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[29-06-12][ROM] PARANOIDANDROID HD2 v1.5b [TABLET/HYBRID][CM9][A2SD][tytung_HWA_r3.2]

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By Xylograph, Senior Member on 19th May 2012, 11:01 PM
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This rom is based on the great work of team paranoidandroid
and the unoffical CyanogenMod 9 Nightlies from cmhtcleo team so all credits and thanks to them in the first place !

This is an ongoing developer project to make way for a modification that will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the experience of your phone.
For more information about PARANOIDANDROID please check this website

Features :
  • P.A.L., First time in Android history that Per-App-Layout has been realized
  • This rom features a setting called Per-App-Density. You can define an apps native DPI with it, make it look stock, smaller or bigger than that, your decision.
  • All apps are depicted at DPI 182 per standard. No other rom has that feature right now
  • Google Play does not allow density changes and will stop working if you mess around with that. This rom fixes that problem for you 100%.
  • More stuff: Recents window closer to stock, fixes for overlapping elements, framework fixes, no crashes, working Phone (looks 100% like stock aswell), etc.
  • Included A2SD (see 2nd post for more info)

Download for Magldr/cLK : (Clean install always recommended !)
SD ROM users can check out the Nand port of wis1152


Check out the MOD thread by gogodu5sU for some great MOD stuff..
Check this thread by shayne77 for some cool battery mods and read the instructions on how to apply them ! (these will probably work on any CM9 rom for the ones interested)

Partition table :

misc ya 1M
boot yboot|ro 5M
system ya 150M
cache ya 2M
userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

Changelog :


- Included the 'last minute fixes' from D4rKn3sSyS
- Included latest hwa 3.2 tytung kernel
- Odexed the framework for more system response and speed
- Odexed most of the system apps except the Gapps and Email (for more speed)
- Included supercharged services.jar before odexing for the ones that use it
- Stock launcher is set to Die-Hard (will retain in memory)
- Removed some duplicated files from the system
- Moved the additional ringtones to sd-card to safe space for odexing process
- Moved and Symlinked Google Talk video chat libs to data/lib to safe space
- Compressed the wallpapers included in the Trebuchet Launcher
- Set default to 'hybrid mode' so 'Per App Denisty' is working (was locked in stock phone mode)
- Set a default Gallery dpi so it won't force close..
- Fine tuned release which should be updatable from previous release.. Enjoy !


- Synced from source - 25/6/2012 - 11:3:12
- Improvements on OTA app, scheduled checkups
- Improvements on Backup app, now it automatically launches on startup after you install a newer (or older) version
- Hybrid speedup, less lag, considerably faster list scrolling when pad/pal is in action
- Keyboard scaling, an androids first
- PAD/PAL bugfixes for apps that still crop images in lower dpis
- Settings revamp, speed preferences to switch between modes without having to set up anything, less clutter
- Trebuchet extras: 3x4 widgets, speed dial menu button, ... and some weird rocket button which im sure will be very useful to most of you
- Pad.prop revamp, new preferences that should pretty much nail it. Im sorry but this trashes your old settings again, do not attempt to restore them unless you do it in a text editor
- Included latest lights.lib (credits : marc1706)
- Included latest htc-ril (credits : tytung)
- Made phone mode default (on 1st boot)
- Updated to latest multiling keyboard
- Rom should be updatable
- Enjoy !
- Ps. I forgot to set Gallery dpi default to something less than 240 dpi..please adjust this yourself to prevent it from force closing..

Changelog PARANOIDANDROID HD2 v1.4a: (+ v1.3a)

- Synced with latest Paranoid sources
- Fixed most of the issues with pad & pal, now facebook, whatsapp, keyboards, etc will be shown just fine
- PAD/PAL work in phonemode 100%, no weird toggles and stuff like that. you get full tablet apps without caveats
- Settings cleanup, most of the garbage dpi options are gone, should be more intuitive - i ask you to not bring your old pad.props though some things changed. if you know what you do take a look and edit by hand
- Navbar editor is now hidden on tablet mode ... ups missed that one.
- Force widgets is back 
- Reorganized options. Now only options left in "Paranoid Settings" are related with hybrid mode, the other ones got moved to their right places
- Fixed wrong month index on ParanoidBackup
- Added Statusbar Hardware Rendering toggle via Settings > System > Statusbar. You must enable it for using statusbar transparency.
- Fixed possible lags (Mostly XHDPI devices, not too much for us)
- Reverted libcore fixes by CM team that caused some bugs on network apps
- Fixed a bug on hybrid panel that caused missbehaving
- General bugfixes
- Translated a few things to spanish
- Included A2SD, for more info check the 2nd post (credits : texasice)
- Included ParanoidAndroid_PAL_Config.apk (credits : kevdliu) 
- Made some changes to default pad.prop settings (most things 240 dpi default)
- Forced gallery to 239 dpi to avoid the default force closing.

Changelog PARANOIDANDROID HD2 v1.2a:

- fresh install recommended and do a nand backup beforehand.
- don't use your previous pad.prop file.. it's not compatible !
- Updated to latest cm9 nightly
- Stock keyboard is now multiling ! (it's lite and has no overlapping issues)
- Updated kernel to latest tytung Kernel
- First unified release, compiled from our git
- New panel (You already know it if you used betas)
- Added ParanoidBackup app
- Fixed bugs on beta releases (Battery swapping, overlaps, ui bugs etc)
- Recent apps improvement on tab mode (bigger preview)
- Removed device dependent codes (as hardware keys toggle), moved sounds & 
- Error where app shows up in the wrong UI will be fixed
- Scaling lockscreen dialogs and so on
- Removed hardcoded framework values (yay! )
- Removed "Global density", if you STILL want to mess with this one with v1.2, you've not even tested a 50% of what this ROM can do.
- Fixed a lot of other things on pad & pal, cleaned up sources
- Fixed themes crash on tab mode, still crashes sometimes on phone mode. [Seems this one is totally fixed now. Need to test a bit more]
- A HUGE amount of fixes, improvements and so..

Changelog PARANOIDANDROID HD2 v1.1a:

- Included my Webkit fix.. the force closing of web related apps should be fixed.
- Included the right lib for terminal (should not force close anymore)
- Removed some 'network speed' tweaks from build.prop
- Included modified SystemUI so the 'menu softkey' should be back (credits : D4rKn3sSyS)
- Updated the whole rom for the 'download link addicts' and to avoid endless 'bug reports without reading'
- Enjoy.. once again.. 


- Kanged from source, 9:26am COT. All features included (even the ones that are on CM9 changelog but not on latest nightly)
- Updated kernel to latest tytung_HWA_r2.4-uM 
- Fixed navbar on phone mode, and now doesn't removes statusbar transparency
- Fixed Utils.isScreenLarge() method, now it checks for LCD Density, wich reduces % of error to 0
- Improved panel a LOT, including a cool action bar for saving or discarding changes
- .force pad feature implemented, now you can resize widgets
- Added more descriptive strings to panel
- Added customizable toggles for tablet mode. You can choose now between 9 toggles, and a max of 6 of them. You can also reorganize or remove all the toggles.
- Removed some battery styles, and HC lockscreen, searching for a common base
- Translated a lot of things in spanish XML's
- Added vpn fix (credits : tytung)
- Added green camera flash fix (credits : f1rick)
- Added Trebuchet as default launcher
- Added back all ringtones
- Added AOKP keyboard instead of 12mb cm9 keyboard
- More changes.. Enjoy !

Changelog PARANOIDANDROID HD2 v1.0 :

- Kanged from source, All features included (even the ones that are on CM9 changelog but not on latest nightly)
- Improvements on OTA app
- First time in Android history that Per-App-Layout has been realized
- Comes with a better panel
- Fixed pin screen hot reboot (Cyanogen)
- Fixed the update script..
- Included most of the previous HD2 fixes (except the green flash)
- Included Carhome
- Included Stock Keyboard (removed multiling)
- Included Apollo
- Included other Sound recorder (gogodu5sU)
- Included Filemanager
- Removed all Ringtones but 1 (to make space for Stock keyboard..If you want ringtones put them on your SD card instead)
- Removed usb debugging icon by default..
- Compressed some more stuff to make space for Stock keyboard (= 12mb :( )
- More small changes 
- Enjoy this great stuff with lots of thanks to Team PA !

Buglist and Fixes :
  • When using different kernels don't forget to use this roms ramdisk (initrd.gz) otherwise your WIFI won't work..
  • OTA tool is not ready/compatible with our HD2 yet.. Don't use it for updating the rom !


Configuration: Select from a list of presets a desired configuration. Reqires reboot

Default Mode: Is used by default on any non-defined app installed by user. Defines whether to start apps on phone or tablet mode. Reqires reboot

User default DPI: Is used by default on any non-defined app installed by user. Reqires reboot

Framework-res DPI: Framework DPI. Is used on lockscreen, toast, and overall all resources on the system. Reqires reboot

SystemUI DPI: System graphic interface density, can be reflected on statusbar, Recent apps, etc. This one can’t get you outside of your current mode. Reqires reboot

Some other facts:
  • Statusbar transparency, navbar configuration, sense recent apps, are only available on phone mode. Statusbar transparency also requires Statusbar hardware acceleration to be enabled
  • Don’t mess with build.prop density is completly unuseful now and can only mess your phone (making it look ugly).
  • It’s recommended to use all launchers on Phone mode, and highest density (240 for HDPI, or 320 for XHDPI). If DPI’s are lower that some magic values, it may cause crashes when using themes.
  • Disable Settings > System > Statusbar > Auto Hide Statusbar. Use toggle instead (Only needed on HDPI devices).
  • If you see the dock on launchers in Tablet mode, and not the old layout, this IS NORMAL, it was ugly before, and now it’s preset to phone mode at stock phone density (240 for SGS2 based ROM’s or 320 for Nexus based ROM’s). If you want to get the old ugly tablet mode for launchers, go to Settings > Paranoid Settings > Hybrid settings > List apps, select your launcher, lower density a bit and put in on tablet mode. You can also do this if you want Tablet mode launcher in Phone mode.

Don't forget to check out the HTC HD2/ParanoidAndroid FAQ (credits : Szczepanik)


As of v1.4a A2SD is included (credits to Andrew Sutherland aka texasice)
To enable it after installing the ROM, open up terminal in the app drawer and type:
  • su
  • a2sd install
  • Choose your options (leaving data/data on system is recommended)
  • (Y) to reboot
Available commands are:

install   : sets a2sd flag
remove    : clears a2sd/dc2sd flags
align     : runs zipalign on all apks
fixapk    : runs fix_permissions on all apks
partlist  : shows if ext[3/4] is supported
diskspace : shows disk usage on /sd-ext
cachesd   : sets dc2sd flag
cleancache: clears dalvik-cache
nocachesd : cleancache and clears dc2sd flag
xdata     : bind mount /data to /sd-ext/xdata
noxdata   : clears xdata flag
formatext : format /sd-ext to ext4
checkext  : checks /sd-ext for errors
Previous Versions & Fixes :




  • For better youtube performance and the latest HWA r3 kernel from tytung which will fix the data-limit issue I advise you to flash via recovery (all credits for this go to tytung so at least go hit his thank button)
  • Web related apps and terminal emulator seem to force close on the latest v1.1 rom.. please flash via recovery and clear your cache and dalvic-cache just in case..
v1.0 : v0.6 :

*** Remember that all the flashing is at your own risk ! Always make backups in recovery and/or titanium backup ! ***

Thanks & Credits to : molesarecoming, D4rKn3sSyS, Rick_1995, Milaq, arif-ali, Cotulla, rapmv78, tytung, securecrt, wis1152, e344, Magic2010, zeppellinrox
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19th May 2012, 11:01 PM |#2  
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19th May 2012, 11:02 PM |#3  
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Nice, been waiting for something like this
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19th May 2012, 11:08 PM |#4  
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grumbles now something else to try out lol
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19th May 2012, 11:12 PM |#5  
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DL in progress.
Gonna test it during the day...
Thx Xylo for this new rom.
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19th May 2012, 11:14 PM |#6  
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I just added HD2 to official devices list

And here's official blog entry

D4 - ParanoidAndroid Team.
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19th May 2012, 11:21 PM |#7  
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Looks great!

Everything works great.
The rom is very smooth and the user has the ability to customize it to make it an "every-day" rom.
Very nice work.
Big thanks to Xylo and PARANOIDANDROID.
19th May 2012, 11:37 PM |#8  
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nice consept! gonna give this a try=)

Sent from my HTC X315e using xda premium
19th May 2012, 11:39 PM |#9  
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Looks so good, am dling ,will report later thanks
19th May 2012, 11:42 PM |#10  
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WOW WOW WOW, MORE ROM DEVELOPMENT. The HD2 will never die! Thanks to the devs once again, will flash this now!
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19th May 2012, 11:59 PM |#11  
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Hey Xylo, Bootloops for me like in B36..
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