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[ROM][07DEC][AOKP+] IceColdJelly - 3.5.1 - JellyBean 4.1.2_r1

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In the beginning I would like to thank:
  • AOKP team
  • tgascoigne - original device tree and fixes
  • TeamNDVRu - kernel and a lot of fixes
  • CM team
  • richardtrip for audio fix
  • pabx for echo fix

OneX IceCold Team:
  • LorD ClockaN - don't ask
  • TUN_SD - themer - pretty as his themes/mods
  • n3ocort3x - kernel boy - clumsy as his kernels
  • semdoc - tester - thorough as his line of work (ask him what's his job!!)
  • icke - main thread helper and tester

Now we can move on...


I'm not writing this because of lack of donations, but to get the priorities straight..
AOKP team deserves it more then IceColdTeam, so go to ROMControl/about and open your wallet
If you would like to make a donation for this ROM, don't do it only for me!!!
Consider whole IceCold Team, not only the individual.

Latest Stable Release
ONLY FOR ONE X INTERNATIONAL, TEGRA 3 VERSION - I don't want any more bricked devices!!

Version: IceColdJelly V3.5.1 - 07-12-2012

What's New

  • Flash this version if you have trouble booting/rebooting
  • Clearing Cache/Dalvik Cache and Fixing permissions are HIGHLY recommended if you don't do full wipe!!
  • Still android 4.1.2 base, probably last version on this base
  • Updates to apps: Mms, Email, CMFileManager
  • Settings: Add an "Automatically Connect" option for WiFi networks - CM
  • Optimization patches to frameworks_base
  • Some other patches all around...
  • Change log is small, but sweet
  • Also want to welcome newest member to the IceCold Team!!! - SEMDOC

You want to change stock DPI?
Follow this link and it's instructions to get playstore working

Overlay feature usage:
To have your apps and scripts etc automatically installed during ROM flash place them in:
sdcard/overlay/system/app/ (for system apps)
sdcard/overlay/system/etc/init.d/ (for scripts)

What's Working
Everything from tgascoigne's and TeamNDVRu's roms

What's Broken
everything that is mentioned in TeamNDVRu's thread:
  • WiFi direct doesn't work
  • In call volume adjustment works, but not fully well in Speaker mode
  • MHL output is rotated incorrectly to portrait in horizontal mode (but workaround added since alpha 8 for hw decoded videos/youtube. Use bsplayer from playstore, almost all videos play with it in correct rotation in hwoverlay)
  • No FM radio app in ROM. But Spirit FM works from market (it's commercial!)

ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy JB. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, flash it, and go!
You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.

How to flash:
  • turn OFF your phone
  • boot in bootloader
  • select fastboot mod
  • flash boot.img via fastboot that is located in the fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • run this command now: fastboot erase cache
  • go back to hboot screen
  • select recovery
  • full wipe is recommended if coming from sense, if coming from other AOSP roms than not
  • flash the rom
  • flash these gapps (Google applications - 20121011) -they NEED to be flashed after every ROM flash
  • boot

If you have any other question look into F.A.Q. in 3rd post!!!

If you're on boot 1.23, 1.28, etc... use this boot.img for now - it's for 3.3 ROM and it has NCX v13 kernel inside
If for any unknown reason you want different kernel, you need to repack it into this rom's boot.img.
DON'T ask in thread, but repack it your self with this wonderful on-line repacking tool

kernel git:
rom git:
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25th July 2012, 11:00 PM |#2  
LorD ClockaN's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer
Flag Veli Losinj
Thanks Meter: 28,786
Donate to Me
Changelog for older versions:
IceColdJelly V3.4.1_oldHW - 19-11-2012
  • Reverted SoftKeys to old way
  • Updated CMFileManager, Mms app...
  • No Need to flash boot.img for this version HAHAHAHA
  • NavRing: Long press actions - AOKP
  • Rebased Mms auto-retrieval - CM
  • Circle Lockscreen fixes - AOKP
  • Bug tracking with n3o - SUCCESS
  • Fixed some GPS apps and PDF reader crashing (hopefully)
  • Removed HW keys customization and Longpress action in lockscreen
  • RC: Customizable SoftKeys - AOKP (Expect bugs until AOKP fixes them)
  • RC: Menu UI Overflow Toggle - AOKP
  • Updated Cog Circle Mod Battery - AOKP
  • RC: Add alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings - AOKP
  • Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile) Upstream Changes - CM
  • Fix the issue Browser freeze when dragging the page and rotate the phone at the same times - AOSP
  • Updates and fixes for: FWB, Mms, Bluetooth, Phone, Camera, DeskClock - CM and AOSP
  • Updated CMFileManager to v1.0.1
  • Added option to select single song for alarm sound (after flashing, this will erase all your alarm database) - ported from CM
  • Prebuilts: Update NovaLauncher 1.3.3 && SuperSU 0.98
  • And a lof of small patches/fixes in the source
  • For best experience use only GAPPS from first post!!
  • This will probably be the last rom based on 4.1.2 unless there are some immediate fixes needed - be patient for android 4.2 release please
  • Also I know there are some bugs (for some very annoying), but it's better than nothing and I hope that 4.2 kernel source and HTC proprietary files will play better for us all
IceColdJelly V3.3.1 - 09-11-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • update kernel to NCX v13
  • Fixed Camera issue of double Gallery scroll when taking a pic
  • added some patches from AOSP master branch to FWB, Phone, Settings... etc
  • Added great CM FileManager to the build
  • RC: Add option to show connected wifi network in notif shade (by the operator) - AOKP
  • Settings: Display: Allow long-press actions from hardware keys (Music controls only) - Ported from CM
  • Revert "Wifi: Allow to define the idle timeout (5 mn to 3 hours)"
  • Mms: Add group mms threading - AOKP
  • Again added back those weather commits
  • Audio fixes to FWB
  • Wi-Fi: Region Code: Added Brazil (code BR: 25) - CM
  • Revert "Allow more hidden apps apps (defalut is 15)"
  • UserInterface: apply build.prop edit to fully remove bootanimation (debug.sf.nobootanimation) - AOKP
  • Mms: Mms auto-retrieval without data connection - option to disable while in roaming - Port from CM
  • Add Circles Lockscreen - AOKP
  • SystemUI: Cog Circle Mod Battery - AOKP
  • Fix volume track skip control with 3rd party applications - CM
  • Messaging and QuickMessage: Fix Keyboard type handling - CM
  • BT: Fix possible null-pointer exception (Port from CM7) - CM
  • Some bugs remain of course ;)
  • Added Lefty Mode for NavBar - AOKP
  • Full changelog:
IceColdJelly V3.2.1 - 31-10-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • update kernel to NCX v10beta4
  • Lockscreens: Remove dupe preference (Quick Unlock) - AOKP
  • GeneralUI: Give TabletUI its own category - AOKP
  • Lockscreen Targets: fix unlock and homescreen icons - AOKP
  • RC: Make Toggles hidable - AOKP
  • RC: Add setting to allow haptic feedback on toggle press - AOKP
  • Fix Widget Picker color - AOKP
  • Fixed German Navbar buttons selection issue
  • Calculator: New Features Part 2 - CM
  • Fix lockscreen "rings" issue with custom themes - AOKP
  • Lockscreen Wallpapers: Fix missing sw600dp layout elements - AOKP
  • NavBar: Tablet Nav bar adjustable width - AOKP
  • Fix launch of lockscreen targets/nav bar targets from shortcut - AOKP
  • Rebased Mms app on CM10's source
  • Maybe fixed Torch in Lockscreen from notification pull down list - AOKP
  • Lockscreen vibrate moved to Settings/Security - AOKP
  • RC: Clickable Date and Clock targets in notif are now configurable - AOKP
  • Camera: add option to select storage location - AOKP
  • added some patches to fwb, mms, settings and phone from AOSP master branch
  • SystemUI: add nothing option for clock and date - AOKP
  • Removed Powermodule and related scripts (boot.img dependant)
  • RC: Removed Scroller option for now to fix Chrome scroll and similar issues
  • DeskClock: Add option to hide AlarmClock Icon in StatusBar - ported from CM
  • fix aspect ratio for notification wallpaper - AOKP
  • WeatherPanel: Add options to hide weather panel - AOKP
  • WeatherPanel: add options for short and longclick - AOKP
  • Allow automatic data connection to APN_TYPE_MMS - CM
IceColdJelly V3.1 - 21-10-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • update kernel to NCX v10beta2
  • RC: Navbar Widgets - AOKP
  • RC: GeneralUI: Hide ugly Compat Mode Button - AOKP
  • SystemUI: CustomNav bar for Tablets / TabletUI - AOKP
  • Mms: added unmerged patches/fixes from AOSP gerrit master branch
  • Fwb: added unmerged patches/fixes from AOSP gerrit master branch
  • Phone: Rebased on AOKP's source to fix custom vibrations + added few patches that were already in my source
  • RC: NavBar Widgets sizing fix - AOKP
  • Settings: Fix Widget Picker text color - AOKP
  • Settings: Security: Add timeout and instant lock option to slide lock - AOKP
  • Removed option to Add timeout from RC
  • RC: Resizable NavBar Widgets - AOKP
  • Core: Make adb robust against EINTR - bugfix from AOSP master branch
  • Bluetooth: 3 patches from AOSP master branch - bugfixes
  • RC: Recents RamBar - AOKP
  • Kill All button option now doesn't need SystemUI restart - AOKP
  • ROM compiled with non supported java JDK 1.7.0_07
  • Phone: Landscape while in call - AOKP
  • Torch FCs fixes (Lockscreen still not working) - AOKP
  • Lockscreen Targets: > 6 target fix for Phones in Landscape - AOKP
  • Fixed BT for some users (especially those who drive KIA :P ) - thanks Try4Ce for finding the missing file
  • Updated Nova Launcher to 1.3.2
  • Increasing ringtone volume option - AOKP
  • Fix H+ and add new navbar widget icons - AOKP
  • Holo-fy navbar widgets icons - AOKP
  • SystemUI: Fix menu button in landscape - AOKP
  • DeskClock: add increasing volume option for alarm clocks - AOKP
  • Fix Vibrations fragment when using dual-panel - AOKP
  • SystemUI: Make alt GB layout look like GB - AOKP
  • Add onClick action to notification clock and date - CM, ported to ICJ by zipsnet
  • Add onLongClick action to notification clock and date - CM, ported to ICJ by zipsnet
  • Browser: Add fullscreen toggle to menu - CM
  • Browser: Add a menu item to close the browser - CM
  • Lockscreen Targets: Make Unlock Customizable (1 icon MUST be Unlock) - AOKP
  • Add Ring/Vib/Silent & Homescreen toggles to the lockscreen - AOKP
  • Keep in mind that some patches are still not officialy merged into AOKP, so bugs are expected as always
  • Complete changelog of V3.1 - I always mention only main changes, but this time I let you see ALL so you don't say I only sit on my ass and do nothing :D
IceColdJelly V3.0 - 11-10-2012
  • Full wipe is highly recommended because of big internal (4.1.2_r1) changelog!
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • Updated to NCX V9-beta2 kernel - #blamen3ocort3x if anything wrong :D
  • Updated to android JZO54K && version -> 4.1.2_r1 - full changelog:
  • Removed automatic cache wiping upon flash
  • Ime switcher notification: remove reboot requirement - AOKP
  • Email: Fix connection behavior to a server with multiple IP addrs - AOSP
  • Updated Alternate signal layout - AOKP
  • RC: Add option for vibrate on notif expand - AOKP
  • Fixed Vibrate when ringing option not sticking in Settings
  • Some fixes all around
  • Big version jump is justified by upgrading to android-4.1.2_r1 version
IceColdJelly V2.4 - 04-10-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • Ncx v8.0beta1 kernel
  • RC: Adds the ability to force dual panel at any dpi - AOKP
  • RC: fixed scrooshoot/menu issue bug in navbar - AOKP
  • RC: Alternate Default App Picker - AOKP
  • Fixed 2GToggle longpress action - AOKP
  • Mms: Add Quick Emoji - AOKP
  • Updated Polly by pbax -
  • Increased Max hidden apps fro 15 to 30 in build.prop - use this to change in build.prop: sys.mem.max_hidden_apps
  • Fixed 2GToggle longpress action - AOKP
  • Toggles: fix brightness bar on tabs - AOKP
  • Mms: Added option for pop up while lockscreen - AOKP
  • Added wiping cache and dalvik while flashing rom
  • Added overlay support for automatic app/files installing during flash - look in 2nd post for details
  • fixes here and there
  • MD5: a98e9d678fb5bd9d1652050cd4c8dd33
IceColdJelly V2.3.1 - 30-09-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • ramdisk isses fix - thanks to monx
  • RC: Fixed CPUPerformance Tegra3 issue and code cleanup - AOKP
  • RC: Fix typo with setting strings, week issue
IceColdJelly V2.3 - 29-09-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • Kernel update: ncx-217_7.6_AOSP (for ICJ)
  • - added boostpulse to ondemand governor
  • - set ondemand slightly more aggressive
  • fixed Templates setting FC in Messaging
  • Phone: Disable accelerometer sensor while in-call and screen UI is off - CM
  • fwb updates
  • Re based RC from AOKP and added missing patches (to eliminate possible bugs)
  • tweaked power module and added it to the build again (let's test this)
  • fwb overlay fixes/tweaks
  • fixed jerky Button backlights
  • ported Statusbar transparency from CM (RC/Status Clock) - by IceCold team
  • RC: add screenshot to navbar - AOKP
  • Fix Share to Clipboard Icon - AOKP
  • Fix for Automatic brightness - CM
  • RC: Navbar height more dimensions - AOKP
  • Settings: Add option for switching between UMS and MTP/PTP mode - AOKP (not for our device)
  • Added Power module again, tweaked.. I recommend using Interactive governor
  • Full wipe highly recommended but not required
IceColdJelly V2.2 - 25-09-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • Kernel update: ncx-217-v7.5
  • - fixed bluetooth/gps toggle issue (thx showp1984)
  • - and a lot more
  • Reorganized Lockscreen menu in RC - AOKP
  • Rebased Mms app from AOKP's source with CM aditions
  • RC: Alternate Signal Layout - AOKP
  • RC: Navring IME Switcher & Ring/Vib Toggle - AOKP
  • Updated all repo branches to V4.1.1_r6
  • Build version: JRO03R
  • NavRing: make all icons look the same as the Google Now icon - AOKP
  • Mms: added the option to change the soft keyboard type when composing messages (3 options) - CM9 port
  • added some missing audio packages
  • Settings: wifi: Allow configuration of country code for wifi
  • Increase themeability of Statusbar - AOKP
  • Fix NavBar ring's center layout on lowered DPIs - AOKP
  • RC: Fix NP check in CPUSettings (Performance menu) - AOKP
  • fix Navbar custom apps for German locale
  • added some frameworks_base patches from AOSP master branch
  • QuickReply: fix for home button - AOKP
  • DeskClock: updated patch regarding digital clock widget color - AOKP
  • DeskClock: added flip and shake features - AOKP
  • Ported Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP) from CM9 - CM
  • Nova Launcher: upgraded to version 1.3
  • Updated patch for Lockscreen targets - still WIP in AOKP world
  • Settings: Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys - CM10
  • Added some BT patches to Settings app from CodeAurora
  • RC: options to control scroll friction and velocity - patches were abandoned by AOKP, let's test why! - you need to kill the app to see the difference
  • updates to dalvik and fwb
  • Phone: Prevent immediate screen-off after call-answer - CM
  • Settings: Fix different sized buttons in app info & lightlevel setting - CM
  • Add application shortcuts to toggle torch & Navbar - AOKP (not yet officialy merged)
IceColdJelly V2.1 - 19-09-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • Kernel update: ncx-217-v7
  • Camera : Timer Snapshot - CM
  • VideoCamera: Do not use continuous autofocus in time-laspe mode - CM
  • ROMControl: Add Force Tablet UI & DPI changer - AOKP
  • Added stock Music app to the build
  • DeskClock: Stopwatch & Countdown - CM
  • patches from AOSP upstream for Stk and Browser app
  • Contacts: Let the T9 dialer search through nickname and company - AOKP
  • Removed custom Phone vibrations by CM
  • Added custom vibrations options by AOKP team (100 times better), Phone, Settings and ROMControl
  • update build naming to JRO03L
  • Added DPI choser - AOKP
  • RC: NavBar: Custom NavBar Ring Targets - AOKP
  • RC: Lockscreen: add alternative music layout - AOKP
  • Clean-up/organize General UI section of ROM Control - AOKP
  • RC: IME Toggler as NavBar target - AOKP
  • RC: Allow Rotation of Lockscreen - AOKP
  • Updated Calculator from CM repo - check it out
  • fixes to Frameworks_base, Phone, DeskClock... - AOKP, CM
  • fixes from AOKP for ROMControl and custom vib
  • Don't set n3ocold governor of new kernel on boot before testing it
  • RC: Lockscreen Vibration toggle option - AOKP
  • New AOKP boot anim - could be changed in AOKP later
IceColdJelly V2.0 - 13-09-2012
  • REFLASH boot.img for this version
  • Kernel update: ncx-217_v.5.5:
  • - freqs stick now on 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500 MHz
  • - bootup freq set to 102 - 1200
  • - fixed a bug where min freq showed up with 120MHz
  • - removed useless HTC idle resume stuff from HTC
  • - a few patches from Tegra reference git which i forgot to mention before
  • - removed a lot of useless HTC stuff (more than in alpha version)
  • - fixed music lag on JB builds with ondemand governor
  • - attempt to fix "crashing when changing to ondemand governor on JB builds"
  • - slightly undervolted and underclocked stuff wich is only accessible in source
  • - ondemand changes to make it a bit more responsive
  • - fixed multitouch gaming issues on AOSP ROMS (CM10, Domination), tested and working !
  • - fix: SoD on JB builds (already in changelog for v5 but forgot to mention it)
  • - modified fallback freqs
  • - sudden battery drop after resume should be gone (still testing, provide feedback, cant promise anything)
  • - battery status should be more accurate now (also, still testing, cant promise anything)
  • - another round of governor playing arounds
  • added a lot of patches for Mms, Email, Browser and Settings directly from AOSP upstream
  • Mms: QuickMessage: Cleanup, optimization and bug fixes - CM
  • Mms: QuickMessage: Add theme, Smiley, Emoji, Strip unicode and date support - CM (test patch for now)
  • Add Honeycomb and GummyBar battery styles
  • fix Navbar buttons quantity for German locale
  • Fix for phone rebooting when unlocking in landscape - AOKP
  • Fix for NavBar Hide for devices that don't have it by default - AOKP
  • Lockscreen Custom targets (WIP) - AOKP (If you have issues, try toggling stock theme)
  • Added Button Light Notification (Settings/Display)
  • Added more than 25 patches that I was missing from AOKP for frameworks_base - mea culpa
  • Added daily reboot option - AOKP
  • Camera: Add JPEG Quality settings - CM
  • Camera: Add Burst shot - CM (doesn't work as we want for OneX)
  • Added 20 patches to frameworks_base (fwb) from AOSP upstream master branch, all bugfixes
  • Phone: Forward porting CM7/CM9 Advanced Phone Settings - CM
  • Adds ability to answer call with hardware HOME button - AOKP
  • Added bootanim chooser with animation preview - AOKP
  • Merged A LOT of commits from AOKP regarding framewors_base, skia, webkit, browser etc etc
  • HTML5 support added with all it's functionality - AOKP
  • WebGL support added and enabled - AOKP
  • Camera: Add volume zoom - AOKP
  • DeskClock: Add option to set the color of the digital clock widget - AOKP
  • PhoneApp: New in call proximity sensor option - CM
  • PhoneApp: Option to not lock automatically when a call ends - CM
  • updated all repo sources to android-4.1.1_r4
  • forgot to add stock Music player, will be added in next release

Complete change log of all versions here

First banner by TUN_SD:

banner by kuhmo11:

Youtube review:

by Flow Wolf:

by OneXroot:

by oddyZR:
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25th July 2012, 11:00 PM |#3  
LorD ClockaN's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer
Flag Veli Losinj
Thanks Meter: 28,786
Donate to Me
Source building and F.A.Q.


First of all you need to have Linux installed (or MacOS, but this tutorial is for Linux).
I highly recommend Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon edition, or any version above V10 or Ubuntu 10 should be fine.

Now when you have linux installed on your dual boot (highly recommended), or in a virtual machine, follow this guide to set up your environment, but only till the moment of initializing repo, than stop. We use different repo of course.

After you've installed all required packages (keep in mind on different packages for 32bit and 64bit machine) and installed repo binary, go to my repo link here and read the part in Readme or just scroll down.

You need to initialize repo, sync and build. While syncing, go and grab a beer (or a coffee if you really want) because it will take a long time, depending on your internet speed. It will download I think about 6-8 GB of data, depending on repo you try to sync. After sync finishes, sync run the command one more time, just to be on the safe side.

Before starting compilation, I highly recommend to install ccache application that will greatly increase speed of compilation after the first compilation. Easiest install is by running this in terminal: sudo apt-get install ccache

Compilation starts by running this command in the root of your repo folder: . vendor/aokp/
this way you'll get rom zip ready for flash in out/target/product/endeavoru folder named
XXXs are for current date.

if something goes wrong or you think you didn't get new features that I mentioned in change log or I updated my git, you run this command before compilation: make clean
It will delete your entire out folder and compile from scratch, but it will be much faster because of ccache application.
99% of the time you won't need to run make clean, but if I change some build flags or rom name, make clean is needed

That's all folks!!

FAQ - by Braindamage1989


GPU Rendering "issue":
Lord somehow forgot to turn on forced GPU rendering by default. This could lead to some graphical issues and sometime slower framerates. To turn it on go to: "Settings" -> "Developer Options" -> "Force GPU Rendering"

Theme issues:
Some people are having issues while changing their theme. A known solution is switch back to system theme (and set back original DPI if you have DPI issues), do a reboot and then try to apply the theme you want again (and if you have DPI issue you can now change it back). It's also nice to notice that ICJ has his own official theme thread located here.

Radio (2G/3G) and WiFi issues:
On ICJ with the stock kernel everything works. If you somehow have issues with data connections it most time comes from 3rd party apps/mods (not stock kernels, RIL change, radio change). If you encounter such issues try to use a fresh (wipe) install with everything stock. If it works now, you have problems with 3rd party apps/mods.

GPS issues:
First of all make sure you don't have a hboot equal or higher than 1.23, because on this hboots GPS won't work at all. If you are on a lower version hboot and have issues with GPS, first see if the GPS icon appears in the notification bar. If it doesn't, there is a great chance that you flashed a custom kernel and didn't flashed the right modules (or a kernel with a broken GPS) or that your GPS is broke. If you do have the icon appearing in the notification bar and still have issues try this:
  • Download app called GPSfix from market
  • Go to a place were you normally wouldn't have any problems with fixing location
  • Start the app and click start fixing
  • If your GPS isn't broke you should get 1 or more satellite icons in your screen after a minute or 2
  • Let it run and see if it gets a fix now
  • If you locations has been found, it will give you a message
  • Now try again with any other app, it should be working now
  • You may need to redo all steps after a reboot
Play Store Issues (Multi DPI Play Store):
This ROM has the option to change the DPI. If you change the DPI of your phone some apps won't show up in Play Store. For this issue there is a multi DPI Play Store. You can find them here and here. In case you want to know what a "Inverted Play Store" is, this is a Play Store with the opposites colors (white = black, black = white). Also keep in mind that Google can autoupdate your Play Store, then you need to reflash a NEWER version of the multi DPI mod. Also make sure you flash multi DPI Play Store after you flashed GAPPS.

ADB issues:
Sometimes for no reason ADB stops to work. This could have many reasons. First of all check if it is enabled at dev options. If it doesn't work after that it's mostly the shortest way to uninstall and reinstall the Android SDK. In some cases downgrades (older SDK) could work to.

Battery issues:
If you are experiencing battery drains you could use BetterBatteryStats to what apps are causing this. At the section "Alarms" of BetterBatteryStats you can see what apps are causing wakelocks. Common tips to extend battery life are:
  • Disable locations services
  • Turn off/delete Google Now
  • Longer/higher auto-sync values
  • Watch out for 3rd party apps/widgets draining

How to flash:
  • Turn OFF your phone
  • Boot in bootloader
  • Select "fastboot"
  • Flash boot.img via fastboot that is located in the "fastboot flash boot boot.img"
  • Run this command now: "fastboot erase cache"
  • Go back to hboot screen
  • Select "recovery"
  • Full wipe is recommended if coming from sense, if coming from other AOSP roms than not
  • Flash the rom
  • Flash these gapps (Google applications - 20121011) -they NEED to be flashed after every ROM flash
Hboot 1.23 and higher:
If you are on hboot version equal or newer than 1.23, then you need to use a special kernel to get the ROM working. This kernel will break the GPS module so you can't use GPS when you are on a hboot newer then 1.23. This problem can't be fixed untill HTC release their kernel source code for Jelly Bean. If for any unknown reason you want different kernel, you need to repack it into this rom's boot.img. DON'T ask in thread, but repack it your self with this wonderful on-line repacking tool or try it manual with this (Windows) guide.

Changing radios & getRIL:
For some reasons you may want to change your radio or RIL, but this is not recommend as most users get more issues instead of less by changing RILs or radios. But if you want to take a shot, go read on. For changing the RIL sibor has made a great tool called getRIL. Somehow the newest getRIL doesn't get well with ICJ. But version 0.9.4b works perfect. To change the radio (or better baseband) you only need to overwrite one single file. The file is located at system/etc and it's called "QUO_6260.fls.clean". I don't gonna explain how you overwrite the file, if you don't know it yourself you shouldn't change your radio.

Circle Lockscreen:
ICJ has a beautiful Circle lockscreen. You can find this lockscreen at: "Settings"->"Security"->"Lockscreen"

Changing governor and cpufreq:
Changing governor or cpufreq under ROM Control doesn't work flawless. If you want to change these values permanently you need a third party app (No-frills CPU Control or SetCPU)

Public betas:
Some times the ICJ team releases a public beta. It's a public beta for a reason, it needs to be tested by more persons then the regular team. As a beta most time contains new functions or improvements, there is a chance stuff doesn't work (good). If you really want to be helpful then give details of what you have done, like:
  • Did you do full wipe?
  • Are you at stock kernel?
  • Did you use any 3rd party apps?
  • And if you have the time, provide a logcat
And most important of all don't scream it doesn't work without providing extra details, you better don't say anything at all. If Lord Clockan asked us for testing something please also report that it works if it does. This will speed up things a bit to.

Overlay script (install system apps and scripts on ROM install):
To have your apps and scripts etc automatically installed during ROM flash place them in:
sdcard/overlay/system/app/ (for system apps)
sdcard/overlay/system/etc/init.d/ (for scripts)

Google Apps
Some modded GAPPS can cause issues. The best way to prevent weird behavior is to make sure only GAPPS get flashed, by looking into the zip file or use the GAPPS given here


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25th July 2012, 11:00 PM |#4  
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here and there
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25th July 2012, 11:05 PM |#5  
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hey lord, nice work I followed you from the desire hd
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25th July 2012, 11:05 PM |#6  
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Woooow, am loading right now. Looks like a wish comes true

Thanks Lord
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25th July 2012, 11:16 PM |#7  
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Yeah another one ! Lord is here ! (Oh no, another one for my repack thread ) Looking forward to test !
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25th July 2012, 11:17 PM |#8  
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Great work. You are the best dev ever !!!!

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25th July 2012, 11:21 PM |#9  
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Great news... I will follow you... Let the show go on!

Thx mate...

Greetz Jeryx

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25th July 2012, 11:30 PM |#10  
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What does AOKP mean? It's better than the others?
25th July 2012, 11:32 PM |#11  
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I don't wanna be the first to report an issue But it looks like I am. Echo issue still present for me. Full Wipe and no apps installed yet. I'm really sorry Lord

Build is awesomely smooth and great. Aokp tweaks are simply amazing!
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