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Rom BigBear X Series

Everyone please note....THIS IS MY FIRST SET OF ROMS!
things will be wrong and missing, its always trail and error so please...just be honest and don't bitch at me lol..i will correct things as i go!
But if you wanna be does take shed loads of time to do this...and its taken me ages to learn for all of us! go me a beer! (donate button is to left)

See Change log on post 2 for more info on versions

Whats in these Roms....

Root (New Super SU)
Stock apps
NO Apps2sd
Couple of stock apps removed....(stocks & another one)
Rom Manager
Flash Player (Working)
ES File EXplorer
Extended power control
New boot animation
few tinkerings here and there
Beats Audio
4x4 App Drawer
Dolphin Web Browser
Google Music
CM7 App Replacement
Current Updates to Apps
Sense 3.5/4 Clock Widgets
Clear Digital Clock
+ Few other bits

Pics to follow asap

Cheers & Thanks to

Benjamingywn (info man!)
Fshami (info & parts)
Kunal (tester & Parts)
Kanded (Proper flasher....)
Surendar ( tester)
puppet13th (data2sd provider)
Mohit1234 (LockScreen/Ring)

for having a bash at this and finding faults for me.

Works with data2sd-ext3 script

Downloads will always be from media-fire

Extra Screenshot app Called AndroSS > Download (will add this in on next update)

Data2ext3 script is here >

V1 Version 1
V2 Version 2
V3 Version 3
V4 version 4
V5 Version 5
V6 Version 6
V7 Version 7
V8 Version 8
V9 Version 9
V10 Version 10
V11 Version 11
V12 Version 12

*Current Version*
Version 13

بلدي ROM باللغة العربية (My Rom In Arabic)

كما طلب العديد من المرات هذا لقد تمكنت من القيام بذلك.

This is V13 Only and has been confirmed working apart from the Keyboard, but use Go Keyboard as it holds Arabic.

Arabic v13 >V13 Arabic Conversion

New Launcher based rom. Sony Xperia Arc Launcher

This rom has been messed with and devised by Kanded, credits to him for this.
I took the V11 rom stripped the Rosie and added in the Sony Xperia Arc launcher.
Everything runs sweet as a nut. Really nice looking to.
Has all features of above rom with new gps configs too.

Fully adaptable dock (icons/folders can be placed in dock)
standard Sony 4x4 app drawer (animated)
Cool animations
Sony Xperia widgets
all apps from V11 inc

Please note, lock-screen widgets cannot be changed
due to sense being removed.
Theme still set from V11 minus the transparent status bar due to the launcher.
Word of warning....DO NOT USE THE LIVE WALLPAPERS! phone will crash.

>BB x Series Arc launcher
>Arc Updates
>Arc launcher V2
>Arc Launcher V3a

again install as you would the other roms.

New Launcher Based Rom Holo Launcher

Fully Customizable Dock
Ability to hide Status bar
App drawer options to change size
Some Nifty Widgets
all apps from V11 inc
Theme Changed to adapt to Launcher

Please note, lock-screen widgets cannot be changed
due to sense being removed.

>Holo Launcher
>ICS Updates
>Holo Launcher V2
>Holo Launcher V3


Please follow these simple instructions...
Failure to do this will result in
unknown issues and NO SUPPORT from us.

1-Triple wipe (data/cache/davlik)
2-Flash rom
3-Boot rom and setup (language/wifi etc)
4-Reboot to cwm (recovery)
5-Flash data2sd script provided
6-Reboot rom and enjoy new memory
V6 SuperCharger Script


OK here's something i found earlier....Credits go to zeppelinrox for this.
Please check out this thread and say thanks to the man!

Simply put, get script manager ads from Google play.
Add this script onto your SD card.
Browse as root in app, locate the script press the skull and cross bones.. IE superuser mode and run the script...
Damn its bloody quick!
I've added the script to bottom of this post in attachments section for easier access, all u have to do is click the link. right click on page once its opened and save as. don't change the name or anything, then copy the txt file to your SD card.
once you run this, follow the guide it gives...its brilliant and will override all v6 scripts installed on any rom!
But i will not install this as stock, reason being, u can redo this script at anytime and change it further at your own desecration. so please don't ask for me to do it!
Here something to speed things up instead of Setcpu....

it was made for me awhile ago........its called perflock.
Idea is it sets the phones CPU speed to set you don't have to.
Its proven to work on my phone...been using it for ages now.... is made for the UK my max is 800, i know some euro based models have 1000 as please...before you try flashing this...back it up....I hold no responsibility for anything going wrong, you have been warned!
A simple way to see if this is working grab a CPU monitor widget....just to leave on your home screen to watch it.
You will see your phone respond faster...battery life will be better as well.

Flash this zip in recovery.....DO NOT WIPE ANYTHING! just flash and reboot


Original Wallpapers for all roms is here. Copy and paste into the customize folder as they are and reboot.

> Original Rom Wallpapers

Known Issues....

NON all sorted so far!


Standard dribble.....don't come crying if u fudge it take this risk yourself!
If you wish to use my rom as part of your own please ask first!

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Name:	2012-05-28_12.27.15.png
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21st May 2012, 10:16 PM |#2  
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Info 2

Arc/Holo updated.
Holo is running ADW newest version(holo), faster & smoother
Both version have new transparent apps inc New FB/DB

V13 Arabic Conversion added

Serious updates.
New transparency mods...hope u like em. (Thanks from our old friend Fshami)
Removal of Facebook 2.0 as it seems to be incompatible as a system application.
Bravia Engine added. (better quality camera images)
Sense 4 Lockscreen mods.
Updated system apps as in previous version.

Removal of some system apps, added in newer versions of app to meet current market. hopefully fixed Fb error

Major overhaul on the rom now, ive removed some apps -3d gallery/flip board due to space in rom and conflicts.
I have included the new CM7 MMS app (messages) calendar, Calculator.
Updated SuperSU/Facebook/Dolphin/Link2sd/Maps/Flash Player, Voice Search/YouTube/DSPManager to latest versions.
Added in manager, Dropbox, CatLog (This is for error reporting) for ease of downloading and uploading for those that use it.
V11/Arc2 are now Released
Currently im working on Holo variation with above updates.

Goo.IM has allowed me on there server.
As well as mediafire you can also download in Goo manger app.

V10, Added Notigo (Missed call remover for 3rd Party Dialer Apps on GB Roms) This was picked up not long ago and works with RocketDial/Angel Dialer and possibly other Dialer applications.
Cleaned up Rom and removed some redundant files.
New Lockscreen
Added 3D gallery (CM7 Version)

Added Arc/ICS Updates pack to list

All Versions have Holo Theme (Not Holo Launcher) + Sense 3.5/4 Clock widgets, New Flipboard from SGSIII, Google Music + Beats Built in ( See status bar when in use)
Sense V9 Has a new Skin (Slate) Which is modified and working.
Font Pack also included. Lots of time sourcing widgets out here so please don't complain!

Holo Version released instead of stock sense, new theme for this rom.

Arc version released
Add new sony Arc Luncher instead of stock sense. also added gps configs.

V8 25-05-12
Changed Music.apk due to bug, added Dolphin browser, Tweaked Theme a little

V7 25-05-12

V6 24-05-12
Beats Audio Installed. Some Slight changes

V5 24-05-12
Large amounts of changes, inc extended power controls, 4x4 app drawer by request.
new boot animations, added few bits here and there.
OK please be aware, the Extended Power controls is as it is for now, i will sort out the Labeling etc but it takes allot of time to sort it!

V4 22-05-12
Due to large success in over coming problems i changed themes and added and removed apks to suit.
Wifi/Bluetooth/gps all work as they should.

V3 22-05-12
Newer apps (setcpu) gtalk, Themed, new wallpapers (not checked to see if there installed)
V6 added, plus few extras to pick up speed & overall running.
SU updated, have to test to see if this has corrected its self.
Base rom changed from UK to EURO with languages.
maps updated to 6.7...have to check if working.

V2 21-05-12
Newer updated apps
Inc Market, maps, SuperSU, RomManager, RootExplorer

V1 20-05-12
basics...nothing to add here
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22nd May 2012, 04:25 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by BigBearEvo

Wifi not obtaining address.....

You should work on fixing this issue
I'll test it out once I can connect to wifi
22nd May 2012, 10:59 AM |#4  
BigBearEvo's Avatar
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Originally Posted by chris...

You should work on fixing this issue
I'll test it out once I can connect to wifi

I've have found on other phones that different area ruu allow wifi and others don't. This is a UK based one. It may work in uk, may not but I will attend to as soon as I can like I always do. I ask for tests and feedback to find errors, all I ask iis try it.......find errors etc, posy em up.....then rrestore your own till I rectify it again.

Wasn't me............ ;)
22nd May 2012, 01:57 PM |#5  
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screen shots pls...
22nd May 2012, 09:30 PM |#8  
kanded's Avatar
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you're the next dev here, you can count on us, to test your rom, and to share wht do's and dont's.

anyway, i wonder if the on off buttons will have reboot/recovery option. and the screenshot thing. or maybe torch flashlight. does it smthing to do with script or just a usual apk that is put in system/app ?

.. waiting for the next stage, mate.
24th May 2012, 02:09 AM |#9  
Thanks Meter: 2,159
nice work bigbear! and what about the oc kernel is it gonna release or might take couple of days and months
24th May 2012, 11:04 PM |#10  
kanded's Avatar
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i like this one. good progress, man. like this.

25th May 2012, 05:52 AM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 25
Smile Good progress!
First of all . Thanks a lot for helping us have one more option of custom ROM.
Hope to see Sense 3.5 soon.
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