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By eschelon, Retired Recognized Developer on 24th July 2012, 05:04 AM
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Modus Operandi

After tens of thousands of downloads and millions of thread views accross multiple devices, Team Synergy has now expanded their operations to include ALL carrier variants of the Galaxy S3

Team Synergy unites the various skills of numerous devs including TrevE, Ziggy471, Virus, Mr. X, freeza, as well as yours truly. Our goal is to provide a fully optimized ROM that runs insanely fast, looks clean, and includes our special under-the-hood tweaks that all around kick a$$. SynergyROM is what you wanted your phone to be like right out of the box.

  • dsixda for his kitchen
  • invisiblek for his VZW GS3 root method
  • incubus and scrossler for their support
  • Thanks to all of Team Synergy (All members named above, as well as NxtGenCowboy and santod040 for their support and endless testing)


  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2 - A hybrid framework created by us with pieces from the S3/Note2 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 frameworks
  • Fully Deodexed, Zipaligned, Busybox, Superuser, Debloated
  • Multi-carrier support for any S3 (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile - all in one ROM)
  • Fully working PDroid support
  • Team Synergy's custom init.d scripts for insane performance
  • Blocked Samsung’s "root checker" and screenlogger services (We killed it so well that Device Status shows "Normal" rather than "Modified")
  • EXT4 performance tweaks for moar speed
  • 23 notification toggles
  • 4-in-1 reboot menu
  • Fully rotating homescreens
  • Ability to toggle mass storage or MTP (see Q&A)
  • Customized mounting scripts (see Q&A)
  • Custom boot animation support
  • 4G and WiFi speed tweaks
  • Verizon OTAs blocked
  • Synergized build.prop
  • Customized SystemUI interface
  • Ability to set WiFi transmit power (see Q&A)
  • Tons more tweaks and enhancements


Jelly Bean Changelog:
r444-484 See this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=21579

r421-443 Must read this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=19825

r374-420 See this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=19172

r327-373 Too big to list here. See this post for info: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...ostcount=17931

r291-326 Samsung root loggers bypassed at the radio level. All DBs optimized for wicked fast performance. New options in AROMA, including an option to bypass setup screen and phone provisioning. APN, FC and wifi fixes for all carriers. New date/time toggles, courtesy of Didact74 (as mentioned above). EFS backup available for all carriers to prevent and fix any future IMEI loss from any ROM. Other AROMA options and bug fixes. No more lockscreen rotation unless you request it in AROMA. And finally a new Ziggy kernel.

r258-290 Network location fix. Attempt to fix APN and data loss issue. Completely overhauled AROMA installer with scores of new options and menus. Excessive boot times fixed. Poweramp fixed. Updated Ziggy kernel. Attempt to fix superwipe from not wiping internal storage (remember to flash from external SD when using this option). Fix lockscreen circle lock notifications from disappearing. Other cleanup, bug fixes, and performance enhancements

r186-257 Lots of commits summarized as follows: SynergyROM is now multicarrier. Added smart AROMA installer (with Virus' special touches) which detects your S3 carrier (you don’t do anything, we do it for you behind the scenes) and flashes the appropriate files. Some testing still needed for a few carriers. Added mods and options to AROMA. Scores of performance enhancements. Volume button now works to skip music tracks in ALL apps, thanks to loserskater who personally patched our files (be sure to thank him). Added AOSP messaging, thanks to italysfinest327 for patching Synergy’s files himself. Battery drain fixes. Other misc cleanup and kernel enhancements

r185 We now block the ripple effect from being used with AOSP lockscreen to prevent lockups. Thanks TrevE

r184 Updated kernel

r183 Zipalign, fix headers

r182 Removed increasing ringtone

r181 Voice activated apps no longer crash when voice control is turned on in S-Voice

r175-180 Launcher and lockscreen now rotates all directions. Thanks TrevE

r174 Fix SMS sending issue for messages over 160 chars

r173 Kernel bug fix

r171-172 Several performance tweaks

r170 More fluid scrolling through lists

r169 - Volume key track skipping partially added. Only works with some music apps (like Poweramp), but not all yet. Still a WIP. Thanks TrevE!

r168 - Ziggy/Chad Goodman kernel.  Moved all the usb network drivers outside of the kernel. Changelog here: http://projects.ziggy471.com/project...s3-jb/activity

r167 - Update Note 2 apps, libs (Gallery, etc)

r166 - Update apps, more ad blocking

r165 - Clean up notification toggles, fix minor launcher bug

r164 - Added system sounds/ringtones/notifications from Nexus 4. Thanks Virus

r163 - Attempt to fix high Android System battery drain #2. Thanks TrevE, as well as cyanogenmod for the original code

r162 - Fix lockscreen torch

r161 - Multiwindow now works from clean flash, INK lockscreen added, bluetooth fixed, funny messages in dialog boxes fixed, location services to GApps fixed (GPS fix), double tap to open Google Now voice search restored, PDroid toast messages working again, ripple effect fixed, other cleanup. Thanks TrevE and the rest of Team Synergy!

r160 - Attempt to fix high Android System battery drain #1. Thanks TrevE

r159 - EOL

r158 - New CSCs

r157 - Added Note 2 camera with best group shot option. Also hacked to use volume keys as shutter buttons. Pinch to zoom if needed. Thanks freeza

r156 - Update Gapps

r155 - Synergy config file now available in phone storage

r154 - Update Synergy configuration

r153 - Multiwindow feature added

r152 - Updated Ziggy kernel

r151 - Add custom Synergy configuration, more to come

r150 - Add rng-tools deamon

r149 - Fix offset text in notification bar toggles

r148 - Add file version 5.11

r147 - Cleanup, debloat, app updates

r146 - Updated Ziggy kernel. More exFAT support (working on our end). Also includes better voltage logic

r145 - Added toggles for: Tap home for flashlight in lockscreen, switch between AOSP and Touchwiz lockscreen (most TW options should still work with AOSP lockscreen), hide time in statusbar, hide AM/PM. AM/PM size and center clocks mods only partially functioning at this point. Great work and big THANKS to Didact74!

r144 - Full Pdroid support. Huge thanks to Trev for all his time on this. Please read TrevE's thread for more details: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2077839

r143 - Zipalign, added latest binary

r142 - EOL

r141 - Restore lockscreen notification bubbles that Verizon tried to kill off for some reason

r140 - Fix for Google Now

r139 - Messaging app updated to allow screen on/off option, also unlocked TONS of other menu options and settings in messaging. Thanks TrevE!

r138 - New busybox with ndk, nslookup, and ping

r137 - Added modules

r136 - Update bash and abootimg

r135 - Remove setting ondemand for post_boot

r134 - Added Ziggy kernel (exFAT was working on the 32 gig card we tested here)

r133 - Added share file version 5.11

r132 - Remove ongoing wifi notification

r131 - 4-in-1 reboot menu, double tap home to open Google Now search, long press volume to skip tracks

r130 - 1% battery, remove constant GPS location reticle from statusbar, remove battery charged notification

r129 - Added initial PDroid support. More to follow. As always, thanks to the many devs involved with creating and porting this great app

r128 - System/data app updates, Titanium Backup fix, ad blocking

r127 - Hacked LK3 ramdisk. ADB remount, boot animation support, increased buffers, opened bluetooth services, debugging battery killers removed, dual mass storage, etc. Thanks TrevE!

r126 - Rebase to official JB OTA - Jelly Bean 4.1.1 I535VRBLK3. Also blocked Samsung root checkers/screenloggers. Most previous mods/tweaks left intact, rest to follow in next several commits

r125 - Cleanup, zipalign

r124 - Ziggy Kernel added. Kernel source available at the following git: http://projects.ziggy471.com/project...-jb/repository

r123 - Fixed Verizon SSO Engine (My Verizon, NFL Mobile, etc). It may fail the first sign in. Just close app and try again, or reboot

r122 - System and Data app updates, more ad blocking

r121 - Wifi Tether update (lots of bug and encryption fixes). Also fixed Trace (Swype-style functionality) which now works with stock Samsung keyboard

r120 - Rebase to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 I535VRBLK1 leak. Bug fixes. All prior mods left intact

r119 - EOL to LF (this is for devs only), improvements to UI speed

r118 - Zipalign, performance enhancements

r117 - Cleanup

r116 - TrevE Mod Wifi Tether update. Encryption should now work (at leat it did for me in testing)

r115 - More ad blocking

r114 - Launcher cleanup, 6 row app drawer - thanks wchill!

r113 - Unlock hidden features in camera, messaging, browser, contacts, etc

r112 - Rebase to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 I535VRBLJ1 leak. Prior mods all merged. TrevE's Wifi Tether app included. If your wifi goes out, just reboot. Other bug fixes and cleanup/housekeeping. Notification lockscreen bubbles and annoying help popups should also be fixed

r111 - 4x5 launcher - THANKS wchill!

r110 - Second attempt to fix Samsung's "swype-style" keyboard functionality

r109 - Attempt to fix Google Now voice search (working perfectly for me after a full wipe), also added Gtalk back in

r108 - Attempt to fix bluetooth issue with audio cable and audio reconnects

r107 - Second attempt to add additional camera modes + enable swipe in gallery (maybe)

r106 - Blue toggles - I know there is still more themeing to do. It takes a long time. Don't bug me about it :)

r105 - Debug-enabled browser. Enabled advanced settings + hardware acceleration

r104 - Attempt to fix those annoying help messages (maybe)

r103 - Attempt to enable action shot, add me, best shot, continuous shot, frame shot, stop motion, mosaic, vintage camera modes.  Camera effects are catoonize, monochrome, sketch, and speed controls

r102 - Fixed Samsung keyboard swipe functionality

r101 - Volume keys can now skip tracks when screen is off - Thanks TrevE!

r100 - Fix battery bug (incorrect images occasionally showing)

r99 - Last of the missing libs

r98 - Added more missing libs, Google Now search update, more cleanup/debloat

r97 - Added CSCs

r96 - Change from British to US localization

r95 - Update Google apps/framework/libs, fix facelock, more debloat

r94 - Removed remote diagnostic software

r93 - SVN server relocate (this was for us Synergy devs only)

r92 - Removed ongoing wifi notification. Also includes some fun messages if you can catch it in logcat. THANKS TREV!

r91 - Update sqlite binary

r90 - Updated Android 4.2 keyboard to an even newer version

r89 - 1% battery mod

r88 - 15 toggle mod (thanks lidroid, thisiskindacrap, incubus)

r87 - 4-in-1 reboot menu

r86 - Force MTP, fixes for Android 4.2 keyboard and Google Now voice search

r85 - Android 4.2 keyboard

r84 - Double tap home button to open Google Now voice search

r83 - Titanium Backup bug fix

r82 - NFC fix

r81 - Gmail 4.2, Play Store 3.9.16, added camera and gallery from Note 2

r80 - Cleanup, app updates, more debloat

r79 - Initial Jelly Bean release, changelog found in this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=9578
Older ICS Changelog:
Moved to nightly status. Changelog can be found here: http://svn.androidfilehost.com/proje...i-vzw/activity

Changelog for builds before nightly status found below:
v1.7 - Full wipe is only required for those having GPS issues or those coming from any build before 1.4. Everyone else should wipe cache and dalvik - Posts start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=3276
  • Double tap of home button now launches your choice of Google Now voice search or S Voice (if you aren’t wiping then you’ll need to clear app defaults in app settings)
  • No more fugly Gingerbread green checks, dots, sliders, etc (HUGE thanks to our boy santod040, whom many of you may remember from WinMo – Cookie Home Tab ring bells for you WinMo vets out there? – we love have ya around santod :) )
  • Added new settings to SMS/MMS (delayed/scheduled sending, repeat alerts, read reports, forward info, msg priority, signature, etc)
  • Added ability to block individual numbers from calling and/or sending texts
  • Added new settings to Contacts (import/export/backup)
  • Added other misc minor settings to Calendar and Email
  • Attempt to fix some WiFi issues
  • Google apps updated
  • Some system libs updated
  • Other bug fixes
v1.6 - Full wipe is only required for those having GPS issues or those coming from any build before 1.4. Everyone else should wipe cache and dalvik - Posts start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=2593
  • Restored completely stock GPS files and setting (if you are still seeing problems you may wish to flash back to stock via Odin then back to Synergy again cuz nothing about GPS in v1.6 is custom – all stock GPS)
  • Offline dictation for Google Now added
  • Cell standby bug fixed (for realsies this time, I had too many versions of the apk and accidentally bundled the wrong one with the last 2 builds)
  • Camera can now be used during a call (thanks to Team Synergy's TrevE for this and other mods)
  • Camera shutter sound can now be disabled
  • Enabled “Find my mobile’ in Security settings
  • Added new settings to stock Samsung keyboard
  • Increase MMS resolution
  • Fixed Jelly bean keyboard
  • Other minor tweaks and enhancements
  • Updated apps
v1.5 - Wipe not required if coming from v1.4 - Posts start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=2015
  • Completely disabled Samsung’s nosy syscope adb/root/modified checking service (you can tell it’s completely dead because Device Status now says “Not available”). Thanks TrevE
  • Lotsa bug fixes (wifi notification bug, breaking custom kernels, 4G speed tweaks, etc)
  • Most Google Now glitches should be worked out (thanks again to all the XDA devs behind this effort)
  • Secondary “Voice Search” removed from input settings
  • Status bar re-themed (you guys be sure to thank racinwarrior for his contributions)
  • 1% battery icons added
  • GPS indoor positioning improved and SUPL support updated for faster GPS locks
  • Enabled all advanced menus in browser
  • Increasing ringtone disabled (thanks yoelsd for logic)
  • Added Jelly Bean keyboard and its logic engine
  • Added long press volume to skip music tracks when screen is off (thanks freeza, we love having ya on the team)
  • Attempt to improve WiFi speeds
  • More ad blocking
  • Enabled Allshare settings, change backend settings for tvout/ringtone/FM radio/auto downgrading to mono
v1.4 - FULL WIPE REQUIRED due to re-base; This will be the last required wipe for a while - Posts start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=1524
  • Re-based to LG1 – Great work from nosympathy again on this. He’s been really cool about making the base available for everyone. You guys be sure to go find a way to thank him
  • 15 toggles + brightness slider – Huge thanks to Lidroid for originating this, wanam for his smali contribution, and MASSIVE thanks to electron73 for porting to the VZW SGS3 – Well done, sirs
  • You can also control which toggles appear in notification and in which order
  • Google Now voice search fully working thanks to a whole bunch of devs here on XDA (Step aside, Siri, let the king of search show you how it’s done)
  • The newer VZW base tried to kill search functionality thanks to another Apple lawsuit so we kept the older search functions intact :)
  • Fixed Samsung’s high “cell standby” usage bug (wasn’t actually wasting any battery, just reporting usage incorrectly)
  • Due to outrageously outrageous outrage, wallpaper scrolling has been disabled. There’s a flashable in the OP to turn this back on
  • Removed “Verizon Wireless” from notification pulldown
  • Added tons of additional scripting by our very own Ziggy471
  • Master binaries updated
  • Gmail moved to /data/app/ for those having issues
  • Overall ROM size reduced. We’ll work on reducing this even further
  • Plenty of other misc bug fixes and tweaks
v1.3 - Full Wipe Required. Sorry guys, too many changes this time - Posts start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=693
  • 4x5 Homescreens :D
  • Up to 9 homescreens now (set 5 by default, add more if you want em)
  • Fugly green in the notification bar replaced with ICS blue (thanks all of Team Synergy and to irtehun, this one was truly a team effort)
  • Added wallpaper scrolling
  • Maxed out 4G and WiFi speed tweaks (although Samsung already had these values set pretty high by default)
  • Our very own TrevE’s force enable reuse/recycle/scaling and decrease timeout scripting added
  • I/O scheduler tweaks for internal storage
  • Apps updated
  • More ads blocked
  • Misc bug fixes
v1.2 - Full wipe required - Posts start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=354
  • Enabled in-call recording (It’s illegal in most places to record someone without telling them. We at SynergyROM are not responsible for mis-use of this feature) – Thanks to wanam and sanpaco
  • Jelly Bean animations added (Thanks to hikarugo and BeansTown106)
  • Location crosshair gone (ginormous thanks to our newest team member, freeza :D )
  • Battery full notification gone (freeza again)
  • Power saver toggle added back in
  • Fix 7zip
  • Removed more bloat
  • Added wireshark support, powertop, htop, vim, and nano :D See Q&A in post #2
v.1.1 - Posts start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=103
  • Poweramp fixed (had to remove xloud engine for now since poweramp doesn’t like it)
  • Voice search fixed
  • S voice works again (had to remove Google Now. We’ll bring it back once Jelly Bean TTS is ported)
  • Ability to set Wifi transmit power. See Q&A
  • Launguage and input settings now only shows one “Google voice typing”
  • Apps updated
  • Ads blocked
  • MyVerizon is now deleteable (is that a word?)
v1.00 - Initial Release, full wipe required. More to come!

Known Bugs

Download Links

Verizon users: You also need to unlock your bootloader before flashing the latest versions of this ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1835791

Latest Build Here:

Older Builds:



Kernel source is here: http://git.ziggy471.com/ Ziggy's PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/we...6bf2fd83f[)

Themes / Tweaks / Add-ons

http://www.androidfilehost.com/?a=sh...iles&flid=659/ (New server!)

^^ Mods here for the following:

Jelly Bean Only:
  • Remove exchange security
  • Restore stock Samsung media/sound files

ICS Only:
  • Restore exchange security
  • Enable wallpaper scrolling
  • Restore 4x4 launcher
  • Center clock mod
  • Remove ad blocking
  • Remove long press volume to skip music tracks mod
  • Remove call recording
  • Restore older Google Now TTS engine (only use this if you are having problems)
  • Remove volume key as shutter toggle mod
  • Add Nexus style on screen buttons. See this post for warning: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=6354

Legal Stuffs

Yeah yeah... I know you guys already know this but it's just one of those things you gotta say anyway: Bad things can happen to your phone when you flash custom ROMs and mods. We at SynergyROM are not responsible if anything bad happens to you, your associates, or your device by flashing this ROM or any other modifications posted in this thread or others.


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Q: How do I install this ROM?
A: Download the ROM from the "Download Links" section above, place the file on your phone's external SD card, and then flash via your recovery. First boot after flash takes a wee bit longer than usual. You need to have an unlocked bootloader if you wish to take full advantage of this ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1835791

Q: How can I enable mass storage mode?
To enable mass storage mode:
1) Plug your phone into the computer via USB and MTP will likely open as it usually does
2) Open a command prompt
3) Type: adb shell mountsd
At this point the phone's external sd card will open up in mass storage mode (so you can use it just like a usb drive). Be advised that mass storage and MTP cannot mount the SD card at the same time so MTP will show the SD card with folders empty and something like -1330850028 bytes of storage - don't panic, this is normal since, again, it can only be mounted one place at a time.
To get back to MTP:
1) While still plugged in via USB
2) Open a command prompt
3) Type: adb shell unmountsd
Q: Why can't I "adb remount"?
A: This is a symptom of the locked down kernel. We've created a workaround for now.
To set /system as R/W, in a terminal or command prompt type:
adb shell
To set /system back to R/O, in a terminal or command prompt type:
adb shell
Q: How do I lower the WiFi transmit power?
A: Do the following
We've added iwconfig. This lets you set wifi transmit power. Download "wifi tx power" from play store or run the following commands:

adb shell iwconfig wlan0 txpower X
X == txpower(in dBm). 32/25/18/11/4

To make sure it set run :
adb shell iwconfig

and look at TX-Power (3rd row down)
Q: What other tools does this ROM have
  • Native Wireshark app support
  • Latencytop - For latency monitoring
  • htop - A system monitor
  • Powertop - Run with screen off to show number of wakes per second (helpful for finding rogue processes, batt drain, SODs, etc)
  • We also added the following text editors:
  • vim
  • nano

Q: Why doesn't this ROM have ___________ feature?
A: We listen to our users, so please leave us a polite request in the forums and we'll see what we can do about incorporating it

Q: This ROM is awesome! Will you have my baby?
A: No, but we do take a significant amount of time away from our wives/families to work on these ROM tweaks so that you don't have to. Donations help keep us motivated to continue to do so.

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24th July 2012, 05:05 AM |#3  
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24th July 2012, 05:08 AM |#4  
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I really hate to ask such a Newby question but, does this rom need any special recovery/kernel to run? I know in the OP it says kernel coming soon but I don't want to flash with the wrong recovery and end up screwed. Also thanks for the ROM.

Sent from my Sammy Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk 2
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24th July 2012, 05:09 AM |#5  
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wow I can't wait to try this out. might be my first flash
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24th July 2012, 05:09 AM |#6  
Senior Member
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Giving this a go now..
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Originally Posted by Haro912

I really hate to ask such a Newby question but, does this rom need any special recovery/kernel to run? I know in the OP it says kernel coming soon but I don't want to flash with the wrong recovery and end up screwed. Also thanks for the ROM.

Sent from my Sammy Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk 2

Nope, just flash in recovery as normal. This is just a /system/ ROM and does not include a boot.img or kexec kernel at this time.
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Originally Posted by Haro912

I really hate to ask such a Newby question but, does this rom need any special recovery/kernel to run? I know in the OP it says kernel coming soon but I don't want to flash with the wrong recovery and end up screwed. Also thanks for the ROM.

Sent from my Sammy Galaxy S3 using Tapatalk 2

Nope, you can just flash this rom and go..
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24th July 2012, 05:20 AM |#9  
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Nice, gonna flash this now! Thanks!

One quick question....can we flash this if we already installed the newest radios and kernel?
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24th July 2012, 05:22 AM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 8
Cool ill try this tomorrow. What's the battery life like? Thanks.

Sent from my SCH-I535 using xda premium
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