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[ROM][ICS 4.0.4]Genesis - Stable Build1 - CM9/AOKP Hybrid - The Return.... [8/1/12]

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A note on ROM Control:
ROM Control is property of Android Open Kang Project(AOKP)\Team Kang and i take no credit for its creation, all credits go to Romann for its creation and AOKP for it's upkeep and features. I am in no way part of AOKP\Team Kang, but i do thank them for giving me permission to integrate RC into my rom.

Don't know what AROMA is?? Check out the thread here.
Or check out AROMA in action for Genesis here:

Known Bugs(Like other ICS ROMs):
No Video Recording
Choppy Video Playback
Occasional data drop (A lot better than it used to be)
BT calling doesn't work if using March 2012 baseband.

Latest version: Genesis Stable Build1 - 8/1/12 -

Mirror -
MD5: 997985C2126B297A390DA38E4726D0E9

Recommended Install Instructions:
1. Backup everything
2. Download to SD Card
4. Reboot into CWM Recovery
5. Find and flash Genesis
6. Use AROMA to customize your installation
7. Reboot when finished
8. When Welcome screen appears, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, let sit for 10 mins
9. Sign in, enjoy the ice cream

Big thanks to:
Neisha, my beautiful fiance' (For obvious reasons)
owain94 (For camera overlay, UMS Mounting Fix, help w/ dual panes, battery life fixes, new baseband support and Browser Fix)
CM_arcee (God of LG devices on CM Team)
Team Douche (For making CM9 possible for us)
Harsh(For badass kernel and permission to use as AROMA option)
Team Kang/AOKP (For ROMControl source & other features)
My fellow TeamWhiskey crew(For showing me the ropes)
CM Team (Obviously...)
Alexia(For selling me her G2x)
kwes1020 (For various help all around)
amarullz (For developing AROMA)
hei1125 (used Nova-HD installer as a guide)
flak0 (Build.prop mods)
All the ICS devs at the G2x/O2x forums
And most importantly you, the user.
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9th April 2012, 07:27 AM |#2  
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Changelog & FAQ
(AOKP) = Cherry-pick from Android Open Kang Project
(CM) = Cherry-pick from CyanogenMod

Stable Build1
Built with Linaro toolchain and framework enhancements
Updated build to IMM76I
Updated AROMA binary to 2.50
Updated Adobe Flash
Updated Solid Explorer
Updated Dolphin Browser HD
Updated SuperSu & su binary
Updated Titanium Backup
Updated Google Play Music
Updated Nova Launcher
Updated Apex Launcher
Removed Terminal Emulator
Updated Harsh OC kernel to 1006
Updated Harsh No-OC kernel to 1907
Added new bootanimation by AOKP Themestress Alexia
Added March 2012 baseband support[AROMA option, thanks owain94]
Added About Genesis section
Added Google Ears to AROMA
Brought back patch to pay the rent when Swag toggle is on
Re-wrote ApocalypseInit[yeah, once again]
Modified ROM Control to restart SystemUI after Nav Bar enable/disable instead of full reboot
Changed Jerk summary to "Aww, you're mean!!!" if bootanimation or boot sound is disabled
Replaced Mixer-ICS theme with Purple Serenity by AOKP Themestress Alexia
Removed Holo themes from AROMA
Added Cobalt FREE theme to AROMA
Made major adjustments to framework when theme is applied
Added flak0's build.prop mods
Brought back ADB-Over-Network
Made Theme Chooser visible in app drawer
Made Rom Control visible in app drawer
Added 2G/4G data icon option[See FAQ for more details]
Added Androidian to build queue, will be built with ROM, no longer optional
Fixed and updated Androidian preview
Modified AROMA to remove Superuser if SuperSU is selected
Removed "Bootloader" entry from Power Menu, we don't need it
Fully compatible with AOKP Backup, will still work even though not detected as AOKP ROM
(AOKP/CM):Fixed themeing of ShutdownThread
(AOKP):Reworked layout of music controls
(AOKP):Added support of 2-8 lockscreen targets
(AOKP):Fixed Data Toggle
(AOKP):Decreased custom app icon size in lockscreen
(AOKP):Added SystemUI notification counter[NOT READY YET]
(AOKP):Added Sense4 Recent app style
(CM):Added boot audio support [Requires boot_audio.mp3 in /system/media]
(CM):Bootanimation performance enhancements
(CM):Allow themeing for framework elements
(CM):Added option to change device hostname
(AOKP):Cleanup Octo-lockscreen layout
(AOKP):Fixed small icons when airplane mode and wifi is on
(AOKP):Added USB Tether toggle
(AOKP):PowerSaver: don't switch network mode if the phone is ringing/incall
(AOKP):Moved weather panel images from SystemUI to framework-res
(AOKP):Added Weatherpanel to lockscreens

Genesis v1 Beta9
Updated Holo Red, Green & Purple themes
Updated Dolphin Browser-HD
Updated Solid Explorer
Updated Titanium Backup
Updated both Harsh kernel options to build 2505
Moved Launcher selection in AROMA to first screen(Main Mods)
Added Nova Launcher as AROMA option
Added "Trebuchet settings" button that can be accessed by pressing the MENU key 
Removed "Launcher" shortcut from Settings
Modified AROMA to delete Trebuchet if it is not selected as default launcher
Re-modified framework-res & SystemUI for speed
Fixed bug that caused Settings to crash if ADB is disabled and re-enabled again
Modified ROM Conrol to set notification icon transparency to 100% by default
Removed patch that made phone pay the rent
(AOKP): Restart SystemUI on theme change
(AOKP): Fix AutoRotate toggle
(AOKP): Fix Lockscreen memory leak
(AOKP): Make toggle layout selection more user friendly in ROM Control
(AOKP): Add possibility to start a custom weather app in ROM Control
(AOKP): Display a toast when GET WEATHER button is pressed

Genesis v1 Beta8
(AOKP/CM): Merged Theme Engine [Only use themes for CM9, do not use CM7 themes on this]
(AOKP): Turn off the "Jerk" summary when unchecking "Disable boot animation" 
(CM): Update RIL to V21e
(CM): Add preference for enabling root access
Updated Dolphin Browser-HD
Updated Titanium Backup
Updated Adobe Flash
Updated Apex Launcher
Updated both Harsh kernel options to build 0805
Added SuperSU as AROMA option [NOTE:Superuser WILL NOT be deleted, but it will be overriden if selected.]
Added new wallpapers to Genesis Wallpapers [3 were submitted by dw9906  & djn541, thanks guys]
Added Genesis Wallpapers shortcut to Customization section in Settings
Added Theme shortcut back to Settings, only way to reach Theme Engine for now
Added patch that'll help with battery life [Thanks Owain94]
Added Dual Pane ability in Tablet Mode (WARNING!!!! See FAQ for more details) [Thanks Owain94]
Added patch to make phone leak butter & pay the rent now [Thanks Owain94]
Added ability to select which Theme Engine themes to install in AROMA 
[So far: Androidian, Holo Green, Holo Purple, Holo Red, Mixer-ICS]
Re-sized ROM Control icon a bit to fit better in Settings
Renamed Swagger to Swag in statusbar so text isn't behind toggle
Small under the hood fixes

Genesis v1 Beta7
Added Owain's Browser Rotation fix (Thanks Owain94!!)
Updated GApps in AROMA to 20120429
(AOKP): Add application shortcuts to toggle Torch & Navbar
Moved Long press home option to ROM Control -> General UI
Removed custom app option in long home press
Replaced ES File Explorer option with Solid Explorer BETA (Looks so much better)

Genesis v1 Beta6
Updated AROMA binary to v2.00
Updated Titanium Backup option to v5.0.0
Changed Hold back to kill toast text to "Application killed..."
Modified Adobe Flash to be installed as regular app instead of system app
Added Genesis Wallpapers (Adds 18 new wallpapers)
Added Dolphin Browser-HD as AROMA option
Added Apex Launcher as AROMA option
Added Google Play Music as AROMA option
Added Kingsoft Office as AROMA option
Split AROMA kernel choices into Harsh OC/UV & No OC/UV
Updated No OC/UV Harsh kernel option to build 2804
Updated OC/UV Harsh kernel option to build 2704
Added Data & 2G toogles [Finally!! Thanks Roman!]
(AOKP)Send a weather refresh intent when SystemUI starts
(AOKP)Add ROM Control option for Text Size on Statusbar
(AOKP)Fix font sizing on Statusbar
(AOKP)Update clock outside updateSettings method 
(AOKP)Fix brightness slider inconsistency
Other small bugfuxes under the hood...

Genesis v1 Beta5
Updated Titanium Backup option to v4.9.1.1
Updated Harsh kernel option to build 2204
Updated Gapps in AROMA to 20120422
Modified Trebuchet for speed
Modified framework-res for speed and stability

Genesis v1 Beta4
Updated and added Titanium Backup(FREE) installation as option in AROMA
Updated ES File Explorer
Added Ad-Blocking HOSTS installation as option in AROMA
Added option for FULL data wipe/factory reset in AROMA [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
Added Harsh's kernel build 1904 as  option in AROMA
Fixed issue that caused AROMA not to perform /data wipe, even if selected
Fixed AROMA installation logs
Fixed issue that caused Gapps not to install required Face Unlock files
Fixed missing string bug in Settings that appeared after Face Unlock was enabled
Modified ROMControl to restart SystemUI after changing carrier label [So reboot isn't needed]
Re-wrote ApocalypseInit for stability and speed
Setup for OTA updates with GooManager
(AOKP):Statusbar/ROM Control-customizable notification icon transparency
(AOKP):Bring back rotation customization setting
(AOKP):Add a ROM Control shortcut to the main app
(CM): Allow user to choose internal storage
(CM): Add option to switch between UMS and MTP/PTP mode 
[Custom kernel required, like Harsh's kernel. Big thanks to owain94 for helping me with this and Harsh for his kernel!!]
(CM): Disable UMS splash when phone is in locked state
(AOKP/CM): Added Quiet Hours

Genesis v1 PublicBeta3
Fixed Long press home action bug in ROM Control
Fixed issue that caused signal loss if WiFi Calling wasn't installed in AROMA
Fixed AROMA installation progress bars
Fixed Double Gallery issue
Replaced old Music with Google Play Music

Genesis v1 PublicBeta2
Integrated AROMA Installer 
Updated Titanium Backup
Updated ROM Control
Fixed bug that forced regular reboot into recovery sometimes
Fixed bug that caused Torch function to FC in SystemUI sometimes
Fixed @2131429147 bug in Settings/Sound
Removed Performance from RC & Settings until working properly
Removed Init.d from RC until working properly
Changed a few strings around
Changed default ringtone to "Pegasus"
(AOKP):Fixed Lockscreen wallpaper chooser
(AOKP):Fix battery bar not showing up and showing incorrect readings
(AOKP):Improve lockscreen icon logic
(CM):Added option for UMS[USB Mass Storage] in Settings 
(requires custom kernel, not fully functional yet)

Genesis v1 PublicBeta1
Based from CM9 unofficial source
AOKP ROM Control customization features, almost all working, including multiple lockscreens 
Added ApocalypseInit script for speed and stabilty
Enhanced Zipalign on every boot
Removed "Themes" section from Settings, until it's made usable by CM
Removed CMStats from Settings, simply not needed
Removed System Update from Settings
Removed Torch from build queue, SystemUI handles it via ROM Control
Added "Genesis Version" to About Phone
Added Titanium Backup
Added Adobe Flash
Added Ad-blocking host file
Modified framework-res, services.jar, & Trebucket for speed
Changed default wallpaper to "Awesome Face Galaxy"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: How do i get 2G/4G icons?
A: Inside /system/app, is an apk called "AltSystem". This is a very small theme engine theme that i built and should show in Theme Chooser. To
get 2G/4G icons, go to Theme Chooser, and apply AltSystem. All it does is swap out the data icons, doesn't touch anything else.

Q: This is my first time installing your ROM, and i'm stuck in a bootloop. I chose to install Harsh's kernel. Help!!
A: STOP, reboot into recovery, and re-install. This time, select stock CM9 kernel. Once it's booted, you can go back and install Harsh's kernel separately. It happens very randomly.

Q: This has ROM Control, so can I use AOKP Backup? It says it's not a AOKP ROM.
A: Well of course it isn't an AOKP ROM, but i can confirm that AOKP Backup now works with Genesis. IDK if Romann fixed it so ROMs w/ RC can use it
or what, but it has been brought to my attention that the latest version of AOKP Backup works fine, just continue through the warning and backup/restore away.

Q: Which baseband does this ROM support?
A: March 2012 and below. If you are currently on the March 2012 baseband, then make sure you select the "March 2012" option under Baseband support in AROMA.
If you're still on the old baseband (like me) then you don't have to do anything. The "Anything before 2012" option is selected by default

Q: Why doesn't Bluetooth calling work?
A: Because you're probably on the March 2012 baseband. BT calling doesn't work on anything above 2.3.4 when you're on the March 2012 baseband.

Q: Why do I hear a weird popping noise when I'm in a call?
A: Because you're probably on the March 2012 baseband and you didn't select the correct option in Aroma.

Q: Why is video playback choppy?
A: Because we need hardware acceleration, and until we get the necessary drivers, stuff like that won't right.

Q: Why can't i record video?
A: See above answer....

Q: Why do you not recommend using these wipe tools prior to flashing Genesis
A: It has been addressed here:
Originally Posted by Mr. Apocalypse

Ok, this is my take on these wipe tools if anyone wants to know why:
I know i can't speak for the rest of the developers here so i've put this in my thread. There's nothing wrong with the CWM way of wiping. As a former kernel dev, when CWM had to be built with the kernel, i've seen the source for the wiping methods, and they work just fine. A manual /data wipe and factory reset did it's job. A manual /system wipe wasn't really needed because in most, if not all CM9 or AOSP based roms you'll see this line in the updater-script:

format("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p1", "0");
Which basically formats the /system directory before the new rom is extracted. If a dev includes any other wipe commands in the updater-script to wipe data, cache, etc. they are the same ones used by CWM. So it falls under the category of "If it ain't broke don't fix it". CWM methods of wiping before flashing have worked fine since it's creation.

However, sometimes it needs a little thorough cleaning, or maintenance between flashing the hell out of it. That's when i think the tools are good. Every once in a blue moon, sure you can Nullify, or use Cleanup Batch. But not between EVERY SINGLE FLASH, or when when the smallest thing goes wrong.

Now, there seems to be an issue when using one of these tools, and immediately flashing an ICS rom. Not everyone experiences it, but some have. To make sure we're all starting from the same slate, and to ensure EVERYONE has an equally, smooth flash of Genesis, i strongly encourage you NOT to use one of these tools prior to flashing Genesis. Use the wipe tools provided in ClockworkMod Recovery. I know people have their own beliefs and that's ok . But this is my ROM, and if you choose to flash my ROM, i ask that you respect the recommended installation instructions that come with it, so we all can enjoy it, and report what's wrong or what needs to be fixed, since it's still in Beta stages.

Now that i have said this, i will not reply to any posts that have anything to do with a bad install IF they have used these tools prior to flashing. I can't provide support for them since i didn't make them. With that being said know that i have nothing against these tools or it's developers. I'm all for people learning stuff about Android, and we're all here to make stuff a bit easier for people who use this phone, since LG doesn't care. But all i'm saying is to avoid problems that COULD come up and stop using these tools between every flash.

Just my opinion....

Q: What's the deal with AROMA? Do i need CWM Touch for it to work?
A: AROMA is a special type of binary that CWM reads and launches in the zip. I've started using it as a way to keep everyone happy with options. Install the stuff you want, don't install the stuff you don't want. The choice is completely up to you. You don't need CWM Touch for AROMA to work, but it's cherry with it.

Q: Why is the download so big?
A: AROMA is why. All those options have to be somewhere, and they are all packaged in the ROM zip itself. Yes it may take a bit longer to download, but that's because it comes with so many extras and options. Personally, i think it's worth it.

Q: Why does my phone reboot when i try to enable UMS(USB Mass Storage)? I'm using the stock kernel.
A: Because you're using the stock kernel. UMS needs support on both ROM & kernel side to work on ICS. It's been handled on the ROM side, so you gotta flash a custom kernel (like the latest Harsh kernel) to use UMS. Otherwise all you'll get is reboots on stock kernel because it doesn't know what UMS is.

Q: What's the deal with Tablet Mode??
A: Dual Pane works great, big thanks to owain94! To access it, you must set the LCD density to 128 in ROM Control -> GeneralUI -> LCD Density. Follow the instructions there. However, WILL crash when receiving a phone call while in Table Mode. There is a modified Phone.apk floating around that fixes this issue, however i need find the source of the modification so i can merge it myself. Too many things like ROM Control stuff and Quiet Hours stuff is plugged in Phone.apk, and i'm not sure they would work well with this modded Phone.apk. So use it at your own discretion for now, i'll be searching for a permanent fix, but i may have to kang owain94 again once he posts his source.

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9th April 2012, 07:41 AM |#3  
chillwill11's Avatar
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Nice man! Big time bionix user can't wait to boot her up
Will report back. Thanks for your time and effort.

Sent from my LG-P999 using xda premium
9th April 2012, 07:44 AM |#4  
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Flaming starts right now! #twitter

Great job mate!

Sent from my LG-P990 using xda premium
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9th April 2012, 09:55 AM |#5  
un.droid's Avatar
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thanks for the good work, just flashed it and it looks great.
one question, can i flash Harsh's or Trinity kernel over this rom?
9th April 2012, 09:57 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by un.droid

thanks for the good work, just flashed it and it looks great.
one question, can i flash Harsh's or Trinity kernel over this rom?

You can flash any kernel that's for ICS.
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9th April 2012, 10:12 AM |#7  
mt3g's Avatar
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booted running right now, obvious issues are there, I have the data/wifi drop and come back with in 10 seconds but annoying still lol (happens on all ICS I've tried). Wifi calling is still a no go for me as well, rotate in the browser caused the weird exiting of the application. That's about it very nice especially for a first beta, quick and clean definitely. All on stock kernel for now.

Edit: just clicked on:settings>performance, setting has stopped...
9th April 2012, 01:25 PM |#8  
x0xhellx0x's Avatar
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I this is a great initial release and I'm positive it will only get better anything mr apocalypse releases is gold can't wait for your next release

Sent from my LG-P999 using xda premium
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9th April 2012, 01:33 PM |#9  
mustangtim49's Avatar
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Awesome man! Glad to see a build from your corner! Thanks!

Sent from my LG-P999 using xda premium
9th April 2012, 01:52 PM |#10  
Alakratt's Avatar
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From Bionix and now this?! Awesome man, great to see your work again!
9th April 2012, 02:17 PM |#11  
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I love how ICS Rom's are multiplying! Thanks for your hard work on this!
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