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[ROM][ON HOLD][ICS]MIUIv4 brushed [Beta7 | MIUI 2.5.25 | MULTI]

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By Cid-Vox, Member on 22nd April 2012, 05:31 PM
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Hey guys,
This is my MIUIv4 port directly from Nexus S. Thanks to MIUI-Team, MIUI-Germany and for this awesome base.
I used CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0 BETA 1[Unofficial], thanks to jerl92, as base for my port but I need to say thanks to all the developers here that make ICS for the HTC Vision possible. Also a big thanks to ajhavery, proxuser and cjward for their guides. A special thanks to dekkyy, I learned a lot from his port. As well a big thanks to Kalashnikitty who helped me with some questions and wez89 for pointing me to the Adreno libs.

Additionally I made a few changes to the Nexus S port to make the MI button function available. The screen can now rotate to the 180° position and the duration for the notification led can be set. I also added a few tweaks. This ROM is already V6 SuperCharged, big thanks to zeppelinrox for his amazong script. The V6 SuperCharger script is also copied to the root of your sdcard so you can change settings at any time. As well you will find the "Daemon Controller" app by Sybregunne and his oc daemon ready for action (just open up and change frequencies, governor or change to sleep and wake profile). You can also use functions from the extended settings mod by Andy Thomson.

Have a look at the changelog in the 2nd post to see what changed from last version.

To improve the experience with this ROM in the future any constructive feedback is very much appriciated.

So long

USB Tethering
Google Backup (for WiFi Passwords and Apps)

MIUI-Team for the MIUI ROM
MIUI-Germany for the translation for the translation
jerl92 for the base
CyanogenMod for the base
ajhavery for his Desire Z guide
proxuser for the general MIUIv4 port guide
cjward for his help
dekkyy for his port
Kalashnikitty for helping me with this port
wez89 thanks for the pointer to the adreno libs
Andy Thomson for the extended settings mod
zeppelinrox for the amazing V6 SuperCharger
Sybregunne for the andrev oc daemon and his controller app
and all the devs here constantly improving the experience for our handset

latest Version (based on multilanguage)

1. Do a full wipe (recommended but not always necessary)
2. Go to recovery and flash the ROM
3. Reboot (this might take some time due to app optimization)
4. Enjoy MIUI and ICS

- If you have problems with the market after restoring your backup, drop your google account and add it manually
- 2 finger pinch-to-zoom at the homescreen opens the add widget view
- 3 finger pinch-to-zoom shows the preview (all homescreens)
- Go to settings -> button and set up the MI button its really useful
- Hold down the home key on lockscreen activates the torch
- You can drag down the statusbar in fullscreen apps, settings -> statusbar settings
- You can use the screenshot shortcut in the statusbar or Vol down and Menu key
- Move your icons between the homescreen easily just drag the icon, swipe left and right to change homescreen with an other finger an drop

If you like this ROM hit the thanks button.
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22nd April 2012, 05:34 PM |#2  
Cid-Vox's Avatar
OP Member
Thanks Meter: 79

- CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0 BETA 8 Kernel

- CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0 BETA 6 Kernel

- CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0 BETA 5 Kernel

- Rebased on CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0 BETA 3
- Removed Tiamat Kernel
- included extended settings mod
- added adreno libs
- Minor RAM tweaks

- V6 SuperCharger injected (incl. Nitro Lag Nullifier)
- Daemon Controller app and oc daemon added
- Some minor other tweaks

- Tiamat ICS Kernel -> working camera flash
- Better multitouch support
- Mass storage working
- Slimmed down file size
- Added MI button function for camera key (long = open camera, short = whatever you want -> torch is very useful ;) )
- Notification led settings activated (untested)
- 180° rotation enabled
- English lockscreen

- Initial release
- Based on CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0 BETA 1
MIUI 2.5.25:
Added when manually installing an application the system will automaticall scan the app for viruses and security issues
New text editor function, press and hold on text to get magnifying glass
Optimisation to expand the m-key response range
Optimisation of the switch controls to replace the ideographic check controls
Fix panel (lower right corner) of current task list in "Task Manager" icon to click on a smaller area
Fix problem during call, cannot recognise some headphones when they are pulled out
Fix Exchange FC issues

Added support to make two short numbers
Optimisation of T9 to improve the search, synchronisation, update and import efficiency of contacts and reduce space and memory usage
Optimisation of number attribution input logic
Fix issues with SIP accounts causing FC
Fix in some cases the underlying state error leads to FC error in Phone
Fix in some cases sorting errors
Fix the number of contacts update error
Fix names which contain special characters (figures) cannot be directly searched for
Fix part of the multi-tone word problem of low-frequency sound
Fix in some cases the search will display repeated results
Fix cannot display SIP/Internet phone numbers
Fix in some cases strange numbers will be identified as contact problem
Fix problems where two SIP phone accounts causes FC if one is not set to main number
Fix FC error when invalid SIM is detected and attempting to set PIN lock code
Fix in some cases ringtone errors

Optimise the location and style of the contact details / avatar popup panel
Fix problem when setting large contact photo avatars leads to FC
Added new support (including Gregorian and Lunar calendars) to add birthday reminders

[Alarm Clock]
Optimise the alarm interface resources package is deleted will cause the alarm to FC

Fix problem with messages, forwarding and copying details will not automatically exit the edit mode
Fix issues being usable to set SMS notification tones

[Lock screen, Status bar and notifications]
Added support for facial unlock (FaceLock)
Added support to hide screenshot notifications (See Settings for details on disabling screenshot notifications on the status bar area)
Optimisation of clicking on the notification bar switch toggles
Fix lockscreen password protection, when screen automatically switches off and you wake the phone the lockscreen does not return to the initial state it was left in previously
Fix notification bar download progress bar background error

Optimisation of folder opening speed

Migration of V4 themes to new server
New support for themes to hide status bar lock screen icons
Optimise preview display effects for different devices

Add picture captured effects
Added two-finger pinch gesture zoom
Fix during focusing process, cannot exit the camera to view thumbnail previews

Fix FC issue for list of albums when pulling down list
Fix problems setting desktop and lock screen wallpapers when using third-party tools (unable to crop)
Viewing album picture optimised, significantly enhance the loading speed (up to 5 times more. First time app loads the cache will be rebuilt)
Fix part of the image size is displayed as a problem
Fix slideshow function causes FC error

Fix when pausing music via the status bar controller, the controller in some cases disappears

Optimisation of pattern lock UI (increase pattern drawing accuracy)
Optimise hardware keys light for 5 seconds then automatically turn off

[Download Manager]
Fix problem where files cannot be downloaded over 3GWAP/ CN WAP

Optimisation of new night mode interface, 50% reduction in power consumption

[Access Control]
Fix problem when access restriction is enabled the password can be bypassed in some cases

[LED lights]
Fix problem setting LED light colours do not take effect

MIUI 2.5.18:
New text editor function for magnifying glass by long-pressing text will show highlighted words in preview pane
Optimisation to further improve interactive gestures in the text editor mode (will not display when the input box is empty when you press the cursor and optimise double-click selection criteria)
Fix volume key wake causes abnormal operations
Optimise text editor copy operations

Fix FC for three-way party calling in some cases (CDMA)
Fix in some cases leaving the call interface and attempting to return to call will not work and also lead to abnormal sensor feedback
Fix in some cases automatic IP prefix number is not displayed in the call interface
Fix service center number with area code, call list cannot be identified
Fix some models to make an emergency call in the emergency dialing interface
Fix clicking the call button to dial, ending call returns to desktop
Repair (CDMA) the green return to call bar shows the incorrect call time duration
Optimisation of displaying the back part of the name on the call interface when the name is too long
Optimisation of numbers before the cursor are deleted by long pressing on the delete key in the dial-up interface
Optimisation of the green return to call bar does not display call time until the call starts

[Lock screen, Status bar & Notifications]
Added quick entry to Calendar functions by opening status bar area and pressing on the date (left of screen) will directly open Calendar
Optimisation of screenshot notification, will no longer display more icons to the right of the status bar
Fix lock screen display delay issues
Added quick access to System Settings in status bar

Added new app switching animation transitions

Optimisation, MIUI v4 no longer supports the old theme packages
Optimisation - updated default theme preview
Optimisation - Support wallpaper scroll type, e.g. By Theme, Centre, Left or Right
Fix in some cases the list of available local themes shows duplicated items
Fix ringtone preview process, switching to another item / page does not stop the previous ringtone preview audio
Fix being unable to apply default theme status bar customisation
Fix problem changing theme, long press the power button the pop-up dialogue will not allow you to restart phone for theme changes to take effect

Fix cannot find partial match when searching for contact using Chinese input
Add support to set the Caller ID
Optimised contact details page to view contact details, such as name is too long and scrolls

Unable to repair new message search for contact number
Fix memory leaks result in some cases of the application slowing down or FC errors

Optimize UI details of photo when being used by other applications
Fix FC caused by flashlight setting error in shutter zero delay mode
Fix wrong status of flashlight button caused by switching application after selecting a specific scene
Fix description error of the image size (should be 800 000 pixels) caused by shutter zero delay
Fix description error of the image size (should be 800 000 pixels) caused by shutter zero delay

Fix playing song does not save bug
Fix problem with 4x4 widget does not sometimes refresh

Added support to directly set lock screen wallpaper from application
Optimisation to avoid constant decoding of 0byte files

Optimise the mute volume control panel volume intensity to indicate new setting

[Backup Manager]
Add support to setup automatic local backups (See Settings menu for more info)
Fix in some cases restoring desktop items cannot correctly display third-party widget / icons

[File Explorer]
Added search function (See menu)
Optimise load speed of file classification summary menu
Fix after all files are selected in the list, the menu still shows incorrect select all option

[Download Manager]
Optimise download waiting information - show if waiting for Wi-Fi connection or if the file is to be downloaded automatically
Fix data connection cannot resume correctly
Fix problems pushing file from PC to download, download complete status shows incorrectly
Fix problem downloading multiple files (batch)in some cases causes FC error

Optimise the address bar search functionality by splitting it away from the address menu
Optimise tab switching in order to not block the bottom of the toolbar
Optimise video playback in the browser control panel
Fix night reading mode, open a new page will show display flashing

[Alarm Clock]
Fix edit mode cross-slip still shows problems
Fix in some cases new alarm clock does not automatically enable
Fix Stopwatch interface issues with HTC ONE-X

MIUI 2.5.11:
Fix native Android Chinese phonetic errors
New system search with set of sub search options
Optimisation of text editing interactions
Optimise Chinese Phonetics in T9 database
Optimised support for V4 Themes

[File Manager]
Optimise the sliding fluency between pages
Optimisation and upgrade of SD card page loading speed

Fix in some cases the prefix 0 fixed before the telephone number plus 86,results in dial failure
Fix SP numbers in the call log cannot be identified by their prefix
Optimisation to expand the dialer to enter contacts touch area to avoid inadvertent use
Fix CDMA answer vibration is too weak
Fix in some cases FC issues
Repair call interface contact names in some cases appear incomplete
Fix in some cases Wi-Fi switch leads to the Phone FC

Optimise the contact list search results highlighting matching results
Optimisation of picture pop-up, height adjustment of the panel is too small
Optimised to add new numbers to contacts, highlight newly added number/s

Optimisation to edit text messages and delete, when pressing return key automatically leaves editing mode
Hide in non-chinese mode the Recommended tab settings functions (Thanks MarkHUK for the suggestion)
Fix - Compose new message button in messages list is placed in the middle of the bottom panel (Search is moved to menu)

[Lock screen, Status bar and Notifications]
Optimise the variety lock screen using dynamic frame rate, default lock screen power consumption reduced by 80%
Optimise the notification bar switch pop-up style
Fix screen wake up the screen, clock display results in delayed refresh
Fix duplicate display of operator name
Optimisation of status bar notification when no SIM card is present, shows "No SIM card" instead of "No Service"
Fix problem in quick opening screen shots
Reduce power consumption caused by auto-rotating of the screen

New full-screen shutter: Long press the frame anywhere on screen to allow focus of object/s when taking pictures
Added new Camera preview feature (See Camera Settings)
Continuous focus mode is set by default in video mode (Change in Settings)

Optimise the file browser interface for SD card
Fix deleted due to insufficient memory leads to FC
Fix problem opening gallery sometimes leads to FC error when opening a picture
Fix FC caused by clipping images in special shapes in the interface of all photo folders

Fix now playing record not saved

New search settings sub key function
Add close button at the bottom of the menu, desktop keys and return key indicator

Fix in some cases the Home bookmark preview image will not be loaded
Fix HTML5 video playback image distortion problems

Added new intercept list database

MIUI 2.5.4:
Optimisation to increase efficiency of loading list of installed applications
Fix in some cases when connecting to Wi-Fi, data connections do not become disconnected successfully

[Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications]
Fix problem setting Custom status bar notifications leads to FC error

Fix problems with themes being unable to modify the system font colour

Optimisation of image sharpness and overall quality / saturation (MI-ONE Only)

Fix in some cases when recovering data operation is completed successfully, the result will be displayed as 0Bytes restored

Optimisation of the rendering engine model algorithm

[Alarm Clock]
Optimise re-enable alarm stop and start time intervals

MIUI 2.4.27:
Fix problems with Cartoon Match Wars FC

Optimisation to improve the call log loading speed
Fix service provider to show owner information, information displayed incorrectly
Optimisation of Telecommunications number attribution

On-line picture library support for choosing contact photo via Theme Manager
Optimisation of merge duplicate contacts UI interactions

Fix in some cases, you cannot open the dial-up message dialogue page
Fix FC when selecting contact to send a new message
Clicking dial key is invalid on message thread interface
Fix contact number attribution issues numbers stored with +44 / 07 for same contact do not show contact name
Fix management of advanced settings concerning SIM card SMS messages FC
Fix draft message cannot be removed in some cases
Fix problems sending Mms messages
Fix problem when deleting Mms messages, shows incorrect annex
Optimisation of new SMS time format method
New SMS / MMS application priority option to choose which application will receive the message first

[Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]
Fix lock screen when lit the time change is delayed for clock
Optimise the efficiency of the default lock screen functionality
Fix text message preview display from the Lock screen
Fix volume keys to control volume when reduced to vibration, the vibration status is not correctly shown in status bar

Optimise sliding screen gesture fluency

Add MIUI v4 support to display tray topic, edit mode to customise backplane style
Fix problem in Mixed (Customised) theme where the lockscreen wallpaper will not refresh when applied

Fix problem with SD card capacity notice when saving panoramic photos
Fix camera cannot adjust focus, sound and shutter sound problems

Optimise the photo details page and photo editing page styles
Optimisation to use the name that appears for album folder rather than the system path name
Fix problem when using Gallery when opening a picture, invalid URL causes FC
After wiping data, pre-set photos are re-copied
Remove some effects from photo editing options

New "Keep screen awake" function (See settings for more info)

Fix problem restore issues with ringtones

Optimisation of the vibration switch, split vibration switches into two options
Fix volume key controls, when the volume is reduced to vibrate, the vibration switch state from the status bar does not correctly show current status of volume

[File Manager]
Fix problems with SD card, selecting installation package (ROM) from system update leads to FC problems

[Download Manager]
Fix problem when selecting to only download using Wi-Fi, the download will still continue when only on a mobile network and Wi-Fi is disabled

Add new reading mode

Fix minimum volume adjustment issues, mute is still not available when volume is adjusted

Fix pop-up reminders via lock screen, rotating the screen will lead to problems

[Alarm Clock]
FC caused by pressing the camera button while ringing

Added new 4.0 user manual
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22nd April 2012, 05:51 PM |#3  
Senior Member
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First to try Flashing right now:P
Didn't find any bugs that aren't in the description
It is a little bit slow in comparison with miui gingerbread (2.3.30).
22nd April 2012, 05:56 PM |#4  
sgtkid12's Avatar
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Could you add screenshots?

Sent from my Desire Z using Tapatalk 2 Beta-6
22nd April 2012, 06:02 PM |#5  
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Did you replace vold.fstab (something like that, in system/etc I think) and rmt_storage? That may fix sd card mount

Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA
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22nd April 2012, 07:07 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by xT4Z1N4TRx

Did you replace vold.fstab (something like that, in system/etc I think) and rmt_storage? That may fix sd card mount

Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA

both files come from CM9 base and I had no problems
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22nd April 2012, 08:06 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by xT4Z1N4TRx

Did you replace vold.fstab (something like that, in system/etc I think) and rmt_storage? That may fix sd card mount

Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA

@Cid-Vox : rmt_storage should do the job, can you be precise what steps you followed, then may be I could help you rule out all the bugs.
22nd April 2012, 09:45 PM |#8  
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Great job cidvox. You got it booting so you are more of a man than I am. Lol.
And ajhavery, you are awesome! Your always helping out. Really appreciate your help
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23rd April 2012, 05:22 AM |#9  
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Great work, buddy!

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23rd April 2012, 05:22 AM |#10  
Senior Member
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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to using this. For rizzle.
23rd April 2012, 05:27 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by ajhavery

vold.fstab is related to camera dude!!!

no it's not.
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