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Ok guys so this is it, the final gingerbread rom from me(hopefully ). It's been good but I can't really do much more on this rom wise & with the ICS update coming soon(hopefully) it dos'nt make sense to do another version.So on to the goodies & please please,please take one minute to read all of the the post's below it will help you an awful lot on your way to Optimus Goodnus

ROM Features List Version 1.5
-Android 2.3.5 21E Italy/20F UAE/20F SU760 Bases
-Deodexed & Zipaligned
-IO Tweaks
-Fully Optimised Ext 4 Mounts
-Beats & Xloud Audio Mods
-Scrolling Mods
-Stock Theming Lightly Modified (Including Optional % Mod)
-Fixed Battery Stats
-Bravia Engine Image Mods
-Modified Font Package Also Including ICS/JellyBean & Ubuntu Font's
-Epic Apn List
-Modified TI Camera Props & Media Profiles For Better Looking Pictures
-Epic Build Prop Tweaks Including GPU UI Rendering & Much More
-Ad Blocking Built In No Software Needed
-ICS Keyboard
-Includes Overclock Modules & Loaded At Boot Time
-Latest 3D Game Converter
-99% Of All Stock Apps & Widgets That Came With The Version I Got
-LaucherPro Launcher (If You Require LG Launcher See The Extra's Section)
-ScriptManager Included
-Quick Boot Included
-LG FM Radio App Included(Not In SU760 Because Of FC's)
-Removed Annoying Slow Blur From Power Screen
-Disabled Scrolling Cache
-RTL Support (20F Bases Only)
-Includes SuperStock Kernel (Just Flash Promethius Kernel For Extra Features)
-Personalisable Scripts For Appless Modding

Installing The Rom

-Download & Copy The .ZIP File Into Your SD.
-Restart The Device In CWM Either Through RomManager Or Power On + Down Volume Key.
-Backup Your Old Rom Just In Case(Recommended).
-At This Stage You Can Wipe Data & The Cache's If You Want For Non-Wipe Version Or Continue To Next Step For Wipe Version.
-Then Choose Install Zip from SD Card, Either Internal Or External. Wherever You Save It.
-Select The .ZIP File & Install It.
-The Script Will Then Do Everything Else You Require Be It Formating & Stuff.
-Reboot Your Phone & You Should Be good To Go.
-Just Give A Few Minutes As First Boot May Take Longer Than Usual.
-After First Boot & Set-up You Can Then Boot Back Into Recovery To Flash A Kernel.

If you have any problems please download & use the full wipe version of the rom before flashing again, some people may be fine without wiping depending on what rom you have come from but it is best to use the full wipe version of the rom. Oh & did i mention YOU MUST USE NON-TOUCH VERSION OF CWM RECOVERY!! OR HAVE DELETED FROM SCRIPTS FOLDER IN THE ZIP & YOU MUST HAVE BOOTED INTO ANDROID BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO FLASH ANOTHER KERNEL. Otherwise it may not boot and/or you may get wifi and bluetooth errors.

Notices & Information
For Overclocking You Must Flash The Promethius Kernel In The 2# Post, See That Post For More Details On The Kernel.
NOTE: You MUST have the latest gingerbread baseband already im using V20F but 20G, 21E & 20P & maybe 20C will work aswell anything else will NOT work so update your baseband or you wont ever be able to use the latest release.

Something Wrong?
Did you follow the instructions above properly? If you find a bug or there is something you would like me to add please tell me what it is and i will do my best to remedy/add/modify it upon popular request or if its possible. If you do have problems please state you baseband version, which rom you are using and which kernel. I cannot help without these details.

Latest ROM Download's
Promethius V1.5 21E:
Promethius V1.5 21E(Non-Wipe):
Promethius V1.5 20F:
Promethius V1.5 20F(Non-Wipe):
Promethius V1.5 SU760:
Promethius V1.5 SU760(Non-Wipe):

Previous Versions
Promethius V1.0:

Promethius V1.1 21E:
Promethius V1.1 20F:

Promethius V1.2 21E:
Promethius V1.2 20F:

Promethius V1.3 21E:
Promethius V1.3 20F:

Promethius V1.4 21E:
Promethius V1.4 20F:

Credits & Other Stuff
If you want to theme something i suggest you use this Its really simple to use and quick too.
Please give feedback as it will improve the rom for everyone. Oh and thanks for the inspiration meemo, thiaiz, Fab , Acura, RC and the rest of us original O3D crew, XDA, the community & thanks to my tester's too, you know who you are. BTW remind me if i need to credit someone or if I have forgot something im really sorry please mention it to me.

This is the Extra's section, here you'll find some useful flash zips for my Rom for you to enjoy. I have also attached the latest LG stock kernel's too for those that would prefer them at the bottom of this post.

3D Max Home Flash Package With Weather & Prada SNS:
Stock LG Home Flash Package:
Stock LG Keyboard:
21E Battery % Framework:
20F Battery % Framework:

If you flash the 3D Max Package please clear Weather data in Setting's to prevent force closes and other issues.

Thank You Very Much & I Hope To Be Back Soon Bigger & Better than Before

The Total Combined Downloads For All 1.5 Versions Is Almost 4,200 Thank You Very Much People For Using My Rom's.
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6th May 2012, 04:12 PM |#2  
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Post The Promethius Kernel's
The Promethius Kernel Version 1.5
Here it is guys, the last kernel for a while. Added & fixed quite a bit under the hood hopefully stable & quick for you whilst giving decent battery performance.

Kernel Features
-Over Clocked CPU To 1.32 Ghz Upto* 1.4 With Moduler Over Clock
-Include's Under Volted 1.2 Ghz OPP Set At Boot
-Over Clock Modules Loaded On Boot Time
-Over Clocked RAM To Maximum 466Mhz
-Lowest Under Volt Possible
-Init.d Support
-Carrier IQ Disabled
-Minimum Frequency 300Mhz
-Modified VM Read Aheads
-Custom Promethius RamDisk Based On 21E
-App Cpu Usage Tweak
-Screen Off Frequency Automatically Set To Lowest Frequency
-*Ghost Call Patch To Help Reduce Them
-*Built With Latest 21E Source (Version 1.3 Onwards Only)
-Plus Many More To List See Changelog's For More

Installing The Kernel
-Make Sure You Have CWM
-Copy The Zip To Your SD
-Select Install Zip From Internal/External SD (Wherever You Put It)
-Select The Kernel File
-BOOM You should Be Good To Go, Just Restart.

NOTE: You May Clear Cache & Davlik Cache If You Have Problems But Ive Never Done So.
NOTE: **Ghost Call Patch Applies Only To Versions Below 1.3 As Versions 1.3 And Above Are/Will Be Based On 21E Kernel Source So They Should Not Have Ghost Call Issues, I'm Not Guaranteeing Anything Though.
NOTE:*I Cannot Guarantee You Can Over Clock Higher Than, This Will Be Phone Dependent But I Have Set Realistic Over Clock Frequencies In The Kernel Already Which Should Be Safe.
IMPORTANT: You MUST Be Using Either 21E, 20F,20G Or 20P & Maybe 20C Baseband's For Kernel Versions 1.3 & Higher.

Kernel Source
My Git Complying With GPL & XDA Rules:
Also See Me Adding My Latest Tweaks Or Compile You Could Compile It Yourself Before Release. Any Tips & Tricks Are Welcome.

Kernel Download's
See The Bottom Of This Post! But If You Require LG's Stock Kernels See The 1# Post.

Please Flash Promethius+ For 21E Base Or If Your Using A Rom With Kernel Version With A "+" At The End.
Please Flash Promethius For 20F Base Or Or If Your Using A Rom With Kernel Version Without A "+" At The End.
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6th May 2012, 04:12 PM |#3  
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Info Changelogs & Stuff
ROM Changelog 06/05/2012 V1.0
-Initial Release

ROM Changelog 10/05/2012 V1.1
-Added 3D Max Gallery App
-Added QuickPic (Removeable)
-Added DropBox (Removeable)
-Moved Some Google & Other Apps To Data Partition So There Easily Updated/Uninstallled Wthout Taking System Space
-Small Performance Tweaks
-Added V20F Base For RTL Support

ROM Changelog 13/05/2012 V1.2
-More Scrolling Tweaks
-Updated Ad Hosts
-Updated Busybox
-Updated RomManager
-Updated Facebook

ROM Changelog 16/05/2012 V1.3
-Fixed init.d Folder
-Added init.d Permissions In Sript
-Updated Some init.d Scripts
-Added SD Read Speed Script To Rom For Easy User Customisation
-Slightly Modify Framework-Res To Match Rest Of Stock Theme
-Updated Twitter
-Added Prada SNS To 3D Max Package
-Removed Software Update (Force Closes Settings If Selected In 21E Version)

ROM Changelog 27/05/2012 V1.4
-Build.prop Tweaks
-Minor Tweaks
-Tweaked Scripts
-Moved Google Search Back To System To Prevent Search Issues
-App Updates

ROM Changelog 04/07/2012 V1.5 Final
-SU760 Version Added
-Converts Partitions To True Ext4 Mounts Even Without Formatting
-Includes SuperStock Kernel As Standard
-Installion Script Totally Revamped
-Updated Apps & Moved All to System/app For Stability
-Added Custom OC Script To Init.d Folder (For Experienced User's)
-Added Cpu Control Script To Init.d Folder (For Experienced User's)
-Added Smart Reflex Disable Script To Init.d Folder (For Experienced User's)
-Added/Tweaked More Scripts
-Small Build Prop Tweaks
-Updated Ad Hosts File
-Added Small Audio Tweak
-Tweaked Some Minor Cosmetics
-Wipe & No Wipe Versions Added

Kernel Changelog 06/05/2012 V1.0
-Initial Release Done

Kernel Changelog 06/05/2012 V1.1
-Added Ghost Call Patch
-Tweaked RamDisk
-You Should Now Be Able To Set Governor & It Will Stay After Boot
-Added Compatibilty To 21E Based Roms (+ Version Only)
-Added Tun, Cifs & Slow Work
-Added Cpu Seriel Information

Kernel Changelog 13/05/2012 V1.2
-Updated RamDisk To 21E
-UV Cpu, Gpu, Dsp, Sim +More
-Removed Laggy Governors Only Hotplug Remains
-Tuned Hotplug Governor
-Added SIO & VR IO Scheduler's
-Set SIO As Default Scheduler

Kernel Changelog 20/05/2012 V1.3
-Updated Kernel Source To 21E
-Features From Previous Builds
-Lowered Voltage For 196Mhz by 20mv
-Optimised Other IO Schedulers

Kernel Changelog 27/05/2012 V1.4
-LZMA Compressed Kernel
-GPU Tweaks
-TCP Westwood
-Enabled KSM
-Optimised SLUB Memory Allocator
-Frequency Tweaks To Help Battery
-Voltage Tweak May Help Above 1.2Ghz Stability For Some
-RCU Fast NoHz
-Made Hotplug Governor More Aggressive Back To Stock Levels
-SIO Now Actually Set As Default
-Modified Baseband Frequency? Signal Fluctuates Quite A Bit
-196Mhz Is Now 150Mhz? May Solve Frequency Lock Havnt Tested Enough Previous Solution Didnt Work
-Lowered 150Mhz Voltage Another 10mv
-Modified RamDisk
-Kernel HZ Set To 256

Kernel Changelog 18/06/2012 V1.4.5
-Addded 1.32Ghz Step (User Changeable)
-Small Over Volt To Final OPP Slot (1.32Ghz)
-Jiffy Tweaks
-Optimized ARM RWSEM Algorithm
-Allow CPU-Supported Unaligned Accesses
-Added NLS UTF Support
-Optimised RamDisk
-Changed 150Mhz To 100Mhz
-Changed To ARM Method Of Over Clock
-Disabled Some Useless Config's
-Plus A Few More Tweaks Under The Hood
-Lowered Some Other Voltages
-Lowered Deep Sleep Delay
-Optimised Some Compiler Stuff

Kernel Changelog 19/06/2012 V1.4.5.1
-Same As Above
-Reverted Over Volt
-Reverted & Changed Some Minor Stuff
-Over Clock RAM By 50Mhz To 450Mhz

Kernel Changelog 04/07/2012 V1.5
-Over Clocked RAM To 466Mhz
-Reverted Some RamDisk Modifications
-Added More RamDisk Tweakages
-More Stabilised Exta OC
-Refined Voltage's Even Further
-Optimised Voltage Selection
-LZO For Fastest Decompression
-Screen Sensitivity Tweaks
-Fixed Phone Off Charging Issues
-Added Optimized CRC32 Algorithm
-Added ARM CPU Topology & Topology Tweaks
-Removed 100Mhz, 300Mhz Now Uses Same Voltage
-Use Glibc Versions Of Memcopy & String Libs
-Added PegasusQ Cpu Governor From Galaxy S3
-More Config Tweaks
-Plus Lots More Small Tweaks & Fixes

PromethiusEx 17/07/2012
-Experimental/Extreme/Extra's/Nightly/Daily/Testing Build
-Same As Above With Extra's Below
-Genuine GPU OC @ 384 & 512Mhz (@ 1.3 & 1.38 Ghz)
-OC RAM To 550Mhz
-Modified Frequency Range & Voltage Changes
-Enabled More OC's To Other System Clocks
-Increased VM Read Ahead To 2048k
-Decreased CPU Latency
-More CPU Governors
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Links, Resources & Helpful Stuff

Here are some links & stuff which you might find helpful, I know ive used these along the way. I recommend you take a look.

Link To Most Known LG Firmware's Just Select O3D:
SetCPU App For Changing Cpu Frequency:
How To Use Overclock Modules:
Module Overclock App:
IO & Governor Info:
21E KDZ & Baseband:
How To Flash .Bin Files Like Baseband:
Looking To Add Battery Percentage Or Theming:
Looking For Some More RTL Support Try This One:
My Git With Lots Of Useful Stuff:
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6th May 2012, 04:46 PM |#5  
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Could you include tun/cifs.ko to your kernel ? Would be nice
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6th May 2012, 05:02 PM |#6  
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Support you always
But i find the gaming performance is not very good in titan kernel, no matter which version of titan version i have tried, it give a lot of lags that i cant withdraw, hope that you will improve the kernel in this brand new kernel

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6th May 2012, 05:11 PM |#7  
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The kernel is already up you could try it if you want althought is only for non + roms.
@stobias probably in next release matey.
@cheong stock one is now attached to the op op
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6th May 2012, 05:16 PM |#8  
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One more thing, can you also upload the stock kernel for the recovery, it is troublesome if we want to recover the stock kernel if we find anything fault. if not, we need to flash the stock rom again and setup everything again and again.
Also, i doubt 21e is perfectly compatible with china's 20g?
As now i am on 20g, i felt tired to change the baseband to 21e

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6th May 2012, 05:17 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by samno

The kernel is already up you could try it if you want althought is only for non + roms.
@stobias probably in next release matey.

I think it should be perfect for me as i am using the stock rom of 20g:thumbup:

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6th May 2012, 05:37 PM |#10  
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Great job. Can't wait to try it on my o3d.

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6th May 2012, 06:13 PM |#11  
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Remember the host usb if you can, is very useful.

Sent from my LG-P920 using XDA
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