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[26-7-12]AndroPlus Ultimate |High Quality|Fast|Smooth|GB 2.3.3|Sense 2.1+3.0+3.5+4.0

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Finally After Many days work & Debugging , I`m Release Great Rom...
Please Don`t share My ROM in other site without my permission ,Thanks Guy

  • Android 2.3.3 - HTC WWE 2.50.405.2 (Ace) and 3.14.405.1 (Bravo) Very Stable , Fast , Smooth
  • First HD2 Rom with Aroma Installation
  • Kernel: marc1706's Sense Kernel [v0.2.3]
  • This is improved version of stock ROM - no visual changes!
  • Very fast, clean & stable!
  • Full HTC Sense 2.1 + 3.0 Interface (You Can Select Needed Stuff For Sense 3.0)
  • SD Speed Increase (buffer = 3072) it`s faster than 2048, Copying into my SD-card class 4 over 4.3 MBps
  • Camera & Camcorder working and capture 800*480
  • Add Grate Tweak : Auto O/C + Auto Change Governor when ,Screen On/Off Max 1113600/Min 96000 ,for now Save lots Battery, usually 3 mhA
  • Grate Ram Script , Speed + Multitasking + Battery + Responding + Lag-free ( Now My Rom Very Fast )
  • Make Grate installation For Rom + Addons You Can All Time Add/Remove App In Your Rom ( I`m Work it over 50 Hour :$ )
  • Super Lite & Typical Mod installation For Advance user & Normal user (in super lite MOD after first boot ~ 280Mb free ram ) it`s Great
  • Add huge APN
  • Add Battery Percent % (Can Be Select Active/Inactive Or use stock style )
  • Sony Bravia-XLoad (Can Be Select Active/InActive)
  • Sony Bravia-Engine
  • Add free
  • HTC_IME + Dic From Sense 3.0
  • Arabic and Hebrew languages support!
  • Fully optimized and tweaked
  • Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
  • Zipalign on boot (for user applications on data partition)
  • Fully de-odexed
  • Improved virtual memory management
  • Speed optimizations
  • 60 MB ZRAM ready!
  • Swap ready (if you have swap partition in sd-card)
  • Advanced Power Menu (Can Be Select Fix/Unfix)
  • CRT Animation ON/Off (You can Active/Inactive )
  • Battery auto-calibration script, Now Don`t Need to use any app for calibrate battery
  • Excellent battery life! usually 3-5 mhA ( If you have more amount drain ,certainly you have Low signal strength )
  • Movie 720p Play Grate Without Any Lag
  • Auto cLK/MAGLDR Detect & Auto Fix Network
  • Add Theme Sense 4 Woooooooooow Its Very Beautiful
  • Multi-language (WWE)
  • 4EXT Recovery support
  • Support almost 24h a day
  • Newest BusyBox 1.19.4 Stable
  • No Needed Full Wipe before installation
  • Super Fast Installation
  • and many more. . . !!!
  • everything

Not Working
  • Nothing

  • CLK Or MAGLDR Boot Loader ( if you using cLK , Recommended use my link ,before install my cLK , take task29 )
  • CWM (CWM Recovery Touch Beta 8 Release Candidate 1, it`s better than other CWM )
  • Radio (2.15 Recommended)
  • Optional: 128Mb of swap partition
  • Brain
  • EU and TMOUS ROM Partition Size : 5/135/5 ( boot / system / cashe )
  • You must have an ext 2/3/4 partition on your SD-Card (512MB - 1GB recommended) ( You just Allow only one extX )
  • Your partitions in SD-card ,it should be similar :
FAT32------> ext X --------> SWAP
(XXXX MB)-( 512-1024 MB )-(128-256 MB)

  • After install CLK/MAGLDR
  • Go To CWM
  • Install Main Package ( --- AndroPlus(+).v X.X --- ) ( --- You must select Typical Or Lite --- )
  • Install Add-ons Package ( This section is important ,please read elucidation text`s and chose correct options )
  • Reboot
  • First boot takes approximately 5-7 minutes ( If the initial boot took more than 8 minutes , You must be a mistake , and you must follow these steps )
  1. Format SD-Crad with SD Formater (select option and set FORMAT SIZE.... To > ON)
  2. Go to CWM and select it`s ==> Advanced ==> Partition SD Card ==> 1024 or 512M ==> 128M
  3. task 29
  4. Go to First Row Installation
  • Follow instructions on screen ( Setup )

High Recommended Instructions
  1. important suggestion 01: Previous install my rom , Go to SD card and remove All Folder for Previous Android Rom
  2. important suggestion 02: High Recommended for you ,for increase speed and most free ram always , Use light installations and chose needed apps
  3. important suggestion 03: Package sense 3.0 without lock-screen is faster than with lock-screen
  4. After First Boot : Give Rom ~2 minutes to settle after lock screen before setting up. (setup will be faster)
  5. Give it ~2 minutes to settle then reboot before use
  6. go to All Apps/Superuser and press windows key then in Preferences/Automatic response, select allow
  7. go to All Apps/Effect Control and Set Visible speed & Transition speed to 3 (Important for have nice Transition)
  8. go to All Apps/faster fix for changing GPS Location To your Region ( faster GPS )
  9. go to All Apps/A2SDGUI And in dalvik panel chose Dalvik Cash On SD-EXT then click on Move and Rebuild key ( For more space in internal storage )( Optional )
  10. go to All Apps/DSPManager /Headset and in Bass Boost set to Enable , change select Effect Strength to Moderate ,in Headset Virtual Room... Set to Enable and change Room type to Stage (--- important ----)
  11. if you have any problem about send or receive mms or GPRS Go to setting And set manually APN`s
  12. Read F.A.Q (--- important ----)
  13. Enjoy the fastest Sense Rom

  • Please don`t use setcpu and other like app for change O/C or Governor ( Don`t need to O/C ,Rom work fast without any lag )
  • You Don't allow Restore System app with Titanium Backup or other like app , on previous
  • rom into this rom ( crash and have bug into system ) you can only restore user app with data ( ---- it's important ----- )
  • You Don`t allow restore User Data with CWM
  • Please don`t use any app for auto kill app ( like advance task killer or other app ) These are useless app`s

Tips to increase battery life
  • Avoid using live wallpaper, especially weather LWP
  • Change Wi-Fi Sleep policy: Settings ==> Wireless & networks ==> Wi-Fi Settings ==> Advanced ==> WiFi sleep policy ==> 15min
  • If you don't care about faster 3G consider switching to 2g only: Settings ==> Wireless & networks ==> Mobile Networks ==> Network Mode ==> GSM Only
  • Do not login to HTC HUB / HTC Sense account !
  • Disable Phone Finder : Settings ==> Location
  • Disable weather sounds & clock widget full screen animation ( But i love this )
  • Increase Facebook/twitter/stocks sync interval to 4hours or more

Now,i send big Thanks to all Dev in XDA and other site for hard working
and special Thanks for good Dev & great my friend :

XxXPachaXxX , e334 , dungphp , marc1706 , carl1961 ,TarekNajem04 , edward3120 ( for make video )
kuzibri ( for Create Q/A/T Thread )

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17th April 2012, 01:57 AM |#2  
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Cloud Search
Don`t Forget to thank about my Hard Working...

Rom & Add on:


Mirror V3 (Tell me if is have error)


Rosie Mod Drawer 4.4 : Download
Mirror AndroPlus Ultimate : Rom --- & ---Addons
Mirror AndroPlus V2.0 : Rom --- & ---Addons (Thanks beileroord)

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17th April 2012, 01:58 AM |#3  
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Ultimate 25,Jul,2012

  • finally Fix Camcorder 800*480 in GB (but it need some debugging and improvement , hope other developer can help me for ... ,So for better capturing use 640*480 ) and you must use lgcamera App for capturing ,and i suggest to you, all time use lgcamera pro its more stable as lgcamera free,you can find it (lgcamera pro) in Google
  • Fix Auto-Brightness Level
  • Fix Call Sound Problem
  • Fix Some Wrong Code in Aroma installer
  • Fix Xloud
  • Add Fancy Rotation Animation Like Sense 3.5
  • Add Rotatable Rosie
  • Add Roise app Drawer 4.5 & 4.4
  • Add Documents To Go 3.0
  • Add DSP Manager last version
  • Add Slide to Remover Notification
  • Add New Marc1706 Kernel 0.2.3
  • Add AndroPlus Boot Animation
  • Add Green theme Sense 4
  • Remove Google Play
  • Remove PDF Viewer
  • Update Aroma Installer to V2.0
  • Fix Some wrong code in aroma installer
  • and more more ...


V2.0 07,May,2012

  • More Free Ram ~280 MB in Lite Mode lol
  • Add Stock battery style with fixed Slide Downing Notification Panel
  • Add Beautiful GB Animation Transition to Stock Framework-res.apk
  • Add some nice Sound & Ringtone from Sense 4.0
  • Add New Market( Google Play 3.5.16 )
  • Add UI Sense 3.5 ,all popup menu and button from Sense 3.5 ( Now My Rom very like sense 3.5 )
  • Add New marc kernel 0.2.1
  • Add One item in aroma installation for Revert back to stock weather sense 2.1
  • Add Auto Fix permission script
  • Add more Smoothness tweak + some lib
  • Fix Friend Stream
  • Fix thing Lag For unlock screen
  • Fix YouTube HD Movie Playback ( Now you can ,see HD movie in YouTube )
  • Fix wrong code in Aroma Installer and alot of change
  • Fix Freezing in Aroma Installer ( Please wait... )
  • Fix Auto Reboot issue ( need test )
  • Fix crashing Clock widget on Theme Sense 4
  • fix Chinese IME
  • fix switch network connection
  • fix turn on network connection issue
  • fix All Force close in Package Sense 3.0
  • a lot of edit and added code in Aroma Installer
  • Reduce Auto-Brightness Level For more battery Saving
  • Remove Transparent background in some panel in Sense 3
  • change default font to conffora
  • Revert back up-datable app to /data/app
  • Update Facebook
  • Update tweeter
  • Update Gmail
  • Update Google map
  • Update Google+
  • Removed Paid App
  • more more more...


V1.0 17.Apr.2012

  • Add huge APN
  • Addfree
  • Add HTC_IME + Dic Frome Sense 3.0
  • Add Stock HTC boot screen
  • Add Stock HTC Bootsound (Can Be Select Active/InActive)
  • Add Effect Control For Change Speed, Visible & Transition
  • Add Newest BusyBox 1.19.4 Stable
  • Add Messageing Sense 3
  • Add MX Video Player pro 1.5a
  • Add Auto cLK/MAGLDR Detect & Auto Fix Nerwork
  • Add VM Managment Tweaks
  • Add 128MB Zram
  • Add Auto Zipalign For Data/app
  • Add Titanium Backup Pro 4
  • Add Faster Fix For Change GPS location
  • Sony Bravia-XLoad (Can Be Select Active/InActive)
  • Sony Bravia-Engine
  • Hacked Build.Prob (By Me )
  • Boost Speed & Performance (Now my Rom Work Without Any lag )
  • Speed Up WIFI & GPRS
  • Updated SU
  • Fix Lag For Slid Downing Notification Panel ,Now Is Fastest Drop Down
  • Fix Market Downloading Problem
  • Fix VPN
  • Fix Tmous MMS issue (need test)
  • Fix Arabic and Hebrew languages support!
  • Lot Tweak in init.gz
  • Make Grate installation For Rom + Addons You Can All Time Add/Remove App In Your Rom ( I`m Work it over 50 Hour :$ )
  • Revert bake To Stock Auto Brithness Level
  • Add Theme Sense 4 Woooooooooow Its Very Beautiful
  • Add Beautiful GB Animation and Some Icon For Stock GB ,Very Nice
  • Disable USB Debugging notification (Bigger space in notification panel)
  • And MUCH more!




Q 1: I can't send/receive MMS or I can't connect with mobile data connection. How can I fix it?

A: Please check your MMS settings or mobile data connection APN settings.for better please set manually APN`S


Q 2: My GPS signal is very weak or GPS is not working at all. How can I fix it?
A: There are some solutions:
1. You can use FasterFix to improve your signal strength.
2. You can download and install GPS Status & Toolbox to manage your GPS settings.


Q 3: My clock/weather widget doesn't show my location. How can I fix it?
A: Please clear data from Google Maps, Clock Widget, Weather, HTC weather sync provider and Weather Provider.


Q 4: My Quadrant score is not as high as on different ROM. What does it mean?
A: It means absolutely nothing. Benchmarks on Android System are more or less lottery and they are not showing the real system performance.
There are many settings that can force Quadrant to show more then 1800 points but it's faked performance, that actually can slow down your phone in some circumstances.
What I always emphasize is a real performance, the one you can feel under your fingers. Remember that I/O has some limit and surpassing it shows just a numbers without true ratio.


Q 5: in my rom sometime have lag where is problem?
A: this rom after many test don`t have any lag,then certainly you have Low signal strength in all android device this problem exist Low signal strength = must battery drain & add lagy in sense,you can test it when you have this problem please set device to offline ,now you can work smoothly and fast with rom but this is no problem for rom


Q 4: My phone ,after installaled Rom pack & Addons freeze on first boot screen (loading...) where problem?
A: you don't read requirements. And installation steps,please go this steps and read it.


Q 5: How to understand about calibrated battery?
A: With Root Explorer Go to this address /data/data ==> and go to the end off the list ,if file .battery-calibrated is exist ,the battery is calibrated well and there is no need to use other app for calibrate it ,
B: if can`t see this file ==> .battery-calibrated ,you must connect your battery charger and wait to created this file


Q 6: How To Add / Remove system app ?
A: it`s very easy, Go to CWM ==> AndroPlus(+) (--- Rom package ---) in Install Type page select Add / Remove , Now you can install or uninstall everything


Q 7: Q: We how can thanks to you?
A: Just press the thanks button, and if you really want to thank me then read here: Soon I add Donate link


Q 8:My keyboard don`t Auto showed in Message app and i have thing lag in Message app, where is it Problem?
A: Go to contacts and change name contact to English Character ,if you typed Name Your Contact with Arabic Or Persian Character with all sense rom have like problem.

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17th April 2012, 02:02 AM |#4  
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I need this one :P sorry !! hahaha j/k ... waiting for your release!
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17th April 2012, 02:15 AM |#5  
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Waiting for release
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17th April 2012, 02:31 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by efebe

I need this one :P sorry !! hahaha j/k ... waiting for your release!

Originally Posted by yz.hd

Waiting for release

loooool your guys very fast
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17th April 2012, 02:38 AM |#7  
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I'm going to sleep, I'll download and taste it tomorrow, if it's ready to download.

I like the combination of old Sense, with Ginger rom.
17th April 2012, 02:40 AM |#8  
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Working like a "CHARM" Thanks a lot for you hard and great work mate!!
17th April 2012, 02:45 AM |#9  
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guys please waiting ,i`m don`t sleep for 20h
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17th April 2012, 03:01 AM |#10  
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Thank you

waiting .....
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17th April 2012, 03:08 AM |#11  
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...waiting here also...
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