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[ROM] newSENSE [RC2] [SENSE 2.1 | 2.3.4] [A2SD] [Custom Kernel] [Updated: 4/29/12]

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By Dread 7us, Recognized Developer on 28th March 2012, 06:55 AM
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Introducing newSENSE, a highly modified and customizable Sense 2.1 ROM with custom OC kernel built in. This ROM is based off of the newest update: 2.77.651.3. ROM includes a custom app built from source to control the ROM and perform many commonly used root tools.

one_love_420: [Applied all ROM mods]
Dread 7us: [Control panel app, boot animation]
drob311: [Custom kernel, optimized apks]
ROM MODs (one_love_420):
  • Statusbar Options
  • Clock Options
    - Style (show/hide/center(with slide in/out animations, no overlap))
    - AM/PM Style (show/small/hide)
    - Color
    - Hide alarm icon
  • Battery Options
    - Battery bar (like Miui with settings thanks to pvy)
    - Show/Hide
    - Color
  • Signal Options
    - Show/Hide
    - Text
    - Color
  • Notification Menu Options
    - Recent apps show/hide
    - Default to quicksettings
  • Rosie Options
    - Custom button
    - 5 rows and semi-transparent BG
    - Depaginated app drawer
  • Display Options
    - Overscroll settings (none/glow/bounce & glow/bounce)
    - CRT on/off
  • Misc Options
    - Lockscreen (Honeycomb/Android/HTC - all on the fly) centered layout
    - Snapshot (enable/disable)
  • 7 options power menu with 4-in-1 reboot [thanks snq for original code]
  • 1x/3g icon fix
  • Smali files debloated
  • Changed Mms Compression
  • Added DSP
  • Added Rotate Animation from 2.3.5 [thanks mik, I just ported ]
  • Added Music track changer by Holding Down Volume Key up/down
  • Added Hack to allow Force Roaming [thanks MrGreg from Hero Forums]
  • Custom 2.1 Lockscreen Arc carrier banner [inspired by tommytomatoe ]
  • Added Extended Quick Settings w/ longpress ability- Thanks skyraider for original code
  • Added White Overscroll color
  • Changed auto-birghtness values
  • Disabled keyboard slide unlock
  • Enabled SIP over data
  • Rosie landscape without keyboard out
  • Unlimited browser tabs (well 255 technically)
  • Unlocked settings in browser [thanks mik]
  • Swipe to clear notifications [thanks hansip87]
  • Increased media volume steps to 30 (stock is 15) [thanks AndroidON]
  • Disabled signature checks [thanks seo]
  • wifi-hotspot hacked [mik & noimjosh]
  • Fix Phantom Voicemail icon [thanks JusticeAA]
  • Thanks DG4FREE for the rosie images
  • Removed the GPS status reticle, aquiring icon still appears [thanks SteelH]
  • Custom Carrier in Notifications tray [thanks JsChiSurf]
  • Disabled a lot of the debugging and htc logs [thanks mik]
Kernel features (drob311):
  • Clock speeds: 61 MHz to 1.997 GHz
  • Governors: interactive, conservative, ondemand, userspace, powersave and performance
  • I/O schedulers: noop, deadline, cfq and vr
Control Panel features (Dread 7us):
  • Sense tweaks built in (romanbb and pvyParts for MIUI batt bar)
  • Backup data apps
  • Disable bootanimation, sound
  • Debloater with freeze and defrost options
  • Mount system ro/rw
  • Clear dalvik-cache
  • Clear cache
  • Fix permissions
  • Zipalign all apps
  • Odex framework and system apps
  • Reboot options (regular, hot, recovery, bootloader and power off)
  • SD card read ahead (romanbb)
  • Sense removal, backup and restore
  • Change dalvik heap size
  • Change screen density
  • Change WiFi scan interval
  • Force launcher into memory
  • Raise JPG quality
  • Decrease dialing out
  • Render UI with GPU
  • APN settings
  • Battery calibration
  • Detailed battery info
  • Change custom carrier text
  • Fully funtioning file browser (original source by Joe Berria)
  • Font changer
  • Overclock (hrk - no-frills)
Special thanks:
tommytomatoe for the original idea for the Control Panel app and helping with mods. We also used his Android Utility to optimize the apks.
FdxRider and crump84 for testing.
Anyone else I may have missed...
Kernel Source (drob311): here.

Video previews:
* Sense tweak features and kernel in video subject to change

Themes and skins:
newSENSE RC2 [4/29/12] [Size: 233.91 MB]
MD5 Sum: cf97a6d2a4e8f38bc1ba83dee2916794
RC1 upgrade to RC2 [4/29/12] [Size: 2.86 MB MB]
MD5 Sum: 4f47dcd85dc1e241b099eebeaa352b97
Older downloads:
newSENSE RC1 | Mirror [3/27/12] [Size: 233.64 MB]
MD5 Sum: 9650301150b0533ff7c8add960d525cb
[Thanks tommytomatoe for the mirror]
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28th March 2012, 06:55 AM |#2  
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More Info
newSENSE changelog: RC2 (4/29/12)
- Disabled scrolling cache (smooth listview scrolling)
- Settings.apk now matches background in Control Panel
- SystemUI.apk has been modified for transparency and changing backgrounds
- Build.prop edits
- Spare parts edit
- Updated framework-res.apk

Control Panel 1.1:
- Added menu options (settings, check for updates and quit)
- Fixed System tweaks Choose dalvik heap size
- Added option to disable exit dialog
- Modifications tab added
- Battery mods (change battery icons)
- Check for updates/changelog (see if there is any update to Control Panel)
- Lockscreens (change lockscreens)
- Overscroll colors (pick different overscroll colors)
- Rosie mods (select different styles)
- SystemUI mods (choose backgrounds and inverted SystemUI options)
- Added phone info (shows detailed phone info, usage statistics, wifi info and APN settings)
Mod Submissions:
Here's the general guide for preparing any mods so Tommy and I can easily add them in (also including a screenshot and making sure all XMLs are compiled):

SystemUI: if you have a themed SystemUI.apk, just zip it up along with other apks to match (like DownloadProvider.apk, ect). If it's a background, I just need the png. Make sure SystemUI.apk and other apks are in the root of the archive

Lockscreens: make a zip archive that has the apks folder structure ( Example: res/drawable-hdpi - put any pngs in that folder (lockscreen_arc.png, lockscreen_arc_incall.png, lockscreen_arcglass_bottom.9.png, lockscreen_arcglass_top.9.png, lockscreen_prompt_back.png). Make sure your .9 pngs are compiled!

Overscrolls: same basic format as lockscreens. Make a zip that has the folders res/drawable-hdpi and contains overscroll_glow.png and overscroll_edge.png.

Rosies: same as SystemUI, zip up the apk. Make sure Rosie.apk is in the root of the archive.

Batteries: make a zip archive that has the apks folder structure (framework-res.apk). Example: res/drawable-hdpi - put any pngs in that folder. Add the battery XMLs to res/drawable within the archive.

Then just send me a PM with a downloadable link, thanks!
Make sure you wipe everything before flashing! I use CWM and make sure to wipe everything including system individually. The ROM does take a few minutes to flash, that is normal for a sense ROM. First boot is going to take awhile as everything is loading for the first time.
  1. Open terminal emulator
  2. Type su press enter
  3. Then type a2sd reinstall
More detailed info can be found here: How to properly setup Darktremors a2sd by JJsax thanks shrekdaklown for the link
Control Panel info:

Interface (romanbb sense tweaks)

Battery options:
  • Show battery icon
  • Battery text style
    • Regular %
    • Small %
    • No %
    • Hide text
  • MIUI battery bar options (pvyParts)
    • Show battery bar
    • Height (1 to 50)
    • Automatically color
    • Static battery color
    • Options to change auto charging, regular, medium and low colors
    • Options to change medium and low percentages.
  • Automatically color (for battery style)
  • Static battery color
  • Option to change auto charging, regular, medium and low colors
Clock options:
  • Clock style
    • Hide clock
    • Standard clock
    • Center clock
  • AM PM style
    • Large AM/PM
    • Small AM/PM
    • Hide AM/PM
  • Choose clock color
  • Show alarm icon
Lockscreen settings:
  • Choose lockscreen style
    • HTC sense
    • Android
    • Honeycomb
  • Volume key screen wake (not implemented yet)
Quick settings (not implemented yet):

Rosie options:
  • 5 column app drawer
  • Paginated app drawer
  • Transparent app drawer
  • Kill rosie (restarts rosie)
  • Enable screenshot function
Signal options:
  • Show signal bars
  • Signal text style
    • Show
    • Small w/dBm
    • Hide
  • Automatically color

Statusbar options:
  • Swipe to clear
  • Longpress to clear (not implemented)
  • Alternate layout (not implemented)
  • Show recent apps
  • Quick-quick settings (show quick settings when there are no notifications)
Visual settings:
  • Animate screen off (show screen off animation)
  • Animate screen on (show screen on animation)
  • Overscroll settings
    • None
    • Edge glow
    • Bounce and glow
    • Bounce
Many options created by Dread 7us with scripts created/modified by tommytomatoe


Backup options:
  • Backup installed apps (data/apps to sd card)
  • Restore data apps (if backed up)
  • Backup sms (to sd card)
  • Restore sms (not available yet)
Boot animation options:
  • Disable custom boot animation (plays standard android)
  • Enable customer boot animation
  • Completely disable boot animation (black screen)
  • Enable boot animation
  • Disable boot animation sound
  • List with all apps in system/app. Checkmark multiple apps at once.
    Options include: Delete, freeze and defrost. Frozen apps will display
    with a (F) and can be defrosted at will. Delete will permanetely delete
    the apk (and .odex if it exists) and removes the data/data portion as
Miscellaneous options:
  • Mount system read-only
  • Mount system read/write
  • Clear dalvik-cache
  • Clear cache
  • Remove backups
  • Fix permissions (tt script)
  • Zipalign
  • Odex framework and system (tt script)
Reboot options:
  • Reboot
  • Hot reboot
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Reboot to bootloader
  • Power off
SD card read ahead:
  • Select cache 128kb - 4096kb
Sense removal options:
  • Sense backup (backup to sd card)
  • Sense remove (make sure you have an alternate launcher)
  • Sense restore (from sd card)
System tweaks:
  • Choose dalvik heap size (select from 12mb to 64mb)
  • Chooser screen density (select from 100dpi to 320dpi)
  • WiFi scan interval (select from 5 secs to 180)
  • Force launcher into memory
  • Raise jpg quality to 100%
  • Render ui with gpu

APN settings:
  • Brings up option in settings edit/add apns
Battery calibration:
  • Calibrate battery when at 100% (shows current level in realtime)
Battery info:
  • Detailed battery information
Custom carrier:
  • Change carrier on notification tray
File browser (original source by Joe Berria):
  • Fully functioning and customized file browser.
Font changer:
  • Listview shows a preview of each font. Selecting one will show a more
    detailed preview. Default font highlighted in green. Want more fonts?
    Just add them in the newSENSE_fonts folder on your sd card and they
    will populate in the list. You must find the fonts yourself and they
    must be True-Type fonts (.ttf). If the font isn't compatible, the font
    changer will probably force close (not all True-Type fonts are compatible
    with android). In the case of Font changer force closing, then you must
    delete that font from the newSENSE_fonts folder on your SD card (or delete
    the whole folder if you don't remember which one).
Overclock options (source by hrk):
  • Select max, min, governor and i/o scheduler
Spare parts:
  • Link to the spare parts app
  • Information about the app, version, android os, mod, model and device
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28th March 2012, 06:55 AM |#3  
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28th March 2012, 07:03 AM |#4  
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thanks guys, with you three working on it i know its good. trying shortly
28th March 2012, 07:06 AM |#5  
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About the kernel... It is based off of htc's kernel source. The clock tables, voltages and added governors are a combination of the 5 kernel developers I mention below. I also added v(r) i/o scheduler, thanks mdeejay from Team Virtuous.

This has been a long time coming. :beer: First I have to thank my wife and kids for being so patient while I stared at a computer screen. Endless thanks to one_love_420 and Dread 7us for all their hard work, knowledge, and patience. Huge thanks goes to Dodgejcr, for taking the time to teach me almost everything I know about kernels, answering my noobish questions , and writing up some awesome tutorials located at his website Tommy Tomatoe has been such a great help to all of us, we can't thank you enough. I have some more thanks to give to a few other people, in no particular order toastcfh, scaryghoul, mdeejay, dodgejcr, x99 (kernel sources to compare, and help trouble shooting), aamikam (a2sd trouble shooting), strapped365 (panorama camera), and htc (base kernel source). Last but not least, the whole Shift community, a.k.a. the best community on xda. I hope you enjoy this ROM as much as we did making it. If I forgot to thank anyone, please let me know and I'll add you.

Edit: Here is a link to custom skins for those that are interested...

Edit: link to my .config zipped up for tun.ko and cifs.ko kernel. here

Edit: link to kernel with tun.ko and cifs.ko. Tested working by hamagc. thanks! here
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28th March 2012, 07:20 AM |#6  
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Appreciate the work fellas!
28th March 2012, 07:37 AM |#7  
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Really enjoyed running this last night...I was sad to reflash my shift before I mailed it out

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28th March 2012, 07:51 AM |#8  
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woot woot! Its here!
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28th March 2012, 08:57 AM |#9  
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Aw man, looks like I'll be busy for a few days getting to know this Rom. Thanks guys...

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28th March 2012, 09:03 AM |#10  
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Yoooooooo, this joint is dope son!!!!! Wooooooooo, thank u for the work all u fly ass devs do!!!

Let Me Put My Shift In U!
28th March 2012, 10:03 AM |#11  
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Nothing but a nuisance..... Now let's see who can find the Easter egg?

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