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[ROM] RENOVATE Final 4 | JellyBean | 3.19 | Sense 4+ | Stock look/Themed

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By mwilky, Recognized Developer on 12th June 2012, 01:47 AM
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Team RENOVATE (One X): Myself, ZeroInfinity, geko95gek, fisha21, DanteGR, jonas2295, Goku80

First of all, i would like to say a massive thanks to:
  • faux123
  • show-p
  • N3ocort3x
  • LeeDrOiD
  • baadnewz
  • shnizlon
  • team d3rp
  • hamdir
  • CoreDroid Team
  • lyapota
  • mattmanwrx
  • GuyAdams

Up to date with Final 3:
  • Based on Official 3.19.401.1
  • Android 4.1.1 with HTC Sense 4+.
  • Heavily optimized for better performance and battery life.
  • Multi-language (WWE).
  • Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned using latest SDK revisions.
  • Tweaked Ramdisk.
  • Fully stripped all debugging info throughout the system.
  • APK compression optimizations
  • De-imaged the whole system
  • Extended Quick Settings
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Extended messaging features (backup & restore, secure box etc)
  • Enhanced multitasking
  • Custom boot/downanimation
  • Network speed and security tweaks
  • Fully stripped tell HTC and HTC Quick Tips
  • Extended system animation values
  • Tons of unused apk's/lib's/binaries removed.
  • Cleaned important processes list and added Rosie to it for faster/smoother performance
  • Custom Setup Wizard
  • Custom lockscreen (themed only)
  • Market speed DNS hack
  • Removed landing pages from Gallery and HTC Music
  • Removed the tethering guard
  • Optimized and added new animations to appdrawer and homescreens
  • Tweaked autobrightness values
  • Removed data speed limit code
  • VM Heap sizes to match the HTC One
  • Enabled data/cache trimming on every boot to insure lag free performance
  • Gtalk text is copy/pastable
  • Empty homescreens after first flash to allow easy customization
  • Custom kernel values set on boot
  • Improved performance of HTC apps
  • Hardware accelerated multiple apps
  • Scrolling cache disabled.
  • Functionality tweaks.
  • RAM Optimizations.
  • Enhanced Audio Playback Quality with PureXAudio
  • All rotations unlocked.
  • OTA support.
  • Init.d support.
  • Sysro/sysrw commands support.
  • Persistent ADB enabled.
  • Increased MMS limit.
  • Signature verification disabled.
  • Customed theme with the option of stock look.
  • De-sense option in AROMA.
  • Much more I have forgot!

Latest Version: Final 4 - 08/04/2013
RENOVATE Final 4 Mirror 1

MD5 SUM *a669ef9056e211dfb732e4fdaa1d7ac4* MD5 SUM

You need HBOOT 1.31+ for this ROM.

Full wipe needed
Completely rebased on 3.19.401.1

All previous tweaks/optimizations/mods included

Updated lyapotas mod to the latest but kept old style eqs

New bootanimation

Updated apps.
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12th June 2012, 01:48 AM |#2  
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Final 4 Repacked Kernels/Bug Fixes/RenovatePlus


Bug Fixes: (If you don't receive OTA Update)


RenovatePlus is an additional zip which lets you customize your RenovateROM the way you like it. With the option to add/remove apps, as well as keyboard languages. It also has a large selection of tweaks/mods to choose from so you can get your ROM exactly how you want it.

There will be a new release of RenovatePlus every time we release a new Final build.
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12th June 2012, 01:48 AM |#3  
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Final 4 - Bug Reporter

When people post bug's and we can confirm them we will add them to this post.

Previous Changelogs:

Final 3

Completely rebased on 3.18.401.1

All previous tweaks/optimizations/mods included

Fixed compression errors on MMS

Fixed dodgy dialer background for stock look users

Removed kernel settings from System Tweaks and set kernel properties by default in an init.d script

Updated PureXAudio to One X FINAL, with sound files from the HTC One

Changed vm heap values to the same as HTC One

-Removed "Notifications" option from Rosie menu

Added back the "select input method" notification

Removed SuperSU and replaced with koush's SuperUser

Updated lyapotas modpack to 4.3

Updated all apps and hosts file

Final 2

Reoptimized all apks and jars with SDK 21.1 rc3

Fixed Messages FC for more users using foreign languages

Fixed skin previews showing older theme

Fixed button lights not working for some users

Fixed issues with HTC settings widget

Fixed missing animation values for stock look users

Updated PureXAudio to 3.0

Updated lyapotas modpack to 4.3 (no UMS)

New style toast divider for themed versions

Hex edited to make sense backgrounds black and the text color to match theme version

Hex edited to make common app background black and not gray

Themed the message bubbles

Themed the AOSP recent apps gradient to match the rom theme

Tweaked build.prop for even better battery life + performance

Made sure the system mounts rewritable after every boot

Enabled transparent statusbar by default (sense only)

Ondemand values are now set in an init.d script, you don't have to do anything, they come as default

Moved all skin assets from fusion.apk to the actual skin.apk and moved to /data

Completely new awesome audio libraries

Changed the lock screen clock font to match the clock widget

Removed more data speed limiting code

Cleaned the init.d scripts of un-needed tweaks

Tweaked vm heap size and vm properties to improve performance

Improved the performance of HTC apps.

Added hardware acceleration to multiple HTC apps

Added a new lock ring

Re-tweaked the ramdisk(flash boot.img)

Completely removed all Bravia related things to improve battery life/performance

Removed HTCTaskManager as it affects rom speed/multitasking

Removed HTCSyncManager to fix the media scanner drain

Removed Gaming boost as there are  better alternatives

Updated all apps and host file.

Final 1.1

-Fixed Messages FC for users using foreign languages

-Fixed control over vibration/sound/silent in toggles

-Fixed stock look users getting themed HTCDialer

-Fixed graphical issues in transparent pulldown

-Fixed battery drain from powermanager

-Added app removal to AROMA installer

-Added back English keyboard by default

-New PureXAudio sound technology

-Fine tuned all audio configs for crystal clear clarity

-Improved Speaker quality

-Included lyapotas EQS

-Removed unnecassary things from the EQS

-Added better explanations in the EQS menus

-Renamed "EQS" to "System Tweaks"

-"System Tweaks" in settings is now back to "Display, gestures & buttons"

-Revamped the theme even more, now includes Dialer and keyboard theming

-Updated all apps and hosts file.

Final 1

-Revamped the whole theme and added a brand new "Renovate Red" theme
-Huge optimizations to the whole system
-Re-Optimised/zipaligned all apks/jars with latest sdk
-De-imaged every apk
-Exclusive Custom Infinite Sound BOOST Audio Enhancement MusicBox (won't hear this good audio quality on any other rom)
-Added custom Setup Wizard
-Added Custom Lockscreen
-Renamed "Display, gestures & buttons" to "System Tweaks
-Added media control tweaks to System Tweaks under "buttons"
-Replaced HTC Recent Apps to AOSP Recent Apps layout
-Completely removed HTC Tips on all apps
-Added extended features to Messages.apk (backup and restore, secure box etc)
-Disabled resolution check while sending pictures messages.
-Changed the number of preview lines from 2 to 4
-Added extra animation values for the whole system
-Made Statusbar solid at all times
-Improved market speed
-Improved streaming media performance
-Greatly improved multitasking abilities - zeppelinrox tweaks
-Enabled rotational lockscreen
-Added fully working horizontal Extended Quick Settings
-Removed the landing screen from Gallery + Music apps.
-Completely removed tell HTC
-Added an overscroll effect to the app drawer
-Tweaked the autobrightness values
-Removed data speed limit code
-Removed un-needed apps from Important processes list and added Rosie to the list
-Re-Introduced BRAVIA Engine
-Added lock button to the status bar
-Added a CRT Style down animation
-Tons of build.prop/init.d tweaks to improve performance
-Enabled data/cache trimming on every boot to insure lag free performance
-Modified GPS configurations for Europe/England
-Tweaked google talk to make the text selectabe (can copy and paste)
-Homescreens are emptied after first flash
-Moved flashlight to /data for easy removal
-Included new wallpapers
-Fixed all issues in Unofficial 1
-Fixed some .jar coding
-Fixed VPN
-Fixed many app bugs/force closes
-Updated kernel to 3.17 base (flash boot.img)
Updated all apps and hosts file
Clean up's to the whole system and installation process
Updated all apps and hosts file to latest


Fixed all audio issues.
Fixed all powersaver issues.
Fixed missing sound enhancer settings.
Added semi transparent Notification Background (thanks fisha)
Added Extreme Camera MOD v5 (thanks lyapota).
Added Infinite Sound BOOST Audio Enhancement v3.0 (thanks zero)
Added missing theming in lockscreen.
Modified APM.
Updated OTA app.
Updated hosts file.


Rebased on 3.14.401.31
All previous mods/tweaks/optimizations/theming included.
Stock look is now default.
Possibly disabled smartsync.
Fixed sound issues.
Moved a few apks to /data partition.
Re-Optimized and Zipaligned all apk's and jar's with SDK Tools 21.1.
Improved Battery Life and Performance.
Themed download and upload animation (thanks fisha).
Ported and updated MusicBox 4.
Ported and updated Long press back to kill app.
Ported PowerSaver MOD.
Updated apps.
Updated hosts file.
New kernel (flash boot.img)
Removed incompatible mods.


Included MusicBox 4 (thanks lyapota)
Updated Sound Enhancer.
Possibly fixed fast audio bug. (Full wipe possibly needed)
Added SMS Screen On.
Updated PowerSaver MOD.
Updated apps.
Updated hosts file.


New clock font.
Fixed stock look pop up menu.
Fixed graphical issue in themed pop ups. (thanks fisha)
Updated Facebook.
Updated Twitter.
Updated YouTube.
Updated hosts file.
Improved performance.
Improved battery life.


Changed clock font due to issue with another user.
Fixed long press home for Google Now.
Updated Google Play Store.
Updated Google Now.
Updated hosts file.


Fixed all issues with 12.0.1.
Included Rosie with Context Menu Support. (Sense Only)
Fixed build.prop for Stock Look Users.
Set HTC Default Skin for stock look users.
Fixed Rosie force closing after full wipe.
Included Extrim Camera MOD.
Included PowerSaver MOD.
Included Long-press Back to kill app (thanks lyapota).
Fixed HTC Sync App (thanks lyapota).
Fixed mismatching shades of blue (thanks fisha).
Fixed missing theme in APM (thanks fisha)
Updated Sound Enhancer to Pre-Release Version.
Moved OTA Updater to /data.
Themed Speakerphone icon (thanks fisha)
Themed Statusbar glow while in call (thanks fisha)
Updated hosts file


Rebased on 3.14.401.27 - Official WWE Jellybean.
Wi-fi improvements.
Scrolling improvements.
All previous mods/tweaks/optimizations/theming included.
Improved theming.
Ported APM to new base.
Reverted back to 4x5 app drawer.
Updated apps.
Updated kernel. (flash boot.img)
Updated hosts file.
Clean-ups and fixes.
Removed PowerSaver mod and Sound Enhancer till they are ported to new base.


Full Wipe Recommended
Rebased on 3.14.401.24.
All previous mods/tweaks/optimizations/theming included.
Fixed Stock look lock screen.
Fixed Wi-fi turning off at night
Tweaked theming.
Added transparency to dock background.
Ported 5x6 appdrawer (original mod dougi).
Removed more things from lock screen.
Updated Gaming Boost.
Updated Apps.
Updated hosts file.
New kernel (flash boot.img)
Clean-ups and fixes.


Fixed missing signatures in Settings and optimized apk.
Fixed theming in PowerSaver.
Themed roaming icon.
Removed date from lockscreen.
Removed carrier from lockscreen.
Updated hosts file.
Updated Facebook.


Full wipe recommended
Flash boot.img

Rebased on 3.14.401.22 RUU - Final Jelly Bean Base.
New RENOVATE Skin Clock (big thanks fisha21!)
Ported APM
Removed more junk files
Included all mod's/tweaks/optimizations/theme
Other clean up's and fixes
Updated all apps
Updated PowerSaver MOD
Updated Camera MOD
Tweaked ramdisk


Flash boot.img
Improved Performance/Battery life.
Optimized and Zipaligned all apk's and jar's with SDK Tools 21.
Removed icon label on lockscreen. (thanks H89P)
Added APM
Added Xtrim Camera MOD
Completed theming.
Fixed Mobile Data Icons.
Removed Missing Scenes (full wipe needed).
Clean up/fixes.
Tweaked Ramdisk.
Updated SuperUser
Updated DropBox
Updated Youtube
Updated Nova Launcher


Fixed Video Camera.
Fixed Facebook Sync.
Added Rotational Rosie.
Added back theme. (still more to do)
Added powersaver mod v3 (thanks lyapota)


Flash boot.img

Rebased on 3.14.401.20 RUU - One X JB final release (thanks shniz).
Fixed all HTC issues.
Removed debugging info throughout the ROM.
Optimized all apk's and jar's with SDK Tools 21rc11.
Fixed gradient banding.
Fixed updater script and aroma config.
All previous mods/tweaks/improvements/optimizations included.
Re-added OTA Support
Theme will come in next update.

Added back missing
Optimized .ogg files
Added RENOVATE skin beta (thanks fisha)
Set RENOVATE skin as default
Power Save Notification is now hid when not in use (thanks lyapota)


Cleaned and tweaked init.d scripts some more
Improved performance
Improved battery life
Improved network speed (experimental, please leave feedback)
Started re-theming (still lots to do)
Stock look in Aroma now works
Changed font
Added JB Camera Extreme Edition 2.0 (thanks lyapota)


Added Advanced Power Menu
Tweaked MultiTasking
Improved performance/battery life
Cleaned build.prop
Cleaned and fixed init.d scripts
Fixed Updater Script


Rebased on 3.14.401.190 OTA
Re-optimized all apk's and jar's with SDK Tools 21rc11
Fixed all the WiFi issues.
Re-added missing bluetooth file (should solve bluetooth issues)
More minor changes and fixes.
All previous mods/tweaks/hacks/improvements/optimizations


Rebased on 3.14.401.16 OTA (thanks shnizlon)
All previous mods/tweaks/hacks/improvements/optimizations
Optimized all apks and jars with SDK Tools 21rc10
Added APM (thanks jotha & dunc)
Re-implemented powersave_bias (flash boot.img)
Fixed the lag when exiting back to the homescreen
Disabled Signature Check
Fixed gradient banding
Unlocked all rotations (use phone upside down)
Unlocked homescreen rotation
Re-added OTA Support
Re-added Gaming Boost
Updated all Apps


Updated Camera MOD
Updated to lastest NCX kernel (flash boot.img)
Increased performance


Added option to boot to bootloader after installation (thanks show-p)
Optimized with latest SDK Revision 21 preview 7
Fixed Video Playback
Fixed Dialer Theming
Fixed missing closing bracket in mkshrc
Improved sound quality
Updated to latest stable bricked 0.7


Fixed all 5.3.0 issues
Massive speed/performance increase (back to renovate style!)
Increased vm heapsize growthlimit
Removed broken kernel tweaks
Updated Sound Enhancer to v20
Improved Multitasking (Lot Less Free Ram)
Fully Removed HTC Bug Reports (thanks shnizlon)
Disabled LogCat (Should be stable anyway)
Optimized with latest SDK Revision 21 preview 4
Lot's of cleanups
Updated Camera Mod
Updated Suite Tools
Updated Apex in NoSense
Added Missing PowerHal
Updated bricked kernel (flash boot.img)
Cleaned ramdisk (flash boot.img)


Rebuilt from scratch, should be faster
Updated SuperCharger
Updated Camera to Extreme Edition v2
Fixed missing Weather Animations
Added HTC Lockscreen Shortcut Provider for No Sense Users
Removed more bloat
Updated to bricked 0.4 (flash boot.img) (also new ramdisk!)
Updated all apps
Other cleanups and fixes


Added Emoji Support
Cleaned build.prop
Cleaned init.d
Enabled tile rendering
Improved Performance
Updated to latest faux
Updated Sound Enhancer to v19
Removed multitasking hack so the lag is fixed
Updated OTA service
Added No Sense to aroma
Updated camera mod to v7 final


Huge speed improvements
Added JellyBean animations
Fixed SystemUI Icons
Themed keyboard (thanks rayford)
Internal memory tweaks
Removed old camera mod and added lyapota's sense 4.5 new life version
Fixed theming in messages
Removed more bloat in no sense version
Changed wi-fi icon
Fixed theming in Quick Settings


- Rebased off RUU not system dump
- Updated to latest faux kernel, 2.17 based
- Implemented powersave_bias, should greatly improve battery
- Tweaked ondemand governor for better performance/battery life
- Removed init.d script and baked it in the ramdisk, makes boot time faster
- Increased vm heap size from 128 to 256
- Updated all apps
- Updated SuperCharger
- Updated Gaming Boost to support new tweaks
- Updated Sound Enhancer to v18
- Added MusicBox 3 RC1 (thanks lyapota)
- Added new font
- Added some amazing init.d scripts to improve battery/performance (huge thanks Zero)
- Added fully working SuiteTools
- Menu at homescreen now working again
- Fixed broken theming
- Re-added OTA Support
- Included new wi-fi icon (happy now geko? :p)
- More build.prop hacks
- Added custom Bootanimation
- Boot/Down anims moved to data/local
- Clean ups to deleted things, added back some important things, deleted more unused stuff
- Included all other fixes/tweaks from older versions

- You must repack kernels all kernels!


- Fixed issues in beta build
- Updated to latest faux kernel
- Updated Sound Enhancer
- Performance tweaks
- BFQ now default Scheduler
- Updated OTA Updater
- Updated Bravia Engine
- Increased launcher prioritization 
- Added Renovate (Matte Skin) and Renovate (Default Skin)
- Added SmartSync Disabler (thanks henk)
- Removed undervolt script and will provide as addon


[Internal Test Build]


- updated to 2.17.401.2
  Android 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1
- all apps updated 
- Advanced Power Menu
- Extended Quick Settings
- Added OTA Support
- Added fully working Google Now
- Supercharged ramdisk
- All previous speed / battery tweaks included
- Latest Faux Kernel
- Added One Extreme Sound Enhancer
- Added Improved Camera
- Removed a sh*t load of bloat
- Optimized performace a lot!
- Undervolted by 100mV by default. (If facing problems delete "99Undervolt" from /system/etc/init.d
- Updated Aroma

-Re-added Battery Percentage - Thanks Rayford!
-New RENOVATE Skin - again thanks Rayford
-Removed old APM and added one with ScreenShot function and working HTC Recent Apps Button Configurator
-Added Tabbed EQS (Thanks Sergio!)
-Long press home opens up Search
-Fixed missing vibrations
-Fixed missing Images in framework-res
-Unlocked all rotations.
-CIFs support readded
-Improved first GPS Lock on time
-fixed keyboard arrows
-Disabled Screen turning on when you unplug from charger
-Lowered Auto Brightness
-full GPU rendering for both 2d and 3d
-Removed Sense Clock, users can download clock they want to use
-Tweaked/improved System performance
-Disabled Signature Check
-Added HQ Camera MOD
-Added back FM Radio
-Reverted back to old method of fixing data dropout, removed app by j4n
-all apks optimized and zipaligned using latest Android SDK 20
-Updated all Gapps
-Updated all system apps
-Updated SuperUser
-Udpated Apex
-Probably last update on this test base

v2.0.0 to v2.1.0 PATCH (Flash over 2.0.0) - Removed APM, broke HTC recent apps button settings, (fixed version uploading)
-Fast Dormancy turned off by default, will provide patch to turn on.

v2.0.0 18/06 -Based on 2.05.401.2 (Thanks football!)
-Stripped all debugging/spying/logging found it test keys releases
-Removed Nova, Apex is now default launcher
-Tweaked multi tasking even more
-Removed more unused libs
-Updated kernel to franco r10
-Readded APM for 2.05.401.2
-More crap removed
-Optimization to all apk's and jar's
-Optimizations to framework
-Overall system wide permofrmance increases
-Other things i have missed

v1.2.0 14/06/2012 -Removed All HTC Wallpapers
-Removed some unused libs (still more to do)
-Forced the GPU to render all 2D Activities
-Switched the Launcher Priority from HardToKill to DieHard
-Improved multitasking, no need to run v6 SuperCharger anymore
-Improved EXT4 Performance
-Reverted the changes made for Data Dropout fix and added SmartSync Disabler app (thanks to j4n87)
-Updated SuperSU to latest
-Re-added the DownloadUI

v1.1.0 12/06/2012 - Fixed all issues reported by users, (Unable to change Ringtone/Notification sounds, QuickSearchBox not working, Facebook Live Feed Sync)
-Included Advanced Power Menu and menu remapped to recent apps as default
-Updated hosts file to latest from AdAway
-Updated kernel to franco r9 with Sweep2wake. (thanks mdeejay & team)

v1.0.0 12/06/2012 - Initial Release
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12th June 2012, 01:48 AM |#4  
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Reflash boot.img
  • Fixed Bluetooth issues
  • Reoptimized with latest SDK Revision 21 preview 11
  • Updated Sound Enhancer to v21 (amazing quality!)
  • Improved performance.

Latest Version: 5.8.0 - 02/11/2012

ROM Download:

RENOVATE 5.8.0 Mirror




OTA Changelog:
  • Fixed SuperUser



The kernel i include in the ROM zip is the kernel i recommend. Some tweaks i apply are based on the kernel i include, so if you lack performance or battery life while you are using a different kernel i recommend switching to the one provided.

From version 5.0.0, i made some tweaks to the ramdisk, so all kernels need to be repacked with the RENOVATE 5.X.X ramdisk.

The kernel included in the latest release is NCX 10 b1.

Repacked kernels for RENOVATE
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12th June 2012, 01:48 AM |#5  
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Donate to Me
Sig Banners/ROM Feedback/Battery Life Screenshots/Benchmark Screenshots

If you guys want to have the blue sig banner in your signature then use the following code. Thanks to jonas2295 for the amazing signature image!

PHP Code:

If you guys want to have the red sig banner in your signature then use the following code instead. Thanks again jonas2295!

PHP Code:
Originally Posted by glen.ricky

Hey mwilky and Renovate team, I want to say thank you to you guys. I just moved to this rom and really feel the tweaks.

1. The rom feel really quick. Even already loaded with apps, the speed doesnt get reduced
2. The sound, it's FANTASTIC
3. Battery life, with the KozmiK kernel and -125 - -175 mV UV battery is superb. No standby drain (2% drop overnight)
4. The tweaks are complete, no need to flash another mod
5. Stock look option

I guess I will stay with this rom for a long time

Originally Posted by Pluto

Good god, the sound quality of this ROM is beyond anything I have ever experienced. That's enough reason to keep me on this ROM for a long time. Amazing work. Props guys, you just gave that Beats logo on the back of my phone a whole new meaning.

Sent from my Renovated HTC One X.

Originally Posted by piero0402

Thank you very much for this wonderful rom and this kernel that runs soooo good (XM geko repacked)! Loving S2W, the tweaks are awesome, everything is so user friendly and this is how hox should've come out of the box! Keep up the good work but seriously can it get any better than this? Cheers guys

Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2

Originally Posted by jam256

first off - its been a while since I've posted. I had been on the same ROM/kernel set-up for quite some time and I think large portions of the HOX forums were in limbo waiting for the release of the new source etc
It's been a few days on renovate now and all I can say is you guys RULE! The only issue i had had was the rotating lockscreen which drove me crazy, but i just flashed the tweak from renovateplus and am now happy.
So a MASSIVE thank you and huge respect to the team

Edit : forgot to ask, how is my battery lasting forever? its like i got a new phone!

Originally Posted by Derrick Watts

This is in my opinion by far and away the best rom for the HOX.

I love the look and feel, the various mods and especially the audio tweaks and particulary how the devs respond to questions etc on the forum.
The Plus addition was much welcomed as it added a couple of things i desired such as Xloud and look forward to the 5x6 rosie option.
Now we have custom kernels coming onto the scene it looks like some fun ahead.
Keep up the good work and hats off to the relevant devs!!

Originally Posted by Freddy1X

My God!! PureXAudio almost blew my ears off!
Clarity and the greatest audio quality at its best! Kudos Renovate team! EPIC!!

Originally Posted by alfhie

Renovate Final 1.1 SUPERB!!
Many thanks for this...GREAT JOB!:thumbup:

Sent from my HTC One X

Originally Posted by One-X-master

Wow best rom ever *_* really really good battery life sound is amazing *_* wow srshd for the v1 urbeats is great then the circle srs for ny akg k518le really great *_* fast, smooth rom with great small features... thank you team renovate never another rom then renovate *_*

Gesendet von meinem HTC One X mit Tapatalk 2

Originally Posted by B3NJY

finally got it running and oh my nearly cum in my pants...thanks for the best looking / running rom sir are a star...and of course those listed in your mention list...rock gripes here

Originally Posted by vcrp94

Renovate team, congratulations as this is the best ROM i have ever used on any device i had, it seems like my HOX is turbocharged now, it is installing apps through titanium faster than i can write two words, i never thought the HOX was so fast, the new revamped theming is even more beautiful than it was (Is there any themed version of the stock keyboard to match the ROM? ) the overall responsivness of the ROM is just mind boggling it is just that quick, and Zero congratulations with the sound you nailed it once again. Once again i would like to say thanks to all the Renovate team as i'm in love with the ROM! Great job guys!

Originally Posted by piero0402

just flashed this rom and its awesome, after almost one year of being desensed I decided to finally try out one rom that has sense/no sense option and I gotta say this: never thought I would be so happy after flashing sense based rom on my hox It's really smoot and lovin' every second of it

Originally Posted by cypher2001

Love this ROM, Have tried all the others and I keep coming back

Thanks for your hard work

Originally Posted by ozzyblack

This is the best rom . Great performance . Good battery. Awasome looking. Thanks devs.

Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium

Originally Posted by faisaldante

awesome i cant wait i can honestly say your rom is the best out of all the ones i used its just so epic

Originally Posted by cutt88

mwilky, thanks for this great ROM and constant support. You're awesome, keep up amazing work!

Originally Posted by PsyChoses

I concur... This ROM is easily one of the best out there... 2nd best... To me... I keep switching to it every so often... It's backed up for easy switching... Both ROMs I use are....

Not gonna drop names as it's not the point... To each his own set of favorite ROMs... I got Renovate n One other... Others might have different ones... All I know is that Renovate is one of the very few that I really enjoy...

Originally Posted by Freddy1X

Wow..Renovate 13.1.0 is pretty great!
Sound Mod + Camera mod + stable as horse..

Originally Posted by skywalker1162

Amazing Rom . Extremely smooth and great performance . Good battery life.

Originally Posted by qw_zzz

best battery after using renovate v11... previously on ARHD battery was much worse, good work renovate devs!

Originally Posted by KaiseRRUby

It is working very smooth for me. I like it.

Originally Posted by d33f

Just installed 11.1.0.

The performance improvements are really noticeable it was already running smoothly with a little hiccup here and there, but now it's flying!
Furthermore the headphone sound quality has indeed improved a lot which I am very happy with since I do listen a lot of music everyday while travelling by train

Thanks again for your hard work! and I will pass some beers(donations) to you when I receive my money this month!

Originally Posted by ionhide

I've tried many, including cm10.. This rom is the best..

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Originally Posted by harshrocsu

The battery life is superb in love it !

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Originally Posted by Goku80

back on ICS and trying out the latest Renovate...5.8.1...with faux12b1 so far feels really smooth and great....hats off to you Wilky mate

Originally Posted by Jstyants

Installed this theme last night, it's my first ROM i've done with my phone and without a doubt my last, I love it!, black and blue theme on One X is just brilliant it works flawlessly andyeah .. I just love it, thanks alot

Originally Posted by OutlawEmblem

All is working well, love it, can't wait to test the battery life and music.

Using no sense nova have yet to see any jerkiness. EVEN without game booster on my games work like 50% faster than on stock.
Infact the reason i'm using renovate is because it's the only one that doesn't seem to have that scrolling sideeffect =)
Combine that with the theming and support, it all just works!

Originally Posted by adamski123

Installed renovate a few hours ago snd im impressed! Love the theming, and gaming is much smoother with the gaming boost then maximus. Sense is good, but that familiar jerkiness when scrolling between homescreens remains... Hmm, seems to happen in all JB ROMs. Regardless, well done to the dev team! Great ROM

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Originally Posted by theDroidfanatic


I mean, the theming is AMAZING! Ther JB Blue and all, its all amazing, clean, and professional, love it.and has some mods preinstalled too.


I'm Usually an Anti-sense person, but this, has brought me back

Cheers Mwilky.

Originally Posted by jonas2295

Switched to your Rom yesterday evening from ARHD
It looks and feels awesome!
Let's see how the battery goes.

Thanks for your hard work, mate.

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Originally Posted by furrypotato

Loving this ROM, running it de-sensed. I like the fact that the notifications are expandable, unlike in stock HTC Sense. And I think it has a bit more of a aosp look to it.

Originally Posted by KaiseRRUby

Thanks a lot for this awesome rom. Very good battery life, very smooth en good updates. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Jostian

yip, 8.3 is better than 8.2 (more responsive, also had occasional slowing down of transitions etc. in 8.2), I'll be honest here, for me this ROM and Ordroids are the best out there for JB, Ordroid's has better battery (20% or so) but Renovate just looks and feels so DAMN good, its my first choice, think the theme and skin just make it wow! IMHO.

Originally Posted by d33f

ah man this rom + kernel combination is a match made in heaven!
Great performance/stability and even greater battery life. Normally i would have 25/30% left when i use my phone on may way home from school.
Yesterday i had 69% left (1 day after flashing Renovated 5.5 and NCX v8 beta 1).

I was astonished!

Today i was downloading a 3,5GB package of The Bard's Tale, i left the screen on.. 1h26m constant cpu usage and 2.5 hours of screen-on time (auto brightness) and i went from 50% to around 25%.. That's GREAT compared to what i'm used to (HTC Stock 2.17).

Oh and btw audio playback is perfect.. no hickups/stuttering what so ever, i'm relieved because i do listen a lot of music when i'm travelling by train everyday.

Originally Posted by Mario.calheta

Only with renovate and NCX was able to pass the 3 hours screen time with my usage. Thanks to both, mwilky and n3ocourt!

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WiFi on.
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12th June 2012, 01:49 AM |#6  
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12th June 2012, 01:53 AM |#7  
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Is the sense camera still in this Rom

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12th June 2012, 01:53 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by naveen94

Is the sense camera still in this Rom

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It is indeed!
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12th June 2012, 01:53 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by naveen94

Is the sense camera still in this Rom

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yes !!
12th June 2012, 01:58 AM |#10  
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nice work Wilky mate... if you need launchers loads in my sig for your rom nice to see another glad i did not join the dark side...
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12th June 2012, 02:04 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Goku80

nice work Wilky mate... if you need launchers loads in my sig for your rom nice to see another glad i did not join the dark side...

Will certainly take a look mate!

Sent from my RENOVATE One X..
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