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[ROM] SOS M | VER 2.6.1 | RLS AUG.27.2012 | SPRINT 2.89 | MODS | AROMA | Non-Sense

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By swagstr, Senior Member on 22nd May 2012, 08:36 AM
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SOS M | VER 2.6.2 | RLS NOV.30.2012 | SPRINT 2.89 | ICS


SOS M featured as the ROM of the Week @ HTC EVO Hacks on JUL.31.2012

SOS M featured as a ROM Pick @ Pocketables (aka Good and EVO) on JUN.1.2012

New Stuff w/VER 2.6.2
> VER 2.6.2
-> Removed Jellybean Statusbar Malware
-> Removed warning to unplug EVO 3D during install (should not be an issue)
-> Removed Quick Install option from AROMA (wasn't working anyway)

-> Had to remove a certain kernel from AROMA to comply with XDA rules
-> Rearranged a few things in AROMA Installer
-> Added skin to AROMA: Ice Creamed Supreme-[thanks notsointeresting]
-> Added skin to AROMA: Black-[thanks Bebida]
-> Updated OTA Updater
-> Added ExchangeGoogle.apk
-> Added Google Drive to AROMA
-> Corrected non-inverted AOSP Email.apk (was inverted)
-> Updated inverted Google+
-> Updated inverted Google Music
-> Updated inverted (black) Play Store
-> Pre-selected a few new things for SOS M default installation

-> Updated to MeanROM ICS v2.6 base-[thanks mikeyxda]
-> New ICS base from official Sprint OTA (2.89.651.2)
-> Default kernel is HTC 2.17 kernel (for compatibility with HBOOTS 1.4 & up)
-> HTC 2.89 kernel can be flashed from (.zip) on SD card (HBOOT 1.58 REQUIRED)
-> Removed some bloat and Sense items
-> Updated LeeDroid framework (2.89 compatible)-[thanks j4n87, coolexe]
-> Updated Cool Mods to v3(CamMod/MusicMod with and w/o Beats)-[thanks coolexe]
-> Updated Sony Mods to include Playstation Cert.-[thanks XxXPachaXxX]
-> Fixed an installation error that prevented Sony Mods form being enabled
-> Fixed Google Now/Voice Search (Voice Search is functional)
-> Added a few flashable Status Bar themes to AROMA (hopefully more to come!)
-> Init.d tweaks (extended battery, excellent performance)
-> Build.prop tweaks (OOM, GPU, network, misc. tweaks)
-> Added "OTA Update Center" to make updating SOS M easier
-> Updated Apps: SuperSU, Boat Browser, Flash Player, MyBackup Root, YouTube, Titanium Backup
-> Updated Gapps: Play Store, Play Magazines, Play Music, Gmail, Maps, Google+
-> Added new Launchers: Holo HD, MX Launcher
-> Updated Launchers: Go Launcher, Holo
-> Added option to install ReLaunch-[thanks 5primes]
-> Added option to install Twisted Home Manager-[thanks Twisted Apps]
-> New Jelly Bean Goodies/Add-Ons: Calculator, Keyboard, Google Reader, StatusBar app (selectable from AROMA)
-> New MeanROM "Mean Android" Boot Animation-[thanks mikeyxda]
-> Changed HTC Keyboard color theme from standard to black
-> Updated AROMA Installer binary to v2.50 (Edelweis)-[thanks amarullz]
-> Lots of "under the hood" modifications to the SOS M installation

geek4u86: "awesome, pure awesome, top 5 roms ive tryed.... maybe top3"
valdesr11: "If you are reading these messages in order to decide if you should flash this or not, FLASH IT NOW. This is the best rom I have seen in a very long time."
Imurdaddytoo: "MeanRom - Sense + ICS.... this may be the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!"

Top Features
  • Based off of MeanROM ICS v2.6 and 2.89.651.2
  • Native Evo 3D Sprint ROM... (working 4G & 3D)
  • Sense removed for a cleaner Android experience
  • AROMA Installer included for 1000's of different possible installation configurations
  • 9 launchers to choose from: Apex, Nova, MIUI, Holo, Holo HD, GO Launcher EX, ADW, LauncherPro and MX Launcher
  • LeeDroid Tweaks (optional)
  • Tons of AOSP apps can be added optionally with inverted versions
  • Sony Bravia Engine XLoud & PlayCert
  • coolexe's CamMod & MusicMod integrated for better camera and audio - (you choose w/ or w/o Beats Audio)
  • CHANGELOG - VER 2.6.1

NOTE: Currently all links are up except the Dropbox link. Enjoy!
ALSO: Feel safe ignoring Google's malware warnings! I have removed all traces. Simply hit Advance > Proceed. Good to go

Q&A in Post 2

Installation/Update Instructions
# Although this ROM installs the official Sprint OTA 2.89 ICS base, by default it will install the 2.17 kernel for compatibility with HBOOT 1.4 & up. The 2.89 kernel requires that you have HBOOT 1.58 S-OFF or you will get stuck in a bootloop! If you want to use the 2.89 kernel you may have it extracted to the SOS folder on your SD card during installation then flash the kernel after the ROM is installed and you have upgraded your HBOOT to 1.58.

# It is recommended that S-OFF users upgrade their firmware to 2.89.651.2. Freeza's new firmware bits can be found at... People who want to use the 2.89 kernel should flash the firmware version that includes HBOOT 1.58. There is also a version that does not include an HBOOT for users who only want to upgrade their firmware/radio. You should not upgrade your HBOOT if you want to use the default 2.17 kernel but you should update your firmware/radio.

# If you are S-ON, (HTC Dev Unlocked), and you were previously running an ICS ROM from the VM leak, chances are this ROM will boot for you using the 2.17 or other kernel. (4EXT Recovery recommended).

# It is assumed that you know what you are doing when it comes to upgrading your firmware and flashing kernels. If you are unsure of your ability to do these things then it's best to play it safe and stick with the default 2.17 kernel. We are not responsible if something misfortunate should happen to your phone, use caution when performing these processes.

# A Full Wipe is highly recommended when coming from any ROM other than MeanROM using a 2.89 base. That goes for versions of SOS M prior to 2.6 as well. There are also instances where "dirty flashing" the same version will bring about strange behavior that will not be encountered with a Full Wipe. Before flashing, you should backup your user Data using a program such as MyBackup or Titanium and make a Nandroid backup of your current ROM. Once you have backed-up everything you may immediately return to this installer. You will be given the option whether or not you want your Data partition formatted, then SOS M Super-Wipe script will automatically format and optimize your phone's partitions for you prior to the actual installation. If you run into any problems or strange occurrences after flashing this ROM, make sure you select "Super-Wipe Data" and flash the ROM again before reporting or discussing these issues.

Swagged Out Videos
[Make your own video review and see it here!]

Skins (VER 2.6+)

Team 420
Knight: Download [thanks Bebida]

*If you see anymore themes or skins compatible with the latest 2.89 OTA, let swagstr know and he will post them or a modified/compatible version to the OP in the section above.

  • AOSP MMS.apk does not send MMS messages - (all other features of the app work fine) - Use HTC MMS.apk for fully functional MMS app.
  • If you are using Google Now, there are the typical bugs associated with this app. Remember, the version(s) we are using have been modified to work with ICS. This is a W.I.P. and it gets better with every release.

AROMA Installer provides 1000's of installation possibilities. This ROM takes "user customization" to a completely different level! It is up to you, Swag Nation, to help perfect this ROM... Let us know what we can do to make it even better!

Please report all bugs to Team Swag (swagstr | DJarkIV | torzak | steveyos) via the XDA thread, the SOS Thread[/url], Twitter or Gmail. Be sure to tweet about SOS ROMs with the hashtag #SWAGROM.

mikeyxda | DJarkIV | JoelZ9614 | travp624 | CyanogenMod Team | HTC Reseller | grayn0de
chad.goodman | tommytomatoe | amarullz | gruesomewolf | Jason Calhoun | Team Swag | HTC | Sprint | SOS Users

Team Swag is a small project that wants to keep your EVO bad ass. Please donate as much as you can below!

All donations are appreciated greatly!!!
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22nd May 2012, 08:36 AM |#2  
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Quick Q&A

Where do I download Sense widgets?
This ROM has the Sense launcher removed and, thus, cannot use ANY of the Sense widgets. However, the same would be true if you used Apex Launcher on a Sense ROM (you wouldn't be able to use Sense widgets). Basically, no Sense launcher = no Sense widgets. Hit up the Play Store for great alternatives

I'm using the HTC lock screen, where are the app bubbles on the bottom?
Unfortunately, those items are tied to Rosie.apk (the Sense launcher) and will not work with SOS M. Be sure to try MiLocker, WidgetLocker, and GO Locker from the Play Store.

How should I flash if I have HBOOT 1.50 with S-ON?
The first thing you should do is get S-OFF hehe... But seriously, try 4EXT Recovery. If that doesn't work, flash via fastboot.

I flashed a theme and now I have the Sense launcher back... WHAT DO I DO?
You can re-flash the ROM to remove the launcher immediately. Post a link to the theme and I will de-senseify it for this ROM

I want to use SOS M on Boot Manager, but I don't think I can with Aroma... Can I?
Actually you can, head over here. I explained how to do it for my EVO 4G ROM - it's the same process.


Have a question?

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Register at the official Swagged Out Stock Forums and get answers right away

>>>SOS M ROM Forum Link<<<
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22nd May 2012, 08:38 AM |#3  
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Yay another Rom to flash Thank You!!!

Sent from my PG86100 using xda premium
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22nd May 2012, 08:47 AM |#4  
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Stoked. Basically what I've done.

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22nd May 2012, 08:54 AM |#5  
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Welcome to the 3d good to see you here

Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk 2
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22nd May 2012, 09:06 AM |#6  
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Omg I love sos had it for my og evo forever. Gonna, flash this, in a, few, hours thanks alot Idk if it has, it but is there a, way to increase speaker volume without static or damaging it?

Sent from my PG86100 using XDA
22nd May 2012, 09:08 AM |#7  
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Oh heck yeah, flashin . . . Be back soon.

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22nd May 2012, 09:14 AM |#8  
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Stoked to flash this. Looks good!

Update: So far so good. LOVE that I can customize almost my entire flash!
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22nd May 2012, 09:31 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Mr nerd

Omg I love sos had it for my og evo forever. Gonna, flash this, in a, few, hours thanks alot Idk if it has, it but is there a, way to increase speaker volume without static or damaging it?

Sent from my PG86100 using XDA

Sony Xloud worked well on the OG. Are the results similar for the 3D? If so, I could incorporate that mod with the next release.

Sent from my Swagg3D Out EVO 3D via Tapatalk
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22nd May 2012, 09:34 AM |#10  
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Downloading now

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22nd May 2012, 09:48 AM |#11  
Account currently disabled
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before the lock
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