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[ROM][Team Nocturnal & Team VeNuM] "NoCTuRNaL VeNuM" [v1.2][4/20/2012]

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By rwilco12, Recognized Developer / AndroidFileHost Rep / Forum Moderator on 11th April 2012, 09:20 PM
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| ICS | AOKP | AOSP | SENSE 4.0 |

..... OH The Possibilities.



The EL26 Kernel Tar Can Be Downloaded From HERE...

Just Load Thru Odin or Mobile Odin [ I use Mobile Odin Religiously ]

Thanks To
-Samsung, Bigtoysrock, Gruesomewolf, XSMagical, Calkulin, AnAm85, Steady Hawkin, AOKP Team, T.C.P., Sbrissen, marcusant, Venum, Mijjah74, dazednconfused, Team Noc & Team Venum Testers, Donators and everyone else in the Sammy forum.
The Goods
-BASE--AOKP Build 32 ICS 4.0.4 [Thanks AOKP Team, T.C.P., kbizzle & Crew]
---See kbizzle's Thread HERE...

-Includes FD19 Kernel [Fixed SD/4g--Tks T.C.P.]
-Sense 4.0 UI Theme
-Some Inverted Apps & Gapps
-Lots of Settings/Options [ROM Control]
--Working On Screen Buttons
-Beats Audio Files
-Build Prop Tweaks
-Init.d Tweaks
-Updated Apps w/some Extras
-Sense 4.0 style Multitasking
---See it in Action HERE...
-Sense 4.0 Weather
-HTC Ime Black Sense 4.0/ICS Style KB
--Download the Clicker Mod & Your Choice of Black or Grey, Then Install the Keyboard and Clicker Mod like any other App
---Clicker Mod
---Black Keyboard
---Grey Keyboard
-Sense 4.0 Wallpapers
-Beats Bootanimation
-Google Play Music Modded w/Beats Notification
-Sense 4.0 Style Lockscreen--Activate Sense 4.0 App
-Working 4g--Setting in Wireless & Networks/More
-Working Hard Screen Button Lights
-More To Come
What's Not Working
-SD Issues [See Work-around Below]
-You Tell Us....
Things To Do
-More Sense 4.0
-Fix SD Issues


NOCTURNAL-VENUM v1.2 --4/20/2012 
-Included FD19 Kernel
--Fixed 4g Issues
-Png Opted all apks including Framework-res
-Zero Compressed & Decompressed Resources (Should gain a lot of RAM)
-Added Host File for Add Removal
-More 3g Tweaks
-Working Hard Screen Button Lights
-Fixed Some Images
-Fixed Gallery Issues
-Replaced Mms with one that allows 160 characters (Lighter Stock Version for Now)
-More Not Mentioned

-FYI, Sense 4.0 Multi-tasking Feature was causing issues with 4g, should have it in next update. 

Download Everything For "Nocturnal Venum" HERE

Watch a Video review HERE by qbking77

Watch the how to video HERE (Thanks qb!! for both videos!!)


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11th April 2012, 09:23 PM |#2  
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Warning!!! DO NOT UNDERCLOCK this rom to 800. You will go into a boot loop. If your dumb enough to try this (like I just did), pull the battery. Boot into recovery. Don't freak, its the stock android recovery. Do a factory data reset and clear cache. Reboot. You should be back to where you were when you first flashed the rom...


A Rom by VeNum and mijjah74 and YOU!

VeNuM Thanks -TeAm VeNuM: Don, KingOfThaJungle, AnAm85, dazednconfused, banksmi09, Jaybizza, crazy_dragonlady, suwu10, paiyne, rounsy222 Testers: johncorleone, rounsy222. Mijjah74, Samsung, sprint, crawrj, konane, maddoggin, chris41g, T.C.P., Jerdog, Sextape, sfhub, evilisto If you believe I have left you off this list, slighted you, or "borrowed" something, believe me it was UNINTENTIONAL. Please pm me and I can correct the issue asap. THANK YOU COMMUNITY!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Thank johncorleone for these please!!:

Direct Download the Gapps:

Direct Download Rom:


A little Q and A:

Q: Why do I have to use el26 cwm kernel? 
A: Because AOKP and cm9 require Clockwordmod (if you are clueless as to what that is go here: currently, if you've been in a black hole, or just to plain lazy to read and educate yourself on your $500 toy you are about to probably brick, we are using LEAKED ICS from Samsung. Whoaaa you say? Really? NO REALLY... therefore no source code is available and therefore CWM (Rogue Recovery implements some CWM, but Steady Hawkin doesn't have the source EITHER for ICS people) can't be added to to the kernel right now... so guess what? You guessed correctly!! EL26 is the LAST kernel to have true CWM added... BRILLIANT.

Q: Whay can't I use rogue kernel?
A: For Pete's sake, we JUST covered this in the above post, duh 

Q: Why do I have to use an ICS kernel?
A: Because gingerbread kernels don't work on ICS

Q: This so and so doesn't work...
A: REALLY? Are you sure? Because it worked for all the testers and ME. What did YOU do to create the event? Did you try a backup that borked things? Do you have a logcat? Have you cleared the apps data etc and reboot. Come on, help YOU help YOURSELF...

Q: Hey is there any way to change the font on this rom..... ?
A: Yep, I use Rom Toolbox, but I know there are other apps that work..

Q: Anyone having GPS issues? No GPS for me?
A: Works for me. Try downloading Fasterfix and Gpsfix. Run them in that order and try again. You can uninstall both apps after. I did this several roms back and have never lost lock since.

Q: Here's a potentially stupid question.. How can I update my PRL on this ROM? 
A: You can't. After odining the FULL EL26 tar (THAT MEANS A WHOLE ROM FOLKS) with ODIN (not mobile odin) update your prl and profile. Then flash the rom and gapps in cwm... easy peasy

Q: Oh my god, please take me by the hand and show me where I can find modems and kernels.... oh my god...
A: Are you serious? The first 2 stickied posts in the development section and you can't find them ???(by the way all the kernels are throughout the development section, you will have to put forth at least a LITTLE effort to find those...)

Q: I'll use once 4g works I just don't get how it works on every other build but this lol
A: Really, it works on EVERY OTHER ROM? Are you sure, because you just wrote this in black and white in the thread, showing us all that you have no clue that you have any idea you know what you are talking about.

Q: Which version of gapps can i get the email in?
A: YOU CAN'T! EMAIL NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE IN GAPPS!!! It's a system app for whomevers sake! Stop asking that question! It's driving me nuts!!!! GMAIL is in Gapps... ok rant over, until the next question that is...

Q: What modem comes with this?
A: None that I know of

Q: I have an exchange account and the email is syncing fine, but it isnt syncing the anyone else having this issue or know of a fix?
A: Originally Posted by cknuth, "I have had trouble getting my calendar to sync on every ics build. App from the market called "haxsync" fixed it right up. Worth a shot?"

Q: What modem will work with this?
A: ANY gb or ics modem works on an ICS rom believe it or not (I prefer EL29 myself).

Q: How do I flash this?
A: See Post 3

Q: Does this require a full wipe?
A: See Post 3

Q: How do I flash if coming from gb?
A: See Post 3

Q: What all is in this?
A: OMG please read. Starting from the very top please...

Q: What kind of rom is this?
A: Really? See above question... urghhh

Q: What is fd02 and what does it mean?
A: Its the build number from Samsung/Sprint (built the 2nd day of April) for the rom you are using

Q: My notifications stop working after a call
A: DO NOT EXIT. After hitting END allow the phone program to exit itself. If thats to complicated then pull the battery and reboot..

Q: Where is the el26 kernel??
A: We are trying to make this as easy as possible. I've added a link to the EL26 Tar file toward the top of pg #1 and in the flashing instructions on pg #3.

Q: If only we could change the color of signal and battery in status bar. I'm guessing those are part of the minimul theme and that's why they are white?
A: You are correct sigh...

Q: In order to do this we have to to go from ICS back to EL26 GB, but every time I do that I get the yellow triangle, can somebody help me please?
A: Use Traingle Away found here: or use sfhubs auto root found here:

Q: You offended me with some of your answers
A: If I offended YOU, I apologize. I tried to make some answers humorous (I'm sure several developers thought they were). I am a nice guy (ask anyone who knows me). But you have to keep in mind that XDA is about development. Not about you getting free stuff. Mijj and I worked hard to develop something new and different. We are SHARING what we have. We both work, have families, and don't profit from this (I wish). And believe me this is TIME CONSUMING. So when you say well this app and this app doesn't work, well it's irritating. We more than likely we didn't create the app and you wasted space by not sending any relevant information (like a logcat, modem kernel setup etc etc) so we could try and fix the issue. If you were posting to say hey, there may be an issue, and here is the when what where, why etc. Well that would be different. But hey 4g doesn't work (and its already in the op) is not helping at all. So please take time and click the threads in my signature and READ what XDA is about why we are here and why YOU are here and how its supposed to work... Peace V
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11th April 2012, 09:24 PM |#3  
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Install Instructions For "NOCTURNAL-VENUM"
Install instructions [Thanks kbizzle for the Outline]

Installing for the First Time

-Flash EL26 stock CWM kernel via the PDA option in ODIN/Mobile ODIN
The EL26 Kernel Tar Can Be Downloaded From HERE...
-When phone begins reboot, Hold Power + Volume up until boots into recovery.
-Wipe data/factory, cache and dalvik cache
-Flash ROM
-Flash Gapps

If You Want To Include a Kernel

-Flash EL26 stock CWM kernel via PDA option in ODIN/Mobile ODIN
-When phone begins reboot, Hold Power + Volume up until boots into recovery.
-Wipe Data/Factory, Cache, Dalvik.
-Flash ROM
-Flash Gapps
-Wipe Cache and Dalvik again
-Flash Kernel

Back up and Restore

To back up
-Odin EL26 kernel
-Hold Power + Volume Up when Galaxy SII boot logo comes up to boot into Recovery
-Back up
-Wipe Cache and Dalvik
-Flash an AOSP ICS Kernel

To Restore
-Odin EL26 kernel
-Hold Power + Volume Up when Galaxy SII boot logo comes up to boot into Recovery
-Wipe Data/Factory, Cache and Dalvik
-Restore nandroid
*If you are restoring a nandroid that you backed up via the above process, you will need to wipe cache and dalvik, then flash an AOSP ICS kernel or the ROM wont boot because it is backed up with the EL26 kernel. Then reboot.
*If you are restoring a Gingerbread ROM, just restore and reboot.

Workaround for sd_external [Thank You jbizzle & gershee]

1. DirectoryBind included in the ROM, Found Here..
2. Set up the source and target directories as follows...
source: /emmc target: /sdcard/external_sd
Then save.
3. Click on the little floppy disk on the left of the field you just added, it should turn green. this enables it!
4. Goto preferences and enable "Bind on boot"

Now Look for emmc Folder and you will find you external_sd.
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11th April 2012, 09:25 PM |#4  
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Oooh I can't wait....

This is also very special for me since I have never been first before
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11th April 2012, 09:28 PM |#5  
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Perfect timing...Want to experience Sense 4.0 before getting HTC EVO 4G LTE..:)
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11th April 2012, 09:30 PM |#6  
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Looking forward to the delicious, insidious amounts of speed that is about to be brought!
11th April 2012, 09:36 PM |#7  
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Already?! I guess I will hold a place in case I need it

Sent from my Nexus S 4G using XDA
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11th April 2012, 09:39 PM |#8  
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This is an awesome idea....was hoping this would happen!!
11th April 2012, 09:43 PM |#9  
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Licking my lips.

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11th April 2012, 09:48 PM |#10  
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Wow... Insert andy samberg photo... Yeah, THAT excited

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11th April 2012, 09:48 PM |#11  
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Awesome!!! Can't wait to see this

Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda premium
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