles leak
_Nav bar & tablet status bar FCs fixed
_Fixed some init.d scripts not running due to lack of bash
_Changing brightness by sliding on the top of the statusbar (if enabled) shouldn’t FC anymore
_ROM Control: Fixed scrolling cache not setting properly
_Weather will refresh whenever SystemUI starts instead of when the phone boots (so if it gets restarted, it should fetch weather again, it didn’t before)
_Lockscrens: Added lockscreen wallpapers to pin & pattern unlock screens
_Settings: fixed link mute states always being checked
_Added bluetooth headset config
_Other fixes of AOKP build 33 which where not included.


_Beta Testing Completed!
_Complete AOKP compiled (no separate patches from CM9)
_Added missing fonts
_Services.jar patched for OOM Tweaking
_DSP Manager removed
_Updated Apps: Google Maps, Xplore and Videos
_Camera: Pinch and Volume Zoom
_General UI: Customizable rotation delay is back!
_Bluetooth: AVRCP 1.3+ support
_Lockscreen/NavBar: Allow shortcuts to specify their own icons
_NavBar: Allow tablets to use “hide NavBar” feature
_NavBar: Custom NavBar is now available for tablets as well!
_NavBar: Customizable glow color (New Feature)
_Quiet Hours: Configure the hours your device should be quiet and/or still
_Statusbar: Added ability to WeatherPanel to start a custom app
_Statusbar: Added ability to hide signal bars 
_Statusbar: Customizable font size
_Statusbar: Customizable icon transparency 
_Added German translation for weather
_Fix CRT Off Animation
_Fix embedded flash on websites
_Fix compass
_Fix disabling Camera Sounds
_Fix NavBar showing up in landscape lockscreen
_Fix long-press resetting custom NavBar icons
_Fix incorrect bluetooth address on some devices
_Fix lockscreen events showing up 1 day before
_Fix quickunlock not allowing passwords longer than 8 chars
_Fix centered clock not showing the correct time
_Fix camera internal issues
_Other small fixes

Beta 5.0 (14/4/2012):

_Android 4.0.4 - Complete New Build
_Big Big Update, Wipe Wipe Data!!
_Market purchase fixed
_Changing Lockscreen Wallpaper fixed
_Navigation bar overhaul (ability to set custom actions/icons and long-press actions)
_DSP Manager re-implemented (on test - please review this if you use this)
_Other AOKP Fixes - Complete sync upto build 31
_All scripts revised.
_Media scanner and media server related scripts removed as it's fixed internally.
_Updated apps. Modded market replaced with original one (to ensure proper purchase)
_Framework Fixes
_Dalvik Fixes 
_Media Server Fixes
_Gallery FC Fixes
_Service Manager Fixes
_Embedded Flash Player Fixes (Not completely tested)

Beta 4.5 (11/4/2012):

_Reverted system apps to 4.0.3. Fixed FCs.

Beta 4.4 (10/4/2012):

_Integrated 95% of system apps from 4.0.4 (Framework base is still 4.0.3)
_Services.jar patched to improve OOM. (Better RAM management and kill lag)
_Kernel Tweaks. Default Governor - Ondemand.
_CPU Tweaks. Both cores set online on each boot.
_I/O Scheduling set to "Deadline".
_Application boost tweaks - Faster zipaligning on every boot and optimizing database.
_EXT4 Tweaks re-added (were removed in 4.3) to boost I/O.
_GMail and Play Store updated.
_Euphoria Control updated to integrate viewing calendar events on lockscreen. Changing LS wallpaper still FCs.
_Device Settings separated from Euphoria Control and available directly in system settings app.
_Root-browser removed as not compatible with SuperSU. Use Xplore from Market instead.
_Overall smoothness and response greatly increased. Blazing fast and rock stable.
_STK (Sim Toolkit) implemented and added.
_Torch app & File manager app added.
_OTG Support testing. Check /mnt/usbdisk.
_Launcher FC on reboot fixed. Latest Apex launcher.
_Launcher with increased heap size and zero lag. These tweaked settings will vanish if you update launcher.
_Modem Auto-Install Removed.
_New updater-script. Thanks to antiochasylum for graphics.

Beta 4.3 (3/4/2012):

_LP5 Kernel Auto-Install - 1.4 GHz Dual Core Activated
_LP5 Modem Auto-Install
_Market Fixed for missing apps
_Camera Fixes for LP5 Kernel
_LP5 RIL Library added
_WiFi Fixes

Beta 4.2 (1/4/2012):

_Camera Recording Fixed.
_Added SuperNote for Tablet Mode and FreeNote for PhoneUI Mode.
_Audio Fixes.
_DSP manager removed due to some instability.
_First boot freeze at boot animation fixed.
_Market fixes.
_Minor media enhancements.
_This is not a new build rather fixes over previous build.

Beta 4.1 (29/3/2012):

_Added missing toggles: Data, 2G/3G, Tethering.
_Added missing fonts.
_Zip-aligned all apps.

Beta 4 (29/3/2012):

_Complete new build with new device tree. 
_Lot's of source work & fixes.
_Complete native USB Mass Storage. Removed UMS app developed by us.
_New RIL base from I220 ICS Leak. Before this we were using SGS2 RIL base.
_Storage option in settings don't FC.
_New options to explore in Euphoria Control (EC).
_Synced with AOKP-28
_DSP Manager added and working.
_Hardware keys backlight on by default. To turn it off use Device Settings in EC.
_Greatly increased I/O and thus quadrant if at all it matters.
_Updated few apps.
_Market fixes. No more error while installing app from market.

Beta 3 (20/3/2012):

_USB Mass Storage using our app. Both external and internal mount!
_Nova Launcher replaced with Apex Launcher.
_Maps and Youtube added. Working.
_+ Titanium Backup works. Still have minor issue with some.
_Some minor tweaks

Beta 2 (18/3/2012):

_Proper ROOT and installation steps.
_All options of Euphoria Control works.
_Market Fixed.

Beta 1 (18/3/2012):

Initial Release

Tip #1: Switch between Tablet/PhoneUI, the easy way..
o get tablet mode on ICS Stunner, please follow this steps:
Settings > Euphoria Control > General UI > Switch Tablet/PhoneUI > Custom > 200 (Tablet) > Reboot.
After Reboot, go to Apex Launcher Settings and set grid size to 6x6 or 6x5 to enjoy full screen accommodation of icons.
If you still don't get Tablet Mode, that means your device isn't rooted properly and you need to clean install this ROM.
It is important to follow the steps mentioned there carefully.

Tip #2: Getting vibrant colors on screen.. the awesome AMOLED
Settings > Galaxy Note Settings > Screen Tab > Mode > DYNAMIC
This setting would give you stunning vibrant colors. Try it.
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18th March 2012, 09:15 AM |#3  
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Forgive my delays in updating the list, will be updated soon.


Gratitude List:

_Maestro Marc
_saniko (Sandeep)

_antiochasylum (Justin) for second donation !!
_mikeemoz (Michael)
_afilopou (Anargyros) for second donation!!
_davidfrog (David)
_JoyR2 (Ryan)

_r3dcruz (Rick) for third donation!!
_Evaravenspell (Sarah)
_thechints (Chintu)
_DeKubus (Lukas)for second donation !!
_chasmodo (Bosko)
_Vasareth (Yannick)
_torseni5t (Mark)
_pvillasuso (Pablo)
_eternauta1949 (Nunzio)

_zylor (Ana)
_s204 (Ridzuan)
_encima (Encima)
_Octavian90 (Hung)
_dude_uuk (Jerome)
_Ashraf628 (Ashraf)
_kikouyou (Eric)
_rajuki (Rajeev)

Kindly mention xda nick and ROM name while donating. Please pm me if anything related to Gratitude list. Thank you for your donation.


Updated 3rd July.

Would I able to revert back to GB ROM ?
Yes. We don't mess with bootloader.

What are the changes of the latest beta ?
Read changelog post.

Can you add <feature> ?

Can I have S-Pen functionality ported ?
No. This is an AOSP ROM and not based on Samsung's Touchwiz ROM. However S-Pen works.

Does BLN works ?

Sometimes my phone goes to death (won't turn on), any fix ?
Try switching modem.

Camera recording doesn't work ?
YES, it works.
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18th March 2012, 09:15 AM |#4  
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18th March 2012, 09:19 AM |#5  
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good luck man!

Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA
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18th March 2012, 09:34 AM |#6  
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Is camera workin and video play back? Thank you for your work. Welcom to Note devrlopment.
18th March 2012, 09:36 AM |#7  
Senior Member
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Great to see another ICS ROM,

Hope you name it difference than beta1,2,3 ...
18th March 2012, 09:36 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Rigby2011

Is camera workin and video play back? Thank you for your work. Welcom to Note devrlopment.

yes camera working.
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18th March 2012, 09:37 AM |#9  
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count me for beta tester of yours ICS STUNNER ROM..
18th March 2012, 09:38 AM |#10  
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I will test this rom asap, when phoneUi will be uploaded.

Is this rom using CM9 bluetooth stack ? Because no one rom support wiimote, I hope yours support wiimote controler
18th March 2012, 09:40 AM |#11  
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