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[ROM] Urayamashii 0.9 (羨ましい) [2012-11-05 Fixes][日本 KDDI][GB 2.3.4]

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Read posts #1-3! It won't take long!

Before I start I will get my thanks out the way, as I'm in no way a dev and anything that has been added/modded/hacked in to this ROM has been through the hard work and ingenuity of others much smarter than me. I'm merely a tracer! Anyways in no particular order:

|jeffsanace| |billbowers| |fernandosor| |ilDuce| |grayn0de| |tommytomatoe| |Skyraider| |swagstr| |ca1ne| ||PapaSmurf151| |SteelH| |Pvy Parts| |XxXPachaXxX| |freeza| |Romanbb| |Qliratu, Mendozinas & Avreen| |SharpIS03| |boombuler| |hansip87| |mazda| |dsixda| |amarullz| |detcup4evr| |Digital☆Karma| |AndroidON| |jamieg71| |ropodope|

I'm sure the list goes on but these are the ones that immediately spring to mind. PM me if something I added was by someone not listed and I'll add credit.

Download Urayamashi v0.9
Mirror Link - AFH

Anyhows, I went about making this ROM for a few reasons:

1. I wanted rid of a lot of Sense (although had a change of heart lately)
2. I wanted the extra mods found on other Sprint based ROMs, hence the ROM name (Google translate the Kanji)
3. I wanted them while retaining the functionality of our KDDI au software (WiMAX, native hotspot, Cmail)

A fully functional rooted ROM was only recently brought to the EVO WiMAX (4G) here in Japan (thanks SharpIS03 for his method), and since then I've been searching, bugging others, and working on getting all those mods onto this ROM, which is based off the latest au stock update (2.26.970.1). Thankfully only minor alterations were needed to those mods on the Sprint ROMs to get them compatible, although some things need a bit of ironing out still. Here is what has been added:

Mods in no particular order:
Advanced Power Menu w/ 4-in-1 reboot
Super Extended Quick Settings - Long press functions and reboot.
30 step volume for Media mod
Smooth scrolling mod
Animation and Transition default speed increase
Transparency in menu
On/Off CRT Animation
1% battery increments
Framework image changes
Native Screenshot
Status bar tweaks (hide am/pm, battery, signal, clock, clock centering)
Volume Rocker to change music track when screen is off.
build.prop tweaks
Sony Bravia and xLoud tweaks
Removed Personalize from Settings menu
Swipe to clear notification
Battery Bar Mod (Miui style) (Change using battery bar settings app)
Remappable Rosie via Rosie Utility - Thanks Tommy Tomato

I used dsixda's ROM Kitchen so the following has been added/done:

busybox and run-parts (init.d)
Dark Tremor's a2sd
Data/app function
Bash terminal and nano text writer sysrw/sysro
Task killer tweaks
apks have been deodexed and zipaligned.
Boot.img edits

All stock functionality has/should be retained so WiMax and native Tethering are still there most importantly for Japanese users.
There's also the addition of some tweaks into the boot.img and init.d which should help with the running of your phone.
Thanks to Ropodope for his COD script and PapaSmurf for his Smurfed Out Script from which most of the values came from.

Now with added Aroma...

The installation process now takes place inside the aroma installer. This means I've given you some options on how to set up the ROM. There are now six choices of launcher replacement including rosie, based on the Sense 4 look by Digitalkarma in his 777 Jackpot.

Also there are several choices of kernel to choose from. There's ca1ne's Classic and Underworld kernels (with and without SBC), and detcup4evr's More Lionfish kernel (SBC + non-SBC). The latest versions should be the ones that come in the installer.

This is the first run of the installer for me. If there are futher options users want let me know in this thread

Default options are ss Launcher, ca1ne's underworld kernel with SBC, the colourful SystemUI.

Go to Papa Smurf151's thread to find out more about his Smurfed Out Script
Go here to find out about ca1ne's Sense Underworld kernel and here for the Classic kernel
Go here for detcup4evr's Lionfish Kernel

Download Urayamashi v0.9
Mirror Link - AFH

I want to know if it works well and what could be better, so feedback would be great. This isn't my job and is very much a passion project so I'll update as often as I can, and do what I can to make the experience better for users.
If any requests are made I'll look into what I can do.

Be warned this is a ROM based on the Japanese carrier KDDI au stock ROM, and I've made it primarily as a ROM for users in Japan, so WiMAX will most likely not work outside of Japan if you try this. Also other carrier based services may not function for you outside of Japan.

Disclaimer: If you use this ROM I am not responsible for any mishaps to your phone. You know the risks involved. That's why we do it, no?! There shouldn't be any though. Go on! Flash it!! Even if only for an hour!

Download it. Try it. And enjoy it!!
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10th June 2012, 04:26 PM |#2  
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Other stuff
Ok once you've downloaded this ROM I have some recommendations.

Go this thread RA Supersonic v4.3 SmelkusMOD, and download this recovery. It is currently, in my opinion, the best recovery out there for our phone. Just take a look at that wipe menu. Get it, flash it, boom! Next make a nandroid, you know, just in case. Back up all that you think is needed. Then use the first two options in the wipe menu (Clear caches and Format all). If you wanna, use superwipe just to make sure.
Don't forget to press thanks after d/l. Find Amon Ra and drellesdee as well thank them too!!

Sd Ext Partition
Now, as mentioned, I've baked in dta2sd. To get this to work you need an ext- partition on your sd-card. You can do that in the recovery or if you want Google the Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition and you can use this on your PC to do the same thing.
Bear in mind partioning your sd card will WIPE EVERYTHING so any data you want to keep, move to your computer manually first or somewhere it is safe. I recommend using ext3 as your partition for this ROM and making it between 512MB-1GB(1024MB), no bigger. I'm using a 16GB class 10 with storage (14GB) and ext3 (1GB). If you use a2sd you will have free internal storage of around 300MB+ on initialising.

Once you've wiped your phone, and partitioned your sd-card, flash the rom zip, and go through the installer. It's pretty self explanatory. You can choose to auto-reboot or go back to recovery and do whatever you want before rebooting.
The splash screen will hang for a few minutes, and then the boot animation will too, as the phone sets up. Give it in total about 15minutes to finish loading the first time. Then check it out.

There are some additional apps I included in the ROM installation process. These can be found in the changelog in post #3.
These are the free versions but I strongly recommend supporting these devs and their great apps by getting the paid versions.
Also there is a Tweaks app, Rosie Utility, and Wallpaper Chooser included for doing stuff. You'll figure it out

Wallpaper Chooser
Link to post with wallpaper chooser apk
Thanks to Tommy Tomatoe for this handy apk. Now I've only add a few pictures in to this. If you want any added send me a PM with a link to the pictures you want included and I will go about putting them in.

Status Bar alternative
Over on this thread I've had a go at making some alternative Statusbars for people to flash in recovery. I've had a go at making two so far. If people wanna let me know of anything else they might want. Cool.

Launcher Replacements
The default launcher replacement, ss Launcher, is pretty slick in my opinion. It's limitations are your creativity. Check out this thread to see what other users have come up with.

The Rosie is being brought back and is themed now via Digitalkarma's v7.77 Heaven/Jackpot ROM, 'cos it got the look. Remappable button and other Rosie Functions via the Rosie Utility are a big thanks to Tommy T. Here is the thread. Check it out.

The other replacements are GO Launcher EX, MiHome, Nemus, and Holo Launcher.

If you run into any bugs or issues please report them on this thread. Try to give as many details as possible, whats happening, when it happened, what were you doing at the time, a logcat if necessary (the catlog app will help you there), and also what set up you chose in the aroma installer, launcher, kernel, add-ons...If I can replicate it then it will make it easier to fix the problem.

Current bugs:
-> SystemUI may or may not force close on first boot before signing in. Just click ok and proceed to sign in.
-> SMS for KDDI au users: The first message might fail to send. Immediately re-write your message in new text box and it will send fine.
->Au One Market not working: Can't get the fix to work either.
-> Sprint users: SMS will fail to send. No solution as of yet


Urayamashii - Changelog

Device: HTC Supersonic
Developer: Robobob1221

Base: 2.26.970.1 (Stock)
Android Version: 2.3.4

"Senseless 1.0!"
"The choice is now yours"

version 0.9.1

-- Fixes --
-> Phone.apk - Text alignment fixed
-> SystemUI.apk - Hopefully random fc when losing reception has been fixed
- Some layout changes; font size of clock, date, battery text.
- Clear notifications has been moved to the bottom of the notifications
- Some font colours have been changed.
- Date overlay when clock is centred fixed.
-> init.d tweaks - Defrag has been removed from the 45smurf tweaks
- Removed some duplicate tweaks
- Boot time has reduced slightly - just a couple minutes now! LOL!!

version 0.9

--Major Update--

||AROMA Modification||

-> Complete overhaul of the aroma-config and updater script. A bit cleaner, a bit
longer, and a bit more of a logical order to application groupings.
-> Additional /opt/ folders, and application choices. You will see!
-> Widget selection pages for Rosie and GO Launchers.
-> zip size increase - 332MB. A lot more variety for initial set-up.

||UPDATES, mods, and any other Beez snatch!||

-> RAMdisk edited. Tweaks baked into the boot.img. Thanks to Jamieg71 for the advice.
-> Other tweaks have been re-arranged and compiled into smaller files to hopefully 
speed up the process after boot. A big thank you to Ropodope and PapaSmurf151 for
the tweaks values/scripts.
-> Removed an init.d file that was causing severe lag and force closures for users.
-> 'De-bloated' the system further by removing most non-essential htc and other stock
applications and making them available as options in the aroma installer
-> All HTC widgets have been included as an Aroma Installer option.
-> Reduced system apk sizes by removing raw/values translation files.
Japanese still included.
-> Resources have been decompressed and pngs optimized through the Android Utility.
Thanks to Tommy T for this utility!
-> Google apps 'should' all be up-to-date. Sorry if not
-> KDDI au mail apk, and lib files updated to latest version [01.10.11]. Thank you
naoroot for the apk.
-> Classic and Underworld updated to latest and greatest - 1.5 and 0.8 respectively.
-> Included MiHome and Nemus as home replacements. Removed ADW and AOSP
-> GooManager included - further updates will be pushed through this application.

version 0.8 - 23/07/2012
--Major update and stuff--

||AROMA Modification||

-> Binary updated to the latest version 2.50 (Edelweis)
-> Aroma-config and Updater-script have been modified for new apk additions
-> Zip now a whopping 271MB. This offers more customization to your installation options
Remember this won't all be in your storage!

-> Added the following applications to the opt folder:
* DSP Manager, Volume+, HTC Widgets (Music, Calendar, Toggles, Clock), HTC Lock Screen, Pulse,
* Elixir, Spareparts, Dropbox, a2sdGUI, ES File Manager, Facebook, Play Music, Incredicontrol,
* JRummy's Busybox Installer, Rom Toolbox Lite, Cerberus, Catlog, Flipboard, Norikae Annai,
* Cache Cleaner, VLC Media Player Beta v.7 Neon

-> Additional SystemUI.apk option.

||UPDATES, MODS, and any other Beez snatch!||

-> Sense has been re-introduced into the fray. Rosie, Lock Screen, other sense.apks and a few widgets.
More widgets can be added upon request.
-> HTC applications and the framwork have been themed for a Sense 4 look and feel.
-> Remappable buttons, and other features for the launcher via the Rosie Utility
-> Long press function in the quick settings now fully functional
-> Reboot option in the quick settings menu now working properly.
-> Transition and Window animations default speed increase
## Thanks to Digitalkarma for the Sense 4 resources and collaborating in getting all##
## the quick setting options working for our ROMs. An immense help for me. Cheers!!##
-> Smooth Scrolling mod.
-> 30 Step Volume control for media.
-> png images have been changed out for some variation in SystemUI and framework apk.
-> HTC Lock Screen modded with a little animation
-> Wallpaper Chooser additional wallpapers
-> Removed Bootanimation. Default android animation + no sound
-> Default wallpaper changed.

I think that is all there could be more! Enjoy!

version 0.7.4 - 08/07/12

->Zip now 225 MB

||Aroma Options||

-> Holo Launcher
-> Three statusbar icon sets and window animation choices included

-> SystemUI.apk rom /system/app/
-> framework-res.apk from /system/framework/

-> Moved the opt folder from System to zip folder to allow for more system storage.

-> Both Aroma-config and updater-script.

version 0.7.3 - 30/06/12
--major reworking of the installing process--
AROMA Installer added! Wohoo!

-> Zip file size increase. Now 214MB. Actual ROM size will be smaller.

||AROMA Modifications||

-> Added Launcher install options
-/ Launcher options include:
-/ SS Launcher
-/ Go Launcher EX
-/ ADW Launcher
-/ Rosie Launcher (Ghost Edition). Thank you Tommy Tomatoe
-/ AOSP GB Launcher

-> Added Custom Kernel options
-/ Kernel options include:
-/ ca1ne's Underworld Sense Kernel v0.7 w/SBC
-/ ca1ne's Underworld Sense Kernel v0.7
-/ ca1ne's Classic Kernel v1.4
-/ ca1ne's Classic Kernel v1.4 w/SBC
-/ detcup4evr's More Lionfish v1.8 Universal Kernel
-/ detcup4evr's More Lionfish v1.8 Universal Kernel w/SBC

-> Rosie Launcher Options
-/ Rosie Utility:- Remap Rosie Button and app drawer with this
-/ Wallpaper Chooser:- Thanks to Tommy Tomatoe!

-/ system/opt/*
-/ Reboot to Quick Settings

-/ system/app/
-/ boot.img and system/lib/modules files
-/ Swiftkey 3 BETA from data/app/

-/ META-INF/com/google/android/aroma-config
-/ META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script

version 0.7.2 - 18/06/12
--minor update--
-> system apk have been auto-optimized using the android utility.
-/ Thanks to Tommytomato for this tool
-> ROM zip file has been reduced to 193MB.
-> Some data apps have been removed to leave more storage space.

version 0.7.0 - 10/06/12
--initial release--

-> Rosie, and HTC Lockscreen apks
-> All HTC widgets. Yes, the flip clock has gone!
-> Bloatware: Jibe twitter client, au Skype app etc...
-> Stock Kernel

-> ss Launcher as replacement launcher
-> Skype, es File Explorer, a2sdGUI for DTA2SD, Titanium Backup
-> Moved Google apps to data/app/
-> AppWidgetPicker
-> ca1ne's Underworld Sense Kernel v0.7 w/SBC

-> Transparency added to SystemUI.apk and Settings.apk
-> Extended Quick Settings (with 7-in-1 volume)
-> Native screenshot with power button + home button
-> Volume Rocker Music Track Changer
-> CRT Animations On/Off
-> Status Bar Tweaks (Use the Tweaks app)
-> Miui style battery bar (use BatteryBarSettings app)
-> build.prop and init.d tweaks
-> Sony Bravia & xLoud tweaks
-> Swipe to clear notifications
-> 1% battery increments
-> busybox and Superuser
-> Bash and nano writer for sysrw/sysro
-> zipaligned

Previous Version Archive

Splash Screens
If you've come this far you can 'treat' yourself to two of my splash screens! They're my first two attempt, so I use treat tentatively. Again, its what I like so...enjoy!!
My Splash Screens
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10th June 2012, 04:26 PM |#3  
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Envious Light v1

This is my first attempt at a theme for this ROM. I was partly inspired by Mada's DarkLIGHT, and not being able to have it running properly here in Japan.
Now this is the first version and there may be some bits that have not been done just yet, either missed or overlooked. I will add to this as I go along

The launcher is the screenshots is ADW launcher. The text clock is One More Clock.
This can flashed over your current ROM set up but it will replace your current features.
Envious Light v1 - Download

Mirror link

Its also available through the gooManager app if you have that on your phone.

Please give feedback and opinions if you use this.

Update - general fix not for the theme
05/11/12 - Fix package for SystemUI (test), phone, and init.d
Attached Files
File Type: zip UPDATE_ - [Click for QR Code] (3.59 MB, 72 views)
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10th June 2012, 04:45 PM |#4  
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Sweeet! A Rom from Japan!! Haiiii!! Domo arigato!
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10th June 2012, 05:09 PM |#5  
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Any screen shots?

Sent from my PC36100 using xda premium
10th June 2012, 06:08 PM |#6  
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Thanks man, This is exactly what i like to see in new rom releases, not that my opinion matters but myself personaly. Yiu have a little of everything some sense some aosp some ics put together in a very tasteful way, a nice looking rom it is bro. Great job and thanks again,,,Later
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10th June 2012, 07:40 PM |#7  
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will try
10th June 2012, 08:21 PM |#8  
Thanks Meter: 30
I'll give this a shot on my OG. Maybe even turn it back on... I love my 4g LTE and all, but it sure would be nice to actually HAVE 4g again!

Are people actually wiping WiMAX? I never do it because my brother lost his while we were trying firerat's partitioning out. I don't think I'd wipe that one unless I KNEW I had a safe back-up!!!

Sent from my EVO 4GLTE using XDA
11th June 2012, 12:50 AM |#9  
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Downloading now will report back.

Sent from my PC36100 using xda premium
11th June 2012, 01:57 AM |#10  
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Congrats on your release.
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11th June 2012, 02:08 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by ca1ne

Congrats on your release.

Thanks! I just hope I've done the Evo justice. Thanks to people like you I was able to do this. Now I just hope it boots up for other people to try
私はローボーボブ。 Haro!!
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