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By Splder, Senior Member on 4th April 2012, 02:35 PM
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Addons Download
>DSP Manager
>Google Talk
>Keyboard Dictionarys
>Live Wallpapers
>Voice and Quick Search
More addons (Could be out of date flash at your own risk)

User Made Addons if i missed your addon send me a message
QuadLock VolumeWake Black&White thanks to Yank555
FM Radio1 | FM Radio2 thanks to Yank555 make sure you turn bluetooth on
GoogleQuickSearchBox thanks to amm009uk
Finer Volume Control thanks to mf2112
VolumeWake thanks to greves1
BootAnimation Thanks to cristoux
User Made Content
Wallpaper - Thanks to toryheal
Splash Screen - Thanks to toryheal
Youtube Video - Thanks to AllAboutAndroids
Kernels Rom Comes With Stock Kernel
Wallpaper in rom
AOSP ICS Theme By Shnizlon (v41 already in rom)
HQ Camera (20mbps v1.5 already in rom)
Auto Brightness Tweak (not tested but should work)
Totally Inverted APPS
Flash Player
How To Flash
Make sure you have Firmware 3.33 Download
Wipe dalvik catch
Format all partitions (except sdcard)
Flash rom
Flash kernel (you don't have to do this now it can be done whenever you like)
Flash addons (you don't have to do this now it can be done whenever you like)
Reboot phone (first boot will take longer then normal iv removed boot animation so you will just see HTC logo that's normal)
After first boot reboot again
Thanks to Kristof for all his hard work with all the hyper roms (Original HyperNonSense)
Thanks to Schnizlon for the ICS AOSP theme and tweaks
Thanks to virtuous team for all the amazing stuff they have done
Thanks to Thanks to NODO-GT for HQ-Camera
Thanks to anyone else who i may of missed
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4th April 2012, 02:36 PM |#2  
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OVERLOADED = no HTC libs files have been removed so most HTC apps should work and thats why it has a bigger file size but should not effect performance or battery
HyperNonSense_130712 (113MB)
Updated Gmail 4.5.2
Updated SuperSU 1.41
Fixed Camera Panorama
Fixed Symbolic Links (fixes apps like AniBoot)
HyperNonSense_130625 (113MB)
Updated PlayStore 4.1.10
Updated Gmail 4.5
Updated SuperSU 1.34
Updated FlashPlayer
Added some aosp audio files
Fixed messaging app force closing
More lib & core files have been removed hopefully no bugs
HyperNonSense_130512 OVERLOADED (191MB)
Updated PlayStore 4.0.27 (inverted)
Volume keys will no longer turn screen on when lockscreen is disabled
Added inverted Gmail / Flash Player / Adaway / Sense 4 Clock / Gallery / TalkBack / Face Unlock
Fixed some incorrect graphics
Changed wifi hotspot icon
Keyboard Dictionary add back in
Other things i cant remember
HyperNonSense_130325 (101MB)
Reverted messages fixes to fix deleting messages
Updated SuperSU 1.25
Added WifiHotspot no need for patch anymore
Updated PlayStore 3.10.14 (inverted)
Updated all inverted apps with my own inverted apps from HyperSensation
HyperNonSense_130120 (98MB)
Fixed received messages not being shows in message list
HyperNonSense_130119 (98MB)
Fixed contacts number not linking correctly from phone/contacts to mms/sms
Fixed slow contacts database
Menu button no longer unlocks phone
Updated SuperSU 0.99
Updated PlayStore 3.10.10
Removed extra camera icons
Fixed some theme problems
Changed some icons to give a more aosp feel
HyperNonSense_121204 (156MB)
Fixed lock screen camera link
HyperNonSense_121203 (156MB)
no longer using version number but date instead
Blue Theme is back (but with black background not gradient)
Lots of themeing done (you don't need to flash default theme any more)
Still using ADW launcher (you will need to update manually as if i include it by default there is a wallpaper bug but not when you update manually)
Updated Youtube 4.1.47
Updated Gmail 4.1.2
Updated Google Music 4.4.811
Added Flash Player
Added Face Unlock (this is 23mb so that's why file size is bigger)
Added Text to Speech (TalkBack)
Other small fixes and tweaks
NOV.21 - HyperNonSense v3.9 (132MB)
Changed Keyboard to 4.1 more responsive (no more swipe) can be removed in settings>app
Changed Camera Back to Sense HQ Camera (changed theme a bit)
Updated Play Store to 3.10.9 (inverted)
NOV.18 - HyperNonSense v3.8 (133MB)
Updated SuperSU
Updated 4.2 Keyboard (no longer has the ugly popup when swiping)
Removed Some Camera files that don't work / modded the camera a bit so it does not show buttons that don't work
Deleted lots of libs so no longer OVERLOADED copying the lib folder from 3.7 will make this a OVERLOADED Version
NOV.07 - HyperNonSense v3.7 OVERLOADED (175MB)
Fixed some apps fcing in landscape
Changed battery text and bar from blue to white thanks to bladesuk1 for telling me where to find the code
Updated ADW launcher Build 45
Boosted max touch events for better adw launcher response(could also help other apps)
Added Android 4.2 Camera (removed sense camera get back from here)
Added Android 4.2 Gallery (if you flash gallery in addon you will lose this and the camera)
Added Android 4.2 Keyboard (with swipe!!)
NOV.02 - HyperNonSense v3.6 OVERLOADED (165MB)
NOV.03 v3.6R1 - Fixed phone fcing
Updated base to 3.33.401.53
Fixed MMS.apk from fcing when sending messages
Changed launcher to adw launcher
Updated SuperSU v0.97
Updated Play Store 3.9.16 (Inverted) (you can now remove apps from my app list woohooo!!)
Removed Quickpic/Solid Explorer/DSP Manager(can be added via addon)
Added Sense 4 clock (can be removed in settings)
Added voice search back in
SEP.10 - HyperNonSense v3.5 OVERLOADED (164MB)
Changed speaker gain from 5A to 59 (1 notch down) to help speaker distortion
Updated quickpic 2.4.3 (you can enable gpu accelerated video in quickpic settings)
Updated busy box 1.20.2
Added init.d folder
Added init.d ram cleaning script (very small light script that runs at boot that reduces ram usage when phone first boots up)
SEP.07 - HyperNonSense v3.4 OVERLOADED (164MB)
Fixed panorama camera fc (my camera is not working no more so i cant test)
Fixed camera effects (my camera is not working no more so i cant test)
Fixed shell asking for su loop (this happened to me when i pressed volume up and down together)
Updated PlayStore 3.7.15 (NoUpdate NoRestrictions)
Added some inverted apps (can be uninstalled Gmail/Youtube/Play Music)
Added DSP Manager
Added Google Search
Added Solid Explorer (can be uninstalled will not be included in future)
Added QuickPic (can be uninstalled will not be included in future)
Changed from Zeam Launcher to Apex Launcher 1.2.5
Changed from Superuser to SuperSU 0.96
Themed keyboard black and white again (forgot to do that before :P)
JUL.08 - HyperNonSense v3.3 (102MB)
Fixed all facebook sync problems
Some small theme tweaks
No wipe needed if coming from 3.2
JUL.07 - HyperNonSense v3.2 (102MB)
Rebased to 3.33.401.6
Fixed bluetooth
Fixed calender not showing events in some views
Some small theme tweaks
Full wipe is not needed but is highly recommended but your free to do what you like
JUL.05 - HyperNonSense v3.1 (101MB)
No longer based on Android_Revolution_HD-Sensation_6.6.7 based on a clean 3.32.401.5_R RUU
Updated play store to v3.7.11 (modded no update + no restrictions) (ill update to 3.7.13 when i find a modded version)
Changed Superuser to v3.1.3 by ChainsDD
Some small theme changes
Some small cleaning ups nothing noticeable
Replaced AOKP sounds with HTC sounds
No more wallpaper bug on first boot but still do a soft reboot
Some build.prop changes
Removed Sense 4 clock
Wifi connect time feels faster
JUL.01 - HyperNonSense v3.0 (100MB)
Fixed mms sending long messages problem
Changed to zeam launcher for default launcher can be removed in settings
Removed file manager (try this one
JUN.21 - HyperNonSense v2.9 (101MB)
Added Sense 4 Clock (
Added Live Wallpaper picker back in
Added AOKP keyboard with downloadable languages
Updated play store to 3.5.19 (moded version
Updated Apex Launcher to 1.2.2
Updated supersu 0.92
Updated some apks with latest AOKP and CM9
Removed AOSP Browser (
Removed DSP (can be added back in by add-ons)
Removed more unused htc junk
Other small changes here and there
BLACK&WHITE Version same as above but:
Removed the green title on some popup dialogs
Inverted system apps to make them black (this also fixed some problems)
Removed the blue line in contacts
Removed the blue line in phone when in a call
Made the tabs in contacts smaller
Plus what was in the old black and white theme
MAY.26 - HyperNonSense v2.8 (106MB) & (OVERLOADED no htc junk removed 147MB)
Based on 3.32.401.5_R2 thanks to mike1986
OVERLOADED version is best for people trying to get there htc apps working
Comes with default ics theme
MAY.11 - HyperNonSense v2.7 (98MB)
Fixed init.d i hope
Other small updates
Removed quad lockscreen
Deleted more stuff
MAY.08 - HyperNonSense v2.6 (101MB)
Fixed volume UI now black and white
Removed asop mms and changed it for Pansi (this fixes all mms bugs can be uninstalled in settings)
Added back HTC images (should fix some htc apps again) bigger file size
Updated drivers (big speed boost thanks to gjcamp)
Changed keyboard theme a bit
Added aosp browser into rom by default
Fixed browser menu
Changed Contacts
Added Email into rom again by default
Updated ApexLauncher to v 1.1.1
Changed quad lockscreen to link to Pansi
APR.28 - HyperNonSense v2.5 (95MB)
Removed boot animation this will save space and boost boot time
Added more tweaks
Added black & White theme thanks to Razer(x)
Updated GAPPS
Updated Apex Launcher v1.1.0
Deleted more libs + more htc stuff
Added Google Play Store v3.5.16 + MOD (no more need for market enabler) thanks to Deeco7
Other Updates and stuff i cant remember
APR.19 - HyperNonSense v2.4 (111MB)
Updated Apex Launcher to latest v1.1.0beta3
Fixed messages with more then 160 characters
Fixed messages with images & videos
Hopefully fixed all other mms problems
Fixed some contact sync problems maybe all needs more testing
APR.16 - HyperNonSense v2.3 (110MB)
Removed faceunlock
Added faceunlock to addons
Fixed build.prop
I believe i fixed the problem with installed apps that some was having
APR.15 - HyperNonSense v2.2 (127MB)
Removed setup wizard
I believe i fixed contact problems
I believe i fixed ringtone problems
Removed option to remove setup wizard in addons
APR.12 - HyperNonSense v2.1 (129MB)
HQ camera with working link to gallery (Thanks to NODO-GT)
Fixed superuser
APR.12 - HyperNonSense v2.0 (130MB)
Changed all apps to latest from AOKP build 31
New clock widget
New Phone
Everything new...
Fixed rom name
Fixed default ringtone
Fixed join contacts
Removed bubble live wallpaper
Added to addons option to remove Setup Wizard
APR.9 - HyperNonSense v1.9 (130MB)
Changed MediaProvider back to original in a attempt to fix media battery drain
Removed music player (you can download google play music from market or what ever you like best)
APR.9 - HyperNonSense v1.8 (131MB)
Fixed Lockscreen - music control
Fixed Developer > Show Touch
changed MediaProvider
APR.8 - HyperNonSense v1.7 (131MB)
Fixed market not downloading
Fixed mms not sending
Fixed mms not showing contacts
Fixed bootloops (i hope)
Removed out of date kernels
Removed DSP Manager (added to addons)
Added back HTCSetupWizard (to fix problems should be safe to delete after boot)
APR.5 - HyperNonSense v1.6 (161MB)
Name change and boost to 1.6
fixed mms!!!!
Removed a lot more junk
Removed keyboard dictionary's(added to addons)
Replaced many apks with cm9 apks
updated Apex Launcher v1.0.5
APR.4 - HyperNonSenseOverLoaded v1.2 (176MB)
Removed all market apps
Removed ring tones
Removed Sim ToolKit
Removed Wifi Router (added to addons)
Removed Google Talk (added to addons)
APR.4 - HyperNonSenseOverLoaded v1.1 (199MB)
Added CM9 mediaprovider.apk
Added Camera Tweaks
changed default wallpaper
APR.4 - HyperNonSenseOverLoaded v1 (199MB)
Based on 3.32.401.5_R
Removed many libs
Removed many apks
Removed other things
Added DSP Manager(testing if battery drains ill remove it)
Added CyanogenMod 9 Music(can be uninstalled)
Added Apex Launcher v1.0.4(can be uninstalled)
Added AOSP ICS Theme By Shnizlon V41
Added some other apps(all can be uninstalled)
Added Volume Boost

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4th April 2012, 02:42 PM |#3  
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is these the work if hns it new base

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using XDA
4th April 2012, 02:52 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by ptlsajan

is these the work if hns it new base

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using XDA

yes this is the new base i tried my best to make it like hns but i'm not Kristof
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4th April 2012, 02:53 PM |#5  
ptlsajan's Avatar
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Splder

yes this is the new base i tried my best to make it like hns but i'm not Kristof

I will give it a try and any change log for things not working

Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using XDA
4th April 2012, 02:57 PM |#6  
jamiescott23's Avatar
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I'll give it a try in the weekend.

Kolay gelsin size.
4th April 2012, 02:57 PM |#7  
DanOMac's Avatar
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Great to hear someone is carrying this rom on. I will download and flash after work 2day

Can I flash over hns 1.4 or do I need 2wipe
4th April 2012, 02:59 PM |#8  
kristofpetho's Avatar
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Originally Posted by DanOMac

Great to hear someone is carrying this rom on. I will download and flash after work 2day

Can I flash over hns 1.4 or do I need 2wipe

Its a new base, you need to wipe.
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4th April 2012, 03:35 PM |#9  
DanOMac's Avatar
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Okie dokie nice to c u keeping an eye on the rom Kris
4th April 2012, 03:35 PM |#10  
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Please don't forget the camera tweaks

Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G with Beats Audio using Tapatalk
4th April 2012, 03:47 PM |#11  
Senior Member
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It's very nice to see a Turkish developer Keep on hard working dude You will be awesome.

Göster kendini hocam
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