Instruction + Files on How to Un-bricked and Band unlock Droid 2 Global with 629 ROM

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By key5000, Member on 18th May 2012, 04:15 PM
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[/SIZE][/SIZE]Start Updated on 7-20-2012

****** Due to heavy download from wordwide users, Dropbox has temporay disabled my Public share because the traffic. ******

I had to created a new PRIVATE share to keep ALL files alive

In-order to download the files you need to have account with DropBox and click here to download

To help keep all links alive, please open new account with Dropbox by click here , you will receive 2.5 GB of FREE cloud storage which can acces anywhere, anytime.

End Updated on 7-20-2012

After spend days reading hundred threads on multiple sites, I have come up with a quick instruction in 1 page on how to unbrick D2G and unlock the band to use on CDMA, GSM network such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. (Sim must be unlocked by calling Verizon or using third parties unlocked from internet search)

All credit will go to the original posters; I'm just combined all together to create an instruction easy for new users plus all the files download are in one place too.

Copy files from step 5, 6, 7, 9 and 18 to SD card before perform "How to" steps below:

How to un-bricked and band-unlock Droid 2 Global:
1. Flash 608 SBF using RSDLite (VRZ_A956_4.5.608_1FF_01.sbf) (press up arrow on keyboard while power up to enter flash mode)
2. Flash Repack_629 SBF using RSDLite (BL=2 BOOT REC CDTf__Repack_629.sbf)
3. Reboot, wipe data and cache (press x on keyboard while power up then press volume Up+Down at the same time )
4. Enable Unknown Source and Development features in Setting (To Bypass activation, press TopLeft, TopRight, BottomRight, BottomLeft (above Emergency))
5. Root D2G withSuperOneClick v2.3.3
6. InstallOtaRootKeeper, Run Protect-root then temp-unroot
7. Reboot to recovery then install 629 OTA then reboot(
8. Open OtaRootKeeper and restore Root
9. InstallDroid 2 Recovery Bootstap.apk then Reboot to Recovery
10. At Clockwork Recovery, run Backup the nan-droid
11. Flash 330 SBF suing RSDLite (VRZ_A956_2.4.33_1FF_01.sbf) --> After flash completed, phone will BRICKED, don’t worry
12. Flash 608 using EzSBF on USB stick (1KDStaz_D2G_4.5.608.iso) --> After flash completed, phone will BRICKED, don’t worry
13. Flash Repack_629 SBF using RSDLite (2_BL=2 BOOT REC CDTf__Repack_629.sbf)
14. Reboot, wipe data and cache
15. Enable Unknown source and Development features in Setting
16. Root D2G with SuperOneClick v2.3.3
17. Install Droid 2 Recovery Bootstap.apk then Reboot to Recovery
18. At Clockwork Recovery, Wipe Cache and install band unlock (
19. At Clockwork Recovery, run RESTORE the nan-droid (the one that backup on step 10)
20. Reboot phone then it should be able to us AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and enjoy

If you have any questions or problems, please post it here so we can help.

Please post your feedback here after your phone is unlocked.

Also, please select your RATING at the Top Right of this post

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19th May 2012, 01:41 AM |#2  
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Thumbs up It worked!!
I am one of the (un)lucky owners of a non-unlockable D2G. I was able to use it to make calls with a SIM interposer (i-smartsim), but wasn't able to get data working on the 850Mhz band (900Mhz worked fine on EDGE, with another carrier). After following this how-to, now I get full speed 3G (H+) on my "locked" D2G using i-smartsim!

I know that I shouldn't use data with the interposer, that it will probably burn out, but I just feel better knowing that I can use data now if I need to

Hope this helps, and thank you for the post, key5000!
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21st May 2012, 03:28 AM |#3  
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Key5000, thanks for posting this over here. BEH from rootzwiki here, and I was just looking here to see if this topic had been covered here yet.
I also wanted to add a little explanatory note explaining why the different flashing methods need to be used, for those who might wonder why use Rsdlite one time, and EzSbf another.
Rsdlite flashes the radio baseband, and sbf_flash (used by EzSbf) does not flash the radio. So, by flashing 330 with RsdLite, we flash the Froyo band unlock-able radio (actually the complete system, but all we are interested in is the radio). If you try flashing 330 with EzSbf, the radio will not be flashed, Rsdlite must be used.
Now that we have the radio we want, we need to get back to Gingerbread, but if we flash GB with Rsdlite, we will overwrite the radio we need be able to do the band unlock. Since sbf_flash flashes everything except the radio, we are able to use it to get back to a recoverable state (608+629-repack). the 629 repack contains no radio baseband, so it is able to be flashed from Rsdlite.
At this point, if we were to take the OTA update, we would overwrite the radio we are trying to preserve again, so we need to restore a nandroid backup to prevent doing that.
Incidentally, I have a clean nandroid backup of 629, if someone has somewhere to host it. This would effectively eliminate all of the initial rooting steps (1-10) other than the copying of files to the SD card. Let me know, and I can get the file to you.
Hope this is helpful or interesting to someone.
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21st May 2012, 06:19 PM |#4  
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Wink This trully works, I rooted My D2g on 2.3.4
Thank you Key 5000 for the final summary.

I just rooted, unbanded and now am on AT&T on my Droid 2 Global. and this is my very first attempt at the bootloader of android. Everything works now.

Thank s to everyone, starting from someone from china "my wife got milk", shadow, etc.

Let me contribute from my own experince working on my 2.3.4 version od D2g.

I had issues with:

Rooting with item #5, Superone click and the zip files on #10 and #12.

I had to download a program to run the superoneclick on my computer with the phone attached,

I also had to download clockworkmod from google play store, and finally,

for #12, using the usb method, you need to look up the instruction on booting your computer on USB.

Key5000, please double check the zip files, EZsbf and the band unlock. i had to get them elsewhere, they appear to be invalid. the same files though.
Also double check the item #11 zip file. I had to get it from Shadow's post.

Thanks again. You've made my day.
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22nd May 2012, 04:47 PM |#5  
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All files has been re-upload again.
24th May 2012, 02:57 AM |#6  
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Nice job! Convoluted but it has to be to accomplish the right sequence of flashes.
Very clever work.
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25th May 2012, 07:53 PM |#7  
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Thanks for the How-To easy to follow and was able to unbrick one of my two phones.

The other phone already has the Band Unlock and is running on .608 I was wondering to upgrade to .629 do I just follow the same instructions but start at step 13, skip the Band Unlock, and use the nandroid from the recovered bricked phone?

By the way can't thank you enough for the unbrick solution.
25th May 2012, 08:26 PM |#8  
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Not sure if there is any benefit to updating to 629 if you don't have to, I don't know what the real differences between .608 and .629 really are (I got my phone with 629 already on it). One advantage to doing this that I can think of would be not accidentally taking the OTA update and getting the baseband overwritten at a later date. There are other ways to prevent the OTA update, such as renaming the updater file.
I am thinking, and someone else might be able to correct me if I am wrong, that in order to update from 608 to 629, without updating the baseband, the proper way would be to flash an updated kernel file, much as the method mentioned at
and then flash the nandroid backup. I am not sure of the differences between the kernels of 608 and 629, but am thinking that they are different, and that it might cause issues to simply flash the Nandroid backup, without also updating the kernel. For some reason, I am thinking I read that one of the reasons that wifi etc don't work during the unbricking step of 629 is that 608 is running with the 629 kernel, and they aren't completely compatible. In your case, you would be running 629 with the 608 kernel, and you would probably be the first one to ever try that combination.
Someone else can likely fill more in, hope this helps.
26th May 2012, 10:41 AM |#9  
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Hello, thank u 4 the info, I don't even know how to sbf :s... I really want to unlock the bands but when you say it will brick. Don't worry, I actually worry lol, you mean that rsdlite will brick after flashing and rebooting? Then I have to enter in bootloader again? How it is? Am sorry for my ignorance
26th May 2012, 03:02 PM |#10  
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First off, if you are wanting to unlock the bands, is your phone sim-unlocked? If not, unlocking the bands will not sim-unlock the phone, it just allows an already unlocked phone to work on AT&T or T-Mobile.

Regarding to worry or not to worry, as with anything, there is a potential danger anytime the phone is flashed. The same is true when the phone receives an OTA update from Verizon, it is rare, but there is the potential for mishaps.
In this case, we are deliberately "bricking" the phone temporarily, as it is the only way to get the it rooted and band-unlocked.
After the latest ota update, the .629 update, any attempt to flash the phone to a previous version will "brick" the phone, but since there is a method to recover from the bricking, he says don't worry.
When we flash 330 to the phone, it flashes the software to the phone, but then the bootloader recognizes that it isn't the proper software, so it won't boot past the bootloader. It is necessary to flash 330, as that gives us the unlockable radio. Then, we have to flash .608 using ezsbf (or another method to flash without using rsdlite), to flash back to a recoverable state, without losing the radio. It is still bricked at this point and won't boot past the bootloader, but now recoverable with the repacked .629 sbf. We don't flash the whole 629 sbf, just enough parts of it to enable the phone to work.
After this, the phone is back to a partially usable state, where we can root it, and then restore the backup file, bringing it back to a fully usable state.
Hope this answers your questions.
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26th May 2012, 11:01 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by dabigserver

Hello, thank u 4 the info, I don't even know how to sbf :s...

It is not difficult. Follow this how-to:
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