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[Rom] AOKP(Jellybean 4.2.2) | Task650 (6.24.13) AT&T

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I wanted to bring you guys AOKP to the AT&T SGS II This has been built from AOKP Team & CM Teams source.

A Big Thanks Goes to the AOKP Team, CyanogenMod Team, and Entropy512!!!

If you have any problems after flashing this ROM read the line below...
Preemptive Task650 answer - "Full wipe and reflash, now F*ck off" *jthatch12*


1.) If ANYONE asks a question that's been answered in the FAQ or OP, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR POST. (It should hopefully force them to search)

2.) If ANYONE trolls this thread. DO NOT RESPOND. Me and Red5 will take care of it. (Leaves less cleanup for Red5 and we keep a clean thread)

3.) Leave personal opinions of each other out of this thread or do that stuff via PM.

4.) Have fun in this thread. As most of you know I like to joke around and keep things light. Not everything can be development related. It takes the fun out of these forums.

If we can all just do these simple things I'm sure this thread will get back to where in needs to be. More people including myself will actually like coming into this thread.

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 6.24.2013[B]
Updated Kernel
Fix pixilated icons 
More A/V changed from codeaurora
Fix Mms not sending in some situations
Mms: Prevent FC in low memory conditions
Fix indefinate loop in QueryCodec
Fix a video lag bug after audio reached EOS 
Fixed sound burst on switching from speaker to headset 
Fixed short break in music when touch tone plays 
Fix incorrect nPortIndex value for QueryCodec
DeviceSettings: Pimp my vibrator (New Vibration settings for Haptic Feedback)

Updated Kernel 
ROMControl: Full reformat based on AOSP guidelines
NavRing: Longpress Logic updates
Collapse Shade TogglePref update
GlowPad Torch added to NavRing
Camera Updates
Gallery : Filter picasa specific options
Fix activity stack when restarting the screen nail
MMS: Fix lookup of vanity addresses
Allow changing auto-brightness responsitivity
Updated Ribbons icon
Updated mGerrit
Updated some proprietaries
Make method names clearer (ROM Control)
Added application's package name in the "App info" screen
libsysutils: fix null pointer and memory leak issue
Updated Dark UI (Make sure to use the new Gapps in the OP!)
Preferences Enabled for Ribbons
Updated some vendor blobs and libraries
Phone: Ignore touch during network operators search
Phone: squashed cursor leak fixes from AOSP
NetworkSettings: Fixed not being able dismiss progress dialog sometimes.
PhoneApp: Initialize ToneGenerator when needed
Added No timeout to Glowpad Torch 
Updated mGerrit
SamsungQualcommRIL: fix errors and replaces it with known values 
Added missing ACTION_MEDIA_UNMOUNTED intent
mGerrit updates
Updated TricksterMod
Updated Nova Launcher
KeygaurdSelectorView: Unregister reciever in onPause
Fix incorrect fragment animation used for hiding fragments
Fix Lockscreen FC/reboot
Fixed some cursor leaks
libstagefright: support for disabling buffer metadata
added content adaptive backlight control 
fixed jumping vibrator strength  

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 5.28.2013
Brand new kernel from smdk4412 source (Linux 3.0.64)
Updated Blacklist Features
Toggle Updates
Updated mGerrit
Camera Updates (Fixed Panorama Preview size, ect...)
Fixed StayAwake Toggle (Avoid Loss of User Setting)
Fixed Audio continuing to play even if paused manually
Added WirelessADB Toggle
Updated Ribbons 
Fixed some leaks in VfyBasicBlock & BitVector
Reworked Dark UI (Dark AOKP now, and a lot of other changes. Moar things dark...)
Updated cLock
Added Custom Density Settings (ROM Control/General UI)
Update mGerrit
Torch Updates
Switched Mms app (This one will be easier for me to work with and now works with Dark UI.)
Fixed some Memory Leaks
Dynamic glowScale adjustment and spacing of NavBar
Updated Permissions Manager
Increased mms size, height and width
Removed a ton of unnecessary images in frameworks
Fixed the No Sound in Google Hangouts
Phone apk updates
mGerrit updates
Ribbons Overhaul
Added Transparency Setting for Lockscreen
Update some proprietaries
Uses open source ril now

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 5.9.2013
Updated Kernel (Underwear Kernel)
Updated Dark UI Toggle (Now themes, Playstore, Contact, Gtalk, Youtube, ect...)
Added Long swipe App window (Ribbons)
Deskclock Updates
Camera Updates
Added "Turn Off" action to WiFi Tether notification
Custom Toggle Improvements 
Ribbons Updates
Swipe ribbons seperated && logic adjust for navbar 
Brightness Customization Updated
Update Permissions Manager
Updated Blacklist Options
Make sure to update to the latest GAPPS the I posted!!! You will need them for this release!
There's more. But I have no time...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 4.27.2013
Switched to CM kernel for now (I want to work some things out in mine.)
Wifi Tethering is fixed
No data on boot is fixed
Animate Transparency changes. (Instead of the white block in the status bar when switching between apps, it now look like a fade transition.)
SystemUI: fix memory leaks
Fixed Signal toggle layout
Made the HSPA+ drawables more consistent with the HSPA drawables
Fixed Screen Sizing for TabUI when HiddenNav Enabled
Added Transparency for TabletUI
Added Block Private Numbers To Blacklist Options
Toggles are in alphabetical order now
Fixed recents minimization animation 
Fixed Potential FC on Hiding NavBar
Updated to latest Trickster Mod
Updated to latest Nova Launcher
RAM Bar View optimizations
Lockscreen Target Updates
NavBar Updates
Added AOKP Ribbons (ROM Control/Ribbons)
Lockscreen Targets Speed Optimizations
Added Auto-Open Keyboard when Quick Reply is opened.
cLock Updates
Added Dark UI Toggle
Added Media Scanner on Boot Options (Development Settings)
Install persistence support (Rom Control/Installer. This Option will let you save settings between ROM flashes. )
Added Permissions Management (Settings)
Added Colorize Ribbons action icons
Fixed Flashlight Ribbon (Doesn't unlock the device now)
Ribbons Padding, Click options, Autohide Updates  
NavRing Updates
NavBar Updates
Fixed Watchdog HeartbeatHandler to run on correct thread
Added Show back action arrow in main menu
That's all I can think of at the moment...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 4.14.2013
Fix memory leak when creating SkBitmapProcShader
Lockscreen Logic updated (Again)
Added Cell Broadcasts (Settings/More)
Fixed cLock
Allow enabling WebSockets from Labs Preferences in Broswer (HTML5)
Lockscreen: adjust layout of GlowPad
Fixed NavRing Icon size
Fixed potential deadlock between LockScreen and WindowManagerService
Graphics cleanup (qcom)
Fixed rebooting from recovery (Was writing to the wrong partition)
Updated Vibration Patterns
Fixed a cursor leak
Fixed a race condition in backlight adjustment
Don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI disconnects
Fixed cursor leak in Email
Added Blacklist Options (Phone/Settings)
Brought Swagger toggle back
Added Trickster Mod to Settings (This replaces Performance Control)
SystemUI: Make the HSPA+ drawables more consistent with the HSPA drawables
SystemUI: animate transparency changes
RC: Powermenu styling update - based on trello 
[HTML5] Implementation of WebSockets (WebKit)
SystemUI: fix memory leaks
More I'm sure...

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 4.1.2013
Updated Kernel (ROW scheduler added and a few other commits.)
Fix opacity of LastApp Icon
Prevent Kill Task from killing SystemUI
Fix memory leak when creating SkBitmapProcShader
Added option to disable camera sounds
Added Screenshot Toggle
Added Screenshot Delay option
Disable fast toggle if traditional/scrollable style is active
Added Reboot Toggle
Updated a ton of strings in ROM Control (Menus are a little less likely to be misunderstood.)
Updated Performance Control
Added Backlight Curve Adjustment Settings
Added Scrollable Toggles
Added Allow 270 degree rotation (ROM Control/General UI)
Added Allow device to return to sleep (Mms/Settings)
Added ability to allow Lockscreens to be themed when using themes
Added Sleep Toggle (Pressing toggle will turn off screen)
Added Status Bar Hide toggle
Lockscreen Target Rework 
NavBar Buttons Overhaul
Enable support for WebGL in Browser (Look in Browser Settings/Labs)
Added Ring Delay Feature (Phone/Settings)
Fixed force close when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code
Added Increasing Volume option for Deskclock
Added flip and shake to snooze option to Deskclock
Added CMs Calculator (More functionality)
Added Quick Pin Unlock (Settings/Security)
cLock Updates

AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean 3.13.2013
Updated to Android 4.2.2
Fixed All the Things
NFC works
Updated Kernel (Allows Undervolting now. Might add slight Overclocking later. USe Voltage Control for the underclocking as the built in Performance Control doesn't seem to be working correctly at the moment.)
Added Custom vibration per contact
Updated Transparency Settings
Added Longpress Back Button to Kill App (Rom Control/General UI)
New Lockscreen Settings & Targets (The dimesions are a little screwy in the Settings part but I'm working on it. ;) )
Added Quick Record Tile
Added Quiet Hours Tile
Added Security Feature (Toggle) to Hide Reboot (reboot recovery)
Added Hide clock for DeskClock
Killed a ton of Memory Leaks
Added Traditional Toggle style (ROM Control)
Added User Selectable Tablet Mode (It's a work in progress for this device)
Added New NavRing Options
Added CRT Animation Options (Rom Control/General UI)
Renamed "Chronus Settings" to "cLock Settings" to keep in line with CM.
Lots of cLock Settings Updates (Can now change the colors)
Added setting in security for sms message rate alerts from CM
Added Performance increase in thumbnail handling
Added Breathing SMS Notification Icon (Look in Mms/Settings for the option)
Added Save to External SDCard in Camera Settings
Added New Open Source Superuser (It's built into Settings.)
Added HDR Mode in Camera Settings (This is a work in progress. Please don't bug report this!)
I know that there's a ton more, but I just can't get myself to make this changelog any longer. ;)

AOKP Jellybean 1.22.2013-B
Fixed the No Signal Bug

AOKP Jellybean 1.22.2013
Updated to Android 4.2.1 
Boot animation picker enhancements
Color-able clock views/widgets
Option to hide initial page hints
Start lockscreen with minimized challenge
Longpress on minimized challenge to unlock
Carousel animation for Lockscreen Widgets
Colorable NavBar background
Recents menu opens with lightning speed
Alternative signal layout (GB-style)
New toggle: Sound state (ring/vib/silent)
Mobile technology indicator reflects internet connection status
Call statistics - Phone app / local menu
Added Chronus Settings to Settings.apk
Updated Kernel
Added "Swipe to switch" from CM (Video Demo so you know what it does HERE)
Added option to enable longpress on expand challenge handle (When lockscreen widgets are maximized you can unlock the device by longpressing the lock icon now. Look in Rom Control/Lockscreen.)

Make sure you have CWM
Wipe data/factory reset in recovery (If already on AOKP/CM10 you should be able to just wipe cache & dalvik. If you have ANY ISSUES, FULLY WIPE!!!)
Flash ROM
Flash Gapps

You have to flash Gapps every time you flash an update!

AOKP Jellybean 4.2.2 Build 6.24.2013




NEW!Gapps for Jellybean (4.2.2) 6.12.2013
Download HERE

Download HERE




These guys spend countless of hours doing this for next to nothing. Posts, views, and donations encourage them, and everyone else who helps out.
Donate to Romanb here
Donate to Whitehawkx here
Donate to Zaphod-Beeble here
Donate to ProTekk here
Donate to Sethyx here
Donate to Cyanogen here
Or if you also want to donate to me just click the "Donate to me button" under my avatar or ---->

Check out the ROM source ( ) on github. Open source, in the spirit of community kangage.
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Phone [Rom] AOKP(Jellybean 4.2.1) | Task650 (1/22/13) (2nd Release!)
Link to Animation Manager for AOKP (Version 1.2)

Change Log (for 1.2)
1. Changed method to activate the animation changes to a flashable zip to address issues.
__________________________________________________ ______

Link to OTA for AOKP (Version 2.2)

Change Log (for 2.2)
1. Removed gapps checkbox and select custom kernel options in favor of a check mark for before zips and after zips
************ AFTER YOU MOVE YOUR FILES TO "after-rom" FOLDER YOU CAN REMOVE THE "kernel" folder************
2. Added a "flash before ROM" check box (this flashes every file in the aokp.ota/before-rom folder)
3. Added a "flash after ROM" check box (this flashes every file in the aokp.ota/after-rom folder)

Change Log (for 2.1)
1. Fixed more bugs with UI
2. Fixed bugs with Flahing procedure
3. Rearranged Settings menu
4. Added "Data Usage" option to select a connection state for when to check and download updates in automatic mode
5. Added a time remaining on the downloading progress window

Change Log (for 2.0)
1. Fixed a few bugs with UI
2. Added option to save the aokp.ota directory to "Internal" or "External"

Change Log (for 1.9)
1. Automatically check for updates at a user specified interval
2. You can specify to automatically download the update
3. Manually check for updates
4. Option to reboot to CWM and flash the update
5. Added option to flash a custom kernel while flashing ROM (put your custom kernels in the /sdcard/aokp.ota/kernel directory and select from settings menu)
6. Added option to flash a GAPPS while flashing ROM (gapps zip must be named "" and put in /sdcard/aokp.ota/ directory)
7. Added option to flash ROMs already downloaded (it looks for .zip file in the /sdcard/aokp.ota directory)

Great auto brighness settings (custom backlight settings):
***** Make sure your Exynos Sensor is set to "Open Source" in xxTweaker General section *****
*****WARNING: If you apply the setting before adding ALL the values, you'll have to do a full wipe. *****

To set the minimum value to something lower than 20, set the "Screen Dim Level" to the lowest value that you want. I would not go below 12 though!
Here is a flashable zip that will set all these values:

0      12
6      18   
9      26   
14     30   
20     34   
30     39   
46     45   
68     51   
103    59   
154    67   
231    77   
346    88   
519    101  
778    116  
1168   133  
1752   152  
2627   174  
3941   199  
5912   228  
8867   250
If you experience a slow response from the screen turning on when recieving a call do:
1. Open Phone Dialer
2. Press menu key and click Settings
3. Click Ring Delay
4. Click Ring Delay Off
5. Done

My Theme (It is a modified Mixer-ICS theme from here
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Reserved for FIRST!

This thread has my stamp of approval!

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Just for sex.....
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31st March 2012, 06:36 PM |#5  
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Great thanx

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
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31st March 2012, 06:37 PM |#6  
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Task, you are the man, thanks for all your hard work
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31st March 2012, 06:41 PM |#7  
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Will try this when i get home. Stability? Speed? Battery?

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Hey Task,
Does this use Fenny's kernel or the CM9 kernel?
31st March 2012, 06:45 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by graffixnyc

Hey Task,
Does this use Fenny's kernel or the CM9 kernel?

CM9's kernel. im adding fenny's to the OP now.
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31st March 2012, 06:52 PM |#10  
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Hell Yeah! Glad you posted this outside bezke's thread. He probly would have repackaged it and claimed he fixed everything. JK, JK....
31st March 2012, 06:55 PM |#11  
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where's Red5 when i need him. my thread title WON'T save in CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!
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