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✰05.01.13✰ //ROM\\ D.I.R.T//DigitalKarma V9 Enlightenment: Neon-blue Edition(FINAL)

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By Digitalkarma, Senior Member on 23rd March 2012, 09:52 PM
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>>> DigitalKarma V9 <<<

Themed, redesigned and powered by DK!

"It’s a very fast little ROM, very well laid out, very pretty, and responsive. It’s kind of hard to run though because it’s just so nice to look at." - Paul E. King
(First ROM review for the DK series courtesy of Paul from GoodandEvo!)

- Enter Enlightenment -

After the excessive prettiness that was Reincarnation, DK decided to go back to the drawing board...again. What more could he do that could be done on a Sense 1.0 rom while still keeping things fresh? How about incorporating some Jellybean elements into the Sense 1 framework for starters? Influenced by the minimalism of the Holo design. The idea of adding Holo progress bars, Jellybean notifications and using Jellybean animations were born. I've been flirting and falling in love with ICS/JellyBean so why not emulate the look and feel?!

The next idea was to trim the excess fat off the Rom. The easiest thing would be to strip away the Sense elements but that would be kind of senseless and boring. The solution was to tone down the Sense 4 look and use of transparencies in favor again of the Holo design. By going with mono, darker, and flatter textures, png sizes have been greatly reduced. Also combined with the use of other techniques, I have trimmed the system files by 100mb from the last version. The Rom sizes kept going up with each new release until V8 finally went over the 200mb mark. I wasn't going to let that trend continue on V9. Clocking in at a lean 165mb zip, its by far the lightest version I've ever made! Ram and performance is much more efficient now. 'Balance' has been the key theme throughout the making of V9

As much as I've been heaping praises on Jellybean, the final phase of development was to take another look at Sense and give some of its identity back. Inspired by the look of the latest Sense trends, the idea of turning the stock clock into a 3x2 widget and adding Sense 5 icons were introduced. I have traveled far and wide through the Sense landscape, from the HTC One to HTC Butterfly, even to the EVO LTE for inspiration. To mix all these visual elements together, while focusing more this time on the performance side of things has been the greatest task. It has definitely been an "enlightening" experience making V9.

The series has come full circle. Enjoy the journey.

Welcome to the ninth and final installment of DIGITALKARMA ROM!


A seamless SENSE-ual stock-like experience. From the moment you first boot up, the beauty of DigitalKarma ROM lies in its simplicity. As they say the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Functionality is of utmost importance. Everything's got to work. DigitalKarma tries to strike the perfect balance between old school and contemporary design; reliability and the unconventional. Here you'll find one of the most creative custom Sense ROMS you've ever layed your eyes upon for the Evo 4G.


- Base: RUU_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.67.651.3
- Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
- Sense 1.0
- Odexed for faster boot times and more internal memory
- PNG optimized
- 355 mb internal space
- EXT4 Support
- Caine's Classic SBC Kernel
- Dark Matte Grey & Red Neon Color Scheme
- Stock Jellybean/Sense 5/Butterfly Hybrid Theme
- HTC J Butterfly style 3x2 Clock
- Halo rosie dock (L means left app function, R means right in case you were wondering)
- Sense 5 app and weather icons(for 2x2 weather widget and a few other places)
- Sense 5 and Butterfly wallpaper
- added Butterfly to Scene list(for the Butterfly homescreen look)
- inverted themed Grey backgrounds on HTC apps
- JellyHeaven animations(Jellybean animations remixed and modified by me)
- JB/ICS loading progress animations
- Select Sense 5 ringtone/notif included
- Latest version of Google Play 3.10.14
- updated apps, including latest Sprint Voicemail
- removed most 3rd party apps and kept it more stock
- Unlimited Tab Browser with Debug setting
- Karma Utility based from Tommy's RomUtility for all your tweaking needs (only the modifications menu is available for now)
- added script for toggling led capacitive buttons(use terminal emulator and type: su, hit enter. Then type: sh /system/xbin/ledtoggle*)
- added back some long deleted HTC apps like Car Panel and FM Radio
- Advanced Power Menu + 4-in-1 reboot
- Slimmed style Recent Apps drop-down bar
- Quick Settings with long-press function to menu
- MMS enabled backup messages & Securebox
- Swiping Notifications(set to 50.0p for better swiping & swiping from middle)
- DSP Manager(for the audiophiles!)
- Sony Bravia Engine for better picture quality
- Volume Rocker Skip Track Mod
- 30 step Media Volume increment mod
- Native Screenshot(long press power button first, then immediately press Home button to capture screenshot)
- 1x/3x connection display, animated sync, revamped battery animations, smooth ICS spinners, no GPS icon
- Speedy custom transitions(it's fast)
- V6 SuperCharger(go into Terminal Emulator, type su press enter, then type sh /system/xbin/V6* to install)
- Juwe11 Ram Tweak
- Init.d SD Card tweak
- Build prop tweaks(to enhance 3G speed & RAM effienciency, battery life and picture quality)
- Settings tweak(Unknown Sources on, haptic feedback off, auto-brightness off, Fastboot off)
- WI-fi Tethering(if you have connection problem, go to settings and check 'MSS clamping' and 'Routing fix')
- Hacked 3G Sprint Hotspot
- working EPST(doesn't matter what radio you are on, codes will work: ##3282#, ##775#)
DarkTremors Apps2SD( link on how-to set up here )

More details can be found in the changelog below

I'd like to first thank all these kind folk who I have corresponded and/or aided me in the development process of V9:

TommyTomatoe (for pretty much everything he does, his tuts, mods, answering my questions, giving me permission for RomUtility etc.)
Mazda(for testing and feedback)
Robobob (correspondence and ideas)
JMZ(for providing RUU, especially the M7 so i could get Sense 5 goodies)
IDRFT (for the wicked V9 Splashscreens)

To everyone else on TEAMDIRT for general support
SPECIAL THANKS: to all my supporters following this rom!

CHANGELOG for V9: ___________
coming soon!!

as of Dec. 4 2012
- cleaned up smali code in framework, freed up 2mb of space
- DK's "Jelly Heaven" animations modified by yours truly
- Tommytomatoes' Rom Utility demo app included(courtesy of TT! Thanks!)
- red and black/dark grey color color scheme inspired by Evo
- darker transparencies
- splashes of red trims/highlights
- Pulsating red beam on drop down menu
- Jellybean style notifications
- Toggle Volume Wake Option
- Toggle Lockscreen option
- Jellybean style HTC Clock
- Themed the browser to look a bit like ICS/JB
- Several new wallpapers
- Red Aurora overscroll
- disable HTC logging code in framework

more to announce later


☯CHANGELOG for v8 Reincarnation☯

International Edition - 10/25/12

not really a big update, it's essentially the same as V8 - same tweaks, same theme, just about the same internal memory.. but here is what i added for the international folks requesting languages for my rom.

- support for 30+ languages(french, italian, japanese, korean, chinese, vietnamese, german etc.) through most of the OS. shouldn't have to use an app like MoreLocale anymore unless there is a language i'm missing or didn't feel compelled to include in my rom.
- re-enabled choosing your language on first setup
- added back lang_pico TTS files
- added back HtcCalculatorWidget
- added iWnnIME for japanese keyboard support and themed it to match my rom
- updated GooglePlay to latest 3.9.16 with Google Play logo for custom status icon
- fixed the dark text for Voicemail drop-down notifications
- fixed/completed the themeing for HTC_IME Chinese Keyboard
- optimized some .ogg files

BIG THANKS to Robobob and his Urayamashi ROM for the language files!

here are the additions for v8
- Jellybean fonts
- 5 minute Screen Timeout option(replacing 15 second option)
- Shutdown bootanimation(when powering off phone)
- new bootup animation(made by me.. Reincarnation style!)
- fixed the text not appearing in HTC_IME personal dictionary
- themed the Message widget to match other widgets(which i forgot to do in v7.77, thanks Phe-NOM for the find)
- Semi-transparent Sense 4-ish Rosie dock and clock
- new "Steel" wallpaper from Sense 4.5
- Dozen new personal wallpapers handpicked by me
- Unlimited tab windows in Browser
- Underworld v0.8 No-HAVs SBC kernel(thanks again Ca1ne! for more info or if you want switch dif. kernel styles check out his thread)
- added longpress function to the remaining 4 or 5 Quick Setting options that didn't have it in v7.77(thanks tommy)
- added Auto-sync and Tweaks to Quick Settings. Just long-press Settings for Tweaks(thanks tommy)
- more lockscreen themeing(new arrows, green shadow on text, resized album art, semi-transparent overlay)
- new transperency style added to Settings, App Drawer and Drop-down Menu
- updated Google Play, Sprint Voicemail and a bunch of other apps
- moved memory tweaks from init.d to Ramdisk
- Aurora overscroll
- ICS window animations blend(its hard to see it but its there if you slow the animation down lol)
- faster animations(just when you think it couldn't get any faster! bumped it up another 20%)
- cleaned up some smali codes and optimized images in Framework
- long press Rosie remap built-in (in order for this to work, you will need to use TommyT's Rom Utility demo)
- toggle Recent apps (same as above. )
- Dexo-tized! (1st time using tommys odex utility for my Rom but once again odexed for faster boot and more memory space)


v7.77 Deluxe - 7/17/12
 - fixed the Drop-down call notification graphic glitch where text and background were blacked out
 - added transparent BG and white text to Call Notification to match the look of other notifications
 - fixed the slot machine arrow glitch where image remained static in BG during Lockscreen Call Menu
 - fixed the line glitch in Sense Clock. wish i could leave it lighter to make the clock look subtle but had to darken it to camouflage
 - reverted back to previous version of Gtalk used in V7.77 as user reported video was not working. should work now.
 - reverted back to Superuser instead of SuperSU. had trouble getting root permissions for some reason..
 - added ICS smileys and updated some icons to old version of Gtalk. Should look similar now to the one used in V7.77
 - fixed all the tweaks that were listed as not working in KarmaTweaks although some are still kinda glitchy but they still work(tweaks are Overscroll and Hide alarm, battery and signal)
 - added additional Long-press action to Brightness, Flashlight, Mobile Network in QuickSettings along with the already working Volume and Settings options. will add the rest in the next version.(big thanks to Robobob for assisting me with this! We both teamworked on trying to get this over from the Classic ROM)
 - added Reboot option to Quick Settings
 - fixed the Reboot icon in Advanced Power Menu to look more in sync with the others as it was bugging me, lol.
 - put back the Volume Rocker Mod instead of Volume Wake on default by requests. like my past ROMs used to be. :)
 - odexed System/Framework this time so now my rom is fully odexed along with Apps for faster boot times and approx. 70+ mb additional space from last version. 

v7.77: Jackpot Edition(as of 7/07/12)
-reimplemented Juwe11 ramscript into init.d as the settings didn't stick last time..
-revamped battery % to allow battery meter to show between charging animations(convenient!)
-smoother scrolling throughout OS(you'll notice the difference in Settings menu..v7 was choppy as heck)
-smoother spinning animations
-RosieUtility from TommyT to allow remap dock buttons
-animated sync
-subtle visual tweaks and changed smoke overscroll back to glow
-more Sense4.0 like renditioned themeing to framework and some apps like Googlesearch and HTC music widgets
-added back SprintHotspot app and HTC profile widget by request
-updated Gtalk with the ICS smileys
-updated Flipboard to official release version
-updated Superuser
-updated Google Playstore to JB version
-new bootanimation from Iblowpot :) :)
-reduced font size in OS a tad(make it cleaner and compact and password prompt text doesn't get cut off)
-phone dialer not off-centered
-30 step incremental volume
-added Pocket app
-added Team DIRT Jelly Walls to wallpaper selection include Jellybean wallpaper and bonsai collection made by IDRFT
-added Ringtones and notifications from Android Jellybean
-odexed System apps
-added host files
-redid Browser and added 7-tabs and  debug menu
-customized lockscreen arrows
-changed fonts of quick settings notifications and tabs to all white
-smaller font resize layout for more viewing space and cleaner appearance

V7: updated as of 6/9/2012
- added 7-in-1 volume slider(long-press for volume menu), Flashlight, and longpress Settings to RAM submenu in QuickSettings.(thank you Jboyer for initially helping me bring this to my Rom & TommyTomatoe for the extra help at the end!)
- Underworld v0.7 SBC kernel as the default kernel(thank you Ca1ne! Please check his threadfor more details on what's included)
- added Karma Tweaks app(thanks again TommyT and RomanBB for the original idea)
- Sense 4 Gomorrah style Flipclock remade by me(thanks Gomorrah for the clock base and Ygnew Malmsteen for the resource)
- Sense 4 style keyboard themed by me(thanks DJZager for theme guide)
- Sense 4 style dialer themed by me(thanks again to DJZager)
- Sense 4 style widgets and icons(thanks Jewel RUU)
- Sense 4 style rosie dock(thanks again Jewel)
- Sense 4 themed framework(feels like 70% complete..) 
- replaced Init.d RAM Tweaks to include Juwe11's original Init.d RAM script(thanks Juwe11)
- Transparent Settings Menu(thanks TommyT)
- newer version of Smoke overscrolls and inverted animated arrow lockscreen(thanks to my weirdness)
- new bootanimation(created by Mazdarider23. Thanks buddy!)
- added new apps(Flipboard, Plume, Imgur, Wimax Notifier, and maybe a half dozen more. Sorry I went a little overboard and thus the internal memory has dropped to 282 mb, but you'll be able to uninstall them if not needed)
 - replaced volume rocker mod with volume wake mod(thanks gruesomewolf)
here are other additions i've included since the beta:

-added OS Monitor & ROM Toolbox Lite
-added the latest V6 Supercharger(U9 RC8.2 - thanx ZeppelinRox)  
-wallpapers from Virus & DarkLight ROM
-more subtle icon themeing 
-redone bootanimation

V6 coming soon! Here's what to expect in this release

- 25% faster than v5! (so fast that HTC Sense couldn't keep up so it decided to turn animations off by default!)
- Smokey Semi-transparent Drop Down Notification Menu
- Smokey semi-transparent App Drawer & Add To Home Screen
- Smokey Overscroll glows
- Resized Recent Apps bar in Drop Down Menu(would you rather have wasted space with captions of apps you already know or have extra room for one more notification? :) )
- Customized Lockscreen a step further
- slightly remixed transition animations
- add a few more status bar icons like the headphones from mikfroyo
- subtle tweaking images here and there like no more squares on the icons in notification trays
- updated Google Search Box
- updated Wi-fi Tether(3g/4G should work now)
- added Securebox and Backup Messages to SD in stock Mms app
- MMS compression is off! No more low-res pixely pictures!
- updated Bookmarks with relevant websites for Android & EVO enthusiast
- added some init.d scripts(zipalign on boot, SD card read tweak,and some ram tweak)

Plus hopefully a few more features, but if not..there's always v7... :)

v5 has arrived. 

- Swiping Notifications! i've also changed the anim files to 50% for better responsiveness (thanks hansip, ca1ne & mirko)
- added Gtalk w/ video
- replaced Myn's transitions with Mik's transitions from Mikfroyo 3.2(thanks Mik)
- added more Sense 4.0 wallpapers and some bonus ones for nolstagia
- disabled haptic feedback, enabled Unknown Sources, turned off auto-brightness and dimmed it a notch, disabled Fastboot by default in Settings..
- changed lockscreen to Clear LockScreen Bar(thanks again Konikub)
- modified lockscreen a bit(increased font size/change color to white for carrier name, changed lockscreen msg prompt) 
- updated Google Play, Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Sprint Voicemail to the latest version
- changed overscroll glow color to green
- got rid of some logging apps(QXDM2SD, Smith, BugReport), couple libs(the lib for Nova was 6.8mb!!wtf), and a few bin files
- revamped custom bootanimation
- HTC IME REVOLUTION mod keyboard(gimpsta, xXxVirusxXx)
- added RapFox FTP server
- added Roboto font
- remove bubble from app mod, widget toggles unfortunately still have bubbles and Voicemail-just readd Voicemail back to homescreen and it will disappear(thanks cmonsterf50)
- added Espresso Rosie seen in FreshROMs and Android 2.1(thanks flipzmode)
- added Mik battery and radio buttons from old MikFroyo(thanks again Mik) 
- added more Sprint Lover Icons- some icons i couldn't get to work in v4 such as HTCMusic are now in plus a few new ones i made myself(the Market notification icon is now updated to look like Google Play)
- pngopt 97% of the Rom on max setting through Android-Utility which helped shaved off 30mb off the rom(thanks Tommytomatoe!) 


- Semi-transparent Black LockScreen Bar(courtesy of Konikub)
- Warm Desire Flip-Clock(thank you Gomorrah for your blessing! creator of the Sense 4.0 clock ;))
- Myn's animation as seen on Warm 2.2(thanks Myn)
- default wallpaper from Sense 4 and Myn's wallpaper
- Sprint Lover's Icon(well half of them... orig. thanks to SchmittX)
- custom bootanimation(created by me simple as can be)
- white overscroll glow
- Recent apps to Notification Bar
- a few ringtones from Sense 4 as my default ringtone and notifcation
- Google PlayStore 3.5.15 in place of old Android Market
- Terminal Emulator app
- Adb Wireless app
- Advanced Power Menu + Volume Rocker mod to switch songs in sleep mode(gruesomewolf + ca1ne)
- Sony XLoud & Bravia Engine(thanks xXxPachaxXx)
- built prop tweaks for better 3g speed, GPU rendering, etc_(thanks knzo)

i think that's all for now....
images and maybe a video coming soon...

- Custom lockscreen banner w/ my own personal touch(thanks Tommytomatoe, you are the modern day Jschisurf!)
- CRT animations(thanks Gruesomewolf)
- Bonzai wallpaper from Sense 4(you can go to HTC wallpaper and select it from there as it was intended to be my custom default wallpaper. thanks Swagstr for WVGAs)
- Native screenshot(thanks Freeza)
- 4 in 1 reboot menu(thanks Ca1ne for the port)
- old EPST(compatible with all radios so if you're using an older radio then EPST should work and the latest radio works on old EPST vice-versa. no need to flash back and forth just to use EPST! Thanks Calkulin! in case you forgot dial ##3282# and ##775#)
- Wireless N fixed(Gruesomewolf)
- 7 tab Browser(thanks SteelH)

took out:
-Quickboot(since i got the reboot mod now)
-Sprintzone(found no need to have it. if you want to check min&data: text to 1311 and type in the word 'usage' or type 'upgrade' for upgrade eligibility  instead of dialing *2)
-sprint bootanimation(its default Androit bootup now)

Added back:
 -Sprint Zone(maybe some people will want to dial *2 and check their phone data...
 -Voice Search(upon request)
 -Livewallpapers.apk (i would like to keep only Nexus LWP, but here are the others as well)
 -Themed Red ES File Explorer(thanks ClonedNull!)
 -DSP Manager w/ REAL bass boost(thanks Mik & Virus for the lib & getting it on Sense. can't live without DSP!) 
-Battery % mod(thanks mjHuffer!)
 -Quick Settings Mod(thanks ca1ne!)
 Sprint Bootanimation sound
 & some pico files
 - Stripped out some if not most HTC & Sprint Bloatware -
 19 Apps Removed:
 Car Panel
 HTC Mobile Guide
 Sprint Football
 Sprint Hotspot
 Sprint Navigator
 Sprint Telenav
 Sprint TV
 Sprint Zone
 Voice Dialer
 Voice Search
- Stripped out some Widgets & Live Wallpapers -
 6 Widgets Removed:
 FM Radio
 News Reader
 Sprint TV
- Stripped out some Apk's -
 CheckIn Provider

added in:
 DSP Manager(from MikG version cuz it sounds the best. thanks Mik!)
 Battery Bar Setting(from pvyparts)
 Wireless Tether App
 Es File Explorer
V8 is now live! Friendly reminder do a FULL wipe: that includes data, cache, dalvik-cache. Turn off signature verification and you are good to go. ENJOY!! I highly recommend Smelkus Recovery much more simpler process. Just use Superwipe combo then flash the zip! EASY PEASY!

DigitalKarma V9: Enlightenment @! - 165 mb

DigitalKarma v8: Reincarnation(International) - 207 mb

and for all my previous versions, you can get 'em right here

disclaimer: this rom and myself will not be held liable for any phone bricks, car accidents, inattentiveness of your surroundings or any hearing loss that may occur while using this rom. You flash at your own risk. BUT, there shouldn't be any problems


☯Rosies for V9☯
- Halo Rosie Dock With Wings
- Halo Rosie Dock No Wings
- Ghost Halo Rosie
- Ghost Classic Rosie(from the Classic rom in V9-style red!)

☯Clocks for V9☯
- 3x2 Jellybean-style Clock
- 3x2 Butterfly-style Clock
- 4x2 Jellybean-style Clock
- 4x2 Butterfly-style Clock
- Digital Camoflage Flip-Clock
- Black Sense 4-Style Flip-Clock
- Red Sense 4-Style Flip-Clock
- Sense 5 Clock(credit goes to Ygnew Malmsteen for originally modifying)
- Sense 5 Clock No-Background(install as you would like a regular apk)

☯Wallpaper Options for V9☯
- Sense 5 Wallpaper Pack(flash in recovery. this will overwrite the HTC Wallpapers. thumbnail won't change)
- Original V9 Default Wallpapers(if you want to revert back if you get bored)

☯Fixes and Miscelaneous for V9☯
Google Navigation menu color fix (install like regular apk)
Karma Utility updated Dark theme (install like regular apk)
Youtube drop-down menu color fix (install like regular apk)

Overscroll Styles for V8: Reincarnation
there are some new colors i made for a selection of 21 to choose from(click name for preview):

- Aurora
- Blue Topaz
- Crimson Blood
- Dark Green
- Grey
- Hot Pink
- Lavendar
- Neon Green
- Neon Turquoise
- Orange
- Pink
- Purple
- Red
- RedOrange
- Royal Blue
- Smoke
- Striped Light
- Violet
- White
- Yellow
- YellowGold

Get your Overscrolls here!

Rosie Styles for V8: Reincarnation

Styles include: Ghost Rosie(see image), Slim Rosie(see image), Dockless Rosie(see image), Reflective Rosie(see image)

Get your V8 Rosie Mods Here

Clock Styles for V8: Reincarnation

Styles include: Semi-transparent Colored Non-flip clocks, and Camo Flip-clocks

Get your V8 Clocks here!

For V7.77
TommyTomatoe Ghost Rosie - get it here
DK Sense 4 Rosie - get it here

DK Shadowy Sense 4 Clock - better effect on lighter wallpapers. get it here
DK White Sense 4 Clock - get it here
DK Black Sense 4 Clock - get it here
DK Red Sense 4 Clock - get it here

Sense 4 textured StatusBar
coming soon....

- Call Notification Fix - Black Text on White Notification(alt. look for Deluxe Version)
- Call Notification Fix - White Text on Transparent Notification(fixed in Deluxe version)
- X-Loud Engine Patch Zip(flash if you want to get XLoud back and delete included files with Root Explorer if you change your mind)
- Sprint/HTC App Pack - All-in-1 Flash(Rebloat by adding back stock apps...)
- Sprint/HTC App Pack - DIY NonFlash(For those who only want a few apps back. extract the zip. open with 7zip and put apk in the system/app directory and lib files in lib directory. close 7zip and flash

For V7
☯ Gruesomewolf's Volume Song Rocker Mod(disables volume wake)
☯ Gruesomewolf's Volume Wake Mod(disables volume rocker)
☯ TommyTomatoe's Phone Caller ID Misalignment Fix
(Flashable fix for V7 here)
☯ JsChiSurf's Remove Bottom Notification Text From HTC LockScreen mod
(Flashable mod adapted by me to work for V7 here*warning: you'll also lose Missed Call Notification and anything else that shows up..*
and if you want to revert back go here)

☯ and..for those who miss SprintZone you can your fix here

☯ IDRFT's Splashscreens and wallpapers for V7: Heaven,V8:Reincarnation and V9: Enlightenment!
(rename file to on root of SD card and flash through bootloader)

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130101_090705.jpg
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ID:	1619255   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130101_090947.jpg
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ID:	1619259   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130101_091206.jpg
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ID:	1619269   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130105_081129.jpg
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ID:	1619270   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130101_090257.jpg
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Size:	27.5 KB
ID:	1619274   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130101_090100.jpg
Views:	5149
Size:	32.5 KB
ID:	1619275   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130101_090403.jpg
Views:	5067
Size:	26.5 KB
ID:	1619280   Click image for larger version

Name:	snap20130101_090431.jpg
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Size:	21.6 KB
ID:	1619281  
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23rd March 2012, 10:04 PM |#3  
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4g, wi-fi, bluetooth all work, camera should work
i'd say the only thing that FC's is dialing *2 to Sprint.. i deleted the SprintZone.apk

other than that it should be pretty reliable. and i will post screenies soon or i was thinking a Screencast video. but it looks pretty much stock-like.
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23rd March 2012, 10:10 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by Digitalkarma

4g, wi-fi, bluetooth all work, camera should work
i'd say the only thing that FC's is dialing *2 to Sprint.. i deleted the SprintZone.apk

other than that it should be pretty reliable. and i will post screenies soon or i was thinking a Screencast video. but it looks pretty much stock-like.

Cool. Will give it a shot.
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23rd March 2012, 10:35 PM |#5  
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Thumbs up
Originally Posted by Evilone69tmg

Cool. Will give it a shot.

great!! let me know if it works for you. i don't have any testers besides myself, lol. so far so good.
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23rd March 2012, 10:46 PM |#6  
Senior Member
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I wouldn't mind helping a new ROM maker get his start.

Can I use extended quick settings with this?
Is there a lock screen ring where I can access 4 apps quickly?
23rd March 2012, 11:02 PM |#7  
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Thumbs up
Originally Posted by slthree

I wouldn't mind helping a new ROM maker get his start.

Can I use extended quick settings with this?
Is there a lock screen ring where I can access 4 apps quickly?

i have none of those features yet but these will be added to my "things to work on" list for the future which means... i've got alot of work to do..

if you got a modded zip that can flash quick settings or sense 3.0 lockring on a stock Sense 1.0, 4.67 odex rom feel free to do so. but the goal is to keep this rom simple and stock sorta like a Sprint Lover's type rom.

perhaps when i add those features you mention in, it will be an entirely new rom.
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24th March 2012, 12:39 AM |#8  
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alright i added a video of the ROM in action to the OP if anyone is on the fence or is just curious.. it's just a quick 4 min. run-down and yes i even screen recorded the bootanimation too.. just a quirky way of presenting things cuz i havent seen any people done that yet with ScreenRecorder...
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24th March 2012, 12:47 AM |#9  
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Great ROM, good first start. Just a few things:
1. Download was slow as heck (use dev-host or goo-inside me etc.)
2. Doesn't make me a sandwich.
3. Keep voice search and live wallpapers.
4. Won't make EVO dual core S4 w/ 1GB of RAM

Other than those (major) issues, great work man. Been looking to go back to stock from deck's ICS, because I apparently, actually need a daily driver to get stuff done. Good work

EDIT: "Amend scripting (update-script) is no longer supported. Amend scripting was deprecated by Google in Android 1.4
It was necessary to remove it when upgrading to the ClockworkMod 3.0 Gingerbread based recovery. Please switch to Edify scripting (updater-script and update-binary) to create working update zip packages. Installation aborted."

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24th March 2012, 01:05 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by yankeeboy254

Great ROM, good first start. Just a few things:
1. Download was slow as heck (use dev-host or goo-inside me etc.)
2. Doesn't make me a sandwich.
3. Keep voice search and live wallpapers.
4. Won't make EVO dual core S4 w/ 1GB of RAM

Other than those (major) issues, great work man. Been looking to go back to stock from deck's ICS, because I apparently, actually need a daily driver to get stuff done. Good work

thanks man! apapreciate the feedback and i agree i kinda wanted to get away from the sense 3.0/3.5, ICS roms for a bit and go back to the roots.
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24th March 2012, 01:09 AM |#11  
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Um, it kind of won't flash, lol. Look at my updated post. LOOKS great. Won't flash though . I've always had a soft spot for the stock experience, as it always seems to me the most functional and fluid of anything I've tried. Of course, plenty of tweaks, themes and optimizations thanks to superuser abilities always help
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i won the lottery with this rom, match made in heaven, seduced by karma!!, sense 4.0 meets sense 1.0, team d.i.r.t / tincandroid, this rom got me pregnant

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