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By il Duce, Inactive Recognized Developer / Retired Forum Moderator on 11th May 2012, 09:08 PM
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This pic is our themed default skin, there are more skins in post 3. If you want the stock widgets, use the HTC skin.

team d3rp is:
myself, pstevep, thoughtlesskyle, vanessaem, dkdude36, SteelH, fdb8231, Ajthescot, hockeyfamily737, and diestarbucks.

- Android 4.0 ICS, Sense 3.6, from the SPCS/VM RTM leaked RUU.
- Tweaks, lots of tweaks.
- All HTC, Google, and Sprint apps up to date.

- AROMA Installer:
- choose between "drama" (fast) or "binge" (really fast) ROM option.
- choose between boot sound or not.
- chooes between various lockscreen custom options.

- Leedroid Tweaks.
- Build prop tweaks.
- Init.d tweaks.
- Adreno config tweaks.
- Init post boot tweaks.
- Animation tweaks - changed sense transitions to "slidescroll".
- Animation tweaks - rosie bounce and fade.
- Animation tweaks - system wide screen transitions.
- Animation tweaks - folders open and close.
- GPS and AGPS tweaks.
- Wifi tweaks.
- Capacitive button lights dimmed.
- Zipaligns on boot.
- Added roaming options to settings.
- Phone has roam only mod.
- Newest su and busybox binaries.
- Coolest boot animation EVER!
- Boot Animation is d3rp ICS greyscale inverted.
- Down Anim is d3rp ICS dark greyscale.
- 5 tall x 4 wide rosie workspace, with no app labels, and other magic.
- Camera has panoramic and HDR, no shutter or focus sound, supports iso1250, supports 3GPP.
- Older EPST for ##dialer# codes - all codes might not work in ICS.
- EXT4 filesystem tweaks. I recommend partitioning your sd, but NOT required.
- MMS sizes 1m, 2m, 5m, no compression on mms messages as well.
- Secure box added to SMS.
- SMS backup added (save your texts).
- Lockscreen has straight icons, and other magic.
- Drama folder. That is all.
- Added FM radio (from GSM).
- Fixed the misspelled words in Leedroid Tweaks, and the version# shows properly, added NEW tweaks.
- Added in HTC twitter apks.
- d3rp updater apk - current contents NOT compatible with ICS.
- Random things we forgot, those got changed too.
- Removed data throttling code and timer.
- Custom team d3rp wallpaper.apk.
- Added in HTC Notes.
- Themed power widgets and most system apps.
- Coolest updater script ever.
- It's wicked fast and we don't use benchmarks.
- Inverted clock and themed in Dock Mode.
- Landscape Dock Mode, I win.
- Removed ALL sense and holo text colors in dialog menus.
- Set non-market apps allowed as default.
- Lots of other default settings not found in the RUU.
- Themed setup and google search.
- 4G toggle added into quick settings.
- Quickboot added into quick settings, the app is themed also.
- Wifi Tether added into quick settings.
- Added HTC Stocks app and widget.
- Fixed Facebook contact pics in 3rd party apps.
- Changed "no notifications" in dropdown to "..." and moved to the right.
- Changed "notifications" in dropdown to "missed events" and moved to the right.
- Added HTC Teeter game.
- Added HTC Paint app.
- Added HTC MyPen app.
- Added missing data roaming widget from RUU.
- Added missing data strip widget from RUU.
- Hardware Accelerated apps:
Home Personalize
HTC Listen
System UI
- Added 3 HTC location/nav related widgets.
- Added HTC Ereader.
- Added Stocks Lockscreen.
- Removed 4G "not in range" warning.
- Added in Sprint Zone for *2 stuff.
- Fixed hyperlinks to function like in GB.
- Added animated sync icons.
- Added percent battery (white HC style).
- Removed notify icon holo lines bg.
- Added and themed HTC QuickLaunch widget.
- Awesome metal dialer theme.
- Some custom window and toast transition animations.
- Link color is grey (like in sms ph#).
- Removed "select input method" notification while typing.
- Added BT tethering support.
- Added a shortcut to tweaks in menu/settings/.
- Custom statusbar animations - on notifications it flips and folds.
- Added in Car Panel app.
- Jelly Bean Google Play Store app.
- Added in *some* Jelly Bean transitions.
- Newest VVM (with working proximity sensor).
- Included zip binary and dexopt-wrapper.

- Terminal Emulator.
- MSL reader.
- d3rp default skin - MORE IN POST 3.
- Quickboot (themed).
- WiFi tether beta.
- Better Battery Stats XDA.
- Headset blocker (should fix wonky issues).
- d3rp wallpapers apk (select from menu).

^ everything above matches M6 ^

New things as of M6.1:
- added d3rp theme to aroma
- added Red Velvet - based on inbREDed, without inversion
- removed goo app
- updated all system and market apps
- themed apps: HTC FB, OASVN lite
- The described versions below (binge, etc. - are now part of aroma and not a seperate download)

- OP zip ) SVN blank update zip. You can use this to grab individual SVN commits and flash them if you don't want to wait for OP updates. Just review the changes on SVN, pull the updated files, and put into the extracted zip (in the correct directory), then compress and flash.
- Custom rosie workspace zips.
ALL are themed to match the ROM.
Please don't redistribute without asking.
The numbers are the grid size, "text" means it has app labels.
^ above are all in "MODS FOLDER LINK" at the bottom of this first post, and available in deodex OR odex.
- OP zip) mail_exchange zip info -CLICK-

- Check Post 3! - skins, icons, status bars, oh my!
- Check Post 6! - wallpapers, themes, and odexing, oh my!

- According to the crazy guy in "Ancient Aliens" our ROM, like Earth, was also founded by extraterrestials.
- If your phone dies we'll try to fix it, but it was probably your fault.
- It is a statistical fact that d3rpROM is shiny, and people like to stare at it.
- We will never include beats, bravia, xloud, etc., go buy some better headphones.
- Yes, flashing roms is like doing cocaine, which is why we set up SVN. It's a giant mirror filled with lines, so please use responsibly, do NOT snort your phone.
- If you would like to see the results of such abuse, check /sdcard/drama/cokebinge/ and you'll see what cocaine did to pstevep's pony "Drama".
- We were featured on htcevohacks: Here's the review and videos.

team d3rp - you are all amazing!
- dsixda for the ROM kitchen, which is awesome.
- football for the RUU leak.
- ChainsDD for superuser, enough said.
- j4n87 for LeeDroid Tweaks, and telling me my daughter was cute, also the rest of the tweaks team!
- tommytomatoe for d3rp updater and hosting, tutorials, script help, being a ninja, and general counsel.
- vinchenzop for the roaming options menu (and member duble08!), EPST.apk, and the love letters.
- steal25 for fixing hyperlinks! also quickboot/tether in QS, dev help, and trash talk.
- gomorrah for his amazing theme skills, being an OG, and his clock design.
- smokin1337 for BootScoot, sick tweaks, and continually dropping cool things for the Shooter.
- jeffsanace for png help, the rosie workspace mods, and removing text labels from sense, and for his mom.
- fernando sor for telling the world how to edit ICS framework, and being the most underrated dopeman on xda.
- dropzeroc for kangbanging with me on apks (lots of apks) and info, and for the late night smalltalk.
- liquidsolstice for the SVN guide, and for flipping out every time someone rubs him the wrong way.
- trevE for the ext4 tweaks, and for sticking it to HTC/CIQ, he is the reason the 2.17 RUU even existed, no joke.
- nuvens for the awesome default album art, and being a secret theme guru.
- mayfield103 for having very strong clock-fu, and being an m10 code freak like me.
- -viperboy- for the d3rp control script, and always ingoring me on gtalk.
- evilvoice for the roam only tutorial for the Shooter, and the AWESOME svn update package for OASVN.
- mikeyxda for the exchange email stuff.
- aamikkam for help with the 4G toggle and tweaks port, some default xml stuff, and being a BAMF.
- troyboytn for finding the HTC stocks apks, and FB pics fix for 3rd party apps.
- Red Monkey for creating the app OASVN, and telling us our ROM was cool.
- danaff37 for making the script to more efficiently update OASVN via terminal.
- eg1122 for doing the "remove 4g warning" to settings, and being overworked.
- vin255764 for the metal dialer theme base, which we modded.
- Jack Palevich for the terminal emulator app.
- ESCCODE for the MSL reader app.
- chamonix for the better battery stats app.
- Gumby63 for the white (aosp) ICS icons for the bareback statbar.
- Smokem_I for the awesome statusbar animations, and getting me started with xml way back when.
- JsChiSurf for being the best I've ever seen, and the tweaks shortcut in settings, also the redirect for personalize to apex in bareback.
- itandy for the lock shortcut app in bareback.
- AOSP and cyanogenMOD for getting me started way back (and for pretty icons).
- TeamWIN/s0up for goo manager.
- all the themers and devs we see on the site or gtalk regularily, and the whole of XDA.
- I used MANY guides and tutorials to do this stuff, if I have left your name off, PM me and I'll get you added.
- See post 4 for more thankses from pstevep.









- do NOT wipe in both AROMA and in recovery, pick one.
- flash zip
- choose custom options for fun
- boot up
- win

M# - rom milestone version (newer is better)
D - deodexed (preferred for addind themes/mods)
O - odexed (faster boot times, more space in /data)
B - binge (dual core + speed mods, worse battery)


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11th May 2012, 09:08 PM |#2  
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Senseless ROM below.

Based on the sense SVN commits, PLUS:
- removed a crapton of stuff.
- uses AOSP calendar.
- uses AOSP desk clock.
- uses AOSP search.
- uses AOSP browser.

Huge thanks to hockeyfamily737!

(to fix answering calls from screen off)
One puts clock on the right.
One puts it on the left.
One leaves it centered.
Both have custom "tight" shortcuts.
Both have a custom "AOSP" type lockring.
- Restore Live Wallpapers.
^most are available in odex as well^

- Wallpaper posted here.
- Clock info here
- Icon options in post 3.





M# - rom milestone version (newer is better)
D - deodexed (preferred for addind themes/mods)
O - odexed (faster boot times, more space in /data)
B - binge (dual core + speed mods, worse battery)


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11th May 2012, 09:10 PM |#3  
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Community Add-ons

Sense 3.6 Skins:

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

1. Red Alliance ICS Download
:::Red Grey Alliance ICS(grey lockring and text/url highlights) Download
:::Red Grey Alliance ICS Alt(featuring alternate white lock ring) Download
2. True Blue ICS Download
:::True Blue Grey ICS(grey lockring and text/url highlights) Download
:::True Blue Grey ICS Alt(featuring alternate white lock ring) Download
3. White Hot ICS Download
4. Black Beauty ICS Download
5. Trans Mist ICS Download
:::Trans Mist W ICS 2s(featuring alternate white lock ring) Download
6. Warm Green ICS Download

Skins Folder

Apex Launcher Theme/Icon Packs

Carved-In - Link and Screenshots (zip) or Link | More Screenshots (Bareback/Apex Theme - WIP)
Frosted - Link and Screenshots
(zip) or Link | More Screenshots (Bareback/Theme - WIP)
White Line Round - Link | Screenshots(zip) or Link | More Screenshots (Bareback/Theme - WIP)

Other Mods:

Gumby63 Mods
- Black ICS statusbar mod - Link
- White ICS statusbar mod - Link | Screenshot
- Blue Dust ICS statusbar mod - Link and Screenshot (Updated 8-10)
- Multiple ICS statusbar mods in various colors - Link and Screenshots
Add live wallpapers back to BAREBACK - Link

Mayfield103 Mod
- Fatty clock flashable zip - Link

Solver404 Mods
Drama dialer contrast - Link
Drama pony dialer - Link
d3rp customs dialer - Link

Evilvoice Mod
Commands for wget and the wget binary
- Link
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11th May 2012, 09:10 PM |#4  
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Until I get my side project off the ground, I will add a few thanks of my own.

- il Duce - for all if his random grandeur ideas, and always pushing me to do more even when I don't want to.

- Vinchenzop - for loving me unconditionally, and trolling in awkward situations to distract the sheep.

- the_scotsman - for being a fantastic mentor, and doing all sorts of randomness for me, as well as listening to me vent.

- vanessaem - I mean come on she puts up with a lot of junk dealing with all the guys here.

- agrabren - for working with me and letting me pick his brain, well and for being a crap disturber. Lord knows I somehow find them.

- hockeyfamily - for holding my hand and telling me it's ok during my Ubuntu transition.

- diestarbucks - for being almost as flash happy as duce and I. We will see how flash happy you are soon friend.

- ch1naski - for always being around, seems like I see you in every thread anymore.

- liquidsoltice - God I love this guys rants. Yes, I may have to delete them from time to time, but man are they epic.

- NineInchNails - the band had some good stuff back in the day. The guy is still working on an eta app.

- thoughtlesskyle - for trolling on request, and trolling the trolls.

More to come I'm sure.
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11th May 2012, 09:10 PM |#5  
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these are not flashable yet .
rename and push to where ever your is located.
mine is adb push /system/customize/resource
but i is gsm.
boot animation Evo3d
evo Lte
thanks to Dased14 for converting the animations .
please go thank his thread.HERE

D3rpthemed wallpapers

to reduce the size of the post you have to hit the obvious buttons

some images are quite large but they do crop well in apex

dropbox gallery
Apex themes

Black Glass
download here
black and white theme with some black glass icons

and more coming soon
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11th May 2012, 09:10 PM |#6  
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Wallpaper Packs - Work with both Sense & Bareback roms!!

D3rp Wallpapers Download

D3rp Scenic Download

D3rp Red Download

D3rp Blue Download

D3rp Grey Download

D3rp Green Download

Apex Themes - For Apex launcher. Designed specifically around Bareback rom, but will work with other roms using Apex Launcher or for that matter even other devices with Apex, so long as they are HDPI. These are works in process and their degree of completion will vary from rom to rom and device to device. These themes will change the look of your app drawer and homescreens but will not theme your status bar or other elements of the UI.

Holy Smoke Download

Odex Individual Apps

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11th May 2012, 09:11 PM |#7  
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moar d3rpy
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11th May 2012, 09:15 PM |#8  
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#icecubed3rp is the name I like!
Looking foward this Rom!

Sent From My Pip-Boy 3000
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11th May 2012, 09:18 PM |#9  
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Hell yeah been waiting for this

Sent from my PG86100 using xda premium
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11th May 2012, 09:19 PM |#10  
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The d3rp freezer is open to the public! Coked up pony rides for everyone!

Congrats guys and gal!

Sorry Duce, I zipped up r51 before I left for work this morning. Flashed when I got to work and didn't realize that you made more commits. I'll sync at some point tonight and check it out!

As far as names, I like icecubed3rp, ICde3rps (I'd like to think I had something to do w/ this one ) ice cream d3rpwich (ch1n), d3rp cream sammich (motoelliot), drama cream (ds? that one's classic) and pony time (hockey *I think*).

Just rated 5 stars! HERE WE GO!!!

Edit: On r70 w/ a fresh install w/ 4EXT. Everything's running smooth!
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11th May 2012, 09:21 PM |#11  
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i love you guys
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