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[ROM][JoyOS] iXperiaA 8S v1.9.0 Released ! nAa/Alfs (13/8/2012) ported to x8

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By ShiNLiew, Guest on 25th May 2012, 01:14 PM
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Hi everyone, here are the fully working ported JOYOS 1.2.2 (B) to our lovely Xperia X8.


Screenshots :
< By Ash78663 with transparent status bar

CM7.2 Based with Best stability
Super Smoothness
Super Fast Perfromance
Super Smooth menu scrolling
Super great for daily use
Great gaming performance ( 2D, 3D and HD games )
Default overclock value also very smooth scrolling and gaming
Many free ram even after installed lots of apps/games
Minimal apps installed
208mb free of internal memory
Fully deodexed
All compatible apps and games are shown in market
Super tasking performance without swap

-None !

-iXperiA v1.9.0

-Patch For Alfs9aCM7 Users with iXperiA 8S v1.9.0


-iXperiA 8s v1.7 Italian
Note: - All credits / thanks goes to alexcyb for this translated italian version !

1. iXperiA 8S v1.8.0 and -Patch For Alfs9aCM7 Users with iXperiA 8S v1.8.0
2. iXperiA 8s v1.7
3. Patch for iXperiA 8s v1.7 - FLASH IT RIGHT AFTER FLASHED ROM
4. iXperiaV1.6
5. iXperiaV1.5
6. iXperiaV1.4 non-a2sd
7. iXperiaV1.4 a2sd
8. iXperiaV1.3 non-a2sd and iXperiaV1.3 a2sd
9. iXperiaV1.2 and iXperiaV1.2 a2sd Special Edition
10. iXperia V1.1 and update-rom-chargemon vold
11. iXperia V1.0

Notes :
1. In order to use PlayStore, you must connect to WIFI or 2G/3G first after installation of rom or else you wont be able to open the playstore. But if you cant connect any connection, then go to settings/phone/performance/google services switch and untick the Google Play Store, first time may get force close after unticked it but dont worry, go to the same place again and you will see the google play store didnt unticked so unticked it again. Done. If you already connected to any data connection then you wont need this step
2. Flash the right after you flashed the rom

Changelog for v1.9
1. Only fixed LED notification lights.
So sorry about it

Changelog for v1.8
Ported Better and Merged different JoyOS
1. For nAa Kernel -13 or Alfs Kernel 8aCM7 / Alfs Kernel 9aCM7 and above
2. Greater performance !
3. Greater battery life !
4. Fixed all bugs ( Sound, Video, Camcorder for Barcode/Qr scan ) except FMradio but i will add a non-force close radio, only not sure if it works in your region
5. Updated all outdated apps
6. Themed some new icons in apps and settings
7. Added more ICS tweaks
8. Added more CM7 tweaks
9. New andreno libs for great 2D/3D performance and also benchmark lovers
10. Included the old missing patch for iXperiA v1.7 ( No need to flash any patch anymore )
11. Updated most libs files for better performance and bugs fixes
12. Improved wifi performance
13. Android keyboard as dafault
14. No more chinese word in dialer
15. Non-transparent statusbar with 3G/WIFI icons at the left side like IOS
16. Added maildroid as requested
17. Prettier interface
18. Notifications = Notification
others for you to explore yourself

Changelog for v1.7
Great changes !!
Greater gaming optimized
1. Fixed wifi and works even better ( no more bugs with it )
2. Added new performance tweaks. ( 1.5x more speedx )
3. Improved 3D games quality and performance
4. Even greater gaming experience
5. Transparent statusbar but lose wifi/3g icons in the left of the statusbar.
6. Slightly increased free ram
7. Fixed all minor bugs. Weird bugs like cant enable allow non-market apps or etc gone
8. Updated and added some system apks
9. Tweaked battery life
10. Added back LED flash notifications but you need to flash the ( Accidentally forgot to add it in the rom )
11. Changed media profiles
12. Compatible with nAa 13
13. Updated playstore to 3.7.13 from jelly bean
14. Added minor ICS tweaks
15. Tweaked build.prop
16. Improved 2G/3G data connection

Changelog for v1.6
Ported Joyos 1.2.2 (B)
Full wipe required
Special thanks to bug_menot, youself-p and mr-tical for their feedbacks
1. Ported new Joyos 1.2.2 (B)
2. Very stable, very smooth and very conserve battery ( Changelog for Joyos 1.2.2 (B) )
3. More IOS looking and interface and icons
4. Fixed wifi data connection
5. More performance
6. Removed some apps to make it more lightweight
7. Fully odexed and zipalign for more speed and even better boot speed after installation
8. Wifi and 3G icons moved to left side of statusbar
9. New IPhone/IPod bootanimation for better looking but only slightly increased graphic to decrease chance of getting bootloop
10. Fixed build.prop
11. Even nicer looking animation
12. Better lock sound hearing
13. Fixed playstore for not showing in launcher for some users ( If your playstore did not shows up in home launcher after installation of rom, turn on wifi and connect to any modem or 3G. After connected, the playstore will automatically appears in home launcher )
14. Changed back to super user as requested. If you want supersu, just go to my second post in the thread
15. Fixed 2g data connection
16. Boosted copy speed between computer ( SUper fast than all the previous version. Got max 8mb+/sec with class 4 8GB micro sd )
more ....

Changelog for v1.5
Huge thanks to Rieyan Shinji And Dzolcp for some of their great rom's drivers
1. Changed media profiles for better video recording as requested
2. Fixed autobrightness
3. Updated espier launcher to latest
4. Removed megabass to prevent dsp manager force close
5. Compatible with Alfs Kernel CM-7 v8a / nAa Kernel v11
6. Minor bugs fixed
7. Added Ultra brightness
8. More functions added in CM settings
9. Attempt to fix SU and finally fixed so now you are not needed to enter supersu after installation of rom. Changed back to latest supersu
10. New andreno libs to boost 2d/3d performance
11. Lots of new files added
12. Fixed and updated some malfunctioning system APKs
13. Added nice looking MIUI Theme
14. Added link2sd ( Very important for a2sd users )
15. Removed the laggy file manager and added bluetooth file transfer
16. Performance booster added
17. Tweaked ram
18. Better installation time of APKs ( Confirmed )
19. Added new battery tweaks ( Confirmed )
20. Changed bootanimation to nice looking ICS boot animation ( Removed ICS boot animation and changed to Iphone4s boot animation )
21. Fixed malfunctioning EXT files from JOYOS that caused the A2SD in CM Settings cant detect EXT correctly
22. Added A2SD function in CM Settings so A2SD edition is no longer required !!
23. Updated some lib files
24. Changed clear button to english ( thanks karlo for his images, i cant find any more pretty one than his )
25. Better quality of 3D games
26. Fixed bootanimation appears 2 times after moving apps to EXT
27. Removed junk files that caused bugs
more to mention but i need time to remember ......

Changelog for v1.4
Joyos 1.2.2 changelog
1. SMS backup and restore functions
2. V880 increase the virtual keyboard

This version solve the problem:
1, the V880 start FM, Bluetooth will be open prompt, "Turn on Bluetooth to start the FM chip";
2, modified to remove duplicate contacts logic, for example: the same name, number 123456 and 1-234-56, when the remove duplicates, contacts can be merged;
3, notify the bar more than one icon, the cumulative number of notification bar show only;
4, the status bar icon is displayed too much will result in the notification bar icon shows the insufficiency phenomenon;
5, edit existing contacts, add or modify the contact head, sometimes to add an unsuccessful;
6, from the File Manager, select an empty file open to use notes, prompt notes the FC;
7, Defy, the Nexus S and telecommunications number to send Chinese SMS, telecommunications numbers can not receive text messages.

i. This is for non-a2sd changelog
1. Improved some more performance ( Scrolling and gaming )
2. Fixed sometimes may have 5% of chance for automatically move app2sd after flashing the rom.
3. Fully stable for daily use
ii. This is for a2sd changelog
1. Greater performance ( Scrolling and gaming )
2. Even better ram management ( For those who installed many apps or games but still have smooth scrolling and good performance like myself )
3. More tweaks
4. Fixed after moving apps2sd/ext, will reboot 2 times before entering lockscreen
5. More stable.
These are included in both versions
1. Added voice dialer
2. Fix su permission to prevent acting crazily but revert back to latest superuser ( Please report if you still have problems with it. I reflash many times but dont have any problems )
3. Fully deodexed

Changelog for v1.3
ii. Want speed? V1.3 is the speed for you
1. Big updates and lots of improvement
2. Improved overall performance
3. Improved gaming performance
4. Super performance than all the old versions Without OC
5. Super gaming performance than all the old versions Without OC
6. New bootanimation ( Not iphone one )
7. Improved GPS
8. Improved wifi with fully functioning and wider range
9. Added new launcher and removed the old joy launcher
10. Changed superuser to latest supersu ( Remember to open supersu after installation to let supersu install first )
11. Changed new file manager
12. Updated market to latest playstore
13. Added Beats audio
14. Improved sound quality
15. Added Megabass
16. Updated Xperia S theme
17. Edited files to let market shows more compatible games and apps. Example smurf village, mass effect !!!
18. Added lots of new files to boost phone's performance
19. Greater battery life : Drops 0% of battery after a night standby
20. Deleted the malfunctioning radio
21. Fixed unwanted bugs
22. Added alt drawer for easier find apps/games
And more....

Changelog for v1.2
1. Fixed wifi and tweaked it
2. Even better performance
3. Better battery performance
4. Added eclair keyboard
5. Added Xperia S theme
6. Changed apk installer for easier installation ( Not included in the special edition)
7. More tweaks
8. Slightly increased little bit ram
9. Fixed superuser ( Fully working now )

Changelog for v1.1 :
1. Added simtool kit
2. Fixed theme chooser for not showing up
3. Added terminal emulator
4. Disabled auto move app to ext because sometimes this may cause installed apks corrupted
5. Added few more tweaks to Boost the phone performance
6. Better battery performance ( Confirmed )
7. Fixed brightness blackout style

Changelog for v1.0 :
1. Based on GingerXperia by XperiaFan13 ( Thanks alot, bro )
2. All models from cm7.1 migration to cm7.2, this upgrade Shuangqing OTA package. ( Original Joyos 1.2.1 changelog )
3. Added new tweaks to make the rom lag free possible ( Thanks Rieyan and Dzolcp for this )
4. New andreno libs for better performance
5. Removed systemupdate.apk because useless to ported one.
6. Better ram management
7. Better Sdcard copy speed between computer
8. Bravia hack added
9. Improved wifi
10. Fixed some bugs
11. Iphone lock and unlock sound added ( REMEMBER TO ENABLE THIS IN THE SOUND SETTINGS !! {Optional} )
12. Iphone original ringtone and notification sound added
13. Updated superuser to latest 3.0.7
14. Improved overall scrolling performance


1. Latest baseband
2. Unlocked bootloader
3. CWM Recovery
4. Latest nAa kernel / alfs kernel !


To a2sd users that wish to use Alfs kernel with this rom. It is recommended to format your sdext first using minipartitiontool or etc before flashing this rom. Thanks ( Optional )
1. Download the rom and patch using FLASHGET 3.7 or XUNLEI are highly recommended from the downloads section at top of changelog
2. Reflash latest nAa/alfs kernel using latest flashtool is recommended ( Old version flashtool have kernel detection bugs )
3. Enter CWM
4. Enter mount and storage
5. Select format system then format ext and press back button
6. Select full wipe
7. Select wipe cache
8. Enter advanced
9. Select wipe dalvik cache
10. Select wipe battery stat
11. Now search for the rom and patch then flash them.
12. Reboot your phone
13. Enjoy !!

I am not responsible if this bricked your phone. So do it at your own risk !

Special Thanks !!!
1. Huge thanks for XperianFan13 ( Based on his great rom, GingerXperia )
2. Rieyan Shinji and Dzolcp ( For allowing me using some of their great rom's tweaks )
3. Karlo0321 ( For his headphone fix )
4. Nobodyatall ( For his great nAa Kernel )
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Let me try
But you topic is need to be in Theme/app section, as you can read in colossus announcement!
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Thanks, seem very geng, i try later XD
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Originally Posted by Straboterous

Let me try
But you topic is need to be in Theme/app section, as you can read in colossus announcement!

Ohh, didnt saw it Let the moderator move it
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great share!Thanks for your work!
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Hebatlah bro semakin lama semakin ramai dev dari M'sia

English : Awesome bro as time passes more devs from M'sia are starting to appear
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Downloading... testing...

Originally Posted by Straboterous

Let me try
But you topic is need to be in Theme/app section, as you can read in colossus announcement!

Why must to be in Theme/App section
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Please report if you found bugs or find it unstable
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Originally Posted by bobgeneric

Downloading... testing...

Why must to be in Theme/App section

From this topic by colossus:

"Second, Mod roms will now be placed in the X8 Themes & Apps forum The threads will contain in the OP all the relevant permissions/credits along with links to the original rom thread and provided as a cwm update zip. This decision has been made after consultation with RD's/Developers/Senior members and this is there wishes so respect them."
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where cn i find sim settings?
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