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[ROM] SensuAOSP 2.60b (Updated March 22nd, 2013)

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-Latest CM7 nightly
-Themed heavily to resemble sense 4.0
-Latest beats audio
-ViperMOD baked in
-Lots of apps are included
-Multiple keyboard choices
-Sony Bravia
-AC!D Audio Engine
-Build.prop tweaks
-Init.d tweaks
-Lots of custom apps
-Sense 4 theme and GO! Launcher
-Zeam launcher
-Sony xLoud
-Gapps baked in
-A2SD baked in
-Mason G .15 SBC FSO baked in
-Super fast!!
-Great battery life
-Much more!

Report one!

Initial release
-ROM size: 117.79MB

-Added my magic elixir of tweaks for speed
-Zipaligned the apks, apps should run a bit faster now
-Added a jellybean wallpaper app, along with a several other apps
-Removed ADWlauncher
-Added Vipermod, if you don't know how to run it, do NOT be afraid to ask!
-New bootanimation
-Added data speed tweak (Thanks fiddy619)
-Added latest Play Store.. no more having to wait on the market to update
-Added in the sense4 theme, no more having to DL it yourself
-GPS fix
-ROM size: 145.52MB

8/4/12 #2
-Fixed Play Store issues (sorry)
-Removed a couple of apps
-Google Talk now supports audio/video chat
-ROM size: 147.66MB
(I plan to include several tweaks in the next update)

-Added a ton of new apps
*Notable apps: A modded Youtube app that plays 720p HD video, it looks really good
..Added the XDA edition of Betterbatterystats.. that means it was FREE and available to people for FREE
..Added Swype (Don't worry, I kept the stock GB keyboard, I personally don't like Swype but I know some of you do, so I included it)
..Added a neat new folder browser, the one from MIUI
..Added a beta version of Dolphin Browser, it is modded to load pages faster, and it does it quite well too!
..And added a new Sense 4 clock, it is the closest thing to the 'real' Sense 4 clock
-Added many other apps too!
-Added the newest Beats audio libs (Thanks rockodev)
-Zipaligned those apps (yay more speed)
-ROM size: 168.31MB

-Removed a ton of apps to reduce ROM size
-Added loopy smoothness tweak (Thanks Ipy)
-ROM size: 145.64MB

-Added back stock cm7 bootanimation
-Added in an app that helps with toggling wifi
-Added in a better looking statusbar (Thanks smaw51)
-Zipaligned all apps

8/8/12 #2:
-Added in Sony xLoud (Audio will now be louder)
-Added in Sony Bravia (Screen/picture quality will increase)
-Removed a few apps
-ROM size: 145.41MB

-Added in Swype
-Removed some apps
-Added a really cool media player app (Thanks ssuukk)
-Memory tweaks

8/11/12 Official release:
-New system font
-Memory tweaks/optimizations
-Removed some apps
-New bootanimation
-ICS style animations
-systemUI/framework changes
-ROM size: 150.30MB

-Added ~25MB of new apps
-Added in Google Voice
-Added in scottypetersons ultimate RAM tweak.... that means the ROM is even faster!! .. (Thanks to scottypeterson for making it)
-Zipaligned all the apps again
-ROM size: 175.74MB

-Deleted a few apps, and added some new ones
-Zipaligned again
-Performance enhancements
-ROM size: 156.35MB

-Improved Wifi and 3G speeds (thanks blaz1nr)
- Deleted some apps
-Added a newer, better camera app (Thanks smaw)
-Speed improvements
-ROM size: ~146MB

-Added OTA updater app, updates will now be pushed to you via that app. (thanks for the idea Rob)

-Fixed OTA error (thanks smaw)
-Updated Play Store

8/20/12: (also updated via OTA updater)
-Deleted Auto data app and instagram
-Added modded beats audio libs (the sound quality is AMAZING)
-TONS of build.prop tweaks (thanks blaz1nr) the ROM is crazy fast now
-Updated OTA updater app

-Added Bluetooth controller app (That might fix any BT problems)
-Fixed voicemail 9016 thing (mms borrowed from decks 1.3d)
-Added MIUI flip clock
-Updated OTA updater
-Updated Sense 4 clock
-Added newer, better Beats libs
-ROM size: 152.70MB

-TONS of build.prop tweaks (full credit goes to blaz1nr)
-I am now the build host
-Removed links to jenkins git
-Rebranded Play Store link as supersonic and not CM7
-Build host fingerprints is now sensuAOSP
-Removed nearly all links to CyanogenMod
-Wifi and 4G should now connect faster
-Removed nightly links/branding
^^^ please thank blaz1nr for all of those!
-Removed tons of apps which I didn't find useful, so the ROM size is now 17MB smaller

-Got it properly working (thanks blaz)
-build.prop changes (thanks blaz)
-Added Holo launcher
-Returned clock in statusbar to the right
-ROM size: 156.47MB

-Updated BetterBatteryStats
-Slight memory tweaks
-ROM size: 156.82MB

-Updated OTA updater app
-Added Dev-Host app (Thanks X_N_)
-Added 2 new launchers
-Added ICS styled file explorer and search widget
-Added inverted Dropbox
-Added edited build.prop for better Wifi connectivity (Thanks blaz1nr)
-Added statusbar with centered blue clock (Thanks smaw)
-ROM size: 162.43MB

-It'll actually boot
-Based off of the ROM blaz posted a page or two back
-Removed a few apps, and a launcher
-Updated FancySense clock widget
-Added search app
-Added the OTA Updater version 8
-Removed a news app/widget
-Updated BetterBatteryStats
-Memory tweaks
-Added ICS styled MIUI file explorer
-Added 360 launcher
-Added Zeam launcher
-Added Pandora app
-Added MIUI camera, and replaced the original AOSP camera (MIUI camera takes better quality pictures)
-Re-added Bravia
-Re-added xLoud
-Re-added the modded Beats libs
-Custom memory tweaks

-Removed all the launchers except GO
-Added HD Youtube app
-Updated the OTA Updater app
-Added new Sense 4 styled weather app
-ROM size: 169.69MB

-Updated the OTA Updater app
-Added an actual Sense 4 styled launcher, reduced the ROM size by like, 30MB
-Added in a Sense styled square clock widget
-Added in 2 new speed scripts, your phone should be faster than ever!!! (Thanks forever king/thedevs who made the tweaks!)
-ROM size: 149.16MB

-Memory tweaks
-Added in Beats audio libs with SRS libs as well (Thanks n!k)
-Added in Zeam launcher (temporary)
-Updated the OTA updater app
-Added sense 4 style clock and clock with weather
-Added an app called 'Better Wifi'
-Removed some apps
-ROM size: 150.89MB

-Fixed build.prop error
-Removed Launcher+

2.0.2 (flashable update):
-Removed OTA Updater 1.0.3 and added in 1.0.4

-Updated tons of apps
-Added in 2 new launchers (sorry about that, the problem with the phone not responding should be fixed)
-Added a few new apps
-Updated the OTA Updater app to 1.0.4

-Added newest Beats audio libs (Thanks N!K)
-Updated HD Youtube app
-Updated FancySense clock

2.1.6 Test 1:
-So many init.d tweaks it'll make your head spin
init.d tweaks:
-Render GPU
-Optimize SQlite binaries on boot
-Zipalign on boot
-Fix permissions on boot
-TCP buffer speeds
-Faster 3G connection
-Faster web browser page loading
-Increase Wifi speeds
-Increase picture/video quality
-Increase touchscreen responses
-Increase speed
-Better RAM usage
-Optimize EXT4 speed writes
Much more

-Zipaligned all apps
-Removed some apps to reduce ROM size
-Updated a few apps
-Fixed a build.prop error
-Added an app or two
-ROM size: 129.40MB

-Updated the Play Store
-Removed apps
-Added Xenoamp
-Updated the HD Youtube app
-Added a power control app
-Added AC!D Audio Engine 5.0
-Changed windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec from 150 to 180
-Changed dalvik.vm.heapsize from 48m to 64m
-Changed wifi.supplicant_scan_interval from 15 to 300
-Added the newest Swiftkey beta
-More speed
-Better battery life
-ROM size: 129.21MB

-Added these apps:
Adobe Air
Pimp my ROM
MIUI file explorer
Quadrant Standard
Google Currents
Google drive
Google wallet
Google Earth
Hulu Plus
Titanium Backup
Battery calibration
-Modified build.prop to make the phone a bit faster
-Added hosts file to block over 234,000 ads!
-Removed some init.d tweaks (Redundant)
-Added some init.d tweaks
-Replaced zipalign script
-Modified the way the OTA updater installs the ROM when you download it (/sdcard/)
-Updated some apps
-Updated the OTA Updater app to 1.0.5
-ROM size: 220.38MB[

-Bug fixes
-Removed some apps
-Changed the way the OTA Updater downloads the ROM
-Updated Seeder
-build.prop changes
-Removed some unnecessary init.d tweaks
-ROM size: 181.58MB

-Removed tons of apps to reduce the ROM size
-Removed all init.d tweaks (Make room for new ones)
-Added Crossbreeder
-Added RPEngine (Thanks LENAROX)
-Added 3 new launchers and a new music player
-Attempted to fix the OTA Updater problem
-Changed the build id in the build.prop
-A few other build.prop edits
-ROM size: 144.79MB

-Rebased to the latest CM nightly (Feb. 1st)
-Build.prop edits
-Revert Dalvik-cache to 32m for now
-Removed xLoud
-Removed AC!D audio
-Removed DSPManager
-Removed useless apps
#ROM manager
#The other typically removed apps

-Removed CM wallpapers and Live wallpapers
-Updated RPEngine (Phone should be even faster now)
-Updated hosts file
-Added MegaBass
-Added N7 audio player app
-Removed a few apps
-Added Dalvik-cache cleaning script
-Added Zipalign at every boot script
-Bug fixes
-Speed improvements
-Added a few other apps
-GApps included
-Modded Google Talk with video support
-A few other things
*Back to default kernel
*Need to manually add Sense 4 theme now
*No more data/app (for now)
*More (all these above with asterisks will be addressed soon)

**Clean install highly recommended!**

-ROM size: 148.09MB
^^older changelogs

-Updated RPEngine
-Updated CrossBreeder
-Added in Megabass
-Removed some apps
-Build.prop tweaks
-Fixed n7 player crash
-ROM size: 138.24MB[/HIDE] ^^older changelogs

2.60 Beta:
Added this to the build.prop:
net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.umts=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.gprs=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
net.tcp.buffersize.edge=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960
# Net Speed tweaks #

# UnderUtilized Networking Tweaks below as recommended by avgjoemomma (from XDA)
# Don't accept source routing
# VM & Filesystem tweaks #
-Removed tons of apps

Download link:
Version 2.60 beta:
MD5 sum: 1e9fef60f1f514d8db232f593433bb70
ROM size: 117.47MB

How to flash this:
1. Wipe everything except your SDcard 3x
2. Partition your SD card to 1024, 0 swap
3. Upgrade ext2 to ext3
4. Upgrade ext3 to ext4
5. Flash the ROM
6. Wipe cache and dalvik-cache
7. Reboot
8. Dont touch your phone for at least 15 minutes

Please know when you partition your SD card, you will lose EVERYTHING!! So back up your content on your PC/Mac/whatever you use!!

Thanks to:
The CyanogenMod team
ATyoung for his awesome mason kernel
TommyTomatoe for his android utility script
zeppelin_rox for the v6 supercharger
The team behind UOT
Rockodev for beats audio
XxpachaxX for sony bravia and xloud
Zzhacks for his help/idea
Death-By-Soap for his help
Everyone who made those init.d tweaks
Google for open source
Dsixda for his kitchen
The AC!D audio team
The devs who make all of the apps
The people behind Megabass
And all of YOU!
if I missed someone, let me know!!
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30th July 2012, 08:39 AM |#3  
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annnd one moaarr
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30th July 2012, 08:49 AM |#4  
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looks sexy >
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30th July 2012, 09:24 AM |#5  
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I'm in. Lets see How sick this really is.

This is my signature.
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30th July 2012, 09:34 AM |#6  
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30th July 2012, 09:36 AM |#7  
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looks cool.. cant wait until the link is up!
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Looks great MBQ,nice job.
30th July 2012, 10:08 AM |#10  
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Oh my. I like where this is going. Please

that stoner at Circle K
30th July 2012, 10:13 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Diablo67

Looks great MBQ,nice job.

Thanks man!!
Originally Posted by oodork123

Oh my. I like where this is going. Please

that stoner at Circle K

You'll dig it.

Okay guys, I've been working for hours on this and hit a wall. I am super tired so I am headed to bed. If you guys would like, I could post the ROM and lead you guys in the direction of what to download to make it look how it looks. Otherwise, you'll have to wait. It'll be super simple if you guys want to set it up yourself.

What I will post won't be nearly as done as I want it to be. your call
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