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[Hboot Collection] Easily change partitions w/o pc via recovery

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By joelshawdow, Senior Member on 5th May 2012, 05:39 PM
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30th November 2013, 12:50 AM |#181  
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How are you guys creating these hboots?

I am on linux, and i installed blackrose the manual method. I don't have and won't use the blackroseinstaller.exe

I have searched and read through a lot of the blackrose thread. I can't seem to find if there's a way to create these hboots manually or on linux. I am just wondering if you guys are using that exe.

With that being said, does anybody have a hboot that will work for the new evervolv kitkat?
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9th January 2014, 10:48 PM |#182  
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Originally Posted by joelshawdow

Sense- 315mb System/10mb Cache/111mb Data -

ICS- 220mb System/16mb Cache/200mb Data -

Stock- 145mb System/95mb Cache/196mb Data -

HyperSense Nova (Sense 1.9) - 220mb System/10mb Cache/206mb Data - -

Sebastiaan15's Runny AIO V6.1.1 - 250mb System/10mb Cache/176mb Data - -

BlissMod007 v04 - 330mb System/10mb Cache/96mb Data - -

Cyanogen mod - 150mb System/10mb Cache/276mb Data -

Oxygen mod - 110mb System/6mb Cache/320mb Data -

Cool sense - 275mb System/5mb Cache/156mb Data -

BCM-ICS - 180mb System/5mb Cache/251mb Data -

Shaky's sense 4 - 250mb System/40mb Cache/146mb Data -

What's the deal with cache partition size?

Does anyone know? It seems like mostly wasted space since all app cache gets dumped in the data partition anyway. Can't we just make the cache partition 0MB and be done with it? My 8MB kitkat cache partition is using only 1.1MB, so maybe 2MB is a cache partition size we can all get behind. Why have any more than that?
10th January 2014, 12:40 AM |#183  
Cache gets used more often the you think, if you make it too small you can't download a lot from the market or flash a new radio or install some ROMs or other mods through recovery. There are safe sizes to stick with and there are ways to keep it even smaller then 8 and still use the phone ad you please but often it gets much harder. Resize how you see fit just know there can be averse consequences

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10th January 2014, 01:09 AM |#184  
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Originally Posted by demkantor

Cache gets used more often the you think, if you make it too small you can't download a lot from the market or flash a new radio or install some ROMs or other mods through recovery.

Okay, so a cache partition of some size is definitely necessary.

Originally Posted by demkantor

There are safe sizes to stick with and there are ways to keep it even smaller then 8 and still use the phone as you please but often it gets much harder. Resize how you see fit just know there can be adverse consequences

I'm trying to understand how the cache partition works before I resize it.

In the OP, we see that 2 roms specify a cache partition of 5MB. Does this mean that all roms can get away with a 5MB cache part? I've heard it suggested that the stock rom would not work with such a small cache part. Does this mean the cache partition size is dependant on the rom? And is it dependant on each specific rom as it appears to be in the OP, or is it more generic, allowing all custom roms to have the same small 5MB cache partition size?

10th January 2014, 01:27 AM |#185  
Mostly its how cache works, let's say you download an app from the play store, its 4mb, if there was no cache or too small it would refuse to install even though it is to go to the data partition. First it needs to hit cache.
Let's say you want to flash a ROM, in the updater-script there maybe some lines that tell the kernel to be moved to cache and then flash the image, or maybe a mod that uses flash raw image. Same thing with some mods, or other scripts you are running
I know there isn't much space on this phone but don't worry too much about a few mbs, its not worth it. Having said that there are ways around most everything I said above, but why do extra work for a few mbs?

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10th January 2014, 02:39 AM |#186  
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Thanks for your replies,
I'm not trying to do extra work. I just don't want to be wasting megabytes unnecessarily.

Your example of downloading an app from the play store does not reflect my experience, as I can download apps of any size from the play store (ex: google search - 20MB) with only an 8MB cache partition. It is my experience that the data partition is used for most, if not all, cache operations, and the cache partition remains largely empty. If there is no reason for a larger cache partition, then this information could be very useful to people running ICS- 220mb System/16mb Cache/200mb Data or Shaky's sense 4 - 250mb System/40mb Cache/146mb Data. Who knows what percentage of the cache partition is wasted on those roms.
10th January 2014, 03:11 AM |#187  
Sorry if I wasn't clear, my example is that a portion moves to cache at the moment you download, at least some data goes to cache momentarily when downloading from market, this was often a huge issue back in the g1 days when custom mtd partitions first came out from firerat and lbcoder, many people couldn't download certain apps and we found there to be a minimum of 3mb needed for most market downloads, occasionally more. So its not that the entire app went to cache first just some data would, and larger apps needed more. But like I said, do as you please, you can even bind mount cache to sdext for more room on card as well, but a few mbs I doubt will do much in the long run, but that's for each user to decide I guess

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28th July 2016, 05:03 PM |#188  
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Ended up with a hboot which should have been for a desire a8181 as one of these blackrose hboots on a htc desire a8181

Been trying to get rid without success - neither nexus or desire-s pc blackrose interacting with the phones blackrose, and the phones blackrose blocking all atempts to update hboot which was with a 120 cache !! *(nothing like as described when I flashed it)

Short while ago flashed the 'standard sense hboot from page 1 here (250/40/xxx.) without failure being reported
and despite 4ext claiming no change to partitions,
blackrose on phone fastboot page said - custom 250 etc - so apparently did it.

NOW nexus PC end of blackrose will interact with blackrose on desire and blackrose skip gets the menu.
Selected 2 - disable hboot protect, and it say OK - no protection till next boot - be carefull

YAYYYY thinks I

Flashed what should be a 'normal' bravo hboot thinking goodbye blackrose

Partition size has changed on blackrose fastboot usb line, and blackrose line is still there at top of phones fastboot usb screen
4ext STILL reports 145/120/171 partitions despite blackrose 1 liner saying otherwise after

So I actually appear to have a (at least partially) working blackrose on a htc desire a8181. Can install rom and they seem to be working OK
4ext recovery seems partially screwed up although it will flash roms and wipe partitions 9apparently) - but 4ext 'info' seems wrong

So I'm clearly missing something in getting blackrose off this phone which it should never have been on in the first place - although someone has clearly put one of these patched roms up in the 'normal' HTC desire hboots.


Just ran blackrose editor (nexus version) - ok
Then blackrose skip - uninstall - its gone

So in summary

Looks like someone has shared a blackrose hboot as a 'normal' HTC desire hboot (possibly nexus/desire-s and others too). When the hboot is installed onto a desire a8181 it seems to actually manage to 'install' a corrupted blackrose, but the hboot protection works very well.
You will probably not know this has happened - just thinking you buggered up a hboot install.

When installed in my case it reports via 4ext recovery info 145/120(cache)/171 partition sizes (which it certainly isnt described as) and which might not be accurately reported.
You can see the black 'blackrose line on the phones bootloader/fastboot screen although you may not initially notice it as you were not expecting any 'blackrose' or anything like that installed.
- the blackrose install process MAY corrupt 4ext recovery (MAY)

As The blackrose 'on' the hboot would appear to be corrupted.
Neither desire-s or nexus PC blackrose parts interact with the 'corrupted' blackrose on the phone. This may be at least in part because its not a supported phone, and some traps in the code refuse to talk to the phone.
You cant install anything (it would seem) to get rid of it - except:

Due to the reported partition sizes, I installed - via 4ext recovery one of the small footprint cw roms with terminal etc already on - just in case.

I installed one of the blackrose hboots from page 1 here (extract image from zip and flash via fastboot) which seems to 'sort out'/install a working blackrose - even on the desire incredible a8181.
Although 4ext recovery still reported the old partion size, BUT bootloader screen reported changed partitions (under the top black blackrose line).

You can then run the nexus blackrose ( install per instructions and start with phone connected via usb with debugging enabled
- phone up and running NOT at bootloader/fastboot

In command prompt in blackrose folder (extracted from zip) safe test with
'blackrose editor'
you should get the editor start up with a message
Just enter until it exits with nothing changed

Then if all ok type
'blackrose skip'
Which should bring up the blackrose menu without the error trapped install process
- Where you can temporarily remove hboot protection (until reboot) and install any hboot (but which WILL NOT (in my case) remove blackrose),
or select uninstall blackrose by selecting the appropriate number (even on the a8181 which it APPARENTLY SHOULDN'T RUN ON)

I ASSUME this process will work for everyone having problems with blackrose - but its all at your own risk of course.

Took two days - with the first day wondering what the hell happened until I spotted the blackrose message on the bootloader screen. Good job I remembered reading a bit about blackrose a couple years ago.

4ext recovery 'info' continues to report the weird partition sizes, so a 4ext recovery reinstall is in order

OH FFS this blackrose issue just keeps giving

phone is now s-on again. (bravo unknown ship s-on)
The uninstall blackrose process set the phone s-on again despite the fact it didn't set s-off - the phone has been s-off for years.
\this should be called blackplague - I've seen less irritating rootkits

wonder if that 'bravo unknown' is more shafting of my phone by blackplague - and if its will cause problems re- s-off the phone when I look up how to do it again - if I can with latest radio and non-standard rom - I tried to install twrp which seemingly failed but screwed 4ext completely - which is when I realised its s-on again.

So s-on
Latest radio
Non standard rom
no recovery installed

fook knows what actual state the phone is in.

No wonder people have problems with this.
7th March 2017, 09:22 AM |#189  
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@joelshadow I need a hboot for android 7 should be 10mb cache and the rest for system so no data they will be moved to sd-ext

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Or is desire hboots compatible with nexus 1

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