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[ROM][KANG]Team Asylum AOKP Final[11-02-2012] - Asylum CM10 Final[11-04-12]

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By antiochasylum, Recognized Contributor on 12th May 2012, 05:43 PM
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built by antiochasylum

Everyone knows the risk of flashing. I have tested this rom on my device for days now But as always it is YOUR DEVICE, you make the decision to flash it.

So you want to Install? Follow these Steps
-be on a proper recovery, with MMC_CAP_ERASE disabled.
-download your poison(aokp or cm both links below)/gapps to int/ext sd card
-if you pick CM make sure to thank theripper!!!
-wipe data/cache
-flash asylum-aokp-jb-xx
-flash gapps
-flash hydracore v7

If already on AOKP
-download rom/gapps to int/ext sd card
-wipe cache
-flash asylum-aokp-jb-build-xx
-flash gapps

Build 08 is back on! - I recommend using the Goo Manager APP, open it, Browse compatible ROM's and you'll see my name , OR Click here
Removed APK's Final
Please flash Hydracore v7 after flashing rom and gapps - STD version can be found Here - not doing this will result in a boot loop.

CM10 Downloads
Asylum CM10 Final - Here
Please flash Hydracore v7 after flashing rom and gapps - STD version can be found Here - not doing this will result in a boot loop.

Asylum CM10 Removed APK's Final Here

-My wife!(for not leaving me! :P)
-sixstringsg (for making the n7000 buildable on aokp's source)
-zX TheRipper Xz - script genious, builder of asylum cm
-team kang
-sswagonman - tester, friend
-chasmodo - tester, friend, hosting
-chadrick.7 - tester, fellow texan

People who bought me a beer! , Thank you!! - Donations are cherished and loved

Chasmodo - AGAIN!! - AGAIN!!! - AGAIN!!!
zX TheRipper Xz - AGAIN!!
albert Rustanto - AGAIN!!
snabben - AGAIN!! - AGAIN!!
sswagonman - AGAIN!!
happiboi - AGAIN!!
patrice lenglart - AGAIN!!
trahzebuck - AGAIN!!
antonius0809 - AGAIN!!

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12th May 2012, 05:43 PM |#2  
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Final Build - CM10
-repo sync 11/3/2012 - 1600
-CM file manager is in removed apk's if you want it. 
-the end of the frontier(on this device)

Final Build - AOKP
-repo sync 11/2/2012 - 1200
-the end of the frontier(on this device)

Build 09
-repo sync 10/21/10 - 1000
-all changes and merges from AOKP
-played with a few string in settings 

Build 08
-repo sync 0900 - 10/14/2012
-updated to 4.1.2
-updated system files to work with R3P0 kernel- thanks Gavin!!
-the kernel might eat battery. This has been reported already. If you experience this flash a stock CM kernel from 10/12/2012 and before. 
-it boots! Lol.

Build 07 - pulled.
-repo sync 10/5 - 1600hrs. 
-cherry picked - remove lockscreen vibration
-blind builds(only option now)

Build 06
to lazy to post lol

Build 05
-most recent aokp changes 9/16/2012 - 1300
-project lard still
-you can now select launchers on boot, apex or nova.
-quick reply from the status bar cherry picked hosting! - use the goo manager app - easiest way. 

Build 04
-most recent AOKP changes and merges 9/8/2012 - 1900hrs
-Project LARD
-option to schedule a daily reboot
-next build will be included in the app :P

Build 03
-most recent AOKP changes and merges 9/5/2012 - 1300hrs

Build 02
-most recent HydraCore kernel(not released yet) STD version. 
-repo sync - 9/2/2012 - 1700hrs
-few changes from aokp
-ability to pick your own boot animation
-kill-all-button option in rom control
-if you are having issues connecting to google services, please wipe,
otherwise this should be no wipe. 

Build 01 AOKP
-We are shifting gears here. I deleted CM10 off my machine. AOKP will be going forward. I like it better :P
-If you want CM10 - go here
-repo sync with AOKP up to 8/29/2012 - 1700 hrs.
-kernel is 100% stock that was built inline. Pick your own(HydraCore is recommend)
-asylumized :P

Build 01 Beta - Starting JB
-First build with Aroma installer(myself and zX TheRipper Xz have tested the installer 1000x different 
ways, and everything works, so please let us know if you encounter issues, if the installer freezes for 
any reason, just reboot back into recovery and start again.
-Gapps are included in the install, make sure to check them on additional packages. 
-Changelog is built into aroma. 

The end of the ICS Line
Build 21 
-This was built by zX TheRipper Xz - THANK HIM HERE
-This is officially the final ICS Build. 
-Just brings changes up to CM Stable. 

Build 20 - Final CM Build. 
-Repo sync 7/29/12 - 0800am
-Not alot of changes, but more up to date. 
-trying to make this one the best yet. 
-Big Changes to kernel.
-GPU clock values are 100,266,400 - up from 100,166,300(thanks novic_dev for the help!)'
-CPU OC - up to 1.6ghz
-Added governors; wheatley, lulzactive, interactiveX, smartassV2, pegasusQ, lionheart.
-Default is Wheatley, this will eat battery faster, but its super smooth. 
-Default scheduler is V[R]
-kernel dubbed bbqR3
-big thanks to novic_dev and morfic for the kernel help. 

Build 19
-Repo sync 7/19/2012 - 1030am
-Brings all of RC2 plus more.
-Updated Apex
-Updated SuperSU
-Asylum BBQ kernel re-based on the smdk4210 kernel. 
-Removed all the **** load of governors, will add back lulzactive next build. 
-Added 1.6ghz OC. 

Build 18
-Repo Sync - 7/15/2012 - 1100hrs
-New kernel - Anidroid code - modified for asylum, dubbed "asylum bbq" - Thanks novic_dev! Source code here
-Adds a crap load of govenors
-Adds 1.6 overclock as well. 

Build 17
-Repo Sync - 7/9/2012 - 1700hrs
-From this point forward most builds will only be a repo sync, which bring in all the most recent changes
at that given time. 
-This build adds the option to change the soft keys time out, in device settings. 

Build 16
-Repo sync - 7/5/2012 - 1430hrs
-Updated SuperSU

Build 15
-Repo Sync -6/30/2012 - 1400hrs
-Added Lock screen Skulls, compatiable with ALL versions of Asylum, past, present and future(second post)
-Add JB window animations
-Fixed a FC at Settings/Apps for some. 

Build 14
-Repo sync -6/25/2012 - 1700hrs.
-Updated Apex
-Updated SuperSU
-Remove LTE
-Removed Siri(she's a bit¢h)
-Will be released another version today with bottom status bar

Build 13
-Repo Sync - 6/20/12 - 1700hrs
-Kick ass boot animation - thanks toxicthunder!
-Updated Apex
-Updated SuperSU
-SoD's should be fixed
-Ported Siri from iOS
-Added LTE
-Enabled "Apple Mod" - This will automatically allow you to wear a black turtle neck with jeans. 
-Added "iPhone Look alike mode" - This will shrink your device into iPhone size, making people think you are cool and have an iPhone. 
-More but cant remember. 

Build 12
-Repo Sync 06/14/2012 - 1400hrs
-upstream changes
-This will be last release till after my b-day(6/16/2012)

Build 11
Repo sync 1700hrs. - 6/11/2012
Storages seemed to have switched again? Anyone confirm this? 
Linaro merges. 
PA merges. 
SODs seem are gone on my device. 

Build 10
Repo sync - 6/9/2012 - 1600hrs. 
Brings some cool features.
SOD's appear to be OK, I have not experienced any. 
Not a lot more - RL has me busy!

Build 09
Repo Sync 10:00am today, brings alot of changes. 
Fixes recovery install location
Fixes lock screen wake up lag
Added App Widget picker - per request
Center Clock mod still works - flash in recovery. 
More stuff but I cant remember Lol. 

Build 08
Repo sync 5:30pm today
Fixes weather refresh, adds calendar to lock screen
Replaced the CM weather images with AOKP ones. 
Fixed status bar not showing up when doing a clean install web hosting now, Woot! 
added the ability hopefully to update through the app, 
i'm still not showing up, but it says to wait a bit. We will see. 

Build 07
Repo Sync 9:00am this morning. 
New CM features(lockscreen)
Added my Avatar in an easter egg. Find it, let me know :P
Screen freeze unlock is still present, Its the touchScreen service not starting. Directly related to Wifi being on. If wifi is off, no freeze. 

Build 06
This IS a new build - repo sync as of 3pm today.
Reloaded is gone, I'm porting it, but its a slow process. He did ALOT with that systemui
Disabled the cursor when using the stylus
Disabled the stupid dimming of the status bar icons(credit to MrDSL) for pointing this out. Looks WAY better. 
Fixed the "Location set by GPS" icon. 
Updated Apex to 1.2.1
Same smoothness and stability as always :)
I think that's all - like I said, not alot of time on this build :)

Build 05
This is NOT a new build, this is build 03 from May 17th, in which reloaded ICS settings works like a champ. 
Updated Apex Launcher to most recent version 1.2.0
Removed UMS.apk(mass storage crap)
Speaker phone fixed(thanks to xplodwild for this!)
Removed APKs from build 3 work fine. Since they are the same. 
Tablet mode from build 3 as well. 
Kernel is built as of 5/23 - 2:28pm. 

Build 04
Removed Reloaded ICS, its based off an old SystemUI, new changes are causing a FC, I've PM'd the creator about this. Sorry for now. 
AsylumICSWallpapers.apk can be downloaded for kick ass wallpapers - APK is located in media fire folder, download and install as normal. 
Repo Sync as of 11:15am this morning. Most recent changes are included. 
Apex 1.2.0 - Most recent. Its ALOT smoother than previous builds. Wallpaper scales correctly. 
Removed mass storage.apk - was a pain in the ass. 
Few other changes, but I'm sleepy and I need a nap lol, Chasmodo knows why :P

Build 03
More murdered out stuff
Apex Launcher is now default launcher
New default wallpaper - thanks to sswagonman
Mass storage working - VIA app, until I can get more time to actually look at this(app is a workaround)
A few speed tweaks here and there, should improve overall smoothness - could be a placebo effect as well lol
More but I dont remember all of them, I'm still not awake yet. 
All CM Upstream changes listed below.
Settings: Hide Wifi-Direct Settings if not supported - [android_packages_apps_Settings]
telephony: Consolidate Qualcomm RIL implementations - [android_frameworks_base]
frameworks: Fix audio routing when plugged to docks - [android_frameworks_base]
trebuchet: Add config for workspace grid size - [android_packages_apps_Trebuchet]
sed: fix handling of s/// which has empty matches - [android_external_busybox]
camera: Add parameters for some Samsung cameras - [android_frameworks_base]
add RIL for Samsung devices with Qualcomm radios - [android_frameworks_base]
Update profile drawables - [android_frameworks_base]
CMWallpapers: replace old CM logo with Cid - [android_packages_apps_CMWallpapers]
phone: OCD strings fix - [android_packages_apps_Phone]
phone: OCD strings fix - [android_packages_apps_Phone]
phone: OCD strings fix - [android_packages_apps_Phone]
phone: OCD strings fix - [android_packages_apps_Phone]
phone: OCD strings fix - [android_packages_apps_Phone]
phone: OCD strings fix - [android_packages_apps_Phone]
phone: OCD strings fix - [android_packages_apps_Phone]
init: Increase maximum number of Android properties to 372 - [android_system_core]
Enable Wi-Fi Direct Settings Menu. - [android_packages_apps_Settings]
Add required permissions and files for data - [android_system_core]
Telephony: Add HSPAP to getTcpBufferSizesPropName - [android_frameworks_base]
SimUnlockScreen: Explicitly register themeChange receiver - [android_frameworks_base]

Build 02
Changed the boot animation as well - made the rom 2MB bigger until I finish mine.
camera: allow setting parameter "video-size" before recording starts (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Settings: Add Missed call and Voicemail to notification light settings (1/3) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Framework: Add Missed call and Voicemail to notification light settings (2/3) (android_frameworks_base)
Phone: Add Missed call and Voicemail specific notification lights (3/3) (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Allow theming of framework UI elements. (android_frameworks_base)
Power widget: Resize ring_on and ring_vibrate_on drawbles slightly (android_frameworks_base)
Settings: Updated icons (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Power widget & tether: Restore ICS drawables, replace/create xhdpi drawables (android_frameworks_base)
Prevent Sym key from showing the IME picker (android_frameworks_base)
Update reboot and screenshot drawables (android_frameworks_base)
Added a setting to do nothing/snooze/dismiss an alarm by flipping the device. (android_packages_apps_DeskClock)
Use preferences from default launcher (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Fix for wrong selection of sms template (android_packages_apps_Mms)
opengl: remove tegra errata duplicates (android_frameworks_base)
Add Hungarian predictive dictionary support - settings item (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
Revert Hungarian keyboard to qwertz and add alternative qwerty layout (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
Add Hungarian accents (required for the predictive dictionary to work) (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
MemoryHeapBase: ifdef for gingerbread compatibility (android_frameworks_base)
telephony: CDMA: fix ERI display when device is in airplane mode (android_frameworks_base)
Additional fixes for button/keyboard backlight auto-brightness. (android_frameworks_base)
Modified Torch string references for cleaner UX (android_packages_apps_Torch)
PanoramaActivity: null pointer exception (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Camera: sanity check for camcorder frame format parameter (android_frameworks_base)
Extended quick controls for tablet-like controls on phones (android_packages_apps_Browser)
Update korean translation (android_packages_apps_Settings)
frameworks/base: surfaceflinger: Enable dither if needed (android_frameworks_base)
FontRenderer: do not leak mIndexBufferID (android_frameworks_base)
SurfaceTexture: Reset buffer values on disconnect. (android_frameworks_base)
Surfaceflinger: Add Src orientation for the layer (android_frameworks_base)
Handling EGL_BAD_ALLOC egl error as return from swap (android_frameworks_base)
SurfaceFlinger: Return the current transform value when queried (android_frameworks_base)
Add lookup in Call logs to lookupNumber (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
Settings: Data usage: Linear chart option and 2GB to 100MB vertical axis limit. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
use TARGET_RECOVERY_FSTAB location if defined (android_bootable_recovery)
Settings - Update Italian Translation thanks to Francesco Margiotta (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Fix sent SMS timestamp display (android_packages_apps_Mms)
browser: removed unused string on values-nl (android_packages_apps_Browser)
SystemUI: calculate height for tablet status_bar_settings_view (android_frameworks_base)
Power Widgets: Add blue-background highlight on selection (android_frameworks_base)
Camera: Added German translation for "fixed" and "face detection" (android_packages_apps_Camera)
LGEQualcommUiccRIL: Fix multi-PDP support (android_frameworks_base)

Build 01
Initial release
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12th May 2012, 05:43 PM |#3  
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CM 9 safe kernel to flash. There are no modules in this kernel, just the kernel. Flash while phone in download mode from Odin or Heimdall.
Find it here

Not sure if its OK to flash from your current kernel? - Your answer awaits you here - credit chasmodo

FAQ's - by sunny2303
1. Has this ROM been ported from any other device ROM (like Nexus 7)?
No, we at Asylum believe in original work and the developer has built this completely from scratch using CM10 sources, for details refer credits in OP of ROM thread

2. Which kernels are safe to directly wipe and flash Asylum JB from? (BTW, flashing instructions in the OP need updating too - chas)
a) any CM9 or CM10 based kernels (don’t know how to put the goddamn bullet, someone edit my edits, please - chas)
b) any NoteCore, SpeedMod v4 and above, Franco v4 and above
c) any GB kernel

3. Which kernels must be replaced before wiping and flashing Asylum JB?
a) any CF--Root ICS kernel (GB are OK) ------>This one should be moved to #2, but only if Anti and Ripper are ABSOLUTELY certain that Asylum/Aroma updater script does not issue any dangerous format commands (contact me for detailed explanation - chas)
b) you must flash a safe kernel (see #2) if you have rooted any stock ICS Rom using with superuser and busybox
c) SpeedMod v3 and below, Franco v3 and below
d) old leaked kernels such as LP1, LP5 and LP6

4. What does Aroma Installer do?
Aroma installer helps you customize ROM to suit your requirements, with installation of your choice, from the choices in built in ROM installation.

5. Do I wipe before or after running Aroma Installer?
Always wipe before running Aroma. You will lose all user apps Aroma has installed if you do a
factory reset after the flash is done.

6. Do I need to flash Gapps separately?

7. Is removed a CWM flashable zip file?
No, to avoid bloating of your phone with apps which you may not need, you can copy specific apk file from removed and paste it in /system/app, change permissions to rw-r—r--

8. How can I change DPI settings?
Aroma installer provides you an option during installation to choose your preferred dpi between 320, 240, 213 and 160.
If you have installed with one of these setting and wish to change to other, you can use tool like “ROM toolbox lite or pro” (available on play store)
Non standard dpi settings (other than ones mentioned above) may result in improper functioning of some apps & play store

9. How can I change governor & scheduler?
You will have to use a tool like “Set CPU” (available on play store) to unleash options of governor & scheduler that Asylum kernel offers (alternative: you can change governor from Settings/Performance/Processor/CPU Governor, and I/O scheduler using Rom Toolbox/Kernel Tweaks - Rom Toolbox was already recommended for DPI management -chas)
For more information about governor & scheduler, you may refer here. Please thank the OP if you found it helpful

10. Which are compatible kernels with Asylum JB?
Asylum kernel which comes in built with the ROM is the recommended kernel
In case you wish to try other kernels, you may try any CM10 based kernel available on Chasmodo’s kernel repository. Please do not forget to press “Thanks” button if you pick any kernels there ☺

11. What is Full wipe & what is Cache wipe using CWM?
Full wipe :
Step 1. Wipe Data/ Factory reset
Step 2. Wipe Cache partition
Step 3. Advanced – Wipe Dalvik Cache
Full wipe will erase data like applications and application settings etc though user data like media files and external sd card content will be untouched. However, keeping a backup on PC is recommended.
Cache wipe:
Only step 2 & 3 of above
All data including applications and application settings as well as user data will be left untouched, only cache will be cleared.

12. I am on another JB ROM is it safe to flash Asylum JB from there?
Absolutely yes, however we strongly recommend Full wipe option mentioned above if you come from any other ROM other than previous Asylum JB versions (from JB Beta 1 onwards)

13. Can I do a Full wipe and still get my apps after flashing Asylum JB?
Well… Yes. While you are on your previous ROM make a flashable zip of your apps using “App2zip” application (available on play store). Place it securely on your internal sd card ( keeping a back up on PC is recommended). Once you have flashed Asylum JB, simply go in recovery mode and flash the you would have created earlier OR
You can use Titanium Backup for backup and restore, but we recommend only application restore and not data. For heavy data applications like games, you may want to use restore app+data option but smooth functioning cannot be assured (most users however have found this working well).

14. My external SD card is missing?
Use ES file explorer which comes with Asylum JB
Go in settings
Check the option “Up to root”, press back
In explorer mode click “Up”
You will find ExtSdCard, that’s where contents of your external sd card are

15. Can I use different themes on Asylum JB?
Of course you can… download any compatible theme of your choice from Play Store
Go in System settings - Themes – Theme chooser, choose downloaded them – Select apply
If you are getting a “Theme error”, apply default system theme and then apply downloaded theme, ignore any error message if it shows. This should work 9/10 times, else contact the theme developer and ask him to customize the theme for this wonderful ROM ☺

16. Do applications like S-Note, S-Memo work on this ROM?
NO. Since this ROM has its roots from CM10 and abovementioned apps are Samsung proprietary apps these apps are not and will never work on Asylum JB probably.
Thanks to varied developers, we have able substitution available for most of these apps, if you care to browse play store ☺

17. I cannot connect the Note to my PC as mass storage (USB). What to do?
Nothing. Mass storage connection has been dumped from JB altogether. Use MTP connection

18. I cannot set my notification toggles. What do I do?
Change your DPI to 320, set the toggles, then change back to ani DPI you prefer and the
toggles will be there.

19. I have a question which has not been answered above?
First of all, thanks for reading entire FAQ list ☺
Come and join us on Asylum JB discussion thread and we will be happy to help you to the best of our knowledge based on inputs (screenshot, logcat etc) provided by you
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12th May 2012, 05:50 PM |#4  
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12th May 2012, 05:52 PM |#5  
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12th May 2012, 05:53 PM |#6  
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looks interesting... will follow, right now sticking to CM9 and waiting for AOKP
12th May 2012, 05:55 PM |#7  
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Where is difference to CM9 ? Only removed .apk´s ?
12th May 2012, 06:00 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by m3dd0g

Where is difference to CM9 ? Only removed .apk´s ?

Alot more than apk's
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12th May 2012, 06:03 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by antiochasylum

Alot more than apk's

Tell me pls ...
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12th May 2012, 06:13 PM |#10  
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Good to see a release from you anti. Definitely gonna give this a spin over the weekend, I'm a huge lover of slim roms.

Sent from my GT-N7000 using XDA Premium HD app
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12th May 2012, 06:19 PM |#11  
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I was just starting to make a light CM9/AOSP ROM and you beat me to it! Look's like I'll just use yours
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