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[ROM] WICKED™ v10 | AROMA | Rom Control | Full Customization | 5-10-13| UNDEAD

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The ORIGINAL fully customizable rom!
Built for Speed, Stability, Battery life & Style!
Voted BEST T-999 TW rom by, & many others!
Most Supported T-999 rom with user support, themes & add-ons!

-Comments this Rom is getting-
saldebot - You have tried the rest, now welcome to the best!!!!

haynpunch - Best Rom hands down!

david032766 - I've tried about every rom and I always come back to wicked..... Great rom!!!

jakeinator21 - Beware, if you flash this as your first rom, you'll never be satisfied with any other ones

tpcrackpipe - This ROM doesn't cease to amaze

Ultraman666 - This ROM has never failed me, I have used many roms on many phones and this one is by far the best hands down!!!!

edmondt - This ROM has been perfect for me ... no issues at all

doomi77 - Amazing ROM ! Super smooth, fast and battery life .... Just WoW !

mrnovanova - Love the Rom. I find it's the perfect balance of touchwiz goodness and aosp simplicity.

*ROM FEATURES* UVDLJA 4.1.1 JB deodexed Aroma installer Tmobile and At&t ready Multi Theme options Modified stock kernel AOSP lock screen mod Ink Effect lock screen port Ink Effect color control Boot animation support Custom Boot animation Zip aligned and batch optimized Full ability to customize the rom in one flash Build prop tweaks Smoother UI Network tweaks Data tweaks Battery tweaks Ad blocking Added init.d support Init.d script tweaks Carrier IQ free Root access Busybox and supersu Ext4 tweaks Debloated Wicked Rom Control Removed start up sounds Changed start up and shut down animations Bravia 2 2 Theme options plus stock theme 23 toggles [themed] Pull down notification text centered Advanced power menu Pop up browser Google extensions Google ears 4.2 camera 4.2 keyboard 4.2 Gmail Tethering mod Themed icon options Themed wallpapers Icon changer Menu to kill Volume hack Long press to skip music Clock 2.0 mod Change battery images on the fly Change statusbar color on the fly Custom keyboard designs Youtube downloader Transparent status bar options Clock color options PIE launcher DPI settings Awesome Beats LED settings Xposed framework installer etc.

*Data Wipe Options
Data Wipe or No Wipe
*Tmobile or At&t Carrier Options
*3 Kernels
Stock, Deviant or Xone DX Kernels
*3 Themes Stock, Red or Blue
Statusbar, Keyboard, Pulldown, Icons, Mms, Contacts, Dialer, Wallpapers etc.
*5 Keyboard Theme Options
Red, Blue, Black, White or Stock
*5 Launcher Options
Stock, TW 5x5 Modded, Xperia, Holo, Sense & Miui
*3 Camera & Gallery Options
Note 2 , Stock & Nexus 4
*4 Music App Options
Stock, Sony Walkman, Apollo & Miui
*Minfree Memory options
*4 Keyboard Options
Emoji, Xperiaz, Nexus 4, Swype,
*Nexus Soft Key Mod
*Shut down sounds
*Select The Apps You Want Installed

-New Release-

MD5 Sum: 8f2c1960bf7d1536fecc866ac09f2a4d

Dont back up System apps with Titanium Backup

-Jellybean Builds-
Download JB v9.1 HERE MD5 Sum: 14c7708c61cfe782c2fb8485429feb74
Download JB v8 HERE MD5 Sum: 0b675cd1bb1028e9f69f0cdf3ed1e13a
Download JB v7 HERE MD5 Sum: c665a8f759f30903cd0d23e5ffa8468d
Download JB v6 HERE MD5 Sum: 69be488da8b6bcd36281d1c4bb3bd67c

-ICS builds-
Download v7 HERE MD5 Sum: a6999d5e8e6a08ebc3190e4deaa87469
Download v6 HERE MD5 Sum: aa45d750f1e03681f30cfaa6fde8b467
Download v5 HERE MD5 Sum: ffe55da2d80356a41e477d85f8bd4327

-User Banners and Basic Q&A in the second post-

Download rom
Reboot recovery
Wipe data factory reset
Wipe cache
Wipe dalvik cache

Flash rom
After the phone boots up
Let it sit for 5 mins then reboot and enjoy

Music to listen to while you wait! click HERE

-Splash Screen-
Flash a different kernel but still want the WICKED splash screen?
Download HERE

*Change Log* *5-10-13* Added Statusbar color picker Added Battery on fly mod Added Note 2 camera option Changed Aroma options around Cleaned up unused coding Added Brightness slider toggle Added new keyboard options (Emoji, Nexus, Swype, XperiaZ) Fix a couple theme images Added Chrome browser option New shutdown qmg animation Added Rom Control seperate from settings.apk Added Sense launcher option Made the cobalt icons default for the themes Major framework changes Minfree memory is selectable in aroma now A tweak here a tweak there Alot more I forgot about etc. *3-25-13* Fixed AwesomeBeats issue Added Xposed framework installer Fixed per app dpi *3-24-13* Added AOSP lock screen mod Added LMT PIE launcher Added Greenify app Added back AwesomeBeats Made a Wicked Easter egg Added more options to Rom control Added more Aroma options Removed screen on when unplugged from charger Several Mms mods Removed Home mode from settings Fixed Font app fc Fixed google search fc Added Miui launcher Change Xperia launcher from S to Z New Build.prop edits New Init.d tweaks Cleaned up theme images Added new wallpapers Battery tweaks Some more crap I forgot about lol *3-3-13* Supremacy script added (thanx to emwno) Added Long press to skip songs (thanx to loserskater) Updated Kernels Added Bravia 2 engine Themed alot more images Added stock theme option Added Wicked Rom Control ( thanx to sbreen94 for base app) Modified Settings.apk Modified Pop up browser Rebuilt the Aroma installer More Aroma options Added Clock mod 2.0 ( thanx to Didact74) Added Youtube downloader Themed dialer, mms,contacts etc. Cleaned up some coding Added different status bar transparency level options Added color themed clock options Made 2 new keyboard designs Rethemed systemui Removed Wifi Kill Removed Rom Tool Box Added Headphone short cut options Added LED color options Added Apollo music option Updated SuperSU Smoother UI Tweaks More CSC edits Performance upgrades Better battery saving tweaks More Wicked etc. *2-10-13* Total rebuild! Added 2 Theme options (red & blue) Added Menu to Kill New default volume hack New Ext4 tweaks Rewrote updater script Updated SuperSU Moved Notification Button to look like the Nexus 4 Added Knight Rider sounds Full Ink Effect color control (thanx to mythrandyr & team omega) Added Modded Tw 5x5 Launcher (thanx to ptmr3) Added Holo Launcher Removed more bloat Csc edits Browser options Use camera during a call Cooked Icon Changer app into settings (thanx to Juyeong for the app) Added Dark Email apk Added Wifi kill Cleaned up alot of coding etc. *1-14-13* Baked Rom Toolbox options into Settings! (thanx jrummy) Added more themed wallpapers (thanx kovdev) Added themed keyboard options Added themed icon options for custom launchers Changed data tweaks Build.prop tweaks Added wifi tether patch into the rom Smoother UI Removed am / pm from status bar Made option for multi carrier Speed tweaks etc. *12-21-12* Added tether mod (thank jovy23) Modded Settings.apk Removed stock toggles Csc edits Speed tweaks *12-20-12* Fixed stock toggle option *12-19-12* Added ability to change the Ink effect color! Upgraded to 23 toggles More Aroma options Build prop tweaks Added option for stock toggles Added lockscreen rotation options Smoother UI Network tweaks Updated team members in settings Changed lockscreen wallpaper Smoother lockscreen exit Fixed red tint on lockscreen Made ripple effect more noticeable *12-12-12* Added Ink Effect to lock screen Added more Aroma options New boot animation options Added Google ears Added 4.2 camera, keyboard & gmail More themed images Center clock More Speed More Power More WICKED! *11-25-12* Added Aroma Installer back Added 5 launchers Added boot animation Rebuilt build.prop Added new Ext4 tweak Tweaked Scripts Debloated Rom now under 500mb More Speed & More Power Fixed launcher etc. *11-20-12* Removed Note 2 Gallery *11-17-12* Initial Release

CREDIT: wanam (SystemUI mods) djintrigue808 (SystemUI code for toggles) dustinb (Images) mythrandyr (Ink Effect color app HERE) jrummy (Font changer app) Juyeong (Icon changer app) kovdev (wallpaper app) jovy23 (tether mod) raubkatze (images) loserskater (status bar mod) Didact74 (clock mod) Lantek23 (Tester) akapaul26 (tester) Ultraman666 (Tester) parmijo11 (Tester) Annex1 (Banners)

USERS WHO DONATED Unknown x7 Ultraman666 starspun jasonren29 jgalan14 oro2020 parmijo11 x3 sjancura x2 sleepys4 AndroidNoober joemagistro djintrigue808 jon.s.nelson rpolito73 x2 planetkaren jeffeil ScreamingSkulls chef_w spidercub akapaul26 x2 chrisa887 mjhay19 bluecluenj bofiana branzno sluggersix LopezEL saldebot if6was9 tpcrackpipe Habs69M cswroe steely123 x2 mychal luislyricz walliester matrox00612 GalaxyS3Guy Lagar scott7175 Pixa241 droidNoob74 iSeven77 zonly1 jalight27 cuz smiinc trippmcnealy smblkc celeox lmarranzino MrPush Phoenix Undone Dano79 jgreen023 purplevike bdorr1105 LoGiK915 RaymondPJR superuser696 luv4greenleaves galsalah WangLung innate024 Five10legacy majic12 Psychotic-Cerebellum Jarule51082 peterkef Rag112 Paso876 bikrame caanda45 pytyper483 AleHanSolo ingonator flavorente flamnace kingston73 Jokochimpa ticojpunk ssmithri glopact dillym34 Crash1014 peterkef X-Nemesis cccheel tcizzi bluzguy robert90262 chastity bx10r flak0 oro2020 jakeinator21 spursrchamps2007 Jhn1 ChicagoSox munchee bkeaver sonspot the_wookie
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30th July 2012, 04:24 AM |#2  
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Will rooting and flashing roms void my warranty?
Yes it will, good luck with that.

Do I need to perform a full wipe when flashing this rom?
When in doubt yes a full wipe is recommended unless otherwise stated.

How do I change icons?
If using the Stock launcher(tw) use the app built into settings or on a custom launcher long press the app and an option to edit should show up.

Can I use Rom ToolBox Pro with the built in ToolBox in settings?
You can add Rom ToolBox Pro but the app in settings will not show pro options so you must use the Pro app it self.

Why is the rom zip size so large?
Its because with Aroma installer I was able to add 2 seperate themes several mods and apps, the base rom is just about 400MB. (stock rom is about 700MB)

Can I flash other kernels with this rom?
Yes you can, but search out the right kernel for your rom base and try to keep all add-on kernel questions in that kernels thread you will get better answers!

What is themed in this rom?
Status bar, pulldown menu, toggles, keyboard.

*Thread Rules*
Search before you post questions
DONT and I repeat DONT pm me about issues you have with your phone because you did not read the directions in the op!!!
Dont complain about battery life (99% of the time if its bad its user error!)
If you have kernel questions, post them in the kernels op not here
Dont complain about issues if you didnt wipe prior to flashing the rom!
If you have an odd problem try to redownload the rom before posting your problems ( download a md5 checker )
If you have google process error clear data for google services frameworks (issue when recovery doesnt fully wipe)
I will not make custom themes for users just because they want something special, so dont ask!

Always make a backup!
When flashing a rom make sure you have a minimum of 50% battery life
Only flash Mods meant for this rom!
In settings you can change animations speeds
go into settings / Developer options and change the window animation scale to 1.5 also change the transition animation scale to 1.5 to slow the animations down
You can limit the background processes to help save battery in settings / wicked dev options
Change your google sync options to stop it from syncing the internet








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30th July 2012, 04:29 AM |#3  
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Theme looks sick!!!
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30th July 2012, 04:35 AM |#4  
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more stuff to play with thanks man !

Sent from my SGH-T999 using xda premium
30th July 2012, 04:38 AM |#5  
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I remember u from Hercules.. thanks for your work man

sent from my real Gs move in silence like lasagna
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30th July 2012, 04:42 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by mbernusg

I remember u from Hercules.. thanks for your work man

sent from my real Gs move in silence like lasagna

Thanx Im still doing work over there just not as much
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30th July 2012, 05:06 AM |#7  
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Looks awesome.. will definitively flash this. Thx for ur hard work

Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
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30th July 2012, 05:10 AM |#8  
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My ROM overview! It's based on the ICS Blue theme

I hope you like it!

Wicked ROM:

Version 2:

If this helped in any way, please feel free to press the THANKS button and if you do happen to have a few clicks to spare, please go to our channel to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE as we'd really appreciate it, Thanks in advance
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30th July 2012, 05:18 AM |#9  
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Impressive sir.

Red theme looks real good and your resume is even better

DLing now.

Nice to see familiar faces from the sgs 2 here.


Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
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30th July 2012, 05:21 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by AllAboutAndroids

Oh, this theme looks good, I'll definitely flash this!

I only themed the status bar, pull down menu, toggles and some lil hidden things here and there nothing much I didnt want to theme the whole rom because some people may want a stock look, but I am working on a full blown red theme and I will also add the stock themed rom at the same time

I was kinda testing the waters with releasing it with some of the red theme
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30th July 2012, 06:31 AM |#11  
djintrigue808's Avatar
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Dope! Lol. Downloading now! Thanks evil1art!

Sent from my SGH-T999 using xda premium
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