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By sUsH667, Senior Member on 13th May 2012, 06:45 PM
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What is AOKPCB?

"This project is a representation of the benefits that open source brings. Using the Android ROM source of Team AOKP, we bring you a rock-solid, feature-rich ROM, topped off with a serving of PCB goodness that gives your device a very unique look.

We plan on adding more features and modifications as the ROM progresses, so feel free to leave us suggestions and feedback via the forum threads or join us on IRC."
-Team Broccoli

How does it look?

more screenshots...

  • Extensive SystemUI + framework-res edits
  • Background on Status + Navigation Bars
  • Notification pulldown menu + list items styled extensively
  • New Status Bar icons (Wi-Fi, BT, others coloured ICS blue)
  • New Circle Battery Icon with improved charging animation (0% [ red --> yellow --> green --> blue ] 100%)
  • Background image behind Navbar softkeys (on touch, if not overridden by ROM Control)
  • All Popups/Dialog boxes styled, and orange changed to ICS blue
  • New icons in Settings and ROM Control
  • Phone keypad buttons styled
  • Custom PCB default keyboard (LatinIME)
  • Contacts slightly modded with blue PCB header
  • Android Robot replaces default unknown caller/contact

Latest news from Team Broccoli:


Originally Posted by scar45

"remicks and I have surely been busy over the past few months, as we had put a LOT of work into AOKPCB and then our personal lives ended up needing some attention (damn real life). Just thought I should say that yes, we stopped AOKPCB for ICS since JB was on the way, and when Goo.IM went down, it took all of the AOKPCB ROMs we built with it That was the only spot we had been hosting them unfortunately…

If all goes well though, we are planning on releasing AOKPCB for JB, however as AOKP JB is quite young (we base our source from theirs), we’re going to wait a little bit until more devices are added, and things get stable. Our team is a fraction of the size of Team Kang, so it’d be much tougher for us to manage an early ROM at this point.

It’s in the cards though, so as soon as it can be done, IT WILL BE!!!!

So glad that it seemed to be a success, Team Broccoli wants to thank everyone, especially the users, for your support and bigups.

Don’t forget to keep checking back, or subscribe to our RSS feed above!

Thanks or being patient everyone!"


Originally Posted by scar45

Hey ALL,

I apologize for not keeping everyone informed. As it stands now, the plan is to get a final R3 (ICS) release out, however our repo is currently borked (I know, just before the last ICS release!). We're trying to get it fixed up (remicks is really, he's great with our builds), but hopefully that will happen soon. Afterwards, it's kind of up in the air for what we're going to do with JB. remicks and I have started working on Project FNV, which is a different type of ROM, being built by the community, however there is still a chance that we will make AOKPCB(ean) the way we like it, and keep Project FNV true to it's goal of being a community ROM.

It's obviously a LOT of work to maintain two ROMs, including websites, social media efforts, etc., but we're doing our best. We really love giving back to the community in this way, and it is more than amazing to hear good feedback. At the very least, when Theme Chooser arrives on Jelly Bean ROMs, you'll be able to use my PCB Themes as I will port them over ASAP. Again, I would love to keep AOKPCB going, however the team still has to discuss this past our plans for an R3 ICS release.

Hope that kind of clears the air a bit, and please don't consider this to be a "we're quitting" message. Life is crazy for many people, and lately things are no different for most of our team. We hope you'll understand, and keep watching this thread, the PCB Mini-site, and its RSS feed for future updates!

Originally Posted by scar45

Hey all, I know things have been slow lately, but Broccoli is cooking up and we should be resuming nightlies as soon as possible. In the meantime, for our next release, you can expect updated PCB Blue elements[...].

Thanks for your patience during these less than ideal times, but rest assured we'll always be taking care of our work to do with this project. Stay tuned for more!

Originally Posted by scar45

OK all, teeny tiny post to let you know that we just dropped R2 on the scene. I am out of steam completely as it has been a lot of work for us over the past few days. We'll be in touch, but new nightlies may not appear for the next few days (not much will change, as R2 has a slew of goodies for your enjoyment!)

Cheers, and please spread the word + let us know your experience with R2!

Originally Posted by remicks

Just a heads up for you guys, gonna be starting testing for our R2 release here very soon. New builds should be going up within the next few hours, so keep your eyes peeled!

Originally Posted by remicks

NEWS: Bacon is cooking, nothing real special for now, just testing a build cycle to see if I fixed a major problem

NEWS: Fixed a bunch of devices so they're able to build now, still have a couple giving me headaches but will get those sorted out this weekend hopefully.

Originally Posted by remicks

NEWS: Did a test cycle of the builds, lots of failures ... will fix them as I get time this week, gonna be real busy with family obligations though so it may take a few days. Sorry for the delay, we will be up and running again asap

Originally Posted by remicks

NEWS: I will be taking a short break from nightlies as I attempt to integrate a couple new "under the hood" features into AOKPCB. Those of you with OFFICIAL devices are encouraged to PM me and/or come by our IRC channel to help with testing this weekend. Sorry for the interruption in builds but I want to make this as stable as possible before I run a full build cycle again. Thank you for your patience and your support!


"Today we bring you our second Official Release! This has been about a month in the making and includes all of the changes from our Nightlies. You’ll also notice that there are MANY more devices that we now build AOKPCB for. Please continue to give us feedback as we are building these ‘blind’ (we don’t have the actual devices), so tester feedback really helps.

Note that you should perform a full-wipe, as there have been some core changes. You could try a dirty-flash, but we wouldn’t recommend it for R2.

The changelog below contains everything that has been added to R2 of AOKPCB, and as it stands, R2 is based from AOKP Build 37 (+ newer commits).

Thanks to testers and everyone who gave feedback!"

Changelog for OFFICIAL R2:
  • Latest AOKP Merges from AOKP Gerrit
  • Latest CM9 Merges for applicable tracked repos
  • Added New Lockscreen Music Controls (MarcLandis)
  • Added Selectable 2-8 Target Lockscreens (Pick how many you want!) (SteveSpear)
  • Added AOKPCB Wallpaper App (cr5315)
  • Added PCB Live Wallpaper (work-in-progress)
  • Added AOSP Music player from source
  • Added Glitch inline kernel building (sixstringsg)
  • Added custom boot sound to go with 8-bit Boot Animation (credits for boot sound: “The Scene Is Dead” – Dubmood^RAZOR1911)
  • Added File Manager (built from source)
  • Added DSP Manager (built from source)
  • Added Dev Tools (built from source)
  • Enabled Purgeable Assets (better ram management) and Sleep Mode (power saving)
  • Updated to Latest Apex Launcher
  • Updated to latest version of Terminal Emulator
  • Merged “T-Mobile Theme Engine” which allows for user-selectable themes similar to the old CM7 utility
  • Updated About Phone info and ROM Manager info to reflect AOKPCB/Team Broccoli
  • Updated build naming to reflect R2 Official release
  • Removed MusicFX (conflicts with DSP Manager)
  • Removed Nova Launcher
  • Removed Trebuchet (Tablets)
  • [PCB Theme] Styled the LatinIME keyboard
  • [PCB Theme] Styled the slider toggles (system-wide)
  • [PCB Theme] Added new softkeys with ‘PCB spotlight’ effect
  • [PCB Theme] Added PCB icon for “Themes” within Settings
  • [PCB Theme] Removed navigation bar background for compatibility with Theme Chooser version
  • [PCB Theme] Fixed null/no-signal icon (was originally stock icon if you didn’t have reception at all)
  • [PCB Theme] Fixed a few HDPI issues with Popup/Dialog boxes and Bottom Menu graphic glitches
  • [PCB Theme] Fixed a few notification pulldown images to be more flexible to custom toggle/weather/etc. layouts

Changelog for Beta-Releases & Nightlies:

  • Goo.IM support finished, you can now use GooManager to download AOKPCB nightlies/officials from the “Browse Compatible ROMs” section.
  • Latest AOKP merges (Linaro not included)
  • We may or may not be merging linaro into the AOKPCB build cycle, this will depend on further testing.

  • Nothing big, just latest AOKP merges and integrated GooManager app

  • R2 Beta Release!!! We’re almost there folks!
  • Removed Nova Launcher
  • Removed Trebuchet
  • Updated Terminal Emulator to newest version
  • New Lockscreen Music Controls
  • Latest AOKP merges
  • Updated About Phone info and ROM Manager info to reflect AOKPCB/Team Broccoli
  • Updated build naming to reflect R2 Beta release
  • Please test this build as much as possible, I would like to squash any bugs I can in the build before releasing R2. Nightlies will stop for a few days while this release is tested, if any bugs arise they will be squashed in test builds among our test group. Thank you for your patience.

  • A whole bunch of post-build 37 fixes from AOKP gerrit & more AOKP merges (see for more info)
  • Added AOSP Music app
  • Re-added Apex Launcher

  • Latest applicable AOKP/CM9 upstream merges
  • Removed CM Music (for now)
  • Updated Nova Launcher, removed Apex (for now)
  • Theme improvements
  • Updated version to build 37 to sync with AOKP build structure
  • Fixed naming scheme of zip files to end confusion about build number
  • Most cherry picks have been merged now, still using inline kernel building
  • A bunch more stuff I can’t remember right now, but all of it is good!

  • Removed prebuilt AOKPCB Wallpaper app in favor of source built
  • Merged latest AOKP commits (jpeg-turbo & SwagPapers included!)
  • Merged applicable CM9 commits (DSP Manager stuff mostly)
  • Updated version to build 36 to sync with AOKP build structure

  • Removed MusicFX in favor of DSP Manager (please report any bugs)
  • Removed prebuilt Dev Tools in favor of source built
  • Added CM9 Music app from source (please report any bugs)
  • Merged latest applicable AOKP/CM9 upstream commits
  • NOTE: BusyBox 1.20 has been causing issues for some users, you can find a working BusyBox 1.19.4 flashable zip in the download section. I will work on getting this incorporated at least until the issues with 1.20 are worked out.

  • Merged “T-Mobile Theme Engine” which allows for user-selectable themes similar to the old CM7 utility
  • (PCB Themes coming soon to the T-Mobile Theme Engine!)
  • Added PCB icon for “Themes” within Settings
  • Merged latest AOKP upstream commits
  • Added Glitch inline kernel building for SGS series phones (captivate/galaxys etc.)
  • Fixed a small issue within the LatinIME Keyboard theme (small ‘text hints’ were too dark in top-right corner of top row of keys)

  • Styled the LatinIME keyboard! (fixes/optimizations still may need to be made)
  • PCB Wallpaper App added
  • PCB Live Wallpaper added (work-in-progress)
  • Latest Apex + Nova Launchers are included
  • File Manager built from source
  • DSP Manager built from source
  • Fixed null/no-signal icon (was originally stock icon if you didn’t have reception at all)
  • Fixed a few HDPI issues with Popup/Dialog boxes and Bottom Menu graphic glitches
  • Optimized certain images (signal strength, etc.) with thanks to chevycam94’s effort

  • Second nightly build
  • Again, probably not much new, and note that if there are no nightly changelogs for a particular day, it just means there were no notable changes
  • Also, comments will be enabled for nightly builds so issues can be tracked easily

  • First nightly!
  • Not much would be different from R1-M5


The one & only Team Broccoli Mini-Site!

Team Broccoli IRC-Channel

Thread here on XDA in the Theme-Section

German AOKPCB-Thread @german Android-Forum

Video-Overview at Youtube by Blueberry

Beta2 of R2.1 (MD5 for this: 3b25f0c8d2b249f94267f577dd6d3f71)
Official R2 (MD5 for this: f488a59501f4e33290faf8e1295e54d7)
GApps (MD5 for them: 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c)
BusyBox 1.19.4 CWM-flashable, credits to xda-member wraithdu
Here you will find Addons for the two different SD-Layouts, credits for that go to Bejda for finding them (and more ) & Smartg2os for providing them...

Flash this as you would a normal ROM .zip! More instructions coming soon.
GApps are not included, download and flash them after the ROM!

This thread is presented by me with kind permission of Team Broccoli-member remicks.

Team Broccoli is a fresh collaboration of Android enthusiasts:
  • scar45
  • remicks
  • cr5315
  • sixstringsg

Contributors and thanks to:

Don't forget to hit the Thanks-Button or donate if you can!

Flash this at your own risk! Team Broccoli & me are NOT responsible for any damage caused to your device, however we do use AOKPCB ourselves. Always perform a NANDROID backup + Cache / Dalvik Cache wipe (at the least) before installing. Also, PM a Team Broccoli-member before you rip out any of their resources if you wanted to use them in your own theme/project. They can be accommodating so long as you get in touch first!
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13th May 2012, 06:46 PM |#2  
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Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit Tapatalk 2
13th May 2012, 06:51 PM |#3  
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Looks good, maybe gonna try..
What's different between this and AOKP? (except the theme)
13th May 2012, 06:55 PM |#4  
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finally its here ^^ good work guys!!
13th May 2012, 06:59 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by boris0711

Looks good, maybe gonna try..
What's different between this and AOKP? (except the theme)

added features to op.
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13th May 2012, 07:33 PM |#7  
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Question aokp base
What is the base (aokp) used for this rom?
13th May 2012, 07:37 PM |#8's Avatar
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Flashing and will report back, if anything out of the ordinary should happen
13th May 2012, 07:55 PM |#9  
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WOW.I have seen while ago this ROM for Google Nexus and this is are great news about that its it ported to Galaxy S. I'm also excited because I am an electronic engineer . I will tested it few days and give a feedback.
13th May 2012, 08:05 PM |#10  
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What kernel is included? Official AOKP comes with Glitch ics kernel? I don't see any mentions about Glitch/Sixstring on the credits.

The theme is nice.
13th May 2012, 08:07 PM |#11  
Originally Posted by Moudii

What kernel is included? Official AOKP comes with Glitch ics kernel? I don't see any mentions about Glitch/Sixstring on the credits.

The theme is nice.

Glitch on this rom!!..
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