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[ICS ROM] TiramiSlim Final V. 2.0 [MULTILANG-25THEME-OTA-AROMA-CWM FileManager-SLIM]

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By DjSound, Senior Member on 20th May 2012, 06:17 PM
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Welcome to the ICS TiramiSlim ROM thread!

This is the succesor of the Tiramisu+ I.C.E.A.G.E ROM.
It is based on Slim ICS ROM, a very clean AOSP rom.
TiramiSlim is powered by AROMA Installer.
This is a great touch compatible, fully customizable installer for Android in Clockworkmod.
This way you can modify what you get installed with the rom (or what not) via an easy to use interface !

Video Review of the Rom thanks to srvi12:

We are on Final and stable fase and the working proceding well on it!
Thanks to the AROMA Installer the posibillity's are huge on what you want installed with your ROM!

Here are some options you can choose from:

-7 Kernels Always Updated (Slim|Midnight|Semaphore|Platypus|FuguMod|Glitch|D evil 3)
-3 Modems (JVT|JVU|ZSJPG) Others 9 in Uptdate Me!
-12 Bootanimations!
-Gapps | Inverted Gapps | Or no Gapps
-25 Great Themes! and more coming!
-11 Fonts!
- Font Preview!
-10 Animation Styles!
-Over 70 (addinational) Apps!
-10 Launchers (Nova|Apex|TouchWiz4|Nemus|Sony|Zeam|MiuiV4|Nature UX|CND|WP7)

Other great features:

-Audio Mods (GS3|XPERIA|MIUIV4)
- DPI Choose!
- EFS Backups
- Esclusive Pay Theme for Free! Like Xlory theme and other (free version) like Sense 4.0, Touchwiz, HTC and many others!
- Endless Customizations
- Internal & External SD are visible on PC

Known Bugs

-Slim ICS bugs
-Possible AROMA bugs
-Still testing! keep us updated!

Download TiramiSlim Final 2.0 by DjSound!

Older versions:

Download TiramiSlim FINAL V. 1.0 by DjSound
Download TiramiSlim RC 2 by DjSound/Mirror (thx Olarf)
Download TiramiSlim RC 1.1 / Mirror1 / Mirror2 / Mirror3 / Mirror4 (All Mirror Thanks to Stoux2!)
Fix for O.T.A. (only for who are on Beta 1): Patch (available also on Update Me)
TiramiSlim Beta 1 / Mirror (thanks Stoux2)

The "Old" ROM: Tiramisu+ I.C.E.A.G.E Based on the discontinued CNA ROM

As Always:
-100% Charged battery & Recalibrated
-ESSENTIAL: Always, Lets repeat that, ALWAYS have a backup of your EFS Folder! (Possible in the AROMA installer)

Guide when you are already on an ICS ROM (Any 4.x ROM):

0) Optional but recommended: Format Internal SD
1. Place the ROM on your Internal-SD Card
2. Go into recovery mode
3. Wipe data | Wipe Cache | Wipe Dalvik Cache | Format /System and datadata (repeat these steps 2 times just for security)
4. Flash the ROM and follow the AROMA Installer instructions.
5. Reboot

Guide when you are on a Gingerbread ROM:

1. Flash a Stock Gingerbread ROM (Any Base you want), with ODIN, pit .512 and repartion
2. Flash a custom GB kernel
3. Flash last CM9 Nightly: Link
4. Flash procedure end in fews seconds (it's normal) and you will be in Recovery
5. Do all Wipe 2 times, and do format of System
6. Flash the Rom.

Only if point 4. failing:
7. Go in Recovery and ensure that in the boot CM9 logo appear
8. if it don't appear repeat step 3. and proceed with 4.

3. Flash an ICS kernel (Like the latest Midnight ICS)
4. Your phone will go into a bootloop -> Remove the battery and put it back.
5. Use 3-button-combo to get into recovery and here do all wipes 2 times.
6. USB-Mount your SD Card & Place the ROM on your Internal-SD Card
7. Flash the ROM and follow the AROMA Installer instructions.
8. Reboot & Enjoy!

Please don't use Titanium Backup for restore backup from GB as it cause FC and data corruption!

ATTENTION: Flashing is ALWAYS at your own risk! I am not responsible for anything that has happenend to your phone!
DO NOT ask for an ETA for the the next version (or for a bug fix)!

Thanks Stoux2 for initial Thread
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20th May 2012, 06:18 PM |#2  
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Beta Tester Team:


If i forgot someone just... tell me!

1. I just installed your Tiramisu ROM, what do you recommend for proper use / a better ROM?

This totally depends on your own taste!
-You can overclock the CPU
-You can change the CPU Governer (Personally I have Performance)
-You can disable the Bootanmation for a faster boot
-You can use the Apps & Tools like NStools & MiLocker to fully customize your rom to your desire's!

2. How flash a theme on Update_me with .apk extension?

- Simply download it from Update_me
- Go in tiramisuota --> themes and install .apk
- Open Setting --> Themes Choose your theme (do apply anyway in case of warning)
- Reboot (not necessary but sometimes yes)
- Have Fun!
- If you want change theme, before select TiramiSlim theme and then the new one

3. How can i help with translation of Aroma in my Country?

- Very Simply you had to read this thread:

by Pietrone94

Default System Theme:

by Stoux2

Noble Black Theme:

Franzy Mod:

CR7S Theme:

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20th May 2012, 06:18 PM |#3  
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TiramiSlim Final V. 2.0

Linaro Code Added!


* New! Now LiveWallpaper are grouped!
* New! In Aroma you can now choose the DPI! (Thx marcoperro74 for idea)
* New! In Debugger Section is now possible to install a build.prop "clean" without any mods or anything to use in case of problems.
* Updated Kernel Devil 0.95
* Added 2 LWP
* New Google Music Player widget reversed with transparent!
* Updated FM Radio
* Beats Audio Fixed! Now only a few kb instead of 11mb and no previous problem with PowerAmps and the Camera
* DPS Always Installed to avoid problems with Beats Audio!
* Added Lg Camera
* Added Driod Sheep!
* Removed redundant and optimized other app!
* Added Polish language thx to YohamKaio
* Adding new animation Jelly Bean!
* Added YouTube from Jellybean
* Added Google Music from Jellybean
* Added Google Ears from Jellybean
* Improved script to mount on adding app support (thx Olarf)
* YoutubeHD installation Fixed
* G+ updated
* Dpi save/restore system fixed
* Jelly Bean GMusic installation fixed
* Installation of Inverted GMusic inverted if Jelly Bean GMusic was installed Fixed!
* Installation of Inverted YoutubeHD if Jelly Bean Youtube was installed Fixed!
* Fixed error in driod to droid
* Updated and fixed app for inverted sms*


* Upgraded to 4.2 Slim!
* New script for self-calibration of battery!
* New System Tweak !
* Solved Problem of block calls, block wifi, switch block! (Thx Diegomattia and Maxysoft!)
* Updated PowerAmps
* Updated Apex
* Updated Nova
* Devil App Updated
* Updated PopUp Video
* Updated Theme DjSound! New Icons!
* Added Boot Animation by me thx to HMHB on update me
* Updated Mifile Explorer V. 3.04 and added black Theme!
* Updated MX Video Player
* Updated Popup Video
* Updated SU
* Updated Apex
* Updated Notification Toggles
* Updated MiLauncher!
* Last Devil on update me
* Updated Rom Version in 2.0
- Thanks TheRedDrake i:
* Added WP7 Contacts
* Added WP7 Email
* Added WP7 Phone
* Added WP7 Launcher

Slim 4.2 + 4.1:

* Incorporated the partial linaro like AOKP and CM9. Thoughts?
* No it doesn't turn your phone into a missile but there are some notieceable differences in 
Browsing ( significant i feel)
- Loading of apps
- scrolling of pages in tapatalk and xda
- higher BM scores ( not that it says the whole story, bedalus is on it to do some detailed testing)
* Status Bar Notification Counter
* Bluetooth AVRCP support added based on this CM9 commit( need to be tested properly)
* Bluetooth Media Streaming works
* Wifi Ad-Hoc support added based on this and this CM9 commit( need to be tested properly)
* Wifi-Direct should work on enabled devices based on this CM9 commit ( I9100, I9300, HOX, GNex)
* Camera changes based on this and this CM9 commit
* Add AP specific API based on this CM9 commit
* Whole lot of other changes, i can't keep track of, just flash

TiramiSlim Final V. 1.0


* Now it is multilanguage! Customizable!
* Now you can see the preview fonts before you install it! (thx Stoux2)
* Now you can choose what to change, in modify section, thanks to a convenient menu! (thx Stoux2)
* Added ability to install my theme or default! (thx Stoux2)
* Code cleanup!
* Added font cartoonie
* Added font stonehenge
* Added UCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget)
* Added screenshot app
* Added alternate MMS
* Added popup video player!
* Updated Kernel Semaphore 1.2.5s
* Updated Kernel Devil 3 0.79
* Updated Kernel Midnight 20120523 LR
* Added Devil App
* Many code modifcation and optimitations (thx stoux2 and me)


* New GAPPS Reversed
* New Launcher GS3
* New GS3 Task Manager
* New Beats Audio System 5.1! (Caution can prevent proper functioning of PowerAmps!)
* Fixed Pcb Keyboard
* Fixed Youtube Inverted
* Fixed the problem of PowerAmps that pauses the music when screen goes off (thanks to Maxysoft and galaxxy)
* Fixed Keyboard Samsung and re-inserted in Aroma!
* Fixed speech problem!
* CM9 transparent widget
* Modified Settings.apk
* Optimize all system apps and Zipaligned!


* Updated Spirit Radio (attention could result in failure of the speaker and/or headphones)
* Updated Lighting Launcher
* Updated Nova Launcher
* Updated Apex Launcher
* Updated update_me App
* Updated mx video player
* Updated Notepad ICS
* Updated HD Photo Contacts
* updated Notification Toggle
* updated Facebook
* updated Titanium Backup
* Updated Flash Player
* Updated UCCW
* Updated Video Floating PopUp


Official GS3 fonts due bootloop :(

TiramiSlim RC 2

* Many bugfixes and improvements in Aroma 
* Updated Kernel Semaphore to the version 1.2.2s
* Removed From Rom All themes (100 mb smaller) 
* Moved power amp in the music section
* Fix the Phonek.apk integrated Default! 
* Added Contacts moddata to get the T9 Dialer!
* Both genie widget (normal and inverted) are available as an option 
* Debugging Section back online and running! 
* Fixed a bug in the installation of charging phone off animation 
* New GAPPS! 
* Fixati some problems with the inverted GAPPS 
* Added Inverted Talk! 
* Added youtube HD mod by default with both normal and reversed!
* Added keyboard HTC 
* Updated Launcher GS3 
* Fixes some languages ??in the Aroma File Manager 
* Added Samsung Task Manager as option in Aroma
* Updated Samsung TW Clock to version 2.2 
* Added 6 BootAnimation!
* Added Sony Walkman Player!
* Now Rom have 2 Official BootAnimation!
* Removed almost all Modems except 3 JVT-JVU-ZSJPG you can find a great selection in Update_Me
* Added PCB Keyboard
* Updated Facebook
* Updated Titanium Backup
* Updated Hd Photo Contacts
* Updated Lightning Launcher
* Updated Nemus Launcher
* Updated Quick Pic
* Updated Apex Launcher
* Pulled Samsung Keyboard
* Very much more that I do not remember...

--- Update Me---

* Added 15 themes including: Cr7s, franz and Infowars
* Added new section Graphical mod 
* Adding changes toggles 
* Added LockScreen Honeycomb Style 
* Updated modded what's up
* Updated Flipboard 
* Optimizations and Code Cleaner

--- From Slim---

* Apollo ( CM9) music compiled from sources - thanks cm team
* Updated germant translations for DeskClock - thanks Basian Mile
* Reduce processing in WebCore thread while scrolling and zooming
* External Webkit changes
* Hide storage option in camera for devices that don't have external   storage
* Don't try to create an ad-hoc network when no wireless network is   available
* SlimPapersk@. apk with a couple of wallpapers, nothing fancy thanks   jeffyca at rootz for slimlogo wallpaper 
* CM9 Quiet Hours via Settings, Sounds
* New boot animation - thanks jeffyca at rootz

TiramiSlim RC 1.1

* Based On Slim 3.8!
* Optimized Entire System
* Fixed Theme cr7s again
* No Autoconversion Sms --> Mms installed by Default
* Fixed minor Bugs

From Slim:
* Restart SystemUI on theme change 
* Modified xml for allowing easier theming 
* Fix theming of shutdown thread 
* System UI nav bar clean up 
* Auto brightness corrections 
* Screenshot via customizable nav bar base on my commit here really nice feature this
* Resolve infite alarm issue
* New cleaner launcher ( lightning launcher, lower memory footprint than zeam but more features).
* Email, Exchange in base but Gallery and Google quicksearchbox via addon apps.

-Galaxy S variants

* Simpler recovery options like fluxi's, only one No instead of zillion No and then a Yes

TiramiSlim RC 1

* Total Renewal of Aroma Installer! Now we find a menu for each main section, new messages, and a backup system better than the previous release (we have gone from 900 to 1700 lines of code! Without degrading performance) Thanks Stoux2 for code maintenance and big help!
* Introduced 2 new translations for the File Manager Aroma Italian by me and French (thanks to franzyroy)
* Fixed Theme cr7s
* Fixed issue Infowars 3.5
* Added Black Theme Infinitum!
* Added GS3 Audio Mod! You will have the system sounds of GS3 (Mod by me)
* The standard camera can save photos on the sd, has timer and power shoot!
* New DSP Manager!
* Now the choice of default music playeris Optional (both Standard and inverted)
* Added Launchers Nature UX fully functional at any resolution
* Removed problem, of the forced installation of the Launcher Zeam
* Added Apollo Music Player! in 2 Themes!
* Now you can choose 3 scripts:
- New! Script for low space problem
- New! Script to Install the EMMC in external_sd (test)
- Script to optimize App and the SQLite Database
* The installation of the Camera and Genie widget is optional
* Fixed Installation of Voice Recorder
* Fixed GoogleTTS (tbc)
* Fixed problem where the MiuiV4 music player was always installed
* Updated Devil2 Kernel Version 0.94
* Added AngryGps
* Updated update_me
* Changes to build.prop
* New Logo Update_me
* Added CND Launcher
* Added GummyBeam LiveWallpaper
* Fixed minor errors
* Updated many apps like:
- Apex Launcher
- Nova Launcher
- Video Player
- Contacts Hd
- Mi File Explorer Black Holo-Themed!
* Removed Zeam and add Lightning Launcher Smaller than Zeam only 60Kb! (Thanks to krarvind)
* And much more I can not remember!

TiramiSlim I.C.E. A.G.E. Beta 1

* Added support for Theme Chooser (Alpha!) 
* Added Aroma File Manager Directly in the installation Aroma Menu. 
* New backup system. Now you can choose what to backup game. Only mods (apps, mods, widgets), Everything, Nothing, or custom 
* New icons in Aroma! 
* Updated Kernel Semaphore 
* New launcher sony 
* Added weather widget 
* New system Install launchers
* Now the default installation is more clearer and install only 1 Launcher (Apex) 
* New Mi File Explorer
* Many new customization options! Including: 
- Now you can choose to install the default Gallery, or quick pic, or anything! 
- Now you can choose to install the phone off charging animations 
- You can install GoogleTTS 
- You can install Voice Recorder and Search! 
* New Organization of the app update me! 
* MD5 Control Automated, for each downloaded file so maximum security of not having corrupted files, and install what you really downloaded
* Now it is possbile to find in the update me app: kernel, Mods, Extra App and more will come!
* Added 920 text editor 
* Upgraded Various Apps like:
- Titanium Backup
- Facebook
- Hd photo Contacts
- Update me
- Nova 
- Apex 
* Removed cna updater 
* New ics TW4 
* Fixed serious bug in the EFS Backup Script
* Various BugFix in Aroma Installer

From Slim:

* Google Backup Transport as default option
* Deskclock adjustments to allow flip to snooze/dismiss
* Camera snapshot timer
* Camera option to store in external sd or internal
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20th May 2012, 06:19 PM |#4  
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10 chars for 3
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20th May 2012, 06:19 PM |#5  
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Google (for Android O.S.)
Samsung (for this amazing device)
Me, my Family and my Girlfriend
All XDA community
Andoidiani Community

Thanks krarvind for allow me use it's Slim Rom base
XDA Slim Thread
Slim Rom Official Site
Buy a beer to krarvind

Stoux2 For help in post, in Aroma, in code maintenance and give me some great idea! a tireless Man! I loves this Guy!
Stoux2 Is now also 1st Official Code Maintainer of the Rom!

Olarf for his for his continued help others and to support the Rom love you too
cr7s 1st Official Supporter Design
Pietrone94,M3t3or4, maxysoft of Androidiani for continue and tireless support!
Xlory to be the first to have created a theme's compatible with Theme Manager for Slim 3.8+, and for gift some of them to the Rom!
kik0o (for the image of installation, changelog, credit, etc used in the thread)
cyberboob (for png used in my theme)
All Beta Testers, who from time to time test and report bugs and imperfections with great patience and professional .
All dev from witch i take some apps or mods! Please if you think I should add you in the credits, let me know!
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20th May 2012, 06:22 PM |#6  
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nice wishing you goodluck with the new project and good base choice :P

will try soon^^
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20th May 2012, 06:29 PM |#7  
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Guys Added Download Link!
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20th May 2012, 06:40 PM |#8  
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in download!!
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20th May 2012, 07:03 PM |#9  
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Woop woop !! Let's do this
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20th May 2012, 07:06 PM |#10  
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Which slim base and dpi ?

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20th May 2012, 07:11 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by UltrasFrankfurt

Which slim base and dpi ?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit Tapatalk 2

Based On 3.7 and 240 Dpi default
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