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[ROM][/KERNELS/THEMES/AROMAS] SuperLTE_Mayhem_d3rpLTE_Bareback [MILESTONE 4.1][12/8]

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By il Duce, Inactive Recognized Developer / Recognized Themer / Retired Forum Moderator on 27th July 2012, 08:23 PM
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This is now 4 ROMs (soon to be 5 with the addition of warm) :

-SuperLTE - stock look mostly - details in OP - LEAD DEVS: STEAL25 & IL DUCE
-Bareback - superLTE without HTC Sense - details in post 8 - LEAD DEV: HOCKEYFAMILY737
-Warm 4.0 - (COMING SOON) - Warm green theme - LEAD DEV: ?lol?
-d3rpLTE - B/W Monochrome theme - LEAD DEV: IL DUCE
-Mayhem - Red theme - LEAD DEVS: IL DUCE & STEAL25

-Please do NOT use our ROMs as a base, however, if you see something in our ROM that you want in yours, please do ask us and we will tell you how it was done. We support community, and learning about Android, we do not, however, support taking a built package and adding/removing/taking apks or features, then calling it your own. Thanks.
-VICTORY! - Thanks to steal25, mikeyxda, and il Duce - We now have ALL hyperlinks FIXED! #FAPPLE

team d3rp is:
myself, pstevep, thoughtlesskyle, vanessaem, Ajthescot, hockeyfamily737, steal25, dased14, diestarbucks, and Gumby63.

- Android 4.0.4 ICS, HTC Sense 4.1, Sprint 2.13.651.1 RUU.
- MeanKernel (capped at 1.8 - boots at 1.5) with s2wE! (read info next) from mikeyxda.
- s2wE! - Sweep 2 Wake Enhanced:
-sweep LTR to wake from screen off.
-sweep RTL to sleep from screen on.
-sweep LTR with screen on = advanced power menu.
-sweep LTR with screen on then press home = screenshot.
-sweep from home to right for volume max.
-sweep from home to left for volume min.
-touch between home and menu for single up volume.
-touch between home and back for single down volume.
-sweep from home to right screen off for media next.
-sweep from home to left screen off for media previous.
-sweep RTL from screen off disables s2w (for better battery).

- Additional optional kernels in AROMA install =
-stock HTC kernel from the 2.13 RUU - source above ^
-AwesomeSauce v2.5 by thicklizard(capped at 1.8) - source
- All HTC, Google, and Sprint apps up to date.
- Latest busybox and superSU.
- AROMA Custom Recovery Installer.
- xHausx's S-ON kernel installer.

- Build prop tweaks.
- Init.d tweaks.
- Init post boot tweaks.
- Animation tweaks - system wide screen transitions.
- Animation tweaks - folders open and close.
- GPS tweaks.
- AGPS enabled by default.
- DNS server tweaks.
- Wifi tweaks.
- Capacitive button lights dimmed.
- Zipaligns on boot.
- Added roaming options to settings.
- Phone has roam only mod.
- Cool boot animation and startup dialog.
- 4x4 rosie with landscape, ultrasmooth scroll, other mods, no crashes.
- Sense 4.5 Camera: shutter sound toggle, no focus sound, iso1250, 3GPP, HQ, sharp sensor, pano zoom.
- EXT4 alignment (in TWRP/advanced/settings/ use rm-rf to wipe, or you'll break these).
- MMS sizes 1m, 2m, 5m, no compression on mms messages as well.
- Secure box added to SMS.
- SMS backup added.
- Removed data throttling code.
- Removed ALL green and blue text colors/lines in dialog menus.
- Lots of first boot default and custom settings not found in the RUU.
- Changed "Sprint" in dropdown to "Super LTE".
- Changed "no notifications" in dropdown to "no events" and moved to the right.
- Changed "notifications" in dropdown to "missed events" and moved to the right.
- Changed "ongoing notifications" in dropdown to "current events" and moved to the right.
- Added animated sync icons.
- Added percent battery.
- Added animated GPS icons.
- Removed "select input method" notification, you can select the keyboard via "switch KB" app.
- Added BT tethering support.
- Custom statusbar animations.
- Added in *some* Jelly Bean transition animations.
- Removed some HTC loggers (all over the place).
- Added wifi tether beta to quick settings.
- Added to browser: debug menu, offline reading, screen capture.
- Added in jellybean "slim" roboto fonts.
- Long press volume for media control.
- Allowed weather wallpaper animations.
- APM by long press power or EQS or s2wE!.
- adb debugging icon hidden.
- Max hotspot connections now defaulted to 15.
- Signature check disabled for apks.
- Added TV out.
- Added screen calibration.
- Added more animation and transitions speeds in settings/developer options.
- Wake screen with camera button.
- LOTS of bloat removed - some full apks, and about 150mb of unused images/languages/code.
- Default home screens are empty on clean install.
- Semi-transparent dropdown with Extended Quick Settings.
- SMS: screen wake on new, forward to phone number or email, fixed time stamps, MMS over wifi.
- Lockscreen: removed am/pm, ring ripples on touch, carrier, "pull to unlock" text, smaller clock, tight shortcuts (no text).
- EQS items added: reboot menu, wifi tether beta, orientation app, and more.
- Statusbar icons removed: headphones/headset, vibrate/silent, alarm.
- Added in facebook contact pics fix.
- Added post boot script to fix contact photos in messaging.
- Added bins (works from TE) - bash, nano, flash_image, fix_permissions, zip, dexopt-wrapper, sysro, sysrw.
- Custom ADB shell launch option when connect USB cable to computer.
- Mail app (exchange mail) sync while roaming, modded security settings.
- YouTube - added HD support.
- Sped up animations in some system apps.
- Fixed SMS opening messages lag.
- Added overscroll effect.
- Added back the sound enhancer options for beats that HTC removed in the 2.13 RUU.
- Fixed per-contact ringtones that HTC broke in the 2.13 RUU.
- Long press home button AND dropdown settings button - you can launch any app - in settings/display/longpress settings/.
- Removed non-standard languages and unused pngs from system apks.
- Removed text labels from power/settings widgets.
- Short press "Super LTE" in dropdown = goes to dialer
- Long press ^ = goes to SMS.
- Unlimited recent app panels - requires zepps multitasking.
- Google Play has added in mod for "Wishlist".
- Probably lots of other stuff.

- Terminal Emulator.
- MSL reader.
- OASVN lite.
- WiFi tether beta.
- Better Battery Stats XDA.
- HTC Mirror.
- Rotation app.
- HTC Flashlight.
- HTC Notes.
- HTC screen calibrate.
- Switch KB.
- LP home.

Install Options
Full Rom install no custom options
Customizible Install
(System info)
(File Manager)

Wipe Options
No wipe
Full wipe
Cache/Dalvik only

Music Options
MusicBox - extended beats music enhancer
Choose Volume+ or DSP manager app as well
Super LTE stock music settings

Zeppelinrox multitasking mod
Super LTE stock framework

Sans Romance Fatal
Sony Sketch
Segoe WP7
Super LTE stock (roboto slim)

Camera Button Remap
Camera button focus no wake
Camera button search no wake
Camera button search and wake
Super LTE stock (focus wake)

Rosie configuration
4x4 Trans dock, no wallpaper scroll, no landscape with 360 spin
4x4 Trans dock,wallpaper scroll,landscape, no 360 spin
4x4 solid dock, landscape wallpaper scroll and no 360 spin
4x4 solid dock with land wallpaper and 360
4x4 trans dock with land wallpaper and 360
4x4 solid no wallpaper scroll no landscape w/360
4x5 Trans no wallpaper scroll no landscape w/360
4x5 Trans no landscape with 360 and wp scroll
4x5 solid no landscape with wp scroll and 360
4x5 solid no landscape on wp scroll with 360
4x5 trans with landscaps,wp scroll and 360
4x5 solid with landscaps,wp scroll and 360

Status Bar Options
No icons - leaves only signal and wifi icons (uses batt bar)
^ same ^ without signal bars (uses batt bar)
No clock - Removes status bar clock
All icons - adds back all stock icons that were removed
Battery bar - MIUI style battery bar with quick setting to access it
Battery bar with no clock
^ same ^ without signal bars
Battery bar with all icons
Clock without am/pm - coming soon

Lockscreen Options
Right corner lockring
Left clock
Right clock
Large caller id and no lock ring
Center lockring mod - coming soon
Super LTE stock Lockscreen

HTC Sense 4.5 Camera
Super LTE stock Camera

MMS/SMS Screen on/off
Screen comes on with new mms/sms
Screen stays off with new mms/sms

Linkify (app associations)
#FAPPLE - allows user choice for linked app launching
Stock HTC app associations

Dual Core plus tweaks
Forced dual cores, faster: min freq, sampling rate, up threshhold
Super LTE stock setup

Long Press Home
Kill current app
User choice - in settings you can choose any app to launch

*PATCHES AND THEMES* (compatible with all the above ^)

Transparent Widgets
All homescreen widget backgrounds are transparent
Stock setup

Batteries (patched work with systemui options)
Circle Battery
Gauge Battery
HDBlue Battery
HDWhite Battery
HoneyComb Battery
ICS Gauge Battery
ZR3D Battery
Super LTE stock battery

Beats (Patched works with musicbox and lockscreen mods)
Replaces default album art with awesome beats images
Stock setup

App drawer grid
5x6 app drawer grid layout
Super LTE stock 5x4

Homescreen Text Labels
Add back shortcut and folder labels
Super LTE stock setup (no labels)

Center Clock
Center Clock option (works with sysui options)
Stock right clock

App removal options
Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash Player
Google Plus
Google Maps
Google Books
Google Search
Google TTS
HTC Skins
HTC Flashlight
HTC Location
HTC Watch
HTC Notes
HTC Gallery
HTC Live Wallpapers
HTC LockScreens
HTC Mail
HTC Messages
HTC Music
HTC Task
HTC Weather
HTC WorldClock
HTC TaskManager
HTC Skydrive
HTC Movie Editor
HTC Dock
HTC FM Radio
HTC Sound Recorder
HTC Browser
HTC Calculator
HTC Calendar
TuneIn Radio
Polaris Office
PDF Viewer
JetCet Print

-everything above ^ is milestone 1.

-M2 - fixed some bugs and random OCD things.
-M2 - updated superSU app to 0.97.
-M2 - updated all gapps and ROM apps.
-M2 - updated FAPPLE to v5.
-M2 - added 2 new clock options in aroma > bold, and center bold.
-M2 - added new Android 4.2 keyboard with wordtrace.
-M2 - added working HTC Notes widget.
-M2 - added "My Wishlist" to Google Play.
-M2 - added in more complete SegoeWP7 fonts.
-M2 - added smartsync disabler app from j4n87 - accessible via system settings.
-M2 - added in MeanKernel (as stock) capped at 1.5 with "s2wE!" from mikeyxda.
-M2 - added in as aroma options > stock HTC kernel, awesomesauce v2.5 capped at 1.8.
-M2 - aroma dual core option now capped at 1.7.
-M2 - removed all skins from fusion and made standalone apks (available in the updater).
-M2 - redone > all apk and jar optimizations and alignment.

-M3 - updated MeanKernel to v0.8 >>
- now capped at 1.8, boots at 1.5
- sweep from home to right for volume max.
- sweep from home to left for volume min.
- touch between home and menu for single up volume.
- touch between home and back for single down volume.
- fixed touchscreen bugs.
- sweep home to right screen off for media next.
- sweep home to left screen off for media previous.

-edit this line in /etc/
"echo 0 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake" - Turns off all sweep gestures.
"echo 1 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake" - Only sweep2sleep and screen on sweep power/screenshot.
"echo 2 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake" - All gestures expept volume/media sweeps and phantom volume buttons are enabled.
"echo 3 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake" - All gestures except media sweeps are enabled.
"echo 4 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake" - Same as echo 3 minus sweep2wake.
"echo 5 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake" - Default in ROM - All gestures are enabled.

-M3 - dual core aroma option now caps at 1.8 on MeanKernel.
-M3 - fixed font sizes.
-M3 - updated SMS screen off patch.
-M3 - replaced zipalign script and elevated priority.
-M3 - redid all lockscreen patches.
-M3 - fixed bug on awesomesauce kernel install.
-M3 - updated system and market apps.
-M3 - updated superSU app and binary
-M3 - fixed some scripts for OC.
-M3 - more things (we forget).

-M4 - updated MeanKernel 1.0 - now has sweep RTL when screen off to disable s2w (for battery life).
-M4 - fixed "stock" rosie and no WP scroll version in aroma.
-M4 - updated all zipalign in aroma patches.
-M4 - is now fixed ftw.
-M4 - added init d support to new kernel.
-M4 - added NEW aroma choices for capacitive button brightness.
-M4 - updated system and market apps.
-M4 - fixed hstext patch not applying.
-M4 - fixed 5x6 app drawer patch not applying.
-M4 - fixed allicon sysui broken recents.
-M4 - added AOSP recent app style to bareback.
-M4 - fixed gmail delete dialog "<b>1</b> deleted".
-M4 - fixed random FC in some of the aroma patches and other mods.
-M4 - added NEW aroma choices for Quick Quick Settings:
- stock superLTE SystemUI with QQS.
- all icons SystemUI with QQS.
- battery bar SystemUI with QQS.
- we can do more version on request for the updater just ket us know.
-M4 - fixed email address links in sms messages.
-M4 - added 3 NEW super quick settings dropdown options (goes to QS if no notifications shown).
-M4 - added NEW setting in sms main page, now preview up to 5 lines (sms/settings/general).
-M4 - added "lag fix" from mikeyxda - even though we never had the lag reported, why not lol.
-M4 - *NOTE* any SystemUI using aosp recent apps style will show ALL your apps (not just 8).
-M4 - sprinkled MagIK dust - thanks Aamikam.
-M4 - rebuilt all framework/jars and stored with 0 compression.
-M4 - ADDED MAYHEM AND D3RPLTE THEMES! - seperate AROMA istall zip

-M4.1 - fixed weird random acore FC.
-M4.1 - updated apps again.
-M4.1 - updated su binary.
-M4.1 - fixed SystemUI longpress settings (was going to kb switcher) to be user choice.
-M4.1 - changed default save location of screenshots (power+home) to be sdcard2/screenies/ instead of camera shots.
-M4.1 - ADDED MAYHEM AND D3RPLTE THEMES! - seperate AROMA istall zip

see * below - we need to update to the new base (watch the updater and thread for updates)

- - use as an update zip for individual commits.
- d3rpstock_idlescreen - custom lock modified from stock.
- d3rpICS_bootanim - sweet greyscale AOSP boot anim - d3rpified.
- faded_sense_ui - sense TWRP theme.
- rydah_htc_d3rp_ui - htc TWRP theme (by Rydah805 - made greyscale by me).
- Roboto_Stock - stock thicker roboto fonts, not slim (by liquidsolstice).
- focus_remap_search - half-press camera remapped to google search.
- focussearch_nowake - ^same^ but doesn't wake the screen.
- focusstock_nowake - stock camera button functions, doesn't wake the screen.
- superLTE_splash - superman logo splash screen.
- superd3rp_splash - team d3rp logo splash screen.
- add_back_systemUI - puts back icons: vibrate/silent, headset/phones, alarm.
- Center_Clock - rom based sysui, clock in middle.
- 105_Lclock - d3rp lockscreen, clock/date moved to the left side.
- 105_Rclock - same as above, only on the right side.
- Return to stock system/top bar animations.
- LOTS of battery mods.
- Google NOW.
- 5x4 Rosies.
- new SMS screen NOT on.
- zr3dbatt - uses battery icons from the very popular zr3d ROM for the evo 3D.
- zr3dbatt_noclock - same ^ but without clock
- r115_sysui_nobatt - like below, only with the clock.
- Systemui_noclock_battery_batterybar - ROM statusbar without clock, uses battery bar instead of %battery.
- Super_Xloud - adds in xloud and other sound mods.
- MusicBoxMod - modded stock sound to add to beats.
- Trans_Clock_Widget - 4x2 clock with no background behind the weather.
- stock_LEDs - stock brightness for the capacitive buttons.
- Rosie_noLand - no landscape homescreen.
- rosie_noscroll - no scrolling wallpaper on homescreen.
- All the stock skin apks.
- R100_LS - Lockscreen custom right ring/icons with left clock lock.
- ducemusic_r1 - HTC music app beats themed default album art.
- Minimal_Lock-signed - rom lockscreen with no widget backgrounds.
- no_text_ring - rom lockscreen without the lockring.
- no_ring_text_bigcallerid - like above only with 3/4 screen called id.
- WhiteBeatsNotify - the ongoing beats notification and statbar icons are white.
- Zepp_new_MT_Mod - better multitasking values to keep apps open longer.
- Long press home voice search (AROMA option).
- 3 skins from HTC Sense 4.5 for jellybean (Graphite, Steel, Concrete).
- beatsR_clockBL - right lockring/shortcuts, left *bottom* clock, beats music png.
- 4x4_with_bells - rosie with every hack added.
- I have lost track, there are too many, just ask...

- Check: POST 2 AND 5 AND 6 AND 8 AND 9 lol - there's stuff there!

- According to the crazy guy in "Ancient Aliens" our ROM, like Earth, was also founded by extraterrestials.
- If your phone dies we'll try to fix it, but it was probably your fault.
- Yes, flashing roms is like doing cocaine, which is why we set up SVN. It's a giant mirror filled with lines, so please use responsibly.

team d3rp - you are all amazing!
- amarullz for AROMA.
- myn - for creating the original warm series of ROMs, and working with us.
- chainfire - for superSU, and his near endless commitment to android.
- jeffsanace for theme IME switcher and voice search, theme tutorials, general help all around.
- fernando sor for telling the world how to edit ICS framework, the 2.13 sysui code help, long press carrier label and home choices, etc.
- liquidsolstice for the SVN guide, and for nice fonts.
- aamikkam for EQS, rosie mods, default xml stuff, and being a BAMF.
- Red Monkey for the app OASVN, and telling us our ROM was cool.
- eg1122 for doing the animated icons tutorial.
- chamonix for the better battery stats app.
- Smokem_I for the awesome statusbar animations, and metamorph help.
- mikeyxda for time stamp fixes, mail, smartsync code, help with FAPPLE, and MeanKernel s2wE.
- hamdir for the ultra smooth rosie mod.
- closeone for the AWESOME iso hack, which allows an adb command window option for usb connections.
- ssojyeti2 for help with aroma installer.
- vinchenzop for more aroma help, and other late night chatter.
- xhausx for the S-ON kernel installer.
- lyapota for the Sense 4.5 camera mods.
- zeppelinrox for supercharging and multitasking mods.
- j4n87 for the long press app kill logic, sysui with removed am/pm & signal bars, and the smartsync app.
- itandy for the app to assign custom lock shortcuts in bareback.
- autogeek for the trans widgets method.
- joeyfettucini for fixing htc resources!
- AOSP, HTC, AOKP, and cyanogenMOD for pretty icons and the base for all we do.
- ALL the themers and devs we see on the site or gtalk regularily, and the whole of XDA.
- We used MANY guides and tutorials to do this stuff, if we have left your name off send a PM and we'll add you.




ROM UPDATE PACKAGE FOR THE APP "OASVN"- this *should* work on the LTE, please let us know if not.





- Use the latest TWRP recovery.
- Go into "advanced" in TWRP, select your wipe option to "rm -rf" and NOT "format", otherwise the ext4 tweaks are useless.
- Full wipe for ANY milestone build, or your first run on our ROM, we've changed a LOT from the stock RUU, or any other ROM.
- Make sure you're NOT plugged in to avoid issues with aroma freezing.
- Click the install button in recovery, find and select our ROM zip, click install.
- AROMA will start now:
- Read things thoroughly, and have fun.
- Use the customize feature to install various options, there's LOADS!
- You can always go back if you miss something or change your mind.
- Boot the system when you're done.
- Choose to copy aroma flash log.
- Boot process happens.
- If you have any add ons that aren't part of AROMA or the ROM, boot back to recovery now and install them.
- ENJOY THE ROM! and tell us we're nifty.

md5 = 9a451b0f5a00e5b07a68ed4d4debee34

md5 = c2d5f7b4909f0234384af7bd7d4b6307

NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM....." - the bathsalts zombie
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27th July 2012, 08:28 PM |#2  
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Version one
D3rpLTE by il Duce
Mayhem by steal25
initial release
tons more apks left to theme
All apks modified in aroma are patched in this theme
so any config you have previously choosen will remain intact.

Configure SuperLTE Updater

1: Open SuperLTE Updater from app drawer
2: Click Menu
3: Click Configuration
4: Select Addon/Theme Update Settings
5: Select Manage Addon/Theme Servers
6: Click Menu
7: select Update Featured Addon/Theme Servers
8: "Default Theme" will appear
9: Click Back button all the way back to the beginning and your all set
10: you may have to hit menu and select Check now
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27th July 2012, 09:03 PM |#3  
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27th July 2012, 09:07 PM |#4  
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Warm 4.0 for the LTE will be fun!

See post 7 for updates
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27th July 2012, 09:34 PM |#5  
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hmm what should i put here????????

how about a red skin

and a few walls i did too
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	wallpaper1.jpg
Views:	11718
Size:	143.4 KB
ID:	1281235   Click image for larger version

Name:	wall2.jpg
Views:	11706
Size:	172.5 KB
ID:	1281237  
Attached Files
File Type: apk BrushedChaos.apk - [Click for QR Code] (5.44 MB, 458 views)
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27th July 2012, 10:29 PM |#6  
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More Skins (...and even more to come hopefully)

MOAR STEEL SKIN - by ajthescot - Based on sense 4.5 steel skin, with custom drawables.

MATTE STEEL INVERTED - by ajthescot/il Duce - screens HERE. Based on matte skin with inverted clock flips, uses moar steel drawables.

WHITE HOT SKIN - by il Duce and team d3rp!

WITCHCRAFT D3RP SKIN - by bebida (ported and modded by duce)


True Blue Download | Extra Pics

Moar Matte
Download | Extra Pics

Apex Launcher Stuff
Here's 3 posts from team d3rp that contain Apex launcher themes/icon packs:

- Black Glass

- Carved-In, Frosted, and White Round
(Look only where it says "Apex Launcher Theme/Icon Packs")


Community Mods
As the name states, all mods are welcome by the community as long as they're compatible with this rom.

If you did a mod and and you want me to add it to the OP, please send me a PM.

*- Red Personal Theme (beta)
| More screenshots by ccaudio1
*- White AOSP Statusbar Mod by Gumby63
*- Notification Counter Mods by
- New Center Lock Mod by Gumby63
- SuperLTE Splash by ssojyeti2
- SuperLTE_OfficiallyTook THEME by officiallytook
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27th July 2012, 10:29 PM |#7  
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Warm 4.0 teaser here

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27th July 2012, 10:29 PM |#8  
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d3rpLTE Desensitized
This is a senseless version of Super LTE
Goal- To create a low resource use rom with an AOSP feel while, retaining major functionality of the device.

Not quite AOSP and not quite Sense
Based off of Super LTE SVN commits
Huge thanks to fellow Team d3rp members
Please see first post for full credits

Noteable Changes From Base Rom

-Uses AOSP recent apps dialog
-Add Holo Locker as default lockscreen
-Add Nova launcher as the default
-Add AOSP browser
-Add Holy Smoke Apex theme
-Add AOSP Desk Clock app
-add AOSP calendar - thanks v01rider
-add AOSP Email - thanks v01rider
-Removed Rosie and all HTC Sense widgets
-Removed "non essential" HTC Sense apps (Most can be added back in from the base rom)
-Removed HTC Lockscreen (will make flashable zips to add back)
-Removed all Home Personalize entries
-Removed HTC Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, and Wallpaper Preview images
-Removed Face Unlock (will make this into a flashable addon zip)
-Removed PC ISO Mount Mod (will make as a flashable addon)
-Removed Misc. bits of Sense framework and underlying Sense files

None that I'm aware of

Version Specific Changelog

12/6/2012 MILESTONE 4.0 -
(includes all changes from M1) - read the OP
(includes OP changelog for M2 as well) - read the OP
(includes OP changelog for M3 as well) - read the OP
(includes OP changelog for M4 as well)- read the OP
Based off of SVN r350 (The updates in SuperLTE r351 were app updates that are apps not included in Bareback so I didn't bother re-uploading a new version because we can't all have upload speeds like Mr Steal25)

-Other than that there were not really any specific changes other than I swapped in the AOSP calculator because the Sense one is ugly, and I slightly themed the AOSP one to make it all black/white/gray since the blue was annoying me.
-There is a zip in updater if you want the update prl/profile options
-And QQ settings are on by default since Bareback has no Aroma for you to choose if you want it or not-I chose for you ;p

11/15/2012 MILESTONE 3.0 -
(includes all changes from M1) - read the OP
(includes OP changelog for M2 as well) - read the OP
(includes OP changelog for M3 as well) - read the OP
Based off of SVN r315 (M3)
-Nova Launcher is now default launcher. Apex appears to not want to play nicely with Bareback and throws up this annoying graphical glitch.
-Settings has been updated with Nova Launcher settings now where Apex Launcher settings used to be. Thank Steal25 because he did that, and he is neat.
-AOSP Browser is now default browser, Chrome has been removed.
-Swype now works again. Thanks for your help v01rider, now switch to a good keyboard like Swiftkey :P
-Browser sync has been added back in so it works again.
-Removed OASVN because um..there is no SVN for Bareback and I should have yanked that from the public build long ago.

That's about it on my end. I did not add back in the update section to settings. There is a flashable zip for that. I believe il Duce has fixed up the lockscreen zip. Even if he didn't, find him and give him a thanks because he is swell.

As always, find Hockeyfamily737 because he is mostly responsible for this, and if you are in his area go help him paint a fence and give him a Dave Matthews Band CD (hurl)

Also, thanks to mrrodgers1 and volk9029 for testing a couple things and confirming I wasn't crazy with seeing the Apex glitch when Duce couldn't be bothered to test for me for once (I love you long time Duce), report any lockscreen requests/issues to Mr Duce.

11/8/12 MILESTONE 2.0 - thanks diestarbucks
(includes all changes from M1) - read the OP
(includes OP changelog for M2 as well) - read the OP
Based off of SVN r280 (M2)
Default kernel is now MeanKernel with s2wE! capped at 1.5
Added Holo Locker
Added Chrome Browser
Updated Settings.apk with Apex settings in place of Personalize. Tweaked by Steal25 (Thank him somewhere, anywhere)
Updated SystemUI.apk. Quick settings have AOSP icons, Status bar is white AOKP style, recent apps dialog is AOSP (Thank il Duce and Gumby63 somewhere, anywhere)

10/25/12 MILESTONE 1.0
there was a changelog, it was good, then hurricane sandy stole it, which was bad

10/22/12 v2.03 - thanks diestarbucks
Based off of r219
No version specific changes

10/13/12 v2.02 - thanks diestarbucks
Based off of r202
diestarbucks forgot to change build.prop to v2.02
No version specific changes

10/2/12 v2.01 - thanks diestarbucks
Based off of r169
Remove Aroma Installer
Remove HTC Mail app
Remove Set Orientation app

9/24/12 v2.00 - thanks diestarbucks
-Based off of r134
-updated to 2.13 RUU
-add AOSP calendar - thanks v01rider
-add AOSP Email - thanks v01rider
-more Sense removal

8/28/12 v1.05
-Based off of r222
-1.22 RUU based

8/25/12 v1.04
-Based off of r212
-Fixed long press home F/C
-Removed some more Sense preview images from /system/customize/resource

8/20/12 Initial Release v1.03
-Based off of r185

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27th July 2012, 10:30 PM |#9  
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My post
Skins for S4+
this one is based on the sense 4.5 leak steel


Feeling seasonal .

how about a Halloween Apex theme .

status bar icons

under construction

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27th July 2012, 10:31 PM |#10  
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Hell yeah!

I'm the d3rp test mule, and I love it
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