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[ROM] CM10/SGT7 for the Kindle Fire [20130117]

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By twa_priv, Senior Member on 17th July 2012, 06:23 AM
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CM10 ROM with additional SGT7 Framework and Launcher enhancements.

SGT7 features:

* Phone and Tablet UI
* Status bar volume slider available in phone and tablet mode
* Gesture (Edge swipe) navigation (can be used to quickly toggle the status bar with a single swipe)
* Navigation controls in power menu
* Show/hide statusbar from power menu
* Additional launcher settings
* Multiuser support

#include <std_disclaimer.h>
* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


Optional: Disguise your Kindle Fire as a Galaxy Nexus to see more apps on the Play Store:

This flashable zip (Alternate download) will modify and set the following build properties as follows:
ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus
ro.product.brand=google 4.1 JRN84D 392829 release-keys

You might need to clear the Play Store data to see an effect: Settings -> Apps -> Click on Google Play Store -> Click on Clear Data.
I tested it and XDA Premium HD now shows up in the store, starts and seems to work. Haven't tested any other apps because I don't know which ones people have issues with.

If you want to revert to the KF build props you need to flash the ROM again (no wipe required).



Make sure you have the latest FFF and TWRP 2.1.x or 2.2.x installed. [Note: Don't use TWRP until all issues are sorted out]
Make a backup !!!
Wipe data/factory reset. I also wipe /system when doing a clean install.
Wipe cache
Wipe dalvik
Install ROM
Install Google Apps for CM 10.0.x (20121011) from here:

Upgrade from a previous version of this ROM:

Reboot to recovery
Install ROM
Wipe cache/dalvik


Thanks to:

sbradymobile (and all other SGT7 developers)
Linaro organization


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Name:	settings_trebuchet_drawer.jpg
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Name:	settings_trebuchet_gestures.jpg
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17th July 2012, 06:23 AM |#2  
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* Kernel: Reverted commit which caused deep sleep issues for a few users on CM10.1

* Kernel: Hashcode's latest power saving changes and 3.0.50 kernel upgrade
* Device: wlan: Upgraded firmware to R5.SP3.06

* Latest CM changes
* Latest CM changes
* Compiled using Google's gcc 4.7 toolchain and optimized compiler flags (-O3, -fstrict-aliasing)

* Latest CM changes
* Kernel: Removed all but the CRT-off animation kernel changes
* Kernel: Compiled with the default Google 4.6 toolchain

* Kernel: Compiled with latest Linaro 2012.11 4.7.3 toolchain
* Latest CM changes

* Framework: Use normal holo instead of light for ResolverActivity Dialogs
* Kernel: Reverted zram update to 3.3 version (fixes bootloop when zram is enabled on 20121126-2035 build)

* Framework: Make recent apps clear all button optional
* Framework: Home button search and hide statusbar in low profile mode
* Framework: Phone status bar brightness controller
* Framework: Dismiss recents panel on touch when there are no apps present
Same as above but with additional kernel changes:
* Kernel: Some cpu/power saving related kernel cherry-picks
* Kernel: Lowmemorykiller: Asynchronous memory compaction when killing processes
* Kernel: Merged intersectRaven's changes (3.4 version of LMK, zram, zcache)

* Framework: Recents panel color
* Framework: Gesture navigation launch application and extra nav bar actions
* Kernel: Reverted all but the CRT-off animation kernel changes

* Framework: "Clear all" button on recent apps
* Framework: Allow status and navigation bar transparency when not in fullscreen mode

* Kernel: power: fbearlysuspend: add sleep hack for CRT-off animation
* Device/Settings: Hide Volume key cursor control preference (credits go to TaichiN/Fuzz)

* Wifi-Direct fix
* Device: WLAN Firmware Update R5.SP3.03

Hashcode's (thanks) latest device changes:
* Device: PowerVR Graphics Driver [email protected]

* Kernel: compiled with linaro
* Kernel: Disabled power management debugging
* Latest SGT7 and CM10 changes

* Kernel: cpu/power related kernel changes
* Cherry-Pick: Android keyboard: Make keyboard hints a better visible
* Opera crash fix

* Kernel: Merged latest TI omapzoom 3.0 kernel changes
* Kernel: Low Memory Killer from the 3.4 kernel
* Device: Disable Volume rocker wake and music controls support (cherry-picked from TaichiN/Fuzz, so thanks to him)
* Framework: CircleBattery: Revamped charging animation
* Framework: Optional click UMS notification to start or stop sharing
* Latest CM10 changes as always

* Framework: Optional phone style recents for tablets
* Framework: Make the expanded clock and date onclick optional
* Framework: Re-initialize volume controller on change
* Trebuchet: Fix hotseat padding without landscape left search
* Settings: App manager: Enable fast thumb scrolling

* Compiled using the latest 2012.10 4.7.3 linaro toolchain
* Framework: Fix zone 4 swipe problem
* Framework: Add padding to notification panel when the color is changed
* [Test] Kernel: Compact memory when killing processes. Invoke compaction from the Low Memory Killer when a process is killed to reduce memory fragmentation.

* Framework/Settings: Gesture zones visualization
* Trebuchet: Restore default page and slightly reduce estimated cell size
* Framework/Settings: Add CmCircleBattery to StatusBar options

* Android 4.1.2
* Framework/Settings: Add status bar hide and expand notifications to hardware key override
* Framework/Settings: Add optional phone status bar volume slider
* Framework/Settings: Seperate navigation bar color
* Framework/Settings: Shrink notification spacer when status bar is toggled
* Framework/Settings: Status bar color
* Framework/Settings: Allow wallpaper to fill entire screen
* Framework/Settings: Change from edge gestures to gestures zones
* Trebuchet: Move search preferences into separate category
* Trebuchet: Add optional landscape left search bar
* Trebuchet: Merge upstream Launcher2 changes
* Trebuchet: Add option to disable workspace background shading
* Trebuchet: Fix gestures out of order

* Enterprise wifi (802.1x EAP) connection problem fix
* Trebuchet: Add toggle status bar to gestures and slightly increase spacing
* Trebuchet: Add drawer grid size options
* Framework: Keep the network controller when recreating the status bar
* Framework/Settings: Full screen mode enhancements

* Compiled using the latest 2012.09 4.7.2 linaro toolchain
* Calculator FC fix/workaroud
* Latest SGT7 (Settings, Framework) and CM10 changes.

* Navigation controls in power menu, edgeswipe blacklist, and fullscreen layout (thanks to sbrady)
* Ducati 2.1.15 firmware (thanks to Hashcode)
* Latest CM10 changes as always

* Kernel: Simple and VR IO schedulers
* Trebuchet: Wallpaper Offset fix
* Device: Smaller bootanimation

* Framework: Move phone status bar icons to 18dp
* Trebuchet: Bottom dock layout
* Trebuchet: Add large and small icon configurations
* Trebuchet: Landscape dock on right or bottom
* Settings: Fix crash when alternate keyboards try to access the input method settings
* Maximum cpu frequency (performance options) is now remembered and does not get reverted when screen goes off/on.

* Latest SGT7 (Settings, Framework) and CM10 changes.
* Removed OOM (out of memory) modification

* Hashcode's latest kernel (thanks!)
* Kernel: Enabled KSM
* Settings: Split tablet mode into tablet status bar and tablet ui (new Force Tablet UI setting)
* Framework: Back to 600dp drawables
* Trebuchet: A couple of small fixes for max grid size and preference fc
* Trebuchet: Fix for install shortcuts
* Added HWA Settings app to blacklist applications from using HWA - which supposingly should save a little memory.
Please don't ask me which apps to blacklist - I don't know and I'm not going to spend much time on it because I don't have any issues with the apps I'm running. I know more info can be found on the Defy XDA forums.
* ZRAM kernel module (thanks to drowningchild)
* Added zram init.d script which will read the persist.service.zram property (which is set by changing the zram performance options) on startup and set the zram accordingly. That means the settings will go into effect after a reboot.
* I/O Scheduler performance options fix

* USB soft reboot issue fixed
* Fixed overlapping buttons when setting up an email in portrait orientation

* Latest SGT7 / CM10 changes

* Hashcodes latest kernel changes
* Latest SGT7 / CM10 changes
* Notable SGT7 changes:
** Make all of the global actions selectable in settings
** Add search bar divider option
** Optionally hide all apps button from search bar in tablet mode
** Restore search bar function and remove unused strings
** Restore page indicator, scroll wallpaper, and join widgets with apps

* Hashcodes latest device, vendor and kernel sources
* HBO Go fix (thanks to sbrady)
* Removed RomManager apk
* Flickering issue is fixed (new device/kernel and vendor sources fixed it)

* Old kernel build
* Trebuchet replaces Launcher2. Because both CM10 and SGT7 are now using Trebuchet as the default launcher.
* Latest SGT7 / CM10 changes

NOTE: The launcher change means you will have to setup your homescreen(s) and widgets again. Sorry about that but I had to switch eventually.

* Superuser fix
* Compiled using hashcode's new kernel, device and vendor sources

* New CM10 boot animation
* Latest SGT7 / CM10 changes

* Compiled using the latest 2012.08 4.7.2 linaro toolchain
* Used -mtune=cortex-a9 and -mcpu=cortex-a9 processor optimizations
* Thumbs compiled using -fstrict-aliasing -Werror=strict-aliasing. This enables the compiler to optimize better.
* Tablet mode dpi change. This results in slightly bigger icons and one more (now 7) default home screen columns (can be changed in the Launcher settings).
* Latest SGT7 (Settings, Framework, Launcher) and CM10 changes.

* Latest SGT7 (Settings, Framework, Launcher) and CM10 changes.

* Fixes Email crash when clicking on email notifications

* Compiled using the latest 2012.07 4.7.2 linaro toolchain
* Latest SGT7 (Settings, Framework) and CM10 changes.

* Multiuser settings (as always big thanks sbrady/sgt7)

* Performance/governor/overclock settings fix

* Latest SGT7 (Settings, Framework) and CM10 changes.

* Option to open app drawer with either home and/or back button (Settings -> Launcher -> Drawer)
* Tablet style app drawer button and position option if dock is hidden (Settings -> Launcher -> Dock)

* Latest SGT7 (Settings, Framework) and CM10 changes.

* Latest Settings and Framework changes.

* Tablet bar expanded settings
* Update volume slider to jellybean master volume
* Remove notification volume slider
* Stop settings button from overlaying notification button
* Prevent recents from covering the system bar

* Miscellaneous status bar fixes (clock, battery, notification count)
* Temporary fix to keep Google Now from FC'ing (thanks to lithium76)

* Fixed a couple of SystemUI FCs and make sure nav controls stay hidden
* New "Always show menu button" option (Settings -> System -> Statusbar)
* Tablet and navigation settings moved from Display to System -> Statusbar
* Add status bar clock color option
* Kernel parameter and build.prop tweaks
* Added new init.d script which sets the lowmemorykiller as V6 would set them
* Tweaked mount options for /data, /cache and /system
* Disable debugging notify icon on statusbar

* Edge swipe navigation
* Toggle statusbar from extended power menu
* Launcher settings are now accessible from Settings

* Settings and Framework CM9 feature port to CM10 (still a WIP)
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17th July 2012, 06:25 AM |#3  
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Thanks for a great ROM. Runs Great!

Sent from my Kindle Fire using xda premium
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17th July 2012, 06:50 AM |#5  
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Not bad. Glad to know CM10 is completely buildable now
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17th July 2012, 07:14 AM |#6  
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Time to play with my kindle, thanks for your efforts!

Sent from my EVO
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17th July 2012, 07:16 AM |#7  
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Is this as ready for daily use as the cm 9 4.0.4?

Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire using xda app-developers app
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17th July 2012, 07:30 AM |#8  
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Sweet dude let's see if you managed to weed out the WiFi bug that prevents a few of us from connecting to our home routers :)
Edit:nice job twa_priv out did it the only jelly bean ROM that will connect to my home network good job bud:)
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17th July 2012, 07:54 AM |#9  
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Hmm... expanding the statusbar in tablet mode causes System UI to force close.
17th July 2012, 08:12 AM |#10  
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would it be ok to flash over hashcodes jellybean rom or should i still wipe data first

Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire using xda premium
17th July 2012, 08:19 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by nathris

Hmm... expanding the statusbar in tablet mode causes System UI to force close.

It didn't force close on me but it did take away the buttons and it took some effort and lots of toggling to get them back. Typing with the buttons right under the space bar is an adventure...

All in all this is sweet and seems to be working fine. WiFi is no issue fwiw.

Sent from my Amazon Kindle Fire
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