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[ROM] [08.06.12] NeoMAX 2.0 [ICS De-Sensed 3.14.605.12]

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By Neo, Moderator Committee / Senior Moderator / Recognized Developer - Free Your Mind on 17th July 2012, 12:52 AM
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This is a De-Sensed ICS Rom based off of the latest 3.14.605.12 Base.

It has been optimized for maximum performance and speed!

GSM Users, this rom has been confirmed to work with the GSM patch thanks to xda member: fazbarulho for testing. I have modified this patch for this rom specifically and can be found in the downloads section of my next post!

Here is what you guys have to look forward to:

init.d support (no init.d tweaks just yet!)
5-Point AOSP Lockscreen fully compatible with Reboot Options! Code made
available by: xjacobx
Bravia Engine Mod
Sony XLoud Engine Mod
Beats Audio Mod
Adreno ICS driver update (latest gpu drivers!)
HQ Camera and Camcorder made available by: Joebrady119
Working S-Voice from the SGS3 made available by: SynisterWolf
SEVERAL Build.prop tweaks for optimized battery performance, internet speed, and system speed.
Leedroid Tweaks app made available by: joelz9614
ICS calculator made available by: who_mike_d
Power saver settings secret menu app with roaming guards!
Latest SuperSU
Latest Binaries
Latest Gapps
PACKED with sounds from the Samsung Galaxy S3!
And last but not least, FULLY themed by zhp pilot!!

Click to Download===>NeoMAX 2.0
md5: 637f3eecf46becf67509f813d5323152

For the time Being I will Be hosting these files on my Site, and mirroring them on Android File Host's Beta site.

Since it has become a hassle for some to have to go to my personal android website to download the file, I've decided to go ahead and provide the direct link here
Just come visit my site and sign up sometime?

What I still intend to do:
*Add a Gingerbread patch to the Downloads Section to make it Older Firmware Compatible
*Upload an S-On version of the rom (most people who have flashed the newer RUU's can flash this even S-on!)
*remove any more unnecessary files

Let me know of any bugs that may be in it (aside from "personalize" (sense) option under settings.

If you like my work, donations are always accepted!

You can also help by joining my New Android Site at!

Thanks to the following for all their support, permissions, and friendship:

mbobino - For answering all my newb questions and always willing to help.
zhp pilot - For going beyond simply providing theme support and helping me.
xjacobx - For allowing me to use code that allows for the 5-point lock.
SynisterWolf - For providing a working S-Voice for the Rezound.
Mr0ddman - For providing the Inverted apps.
XRaptor29 - For help and giving me the idea to even start developing.
mforminio7 - For help and answering all my questions.
joebrady119 - For allowing me to use his High Definition Camera app
joelz9614 - For allowing me to use the Tweaks app
who_mike_d - For allowing me to use his ICS themed Calculator
Hanger84 - For answering all my noob questions and being good help.
Wildstang83 - For answering all my noob questions and always willing to assist.
DMeadows01 - For letting me kick him all the time and always telling me "IDK".

A big THANK YOU to the following XDA Members for their generosity! I appreciate everything!
Please PM me with your username if you are one of the following non xda user names listed below so that I may have you recognized properly.

Roland Deschain
Matthew P.
Matthew S.



ZHP Pilot





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17th July 2012, 12:52 AM |#2  
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OP Moderator Committee / Senior Moderator / Recognized Developer - Free Your Mind
Flag The Matrix
Thanks Meter: 27,093
Donate to Me
Changelogs, Downloads, FAQs

NeoMAX 2.0:
*3.14.605.12 base changes merged
*Fully functional Google Now merged thanks to udz2002 for the find
*Fully functional Jelly Bean voice search merged thanks to udz2002 for the find
*AOSP Caller i.d. Fix/workaround thanks to udz2002 for the find
*1% Battery Mod/Fix merged! Thanks to NilsP for the howto and ZHP Pilot for the work!
*Media player with lockscreen controls
*Updated Latin browser
*Removed SonyXLoud mod for audio quality.
*Removed S-Voice Mod and files since Google Now is merged (freed up around 50mb!)
*Increased the WiFi scan interval from the already tweaked 180 to 240 for better battery life
*Removed the build.prop tweaks for increased screen responsiveness for added battery life
***PLEASE NOTE: A Clean Flash/Wipe is Required if you don't want issues**

NeoMAX 1.6:
Moved Gmail back to system apps as it was forcing the end user to allow it to have access when adding a google account. This is now resolved.
Fixed calendar sync issue (thanks to zhp Pilot) and other app sync issues.

NeoMAX 1.5:
*Moved major system apps back over to the System/apps folder to fix a number of problems related to sync (hopefully)
*Exchanged the Mail app for a themed version made by ZHP Pilot.
*Baked in the WiFi Toggle fix thanks to ZHP Pilot
*Removed the Sim Toolkit app (pointless app)
*Removed DSP Manager
*Removed a few more apps and files related to sense
*Exchanged the Apex Launcher for the tweaked and Modified Apex Launcher by XRaptor that mysteriously disappeared from the last build.
*Removed the second S-Voice that was mistakenly left in the system apps folder (it's like 20mb!)
This build is definitely a lot faster! Let me know of any unmentioned issues!

NeoMAX 1.4:
*Removed Google Music Player / Added themed Native music player that actually works WITH the Beats Anywhere Mod and SonyXLoud engine! [Thanks ZHP Pilot!]
*Visual Voicemail finally fixed and working (hopefully) Thanks again to ZHP Pilot
*Moved a lot of system apps over to data/apps and tested for full functionality. This frees up a LOT more space on the system partition which enables the rom to run faster and perform even smoother.
*Added the code to enable all of my init.d tweaks that apparently have NOT been active until this very update! Thanks to Mforminio for noticing the missing code!
*Removed the extra wifi tether I accidentally included with the data/apps

NeoMAX 1.3:

*Added SEVERAL extra init.d tweaks and build.prop codes for added battery life, speed, and overall rom smoothness! courtesy of MForminio and Xraptor!
*Launcher Supercharged with the ICS OOM Priority Charger!
*Changed debug to full gpu rendering for smoother performance
*Added a tweak in build.prop to Remove the adb notifyer
*Fixed the busybox issue so hot reboot and tweaks work perfectly! Thanks ZHP Pilot
*Fixed Data/app mounting so data apps can be pre-installed now! Thanks ZHP Pilot
*Working Google Sound search Widget!
*Working WiFi tether! This version is actually MEANT for our Rezound and you will find it in the drop down menu
*scrolling responsiveness tweaks
*Increased overall touch responsiveness
*vm management tweaks
*microSD card speed tweak
*Removed DSP Manager as it does not work with beats
*Working music controls on launcher! Works with Google Music App
*New Home screen Wallpaper
*Added the inverted Calender back (it wasn't taking up a whole lot of space as it is )
*Overall, the rom is much faster.

NeoMAX 1.2:
*Completely rebuilt from ruu (again)
*Fixed Gallery
*Added an ICS Blue overscroll glow
*Stripped to 255mb and VERY FAST
*Everything appears to work with exception to the usual hot reboot. Also have not removed the customize option under settings yet.
*Btw I did not include the gmail app in this build. If you use Gmail just download it from the market. If many people still use it and request so, I'll throw the ICS Inverted version back in to the Rom in the next release.

NeoMAX 1.1:
*Added in ZHP Themed Resources.apk (looks good!)
*Added in ZHP themed PCSC.apk (computer connectivity)
*Added in ZHP themed Settings.apk
*Added in latest SuperSU
*Switched out the Market for an Inverted ICS version of the latest release
*Removed HTC Linkify Dispatcher
*Switched out the latin music player with an Inverted ICS Google Music Player
*Fixed the Gapps Issue I think... Test it out and let me know!
*Added the latest version of Visual Voicemail back to the rom
*Added back in Google Sound Search Widget (Google Ears). Have not tested it yet but I have a hunch it will still force-close :/ going to test to see if moving it to Data/apps, then rebooting to see if it will fix the issue
*Replaced Mail with an Inverted ICS Mail
*Added in Exchange.apk so the ICS Mail exchange can work properly
*Replaced GMail with an Inverted ICS Gmail
*Added an ICS Inverted Google Plus which comes with a ICS Inverted G+ messenger
*Replaced Talk with an ICS Inverted Talk
*Added in a ICS Inverted Youtube app based off the latest release
*Hopefully fixed the verizon apps issues. Please let me know!
*Added in the 2nd to latest launcher so that it will be able to update. Let me know if this doesn't fix the updater issue. It will force close the original launcher at first (naturally) to install the new one but should work.
*Added in an ICS Inverted Calendar (with inverted widget!)
*Added in a few of my favorite Wallpapers (delete if you don't like)

What I still intend to do soon when I have the time (most likely monday):
Add a Gingerbread patch to the OP to make it Older Firmware Compatible
Upload an S-On version of the rom (most people who have flashed the newer RUU's can flash this even S-on!)
add init.d speed and performance tweaks
remove any more unnecessary files

NeoMAX 1.0.1:
*added themed apks:
*Add in ZHP Themed Resources.apk (looks good!)
*Add in ZHP themed PCSC.apk (computer connectivity)
*Add in ZHP themed Settings.apk
*Add in latest SuperSU
*Add in latest Market

Global RUU4.03.605.2: DOWNLOAD
md5: bcdd450501e390ce323a46b396cd0a49
Flashing RUU's is the ultimate way to brick your device if done incorrectly. Make sure you know what you're doing before you attempt this. At the moment, the files is named You will need to delete the "GlobalRuu" part of the name and place that file on the root of your sd card when you're ready.
As usual, the only person to be held accountable for anything you do to your phone is yourself.
May the force be with you.. and stuff.

GSM Patch for NeoMAX2.0: GSM Patch NeoMAX2.0 08/06/12

Weather Apps for syncing weather and Weather animations DOWNLOAD 07/31/12
md5: 76666e301b04ede692ec6364d985b89b

AOSP Mail and Exchange (for those needing to check off an additional certificate to make Exchange work): DOWNLOAD

Caller ID Fix and XPlay: DOWNLOAD

The Following is a list of questions that I have been asked across all of my roms. Some may apply to this rom, some may not.

Q: "How do I configure wireless tether to work properly?"
A: "Tap menu, then settings.
Change the Device profile to HTC Resound
Change the Setup Method to Netd (master)
Enabling WiFi Encryption is your choice, however, I would recommend it (password protect your hotspot!)
Enabling the encryption will allow you the next option of creating a password for your network.
Changing the SSID is the name of your network hotspot that you want to show as an available network.
You can enable access control if you like but it is not necessary.
Scroll all the way down and check off "Enable routing fix"
That's it! Ready to go."

Q: "Battery percentages do not match what the system shows when power is low or what is showing on the statusbar or lockscreen. Can we fix this?"
A: "This is a known HTC issue and there is not a fix for it at the moment. Your best bet would be to stick with the lowest percentage the system indicates is the remaining power for your battery. There is a 1% battery mod that attempts to give a more accurate reading but it doesn't always work."

Q: "Is this for CDMA only or can we GSM users use this rom?"
A: "I have conveniently included a GSM patch built specifically for this particular rom ONLY and is listed in the Downloads section of post #2 which will enable full functionality of my rom on your network"

Q: "Weather syncing is not working and ends in a force close. Is there a fix?"
A: "I have removed all weather functionality of the rom but I created a flashable zip to add back the missing elements to make it work for you. This zip is located in post #2 of my downloads section"

Q: "Does this ROM suffer from choppiness of the homescreen like many others?"
A: "The choppiness of the homescreen is due to the default settings within Apex Launcher. Users can tweak their individual homescreen transition and scrolling settings to fine tune it's performance to their liking and nearly do away with any lag or choppiness resulting from the preset. A good first start would be to change the wallpaper scrolling to fixed"

Q: "Is this rom for S=OFF ONLY people, or can we S=ON people flash your rom?"
A: "At the moment, I have not created a rom specifically for S=ON flashing. However, if you are on the last few ICS firmware and have the last couple kernels released from the leak, you should be just fine. If you were on an older ics firmware, you will need to flash the kernel's provided in ZHP Pilot's first couple posts after flashing the rom. You will then reboot into hboot where you will need to follow the directions and flash the kernel"

Q: "I am still on Gingerbread firmware. Is this rom old firmware friendly? If not, will the Gingerbread patch I have from another rom work with yours?"
A: "It is not old firmware friendly. However, you can use a Gingerbread Patch from another rom yes. If you do not have one, for the time being it should be listed in the first couple posts by ZHP Pilot. You will also need to make sure you flash the ICS kernel listed in the FAQ above this one"

Q: "In order to use the rom previous to yours, I had to flash the Gingerbread patch. Now that I have flashed your rom, I get thses reboots every 15 seconds. Why is this happening?"
A: "Since you are on the older firmware, you are going to have to flash this patch each and every time you switch to a newer fimrware rom. That will fix the issue"

Q: "I flashed your rom but while I'm on it, it reboots after about 20 seconds every time it gets back to the rom. Why is it doing this?"
A: "You are on the old Gingerbread Firmware or not on an ICS firmware new enough. Either RUU your way to the latest leak or use a Gingerbread patch"

Q: "What is a 5-Point lock?"
A: "It is an AOSP lockscreen that allows for 5 different preset shortcuts to be displayed in the lock ring"

Q: "Is there any way to change the shortcuts to other apps on the 5-point AOSP lockscreen?"
A: "Yes, but you will need to pm xjacobx your request. Be patient however as he is rarely on-line and very busy"

Q: "Can the Nav bar be enabled?"
A: "Yes, but you will need to pm xjacobx your request to make it work. Be patient however as he is rarely on-line and very busy"

Q: "I downloaded the rom but want to make sure it downloaded properly before I attempt to flash it. Everyone keeps telling me to check my md5 but I'm not sure how to do it"
A: "Here is a link to the Free md5 checker/generator that I use: Use that to compare the string of code with that of what I have listed for the rom download. If you can not use this app, you can also view the md5 on your phone via a root browser like root explorer by checking the properties of the zip.

Q: "I'm getting a force close when trying to load a live wallpaper. Is there a fix?"
A: "Not as of yet but I will try to figure it out and provide a flashable of files that I may have deleted in error"

Q: "I can't get music controls to show on the lockscreen. Is there a fix?"
A: "The only way to get the music controls to show on the lockscreen is if you chose to use an app called "Mixzing Free" or choose to use the sense lockscreen instead of my aosp one. The native player will not work on any aosp lock screens (for now). The flashable for the time being for the sense lock is in ZHP's first couple posts"

Q: "I am done with apex launcher and want my sense one back. How can I add it back to your rom?"
A: "There is a flashable and for the time being, it will be in ZHP's first couple posts"

Q: "Although the inverted apps are cool and all, they really make me dizzy. Is there a way I can go back to the stock versions?"
A: "Yes. For now, the flashable zip to restore all non inverted apps are in the first couple posts by ZHP Pilot"

Q: "I'm having issues with my PlayStore/FaceLock/(Insert Google app name here)... Is there any way to fix it?"
A: "Yes. Just flash these gapps: gapps-ICS-04/29/2012"
MD5: 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c

Q: "Which gapps are safe to flash on this rom?"
A: "I would suggest only flashing the latest ICS gapps for any of my roms as listed in the question above"

Q: "Is there any way to make the caller i.d. show up without having to unlock the phone?"
A: "Yes, but it is a workaround and you will not be able to use the lockscreen that comes with the rom. Download "Holo Locker" from the app market. That is the workaround everyone is using and gives you the Jelly Bean lockscreen"

Q: "Does "Google Now" work with this rom? If so, does the voice portion work also?"
A: "Yes google now works. No, the voice portion does not. However, if you can find it, there is a voice workaround called "Voice Search for Google Now!" that when you select the voice option, it will open your native voice to text and insert the spoken text for you. Simply clicking enter after that should get your results. It was once in the app market but was pulled. If you search hard enough, you will find it"

Q: "The Auto brightness toggle/manual settings always go back to the default before I toggled them when I lock my phone. Is there a fix?"
A: "No. This is a known issue on every rom that uses the Tweaks App. This toggle is only good for while the screen is rom. To make the effect last after screen lock however, you will need to go into System Settings/Display/Brightness and change the settings there"

Q: "How do I activate the Beats Mod or the SonyXLoud mod?"
A: "You don't. They are already active"

Q: "Every time I try to select the Personalize option under settings, I get a force close. Will there be a fix for this in the future?"
A: "Eventually yes. By completely removing it. Personalize is a sense function and because I have removed most of the sense elements from this rom, it force closes. So it needs to be removed"

Q: "What is this power Saver function under toggles? I turn it on but nothing happens... How do I make it effective now and what does it do? Also, I noticed you have an app that allows me to tweak the options for Power Saver but I still can't make it take effect."
A: "The power saver option only kicks in when the battery reaches a low percentage and can not be changed. I believe it is somewhere in the range of 30% and below when it goes active. The settings app allows you to tweak what it does once it activates. Power saver functions however will not activate whent he battery reaches critical if you have it turned off in toggle"

Q: "Do you have plans on adding an AOSP mail or mms app?"
A: "Not until certain issues are worked out. The AOSP mail breaks some exchange network functionality and the AOSP mms breaks media messaging like pictures/sound/video"

Q: "I read that you included the Google Sound Search (Google Ears) app in your rom but I can't find it?"
A: "It is a widget. long press your homescreen, select widget, and you will find it"

Q: "I flashed your rom and my phone gets really hot after a while. In fact, Ive noticed it on all the newer roms lately. What could be causing it and how can I attempt to fix it?"
A: "Make sure you have updated your radio to the latest available and then flash the 2nd to latest kernel. This combination has been known to have the best rom performance for all my roms and decreased heat"

Q: "Does this rom have the DIM LED mod?"
A: "Yes and it can be accessed in the tweaks app with most of the available tweaks on this rom"

Q: "When I turn the wifi on, it gets stuck in the "turning on" mode but never comes on. Why is it doing this and how can I fix it?"
A: "The kernel has been installed incorrectly or is not latest enough for the rom. You will need to flash the latest kernels in hboot. This will solve the problem"

Q: "Does this rom include an AD Blocker?"
A: "It does not as it interferes with some market apps that require it. You can however download several free ad blockers from the play store"

Q: "Do you have plans to add Aroma to your roms?"
A: "I may in the future yes"

Q: "I see you included a version of S-Voice that actually works with our Rezound. However, trying to set an alarm, launch calendar or music app, etc ends in a force close. What gives?"
A: "This is due to the fact that S-Voice is a SGS3 exclusive and the built in functions that have it search for the app you want to launch are looking for other exclusive samsung apps like S-Calendar or S-Music etc. The app would need to be hacked to change the default apps it searches for"

Q: "Does Bluetooth work with this rom?"
A: "Yes"

Q: "My gallery is not showing my pictures nor is my the Latin player showing my music. How do I fix this?"
A: "You just need to clear the cache on those apps and it will solve the problem"

Q: "Can fonts be changed in the tweaks app?"
A: "No, not with the tweaks app"

Q: "I use the Navigation app all the time to get me from point A to point B but it is not in this rom nor can I find it in the market. How can I get it back?"
A: "The navigation app (Blue Chevron for the icon) is actually part of the Google Maps app. Re-Download Google Maps and you will have your Navigation app back"

Q: "I noticed on most roms anything I download goes to the internal memory under the downloads folder. How can I change this to where downloads will go to my sd card's download folder?"
A: "There is a way to do it although I'm unsure of how at the moment. However, if you can change the default downloads folder in tapatalk or the xda app to "Downloads" and anything downloaded through those apps will go to that folder on your sd card"

Q: "I noticed your tweaks force GPU rendering instead of harware rendering. This conflicts with a few games I play and won't allow me to play them until I change it. If it's possible, where would I go to change that?"
A: "It is possible and is as easy as unchecking the option listed under system apps/developer options/Force GPU Rendering"

Q: "My clock doesn't stay hidden or centered when setting it to in the tweaks app. Is there a fix for this?"
A: "No. It is a problem with the tweaks app and there is no fix at the moment for it"

Q: "Everyone else is reporting amazing battery life but mine drains incredibly fast. What can I do to fix this?"
A: "Ensure that you are on the latest radio (, 2nd to latest kernel (3.0.14) and that you have no background apps that are using major resources constantly running. Also, make sure to tweak your screen properties/setting as the screen takes up a great deal of power"

Q: "Will there be any way to add switchable equilizers in your rom?"
A: "You can download them yourself. You will have to disable Beats however to use them"

Q: "Every now and then when I toggle bluetooth, it will lock up and not turn on. How do I fix it?"
A: "Reboot"
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17th July 2012, 12:53 AM |#3  
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If you are on the latest kernel prior to trying this rom, you don't need this. If you are s-on and on a different kernel, install this file in recovery after you flash the rom. It will place the PH zip on your sdcard and reboot your phone to hboot. Press power to enter bootloader and apply the update.

DOWNLOAD 3.14.605.10 Kernel (aka PH98IMG file)


If you have issues with heat on the latest kernel, it has been reported that using the 3.13.605.7 kernel causes less heat. Flash in recovery. It will place the PH zip on your sdcard and reboot your phone to hboot. Press power to enter bootloader and apply the update.

DOWNLOAD 3.13.605.7 Kernel

Flash in recovery.
Any mod labeled as vrtheme uses the Villain theme engine and will not work with TWRP.


This will restore the non-inverted apps. Includes calender, gmail, google+, play store, talk and youtube. Flash this if you want to be able to update the apps in the Play Store. You can delete apks from the zip if you want to leave them inverted. DO NOT FLASH GAPPS IN AN ATTEMPT TO REMOVE INVERTED APPS OR TO ALLOW UPDATES FROM THE PLAY STORE. GAPPS DOES NOT CONTAIN THESE FILES AND YOU WILL LOSE GOOGLE NOW.

DOWNLOAD for v2.0
All apps up to date as of 08/07/12

Sense 4 Clock ICS

This is v4.1 of my sense 4 clock widget for Apex launcher. It uses my simple transparent background with ICS blue geosans font numbers.

If you want it for a different launcher or want to piece together your own theme go to my thread here.


Overscroll Glow

Adds an ICS Blue overscroll glow.

vrtheme: DOWNLOAD
Flash after a battery mod if you use one.

ICS Percent Battery

Original percent battery that came with my (IC)ICS theme.

v1.0, v1.0.1: DOWNLOAD

ICS Non-Percent Battery

Non-percent version of my ICS battery.

v1.0, v1.0.1: DOWNLOAD

ICS Keyboard

This will not remove the Sense keyboard aka "Touch Input". If you want to remove that use a file explorer with root privileges and delete HTC_IME.apk from /system/app.


Themed/Inverted Play Music v4.1.513

Play Music that was included with v1.3 and before.


Blue and White Lockring

Blue icons, animation and pressed ring. Static ring and selected icons are white.

vrtheme: DOWNLOAD
Flash this after a battery mod if you use one.

All Blue Lock Ring

by xjacobx

Same as the blue and white posted above but all lock ring elements are blue.

vrtheme: DOWNLOAD
Flash this after a battery mod if you use one.

Like this ROM? Thank every post from here up to the OP.
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17th July 2012, 12:53 AM |#4  
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For NeoMAX and NeoMAX Adrenaline

RED ALERT v1.6: Download

- Full red variant of my (IC)ICS theme (the one included in NeoMAX roms.)
- Screenshots, mods, etc can be found by clicking the above download link.
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17th July 2012, 12:55 AM |#5  
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downloading now....
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17th July 2012, 01:00 AM |#6  
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WOW! Downlooooadiiiiiiing!!

Sent from my ADR6425LVW using xda app-developers app
17th July 2012, 01:02 AM |#7  
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so many ROMS!!! dling when i get a chance
17th July 2012, 01:08 AM |#8  
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Lol by the avatar i thought this was bored... Nice work man downloading

Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Tapatalk 2
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17th July 2012, 01:12 AM |#9  
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Ah its out! Great job looks awesome
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17th July 2012, 01:13 AM |#10  
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Oh boy, looking forward to trying this!
17th July 2012, 01:14 AM |#11  
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Good lord, not another DeSensed based off the most recent leak lol.

I like the 5 pt lock though.
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