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[ROM][CM10][Sep05-Build6] Domination - Taking Cyanogenmod to the next level

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By owain94, Inactive Recognized Developer on 27th July 2012, 12:05 PM
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Why is this ROM "taking CyanogenMod to the next level?

CyanogenMod does not want to include many customizations like they did in cm7
But why not? We want to customize our phones!
This ROM adds more options and cherries to CyanogenMod, cherry picked from the CM gerrit, Google gerrit, AOKP gerrit, many github pages that are around or made by me

This ROM also includes a lot of experimental changes like many NEON optimized code sets, better libraries like jpeg-turbo and tweaked surface flinger, skia and many more

Want to turn the recent panel in to an app killer?
Just press the kill-all button!

You want to reboot but don't wait to long?
Just execute a hot reboot this is 50% - 70% faster then a normal reboot

Hate the stupid useless overflow menu button (onscreen menu button)?
Also got an option for that just hide it!

In Android you can swipe from the top of the screen downwards to expands the status bar
Why only from the top of the screen?
In this ROM you can define actions for
  • Swiping top edge
  • Swiping left edge
  • Swiping right edge
  • Swiping bottom edge

for example if you want the hide the status bar you can simply define a swipe action for it to an edge you like

And there is a lot more in this ROM!

Stock but still highly customizable the way we like it

- WiFi direct doesnt work
- MHL output is rotated incorrectly to portrait in horizontal mode (but workaround is added for hw decoded videos/youtube. Use bsplayer from playstore, almost all videos play with it in correct rotation in hwoverlay)

  1. Download all the needed files (ROM, Gapps, kernel (only if you'd wish to use a different one then the stock kernel))
  2. Extract the boot.img from the or the you'd download
  3. Reboot to phone to bootloader mode (the white HBOOT screen where you can use fastboot)
    1. Choose fastboot
    2. Flash the kernel
      1. fastboot flash boot boot.img
      2. fastboot erase cache
  4. Boot into recovery
  5. Flash the
  6. Flash Gapps
  7. Optional! Flash the (only needed if you did flash a different kernel then the one included in the


Download portal


Kernels: (modules need to be download from their own thread)

Wipe all (but data when you come from earlier CM10 Domination)
Flash boot.img for your kernel
Flash Rom
Flash gapps
Flash kernel modules
Boot, configure and enjoy!

  • Zowie93 - For all the drawables in this topic
  • Team douche - For CyanogenMod
  • Team KANG - For AOKP
  • CNA - For CNA
  • SGT7 - For some pretty nice features
  • Team eos - For just being awesome
  • Pabx - For polly sound fixes
  • nimrodity - For his great sense of perfection
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27th July 2012, 12:06 PM |#2  
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Three nice video's from nimrodity!

one big note!
if you ask something that is explained in one of the video's below i will just point at the direction of this post

Originally Posted by nimrodity

i uploaded the 3 videos to the Blog´s Youtube channel,will delete the old ones from my personal channel in the next days.
Just so you know.
Here are the new ones

yes we know these kernel versions are outdated SO WHAT!?
the results are still same but probably a couple of the " - " points got solved

Source nimrodity over at
Originally Posted by nimrodity

Franco R16
+very smooth ; very good performance ; stable ; above average battery life
- BT pairing issue ; volume wake is flaky ;
Eternity 0.61 regular
+super smooth ; really top notch,awesome performance ; BT working;stable;
-volume wake flaky ; huge battery drainer, in standby as in use ; worst battery of all tested kernels ; sometimes screen needs up to 3 seconds till its on
Eternity 0.61 OC
sorry,couldnt get it to work stable,maybe unlucky,but speed seemes amazing for the short time i could use it
Faux 7m
+good performance ; good battery life ; stable
-BT pairing issue ; volume wake flaky ; almost constant microloags(but this is critic on a very high scale,still way better than every ICS Sense roms performance)
Faux 7u
+awesome performance but similar microlags like m but at bit less noticable ; good battery life in relation to speed ; stable
-BT pairing issue ; volume wake flaky ; microlags
TripNDroid 011A
+BT working;volume wake fixed and working(trip created the fix,so all thx to him for that)
-worst performance of all tested kernels with a noticable gap ; lots of microlags,much more noticable than on faux
have to mention i finished the test early because of the poor performance and lags so cant say anything about battery life and the rest
NCX 0.99b noOC (volume wake fix not officialy included yet,but worked fine on my test kernel)
+good performance ; by way best battery life of all tested kernels ; BT working ; volume wake fixed and working(again thx to trip) ; stable
-not top notch perfomance but battery life was priority of this anyways and its about on par with faux 7m but with better battery life

NCX 0.99b OC
+awesome perfomance ; BT working,stable ; superb battery life in relation to speed ; stable
-volume wake fix not yet included(but should be done soon,very soon)

Perfomance King

In terms of perfomance i couldnt really decide a winner.
Place 1 goes to Eternity regular and ncx 0.99b OC,eternity was slightly smoother,in fact the smoothest of all but had some rare bigger lags,but nothing really even worth noticable.
ncx was therefore a bit more constant in fluidity getting very very close to the smoothness of eternity.Also gaming perfomance was slightly better.
Its a preference things which to favor,eternity reached a level of fluidity i havent seen this way on others,dont know how to describe it.
Faux 7u would have come very close and if it didnt those microlags mentioned before it would be a tie between the 3 of them.
Faux7m/Franco R16/ncx 0.99b noOC make a very respectable 3rd place, they are to much on par to decide,maybe Franco but only every so slightly
Sadly i have to say Trips kernel is the last one here,had high expectation because of his reputation but it just couldnt hold up against the rest.But Trip is very progressive and his kernel is completly build up from ground without any code from HTC,thats something we have to highly respect and appreciate and he also created many fixed for several bugs.

Battery king
clear winner without any doubt is ncx 0.99b noOC,by far the best results in every aspect
ncx 0.99b OC needs to be mentioned here because it can even outperform others in terms of battery life but still being the fastest also.
Faux 7m is very close in terms maybe a hint better but cant reach nowhere near the perfomance of ncx.
Franco´s as mentioned was above average but not as good as the winners here
Clear looser here is sadly one of the performance kings,eternity,battery life was horrible,especially standby drain but it wasnt really any better in usage.Its a shame ,if kholk would have got it close or on par with ncx in terms of battery this would have been a real awesome 1:1 battle for the title.

Overall King of Kings
The title goes fair and sqaure to ncx 0.99b OC
Best performance but still mentaining superb battery life made the win here.
This kernel is just a joy to use
2nd overall would be faux 7u but battery life cant compete with the winner.
3rd , a tie between Franco R16 and ncx 0.99b nopOC,Franco with slightly better perfomance and ncx with best battery life but still very good performance and has the least bugs(one of two kernels with fixed volume wake)

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27th July 2012, 12:06 PM |#3  
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Build 5: md5: 7b053e54b2e9654645fa4293db63f774

  • Lots of fixes
  • Fixed gradient blending through he whole system and specific blending in Phone ,Browser and Camera
  • Implanted proper UMS notification in tablet mode
  • Better menu image for tablet mode
  • Fixed the part where the menu button glow got cut off in tablet mode
  • Compiled with the latest linaro toolchain and fixes
  • Included kill all button in tablet ui recent panel (only portrait PA team ****ed up the landsape one have to figure out what they did before i can include it there)
  • VolBtn cursor control (also working for 3th part keyboards like SwiftKey)
  • Hopefully finally fixed home button longpress key binding
  • Speed improvements
  • Dalvik libs are build with a way better and faster optimisation flag then the default -O2 flag

Build 4: md5: 9731f3c05e8b6b68aa3bbf8736502973

  • Fixed system UI FC
  • Fixed settings FC
  • Fixed offcial PA backup and restore
  • Added a bit more padding to the lockscreen weather layout to make it look a bit better
  • Fixed lockscreen landscape layout

Build 3: md5: c687e1f836e33ab77cd7db9bd9d11704

  • Whatsapp should be fixed
  • Dual panel option
  • Comibined bar navigation settings
  • Toggle system bar global action
  • Hide toggle system bar and airplane mode from global settings
  • Combined bar Force menu button
  • Deleted stupid recent and menu button marrige
  • Combined bar button color
  • Combined bar Button glow effect
  • Combined bar shorter button glow
  • Combined bar button glow color
  • Option to disable the hardware back home and menu key
  • Hopefully finally fixed the home long press custom action
  • Disabled the abriviated day of the week in tablet mode for obvious reasons
  • Center lock screen option
  • Skia: Fix path to OpenGL Headers
  • A lot of new linaro fixes
  • Screen lock: make pattern visible option
  • Screen lock: make pattern error option
  • Screen lock: make pattern dots visible option
  • Nfc polling: change summary to set value
  • Fixed recents panel for all the layouts
  • Fix clock AM/PM error. Some countries time format is [a h:mm] rather than [h:mm a]
  • End call to Home Screen option
  • Enabled ZSL camera mode
  • Update trebuchet to latest cm version
  • Option for old skool android boot animation

Build 2: md5: 6a7630cdc5fa27ed5169de04d0a95c06

  • ParanoidAndroid hybrid engine and settings panel (HUGE THANKS TO PARANOIDANDROID TEAM!)
  • Libjpeg-turbo
  • Build with the latest linaro nightly toolchain
  • Build with the linaro -O3 instead of the (slower) -O2 flag (you will really feel the speed improvement)
  • Tweaked skia
  • Volume keys + and - keys update on rotate option
  • A lot of aliasing violations fixes through the whole system
  • Hopefully fixed the long press home button
  • Updated to the latest HTC blobs and radio
  • Headset pugged in action (switch to vibrate/silent mode)
  • Flip phone to silent the phone when recieving a call
  • Flip face down action (switch to vibrate/silent mode)
  • Volume adjust sound (disable the sound when adjusting the volume)
  • Support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth
  • WebView : Add openUrl menu item
  • Accept all mimetypes for inbound bluetooth file transfers
  • Add standard method for enabling mfpu and mcpu code optimization
  • Allow highEndGfx override
  • Globalactions: sound actions
  • Keyguard: Add accelerometer override to lockscreen
  • Backlight settings
  • Add support for variable size pattern lockscreen
  • Services: Fix tethering (softap) startup
  • Mms: Fix phone doesn't vibrate on receiving texts unless on vibrate only
  • Email: Fix phone doesn't vibrate on receiving texts unless on vibrate only
  • Calendar: Fix phone doesn't vibrate on receiving texts unless on vibrate only
  • Add Facebook contact sync support
  • Allow the statusbar to show both network technology and signal strength text
  • Add option for switching between UMS and MTP/PTP mode
  • Trebuchet: new App Icon featuring Cid
  • Option to enable gfx effects
  • SystemUI: Move statusbar container object
  • Skia: Assembly optimized 4 blittering related functions
  • Fix don't interrupt ongoing PIN/PUK verification
  • Sensor: Add RotationVectorSensor2
  • Framework: Fix NPE in notification manager if profiles disabled
  • Make flash_off indicator visible
  • Fix all upscaled lockscreen drawables and add a few new drawables
  • Kill app back-button : Don't kill default launcher
  • Make notification header settings icon align with the text
  • PowerWidget : TouchInterceptor updates
  • Phone: Add Missed call and Voicemail specific notification lights
  • Framework: Audio service - add missing pieces from CM9 port
  • Dialer - T9 / Landscape Merges
  • Lockscreen : Widgets before secure lockscreen fix
  • Add option to always show battery status on lockscreen
  • GlobalActions: Fix dialog dismissal
  • Settings : Switch state fix
  • Settings: Add the ability to enable/disable use of Profiles
  • Add increasing volume option for alarm clocks
  • Additional notification action to call sender
  • Improve scrolling cache
  • Browser: Increased tab limit
  • Added a menu item in Browser called Close other tabs
  • Browser : Open in incognito tab
  • Framework: Add ability to disable Power menu screenshot
  • GlobalActions: Fix dialog dismissal
  • Apn Settings : Fix panel title
  • Camera: Add ISO support
  • Externalize symbol picker options to resources
  • Hostapd: Android related changes for sockets
  • SystemUI: Fix navigation bar recreation when applying theme
  • Roboto: Fix for Unicode Character U+1EE1
  • ActivityTrigger: New class to invoke when activity starts/resumes
  • Phone: Add transparency to incall screen
  • Framework: Tablet powerwidget improvements
  • Frameworks: tablet powerwidget management
  • ProfilesSettings : Don't reinstantiate
  • Add the capability to set GC paramter system wide or per app level
  • Framework: fix notification icons not animating till ticker is updated
  • Bluetooth: AVRCP 1.3 features changes
  • Bind VolUp+VolDown to toggle the ringer
  • DevelopmentSettings: Refactor ADB over Network
  • Bootanimation: allow using RGB565 instead of ARGB8888
  • Lockscreen: make lockscreen weather time more friendly
  • Emoji patch from CM9 for the MMS app
  • Fix pixelated xhdpi emoticons
  • Add lockscreen rotation as an optional rotation setting
  • Framework: Fix NPE in Power penu
  • Settings: Flip to silent/vibrate
  • Settings: Flip Vibrate updates
  • Add notification shade wallpapers setting
  • Bluewall firewall (notification irritation prevention!)
  • Fix Navbar for tablets & other non x-hdpi devices
  • NavBar: Button color
  • NavBar: Button glow color
  • NavBar: Shorter button glow option
  • Improve tethering notification icons
  • Framework: Option to toggle items in shutdown menu
  • Fix system bar scrollview on landscape
  • Framework Track Control : Switch from broadcast to audio service
  • Lockscreen Vibrate option
  • Limit the number of status bar notification icons
  • Disable recents when using multiuser (only for the primary user)
  • Only show notifications for the primary user
  • Skia: GPU backend enhancement for canvas2D.
  • Fix memory leak in ApnSettings-activity
  • Settings: Don't direct to market if no markets installed
  • Settings: Fix the issue the setting crashes after unmount SD card in landscape
  • Settings: Fixed DevicePicker showing all dev even if BT is off
  • Settings: This fixes crash caused by null pointer
  • Settings: Fix use of holo drawables in a few more places
  • Fix for updating TCP buffer size when switching network type
  • Update runtime resource overlay tests to Jelly Bean
  • Generate idmap files via proxy program, just like dexopt.
  • Support multiple overlays targeting framework-res.apk
  • Runtime resource overlay for any package
  • Unify how overlay packages are loaded
  • Unify how base and overlay packages are matched
  • Store package paths in idmap, add idmap --inspect
  • libnfc-nxp: Fix a race condition in the phOsalNfc deferred timer callback implementation.
  • libnfc-nxp: Recovery after lost read messaged from pn544
  • libnfc-nxp: HCI ANY_OPEN_PIPE on identity management gate crash fix
  • libnfc-nxp: Add support for target-customized NFC stack configuration
  • libnfc-nxp: Support of topaz tag NFC Forum version number 1.1
  • libnfc-nxp: Fixed race condition in phDal4Nfc_Write() causing same buffer to be freed twice
  • libnfc-nxp: TX retry mechanism at HCI layer to recover from physical write error
  • libnfc-nxp: FRI State Machine update problem fix
  • Bluez: Memory corruption and SEGV crash on SDP Requests
  • Bluez: Managing incoming packet with unknown PID
  • Bluez: Add AutoRetry option to audio.conf
  • Bluez: AVDTP disconnection timeout problem fixed
  • Bluez: fixed occasional audio stream issue
  • Bluez: prevent passing NULL pointer
  • Bluez: Crash avdtp_unref
  • Bluez: network: Add retries for BNEP connection setup
  • Bluez: Handle BNEP setup request extension headers
  • Bluez: Wait remote side to send AVDTP_START when acting as acceptor
  • Bluez: Add handling of AVDTP command collision
  • Bluez: Object 'data' is used after it was freed.
  • Bluez: Fix handling of a2dp suspend indication
  • Bluez: fix discoverable timeout issue at startup
  • Bluetooth: add illegal exception handler in BluetoothOppTransferHistory
  • Bluetooth: fix the null pointer issue in OPP
  • Bluetooth: Fix the issue for IO Exception
  • Bluetooth: Add exception handle for startObexSession()
  • Bluetooth: Fix ANR when stopping OPP transfer
  • Bluetooth: Enhancement of the Excpetion management
  • Bluetooth: improve transmission bitrate
  • Bluetooth: Fix the issue the shown device name on toast is not up to date
  • Bluetooth: moved list clearing operation to an async task
  • Bluetooth: Fix ANR when displaying the schedule bar
  • Bluetooth: fixed crash when file was deleted during batch sending
  • Webkit: Avoid members with the same base name in ar's archives
  • Webkit: FlushSemaphore access after free
  • Webkit: Avoid duplicate definition of GlyphPage::fill
  • Webkit: Fix memory leak caused by CSSRuleList wrapper
  • Webkit: HTML5 video playback enhancement
  • Webkit: enable no-pic compiling option
  • Webkit: Duplicate definitions
  • Webkit: Enable dynamic effect of GIF animating images in browser
  • V8: enable no-pic compiling option

Build 1: md5: d9fc014d9e00621e62292a3476ba2391

  • Only jellybean rom for the HTC One X that got the needed configuration for proper multicore support
  • Included a lot of linaro changes
  • Status bar clock color
  • Battery bar
  • Custom carrier
  • Abbreviated day of the week
  • Clock position
  • BETA hybrid bar i repeat BETA!!
  • Navigation bar settings (enable changing buttons adding button menu position and visibility)
  • Build.prop settings
  • Init.d settings (including zipalign, fix permissions, enable swap, SD boost and clear cache)
  • GPS quickswitch
  • Edge swype
  • Camera sounds
  • Render effect
  • Automatic backlight settings
  • No timeout for display
  • Scrolling cache settings
  • Scroll friction and scroll fling velocity settings
  • And a lot more

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27th July 2012, 12:10 PM |#4  
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Inverted gapps?
Suited for high resolution?
27th July 2012, 12:19 PM |#5  
scream_clarity's Avatar
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I've been looking forward to this. Thanks, Owain94!
27th July 2012, 12:40 PM |#6  
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What all things are not working in the initial build?

Sent from my HTC One X
27th July 2012, 12:58 PM |#7  
EddyOS's Avatar
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I'll give it a go, why not!

EDIT: What version of the Faux kernel have you repackaged?
27th July 2012, 01:17 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by mexxxico


Inverted gapps?
Suited for high resolution?

inverted gapps will follow later
Originally Posted by scream_clarity

I've been looking forward to this. Thanks, Owain94!

thank you sir!
Originally Posted by kryptoner

What all things are not working in the initial build?

Sent from my HTC One X

updated first post with the things that are not working
also updated second post with a changelog for the first release
Originally Posted by EddyOS

I'll give it a go, why not!

EDIT: What version of the Faux kernel have you repackaged?

faux 4b8
franco 12
ncx 030
bricked 0.3
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27th July 2012, 01:20 PM |#9  
York, UK
Thanks Meter: 22
Cheers Owain, looking forward to taking this one for a spin.. been using your roms since rooting my 1x originally so looking forward to some JB goodness (if its owt like me nexus 7 I'll be well chuffed )

Will report back later on any issues...
27th July 2012, 01:21 PM |#10  
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Sounds like a good ROM... is there any chance of some screenshots?
27th July 2012, 01:42 PM |#11  
scream_clarity's Avatar
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I wish I could click Thanks a million times. This is such a good rom. Feature packed from build 1. Awesome battery so far with faux kernel. Looking forward to future builds. If you need a tester, I'm there.

Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
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